Super Nintendo Entertainment System (R)
Final Fantasy II
The Help File
Revision II

Compiled by Shadow Fighter

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I. Secret Weapons (Weapons not in book) (Or that book does not explain)

Swords, Armor, Spears & Staffs:

Note:  The book says things like "When used in combat, brings the effect of..."
However, your weapons just hit, right?  WRONG!  You can use your weapons and
most of them have a special affect.  To use a weapon as an item, it must be
equipped to your character.  Then select it twice with the hand pointer, and
a third hand appears to choose who to attack/help.  Weapons have various
effects ranging from bad to good, pathetic to strong, and boring to cool.

Murasame Sword

This is a Ninja weapon, found in the core.  To get it, you will have to fight
PaleDim, a large pale dragon.  There are tips on him later in the file.  Anyways
this sword has two-sided effects for when it is equipped.  Being a weapon from
the Core, as with all the other Core weapons, it changes your very attributes.
Bonusses for equpping this weapon:
Strength          : + 5
Agility           : - 5
Vitality          : + 5
Wisdom            : + 5
Will              : - 5
Attack Power      : + 1 X 57
Attack Percent    : Known to be + 36% or higher
Defense Power     : - 1 X 0 and + 0 X 2
Defense Percent   : ---
M. Defense Power  : ---
M. Defense Percent: ---

Medusa Sword

I find this sword most interesting.  There is no mention of it whatsoever in
any part of the game or instructions.  This sword has the attack power of only
77, but it IS A *TOP SECRET* WEAPON!  This can be confirmed simply by looking 
at the Battle Message when the sword performs it's effect!  The line will read:
"Turning into Stone ??!"  Anyways, this sword cannot be bought.  It cannot be
found in a chest.  It cannot be SNEAKED from an opponent.  The only way I know
of to get the Medusa Sword is to fight the creature BlackLiz, which may also
drop Medusa Arrows (see arrow section) after battle.  However, if you decide to
go after this weapon, plan on two or three hours of gaming (minimum), because
the chance of finding this weapon is almost nonexistant.  From my experience,
I'd say the chances are around 250:1. 

RuneAxe Axe

Thats right, the RuneAxe Axe (dumb name) .  This is the best axe you can get!
The only way to get it is to fight Red Giants, which can be found on the moon.
This Axe will boost your attack power by 0 X 100 (in other words, whatever you
have plus 0 X 100) .  It has, unfortunately, a hit rate of only 10%, but if you
are on the moon, you probably have a high hit %% already anyway!  Good luck
finding this weapon!  As of yet, I have not determined any special uses, but it
does appear to be especially effective against all Magic-Users!

Crystal Sword

This is an incredibly powerful sword, the sword that Zemus despises.  To gain
this mighty weapon of right, you must defeat a VERY powerful monster.  The 
Sword is located in LUNAR SUBTERRANE B6.  This is near the Core.  To reach it,
take the staircase on the left, and walk left as far as land stretches, then
keep going onto the black area, and you will be on a path.  Keep going.  There
is a chest along the way that you should get.  The Crystal Sword has an Attack
Power of a super-powerful, whopping 203!  You should be able to do 4500 damage
with a level 48 or so Paladin wielding this weapon.  Don't miss this great
Sword, even though you only have a little ways to go.
But WAIT!  There's more!  Not only is this sword truly awesome, but check this
chart out!
When equipped with the Crystal Sword, Cecil recieves these bonuses:
Attack Power    : + 2 X 203
Attack Percent  : + 99%
Defense Power   : + 0 X 8
Defense Percent : + 0
M. Defense Pwr  : + 0
M. Defense Pcnt : + 2%
Strength        : + 15
Agility         : + 0
Vitality        : + 15
Wisdom          : + 0
Will            : + 15
As you will note from the chart, Vitality is increased by 15.  Therefore, the
sooner you equip the Crystal Sword, the higher amount of life you will have at
any level, even 99, which is as high as you can get.

Excalibur Sword

This is your 2nd best weapon.  To get it, take the Adamant Ore to the Smithy's
house Southeast of the castle of Dwarves.  Give it to him.  He will take your
Legend Sword and transform it into the mighty Excalibur which has the AWESOME
Attack Power of... 163!!!  In addition, it is one-handed.  You can hold a 
shield while you wield this sword!  If you don't know what the Adamant Ore is,
read the section on it, located below under 'Special Items'.
Oh, the Smithy will not give you the Excalibur quite right away.  You must wait
until he finishes it.  Once you have been to the moon, the sword is ready.

