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Walkthrough version 1.9
by Walter F. Williams III

last revision: 4/2/1999

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          Table of Contents
I. Walkthrough
 A. Alex's Journey Begins
  1. Burg
  2. The Old Chest
  3. Caldor Island
  4. The White Dragon Cave
  5. Fix the Bridge!
  6. Going Away
  7. Saith
  8. The Lighthouse
 B. The Mainland
  1. Meribia
  2. Katarina Zone
  3. Stop! Thief!
 C. Magic Academy
  1. The Trial
  2. The Floating City
  3. Ghaleon's Task
  4. Althena's Mirror
  5. Exposing the Truth
  6. Back to the Big City
 D. Ghaleon's Betrayal
  1. Welcome Back, Alex!
  2. Betrayal
 E. "You must become a Dragonmaster now..."
  1. The Threat of the Magic Emperor
  2. Deeper Into the Continent
  3. Thieves' Town
  4. I'll Fly Away
  5. Which Way to Damon's Spire?
  6. The Red Dragon Cave
 F. The Adventure Continues
  1. Stadius Zone
  2. Lyton, Village of Music
  3. The Blue Dragon Cave
  4. Tamur
  5. Myght
  6. The Prairie
  7. Breaking the Seal
  8. Dark Cave
 G. The Frontier
  1. Mark of a Hero
  2. A Village in Captivity
  3. The Insane Dragon
  4. The City that Ghaleon Built
  5. It's All But Over...
  6. Goddess' Tower
 H. Dragonmaster Alex
  1. The Grindery
  2. Ghaleon's Palace
  3. The Final Battle
II. Equipment
 A. Weapons
 B. Armor
 C. Items
  1. Recovery Items
  2. Attack Items
  3. Assistance Items
  4. Special Items
  5. Other Items
III. Character Profiles
IV. Enemies
V. Spells
 A. Alex
 B. Luna
 C. Nash
 D. Jessica
 E. Mia
 F. Ghaleon
 G. Kyle
 H. Laike
 I. Tempest
VI. Playing the Game
 A. Controls
 B. Combat
  1. Commands
   a. Group
   b. Individual
 C. Menu Commands
 D. Status Screen
VII. Help Wanted
VIII. Latest Updates
I.        Walkthrough

A.        Alex's Journey Begins

Long ago, when the world was in chaos, four heroes arose and
vanquished the evil within. One of those heroes, Dyne, was a
Dragonmaster. A monument was built in his honor in his birthplace
of Burg. A young boy named Alex pays homage to his hero every day...

1.        Burg

A little dragon named Nall comes by just as Alex has finished
paying his respects. Nall has been with Alex ever since the day
he was born. He rarely ever leaves his sight. He tells him to
go see Luna to practice your song for the Goddess Festival. You
start to head home when you run into a kid named Ramus. He's the
son of the elder of Burg. He tells Alex that there's a huge
diamond in the White Dragon Cave to the south. This could be
your big chance for an adventure! Ramus returns to his house to
get a few supplies for the trip.

Go to your house and talk to your parents. They'll tell you that
Luna is waiting for you at Burg Springs.

When you talk to the villagers of Burg, they'll talk a lot
about Dragonmaster Dyne and how he started his journey by meeting
the White Dragon. Some will give you hints that will help you on
your journey, and others will just talk for the sake of hearing
themselves talk. There is a tool shop on the west side of town,
when you can buy some Herbs. Next door to the tool shop is a
weapon shop, which is closed for the moment. Leave town and go to
Burg Springs.

When you go to the spring to see Luna, you find her bouquet of
flowers, but you don't see her anywhere. She comes out of the
bushes to greet you. She asks you about Ramus, then the two of
you sit down and start practicing your song for the Goddess
Festival. Everything seems to be going fine, when suddenly she
stops because Alex's melody doesn't sound right. She immediately
suspects that something's wrong. Alex keeps his mouth shut, but
Nall spills the beans and tells Luna that Alex and Ramus are
planning to go out on an adventure. This worries Luna even more,
because she doesn't want anything bad to happen to Alex, so she
comes along with him. Luna says that there's an old treasure chest
in the basement of the house. Perhaps there's something of use in it...

2.        The Old Chest

Return to your house and go into the basement. There's a treasure
chest in one corner of the room, but it's locked. Ask your father
to give you the Chest Key. When you open it, you'll find a Dagger
and Heavy Clothes. You'll need these to protect yourself from the
many enemies that are lurking in the outer world.

Ramus should be ready to go now. You'll find him at the edge of town.
But before you go, go to the weapons shop (which is now open), and
get a Dagger for Luna. Now go back to Ramus' place and get the Old
Ring in one of the drawers in his cabinet. You'll need this, too.

Have the following equipment for everybody before going on:
Alex and Luna --- Dagger and Heavy Clothes
Ramus --- Dagger, Heavy Clothes, Gloves, and Garbage Can Lid

3.        Caldor Island

The White Dragon Cave is to the south of Burg, but you'll need to
follow the mountains east to reach it. Along the way, you'll face such
enemies as Dung Beetles, Flytrappers, and Albino Baboons, which are
all easy to defeat. There is a healing stone near the village. When
you are near one, press the A button to restore your HP. You can also
restore your HP and MP by visiting shrines to the goddess Althena.
One of these small shrines is near the White Dragon Cave. Both
of them are completely free, and can be used as many times as you
might need.

4.        The White Dragon Cave

There's a big block of ice obstructing your path. You need to use
the Old Ring, which has the magic of heat, to melt the ice. If you
got this before you left, you're in good shape. If not, you'll have
to go back to town and get it.

The path to the dragon is pretty straightforward. Be sure to pick
up all of the treasure chests while you're in here. If you go left
from the entrance, you should find a Wood Shield. Give this to Alex
when you find it. There are also two Herbs in here, which restore a
little bit of your lost HP.

You'll encounter Slimes and Escargotgos in the White Dragon Cave.
The Escargotgos have great defense power, so use Luna's Cascade song
to increase your party's attack power to defeat them quickly.

When you reach the Dragon Cave B3, take the right path. The left
path contains something very important, which you're not supposed to
pick up until much later in the game.

You'll meet Quark, the White Dragon. He tells you that you remind
him a lot of Dyne. He gives you a Dragon Ring. This is how you are
"marked" on your path to become a Dragonmaster. Return to him with
the Dragon Ring once you've attained the prize of manhood.
When you talk to him again, he says that Luna reminds him of someone....
Their souls seemed to be intertwined....
Ramus has some last business to take care of before you go. He wants
the Dragon Diamond from Quark. Quark is reluctant to give it to
him at first, but then he decides to give it to him anyway.
(Your team gets 20 experience points for obtaining the Dragon Diamond.)

5.        Diamond for Sale

When you return to Burg, Ramus will want to sell the Dragon Diamond.
Rumor has it that you can sell it for a truckload of silver. You can
try to sell it at the weapon or tool shops, but the owners don't have
enough silver to buy it. There's a big city on the main continent called
Meribia. A jeweler there might be able to buy it from you. You need to
take a boat from Saith to get to Meribia.
Unfortunately, the river water has risen and the bridge is washed out,
so nobody can get to Saith from Burg.

5.        Fix the Bridge!

Go west of Burg to a log cabin where a woodsman lives. He has the
ability to fix the bridge for you, but he left his axe in his tool
shed in the Weird Woods. You need to go north along the river, and
then northwest to reach the woods. There's a magic circle nearby if
you need to recover your magic.

Check everyone's equipment before going on.
Alex --- Short Sword, Heavy Clothes, and Wood Shield
Luna --- Dagger and Heavy Clothes
Ramus --- Dagger, Heavy Clothes, Gloves, and Garbage Can Lid

The Weird Woods is infested with Mutant Flies and Zombies. The Flies are
easy to defeat, while the slow-moving Zombies are a little bit
stronger, and they can resist Luna's Supersonic song.

You can find a few good treasures here for Luna - some Heavy Clothes
and a Tiara. There are also two red treasure chests here, but you
won't be able to open them until later in the game.

You'll meet a man named Laike here. When he figures out that Alex,
Luna, and Ramus are out on a quest, he tells them that nothing ever
happens on this small island. (Kinda friendly for a stranger, isn't he?)

The tool shed is near where Laike is standing. Take the Woodcutter
Axe, but don't equip it. You'll need to return this to the logger.
(Your party gets 15 experience points each once you return to the
logger and give him his axe.)

6.        Going Away

Now that the bridge is fixed, you should return to Burg and ask for
his permission to go to the main continent. Ramus will leave your
party for a while to do the same. Talk to your father first to get
the Father's letter. Your mother will be reluctant to let you leave
Burg, but if you say "Sorry. I've decided", she'll give you a
cash advance of 500 silver. Use this money to buy a Short Sword for
Ramus. Go back to the entrance to town and rejoin Ramus, then head
for Saith. Cross the bridge to the west, and follow the river to the
southeast to reach Saith.

Be careful of Killer Wasps and Grousers along the way.

7.        Saith

The townspeople will tell you that someone who claims to be from the
Vane Magic Guild is staying in Saith. Check out the house near the dock.

Outside the house near the pier is a sea captain. He might be able
to take you to Meribia, but he lost his Sea Chart playing poker
against a thief named Brett. He says that Brett later gave it to an
old hag who is currently living in the mountains northwest of Saith.
She won't give up the Sea Chart for anything. But maybe you can find
someone who can convince her...

When you go inside the house near the dock, talk to the man at the
counter. Show him the letter and he'll give you permission to go to
Meribia, after you do this deed for the captain. Talk to the kid
to the left of the counter. This is Nash, a student at the Magic Guild
of Vane. He has pretty good magical abilities, if he does say so
himself (and boy does he ever!). Take him along with you. He has a
Water Cane which is of no use to him. Perhaps you could use it to get
the Sea Chart back.

Go to the weapon shop and buy a Short Sword for Nash. It works better
than his Cane. Buy Luna some Poison Darts. They deal a good bit of
damage, and they're cheaper than buying a Cane.

Go to the northwest from Saith to the old hag's house, and give her
the Water Cane. She'll give you the Sea Chart in exchange for it.
Don't stick around too long. She might change her mind and ask for
something else!

Return to Saith and hand the Sea Chart to the Captain. Now you should
be able to sail to Meribia -- but wait! It looks like the Captain
screwed up again. Recently monsters made a home in the lighthouse
just to the north of town, and suddenly, the light beacon stopped
working. Without the light to guide ships, they cannot reach
Saith without wrecking themselves. The captain gives you some Flint
to do the job.

8.        The Lighthouse

Make sure you have the following equipment before going on:
Alex --- Short Sword, Heavy Clothes, and Wood Shield
Luna --- Poison Darts and Heavy Clothes
Ramus --- Short Sword, Heavy Clothes, Gloves, and Garbage Can Lid
Nash --- Cane and Heavy Clothes

Talk to the guy standing near the steps to recover your HP and MP.

The trip to the top of the lighthouse is very short. You find
Mutant Flies and Escargotgos here.

