Notes: It is a good idea that before you go through the vortex to island
4 that you send through lots of scaffolds. Also send through some of your
artifacts, they may not have your sign above them, but they can still be
used as artifacts if they have that red stuff shooting out from under them.


1. Safety tips for the beginning

2. Starting the the 3 quests

3. 1st quest

4. 2nd quest

5. 3rd quest

6. The 2 Totems won't stay up will they

1  Almost immediatly after you start move the scaffolds or any other 
over to a ditch over the hill behind your temple, except for wood. Click on
the golden scroll to hear the guys story and where the guardian stones are.

2  Now send your creature to the next village, with the leash of compassion 
the aggression leash. You may need to help your creature getting there so
he'll get there faster. He may take the long way if you just click and have
hime do it on his own. If you have an artifact, you will have to chuck it
a little to make it into the village. It doesn't take much to get your
artifact in thier village, don't over shoot.

3  Once you have taken over the village, within the next minute or 2 there
will be a scroll at the guardian stone protected by a spiritual shield
and a physical shield. A guy will talk to you and you have to click on
the bells in the order shown. I numbered them from left to right. It
will go like this: (123) (12352) (123523) (123523) (123523141) If I
screwed up on any of them, oh well, the final pattern is correct.
Lifting this one stops the fireballs.

4  Now send your creature over to Sleg. Then they will begin to fight
Making a start on the ground with your hand makes your creature do a
double damage attack. If you know any spells, do the sign that they
show at the bottom right. He probably won't cast it right away. The
back of the neck is where you will do the most damage. If you don't
defeat him, try again until you do. This will get rid of the lightning.

Send your creature to the Aztec village. With the leash of compassion
or the leash of aggression. This way you will take the Aztecs. Attach
the leash to something and then set his boundries. Now just go work on
the second village. Make it bigger, you will need to do this for a later

5  Once you have the aztec village, do whatever you want with your creature.
To the side of the lonely old man with the guardian stone, at the bottom
of a hill there will be a golden scroll. It will say some stuff about the
old man, then go you the aztec village. Press 'S' so you may see the name
and status of everyone there should be a someone called an actor. Pick her

You can kill her and get the guardian stone the evil way, or return her to
the old man for the good way.

6  The final needed quest for this island is back at the second village.
You need to raise both totems at the same time. For this, your influence
must reach the points of the 2 totem poles. What they want you to do is
have your creature raise one, and you raise the other and have them both
lifted at the same time. Thats not how to do it though. Have your creature
stand as close to one as possible. Raise the one he is next to, it should
stay up. Then you raise the other.

7  Now you should be able to go to the next island. I strongly recommend not
doing so until the first real patch is available. Nemesis curses your 
and the curse does not go away. It will be with in skirmish matches and 
games. Even if you deafeat Nemesis. Even going back before island 5 after 
have already been to island 5. You have been warned.

This was made by Eastside_!!!
Any other questions just e-mail me at

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