Defence Sword

This powerful sword is found in the land of Summoned Monsters.  To
get it, go into the cave until you see the stairs leading into the town.
Then, from that oval shaped place, go east in the middle of the wall and you
will be in a secret passage.  Next, walk all the way east, then north until
you're blocked, then west, then north again, and you'll see a chest.  Inside
is the Defense Sword, which has an Attack Power of 105, stronger than the Light
Sword.  In addition, this sword will slightly raise your Defense value.

Avenger Sword

This is probably the fifth most powerful weapon ever created.  It's only
disadvantages are that it chooses it's own enemy to attack, and it is a two
-handed weapon.  Although it only has an Attack Power of 85, this sword hits for
over 2000 damage every time.  To find this sword, go into the Sylph's cave, and
find the passage where there is a black hole in the ground.  Enter this hole,
and you will fall into a room full of chests.  In this room, all chests are
monsters, most of them Ghosts.  This sword will also slightly raise your
Defense.  Get everything, because there is also the FullMoon.  This sword is in
the lower row of chests, in the middle.

Ancient Sword

This is an EXTREMELY weak sword which does not appear to have any special uses.
You can find it in the passage to Castle Baron from the Town of Baron.  In the
Special Zone, look at the East wall.  Notice the dark area, which is telltale
of a secret passage.  Walk through and get the chest, which is the Ancient
Sword.  It has a pathetic Attack Power of only 35.  This sword doesn't have a
special use, but it does have a special effect...Curse your enemies!  FUN! {g}

Drain Sword

This is a valuable sword, but it's hit rate is low.  The sword drains the HP
of the enemy and pumps it into the wielder!  See the book for more details. 
The location of this sword is the Cave Eblana's Special Zone.  Just check the
wall and go through the passage.
To recieve this sword you will fight two Stalemen.  Be ready for a challenge!

Drain Spear

Speaking of the Drain Sword, there is also a Drain Spear.  This is in the Ruins
of Eblan near the tower of Bab-il or the Cave Eblana.  To get it, go into the
Ruins of Eblan, and head to the tower on the right.  Inside, climb the steps.
Above the hole (Don't try to get to it from the hole) is a secret passage.  If
you follow it, you will come to a chest with the Drain Spear.  Be warned; you
will have to fight a reasonably difficult battle to get this spear, but it IS
worth it!  Check the book for all your statistical needs {g} .

Slumber Sword

Speaking of the Ruins of Eblan, go into the left tower, then check both sides
of the wall near the door.  There is a secret passage that leads to a chest.
Be warned; you will have to fight a couple of Stalemen to get the Slumber Sword
of Eblan!  The sword is worth it just to sell, if you don't like it!  See the
book for hit rates, etc..
	Also, a word about it and swords like it:  If used repeatedly in a
single battle, the enemy eventually becomes immune to it for that battle, and
your attack will be ineffective!

Stardust Staff (Black Magic-Users Weapon)

This can be found near the Core.  It is strong, and more powerful than any
staff you have had previously.  This will be a good addition to your arsenal,
so don't miss it.  If you use this baby in combat, your foes will fall to the
power of Comet!
Bonuses for equipping this weapon:
Strength          : ---
Agility           : ---
Vitality          : ---
Wisdom            : + 15
Will              : ---
Attack Power      : + 0 X 45
Attack Percent    : + 10%
Defense Power     : ---
Defense Percent   : ---
M. Defense Power  : + 1 X 0
M. Defense Percent: + 2%

Change Staff (Same as above)

A pathetic weapon, attack power of a meager 15, this staff IS hard to find.
So.  You get it in a strange way.  Go to Town of Mist after you have arrived
at Baron via Serpent Road (or later) .  Go to the house in the upper left
corner of the town.  Now, walk THROUGH the empty fireplace.  Once you reach
the chests, open them.  Then walk THROUGH the wall on the right hand part of
the room of the chests.  Follow the passage to arrive in the room where you
will find the Change Staff.  When used on an ally or enemy who has been turned
into a pig, it will restore them.  When bounced off a wall onto an enemy or
ally, it will turn them into a pig.