You should pick up the Leather Clothes on the second floor. They're
a very good piece of armor, and Ramus should have these equipped on
him. There's also a Sling near the beacon, but it's not of much use
to you.
(Your party gets 10 experience points for re-lighting the beacon.)

After you light the beacon, return to Saith and get rid of Luna's
equipment. She won't be joining you on your journey to Meribia.
Talk to the captain as soon as you're ready, then go to the dock.
Luna will stop and say goodbye to you, because she wants to stay
back on the island and look after your parents. She doesn't want
to get in the way of your great adventure.

B.        The Mainland

1.        Meribia

After sailing for a day, you arrive in the city of Meribia. Nash
will depart from your party temporarily to explore Meribia. If
you need him, he hangs out around Black Rose Street.

The first thing you'll want to do is go to the armor shop and buy
new equipment for Alex and Ramus. Buy a Leather Gauntlet and a
Helmet for Alex, and a Wood Shield and a Headband for Ramus.
There's some more expensive armor here, but you shouldn't need it

Next, check out Master Mel's mansion. You can only explore the
first floor, but talk to the people anyway. They like to talk
about Mel's daughter, Jessica, who is studying at the Shrine of
Althena to become a priestess. Master Mel likes to dote on his
daughter, because she reminds him of his wife, who died when
Jess was very young. Come back later if you need any help from

Go to Black Rose Street and look around. The magicians there won't
talk to you because you don't know how to use magic. There's a
shop at the north end of Black Rose Street that can draw out the
magic powers within you, but you can't do it now. Come back later.

Finally, go to the jeweler. You'll meet a man named Dross, who
set up a shop here in Meribia. According to the townspeople, Dross
isn't a very reputable guy, because he comes from Reza, a town
of thieves. He offers 4000 silver for your Dragon Diamond, but
when you sell it to him, he doesn't give you the money, but instead
he steals your diamond and runs off into the sewers. Time to
get you diamond back.

Dross ran off to his hiding place in the Meribian sewers. You
can't go too far, because the monsters are highly resistant
against conventional weaponry. Return to Black Rose Street to
the shop at the end. You should meet Nash here. Talk to the man at
the counter and he will try to unlock the magic powers within
you. Only Alex was gifted with magic ability. He learns the Flame
spell. Ramus can't get any magic abilities, because he doesn't
have the gift. You can't get Nash to join you, but you should
have the abilities you need to get your diamond back.

2.        Katarina Zone

Leave Meribia and go outside to fight some enemies. The enemies
here are much tougher than those on the island. You'll face the
likes of Gigaflies, Wyburns, Tormentors, and Ambushes. The Ambushes
can attack you twice, and they will kill you if you're not well-
protected. Fight around the place until you learn the spell of
Flamer. This is a good opportunity to test out your new magic
abilities. If you need a recharge, follow the road east to
Althena's Shrine.

3.        Stop! Thief!

Make sure your team has the latest equipment at this point:
Alex --- Short Sword, Leather Clothes, Leather Gauntlet, Wood
   Shield, and Helmet
Ramus --- Short Sword, Leather Clothes, Leather Gauntlet, Wood
   Shield, and Headband

When you return to Meribia, go back into the sewers. The main
enemies you fight here are Gurglers, Grog Snakes, and Fatal
Hoppers. Alex should have no trouble defeating them with his Flamer
spell. Ramus is pretty useless here, so he should run from battle.
This will give Alex all of the experience points, instead of them
being split between him and Ramus.

You can find some Starlights to recover your magic power. Equip
these on Ramus for the upcoming battle.

----------Boss Battle: Water Dragon----------
HP: 250
Attacks: 1      Moves: 0
Special Attacks: flame breath (fire attack)

Before you can enter Dross' hideout, you have to fight a fierce
Water Dragon. Again, only Alex can do any damage to it. Ramus
has to be kept around, because you can't run from boss battles.
The Water Dragon's only attack is fire breath, and it takes about
20-30 HP away from a person, so try to keep Alex and Ramus'
HP above 30. About 8-10 uses of Flame should defeat the Water

When you find Dross, get as much money as you can from him. He
doesn't have the 4000 silver he asked for in exchange for the
Dragon Diamond, but you can weasel 3000 silver out of him before
sending him on his way. (Whatever you take from Dross, Ramus takes
half for himself.)

Once you're safely out of harm's way, strip Ramus of all his equipment.
Nash will be waiting for you when you arrive back at the jeweler's
store. He wants you to go with him to Vane and study magic. Ramus
says that magic is way beyond him, so he permanently departs from
your journey. Nash rejoins you and tells you to go south to the
Fountain of Transfer. It's the only way to get to Vane.

Before you leave, go over to Master Mel's Mansion and tell Mel
that you've beaten Dross. He will prepare a decree that prevents
Dross from ever coming to Meribia. (It's not much, but at least
the Meribians' money will be safe from crooks like him).

Before you go, make sure you get some new equipment for Alex and
Nash, then head south from Althena's Shrine.
Alex --- Saber, Carapace Armor, Leather Gauntlet, Wood Shield, and
Nash --- Bow, Cool Robe, Leather Gauntlet, and Headband

C.        Magic Academy

1.        The Trial

The Fountain is nestled near a mountain range far south of Meribia.
You can take this path to the city of Vane.
All first-time goers must pass the Cave of Trial. You need to get
past here to prove your magic abilities. Nash is an experienced
magic user, so he goes on ahead of you.

The Trial Cave is like a giant maze. Many have taken the Trial to
test their magical skills, but most of them have never made it out.
Just like the monsters in the Meribian Sewers, you can only
hurt these foes with your magic. The Leepers, Dead Poles, Death
'Shrooms, and Mutant Turtles all fall easily to Alex's Flamer

There are two treasures that you should pick up in the Trial Cave
-- the Holy Flute and the Chain Mail. The Holy Flute restores a
lot of your party's HP, and the Chain Mail has much better defensive
power than the armor you saw in Meribia.

There are two bosses that you have to fight before you can pass the
trial --- a pack of Bronze Dogs, and a Certillian Cyclops.

----------Boss Battle: Bronze Dogs----------
HP: 70
Attacks: 1     Moves: 2

Even though there are four of them, the Bronze Dogs are pretty easy
to beat. Just keep using Flamer on them and they'll go down.

----------Boss Battle: Certillian Cyclops----------
HP: 300
Attacks: 3     Moves: 1

THe Cyclops is a bit tougher. You have to keep your distance from it
(use the Flee command) and pelt it with Flame. If you let it get too
close to you, it will attack you three times. The Chain Mail should
help you absorb some of the damage.
(Alex gains 50 experience points for passing the Trial.)

2.        The Floating City

You'll catch up to Nash here in the city of Vane. He's going to
meet Sage Ghaleon in the Magic Guild. Talk to the people and listen
to what they have to say about magic, Althena, and the Vile Tribe.
When you try to apply for some of the magic academies, the teachers
won't let you in. Looks like you'll have to go see Ghaleon himself
before you can get in.

Go to the Silver Spire and talk to Mia Ausa, daughter of the great
Lemia Ausa. Her mother's been acting strange lately, but she's not
sure why. Lemia has stopped seeing guests in the main hall of the
Magic Guild, and she's been throwing people in jail for no good

Head on over to the Magic Guild, which is near the Silver Spire.
Nash should be done talking to Ghaleon now. He will take you to see
the Sage personally. He may be able to get you into one of the
academies. But first, you have to show him how much power you
already have. Talk to Glumm and he'll give you a task.
There is someone on an island cave near the fishing village of Lann
who claims to be the next Dragonmaster. They are sure that this guy
is a phony, because he is making life miserable for the people there.
If you can take care of this threat, Ghaleon will make sure that
Lemia lets you into the Magic Guild. You ought to take Nash with you
to make this journey a little easier. Get him an Ice Cane, then
leave Vane.

3.        Ghaleon's Task

After exiting Vane, head west to the Nanza Barrier. You'll run into
Laike again here. The bandits that live here try to scam money from
people by charging them a hefty "protection fee" to pass through the
Barrier. He dares you to sign up for some of their "protection."
The guardian of the Nanza Barrier, Kyle, is in the room on the left.
You can try to ask him for protection to pass through the barrier,
but you'll have to pay a million silver. One of the thieves thinks
that his boss is angry because a girl he liked blew him off earlier.
You shouldn't worry about this right now. You need to go to Lann
and solve this fake Dragonmaster dilemma.

Lann is to the northwest of Nanza. Talk to the mayor, and he'll let
you know what's going on. Take Jessica with you. She's a junior
priestess, and she's good at healing magic. The guy at the dock won't
let you use his boat, but Jess zaps a little sense into him. When you
reach the island, use the magic circle outside to restore your magic.

Don't enter the Island Cave without these:
Alex --- Long Sword, Chain Mail, Leather Gauntlet, Wood Shield, and
Nash --- Ice Cane, Cool Robe, Leather Gauntlet, and Headband
Jessica --- Claw, Cool Robe, and Tiara

Jessica will be a good ally to you, because she has pretty strong
attacks, and she can use healing magic.

Great Lions, Mutant Ants, and Monocrops abound in this cave. The Great
Lions are the least dangerous of the bunch. The Mutant Ants can attack
you twice, and the Monocrops' bite can really put a hurting on you.

Look for the Chain Helmet and Wind Essence. The Chain Helmet provides
better head protection for Alex than a leather Helmet. Wind Essence
allows you to escape a dungeon. It's good for you to have until Mia
joins the party and learns the Psychotron spell.

"Dragonmaster" Zoc will be your opponent here. He doesn't fight you;
instead, he sends a pack of Raptors to do the fighting for him.

----------Boss Battle: Raptors----------
HP: 200
Attacks: 1      Moves: 2

Use your regular attacks on the Raptors, and have Jessica heal
everybody by using Calm Litany every once in a while. This should
put Zoc in his place quickly.

After being defeated, Zoc promises to turn over a new leaf. You can
sit there and refuse his apology, but the game won't go on unless
you let him go.

Return to Lann and get congratulations from the villagers. Jessica
had fun, but it's now time for her to go, and for you to return
to Vane to meet Ghaleon. He will now ask Lemia if you can join the
Magic Guild. Go to the main hall and meet the head of the Magic Guild
of Vane. When you ask her to join the Guild, she throws you into prison!
What's up with that?

Mia and Nall come to your rescue. She thinks that a curse has been
put on her mother, and she needs the Mirror of Althena to break it.
The Mirror is atop the Silver Spire, but there is a charm that prevents
intruders from going in. She gives you a Prison Key to open
the other cells. The one cell that won't open is the one that
appears to contain the real Lemia Ausa. Oh, well.

4.        Althena's Mirror

In order to get into the Silver Tower, Mia uses the power of your
Dragon Ring to break the charm on the tower. The charm prevents you
from leaving the first floor.

Security has increased tenfold on Lemia's order, so use extreme
caution.  Ghosts, Hummingbyrds, and Air Elementals are standing between
you and Althena's Mirror. Don't use magic on them.
The Hummingbyrds can use Flamer, but don't worry. It does considerably
less damage that their normal attacks.

