The second edition FF2 'handbook'     -courtesy of Ben Siron  9/19/95
a.k.a. ''

thanks to Adam Lederman for all of the information in his FF2 guide.  it gave
me a lot of ideas on things to research, which I present in this new guide in
addition to all the non-game genie information which he originally compiled

recent thanks to 'D', who can be contacted using the email address
''.  'D' gave me corrected physical and magical damage
algorithms, although I still can't verify how any of the defense and % abilities
work. 'D' also gave me useful info about the effects of conditions like 'curse'
and the special abilities of certain classes, and this was enough of a headstart
to attempt and exhaustive list of conditions and special abilities. finally,
there are numerous other corrections to damage ranges and special items in this
version which are due to 'D'

if you find anything amiss, missing, or badly explained (however trivial) with
this guide, E-mail me, and I'll take note of it. E-mail me also if you find out
any really cool tips, strategies, etc...

(this listing was made in an evenly spaced font, lines 80 characters wide,
with 8 characters per tab)

- - - -=- -=-  -={ CONTENTS }=- -=- -=- - - -

0: DEFINITIONS & ABBREVIATIONS..................03%

	damage algorithms	.	.	09%
	statistic algorithms	.	.	13%

2: ACTIONS & CHARACTER CLASSES..................16%

3: CONDITIONS...................................22%

4: MAGIC........................................36%
	black	.	.	.	.	39%
	white	.	.	.	.	42%
	call	.	.	.	.	45%
	ninja	.	.	.	.	47%
	other	.	.	.	.	48%

5: ITEMS........................................49%
	weapons	.	.	.	.	49%
	armor	.	.	.	.	58%
	other	.	.	.	.	66%

6: MONSTERS.....................................72%
	special attacks	.	.	.	73%
	monster stats	.	.	.	78%

7: TIPS, TRICKS, ETC. ..........................93%

======================== 0: DEFINITIONS & ABBREVIATIONS ========================

Character classes:K - dark knight (cecil)	D - dragoon (kain)
		@ - caller (young) (rydia)	C - caller (matured) (rydia)
		S - sage (tellah)		P - paladin (cecil)
		T - karate man (yang)		B - bard (edward)
		Z - black wizard (porom)	E - engineer (cid)
		N - ninja (edge)		L - lunarian (fusoya)
		W - white wizard (palom, rosa)

Damage attributes:	A - arrow		F - fire
(elementals)		S - sacred		D - darkness
			I - ice			L - lit

Statistics:	STR - strength		AGI - agility
		VIT - vitality		WIS - wisdom
		WILL - willpower	MHP - maximum hit points
		MMP - maximum magic points
		RHP - remaining hit points (current health value)
		ATT - attack value	A% - hit %
		xA - attack multiplier
		DEF - defense value	D% - defend %
		xD - defense mutiplier	M% - magic evasion %
		MD - magic resistance value
		xM - magic resistance multipler
		LV - level

basic stats - the statistics of STR, AGI, VIT, WIS, and WILL.  these are not
		derived from any other statistic, but they can be modified by

derived stats - the statistics of ATT, A%, xA, DEF, xD, D%, MD, xM, and M%.
		these are completely determined by basic stats, LV, and what is
		being equipped

(DMG) - this special effect means that the attack ignores the effects of
		target's armor or resistance.

(secret) - this item is very hard to find: you have to be lucky and win it
		in battle.  very likely, you will play through an entire game
		without ever finding this item

(sneak) - if you have a ninja in your party, he can 'sneak' items from the
		enemies.  the success rate of this depends on relative agility

(dummy) - this item was taken out of the american or later versions of the
		game (for some unknown reason), and you can't get it unless you
		have a game genie (the code still exists to handle the item,

Mathematical notation:
	[x] = the greatest integer less than or equal to x.
			for instance, [ (57/4) ] = [ 14.25 ] = 14, 
			where  /  indicates division.
	(x,y) represents a range of possible point values,
			not less than (x) and not more than (y)
			for instance (200,300) means anything between 200 and
			300, including 200 and 300 (the endpoints)
	(...)k represents that amount in thousands. for example, 100k
			means 100,000

target - some place that you can cast a spell to, attack, use an item on, etc...
		ex. - your allies and your enemies are targets in a battle

enemy - a target in battle which is on the left side or on the right side if you
		are attacked from behind.  a charmed enemy is still an enemy.
		an enemy of an enemy is an ally.  an ally of an enemy is an

ally - a target which is not an enemy.  a charmed ally is still an ally.

phase - the unit of time inside of a battle during which the 'count' condition
		is decremented (very short; 1-2 of these happen between actions
		of each character

turn - the unit of time inside of a battle required for all participants to take
		an action

HP leak - target creature continues to lose HP after the initial attack at a
		rate of (1,16) HP per phase for about 4 turns

attack - any action taken inside of a battle, except for COVER/OFF, HIDE/SHOW,
		CHANGE, (run away), and PARRY

physical attack - any attack which is carried out by using the ATTACK, JUMP,
		KICK, AIM, or DART option

magical attack - any attack which is carried out by using the BLACK, WHITE,

c.a. - counterattack: this technique will be used immediately(even if the game
		is paused) by the creature whenever it is attacked in a certain
		way, but is not eliminated by the attack.  the target of the
		counterattack doesn't have to be the original attacker

ca:p - counterattack to physical attacks

ca:m - counterattack to magical attacks

outside - the state of wandering around on the overland map (not being in a
		town, dungeon, in battle, etc...)

heal - when this word is in lowercase, it means that any damage this attack
		inflicts is instead added to the target's HP, unless the target
		is undead, in which case the heal attack does damage like any
		other attack.  when this word is used in uppercase, it refers
		to either the spell or the item called 'HEAL', which has a
		totally different effect

======================= 1: STATISTICAL & DAMAGE ALGORITHMS =====================

- - - -=- -=- DAMAGE CALCULATION ALGORITHMS -=- -=- - - -
the results of nearly all attacks which produce damage are derived from a
few numbers, the base, the 'damage multiplier' ('d.m.'), xA, and the defense of
the target (MD or DEF)

exceptions: the DART ability which is available to your ninja, and special
	attacks which do damage based on the MHP of the target

Physical Attacks:
the base is the attacking character's ATT.  if using the dragoon's 'JUMP'
option, double the base.  double the base again if the target of the attack is
'small' or a 'toad'.  if the attacker is 'berserk', multiply the base by 3/2.
finally, if the attacker has 'curse', cut the base power in half
to get the 'd.m.' for a physical attack, start with 1.  if the weapons being
used have elements associated with them which apply to the elemental multipliers
of the target, take the biggest such one and multiply the 'd.m.' by that number
(if the biggest such one is negative, ignore it completely).  if the weapons
being used have race multipliers (such as x4 vs.dragons), take the biggest such
one and multiply the 'd.m.' again by that number.

Magical Attacks:
every spell or item has a base peculiar to it, as listed in the following parts.
to get the 'd.m.' for a magical attack, also start with 1.  if the
attack has an element associated with it which applies to the elemental
multipliers of the target, multiply the 'd.m.' again by this number
(if this number is negative, ignore it for now, but at the end of this
algorithm, change the sign of the damage to be negative).  an ally which is the
target of an elemental magic attack from another ally always takes x4 damage, so
the elemental multiplier is always 4 in this case

from this, let Z = ( base, [ base x 3/2 ] ) x 'd.m.'
*BUG: if the attack is magical and the base is derived from the RHP of the
caster, the random range of Z cannot be more than 255.  Formally speaking,
Z would be ( base, Max{ [ base x 3/2 ], base + 255 } ) x 'd.m.'.  so, if you
cast 'MIST' with an RHP of 3500, the random range of Z would be (1750,2005), and
NOT (1750,2625)

if the attack is (DMG), the target does not get a chance to stop it and we let
N = Z.  otherwise,
for a magical attack, let N = Z - (0,MD), unless the attack is made by an ally
against an ally, in which case the target does not resist and N = Z
for a physical attack, let N = Z - (0,DEF)

in the case of a magical attack, let xP = either the effective black or white
magic multiplier (as explained in the 'magic' section), or the constant
multiplier which is peculiar to an item being used.  multiply N by a number
between 0 and xP.  this function eludes me, but it is close to
xP - ((xM) x (M%)).  if the attack is made by an ally against an ally, the
target does not resist, and we multiply N by xP

if N { 1 then N = 1

in the case of a physical attack, multiply N by a number between 0 and xA.  the
exact function also eludes me, but it depends on xA, xD, %A, %D, and bonuses for
being in the front rows or not.  on average, it is ((xA) x (A%)) - ((xD) x (D%))

if N } 9999, then N = 9999, except in rare circumstances which are explained

finally, if the attack is a draining type attack (such as casting PSYCH or
swinging the DRAIN sword), and the target is undead, make the sign of N
negative (DON'T DRAIN UNDEAD!!).

the effective damage done by the attack to the target is N.  if N is negative,
then most likely the attack will heal the target

sometimes during a physical attack the screen will flash, indicating a critical
hit.  I don't know what effect this has in the algorithm

- - - -=- -=- STATISTICAL ALGORITHMS -=- -=- - - -
here are the ways in which derived stats are obtained from LV and the basic
stats; consider the value of the basic stats to be what they are after being
modified by equipment (as is shown to you on the statistical info subscreen):

let the level bonus be known as 'LB' = [ LV/4 ], except for the karate man, for
which 'LB' = (LV + 1) x 2.  let the strength bonus be known as 'SB' = [ STR/4 ].
let the vitality bonus be known as 'VB' = [ VIT/2 ].