Yet another well-kept secret of FFL II.  You may aquire as many of these as
you want.  Get them one of two ways, or both:  Find them after battles with
Red Dragons on the Crystal Tiles, or Sneak from a Red Dragon.  Both ways,
you will get the FireBomb, which is PATHETIC, doing only about 2500 damage
to all your enemies, if you're lucky.  You can sell them for 500 G each.

Power Suit Armor

The Red Dragons in the Crystal Tiles hoard many powerful treasures.  Also,
they hoard weak ones, like this.  Apparently, the Power armor SUX.  It does
not seem to resist Ice, Lit, or Fire, has VERY low capabilities, and seems
to be just about totally useless.

Crystal Ring

The mighty armor is a well-hidden secret that I found by chance.  To get this,
you must do the same thing as how you got the Medusa Sword, but different {g}.
To get it, you must fight the Red Dragons (Red D. for short in the game) until
they leave treasure, which may be the Crystal Ring.  After ten minutes of
testing, here are the results of the Ring:
Defence Bonus     : +20
Defence% Bonus    : +05%
M. Defence Bonus  : +12
M. Defence% Bonus : +10%
Attack Bonus      : ----
Equipped by       : Paladin, Caller, Ninja, White Wizard, Dragoon, maybe more.
This Ring appears to be effective against most spells.  You will take little
damage with this mighty armor equipped.

The Glass Helmet (***SECRET!!!***)

Okay, this is THE B*E*S*T helmet you can possibly aquire.  Anyone can wear it.
You can get it ONLY BY FIGHTING EvilMasks in the Crystal Tiles near the core.
Defence Bonus     : ----
Defence% Bonus    : +99%
M. Defence Bonus  : ----
M. Defence% Bonus : ----
Attack Bonus      : ----
Equipped By       : All possible in Party at point helmet is aquired
With this AWESOME helmet, you probably can keep Rydia ALIVE for a change {g}.
Or, give it to someone in the front line so they don't take so much damage,
like Edge.

Bracelets of Strength for your Arms

These are shown in the book, but are, as so often items are, not explained.  To
get them for free (though they are sold in a certain town for 750 GP), simply
search the tresure boxes in the left tower in the Dwarf Castle.

Crystal Armor (Complete Set)

You can find a complete set of Crystal Armor in the Core.  Search for it, they
are reasonably close together.  The arms-armor are Crystal Gauntlets.

Dragoon Armor (Complete Set)
You will also find a complete set of Dragoon armor if you search carefully.  As
before, the chests are close together, so don't leave until you've gotten them.

Ribbon Helmets (Two)
These are the Sacred Helmets of Ribbon (AKA the Sacred Ribbon) .  You may find
them in a door to the right of the Special Zone.  You will have to fight a 
powerful monster for them, so be ready after using a Cabin or Tent.  These are
a MUST for your White Magic-User and your Caller.  Equip them right away.
Of course, they are located in the Core!  Where else would you get such mighty
stuff?  Beware, they are guarded by two D. Lunars!

Spear of White -Book Typo.  Should be the Holy Spear.

This is the most powerful spear a Dragoon can equip.  Found in the Core, this
ultra-powerful spear with Sacred Power has the Attack Power rating of...well,
let's just say it's better than any other spear, even the Holy Spear!  Don't
miss this one!  Be ready to fight Plague!
Bonuses for equipping this weapon:
Strength          : ---
Agility           : ---
Vitality          : ---
Wisdom            : ---
Will              : ---
Attack Power      : + 0 X 106
Attack Percent    : + 30%
Defense Power     : ---
Defense Percent   : ---
M. Defense Power  : ---
M. Defense Percent: ---

Dragon Spear -Book Typo.  Should be the Dragoon Spear.

This is a pretty cool weapon.  It has effectiveness against all undead monsters
that you encounter.  This spear is so cool that it breaks the sound barrier.
You will hear a sort of chik-a-THOOM after you hit an enemy with it.  This
spear apparently has the ability to kill with one hit, but that effect is very
rare, so don't rely on it.  This is probably the best spear to get.