Near the top of the tower are some very valuable prizes: a Vigor Peach,
a Seed of Vigor, and an Herb of Althena. All of them will recover your
power, and they are extremely valuable. Do NOT sell them. Pick up the
Magic Robe and hold on to that, too.

After you get the mirror, you need to go the the Crystal Tower. This
is where Mia said her mother was going. There is a secret path through
the Trial Cave that lets you go to the Crystal Tower, but you need
Mia to open the way. Go all the way to the bottom of the cave and go
to the big glass door that you saw on your first trip. Mia will cast
a magic spell on the door, and it will open.

5.        Exposing the Truth

Nash has gone ahead of you again, and this time, he's going to join
your party, like it or not. Prepare to enter the Crystal Tower.

Again, check your equipment to make sure you have the following:
Alex --- Long Sword, Chain Mail, Leather Gauntlet, Wood Shield, and
   Chain Helmet
Mia --- Ice Cane, Magic Robe, and Tiara
Nash --- Ice Cane, Magic Robe, Leather Gauntlet, and Headband

Going up the tower is extremely dangerous, because Lemia has increased
security here, too. Don't use too much of your magic against the
enemies here.

Lemia is in the Star Chamber. She and Ghaleon are about to perform
a very private ritual that only they know. Mia steps in and uses
Althena's Mirror on Lemia, and exposes her as Xenobia, the head
of the Vile Tribe. She would try to take control of the Vane Magic
Guild, then take over the world from there. Her plan would have
worked, too, if you hadn't stepped in. She departs and sends two
Vile Tribe Soldiers after you.

----------Boss Battle: Vile Tribe Soldiers----------
HP: 360
Attacks: 1     Moves: 2
Alex and Nash should use their regular attacks against the Vile
Tribe Soldiers. Mia's best attack is Fullstone. If somebody's
HP should get low, have Mia cast Little Litany on him/herself.

Mia and Nash have succedded in exposing Xenobia, but one question
still remains: "Where is the REAL Lemia?"

Ghaleon regrets being deceived by Xenobia, and now wants to seek
the assistance of Quark, the White Dragon. It'll be a good chance
to get back to Burg and say "hi" to everybody again, including
Luna. A boat leaves from Meribia. He'll be waiting for you there.

6.        Back to the Big City

The jewelry shop once owned by Dross has now become a booming
charm shop. The owner is away right now, but the pretty clerks
can help you. The best bargain is a Mirror Shield. It provides
decent protection, and when used in battle, it protects you from
magic attacks for one turn.

There's a rumor going around town that the Magic Emperor has
surfaced somewhere, and is about to make his first move in taking
over the world. Girls everywhere are disappearing, and the only
thing that they have in common is that they can sing well. There
might be a connection between these two events...

Go upstairs to Master Mel's quarters, and meet Mel and Ghaleon.
There's a passage in the back, which leads you to another part of
the sewer. It contains very valuable treasures, and you get a
chance to meet Brett, the man who cheated the Captain out of
his Sea Chart. You can try your luck against him in a game of
blackjack. (After you've earned a little bit of money from him,
you might want to stop. Refuse him when he asks you to go double-
or-nothing, because he'll cheat you every time.)

Jessica is here with her father. Talk to everyone, then ask Mel
if you can sleep over for the night.
When you go to sleep, you have a dream that Luna's being taken
away by some evil people. You try to put it behind you the next

Ghaleon is waiting for you at the dock. Talk to him when you're
ready to leave.

D.        Ghaleon's Betrayal

1.        Welcome Back, Alex!

Ghaleon is extremely powerful. His magic abilities surpass those
of everyone in your previous parties combined, and his attacks
are much more powerful than yours even without his equipment.

Take him to Burg to see everybody, and go see Luna at the spring.
It's been a couple of months since you've been away from the
island, so everybody's happy to see you again. Some of them
have left the village, probably to follow your example by going
to Meribia.

2.        Betrayal

Now, take him to the Dragon Cave to see Quark. Ghaleon's been
bitter ever since Dyne lost his life in the battle with the Black
Dragon, and now he feels that he deserves to rule the world, and
he starts by eliminating Quark. It seems that Ghaleon was the
Magic Emperor all along, and it looks like the world may be doomed,
unless a new Dragonmaster comes to save the day. Only Alex
has the power necessary to become one. He must collect all of
the Dragon equipement. There is a pair of White Dragon's Wings in the
next room. They're not at their full potential yet, so you can't
use them.
(Alex gets 100 experience points for picking up the Dragon's Wings.
He also learns the Dragon Bolt spell, the first of the all-powerful
Dragon Magics.)

You've got to high-tail it to Burg, because the Vile Tribe have
used Ghaleon as a distraction so that they could kidnap Luna.

----------Boss Battle: more Vile Tribe Soldiers--------
HP: 360 (small), 400 (large)
Attacks: 1 (both)     Moves: 2 (both)

You are attacked by a pack of six Vile Tribe Soldiers. The big ones
can sustain a little bit more damage than their flying brethren.
Beat the Vile Tribe Soldiers with your Dragon Bolt spell. Three
uses of this spell will get rid of them all.

The town is completely empty, because all of the villagers have
been sent to work in Talon Mine. There are two more Vile Soldiers
in Burg disguised as your parents. Defeat them, then use your
Dragon's Wings to go town-hopping.

E.        "You must become a Dragonmaster now..."

1.        The Threat of the Magic Emperor

First, go to Saith. They'll tell you that the Vile Tribe was last
seen flying to Meribia. People are afraid to go there by boat because
the town is probably overrun with them. You can still use your
Dragon's Wings to go to Meribia.

Meribia seems to be in trouble, too, because Master Mel has been
cursed by Xenobia. The only way to break the curse is to
kill Xenobia and defeat the Vile Tribe. Jessica is by his
side, crying. She vows to take revenge against Xenobia and Ghaleon
for what they did to her father.

Buy Jessica a Mirror Shield at the Charm Shop.

Time to gather up the rest of the troops. Go to Vane using your Wings.
Mia has asked you to meet her at the Magic Guild Mansion. She and Nash
have found the real Lemia, but there's a problem. Xenobia cast a spell
on her, and she can't remember who she is. Nash feels sorry for ever
getting himself involved with Ghaleon, and telling him all that he
needed to complete his insidious plot. Mia wants to help because it's
the only way to save her mother.

Check out Glumm's quarters and look at Ghaleon's diary. It depicts
all of the details of his plan to seize control of the Magic Guild.
He put a spell on Lemia, then called Xenobia on to assume the likeness
of Lemia. It also says that he had planned to get rid of Luna,
because he feared that if Luna was really the goddess Althena, then
that could cause a problem for him.

The Tribe has escaped through the Nanza Barrier. Hurry there and talk to
Kyle. With Jessica in your party, Kyle decides to join, because there's
no way that you would make it through the Nanza Barrier without his

Kyle also possesses another special ability: he can open all of those
pesky red treasure chests that you couldn't open earlier in the game.
Go back in the game to the Weird Woods and the Meribian Sewers to open
any treasure chests you may have missed.

You'll find a Recovery Cane in the Weird Woods. This should be
given to Mia. It has healing powers, which should prove useful
throughout most of the game. An Earth Cane is in the Meribian Sewers.
It can only be used by Nash.

Get the best equipment for your party before going through the Barrier.
Alex --- Long Sword, Chain Mail, Leather Gauntlet, Chain Helmet, and
   Mirror Shield
Nash --- Earth Cane, Magic Robe, Leather Gauntlet, and Headband
Jessica --- Claw, Magic Robe, Bracelet, Mirror Shield, and Tiara
Mia --- Recovery Cane, Magic Robe, Bracelet, and Tiara
Kyle --- Dark Sword, Chain Mail, Leather Gauntlet, and Chain Helmet

There are tough enemies in this cave, like Demon Wolves, Lava Worms,
and Count Antula. They are resistant to magic, so use your normal
attacks on them.

2.        Deeper into the Continent

After you make it out of the Barrier, go east to a village called Iluk.
Iluk is filled with unique people who might be called weirdos in
other towns. Here in Iluk, they are allowed to live out their
creative dreams (whatever they may be). A collector collects
all kinds of strange and rare items, and an inventor is busy at
work on a hot-air balloon. It won't be ready for a while, so you
have to go southeast to the thieves' town of Reza.

Get a Scimitar for Alex, a Mace for Jessica, and a Crossbow for Nash
before heading to Reza.

3.        Thieves' Town

One of Kyle's thugs steals your Dragon's Wings when you enter town.
Ask around town to see where he went.

There is a lot of stolen merchandise in Reza. Some of it is very
valuable, but some of it is crap and serves no real purpose in
the game.

Dross has opened up a storage place in Reza. You can't trust him
for anything. Once you store an item, you can never make a withdrawal.

Some of the townspeople last saw the thief heading toward the Thieves'
Guild. You can't get in unless you're a member. The only way to
become a guild member is to prove yourself by opening the chest in the
corner. Kyle will struggle to open it, but eventually he
succeeds, and he finds a Thief's Crest. This allows the party to
get into the Thieves' Guild downstairs. You can find a lot of
cool stuff here.

Go back to the Guild lobby and talk to Laike. Tell him everything you
know about Ghaleon and the Vile Tribe. He'll say that a collector in
Iluk can help you. There is a volcano in the south that is surrounded
by mountains. That collector guy may be able to give you a bit of

Head upstairs and talk to the guy who stole your Wings. He'll say that
he was enchanted by Xenobia and ordered to bring the Dragon's
Wings to her.

Make sure everybody has the following equipment before proceeding:
Alex --- Battle Axe, Iron Armor, Iron Gauntlet, Mirror Shield, and
   Iron Helmet
Jessica --- Mace, Magic Robe, Bracelet, Mirror Shield, and Tiara
Nash --- Crossbow, Magic Robe, Leather Gauntlet, and Headband
Mia --- Recovery Cane, Magic Robe, Bracelet, and Tiara
Kyle --- Dark Sword, Iron Armor, Iron Gauntlet, and Iron Helmet

4.        I'll Fly Away

The collector tells you that you need the spirit of the Rain
Cloud. He used to have it in his display, but thieves stole it from
him. Go to the Thieves' Guild and buy it back from them.
You can later use the Rain Cloud to stop the flow of lava from the

Talk to the inventor now. His hot air balloon is almost ready, but
he's missing one small part. He wants you to go to the eastern desert
and get some roots from the monsters there. Once you come back with
those, he'll let you use the balloon to float to Damon's Spire.

The Man-Eating Plants in the Desert are resistant to magic, so if you
use your normal attacks, you should have no problem. Keep fighting
them until you get the Giant Root.

Go back to the inventor and give him the Giant Root. He will now be
able to complete his hot air balloon. For some reason, he doesn't
want to get on the balloon with you yet. Oh, well. Off you go!

The balloon takes you over the volcano, and across a tower known
as Damon's Spire. But soon, the wind starts to pick up, and your
balloon drifts toward Reza, and before you know it, you've crashed.