ATT = LB + SB + (weapon power).  if the character is ambidextrous and is
equipping a different weapon in either hand, ATT = LB + SB + (left weapon power)
+ LB + SB + (right weapon power).  if the character is equipping a bow & arrows
and the arrows are in that character's good hand, ATT = (arrow power) + (bow
power) + SB; if the arrows are in the weak hand multiply this ATT value by 4/5
(this penalty does not apply to ambidextrous characters).  if the character is
equpping a two-handed weapon, it does not matter what hand the weapon is in, or
whether the character is ambidextrous or not: ATT = LB + SB + (weapon power)

xA = [ STR/8 ] + [ AGI/16 ] + 1

A% = 50% + [ LV/4 ] + (weapon bonus to A%.  if the character is ambidextrous and
is equipping two weapons, the bonus to A% is the average of the two bonuses)

DEF = VB + (sum of all DEF armor ratings)

xD = [ AGI/8 ] + ( [ LV/16 ] if a shield is equipped)

D% = 30% + (sum of all D% armor bonuses)

MD = (sum of all MD armor ratings)

xM = [ (WIS + WILL)/32 ] + [ AGI/32 ]

M% = [ (WIS + WILL)/8 ] + (sum of all M% armor bonuses)

======================= 2: ACTIONS AND CHARACTER CLASSES =======================

character classes are the main way in which the characters in your party have
differing abilities.  classes determine what weapons and armor can be equipped,
what spells the character can cast and learn, how the character gains in
statistics at every level up, and what other miscellaneous special actions that
the character can use

- - - -=- -=- AVAILABLE ACTIONS -=- -=- - - - 

all classes may use ATTACK, PARRY, (run away), ITEM, or CHANGE as an action in
battle.  in addition to this, certain classes have the following special actions
available to them:

WH.WIZ (W):		WHITE		AIM(rosa only)	TWIN(palom only)

ATTACK - launch a basic physical attack at any available target
PARRY - do nothing; during this time and until this character gets another
  prompt to take an action, defense in increased in some way i'm not sure of
CHANGE - all allies in the back row move to the front row and vice versa
ITEM - use an item in the party's inventory, change equipment in the left and/or
  right hand of the character taking this action, move items around, and/or use
  an equipped weapon as an item
(run away) - this option is not listed, but it can be used at any time by
  holding down the left & right buttons.  this will only be successful if at
  least one ally is available to take an action(or is already taking an action),
  you are not in a subcreen of the main action window, and the game is not
  paused.  you can also quit trying to run away at any time by releasing the
  left & right buttons, at which time you may give the ally who is ready a
  different action.  if (run away) is successful, the battle will be aborted and
  you may lose an amount of gold exactly equal to 1/4 what you would have won if
  you had stayed and fought
WHITE - shows a listing of all white spells that the character knows
BLACK - shows a listing of all black spells that the character knows
NINJA - shows a listing of all ninja spells ...
CALL - shows a listing of all call spells ...
COVER - attempt to intercept most physical attacks aimed at a chosen ally by an
  enemy and become the target of the attack instead.  the paladin will
  automatically COVER any fatigued ally (one with HP ={ [ MHP/4 ])
OFF - cancels the previous COVER directive
JUMP - leap high into the air to launch a physical attack against a single enemy
  target with double the normal base ATT value.  a JUMP takes a full turn to
  execute, and while in the air the dragoon may not be the target of any kind
  attack.  all attacks which are directed to target the dragoon before a JUMP,
  but are not executed until the dragoon is already in the air will be
  ineffective or will target a different ally
PEEP - this has the same effect as the white spell of PEEP, but it's free
AIM - a bow & arrow must be equipped to be able to use this action.  AIM makes a
  physical attack as is normally done at single target, except that A% becomes
  99%.  AIM has no extra side costs that I can see, so it seems to be superior
  to the ATTACK option in every way
DART - sacrifice a weapon in the party's inventory to cause exactly
  LV(of ninja) x (power of weapon) + (1,100) points of (DMG) to a single target.
  the special abilities and elemental attributes of the weapon that you use as a
  dart are irrelevant.  you could target an ally with this action, but the
  attack would be ineffective, and you would still lose the weapon forever
SNEAK - attempt to steal an item from a target.  if the target is slow, has
  'stop','paralyze', or 'sleep', or your ninja is fast, the chances of this
  attack being successful are increased.  the type of item stolen will always be
  the same for a given type of monster, and is listed further on.  a successful
  SNEAK from a given monster does not in any way decrease the chances of being
  able to SNEAK from that same monster again.  you can potentially SNEAK an
  infinite number of items from a given monster.  SNEAK may be targetted against
  an ally or an enemy boss, but it is never effective in these instances.  the
  SNEAK attack is neither magical nor physical
TWIN - either palom or porom may initate this action if both characters are in
  your party and have the capability to cast at least a 10 point magic spell
  (i.e. neither has 'mute','swoon','stone','pig', etc...).  once chosen, the
  other ally will terminate whatever action that has been started, and they will
  both begin casting either FLARE or COMET.  if either ally is incapacitated
  in the process of casting, TWIN will be aborted.  the effects of TWIN when
  cast successfully are listed in the magic section
HIDE - if HIDE is used, the ally may not be the target of any attack, and any 
  attack that was targetted at the hidden ally before HIDE was executed will
  fail or be redirected to another ally, as is the case with JUMP.  the only
  action available to a hidden ally is SHOW
SHOW - cancels the previous hide directive
KICK - launches a physical attack against all enemy targets.  i'm not sure
  exactly how this works
SING - ?

================================= 3: CONDITIONS ================================

there are 19 different ways to alter a character so that the change appears
as a change in status (that I know of):


a character may have several of these conditions simultaneously, but the status
window will only show the one that is lowest (most severe) on the list.  the
other reason I have given the 19 conditions in a specific order is that for the
most part, one condition cannot be set if the target already has a condition
that is more severe (lower on the list).  ex- if the target is 'mute', and you
try to cast BERSK on it, the spell will be ineffective because you can't set the
'berserk' condition once 'mute' has already been set.  you can however remove
conditions which are less severe than ones the target already has.  ex- if the
target is a 'toad' and a 'pig' at the same time (this is possible if you first
cast PIGGY on it, and then TOAD), you can still use PIGGY to remove the 'pig'
condition.  there are a few exceptions to this severity rule:
  - stop, wall, count and poison may be set over anything but stone or swoon
  - any condition may be set over float
  - any permanent condition may be set over any other permanent condition if
    the action is done outside of battle 

in the explanation of these conditions, 'nP' means non-permanent.  it may not
  exist or persist outside of battle. 'Pm' means permanent.  this condition will
  stay with the target until it is actively removed, and may even persist if the
  target swoons and is revived later

WALL:nP: a 'wall' lasts for about 1-2 turns and will reflect many kinds of
  magical attacks so that the spell ends up targetting an enemy of the original
  target instead.  a wall will not reflect an attack which already been
  reflected once.  most attacks which only target multiple targets may not be
  reflected.  Reflectable: all black & white spells except PEEP,QUAKE,METEO,
  the special monster attacks of MEGANUKE,EMISSION,COUNT(fataleye),DISRUPT, the
  ninja magic of PIN, all weapons used as items except DANCING(knife).
  Not Reflectable: all call spells, all other ninja spells, all other black &
  white spells, the special monster attacks of ENTANGLE,(2xattack),
  BLIZZARD(blue d.),CURSE(d.fossil),PETRIFY(blackliz), NEEDLE(swordrat), and all
  other item use.
  any other special monster attacks which I have not listed as either
  Reflectable or not I am not sure about.
  a 'wall' is only visible when it is cast or triggered and appears as a round
  crystal shield in front of the target.

D:nP: 'D' is probably a bug resulting in a mismatched character string for this
  condition.  if a target has 'D', it is 1/3 of the way to becoming 'stone', and
  will gradually move on to the 'petrify' condition by waiting long enough.  'D'
  has no ill side effects and is visible by the target being gray below the

PETRIFY:nP: 'petrify' means that the target is 2/3 of the way to becoming
  'stone', and will gradually move on to the 'stone' condition by waiting long
  enough.  'petrify' has no ill side effects and is visible by the target being
  either totally grey or grey below the shoulders

COUNT:nP: a 'count' begins at 10 and is decremented at every phase, unless the
  target also has 'stop'.  if it is decremented while at zero, the target will
  'swoon'.  'count' is visible as a green two-digit number which sits over the
  target's head and is updated as count as decremented

STOP:nP: 'stop' means that the target may take no actions and is also more
  vulnerable to magical and physical attacks, as well as the ninja ability of
  SNEAK.  the target may spontaneously break out of this condition without
  outside help.  'stop' is only visible when it is cast, and appears as a green
  clock with the minute hands going through four freeze-frames

BERSERK:nP: a 'berserk' target may not be controlled.  the target takes twice as
  many actions as is normal and uses them all for basic physical attacks.  as
  mentioned before, the base power of these physical attacks is multipled by
  3/2.  'berserk' is only visible when it is cast, and appears as a cosmic ray
  which envelops the target from above

CHARM:nP: a target with 'charm' is confused and cannot be controlled.  the
  target will begin to take random actions at a rate twice as often as is
  normal to benefit its enemies and harm its allies.  if the target takes damage
  from a physical attack, 'charm' is removed.  if 'charm' is set, the target
  is freed from the conditions of stop, and berserk.  'charm' is visible as a
  rotating green aura overhead of the target

SLEEP:nP: 'sleep' means that the target may take no actions.  the target may
  spontaneously break out of this condition without outside help.  'sleep' is
  visible as a blue tear dripping out of the eye of the target

PARALYZE:nP: a target with 'paralyze' may take no actions.  the target may
  spontaneously break out of this condition without outside help, unless this
  condition has been automatically imposed by being in cave Magnes with metal
  items equipped before defeating the Dark Elf.  if all characters have
  'paralyze' for this reason, your party will automatically perish immediately
  upon entering battle.  'paralyze' is visible as colorful electricity buzzing
  to either side of the target