Gungnir Spear (Book Typo-Should be Gunguil)

This weapon is really better to keep equipped than the Spear of White.  For
although it has less attack power, it adds to your abilities.
Bonuses for equipping this weapon:
Strength          : ---
Agility           : ---
Vitality          : + 15
Wisdom            : ---
Will              : ---
Attack Power      : + 0 X 92
Attack Percent    : + 30%
Defense Power     : + 0 X 7
Defense Percent   : ---
M. Defense Power  : ---
M. Defense Percent: ---

Chart of Weapon Abilities When Used in Combat:

Name of Weapon    | Effect | Attack/Help | Used on Who? | Rating |Where/Price  |
Staff             |  Heal  |    Help!    | 1 Ally       |   01   |Bought-???   |
Rod               | Darts  |   Attack!   | 1 Enemy      |   01   |Bought-???   |
IceRod            | Ice-1  |   Attack!   | 1/All Enemy  |   01   |Bought-???   |
FlameRod          | Fire1  |   Attack!   | 1/All Enemy  |   01   |Bought-???   |
Cure Staff        | Cure1  |    Help!    | All Ally     |   01   |Bought-???   |
Change Staff      | Piggy  | Attack/Help | 1 Ally/Enemy |   03   | Town of Mist|
Dancing Knife     | Knives |   Attack!   | 1 Enemy      |   02   |Bought-5000  |
Silver Staff      | Heal   |    Help!    | 1 Ally       |   01   |   Silvera   |
Slumber Sword     | Sleep  |   Attack!   | 1/All Enemy  |   03   |Eblan Ruins  |
Earth Hammer      | Quake  |   Attack!   | All Enemy    |   02   |   Bab-Il    |
Blizzard Spear    | Ice-2  |   Attack!   | 1/All Enemy  |   02   |   Bab-Il    |
Flame Spear       | Fire2  |   Attack!   | 1/All Enemy  |   02   |Bought-11000 |
Stardust Staff    | Comet  |   Attack!   | All Enemy    |   08   |    Core     |
Lance of White    | White  |   Attack!   | 1 Ally/Enemy |   09   |    Core     |
Masamune          | Fast   | Attack/Help | 1 Ally/Enemy |   05   |    Core     |
Murasame          | Blink  |    Help!    | 1 Ally/Enemy |   03   |    Core     |
Lunar Staff       | ? ? ?* | UNKNOWN!!!! | 1 Ally/Enemy |   ??   |Bought-????? |
|NOTE: Items not included in chart have no effect when used as items in combat.|

*The Lunar Staff has an unknown effect.  You can see the weird effect by
bouncing it off a wall of an enemy onto your guys.  Crazy!  Contact me if you
find out what it does.  Call Player **1** BBS and
leave a message for Shadow Fighter.

Thrown Weapons:


To get: Sylph Cave!.  Equip with a Ninja.  This thrown weapon is OK, but
it is probably best to keep using your swords until you reach level 40 or 45.
It's attack power is not very high, but is adequate.
This weapon is in the bottom left chest in the Sylphan Cave once you fall down
the hole in the floor.

*NOTE from Shadow Fighter* You cannot EQUIP the Shuriken like the book says
you can.  It can only be used as a DART.


Dancing-Book Typo! Should be Assasin Knife.

This is a very strange knife which has attack power of 28.  It
does not appear to have any special affects, and it can be bought at a store
in Mist.  It is the Assasin Knife, the book has an error.

Arrows & Bows:

Medusa Arrows

These arrows have the obvious affect of Stone on enemies.  However,
they are extremely weak, with an Attack Power of 1.  You can get them after a
battle with Medusas or close kin.

Artemis Arrows (These are in the book, but it doesn't say how to get them)

The only way I have found to get Artemis Arrows is to steal them from a monster
call Kary, in the cave on the moon where you fight the three Behemoths.  Each
time you successfully Sneak, you should find 10 Artemis Arrows.  Use these VERY
sparingly, as it is not easy to get Kary.

Samurai Arrows (Same as above parenthesis)

Okay, here's how to get 10 Samurai Arrows.  Go to the floor above the actual
Town of Summoned Monsters.  Go South of the stairs leading to the exit, then
east and look at the wood floor very carefully.  In a secluded area, there is
a panel that seems to be cut off.  Touch it and you can reach the chests you
see from the Town of Summoned Monsters that scroll in the background.  Inside
one, there are Samurai Arrows.  There is also the...

Samurai Bow

A good bow.  You get it from the secret place in the Town of Summoned Monsters.
Ues it until you find something better.

Elven Bow

Why would you want this?  Because it has the best Hit Rate available for a bow.
If you want it, its in the Sylphian cave, right where you get the Avenger Sword

II. Special:


Once you have aquired the White Magic spell of Float, enter either
the Sylph's cave or the land of Summoned Monsters.  Cast the spell on everyone
right away.  If everybody is floating, the flashing panels will not hurt you.
But beware, for the effects of Float wear off whenever you enter another area,
such as a new level (EX: B1F-B2F) or a town, etc.. You should ALWAYS use this
spell in the land of Summoned Monsters, because you will find that one enemy
will almost always call Arachne, whose only attack is Quake.