5.        Which Way to Damon's Spire?

Now, you've got to find another way to get to Damon's Spire. One
of the locals tells you that a man from the town of Meryod has been
to Damon's Spire. See him and he'll tell you how to get there.
Meryod is to the northeast of Reza.

All of the roads in the village are built on a river, so they
are mostly bridges from one house to the other. Also, the
inhabitants all seem to be inbred hicks. The bridge that connects
Marius to Stadius is not yet complete, but try to cross it anyway.
You'll fall in the river, and your team will be scattered in
parts of the town. Luckily, the river is calm today, or you
would have drowned.

Find the carpenter's house, and ask him to fix the bridge. He'll
tell you that he'll have it done the next day.

Find everyone, then go to the tavern. The man who has been to
Damon's Spire is here. He'll tell you to go south of Reza through
a narrow path in the mountains. You'll see a floating green
island. Use Alex's Harp near it, and a huge sea turtle will take
you to Damon's Spire. Be careful, because Damon has placed
monsters in his tower for security measures. If you aren't a
good fighter, you'll never make it.

Damon's room is on the top floor, but it's locked. You have to
go downstairs into the basement to find the key. Use the
switches to open the gates, then close them back. After that,
climb on top and cross over the closed gates to find the Spire

In Damon's Chamber of Wisdom, he will tell you that Xenobia will
strike again. Her next target is a girl named Lily, in the town
of Reza. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to stop her.
Use the Wings to teleport to Damon's Spire and go west. This
will lead you to the volcano.

6.        The Red Dragon Cave

When you enter, use the Rain Cloud to cool the lava flow, and
you can pass into the volcano.

The Red Dragon Cave has a lot of staircases that you need to
take to get through. Be careful, or you might find yourself
going in circles.

The enemies aren't too tough. Just try not to get too close to
the Earth Elementals, or you'll get hit three times. The
Wasteoids may try to put your party to sleep. Use Jessica's
Mental Litany or some Holy Smoke to wake them up.

After you make it through the Volcano, the spirit of the Red
Dragon will give you its power. You can now take the Red
Dragon Shield.
(Alex learns the Dragon Fire spell for collecting the Dragon
Shield. His party also receives 250 experience points.)

The bridge in Meryod should be complete now. Get the best
equipment you can, then go east.
Alex --- Samurai Blade, Steel Armor, Iron Gauntlet, Dragon
   Shield, and Steel Helmet
Nash --- Boomerang, Magic Robe, Leather Gauntlet, and
Jessica --- Flail, Magic Robe, Bracelet, Steel Shield, and
Mia --- Recovery Cane, Magic Robe, Bracelet, and Tiara
Kyle --- Great Sword, Steel Armor, Iron Gauntlet, and Steel Helmet

F.        The Adventure Continues

1.        Stadius Zone

The next town is a long walk away from Meryod. You need to follow
the mountains to the north and go east at the river to a village
called Lyton.

If you got all the equipment you needed from Meryod, you
shouldn't have too much trouble fighting the enemies that are
around here.

2.        Lyton, the Village of Music

Lyton is a village where everybody sings. Unfortunately, with the
ever-looming threat of Xenobia and the Magic Emperor, the songs
grow sadder and sadder every day.

Long ago, they say, Dyne crossed the river to the north and
entered the waterfall to gain the Dragon Helmet. Now, Ghaleon has
placed a curse on the river, and now nobody can become a Dragon-
master. The village magician says that someone named Alex, who
has green eyes (that's you), will come and save the world. Talk
to the magician and tell him that you are Alex, and he will
lift the curse on the river. Cross the rocks and go north to
the waterfall.

3.        The Blue Dragon Cave

Watch your back around here, for the enemies get tougher starting
with this Dragon Cave. The Dragonfish can take a lot of physical
attacks, so use your magic. The Ghoul Fish can make your party
confused and cause them to attack each other. You have to wait
for the effect to wear off.

The Sage's Clothes and Holy Shield are some of the best defensive
equipment you'll find in the game. Don't leave this cave without

----------Boss Battle: Brainiac----------
HP: 2200
Attacks: 3     Moves: 1
Special Attacks: Waterfall (spirit attack - damages all allies)

You fight the Brainiac on the fifth level. The Brainiac is slow,
but very strong. It knows how to use the Waterfall attack, which
affects everybody, and can hurt anyone without a high Anti-Magic

Alex should use his Dragon Fire spell against the Brainiac.
Kyle can only use his normal attack, but should use his Sidestep
skill to block attack by the Brainiac.
Jessica should use her normal attack, and cast Rest Litany on
someone when their HP get low.
If he has it, Nash should use Thunder Shot 2. Thunder Shot 1
also works well.
Mia should cast Ice Wall. She can use De-Protect on it to make
everyone's physical attacks a little stronger.

After defeating the Brainiac, go into the next room and take the
Blue Dragon Helmet.
(Alex learns the Dragon Tear spell for getting the Helmet. The
party earns 400 experience points.)

When you are about to leave, Xenobia shows up and commands Nash
to take the helmet from you. Just what you needed...another double-
cross. Your quest towards Dragonmaster isn't about to get any

4.        Tamur

Looks like you'll have to go on without Nash for a while. From
Lyton, head southeast to a village called Tamur. The people there
will tell you that a monster has caused an illness to run rampant
in the prairie to the north. People everywhere are dying from it.

You'll find Laike in this town again. This is his home. He'll tell
you that to become a full-fledged Dragonmaster, Alex needs to go
to the Goddess' Tower. The Tower is floating in the sky, so he'll
need some kind of flying machine to get there. An inventor named
Myght may be able to fix one up for you. He lives in a tower to
the east. Unfortunately, he doesn't like to have visitors around,
because he is very sensitive about his foot odor problem. Too many
people around him might cause a bigger problem. Alex and Laike decide
to go by themselves.

Two people from the prairie managed to escape the disease and
are staying in Tamur. Their names are Tempest and Franchesca (or
Fresca, for short). Tempest needs someone to help him fight the
disease that is going around on the prairie. He wants you to challenge
him to see how much power you have. After a short sparring match,
Tempest is exhausted. He tells you that you're the second strongest
man he's met in a long time. (The first strongest is a guy named
Laike. Imagine that!...) Your skills could be of use to him in the

5.          Myght

Laike is one helluva fighter. He has the most attacks out of anyone
on the group, and his Coup de Grace skill nearly doubles his attack
skill. You'll find him very useful against the Cave Rats and

Make your way up the tower, but avoid the holes, or you'll end up
going back to start. Some of the holes may actually lead you to your
goal. It's up to you to figure out which ones.

Myght is in his chamber on the fourth floor, as are a few villagers
from Lyton. He doesn't mind having them around, because they can't
smell his foot odor. Laike will tell Myght to make the balloon for you,
but it'll take some time for him to have it ready.

Head upstairs to the rooftop. Ghaleon will make a brief appearance,
and then he will disappear.

You'll have to walk back to Tamur, because Laike won't let you use
your Dragon's Wings. Besides, it's not really that long of a walk.
Get rid of Laike's equipment before you get back to town.

6.          The Prairie

Laike will say goodbye to you for now, and return to his home.
You can now reunite your party. Nash comes back with some vital
information on how to get back to the Frontier. You need to use
the Fountain of Transfer between Meryod and Lyton. The problem
is that the fountain hasn't been used for over ten years, and the
spring has dried out. To refill it, you need the Water of Mirage. The
elder of the Prairie village has it. Nash was wounded trying
to escape from Xenobia. She figured out that Nash was really pulling
a triple-cross on her. He gives Alex his Dragon Helmet back, and the
team is off to the prairie. The cave is to the north of Tamur.

Fresca and Tempest were last seen going toward this cave. Fresca
was afflicted with the disease, and Tempest is trying to get back
to the village to find a cure.

Head east to Pao. The villagers will tell you a legend about a
monster who lives in a cave to the north, and spread disease across
the land. He was sealed in the cave using the seal of the goddess,
Althena. The people of Pao do not go anywhere near the seal, and
have instructed the other villagers to do the same, under the penalty
of death.

The people of the prairie are collapsing all over the place
because of the disease. Even the elder has fallen victim. The
village medic will tell you to get the Goddess' Seal from Grimzol's
cave to the north. At that moment, Mia collapses, and Jessica decides
to stay by her side. The men go on ahead to the cave. Tempest has
already gone on ahead of them.

7.          Breaking the Seal

Tempest is about halfway through the cave. You won't be able to go on
without him.

Pick up the Pixie's Whip, the Pixie's Bow, and the Insane Sword to
make this trip a whole lot easier, because the monsters in this cave
are very tough. Slice o' Dead can wear your HP down in a hurry with
its quick consecutive attacks, and Slicer's single attack can take
a lot out of you.

You should have the following equipment when fighting Grimzol:
Alex --- Samurai Blade, Steel Armor, Iron Gauntlet, Steel Shield, and
   Steel Helmet
Nash --- Pixie's Bow, Sage's Clothes, Leather Gauntlet, and Headband
Kyle --- Insane Sword, Steel Armor, Iron Gauntlet, and Steel Helmet
Tempest --- Pixie's Whip, Leather Clothes, and Leather Gauntlet

----------Boss Battle: Grimzol (Inca God)----------
HP: 2400
Attacks: 4     Moves: 1
Grimzol (the game calls him the Inca God) is on the third level.
Your best bet is to have Kyle use his Insane Sword to boost Alex's
strength, and for everybody to use their physical attacks. Grimzol
will get in four good quick hits per turn, but that's about it.
Alex should conserve his magic for Calm Litany.

You'll get the Goddess' Seal for defeating Grimzol. Return to the
village, but be careful of monsters.

Don't forget to un-equip Tempest's stuff when you reach Pao.

You need to get to the medicine woman quickly because more people
are dying from this terrible sickness. Jessica collapsed earlier
while trying to take care of Mia. Give the medicine woman the
Seal, and she will chant a magic spell that will restore the village.

Tempest has saved Pao, but because he broke the law of the Ancients,
he must now face punishment for his deeds. You, however, get to go
free. Revive Jessica and Mia, then talk to the chief, who is also
passed out. He'll come to, and he'll take you to the well, where he
gives you a Mirage Potion.

8.        Dark Cave

Go back to the Fountain between Meryod and Lyton and use the Mirage
Water. You will activate the Teleportation spring that leads to the
Dark Cave. This is the only way to reach the barren Frontier.

Watch out for Cursed Faces and Spider Crabs in this cave.

G.        The Frontier

1.        Mark of a Hero

The Frontier is a barren wasteland, because Althena has cut off all
light from here. Monsters attack more frequently on the Frontier than
in other parts of the world. There is a small town called Cadin to the
west of the Dark Cave. Not much to do here, but the people will tell you
that the entrance to the Dragon Cave is nearby. You should head east.

The Black Dragon Cave is the last place to look for the coveted Dragon
Equipment. Actually, you're looking for the Hero's Crest, which will
allow you to explore the rest of the Black Dragon Cave. You'll also
find Dyne's Sword down here, which will be a very useful weapon for
Alex until he finds Althena's Sword.