FLOAT:quasi-Pm: 'float' disappears if you return to the outside from a battle,
  dungeon, or town, or enter/exit any map.  'float' means that the target is
  immune to QUAKE and TITAN, and does not take damage from floor squares outside
  of battle.  'float' does not grant immunity to stairways or pitfalls.  some
  enemies such as 'eagle' float naturally.  'float' is visible because the
  target will bob up and down in mid-air above an oval shadow

CURSE:Pm: a target with a 'curse' has its base power for physical attacks
  halved, as mentioned before.  'curse' is visible as a black cloud floating 

POISON:Pm: a target with 'poison' will lose 1 HP for every step taken outside of
  battle, and inside of battle the target will lose [ MHP/8 ] HP once every
  ( 5+[ VIT/2 ] ) phases.  a target with 'poison' has a purple face

DARKNESS:Pm: 'darkness' means that the target's A% is halved.  a character with
  'darkness' wears shades

MUTE:Pm: 'mute' prevents the target from casting spells.  the target may still
  use items or special monster attacks.  if a target is 'mute', yellow dialogue
  will blink overhead

PIG:Pm: 'pig' prevents the target from casting anything but PIGGY, and prevents
  using the special ability of AIM.  a 'pig' will look like a pig

SMALL:Pm: 'small' reduces the target's ATT to 0.  DEF, Dx, and D% all go
  to 0, and as mentioned before, the bases of all physical attacks against
  'small' targets are doubled.  'small' targets may not use the special
  abilities of DART,COVER,JUMP, or AIM.  a 'small' target will look like a tiny

TOAD:Pm: 'toad' reduces the target's attack and defenses in the same manner as
  'small'.  in addition, a 'toad' may not cast anything but TOAD, and may not
  use any special abilities peculiar to certain classes.  a 'toad' will look
  like a toad

STONE:Pm: a character with 'stone' may take no actions and may not be target of
  any action besides the HEAL item or spell.  a 'stone' enemy is automatically
  eliminated.  setting the 'stone' condition removes the conditions of count
  and berserk.  if all allies in your party become either 'stone', 'swoon' or
  have automatic 'paralyze' as mentioned before, your entire party perishes
  immediately.  a 'stone' target is completely grey and hunched over, immobile

SWOON:Pm: a character with 'swoon' may take no actions and may not be the target
  of any action besides LIFE1, LIFE2, the LIFE item, or ASURA.  setting the
  'swoon' condition means that HP = 0, and that the conditions of wall, charm,
  count, stop, berserk, paralyze, sleep, and poison are removed.  to 'swoon' is
  to be on the edge of death, face down to the ground

=================================== 4: MAGIC ===================================

the effectiveness of black magic is dependent on the WIS stat of the caster.
some spells have a base damage, which is then multiplied by the black magic
multiplier, B, which is determined as B = [ WIS / 4 ] + 1.

likewise for white magic, the power of the spell is dependent only on WILL.
there is a similar white magic multiplier, W = [ WILL / 4 ] + 1.

some spells can only be cast on a single character (S), some can only be cast on
all allies or all enemies (A), and others you can choose between one target and
multiple ones (S/A).

if you choose to split a (S/A) spell to multiple targets, the total effect will
be divided up equally among the targets by supposing that you had cast the same
spell to each of the targets individually.  if the spell has a multiplier
associated with it, each target recieves the spell with a multipler of the
original divided by the number of targets.  ex.- you cast FIRE3 on 5 targets,
and your caster has WIS = 30.  so B = [ 30/4 ]+1 = 8.  each of the 5 targets
will recieve a FIRE3 spell with a B multiplier of 8/5

certain spells have elemental attributes and/or base numbers associated with
them.  this is indicated in the 'Attribute/Effect' column.  ex- F:24 x B means
that the spell will attack the targets it is aimed at with the element of fire,
a base of 24, and in this case the black magic multiplier will apply to the
damage that is done

an 'nC' abbreviation in the effects column means that the preceding result only
applies outside of combat. a 'Cb' abbreviation means that the preceding result
only applies inside of combat situations.  if the explanation omits to provide a
result for one of the two situations, then this means that the spell is not
available to cast in that situation

other miscellany: the column 'who learns it/when' gives only approximate
levels at which the spell is learned. Z-13 means that a Bl.Wiz would learn the
spell at around level 13. S-(MO) means that the sage learns the spell at mount
ordeals.  C-(SM) means that the caller learns this in the land of summoned
monsters.  # means that the spell is known by the character at the time that
they join your party.  any black or call spell that the young Caller learns is
retained until you meet her in her matured state, but all of the white spell
that the young Caller learns are lost

DONT DRAIN UNDEAD!  PSYCH and DRAIN are draining type spells; if you cast them
on undead, you will give away lots of MP or HP to your enemies!

- - - -=- -=- BLACK MAGIC -=- -=- - - -
Spell/Cost	to:	Attribute/Effect	    Who learns it/when

FIRE1 - 5	S/A	F:16 x B	-Cb	    @-near Fabul,Z-#,S-#,L-#
FIRE2 - 15	S/A	F:64 x B	-Cb	    C-#,Z-12,S-(MO),L-#
FIRE3 - 30	S/A	F:256 x B	-Cb	    C-40,Z-?,S-(MO),L-#
ICE 1 - 5	S/A	I:16 x B	-Cb	    @-2,Z-#,S-#,L-#
ICE 2 - 15	S/A	I:64 x B	-Cb	    C-#,Z-11,S-(MO),L-#
ICE 3 - 30	S/A	I:256 x B	-Cb	    C-38,Z-?,S-(MO),L-#
LIT 1 - 5	S/A	L:16 x B	-Cb	    @-5,Z-#,S-#,L-#
LIT 2 - 15	S/A	L:64 x B	-Cb	    C-#,Z-13,S-(MO),L-#
LIT 3 - 30	S/A	L:256 x B	-Cb	    C-42,Z-?,S-(MO),L-#
SLEEP - 12	S/A	make target 'sleep'  -Cb    @-9,Z-#,S-(MO),L-#
VENOM - 2	S/A	0 x B ;'poison' the
			  target	-Cb	    @-10,Z-#,S-(MO),L-#
WARP - 4	A	jump back one floor from
			  inside a dungeon.  -Cb;
			  no effect     -nC	    @-12,Z-?,S-(MO),L-#
TOAD - 7	S/A	switch the 'toad' condition on/off for
			  each target   -nC/Cb	    @-13,Z-22,S-(MO),L-#
PIGGY - 1	S/A	switch the 'pig' condition on/off for
			  each target	-nC/Cb	    C-#,Z-11,S-(MO),L-#
STOP - 15	S	'stop' the target    -Cb    C-#,Z-14,S-#,L-#
PSYCH - 0	S	16 x B ; damage is removed from the
			  target's MP and then added to
			  your own MP	-Cb	    C-31,Z-?,S-#,L-#
STONE - 15	S/A	'stone' the target   -Cb    C-46,Z-?,S-(MO),L-#
DRAIN - 18	S	20 x B ; damage done to the
			  target is added to your
			  own HP	-Cb	    C-35,Z-?,S-(MO),L-#
VIRUS - 20	S/A	128 x B ; target will then
			  have an HP leak    -Cb    C-26,Z-19,S-(MO),L-#
QUAKE - 30	A	200 x B to each target -Cb  C-44,Z-23,L-#
WEAK - 25	S	reduce target to (1,9) HP,
			  unless this would cause the
			  target to gain HP  -Cb    C-48,Z-?,S-(MO),L-#
FATAL - 35	S	'swoon' the target   -Cb    C-49,Z-?,L-#
NUKE - 50	S	400 x B		     -Cb    C-50,Z-?,L-#
METEO - 99	A	800 x B to each target -Cb  C-60,Z-?,L-#

- - - -=- -=- WHITE MAGIC -=- -=- - - -
Spell/Cost	to:	Attribute/Effect	    Who learns it / when

CURE1 - 3	S/A	heal 16 x W	-Cb,
			  see below	-nC	    W-#,@-3,P-#,S-(MO),L-#
CURE2 - 9	S/A	heal 48 x W	-Cb,
			  see below	-nC	    W-14,P-14,S-#,L-#
CURE3 - 18	S/A	heal 144 x W	-Cb,
			  see below	-nC	    W-27,S-(MO),L-#
CURE4 - 40	S/A	heal 288 x W if the spell is
			  split among multiple targets,
			  otherwise heal to MHP (this
			  gain may exceed 9999) -Cb,
			  see below	-nC	    W-38,S-(MO),L-#
SIGHT - 2		view your surroundings
			  if you're outside -nC,
			  no effect	-Cb	    W-#,@-4,P-3,S-(MO),L-#
PEEP - 1	S	view target's HP/MHP and
			  elemental weaknesses,
			  does not work against
			  enemy bosses	       -Cb  W-#,P-8,S-(MO),L-#
HOLD - 5	S	'paralyze' the target  -Cb  W-#,@-7,S-(MO),L-#
SLOW - 14	S/A	slow down target       -Cb  W-#,S-(MO),L-#
MUTE - 6	S/A	'mute' the target      -Cb  W-15,S-(MO),L-#
BERSK - 18	S	'berserk' the target   -Cb  W-18,S-(MO),L-#
EXIT - 10	A	force an escape from battle -Cb,
			  jump out of a town or other
			  area completely to the same place
			  that you left the outside
			  originally	-nC	    W-19,P-20,S-#,L-#
HEAL - 20	S	heal all conditions except
			  and 'berserk'	-nC/Cb	    W-20,P-16,S-#,L-#
BLINK - 8	S	make target hard to hit -Cb W-23,S-#,L-#
CHARM - 10	S	'charm' the target	-Cb W-25,S-#,L-#
SIZE - 6	S/A	make target 'small'	-Cb W-29,S-(MO),L-#
FAST - 25	S	speed up target		-Cb W-30,S-(MO),L-#
FLOAT - 8	S/A	make target 'float'	-Cb W-32,S-(MO),L-#
WALL - 30	S	give target a 'wall'	-Cb W-34,S-(MO),L-#
LIFE1 - 8	S	remove 'swoon' and restore the
			  target's HP to the target's
			  VIT x 5	-nC/Cb	    W-12,S-#,L-#
LIFE2 - 52	S	remove 'swoon' and heal the target
			  to its MHP (target may gain more
			  than 9999 HP)	-nC/Cb	    W-42,S-(MO),L-#
WHITE - 46	S	S:336 x W	-Cb	    W-48,L-#

unique effect - if you use a cure spell outside of battle to heal a single
  target, that target will gain exactly ([WILL/8]+2) x ([WILL/2]+Z) HP, where
  Z is the base power that the spell would have in combat.  if you choose to
  divide the spell, the total healing amount is the same, but it is
  divided equally among all allies.  the only exception is CURE4, which will
  have the same effect outside of combat as it does in combat, if it is cast on
  a single target