Ah, yes.  Meteo...spell of legend.  Able to easily do 9999 damage to almost any
creature!  This spell is what Tellah cast with his last breath...
The book is wrong here.  It says Meteo takes MP 50, when it REALLY takes MP 99.
You can aquire this mighty magic only with a Level 60 Caller.  Once you have
the legendary Meteo, the game will be much easier.  Use Meteo wisely, though,
so that you do not find yourself in need of Bahamut or a Black Magic like Lit-3
or Ice-2 and find that you have 2 or 3 MP left.

III. The Secret Callings of Power

Bahamut Call (MegaFlare/MegaNuke Attack on All Enemies)

To get this spell, you must have defeated the Queen and King of Summoned
Monsters.  Once you have accomplished that, read this.  Go to the Moon with
the Big Whale, and enter the cave that is inside of the  circle of rock.  Be
prepared to fight some very difficult monsters called Behemoths, which can give
1000  damage to a weaker character such as a level 40 Rydia.  Call Leviatan as
much as possible to give this big brainless behemoth 2500 Damage.  Attack with
the Light Sword, or, if you have it, the Avenger.  After Behemoth is killed
three times, use the spell of Exit, and resr in the Big Whale beds.  Save your
game.  This battle will be difiicult.  Timing is the essence.  Go into the cave
and talk to Bahamut.  He will challenge you.  Do not waste any spells except
Lit3 on him.  He will count down 5,4,3,2,1 very slowly.  IMPORTANT: Once
Bahamut reaches 4 or 3, cast Wall on everybody.  DO NOT FIGHT BAHAMUT UNLESS
YOU HAVE THE SPELL WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have done
this correctly, once Bahamut counts to 0, he will transform into a large dragon
and will attack with the spell MegaNuke!  This will kill ANYONE unless you use
wall, in which case, if you have weakened him enough, Bahamut will fall to his
own attack and perish, rewarding you with the spell MegaFlare, which will
inflict 9999 Damage to almost any monster.

Asura Call (Cure All Allies)

Go to the Town of Monsters (If you don't know where it is, it's Northwest of
the Island Southeast of the Castle, where there is a small three-square town.
Make sure you aren't in the Sealed Cave, which is on the same island as this
toen) and enter the library.  Go down twice, and you'll be ready.  Do not 
attempt this battle unless you have saved at the Special Zone in the town,
because you will need to be quite powerful.  Asura's attack is a VERY damaging
destructive force.  She will change heads, and attack.  No magic will be used 
against you, and her major weak point is that she casts Life1 when she is
still alive (duh, stupid, duh).  Be prepared to do AT LEAST 4000 damage per
combat round (everyone attacks) , because Asura will use many Cures, all of
them either Cure3 (restore apx. 3000 HP) or Cure4 (restore apx. 10500 HP) .
Keep fighting her until you win.  Once you have won, go to the inn and spend
an expensive night.  Note:  All the spells Asura uses (i.e. Cure 1,2,3, etc...)
are the spells she uses on the party when called.  The spell will be randomly
generated and is not always what you want.  For example, your party may not 
have died, but is weak, and Asura will try to bring back to life already quite
alive members of your party (duh!) .

Leviatan Call (Tidal Attack on All Enemies)

See above, then...
Now you can attack King Leviatan, the Master of the Sea.  He is actually not
very large, about three men high and two wide, and is a giant green serpent.
To defeat him, use everything you have that is strong.  When he falls, you
will learn the awesome ability to summon Leviatan, Levia for short.  This
Call will inflict around 5000 damage on normal enemies.

Odin Call (Sword Attack on All Enemies)

See above, then...
If you haven't spoken to the REAL King of Baron yet, you must.  From the
entrance of Baron, go up until you are in the first room, then take the stairs
to the right, below the guard who is scared.  Then, go south and out of the
room.  Go under the overpass, and into the tower.  Take the stairs down, then
follow the corridor until you arrive at the King's Room, where you will know
what to do automatically.  Then go to the land of Summoned Monsters and kill
the King and Queen.
Now you can attack Odin.  To do this, fight King Leviatan, and his Queen.  Then
hop on the airship and leave the Underground world.  Go to Castle Baron.
Go to the room mentioned above, and the King will tell you that he will fight
you.  He is Odin.  When he attacks, use Rydia's Lit3 to inflict 9999 Damage to
Odin.  The reason for this is explained in a book in the Library in the Town of
Summoned Monsters.  It says that the only time Odin was defeated was when his
sword was struck by lightning.  After you attack Odin and win (hopefully), you
will learn how to call Odin.  His sword will slice your enemies to croutons!