2.        A Village in Captivity

Head south of the Black Dragon Cave to the Talon Mine. Xenobia and
Ghaleon kidnapped the people of Burg and sentenced them to a lifetime
of work in these mines. Ghaleon wants tons of iron ore to build a giant
crushing machine called the Grindery. If you can find them, maybe you
can find a way to return them home.

The strongest man in Cadin is guarding the exit to the mines. His
strength is only being used to serve Ghaleon, so don't expect him to
let you out of the mine without a fight.

----------Boss Battle: Wolf Commander----------
HP: 1200 (commander), 120 (Wolf Guards)
Attacks: 1 (both)     Moves: 1 (Commander), 4 (Guards)

First, take care of the Commander's associates with some quick weapon
attacks. His battle axe will take out at least 100 HP on one of your
characters. Assault him with physical attacks until he gives up.

----------Boss Battle: Dragon Tank----------
HP: 1800
Attacks: 3     Moves: 3

After you defeat the commander, you'll have to deal with one of Taben's
Dragon Tanks. The Dragon Tank is surprisingly vulnerable to magic
attacks, so use Alex's Dragon Tear, Kyle's Sybillium (if he has it),
Nash's Thunder Thrust, and Mia's Flameria. Jessica should cast Camp
Defender to protect the party from the Dragon Tank's attacks for one

Defeat the Dragon Tanks and the commander will let you pass. If
Ghaleon were ever to find out that he let prisoners escape, he would
make good on his threat to hurt his family. Well, at least the villagers
of Burg can go home happy.

3.        The Insane Dragon

After exiting Talon Mine, go to the west until you reach a town called
Marke. You need to see the elder immediately and show him the Hero's
Crest. He will then allow you to enter the Dragon's Shrine, which leads
you to the other part of the Black Dragon Cave. Get the Saint Clothes
and Silver Claw for Jessica before going in. They are her strongest
equipment in the game.

Deep down in this dungeon you will fight the Black Dragon. The Black
Dragon was the strongest member of the Dragon Tribe. But soon he went
berserk and devastated the land. He's going to be a very big obstacle
in finding the last piece of Dragon equipment.

----------Big Boss Battle: the Black Dragon----------
HP: 5600
Attacks: 1     Moves: 1

You must use your best magic against the Black Dragon. Alex should attack
with Dragon Tear, Kyle with Sybillium, Nash with Thunder Thrust, and Mia
with Flameria. The Black Dragon's attack can devastate a character if
it hits. Luckily, it moves slow, so you don't have to get too close to it
to do any real damage.

After defeating the Black Dragon, you will hear Magic Emperor Ghaleon's
voice. He'll start to laugh at you because you just finished off the
last of the Dragon Tribe. Now, with no Dragons left, the Goddess Althena
is completely unprotected, and Ghaleon can have his way with her.

Head into the next room and take the Dragon Armor. It's the last piece of
Dragon equipment you need. But to complete the outfit, you need
Althena's Sword.
(Alex learns the Dragon Quake spell for picking up the Dragon Armor.
His team gains an additional 1450 experience points.)

4.        The City that Ghaleon Built

Return to Marke. There's someone who escaped from the town of Ruid who
wants to see you. This little girl is from the plains tribe. She
managed to escape Ghaleon thanks to a distraction by Luna. She has a
duplicate key of the city, which will open the front gate. You've got
to hurry to Ruid and rescue Luna before the Grindery goes into motion.

Ruid was founded by Ghaleon ten years ago. Since then, he has converted
it into a research lab for his evil inventor companion, Taben.
They have collected all of the ore they mine from the Talon Mine to
create a giant mobile castle called the Grindery. Everyone who lives in
the tower of Ruid has to remain obedient to Ghaleon, and when they can
work no more, they are used as target practice for Ghaleon's weapons.
You'll find Ruid to the south of Marke.

Open the door with Ruid's key, then enter Taben's Tower. You have to make
your way to the top and fight a lot of mechanical monsters on the way.
At the top, you'll meet the wicked Taben. He has created all this chaos,
and he's got a little surprise for you...

----------Boss Battle: Knight Tanks----------
HP: 1800
Attacks: 2     Moves: 2

The Knight Tanks have just about the same strengths and weaknesses as
the Dragon Tanks. You can beat them in the same way.

So much for rescuing Luna....The Grindery is in motion. You've gotta go
in there and stop it. Descend Taben's Tower and follow the tank tracks.
You'll reach a dead end, which means that Ghaleon's Grindery has moved.
Ask around. Ghaleon has taken the moving castle to destroy the Goddess'
Tower and Vane. It was last seen moving towards Talon Mine. Ghaleon needed
to move here to have a clear shot at Vane. He commands Althena to use her
powers to fill the sky with darkness. The black light cuts through the
floating city, sending it crashing to the ground. Ghaleon dares you to
try and get into the Grindery, but Althena's barrier prevents you from

5.        It's All But Over...

You awaken a week later in Reza. When you took that last hit from Althena's
barrier, it took a lot out of you. The thieves hid you in their Guild to
protect you from Ghaleon and Xenobia. You friends are sleeping upstairs.
Mia and Jessica are in bed sleeping. Kyle and Nash are downstairs at the
lounge, and it looks like they've given up all hope. With the Vile Tribe,
the Grindery, and Xenobia, Ghaleon is nearly unstoppable. It would be
useless to continue now, they say. You can try to talk sense into them,
but nothing you say will change their minds. Time for Mia and Jessica to
step in.

Once the boys have come to their senses, Laike comes along, and he has
a secret to tell you....Laike is really Dragonmaster Dyne. Well, he
was Dyne. He lost all of his magical power when he sealed the Black
Dragon. Now, he just lives life as Laike - no hassles, no adventures,
no worries. He wants you to carry out your destiny and become the next
Dragonmaster. He will tell you to go back to Myght's. The balloon he
made is now ready. When you go to the rooftop, Xenobia will come and
try to prevent you from boarding the balloon. Dyne comes to your rescue,
and he tries to battle off Xenobia, but she uses the stone spell on
him. Even while stoned, Dyne tries to resist Xenobia's magic. Hurry
and reach the balloon.

When you're floating to the Goddess' Tower, another shot from the
Grindery just narrowly misses your balloon, but it's just strong enough
to knock the balloon out of commission. Myght's not gonna be happy
once he hears about this...

6.        One Final Step

The Goddess Althena's tower is very heavily fortified, with such enemies
as Mynos Heads and Skewer Sentries. You might want to be really careful
when fighting these. Getting to the top is easy. You don't have to pick
up the treasures in this tower, except for the Herb of Althena and the
Seed of Vigor.

At the top of the tower, there is a picture of Althena that looks
exactly like Luna. It's odd that the two look so much alike.
Get the Goddess' Cane from the treasure chest, then give it to Mia.
Even though she doesn't use it much, it's her best weapon. Talk to
the Dragon Angels, and they will test you to see if you are worthy of
the Sword.

----------Boss Battle: Dragon Angels----------
HP: 1800
Attacks: 1     Moves: 1
Special Attack: Thunder Thrust (supreme thunder damage)

Alex will be forced into a one-on-two battle between the Dragon Angels.
The battle should go quickly if you use the Dragon Quake spell about
five times. If your magic runs out, use the Seed of Vigor (Starlights
and Silver Lights won't do it). The Dragon Angels' attacks are not
that tough to withstand if you have all of the Dragon Armor on.

Once you have proven yourself, you can step forward and claim Althena's
Sword to become the ultimate warrior...Dragonmaster Alex!

The Dragon Angels tell you the truth about Luna and Nall. Luna IS really
the goddess Althena, and she had come to live among the people as a human.
Nall asks why Alex was able to become a Dragonmaster if all of the
members of the Dragon Tribe were killed. It turns out that Nall is a
descendant of one of the Dragon Tribe, so the legacy still lives on.
There is still one more matter to attend to - destroying the Grindery
and putting an end to the rule of the Vile Tribe and the Magic Empire.

H.        Dragonmaster Alex

1.        The Grindery

Use the Dragon's Wings to teleport to Meribia. This is the last place
you'll see the Grindery. Ramus will finally show up at his shop. He
wants to help you in any way he can to destroy Ghaleon's empire, so
he'll give you anything in his shop for free. Take as many Herbs of
Althena as you need, and take some Silver Lights for magic.

The world is shrouded in complete darkness, and that means the most
powerful monsters will be roaming the countryside. Start slaying monsters
until you have learned all of everyone's spells. Have all of your
Dragon equipment on you (including the Dragon's Wings) before you enter
the Grindery.

You should take time for one last equipment check. By now, you should
have the strongest equipment in the game that you can find.

Alex - Althena's Sword, Dragon Armor, Iron Gauntlet, Dragon Shield,
 Dragon Helmet, and Dragon's Wings
Jessica - Silver Claw, Saint Clothes, Gloves, Holy Shield, and Tiara
Nash - Pixie's Bow, Holy Clothes, Leather Gauntlet, and Headband
Mia - Goddess' Cane, Sage's Clothes, Bracelet, and Tiara
Kyle - Insane Sword, Insane Armor, Iron Gauntlet, and Steel Helmet

The interior of the Grindery is a complex maze of pipes. Be careful, or
you might get stuck. There is no time for fooling around. You have to
save Luna and the other singers.

The Grindery is full of all those metal monstrosities that you fought inside
Taben's Tower, including the Dragon and Knight Tanks. If your party's HP
are low, don't be afraid to RUN! You may be a Dragonmaster and all, but you
can't defeat everything.

----------Boss Battle: Giant Flames----------
HP: 2800
Attacks: 1     Moves: 5

On the fifth floor of the Grindery, there is a huge steam engine. The
Grindery has to stop near large bodies of water to replenish its power.
Look at the giant flame. It generates a lot of heat, so if you put it
out, you can stop this thing cold. Use your best magic against it, because
you can get a recharge later.

After stopping the steam engine, you need to go to the top floor. There's a
path that leads to Ghaleon's secret garden, but there are packs of Lagoon
Goons guarding it. You can try to fight them off, but there's too many of
them. Soon, Tempest and Fresca will come to your aid. They'll cover your
position while you go and stop Ghaleon.

Ghaleon has kidnapped pixies to add to his garden. They obviously pose
a threat to the new Magic Emperor, and they have some things to say
about him. Talk to all of the pixies. One will restore your energy. You'll
need this boost if you're to survive the palace.

2.        Ghaleon's Palace

You basically have to find the other singing girls that were kidnapped
from all over the world. They'll tell you that Luna is on the top floor.
You can't get to the top floor without the Tower Key. Find the key,
then go to the top floor.

You've found Luna, or so it appears. She tells you that it's useless to
keep on fighting, and that her soul belongs to Ghaleon. She's obviously
a fake, because the real Luna would never say things like that.
Xenobia appears again (for the last time), and it looks like you'll have
to fight her.