- - - -=- -=- CALL MAGIC -=- -=- - - -
Spell/Cost	to:	Attribute/Effect	    Who learns it / when

CHOCB - 7	S	40 x B		-Cb	    @-1
MIST - 20	A	RHP of caster to each
			  target (DMG)	-Cb	    C-#
SHIVA - 30	A	I:80 x B to each target	-Cb C-#
JINN - 30	A	F:80 x B to each target	-Cb C-#
INDRA - 30	A	L:80 x B to each target	-Cb C-#
TITAN - 40	A	160 x B to each target
			  (a weaker and more expensive
			  version of QUAKE)	-Cb C-#
ASURA-50	A	one of 3 effects, chosen randomly:
			  tan face: heal 160 x B to each target
			  brown face: heal 240 x B to each target
			  black face: cast LIFE1 to 
			    each target		-Cb C-(SM)
LEVIA - 50	A	280 x B to each target	-Cb C-(SM)
ODIN - 45	A	'swoon' each target (this either
			  works completely, or not
			  not at all)	-Cb	    C-(basement of Baron)
SYLPH - 0 (25)	S	120 x B ; damage done to target
			  is divided evenly and used to 
			  heal all allies.  *BUG: although
			  spell infromation says otherwise,
			  casting of this spell is free
			  (gotta love it)	-Cb C-(sylvan cave)
BAHAM-60	A	480 x B to each target	-Cb C-(bahamut's cave)
IMP - 1		S	(secret) i'm not sure how
			  this works, but it only 
			  does about 100 damage	-Cb C-(fight imp types)
MAGE - ?	S	(secret) 'paralyze' the target
			  and cause an HP leak	-Cb C-(fight a 'Mage')
BOMB - ?	?	(secret) RHP of caster?	-Cb C-(fight 'Balloon' or
						'Grenade' on the moon's surface)
ROC - ?		S	(dummy) (secret)	    C-(fight 'Roc Baby' or
			  'stone' the target	-Cb         'Cocktric')

- - - -=- -=- NINJA MAGIC -=- -=- - - -
Spell/Cost	to:	Attribute/Effect	    Who learns it / when

FLAME - 15	A	F:80 x B to each target	-Cb N-#
FLOOD - 20	A	I:120 x B to each target-Cb N-(before Rubicant)
BLITZ - 25	A	L:160 x B to each target-Cb N-(before Rubicant)
PIN - 5		S	'paralyze' the target	-Cb N-27
SMOKE - 10	A	force an escape from
			  battle		-Cb N-35
IMAGE - 6	self	makes caster hard to hit-Cb N-40

- - - -=- -=- OTHER MAGICS -=- -=- - - -
Spell/Cost	to:	Attribute/Effect	    Who learns it / when

TWIN - one of two things happens randomly:    -Cb   Porom,Palom-#
    FLARE - 10	A	120 x B* divided evenly among all targets
    COMET - 20	A	80 x B* to each target
			(B* = black magic multiplier of one of two twins,
			 	 chosen randomly.)

=================================== 5: ITEMS ===================================

item cost represents how much you have to spend to buy the item.  in most
cases, the resale value of an item is half of its original cost

a '!' in the cost column means that the item can't be traded, dropped
or sold. 

- - - -=- -=- WEAPONS -=- -=- - - -

some weapons are two handed, and you can equip them in either hand without
penalty, but you can't use a shield at the same time.  these are indicated with
a prefix of '2.' before the name

some weapons can be used as items to cast spells.  for instance, using the white
spear as a item casts white at x2, meaning that the white magic multiplier is
effectively 2, no matter what the WILL stat of the character using it is

as advised before, draining undead creatures will work in reverse.  so
for the love of god, don't attack them with the drain spear or drain sword.

Sword/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

SHADOW - 700	K	D:10		30		
DARKNESS - 1200	K	D:20		35
BLACK - 2k	K	D:30		40	hit to swoon,
						  STR,AGI,VIT,WIS +5, WILL -5
LEGEND - !	P	S:40		50	WILL +3
ANCIENT - 19k	PD	35		27
SILVER - 6k	PD	50		30	x4 vs. spirits
FIRE - 14k	PD	F:65		30
ICEBRAND - 26k	PD	I:65		30
SLUMBER - 26k	PD	55		27	hit to sleep
DRAIN - 13k	PD	45		0	all damage done to target is
						  added to the HP of the
						  attacker,  ALL basic stats -5
2.AVENGER - 10	P	S:80		50	if equipped you will be berserk
						  automatically in battle.
						  STR,AGI,VIT +10,WIS,WILL -10
LIGHT - 42k	P	S:99		50	STR, WILL +3
DEFENSE - 57k	PD	105		40	VIT +15
EXCALIBUR - 80k	P	S:160		50	STR +10
CRYSTAL - 10k	P	S:200		50	STR,VIT,WILL +15
MEDUSA - ?	?	?		?	(secret - fight a 'BlackLiz')

Spear/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

SPEAR - 60	D	A:9		50
WIND - 7k	D	A:55		30
FLAME - 11k	D	A,F:66		30	use to cast FIRE2 (x4)
BLIZZARD - 21k	D	A,I:77	30		use to cast ICE 2 (x4)
DRAIN - 130	D	A:88		-28	all damage done to target is
						  added to the HP of the
						  attacker,  ALL basic stats -10
GUNGNIR - 100k	D	A:92		30	VIT +15
DRAGOON - ?	D	A:99		?	(secret - fight a 'Red Dragon')
WHITE - 74k	D	A,S:109		40	use to cast WHITE (x2)

Blade/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

SHORT - 4k	N	25		40
MIDDLE - 7k	N	32		40
LONG - 11k	N	40		40
NINJA - 18k	N	48		40	STR +5
MASAMUNE-23k	N	65		50	AGI +3, use to cast FAST

Axe/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

HANDAXE - ?	?	35		?	?
DWARF - 15k	PD	62		19	STR,VIT +5, AGI,WIS,WILL -5
OGRE - 45k	PD	80		45	x4 vs. giants, and 'screamer'
2.POISON - 94k	PD	95		10	x4 vs. giants, hit to poison
RUNEAXE - ?	?	100		?	(secret - fight a pair of 
						  'macgiant' or 'redgiant')	

Claw/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

FIRECLAW - 350	TN	F:0		30
ICECLAW - 450	TN	I:0		30
THUNDER - 550	TN	L:0		30
CHARM - 600	TN	0		0	AGI +3, hit to charm
						  x4 vs. giants
POISON - 650	TN	0		40	STR +3, hit to poison
CATCLAW - 700	TN	0		55	STR,AGI +5, hit to sleep, 
				      multiplies the damage multiplier from the
					weapon in your other hand by itself

Whip/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

WHIP - 3k	C	20		0	hit to paralyze
CHAIN - 6k	C	30		5	hit to paralyze
BLITZ - 10k	C	L:40		10	hit to paralyze
FLAME - 16k	C	F:50		15	hit to paralyze, WIS,WILL -5
						  STR,AGI,VIT +5
DRAGON - ?	C	?		?	hit to paralyze, ?
						  (secret - fight 'Blue D.')

Wrench/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

2.WOODEN - 80	E	45		25
2.SILVER - 8k	E	55		25	x4 vs. spirits
2.EARTH - 12k	E	F:65		25	STR +5, use to cast QUAKE (x1)

Bow/Cost	Who		Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

GREATBOW - 2k	@CPZWELB	15		-10	STR +3
ARCHER - 3k	@CPZWELB	20		0	STR +5
ELVENBOW - 5k	@CPZWELB	25		25	WIS +5, 
							  x4 vs. magic users
SAMURAI - 11k	@CPZWELB	30		10	STR +10
ARTEMIS - ?	?		?		?	(secret - fight 'Kary')

Arrow/Cost	Who			Attrib/pwr	Special stuff

IRON - 10	@CPZWELB		A: 5
WHITE - 20	@CPZWELB		A,S:10	
FIRE - 30	@CPZWELB		A,F:15
ICE - 30	@CPZWELB		A,I:15
LIT - 30	@CPZWELB		A,L:15
DARKNESS - 40	@CPZWELB		A:20		hit to cause darkness
POISON - 70	@CPZWELB		A:30		hit to poison
MEDUSA - 10	@CPZWELB		A:1		hit to stone, (sneak
						   from 'BlackLiz' or 'Medusa')
MUTE - 100	@CPZWELB		A:35		hit to mute, 
							  x4 vs. magic users
CHARM - 110	@CPZWELB		A:40		hit to charm, 
							  x4 vs. giants
ARTEMIS - 200	@CPZWELB		A:75		x4 vs. dragons, 
							  (sneak from 'Kary')

Knife/Cost	Who		Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

SILVER - 3k	PDCN		20		45	x4 vs. spirits
DANCING - 5k	PDCN		28		44	use for a base 40 (x8)
						       attack to a single target
MUTE - 13k	PDCN		35		25	WIS +5, hit to mute,
							  x4 vs. magic users