*NOTE from Shadow Fighter* Odin's Sword is mighty indeed, but it cannot slice
these two things:  Many enemies at once and/or very large enemies (half-screen
height or larger, apx.) .

Sylphian Call (Take HP's from One Enemy-}All Ally)

To do this, you must have first defeated the Giant of Bab-Il.  Once Yang has
given you his message, he is well again, but you will not see him.  Once you
get to the moon, simply return to earth, enter the Sylphian cave, and talk to
the Sylph closest to the door of the Sylph's house.  She will teach you the 
Calling of Sylph!  Note: The amount of HP taken will be spread evenly to all
members of your party.  It's sort of like Asura, but it hurts your enemies as

IV. Strange items...

How about that section in the book?  "Special Items which do not affect the
outcome of the story."
Included in these are:


Pass-This is a 10000 GP item that you should not buy unless you want to see
dancing.  When used in a certain inn where it is sold, you can walk through a
secret door, and watch dancing as much as you like by talking to the attendant.

Whistle-This is worth 10000 GP.  You should probably keep it though, as you 
probably have amassed over 1000000 GP.  When you use it, no matter where you
are, it will summon the Big Chocobo.  I suppose it might be useful if you had
stored Elixir and you needed it, or something like that.  You will find this
in the Core, whcich, for the inexperienced, is after you defeat the Giant of
Bab-Il.  Don't worry about it, you'll know when you get there.

Rat-This is the tail of a Rat.  You can pick it up in the entrance to the Town
of Summoned Monsters.  Once you go down the stairs and into the Town itself, go
back up and this time walk down from the stairs.  There is a treasure chest. 
Inside it is the Rat's tail, which you can use to get the Adamant Ore.

Pink-The mystical tail of the Pink Puff.  See the end of this file for details.
Trade it to the old man who collects tails.

Pan-Mysterious item used to clonk Yang.  See the section above on the Spoon

Adamant-This is an ore that you must give to the man southeast of the castle of
Dwarves.  To get it, get the Rat's tail (see above), then go pick up the
Hovercraft and set it down near Silvera.  Land and use the Hovercraft to reach
the small cave slightly Southeast of Silvera.  Inside that cave, walk stright 
up and give the old man the Rat's tail.  In return, he gives you the Adamant

V. Tips and Information

Let's start off with the weaknesses of every monster existing in the game.
Monster Type/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Weakness
Aquatic                           Thunder or Thunder-Causing Weapons
Humanoid                          Masamune Sword of the Ninja
Spell Casters                     Muting Weapons
Reptillian                        Ice or Ice-Causing/Cold Weapons
Undead                            Fire or Fire-Causing/Hot Weapons
Dead                              Sacred Power Weapons
Icey Enemies                      Fire or Fire-Causing/Hot Weapons
Firey Enemies                     Ice or Ice-Causing/Cold Weapons

Alright. A note about Kokkol, the Smith.  This guy is a real psycho.  He will
cahnge your Light Sword to Excalibur!  But there is a reason why you should
save your GP for him.  He is the only one who can MAKE the Shuriken and the
Ninja stars.  The Ninja star is 50,000 GP and the Shuriken is 20,000 GP.  You
should realize that once these things are used as darts, they will cause MAJOR
damage to your enemies (around 6 or 7 thousand), however, they will be gone
after one use.  Also, you must wait to get these also, just like you have to
wait to get the Excalibur Sword.  You may need to progress the Story, but it
could be time, also.  If it's time, you must wait some amount more than 15
hours of real time.  If Story progression, you must go an amount above getting
FuSoYa, the Lunarian on the Moon.

About getting those secret weapons...
If you want the secret weapons mentioned in this file, go right ahead and go
for it.  But only do it if you have a lot of patience.  Things like the Medusa
Sword, Imp Shield, and Artemis Arrows take a long time to get, but are well 
worth the effort.  If you just can't get those weapons, it's ok.  Wait until
you've been to the Moon!  Then go back with your power-packed-puncing-party
and kick monster butt until you get the weapons you wanted.