----------Big Boss Battle: Xenobia----------
HP: 4400
Attacks: 3     Moves: 1
Special Attacks: Good Luck (confuses your party) and Water Fang
(extreme ice attack)

Use your weapon attacks on her. Save the magic stuff for Ghaleon.
Xenobia will try to use her charm to confuse you, but your party should
be able to resist it. She also has a Water Fang attack, which also isn't
that powerful. Her best weapon is her physical attacks, which she uses
three times in a row.

After crushing Xenobia, you can now enter Ghaleon's Chamber.

Ghaleon has taken on a very shocking transformation since he became the
Magic Emperor. His power is supposed to surpass that of even a
Dragonmaster. Now that he has control of the Goddess, he's almost

----------Big Boss Battle: Ghaleon----------
HP: 4200
Attacks: 3     Moves: 1

Ghaleon has no real magic power, so his strength comes from his physical
attacks, which he uses three times in a row. Use you best stuff against
Ghaleon, or this could be a very long fight.

You've destroyed Ghaleon and conquered the Magic Empire. Now is your
chance to rescue Althena. It doesn't look like she wants to be saved that
much, though. She is now under complete control of the darkness. The
Dragon Angels appear, and they will try to break the spell on Althena.
But suddenly, two flashes of dark energy eliminate the Dragon Angels with
just one hit. It doesn't look like Ghaleon's finished with you yet.
Prepare yourself for the fight of your life...

3.        The Final Battle

----------Final Boss Battle: Ghaleon (as the Magic Emperor)----------
HP: 5000
Attacks: 1     Moves: 1 (teleports)
Special Attacks: Thunder Blow (extreme lightning attack), Water
Fang (extreme ice attack), and Rock'n'Roll (extreme earth attack)

Ghaleon is now consumed with dark energy, and has become the ultimate
evil being....He has transformed himself into the true Magic Emperor.
This new form of Ghaleon is immensely powerful. He can teleport and
strike one of your characters with his psionic sword, meaning that
one of your characters will always lose power. On top of that, he
can use his Thunder Blow or Water Fang magic before that, making the
damage even worse. This is the way I defeated him:

Alex --- Dragon Quake
Kyle --- Sybillium
Jessica --- Cascade Litany on Kyle
Nash --- Thunder Thrust
Mia --- De-Protect

When using Mia's De-Protect spell, Ghaleon's defense power goes down,
making him more vulnerbale to physical attacks. This effect can be
used over and over again. The above method should knock about 800
HP out of him per turn.

If Alex should run out of Dragon Quake magic, have Jessica cast
Cascade Litany on him, and Alex use his normal attacks. They are even
more powerful than Kyle's, and he can attack three times now, instead
of just two.

4.        Making Luna Remember

What? You thought that after you defeated the Magic Emperor, the
game would be over, right? You thought that you could just walk
out of this game with the spell on Althena broken, didn't you?
Wrong! There's still one more part of the game left. Althena
has gone berserk, and if you don't do something about it, the world
will be shrouded in darkness forever. You have to make her remember
somehow. This isn't about you being a Dragonmaster and her being a
Goddess anymore. It's about two people in love with each other (although
you never wanted to admit it), and you need to find a way to make
Althena remember....You can only do this alone. Every time you take a
step forward, Althena will strike you down with a lightning bolt, which
takes a good bit of your HP away. You could try to just go up there and
rescue her, but all of the magic in the world couldn't help you
against the lightning. She could just kill you after the second or third
bolt. Try playing your song on your harp. This should lessen the damage
on the bolts and allow you to rescue Althena.

You've finally saved the day. But sadly, after this, Luna will cease
to exist as a human in your world, and will lose all memory of living
as a human. Oh, well, at least you'll have your memories of Luna.
All that's left to do now is sit back and enjoy the ending.
II.       Equipment
A - Alex
L - Luna
R - Ramus
N - Nash
J - Jessica
M - Mia
K - Kyle
G - Ghaleon
I - Laike
T - Tempest

A.        Weapons

Weapon        Who?       Attack Power  Special Effect  Where Found?  Cost
Dagger        ALRNJM     5                             Burg          100
Short Sword   ARNK       12                            Burg          500
Saber         AR         30                            Meribia       2500
Long Sword    A          45                            Vane          4500
Scimitar      AI         53                            Iluk          5800
Dark Sword    K          75                                          6200
Samurai Blade A          90            Thunder Attack  Meryod        10000
Great Sword   K          110                           Meryod        12000
Dyne's Sword  A          130           Glow Beam       Black Dragon  16800
Insane Sword  K          160           Kiai Slice      Grimzol's     22000
Althena's     A          200                           Goddess'      n/a
 Sword                                                  Tower
Sling         ALRNJMK    12 (fixed)                    Burg          100
Poison Darts  ALRNJK     20 (fixed)                    Saith         280
Cane          ALRNJMG    7                             Saith         300
Water Cane    N          10            Ice Attack
Fire Cane     ANM        15            Flamer          Vane          4000
Ice Cane      ANM        18            Ice Attack      Vane          1000
Recovery Cane JNM        22            Little Litany   Weird Woods
Sage's Cane   NM         27            De-Protect      Goddess'      9400
Earth Cane    N          33            Landquake       Meribian      13800
Goddess' Cane M          35            Rest Litany     Goddess'      n/a
Woodcutter    AR         10                            Weird Woods   n/a
Axe           AR         23                            Saith         1500
Battle Axe    A          70                            Reza          8600
Bow           ANK        15 (fixed)                    Meribia       700
Crossbow      ANK        36 (fixed)                    Iluk          2400
Boomerang     ANK        56 (fixed)                    Meryod        5200
Pixie's Bow   NKT        106 (fixed)                   Grimzol's     8200
Claw          AJ         20                            Meribia       1000
Mace          AJ         40                            Iluk          3800
Flail         AJ         65                            Meryod        7300
Silver Claw   AJK        100                           Marke         20000
Whip          T          45 (fixed)                                  7000
Pixie's Whip  T          115 (fixed)                   Grimzol's     12400

B.        Armor

Armor         Who?       Defense Power Special Effect  Where Found?  Cost
Tattered      ALRN       1                             Reza          12
Peasant       ALRN       3                             Burg          90
Heavy Clothes ALRNI      5                             Burg          230
Leather       ALRNK      8                             Meribia       550
Leather Armor ARNJK      13                            Meribia       1700
Carapace      ARNJK      18                            Meribia       2700
Chain Mail    AJK        20                            Reza          3400
Iron Armor    AJK        25                            Reza          5000
Steel Armor   AK         35                            Meryod        7600
Insane Armor  K          55                            Black Dragon  13000
Black Dragon  A          70                            Black Dragon  n/a
 Armor                                                  Cave
Cool Robe     ARNJMK     10                            Meribia       1000
Magic Robe    NJMG       30                            Vane          6200
Sage's        ANJM       40                            Blue Dragon   9200
 Clothes                                                Cave
Saint Clothes J          58                            Marke         15000
Holy Clothes  NM         63                            Black Dragon  18000
Gloves        AR         2                             Meribia       50
Leather       ARNJK      3                             Meribia       90
Iron Gauntlet AK         7                             Reza          480
Bracelet      JM         5                             Vane          300
Garbage Can   AR         2                                           50
Wood Shield   ARJ        3                             Meribia       230
Iron Shield   AJ         10                            Reza          900
Mirror Shield AJ         15             Magic Camp     Meribia       2000
Steel Shield  AJ         20                            Meryod        3400
Holy Shield   AJ         25                            Blue Dragon   6000
Red Dragon    A          30                            Red Dragon    n/a
 Shield                                                 Cave
Headband      ARNK       1                             Meribia       12
Helmet        AK         4                             Meribia       180
Chain Helmet  AK         6                             Reza          630
Iron Helmet   AK         9
Steel Helmet  AK         12                            Meryod        1500
Insane Helmet K          ?                             Reza          ?
Blue Dragon   A          20                            Blue Dragon   n/a
 Helmet                                                 Cave
Tiara         LJM        2                             Meribia       100

C.        Items

1.        Recovery Items

Item          Effect                                  Cost
Herb          Restores a little bit of your HP.       80
Jasmine       Restores some of your HP.               50
Calm Herb     Restores a lot of your HP.              100
Vigor Peach   Restores all of your HP.                900
Starlight     Restores a little bit of your MP.       50
Silver Light  Restores some of your MP.               120
Seed of Vigor Restores a lot of your MP.              4000
Meal Rations  Restores a little bit of your party's   30
Special       Restores some of your party's HP.       100
Holy Flute    Restores a lot of your party's HP.      200
Herb of       Restores all of your party's HP.        2300
Smoked Fish   Restores 4 HP.                          4
Garlic        Restores a little bit of your HP.       24
Holy Water    Cures poison.                           10
Holy Smoke    Awakens a character.                    20
Mint Essence  Cures paralysis.                        30

2.        Attack Items

Item          Effect                                  Cost
Sun Drops     Casts Flame.                            1300
Fire Essence  Casts Blazing Fire.                     680
Thunder       Casts Thunder Wave.                     900
Magic Bullet  Casts Light Ray.                        1800

3.        Assistance Items

Item          Effect                                  Cost
Light Barrier Casts Magic Camp on your party.         740
Power Barrier Casts Camp Defender on your party.      1500
Cascade Ring  Casts Cascade on your party.            650
Snake Ring    Attracts enemies.                       2800
Cloud Drops   Casts De-Protect on one enemy.          450
Rainbow Drops Casts Holy Defender.                    500
Wind Essence  Casts Psychotron.                       1800
Magic Hand    Steals MP from an enemy.                400
Hyram Nut     Increases Agility.                      2000
Alcana Nut    Increases Magic.                        2000
Itaka Nut     Increases Attack power.                 2000
Dover Nut     Increases Defense power.                2000

4.        Special Items

Item          Effect                                  Where found?
Alex's Harp   Alex's most treasured possession.       initially equipped on Alex
Chest Key     Opens the old treasure chest in the     Burg
Dragon Ring   A ring with the power of the Dragons.   White Dragon Cave
Dragon        An extremely valuable diamond.          White Dragon Cave
Father's      Gives you permission to sail to the     Burg
 Letter       mainland.
Sea Chart     A map of all the seas.                  Old Hag's house
Flint         Lights the beacon in the Lighthouse.    Saith
Althena's     Reflects the true form of all that is   Silver Spire
 Mirror       exposed to it.
White         Lets you teleport between towns.        White Dragon Cave
Thief's Crest Makes you a Thieves' Guild member.      Reza
Rain Cloud    Stops the flow of the lava in the       Red Dragon Cave
Spire Key     Opens the door to the Chamber of        Damon's Spire
Mirage Potion Refills the Fountain of Transferrance.  Pao
Hero's Crest  Lets you enter the Dragon Shrine in     Black Dragon Cave
Ruid's Key    A duplicate key. It opens the gate to   Marke
Tower Key     Opens the door to the top floor of      Ghaleon's Palace
              Ghaleon's Palace.

5.        Other Items

Item          Effect
Putrid Lunch  Disgusting food. HP goes down if you eat it.
Mystery       Has an unknown effect.
Harisen       +1 attack.  Does nothing special.
Amulet        Reduces random enemy encounters.
Music Box     Plays music. Not much else here.
Mia's Bromide Equip it on Nash and see what happens...
Soap          Lets you bathe in Althena's Spring.