Boomerang/Cost	Who		Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

BOOMERANG-3k	N		A:20		30
FULLMOON - 9k	N		A:40		45

Harp/Cost	Who		Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

DREAMER - 480	B		8		35	hit to sleep
CHARM - 1200	B		18		40	hit to charm

Rod/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

ROD - 100	@CSZL	3		-10	use for a base 28 attack to a
						  single target
ICEROD - 220	@CSZL	I:5		0	use to cast ICE 1 (x2)
FLAMEROD - 380	@CSZL	F:7		-5	WIS +3, use to cast FIRE1 (x2)
THUNDER - 700	@CSZL	L:20		0	WIS +3, use to cast LIT 1 (x2)
CHANGE - 1250	@CSZL	15		0	WIS +5, use to cast PIGGY
CHARM - 5k	@CSZL	30		5	WIS +10, hit to charm,
						  use to cast charm
STARDUST - 11k	@CSZL	45		10	WIS +15, use to cast COMET (x7)
LILLITH - ?	?	?		?	(secret - fight 'Lillith'), use
						  to cast PSYCH (x8)

Staff/Cost	Who	Attrib/pwr	A%	Special stuff

STAFF - 160	@PSWL	4		-5	use to remove poison from a
						  single target
CURE - 480	@PSWL	8		0	use to heal HP w/a base 12 (x2)
						  attack to all allies
SILVER - 4k	@PSWL	12		5	WILL +3, x4 vs. undead
POWER - 2k	@PSWL	30		50	STR +10
LUNAR - 7k	@PSWL	36		10	WILL +10
LIFE - 22k	@PSWL	48		15	WILL +15, use to cast LIFE1
SILENCE - 15k	@PSWL	52		10	WILL +10, use to cast MUTE,
						  (secret - fight a 'conjuror')
						  x4 vs. magic users

Dart/Cost		Power		Dart/Cost		Power

SILVER(knife)		20		SHORT(blade)		25
DANCING(knife)		28		MUTE(knife)		35
ANCIENT(sword)		35		SHURIKEN - 20k		40
DRAIN(sword)		45		NINJA(blade)		48
MURASAME(blade)		55		SLUMBER(sword)		55
MASAMUNE(blade)		65		AVENGER(sword)		80
NINJA - 50k		80		DRAIN(spear)		88
GUNGNIR(spear)		92		LIGHT(sword)		99
DEFENSE(sword)		105		WHITE(spear)		109
EXCALIBUR(sword)	160		SPOON - 10k		255

- - - -=- -=- ARMOR -=- -=- - - -

some armors have the ability to defend certain elements very well.  for example,
the ice armor defends fire, as indicated in the attributes column with an F
before the defensive value

some armors will stop certain conditions, as might be indicated in the 'special
stuff' column.  this means that inside of battle, the character is immune to
status changes in this condition

Robe/Cost	Who	Def	%D	MD	M%	Special stuff

CLOTH - 50	all-K	1	0	0	0
PRISONER - 70	all		1	0	1	0
BARD - 70	all-K	2	0	1	0	stops mute
LEATHER - 200	all-K	2	0	1	1
GAEA - 500	PCWZSL	3	0	3	3
KARATE - 4k	all	5	10	2	1	STR +3
WIZARD - 1200	PCWZSL	5	0	5	5	WILL +5
BL.BELT - 14k	PDCWNL	10	20	3	2	STR,VIT +5
BLACK - 10k	CL	8	0	7	7	WILL +5
POWER - 4k	PDCWN	5	0	0	0	STR +15
SORCEROR - 30k	PCWZSL	L:12	0	9	9	WIS,WILL +5
NINJA - 64k	N	24	16	50	8	AGI +3
WHITE - 10	PW	D:18	0	10	4	WILL +15
HEROINE - 40k	WC	20	30	5	5	stops paralyze,
							  WIS,WILL -15,
							  STR,AGI, VIT +15

Ring/Cost	Who	Def	%D	MD	M%	Special stuff

IRONRING - 100	@CSWZTNB  2	0	2	1
RUBYRING - 1k	all-K	0	0	3	2	stops pig
SILVER - 650	NWZCTS	4	0	4	4
RUNE - 2k	CTNWL	5	0	8	8	WIS,WILL +3, stops mute
STRENGTH - 760	PCTND	2	0	2	2	STR +5
DIAMOND - 4k	LWCN	L:6	0	8	6
CURSED - ?	?	?	?	?	?	(secret - fight a
CRYSTAL - ?	?	?	?	?	?	(secret - fight a 							  'Behemoth')
PROTECT - 6k	PDNWC	all:10	5	12	10	VIT +15

Helmet/Cost	Who	Def	%D	MD	M%	Special stuff

CAP - 100	all-K	1	-5	1	1
LEATHER - 330	all-K	2	-4	3	3
IRON - 150	PDE	3	-10	0	0
SHADOW - 360	K	4	-10	0	0
DARKNESS - 640	K	5	-10	1	0
BLACK - 980	K	6	-10	1	1
GAEA - 700	CWZSP	3	-3	5	5	WIS,WILL +3
PALADIN - 4k	P	7	-10	2	1	WILL +3
HEADBAND - 450	all	1	0	1	1	STR +5, stops charm
SILVER - 3k	PED	8	-10	2	2
BANDANNA - ?	all	3	2	1	1	STR,VIT +5
WIZARD - 2k	PCWL	5	-2	7	7	WILL +5
DIAMOND - 10k	PD	L:9	10	2	2
SAMURAI - 10	PDN	10	-10	6	3
TIARA - 20k	WC	L:7	0	10	9	WIS +10
NINJA - 2k	all	5	4	1	1	STR,AGI,VIT +3,
							  stops sleep
RIBBON - 10	all	9	2	12	12	stops all condition
					   changing attacks besides sleep, hold,
					  charm, berserk, wall, poison, and stop
DRAGOON - 10	PD	all:11	-10	7	4
CRYSTAL - 10	P	all:12	-10	8	5
GLASS - ?	?	?	?	?	?	(secret - fight a pair
							  of 'Evilmask')

Shield/Cost	Who	Def	%D	MD	M%	Special stuff

IRON - 100	PDE	1	20	0	0
SHADOW - 200	K	1	22	0	0
BLACK - 400	K	2	24	0	1
PALADIN - 700	P	2	24	1	1	WILL +3
SILVER - 1k	PDE	3	26	2	2
FIRE - 1250	PDE	I:3	28	2	2
ICE - 10k	PD	F:3	30	2	2
DIAMOND - 15k	PD	L:4	32	2	3
AEGIS - 20k	PD	4	34	5	4	WIS +3, stops stone
SAMURAI - 10	PD	5	36	3	4
DRAGOON - 10	PD	all:6	38	3	5
CRYSTAL - 10	P	7	40	4	6	WILL +3

Gauntlet/Cost	Who	Def	%D	MD	M%	Special stuff

IRON - 130	PDEN	2	-10	0	0
SHADOW - 260	K	2	-10	0	0
DARKNESS - 520	K	3	-10	0	0
BLACK - 800	K	4	-10	0	0
PALADIN - 3k	P	5	-10	1	1	WILL +3
SILVER - 2k	PDEN	6	-10	2	2
DIAMOND - 5k	PD	L:7	-10	3	3
SAMURAI - 10	PDN	8	-10	5	3
DRAGOON - 10	PD	all:9	-10	6	3
CRYSTAL - 10	PD	10	-10	7	4	WILL +3
ZEUS - ?	?	?	?	?	?	(secret - fight a
							 skeleton type monster)

Armor/Cost	Who	Def	%D	MD	M%	Special stuff

IRON - 600	PDE	4	-10	1	0
SHADOW - 1100	K	5	-10	1	0
DARKNESS - 2k	K	7	-10	2	0
BLACK - 3k	K	9	-10	3	0
PALADIN - 8k	P	11	-10	3	1	WILL +3
SILVER - 17k	PDE	13	-10	4	2
FIRE - 30k	PD	I:15	-10	4	2
ICE - 35k	PD	F:17	-10	4	2
DIAMOND - 40k	PD	L:19	-10	4	2
SAMURAI - 10	PDN	21	-10	4	2
DRAGOON - 10	PD	all:23	-10	8	5
CRYSTAL - 10	P	25	-10	10	6	WILL +3, stops all of
						    the same condition changing
						      attacks that RIBBON does
ADAMANT - 10	all    all:100	99	20	8	all basic stats +15,
						 stops all of the same condition
					       changing attacks that RIBBON does

- - - -=- -=- WHERE TO BUY EQUIPMENT -=- -=- - - -
	ROD(rod)				FIRECLAW(claw)
	STAFF(staff)				ICECLAW(claw)
	SHORTBOW(bow)				THUNDER(claw)
	IRON(arrow)				BLACK(gauntlet)
	CAP(helmet)				BLACK(helmet)
	CLOTH(robe)				BLACK(armor)
	FIRECLAW(claw)				CURE(staff)
	ICECLAW(claw)				CROSSBOW(bow)
	THUNDER(claw)				WHITE(arrow)
	CURE(staff)				GAEA(helmet)
	THUNDER(rod)				PALADIN(gauntlet)
	HEADBAND(helmet)			PALADIN(shield)
	KARATE(robe)				PALADIN(armor)
	SILVER(ring)				PALADIN(helmet)
MIST:						SILVER(ring)
	WHIP(whip)			TOROIA:
	DANCING(knife)				CAP(helmet)
AGART:						CLOTH(robe)
	IRON(shield)				LEATHER(robe)
	IRON(helmet)				RUBYRING(ring)
	IRON(armor)				WOODEN(hammer)
	IRON(gauntlet)				GREATBOW(bow)
	IRONRING(ring)				FIRE(arrow)
	ROD(rod)				ICE(arrow)
	STAFF(staff)				LIT(arrow)
	SHORTBOW(bow)				SILVER(shield)
	CROSSBOW(bow)				SILVER(helmet)
	IRON(arrow)				SILVER(armor)
	WHITE(arrow)				SILVER(gauntlet)
	FIRE(shield)				SILVER(hammer)
	FIRE(armor)				SILVER(sword)
	WIZARD(robe)			EBLAN:
	RUNE(ring)				ICE(shield)
	DWARF(axe)				ICE(armor)
	GREATBOW(bow)				BLACK(robe)
	DARKNESS(arrow)				POWER(staff)
	FIRE(sword)				ICEBRAND(sword)
	FLAME(spear)				SHORT(blade)
TOMRA:						BOOMERANG(boomerang)
	DIAMOND(shield)				ARCHER(bow)
	DIAMOND(armor)				POISON(arrow)
	DIAMOND(helmet)				WHIP(whip)
	TIARA(helmet)				CHAIN(whip)
	MIDDLE(blade)				BLITZ(whip)
	CHAIN(whip)				LONG(blade)
	OGRE(axe)				CHARM(rod)
	ARCHER(bow)				LUNAR(staff)
	MUTE(arrow)				CHARM(arrow)
KOKKOL's:					SORCEROR(robe)