Ok, now let me tell you about what you will see in the Core.
In the Core there are monsters more powerful than anything you've ever seen.
This is the best place in the game if you want to get Level-Ups like crazy.
You should go to one floor before the Crystal-Panels.  When upon them, you will
not be able to cast Exit.  I would reccomend that you fight monsters and then
Cure yourself.  As you advance, Cure1 can recover about 900-1000 HP.  So fight
the tough monsters, and reap the rewards (about 20000GP and 12000EXP) !  You
will find in the chests: A full set of Crystal Armor, Dragoon Armor, and these
weapons: The Sword of Black, Masamune.  The Spear of White.  The Sword 
Murasame.  All these, you must fight for.  Usually, the monsters are not too
hard, as long as you fight well.  Use Bahamut Call or Nuke magic if you have
it, and you will win.  Also, on the Crystal Tiles, there is one MAJOR problem.
That problem is: First, there are about 5-10 bosses here,  waiting on certain
tiles that you cannot predict.  Second, the monsters that are randomly
very careful and stay near the Special Zone, which is near the entrance to the
Crystal Tiles.  On the Crystal Tiles, there is a truly AESOME background.  You
may want to enter the Crystal Tiles and leave just to see this.  If times get
tough, don't hesitate to use Exit, because you can get back to where you are.
Among the mosters you can run from and are not on the Crystal Tiles are
Trickers, King-Ryus (stronger than Ging-Ryus) , and variations of Guards and
Karys.  There will also be MANY MANY MANY Behemoths as bosses during your 
trip.  Remember, you know that you cannot Peep or Run when the Boss music is
playing.  Even if it doesn't look strong, fight ferociously and without mercy.
Conserve your magic and use Bahamut only when necessary.  You will find that
telling everybody to just plain fight can be more effective than waiting for
the magical attacks to destroy your 'friends'.  Make sure you pick up the
Spear of White, the Masamune, and the Murasame.  They will be floating over a
panel.  When touched, monsters will apear.  Nothing too powerful.  You should
win if everybody has good HP.  A good idea is to call Asura right away, as you
will take a high amount of damage right as the battle starts, such as with
Ogopogo, who attacks with two Big Waves instantly, almost.  Everyone will take
1-2 thousand damage!  Remember not to waste your tents unless you don't want
to re-enter the cave.  Simply by Exiting and going into the Shrine again, you
can restore HP, MP, and Status!

Cave of Magne

This cave is a pain because of the magnetic field which restricts the use of
anything metallic.  In my opinion, the easiest thing to do is keep your guys
just the way they are, and run from the battles.  The cave isn't too large, so
you should be ok.  This way, the battling at the end is easier.  The first time
you see the Dark Elf, everyone will die automatically.  There's no way around
it.  Then Edward will play his TwinHarp and the field will be neutralized.  In
addition, the party will have full HP again.  Fight on, and the battle is not
hard at all.

Sylphian Cave

Use float on everybody so you don't get hurt when you walk on the flashing
tiles here.  Make sure you don't miss the valuable chests.

Cave of Summoned Monsters

Use float here, also.  The tiles can be very damaging.  You should fight the
magic users here, as they call lots of Arachnes, which can only attack with
Quake.  If your floating, this is basically free GP and EXP.  No problem.  As
before, don't miss the chests, especially the Avenger sword!  Get the secret
chests in the town (explained above) and defeat King Leviatan and his Queen
Asura.  They will be your major calling spells for a long time.  

More about the Core

Some additional information you should know about the Core's Crystal Tile
section is:
1.  The monsters cannot be run from, but CAN be avoided.  DO NOT touch ANY tile
that you do not HAVE to cross, and you will see fewer enemies, because they are
spaced to trick you into touching a tile near a dead end.  Stay on course as
much as possible.
2.  You can cast the white magic of Exit to elude these monsters.
3.  You should keep the Gungnir Spear and all other such powerful weapons for
later use (explained below in next section) .  Try to find the Ninja Stars, 
which can do 4500 damage!