III.      Character Profiles

  The hero of the story. He lives in the village of Burg, where
  he pays tribute to his favorite hero, Dragonmaster Dyne. He sets
  out on a journey to become a Dragonmaster, just like his hero

HP: Excellent  MP: Excellent
Attack: Excellent  Defense: Great  Agility: Excellent
Magic: Excellent  Anti-Magic: Good
Overall Rating: Excellent

  Alex's secret girlfriend. She has lived with Alex for 15 years.
  She is the best singer in the known world.

HP: Fair       MP: Great
Attack: Poor   Defense: Fair   Agility: Good
Magic: Good    Anti-Magic: Excellent
Overall Rating: Good

  The son of the mayor of Burg. He likes to go out on adventures
  in search of treasure, but will usually run and hide when faced
  with real danger.

HP: Good       MP: n/a (Ramus cannot use magic)
Attack: Great  Defense: Good   Agility: Fair
Magic: n/a     Anti-Magic: Poor
Overall Rating: Poor

  Nash is a third-ranked magician in the magic guild of Vane. He's
  a bit on the cocky side.

HP: Great      MP: Fair
Attack: Fair   Defense: Poor   Agility: Good
Magic: Fair    Anti-Magic: Good
Overall Rating: Fair

  Jessica is the daughter of Mel de Alkirk. She is studying to
  become a priestess. Her mother died when she was very young, so
  her father Mel dotes on her a lot. Many people think that Jessica
  is a tomboy.

HP: Great      MP: Good
Attack: Good   Defense: Good   Agility: Good
Magic: Great   Anti-Magic: Great
Overall Rating: Good

  Mia is the daughter of Lemia Ausa. She is the heiress to the
  throne of Vane's prestigious Magic Guild.

HP: Poor       MP: Great
Attack: Poor   Defense: Fair   Agility: Poor
Magic: Excellent  Anti-Magic: Excellent
Overall Rating: Good

  Kyle guards the Nanza Barrier. Chicks dig him, monsters run from
  him. He has trained a pack of thieves to guard the Barrier from
  the Vile Tribe.

HP: Excellent  MP: Poor
Attack: Excellent  Defense: Great  Agility: Excellent
Magic: Poor    Anti-Magic: Poor
Overall Rating: Good

  Tempest is a member of the prairie tribe. He lives and dies
  to protect his wife, Fresca.

HP: Great      MP: Poor
Attack: Great  Defense: Fair   Agility: Good
Magic: Poor    Anti-Magic: Fair
Overall Rating: Fair

  He and Alex run into each other a lot on his journey. Laike is
  supposedly the strongest man in the world. Maybe there's more to
  this guy than meets the eye...

HP: Excellent  MP: Fair
Attack: Excellent  Defense: Good  Agility: Excellent
Magic: Fair    Anti-Magic: Great
Overall Rating: Great

  Dyne was the greatest of the legendary four heroes that saved the world
  long ago from the Magic Emperor. He was a Dragonmaster, but he died
  in his final battle against the Black Dragon.

Mel de Alkirk
  Also known as "Master Mel", Mel was a strong fighter with a kind
  heart. He could even hold the heaviest axe with only one hand!

Lemia Ausa
  The head of the magic guild of Vane. She was the only female member
  of the group, but she had tremendous power.

  The great sage Ghaleon was a very powerful magician when he fought
  alongside Dyne. Unfortunately, after Dyne's death, Ghaleon became
  evil, and wanted to use the Goddess' powers for his own twisted

HP: Excellent  MP: Excellent
Attack: Excellent  Defense: Excellent  Agility: Fair
Magic: Excellent   Anti-Magic: Excellent
Overall Rating: Excellent

  The almighty Goddess of love and song. She exiled the Vile Tribe
  to the Frontier.

  Leader of the Vile Tribe. With the help of Ghaleon, she and
  the Vile Tribe broke out of the Frontier and are making life a
  living hell for everybody.

  Quark was the last surviving member of the Great Dragons. There
  were four - Black, Red, Blue, and White (that's Quark).

  A baby dragon that Alex keeps as a pet. He is Alex's best friend,
  and he has stayed by his side since birth.

  Alex's father. He once went on an adventure with Dyne when he was
  young, but he didn't want to go with him on his big adventure,
  because he didn't want to hold him back. At least, that's how
  HE tells it.
IV.       Enemies

Enemy                Attacks  Moves  HP    Special Attacks  Where found
Air Elemental        1        3                             Silver Spire
Albino Baboon        1        2                             Caldor Isle
Ambush               2        1                             Katarina Zone
Arch-Fiend           3        3            Dashing Flame    Katarina Zone
Asmodeus             1        3                             Katarina Zone
Banshee Fowl         1        4                             Crystal Tower
Birdbrain            1        4                             Frontier
Black Dragon         1        1      5600                   Black Dragon Cave
Brainiac             3        1      2200  Waterfall        Blue Dragon Cave
Bronze Dog           1        1      70                     Trial Cave
Cave Rat             1        5                             Myght's Lab
Certillian Cyclops   3        1      300                    Trial Cave
Chaos Fiend          ?        ?                             Black Dragon Cave
Count Antula         1        2            Tempter          Nanza Barrier
Cursed Faces         4        0            Thunder Thumper  Dark Cave
Dark Knight          3        3                             Taben's Tower
Dead Pole            1        1                             Trial Cave
Death 'Shroom        1        2                             Trial Cave
Death Mutt           1        2                             Marius Zone
Demi-Diablo          1        1                             Black Dragon Cave
Demon Wolf           1        4                             Nanza Barrier
Devestator           2        2                             Taben's Tower
Diablos              1        2                             Black Dragon Cave
Dragon Angel         1        1      1800  Thunder Thrust   Goddess' Tower
Dragonfish           2        1                             Blue Dragon Cave
Dragon Tank          3        3      1800                   Talon Mine
Dung Beetle          1        2                             Caldor Isle
Earth Elemental      3        0                             Red Dragon Cave
Escargotgo           1        1                             White Dragon Cave
Fatal Hopper         1        3                             Meribian Sewers
Flytrapper           1        1            poison           Caldor Isle
Ghaleon              3        1      4200                   Ghaleon's Chamber
Ghost                1        4                             Silver Spire
Ghoul                ?        ?                             Katarina Zone
Ghoul Fish           1        2            Good Luck        Blue Dragon Cave
Giant Flame          1        5      2800                   Grindery
Gigafly              1        2                             Katarina Zone
Great Lion           1        3                             Island Cave
Grimzol (Inca God)   4        1      2400                   Grimzol's Cave
Grog Snake           1        1                             Meribian Sewers
Grolly               1        1                             Marius Zone
Grouser              1        2                             Caldor Isle
Gurgler              1        3            poison           Meribian Sewers
Hermit Crab          1        2                             Red Dragon Cave
Hummingbyrd          1        3            Flamer           Silver Spire
Killer Wasp          1        4            poison           Caldor Isle
Knight Tank          2        2      1800                   Taben's Tower
Lagoon Goon          1        2            poison           Black Dragon Cave
Lava Worm            1        1                             Nanza Barrier
Leeper               1        3            poison           Trial Cave
Lizard Commander     1        1                             Talon Mine
Lizard Guard         1        4                             Frontier
Mage Goblin          1        1            Thunder Thumper  Stadius Zone
Magic Emperor        1        1      5000  Thunder Blow,    Althena's Chamber
                          (teleport)       Water Fang,
Man-Eating Plant     1        0                             Desert
Mecha-Tank           1        1                             Frontier
Monocrop             1        1                             Island Cave
Monster Wasp         1        3                             Stadius Zone
Mutant Ant           2        2                             Island Cave
Mutant Fly           1        4                             Weird Woods
Mutant Turtle        1        2                             Trial Cave
Mynos Head           1        4                             Goddess' Tower
Mynotauros           1        ?                             Ghaleon's Palace
Nergol               1        2                             Katarina Zone
Nightmare            1        5                             Stadius Zone
Ogre                 1        2                             Stadius Zone
Pious Reaper         1        1            Spill Attack     Damon's Spire
Raptor               1        3      200                    Island Cave
Roardusa             1        ?            Good Luck        Ghaleon's Palace
Rufus                1        2                             Damon's Spire
Scorpion             1        2            poison           Marius Zone
Skewer Sentry        1        1                             Goddess' Tower
Slice o' Dead        4        0            Thunder Thumper  Grimzol's Cave
Slicer               1        4                             Grimzol's Cave
Slime                1        2                             White Dragon Cave
Spider Crab          1        4                             Dark Cave
Squibbler            1        2                             Myght's Lab
Tormentor            1        2                             Katarina Zone
Ultra-Fiend          2        ?            Thunder Wall     Ghaleon's Palace
Ultra-Raptor         1        3                             Black Dragon Cave
Undead Warrior       1        3                             Grimzol's Cave
Vicious Vegetable    1        1                             Damon's Spire
Vile Tribe Soldier 1 1        2      360                    Star Chamber
Vile Tribe Soldier 2 1        2      400                    Burg
Wasteoid             1        2            Tempter          Red Dragon Cave
Water Dragon         1        0      250   flame breath     Meribian Sewers
Water Elemental      1        1                             Blue Dragon Cave
Wolf Commander       1        1      1200                   Talon Mine
Wolf Guard           1        4                             Frontier
Wyburn               1        4                             Katarina Zone
Xenobia              3        1      4400  Good Luck,       Ghaleon's Palace
                                           Water Fang
Zombie               1        1                             Weird Woods
V.        Spells

A.        Alex

Spell         Effect                                MP  Level
Flame         Fireball - attacks one enemy.         2   learned at Meribia
Power Litany  Restores a little bit of HP.          4   10
Little Litany Restores some HP.                     5   12
Flamer        Fireball - attacks all enemies.       4   14
Blazing Fire  Fireball rain - attacks one enemy.    6   22
Calm Litany   Restores some of your party's HP.     9   24
Flame Bomb    Fireball rain - attack all enemies.   8   28
Light Ray     Light beam - attacks one enemy.       10  32
Bright Blast  Light beam - attacks all enemies.     12  36
Dashing Flame Column of fire - attacks one enemy.   14  40
Glow Beam     Flash of light - attacks all enemies. 14  45
Light Rain    Powerful fireball rain - attacks all  15  50
Dragon Bolt   White Dragon magic - lightning.       40  after obtaining the
                                                        White Dragon's Wings
Dragon Fire   Red Dragon magic - fire.              60  after obtaining the
                                                        Red Dragon Shield
Dragon Tear   Blue Dragon magic - ice.              80  after obtaining the
                                                        Blue Dragon Helmet
Dragon Quake  Black Dragon magic - earth.           100 after obtaining the
                                                        Black Dragon Armor
Holy Light    Eliminates all enemies, and does      120 after obtaining
              heavy holy damage to enemies.             Althena's Sword