- - - -=- -=- OTHER ITEMS -=- -=- - - -
there are some items which can be obtained only by using a game genie.  this
listing does not contain many of those items, as I do not use a game genie

the use of some items vary between combat and non-combat situations.  the
effects of the item use in the two domains will be distinguished with the same
terminology as was used in the magic section

Item/Cost	Use
CABIN - 1k	restore all allies to MHP & MMP
		  (can only be used at a save location or outside) -nC
TENT - 200	restore 100 MP & 1000 HP to all allies
		  (can only be used at a save location or outside) -nC
HEAL - 100	cast HEAL	-nC/Cb
LIFE - 150	cast LIFE1	-nC/Cb
ELIXIR - 100k	restore all HP & MP to a single target		-nC/Cb
ETHER2 - 50k	restore exactly 144 MP to a single target -nC, make an MP
		  healing attack with a base of 96 to a single target -Cb
ETHER1 - 10k	restore exactly 48 MP to a single target -nC, make an MP
		  healing attack with a base of 32 to a single target -Cb
CURE3 - 3k	heal exactly 1920 HP to a single target -nC, make an HP
		  healing attack with a base of 1280 to a single target -Cb
CURE2 - 150	heal exactly 480 HP to a single target - nC,  make an HP
		  healing attack with a base of 320 to a single target -Cb
CURE1 - 30	heal exactly 96 HP to a single target -nC, make an HP
		  healing attack with a base of 64 to a single target -Cb
CRYSTAL - !	have your paladin use it on Zeromus	-Cb
LIT-BOLT - 100	L:[ (RHP of user)/2 ] to all enemy targets -Cb
FIREBOMB - 100	F:[ (RHP of user)/2 ] to all enemy targets -Cb
ICEBLAST - 100	I:[ (RHP of user)/2 ] to all enemy targets -Cb
CARROT - 50	if it 'smells like chocobos', use this to summon
		  the big chocobo	-nC
WHISTLE - 20k	use to summon the big chocobo from anywhere	-nC
PASS - 10k	use to see a show in Toroia		-nC
PAN - !		recieve this from Yang's wife before taking the big whale to the
		  moon.  use to revive Yang in the sylvan cave, and also to
		  trade in for a SPOON(dart) from Yang's wife	-nC
RAT(tail) - !	trade for the ADAMANT(ore)			-nC
PINK(tail) - !	(secret) trade for the ADAMANT(armor)		-nC
TWINHARP - !	activates automatically in the lair of the Dark Elf	-Cb
DARKNESS - !	a crystal you find in the Sealed cave of many traps
EARTH - !	the crystal stolen from Toroia by the Dark Elf
LUCA KEY - !	use to open the Sealed cave		-nC
TOWER KEY - !	use to open the cannon room in the tower of Bab-il	-nC
MAGMA KEY - !	drop in a well in Agart for a big boom		-nC
SANDRUBY - !	medicine to heal Rosa; you can get this from Antlion	-nC
BARON KEY - !	unlocks the weapon shop & secret passage in Baron	-nC
PACKAGE - !	a gift of goodwill from the king to the neighbors

- - - -=- -=- WHERE TO BUY ITEMS -=- -=- - - - 
there are four types of item shops, which will be denoted A,B,C, and D.  what
these shops sell (in order) are:


each town or settlement possesses either a shop of one of these types or no item shop at all:

Baron, Kaipo, Fabul, Toroia, Agart: A
Mysidia, CoD*, Eblan, Tomra, land of SM^: B
Silvera: C
Hummingway's(on the moon): D
Mist: no shop

(^land of summoned monsters)	(*castle of the dwarves)

================================= 6: MONSTERS ==================================

monsters here are listed first by their race/picture and secondly by the order
in which you meet them in the game.  type can be important in determining
weaknesses. for instance, the ARTEMIS(arrow) is x4 vs. dragons.  'D.Fossil' is
a dragon, so if you shoot those arrows at it, it will take four times as much
damage as it would normally take, as was described in the damage algorithm

experience listed is that which you would recieve with 5 characters in your
party, if you were to fight one of those monsters all by itself.  total
experience given is the sum of the experience reward for each one of the
monsters defeated (if they run away before you kill them, they don't count).
if you have fewer than 5 characters in your party, say 3, each one get 5/3 as
many experience points (xp), so that the total experience rewarded remains

money awarded is also additive per monster, and the ones that run away don't
give you anything.  since you only keep one pool of money for your entire
party, this isn't split up

some monsters are weak vs. certain elements.  this will be indicated with an
attribute before the number of HP it has.  one letter for the attribute means
that the monster takes double damage from that element.  two letters means
quadruple damage.  a minus before the letter means that an attack with that
attack with that attribute causes reverse damage.  physical attacks ignore a
negative multiplier.  a '#' sign before the letter means that all attacks with
that element cause 0 damage.  for instance, -F,LL: 250 in the HP column means
that the monster has 250 HP, magical fire attacks will heal it, and it takes
quadruple damage from all lightning attacks

if you have a ninja, he can SNEAK items from enemies during a battle.  what item
you will get from each monster is listed in the 'Sn' column

some monsters have special attacks used in certain circumstances.  what these
attack are and when they are invoked is described in the 'Special Attacks'
column.  a tactic listed in parenthesis and lowercase is a name I have given the
attack because in reality it has no name.  (DMG) which is a fraction of the MHP
of the target and is elemental in nature is always exactly [ MHP/2 ] if the
target is weak vs. that element, and is always exactly [ MHP/10 ] if the target
resists that element.  the effects of these special attacks will be explained

- - - -=- -=- MONSTERS' SPECIAL ATTACKS -=- -=- - - -
Tactic		Effect

(2xattack)	attack twice and resolve both hits at once
ABSORB		monster recovers HP
ALERT		summons another monster
ARMOR		boosts resistance to weapon attacks
BEAK		stone one target
BEAM		(DMG) = [ MHP/10 ] to a single target
BIG BANG	1200(DMG) and HP leak to all allies
BIG WAVE	(DMG) = [ MHP/4 ] to all allies
BLAST		a weak attempt to paralyze one ally
BLK.HOLE	removes wall in all allies
BLAZE		I:(DMG) = [ MHP/4 ] to all allies
BLITZ		L:(DMG) = [ MHP/2 ] to one target
BLIZZARD	I:264 to all allies
BLUSTER		paralyze or swoon one target
BREATH		set charm, mute, small, darkness, pig, and toad in one target
CALL		summons another monster
CALL(golbez)	summons SHADOW
CHARM(mind)	charm all allies
COLDMIST	I:(DMG) to all allies
(combine)	morph into 'Calbrena'
COUNT		give 'count' to one target
  (fatal eye)
COUNT(plague)	give 'count' to all allies
COUNTER		(DMG) to one character
COUNTER(larva)	boosts magic resistance
(croak)		all Tinytoads present cast TOAD
CRUSH		guaranteed swoon to one target
CURSE		curse one target
(dance)		all allies and enemies become berserk
DIGEST		(DMG) to one target
DISRUPT		guaranteed swoon to one target
EMISSION	F:? to all allies
ENTANGLE	paralyze one target
EXPLODE		sacrifice self to cause exactly the RHP of caster as (DMG) to a
		  single target (damage done may exceed 9999)
FIRE		F:(DMG) = [ MHP/5 ] to all allies
FISSION		damage to one target
GAS		darkness or paralyze to all allies
GLANCE		turn one ally to stone
GLARE		(DMG) to all allies
GLOBE199	(DMG) = 9999 to one ally
HATCH		the monster inside the egg will become visible
HEAT RAY	F:? to all allies
HOLD GAS	guaranteed paralyze to all allies
HUG		heal target to MHP and stone it
JUMP		this is just the dragoon's JUMP option
KICK		this is just the karate man's KICK option
LASER		(DMG) = [ MHP/5 ] to one target
MAGNET		weak attempt to paralyze one target
MASER		(DMG) to all allies
MEGANUKE	damage to all allies
(morph)		monster diasappears and summons a different, undamaged monster
NEEDLE		(DMG) to a single target
PETRIFY		sets the 'D' condition.  if 'D' is already set, this sets the
		  petrify condition.  if petrify is already set, the target
		  becomes stone
POISON		(DMG) and poison to all allies
POLLEN		HP leak to all allies
POWDER		darkness to a single target
RAY		same as PETRIFY
RECOVER		cast LIFE2 on all components
REMEDY		heal 2000 HP
RETREAT		(run away)
SLAP		randomly charm, curse, mute,or cause darkness in a single target
SPIN		boosts resistance to everything, may be on or off.  if SPIN is
		  on, user will look like a tornado.  may be switched off by a
		  successful JUMP attack
STORM		WEAK to all allies
SWORD ATTACK	4000(DMG) to all allies
TORNADO		[ (caster's RHP)/20 ] (DMG) to all allies
THUNDER		L:(DMG) = [ MHP/4 ] to all allies
VAMPIRE		cast DRAIN, then HP leak to one target
WAVE		(DMG) to entire party