B.        Luna

Song          Effect                                MP  Level
Healing       Restores a little bit of your party's 2   knows this song
Cascade       Increases your party's attack power.  2   knows this song
Good Luck     Confuses an enemy.                    4   knows this song
Purification  Cures party of poison.                7   knows this song
Temptation    Puts enemies to sleep.                10  3
Supersonic    Sonic attack - attacks all enemies.   12  5
Tranquility   Restores some of your party's HP.     15  8
Destruction   Lots of damage - one enemy.           30  10

C.        Nash

Spell         Effect                                MP  Level
Thunder       Small lightning bolt - attacks one    2   knows this spell
 Attack       enemy.
Thunder Wave  Small lightning bolt - attacks all    4   knows this spell
Thunder       Paralyzes enemies.                    12  13
Thunder Ball  Shock - attacks one enemy.            6   14
Thunder Bomb  Shock - attacks all enemies.          8   15
Thunder Fang  Thunderbolt - attacks one enemy.      10  21
Thunder Wall  Thunderbolt - attacks all enemies.    12  24
Thunder Shot  Thunderstorm.                         14  28
Thunder Shot  Powerful thunderstorm.                18  32
Thunder       Nash's most powerful magic.           20  41

D.        Jessica

Spell         Effect                                MP  Level
Little Litany Restores some HP.                     5   knows this spell
Purity Litany Cures poison.                         5   knows this spell
Calm Litany   Restores some of your party's HP.     9   knows this spell
Fusion Litany Cures paralysis.                      8   25
Cascade       Increases attack power.               10  27
Mental Litany Awakens a character.                  12  28
Tempter       Puts enemies to sleep.                14  32
Holy Defender Protects from physical attacks.       20  35
Rest Litany   Restores a lot of HP.                 10  37
Magic Defense Protects from magic attacks.          25  39
Heal Litany   Cures party of negative status.       20  41
Camp Defender Protects party from physical attacks. 30  44
Charm Defense Repels enemies.                       5   45
Healing       Restores a lot of your party's HP.    15  48
Magic Box     Silences enemy.                       ?   50
Magic Camp    Protects party from magic.            ?   51
Althena       Restores all of your party's HP.      30  53

E.        Mia

Spell         Effect                                MP  Level
Little Litany Restores some HP.                     5   knows this spell
Luck Litany   Confuses enemies.                     12  knows this spell
De-Protect    Lowers enemies' defense.              5   knows this spell
Ice Attack    Ice attack - attacks all enemies.     6   knows this spell
Flamer        Fireball - attacks all enemies.       4   knows this spell
Fullstone     Spirit attack - attacks one enemy.    5   knows this spell
Flame Bomb    Fireball rain - attacks all enemies.  8   25
Psychotron    Escapes from dungeons.                10  26
De-Heal       Steals HP from one enemy.             2   28
Tornado       Wind attack - attacks one enemy.      10  31
Waterfall     Spirit attack - attacks all enemies.  12  33
Spill Attack  Shadow attack - attacks one enemy.    12  36
Ice Wall      Ice wave - attacks all enemies.       14  37
Blizzard      Snowstorm - attacks all enemies.      16  38
Spillter      Powerful spirit attack that steals    20  39
Wind Blast    Steals MP from one enemy.             0   40
Sand Spike    Tornado - attacks all enemies.        18  41
Trouble       Water attack - attacks all enemies.   20  43
Flameria      Flame sweep - attacks all enemies.    25  45
Landquake     Earthquake - attacks all enemies.     30  48
Byebye Air    Powerful shadow attack.               40  50

F.        Ghaleon

Spell         Effect                                MP
Thunder Blow  Extreme thunder attack.               20
Inferno       Extreme fire attack.                  22
Water Fang    Extreme ice attack.                   25
Rock'n'Roll   Extreme earth attack.                 30
Anesthesia    Removes enemies from battle.          35

G.        Kyle

Skill         Effect                                MP  Level
Sprint        Increases Kyle's agility.             6   knows this skill
Fastcut       Distance attack - attacks one enemy.  7   knows this skill
Sidestep      Protects Kyle from physical attacks.  8   31
Kiai Slice    Increases Kyle's attack power.        12  40
Sybillium     Attacks an enemy from all sides.      30  48
Slayride      Shoots a beam of energy from Kyle's   18  54

H.        Laike

Skill         Effect                                MP
Sybillium     Attacks an enemy from all sides.      30
Sprint        Increases Laike's agility.            6
Fastcut       Distance attack - attacks one enemy.  7
Coup de Grace Increases Laike's attack power.       18

I.        Tempest

Skill         Effect                                MP
Wayout        Protects Tempest from physical        4
Swift Sniper  Increases Tempest's speed.            8
Party Shot    Attacks all enemies.                  15
VI.       Playing the Game
A.        Controls

Direction Pad - moves your characters around.
A button - selects a command.
B button - cancels a command.
C button - activates the menu.
Start button - does nothing.

B.        Combat

The combat system of Lunar is turn-based. You select your party's
commands, and then they execute them. The number of spaces they can
move and the number of attacks are limited to their physical abilities.
When a group of enemies is defeated, the total experience amount is
split between the party members.

1.        Commands
 a.        Group

Attack - Starts the battle.
Nall - Nall will identify the enemy for you, and tell you your chances
of winning.
Run - The party runs away from the battle.

 b.        Individual

A I - Automatically attacks the nearest enemy.
Attack - Attacks a certain enemy.
Magic - Casts a magic spell (all characters except Ramus can use magic).
Item - Selects an item for use. Any items that you want to use in
battle must be equipped beforehand.
Flee - The character tries to escape attack from the enemy.
Run - The character runs from the battle.

C.        Menu Commands

Magic/Song/Skill - Casts a magic spell that the character knows.
Item - Uses a group item, or an item that is equipped on the character.
Equip - Equips items and weapons on the character. You can only have
up to eight.
Status - Shows the status screen.
A I - Controls whether or not your character will attack after using
items or magic.

D.        Status Screen

Name - Your character's name.
Level - Your character's current level. The highest level is 99.
Max HP - The maximum life force of your character.
Max MP - The maximum magic power of your character.
Atk Pwr - Strength of your attacks.
Def Pwr - Defense power.
Agility - Your overall speed.
Anti-Magic - Defense power against magic.
# of Atks - Shows how many times you can attack an enemy.
# of Moves - Shows how many spaces you can move.
Curr HP - Shows how many HP you have at the moment. If this reaches
zero, then your player is knocked out. He/she regains 1 HP at the end
of the battle, but does not gain any experience points.
Curr MP - Shows how many MP you have at the moment. You consume MP
by casting spells.
Experience Points - Your skill points, gained by killing monsters.
For Next Level - How many points you need to go to the next level.
VII.      Help Wanted
There are just a few things missing from some of the above
tables. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the following items,
please contact me so that I can update my lists.

A.        Items for Sale

What are the sale prices of the following items? I would really
like to know. Don't go and actually sell these items when you
find them. (If you are going to sell them, I highly recommend
that you SAVE on a separate file first so that you don't lose
these valuable items.)

- Hyram Nut
- Alcana Nut
- Itaka Nut

VIII.     Helpful Hints
- Always keep your party outfitted in the best equipment that
you can afford. If you don't have enough money, go outside
and fight to earn the silver you need.

- Talk to everybody at least twice. Some people will give up
hints the second or third time around.

- Look behind some buildings when looking for items. You
never know what you might find.

- When it looks like you'll be outnumbered, don't be afraid
to RUN! Remember, it takes as much courage to avoid combat
as it does to confront it (or something like that).

- At the very end of the game, the best way to boost your
experience points super-fast is to fight the enemies outside
the Grindery (like the Arch-Fiends and Ghouls). You won't need
to be concerned with experience points at this stage of the
game, but it is possible that your characters can gain
an extra attack at EXTREMELY high levels (somewhere in the
IX.       Latest Updates
Here's what's been going on with my FAQ since I first
created it on September 8, 1998:

Version 1.0 - September 8, 1998
 = First version of this FAQ, with a completed walkthrough (yeah!),
a full list of all characters' equipment and spells, and listings
of the 90+ enemies in the game.

version 1.1 - September 8, 1998
 = Revised walkthrough so that it shows what kind of
equipment you need before going into tough areas (such as
the Weird Woods and the Grindery).

version 1.2 - September 11, 1998
 = Some minor spelling corrections. I'm a pretty good speller,
but I was rushing a bit while I was working on this.

version 1.3 - September 22, 1998
 = Added a Game Explanation section. It's basically a compressed
instruction booklet.

version 1.4 - October 23, 1998
 = Added a Character Profile section for all characters.

version 1.5 - November 30, 1998
 = Refitted the weapon and armor tables.
 = Ramus' rating downgraded from "Fair" to "Poor".

version 1.6 - December 9, 1998
 = Added a "Help Wanted" section. This just shows some
of the items that are missing in this walkthrough. Anybody
who is adventurous enough to find them will receive credit
in my walkthrough.
 = Corrected some more minor spelling errors.

version 1.7 - December 16, 1998
 = Added Destruction to Luna's list of spells.
 = showed effects of certain items, such as the Amulet, the
Harisen, and Mia's Bromide.
 = corrected Nall's section to fit "his" gender.
 Thanks to Leo Wang ( for this

version 1.71 - December 31, 1998
 = not a complete revision, but I just added information on
the fixed attack weapons (Bow, Crossbow, Boomerang, Whip, etc.)
and the Destruction song (does lots of damage; doesn't kill
instantly like I believed before). Thanks again to Leo Wang

version 1.72 - January 8, 1999
 = I've added the Insane Helmet to the Armor Tables. With the
Insane Sword and Insane Armor, it makes a cool trio of items
for Kyle.

version 1.8 - January 16, 1999
 = added the sale prices to some of those items that I didn't
know about earlier. Thanks to Bruce Burnett
( for this information.

version 1.81 - February 9, 1999
 = this can be found at my new video games Web Page, the Players'

version 1.9 - April 2, 1999
 = FINALLY found the sale prices of the four power-up nuts.
 = added the Sage's Cane to the Weapons list.
 Thanks again to Bruce Burnett (
Other Games to Play from Working Designs
I hope you enjoy Lunar: the Silver Star. If you want to check
out some of Working Designs' other role-playing games, you
should look at the following:

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     Lunar: Eternal Blue (RPG)
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Special thanks to Working Designs and Game Arts for making a great
series of role-playing games. I also enjoyed Vay and Popful Mail!

Thanks to Jeff "CJayC" Veasey at GameFAQs ( for
posting this walkthrough.

And now, to the players who helped me on this FAQ:

Leo Wang ( for miscellaneous information,
including Luna's Destruction song, and for being the first to
point out information on the Amulet, Mia's Bromide, the
Harisen, and the Music Box.

"EMHONEIL" ( for also pointing out information
on the Amulet, Mia's Bromide, and the Music Box.

"The Stone Dragon" ( for giving info on
Kyle's Insane Helmet.

Bruce Burnett ( for finding out the sale
prices to most of those items that I requested earlier.

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