- - - -=- -=- MONSTER STATS -=- -=- - - -
Monster/Type/MHP		Gold	XP	Sn	Special Attacks

IMP		6		10	4	CURE1
IMP. CAP	37		50	38	CURE1
DARK IMP	199		45	388	CURE1
TRICKER		L*:12000	10700	4200	CURE1	PEEP(constantly),FAST
	(*do you feel lucky, punk?)	  and LIT 3(constantly if attacked by L)

EAGLE		A:18		10	6	LIFE
ROC BABY	AA:50		85	202	LIFE	BEAK(ca:m)

RED EYE		A:2000		465	700	HEAL	GAZE
FATALEYE	A:25000		65200	8000	ETHER1	COUNT
PLAGUE(boss)	A:28000		550	6240		COUNT(immediately)

SWORDRAT	30		20	14	CURE1	NEEDLE(ca:p)
NEEDLER		110		55	74	CURE1	NEEDLE(ca:p)
STINGRAT	300		220	242	CURE1	NEEDLE(ca:p)

LARVA		28		10	10	CURE1	COUNTER,PSYCH(ca:m)
ROCLARVA	800		40	566	CURE1

D. MIST(boss dragon)	465	200	140		COLDMIST(c.a. when in
							  mist form)


AQUAWORM	L:638		350	240	CURE1	WAVE(if in back row)

SANDMAN		II:20		20	16	HEAL
WATERHAG	L:48		40	28	CURE1

SANDPEDE	60		20	16	CURE1
CENTPEDE	600		345	560	CURE1

SOLDIER		27		55	32	?
FIGHTER		65		100	82	?
OFFICER		221		80	80	?	RETREAT(if alone)
GENERAL		320		155	122	?	RETREAT(if alone)

FANGSHEL	LL:300		550	210	HEAL

MADTOAD		I:59		35	13	HEAL

PIKE		LL:65		35	24	CURE1
PIRANHA		L:105		145	92	CURE1
ELECFISH	-L,AA:200	230	130	HEAL


TINYMAGE(magic user)   69	100	52	ROD(rod) PSYCH(ca:m),HOLD(ca:p),
							LIT 1,FIRE1,ICE 1

ALIGATOR	II:150		95	48	CAP(helmet)	(2xattack)
CROCDILE	II:292		300	174	CAP(helmet)	(2xattack)

JELLY		FF:35		35	28	CURE1
CREAM		LL:55		35	30	CURE1
SLIME		F:50		50	152	CURE1
TOFU		I:102		385	212	CURE1
PUDDING		1050		1300	702	ETHER1
PINKPUFF	10000		55555	2000	ETHER2	(dance)(constantly)

ZOMBIE		#D,F,S:40	35	24	CURE1
GHOUL		#D,F,S:120	180	116	CURE1
REVENANT	#D,F,S:160	190	136	CURE1

OCTOMAMM(boss)   D,L:2350	500	240		

BASILISK	90		30	24	CURE1
ICE LIZ		-I,FF:400	290	300	?
BLACK LIZ	I:700		45	260	MEDUSA(arrow)	PETRIFY(ca:p)

TURTLE		II:150		80	48	HEAL
TORTOISE	I:400		235	340	SILVER(shield)
CARAPACE	II:700		230	270	?

IRONBACK	100		235	220	SILVER(shield)
ARMADILLO	300		195	320	SILVER(shield)

WEEPER		100		40	32	CURE1
SCREAMER	1000		205	620	LIT(arrow)
GRUDGER		S:1400		190	792	LIT(arrow)

ANTLION(boss)   1000		800	300		COUNTER(ca:p)

HOOLIGAN	A,S:1900	485	818	CURE1	WEAK

SPIRIT		-F,SS:50	125	58	CURE1	FIRE1
SOUL		-F,SS:150	165	102	CURE1	FIRE1
GHOST		-F:1100		365	740	CURE1	FIRE2

RED BONE	FF,SS:170	295	122	CURE1
SKULL		FF,SS:740	120	316	CURE1

BOMB		50		80	74	CURE1
GRENADE		A:820		630	530	CURE1
MOMBOMB(boss)	D:1080		1200	350		EXPLODE

*DRAGOON(boss)	65000		?	?		JUMP(constantly)
	(*the world will never know how your old buddy ever got so buff, but
	he means to kick your ass, and you can't do much about it)

RAVEN		A:941		700	148	LEATHER(helmet)	(2xattack)
ROC		A:999		150	282	LEATHER(helmet)	(2xattack)

LILLITH(undead)	FF:320		365	550	ETHER1	SLAP(ca:p)
LAMIA		1200		1210	412	CHARM(harp)	CHARM
Q. LAMIA	11000		250	580	CHARM(harp)	CHARM

MILON(boss)	3100		3000	600		LIT 1
MILON Z.(boss)  F,S,A:3000	3000	800		POISON

*D.KNIGHT	1000		0	0
	(*he'll die on his own after a preset time if you don't attack him)

*KARATE(boss)	4000		0	0		KICK
		(*I wonder where he got all those hit points from?)

HYDRA		I,L:285		255	166	POISON(arrow)	ENTANGLE
PYTHON		II,SS:593	345	560	POISON(arrow)

GUARD		200		500	144	CURE1	SIZE, PIGGY
FLAMEMAN	I:579		300	344	FLAME(spear)
BLADEMAN	S:1050		215	520	TENT	VIRUS(c.a.)

BAIGAN(boss)	3500		3000	960		WALL,RECOVER(if both
							   arms are eliminated)
*L. ARM, R. ARM	350		0	2
					      (*these are components of BAIGAN)

KAINAZZO(boss)	L:4000		4000	1100		WAVE(if uncoiled)

TREANT		F:260		150	200	HEAL
DARKTREE(magic user) F:1800	525	1110	HEAL	BERSK

PANTHER		S:285		255	186	CURE1	BLUSTER(c.a.)
BLACKCAT	593		345	560	CURE2	BLUSTER(c.a.)

CANNIBAL	F:370		220	192	HEAL	POLLEN(if alone)
TRAPROSE	FF:300		35	242	HEAL	POLLEN(if alone)


MAGE(magic user)  500		235	220	CURE2	BLAST

CAVENAGA	SS:255		205	150	POISON(arrow)
NAGA		900		150	220	?	MUTE
HUGENAGA	1200		240	720	POISON(arrow)


OGRE		S:865		240	220	CURE2
MAD OGRE	1700		270	474	CURE2

	(dragon magic users)
*DARK ELF(boss)	3000		5000	1200		WEAK,ICE 2,LIT 2,FIRE2
	(*after transformation)
PALE DIM(boss)  27300		0	11800		SLOW, QUAKE

	(magic users)
MARION		473		195	555	CURE(staff)	CALL(if alone)
SORCEROR	1000		275	2370	CURE(staff)	CALL(if alone)
CONJUROR	3000		475	3700	CURE(staff)	CALL(if alone)

PUPPET		F:256		180	190	?
EVILDOLL	300		270	284	CURE1
BRENA*		300		500	200		(combine)(c.a. if all of
							  CAL is eliminated)
CAL*		1000		500	200		(combine)(c.a. if all of
							  BRENA is eliminated)
CALBRENA(boss)	4624		4500	2800
					(*these are components of CALBRENA)

SWORDMAN	F:320		175	220	CURE2	ABSORB(c.a.)
WARRIOR		2400		575	860	TENT

EPEEGIRL	390		200	252	?
KARY		2700	   	3500	2620	ARTEMIS(arrow)	HUG,
						  RETREAT(immediately after HUG)

FLAMEDOG	-F,II:1221	245	344	FIRE(arrow)   FIRE(if alone)

CENTAUR		380		175	200	?
HORSEMAN	3000		1220	990	TENT

	(magic users)
WITCH		300		330	334	?	SLOW
TOADLADY	2960		600	700	HEAL	(croak)(constantly)
WARLOCK		4250		2400	3460	HEAL	DRAIN, PSYCH,LIT 2,
							  ICE 2,FIRE2

	(magic users)
GREMLIN		F:385		275	300	?	CHARM
FIEND		2980		625	1280	CURE2	CHARM

	(magic user magus sisters)
SANDY(tall)	2500	 \				WALL,BERSK,LIT 1
MINDY(short)	2200	--} 	9000	1800 - - - - - - - - - - }DELTA ATTACK*
CINDY(fat)	4300	 /				RECOVER(if SANDY or
							  MINDY is eliminated)
		(*one of VIRUS, FIRE2, ICE 2, LIT 2 chosen randomly, and only
			works if all three sisters are alive)

VALVALIS(boss)	6000		5500	1900		SPIN,WEAK and RAY(if
							  SPIN is being used)

STONEMAN	II:2000		240	590	CURE2
STALEMAN	I:2100		445	420	EARTH(wrench)	hit to sleep
IRONMAN		2500		385	750	SILVER(dagger)

ALERT		1425		380	420	CURE1	BEAM,ALERT(if alone)
SEARCHER	5500		900	1760	CURE1	BEAM,ALERT(if alone)
LAST ARM	9500		320	3840	CURE1	SEARCH,MAGNET and
							  FISSION(after SEARCH)

CHIMERA		-F,-I,-L:700	230	460	FIRE(arrow)	BLAZE(if alone)
MANTCORE	-F,-I,-L:2000	1200	7000	FIRE(arrow)	BLAZE(if alone)

MEDUSA		430		225	250	MEDUSA(arrow)	GLANCE, RAY

GOLBEZ(boss)  	F,S:5000	11000	4000		HOLDGAS(immediately), 							  CALL,LIT 3,FIRE2,VIRUS

*SHADOW		?		?	?		DISRUPT(constantly)
							  (*hope for a miracle)
CLAPPER		-L,A:7000	900	1600	CURE1	BLITZ
GING-RYU	7500		19000	5000	CURE1	TORNADO,BLAZE(if alone)
KING-RYU	8200		23000	6000	CURE1	ENTANGLE(c.a.),BLITZ

DR.LUGAE(boss)		4416	0	0	
BALNAB(component)	3927	0	0
*DR.LUGAE(boss)		6600	4000	3000		GAS,POISON,BEAM, 
	(*after transformation)				  LASER,EMISSION

*Q.EBLAN(boss)	60000		?	?		attacks only as c.a.
*K.EBLAN(boss)	60000		?	?		attacks only as c.a.
	(*these 'people' die on their own after a preset period of time)

RUBICANT(boss)	*I:25200	7000	5000		FIRE2, GLARE
	(*-I if cape is closed, II if open.  also, casting FLAME(ninja) on
	  rubicant will cause him to cast LIFE1 to all party members)

TRAPDOOR	5000		4500	6220	?	SEARCH,DISRUPT(after
						    SEARCH,(morph)(if low on HP)

EVILWALL(boss)	19000		8000	2300		CRUSH(constantly after a
						  preset amount of time),PETRIFY


ARACHNE		II,AA:3500	585	880	CURE1	QUAKE(constantly)

MOLBOL		1999		460	2200	HEAL	BREATH,
							  DIGEST(after BREATH)

ASURA(boss)	23000		0	4000		CURE3,CURE4,LIFE1,
							  attacks only as c.a.

LEVIATAN(boss)	L:35000		0	11200	      ICE 2,BIGWAVE(if uncoiled)
OGOPOGO(boss)	37000		0	24440	      BLAZE,BIGWAVE(if uncoiled)

ODIN(boss)	LL:20500	0	3600		SWORD ATTACK(after a
							  preset amount of time)

JUCLYOTE	1700		1560	1440	CURE2
PROCYOTE	2200		1850	1820	CURE2	hit to poison

	(undead dragons)
D. BONE		F:9000		6750	2820	CURE1
D. FOSSIL	F,S:10000	8100	3020	CURE1	CURSE,hit to paralyze
D.LUNAR(boss)	F:21000		0	10000		WALL,REMEDY,VIRUS,FIRE

BEHEMOTH	16000		65000	11740	HEADBAND(helmet)   STORM,
							attacks only as c.a.

YELLOW D.	1800		1500	6800	HEAL	THUNDER

D. MACHIN	F:15000		2550	8300	CURE1	FIRE(if alone)
RED D.		-F,I:15000	60500	10360	FIREBOMB   HEAT RAY,(2xattack)
BLUE D.	    -S,-F,-I,-L:13200	40200	720	CURE2	BLIZZARD

MACGIANT	8500		7000	3780	CABIN
REDGIANT	11800		1500	6200	CABIN	EMISSION,EXPLODE(c.a. to
							  call magic)

BAHAMUT(boss)	37000		0	70000		MEGANUKE(after a preset 
							  amount of time)
WYVERN(boss)	25000		0	12860	       NUKE,MEGANUKE,WALL,REMEDY

BEAMER	1800			890	650	TENT	BEAM

MACHINE	3600			985	1640	LIT(arrow)

	(elements: you must fight them one after another in the order
	listed without breaks inbetween.  when you beat them all, you
	get the gold and XP listed below)
MILON(boss)	FF  \					CURSE
RUBICANT(boss)	*I --} 57000 ---} 10000 15000		GLARE,FIRE3,FIRE2
KAINAZZO(boss)	LL  \	       /			WAVE
VALVALIS(boss)	LL --} 47000  /				SPIN,STORM
 (*ice damage works the same way as it did in the earlier battle with rubicant)

CPU(boss)	20000	 \				GLOBE199 and RECOVER(if
				      ATTACKER and DEFENDER are eliminated),WALL
*ATTACKER	2000	--}	10333	25000		MASER(constantly)
*DEFENDER	2000	 /				REMEDY(constantly)
	(*these are components of the cpu)

EVILMASK(magic user)  25500	50000	13000	CURE2	WALL,VIRUS,NUKE,WHITE

BREATH		31300		50000	12000	?	REPORT,BLAST
MIND		12300		50000	13000	?	*CHARM,ARMOR
							  (*special attack)

*ZEROMUS(boss)	111111		0	0		BIG BANG,BLK.HOLE(every
    (*zeromus in invincible until the paladin	     few turns),WHITE,METEO,NUKE
	uses the crystal given to him by golbez)

============================= 7: TIPS, TRICKS, ETC. ============================

to duplicate any item which can be equipped in the left or right hand (such as
a shield, sword, rod, axe, etc...), first get into battle, making sure that one
of your characters has the item that you want duplicated equipped.  when that
character's is prompted to take an action, go to your item list, select any
blank space in it, and then select the item you want duplicated(which must be
in the left or right hand).  this will switch the item with the blank space in
the item list.  now leave the item list and then run away from battle.  when you
try to re-equip the item outside of battle, there will be two of them in your
hand at once.  remove the item from your hand again and there will now be two of
them in your item list.

this tactic is especially useful in building up money quickly near the middle
of the game, and is also useful when you get the ninja.  just duplicate the
drain spear or excalibur sword a few times, and throw the extras as darts.
you'll do outrageous amounts of damage, and since it is (DMG), the dart attack
ignores the target's armor.  this makes for a good way to defeat bosses.
unfortunately, you can't duplicate the spoon dart, but if your ninja is above
level 50, the excalibur sword is practically just as effective.  you can pick up
the excalibur sword as soon as the big whale spaceship is available to you.  I
find that a few excalibur darts will make short work out of bahamut, the cpu,
odin, 'plague', etc...  never leave home without them!

to equip any weapon or shield(that your ninja can SNEAK) on any character, first
make sure that you have none of the item that you plan to SNEAK already in your
inventory.  now, enter battle and SNEAK from an enemy that will give you a
weapon or shield.  the next ally available to take an action can now use the
ITEM option to equip the stolen weapon or shield, regardless of whether or not
that ally belongs to the right character class.  this trick only works for
the action immediately following SNEAK, so you should use the FORM option before
entering battle to set things up right so that the desired character follows
after your ninja.  if you decide to remove the stolen equipment at a later time,
you may not put it back on unless that character could normally do so.  in some
cases immediately following the battle in which you execute this trick, your
statistics may not reflect the new piece of equipment.  all you need to do in
this case is go to the equip window, and then you come back to the statistics
window - everything will be alright.  during the battle in which you stole the
equipment, if you try using the equipment as an item, strange things will
happen, the effect usually being guaranteed elimination of one target.  in
subsequent battles, the equipment will act normally if used as an item

this trick is actually not as useful as it sounds, as there isn't much good
stuff that you can SNEAK.  what I find most useful is giving the caller a silver

if you want to find that damned PINK tail(in order to get the ADAMANT armor -
armor which is so unbelievably powerful that it's not even funny), prepare to be
frustrated.  a pink tail can only be obtained from beating a PINKPUFF group, and
the only place that you will ever find a pinkpuff is in a tiny room in B5 of the
Lunar Subterrain.  to find this room, it is best to start from the last chance
saving spot before ZEROMUS on B7.  exit this room and go the left, then back up
two floors so that you will be on the bottom of the screen on B5.  there will be
a small room immediately to the right, and a stairway a little bit further to
the left.  enter the room on the right.  in this room, there should be a
treasure chest on the far right wall which contains a CABIN.  wander around this
room for an eternity and run from everything which is not a pinkpuff(if you have
a game genie, there exists an item to summon a pinkpuff immediately).  there is
a small chance that you will win a PINK(tail) from fighting pinkpuffs.  in the
event that you get lucky and recieve the tail, you can take it to the small dude
who collects tails in the mine southeast of Silvera

make use of weakness multipliers whenever possible.  often, an area will
contain monsters that are weak against the items you can find there.  for
instance, the path to the lunar core has lots of dragons.  near the entrance
you'll have the opportunity to sneak artemis arrows from karys.  take 40 or 50
and shoot them at whatever dragons cross your path.  it will make a big

if you know that one of your party members is going to leave you, remove all
their equipment before they do.  anything they have when they leave you, you
will never see again.  one good example of this is making sure that you keep at
least one defense sword in your item list before your dragoon betrays you in
the sealed cave.  later, you can re-equip him with it, which will be an
improvement over the gungnir spear.  at the very least, you can resell all the
stuff your old characters used to have

i find that it's convienent to move the -sort- option to the top of the item
list.  moving around items is something you're probably going to do a lot, so
you might as well have the option where you can use it

some monsters will only attack if you attack them first (such as behemoth).  so
if you only attack with your strongest characters, and have the rest parry, you
will take less damage.  also, some monsters will constantly use elemental
special attacks if they are alone.  if you are not well protected, you could
easily lose your entire party in seconds.  so, if you run into one such monster
in the company of other monsters, try to kill the ones with the special attacks
first, or get them all at once with a strong magic spell

secret passages are sometimes indicated by dark gray against the black of the
walls.  you may not be able to see them if the brightness on your TV is turned
down.  some secret passages of particular usefulness are in the village of
mist, inside a burned out fireplace.  you can find the rod of change and a
tiara helmet there.  save the tiara for your reunion with your wh.wiz, although
ultimately it will be put to the best use by your caller.  there are also
secret pitfalls in castle eblan, secret passages in the sylvan cave, cave of
summoned monsters, the lunar subterrain and many other places.  one exception
to this pattern is an invisible bridge on the left side of B6 of the Lunar
Subterrain for which there is no indication of a secret passage.  this bridge
leads ultimately to a saving point, and the WYVERN boss who guards the awesome
CRYSTAL sword.  always be on the lookout for secret powerups hidden in jars,
tall grasses, shallow water, and bookshelves too

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