Tips on Conserving your GP:


Ok, here's the deal.  One of the most wasteful ways of getting rid of your
hard-earned, blood-money is to stay at inns.  Inns are WORTHLESS!!!  If you
can't fathom this, don't read any further.  OK, what you want to do:  First,
in almost all cases later in the game, Tents cost a fraction of the cost of an
inn.  Why waste 500 GP for one night when you can spend a night outside for a
mere 100 GP?  Multiply this by the number of times you need to rest and you can
save hundereds of thousands of GP!!!  Now a quick quirk...
Tents are WORTHLESS!!!  In almost every part of the game, you can simply stay
for free somewhere, or recover by another method, such as this...the most
efficient, easy, and absolutely free convenience!  First, find a Chocobo area.
Then, enter it and cure all your party as much as possible.  Now touch a White
Chocobo.  Poof!  All MP recovered.  If you aren't healed, heal and talk to the
White Chocobo AGAIN!!!  FREE HEALING/CURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, lets understand something.  There are, literally, SEVERAL MILLION GP WORTH
of items just waiting to be found.  If you read this file carefully, you can
get almost all of them!  REalize that every town, every continent, every level,
and even some plain ordinary places DO HAVE SECRETS!  Take for instance the 
Town of Baron.  Treasures abound here.  Check the pots, and don't forget to go
to the area east of the water to the old lady and walk through the trees!
(special hint just for you.  Find the rest yourself.)  The ONLY time you should
buy items is when you are absolutely out of them.

Weapons and Armors:

Believe it or not, again most of your needs are provided for.  You should only
have to re-equip the party about 4 times before the end of the game with store-
bought equipment.  Search carefully and seek out all those hidden weapons and
armors of incredible power and value!  It's WORTH it.  TRUST me.  If you don't
want something like the Dwarf Axe, sell it for 50000 GP. 

In General:

Horde cash.  It's worth it later in the game when inns cost 1500 GP a night and
you can't seem to find those stupid, crazy Chocobos that run around at warp
speed.  If you can't find some of the things in this hint file, buy them later.
Yes, horde GPs, but if it means the difference between gaining 20 levels, go
ahead.  There are plenty of lucrative (wow---my english class came in handy
afterall! {g} ) opportunities out there for the good players.

                                   \ | /  
READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  \_/
                               THE FINAL BATTLE

The final battle: The Ultimate confrontation with Zemus

As the story progresses, you will find out that...well, I won't ruin the
surprise, but it concerns Golbez and a Lunarian called Zemus, who is so EVIL
that even though buried in the Core and sleeping, his mind can still control
people for Evil.  Zemus waits for you at the end of the Core.  When you arrive,
Golbez and FuSoYa will fight Zemus and destrow him with W. Meteo, whcih gives
Zemus 9999 damage.  After the battle, all seems well until...
With a burst of light and a boom of sound, Zeromus, the living essence of the
hatred of Zemus and all other beings, will apear.  Instantly, he will destroy
everyone except Golbez and FuSoYa, who will fight, but to no avail.  They too
are defeated by Zeromus.  Suddenly, from the Tower of Wishes on Earth, the
Elder, Palom, Polom, Cid, Yang, Cid's Assistants, and more will all wish for
you.  Suddenly, our Paladin awakes, with only 1 HP.  Golbez gives him the
Crystal.  Our hero approaches Zeromus and says 'Zeromus!  For all the people of
Earth, I will destroy you!'  With that, our hero attacks Zeromus.  Suddenly, 
the wishes arrive.  First Palom and Porom restore the parties' lives.  Then 
all the other wishers give energy which restores the party to max HP and MP.
Now the battle begins.  First, use the Crystal and start calling Bahamut if you
have the ability.  The crystal will change Zeromus into a being that is half 
the size of the screen.  Don't be afraid, this guy isn't tough if you have
Asura and/or Cure4.  After you use the Crystal, settle in for a 100000 HP 
monster to defeat.  For the Ninja Edge, select DART and use these in the 
following order of power if you have them:

Spoon Dagger
Gungnir Spear (Equip Kain with the Spear of White)
Excalibur Sword
Defense Sword
Avenger Sword
Light Sword
Any and All Ninja Stars
Any and all Shuriken Stars

This combination should do a ton of damage.  Combined with the attack of the
Crystal Sword, Bahamut, the Spear of White, and the Murasame and Masamune 
Swords, you should win.  The main attack of Zeromus is BigBang, which may cause
up to 2000 damage to every party member.  Always use either Cure4 on everyone by
pressing right on the control pad, or call Asura.  Either way, keep attacking.
After a while, Zeromus will fall, and you will see an ending that is worth it.
You will see the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, and two moons circling the sun.
You will see Palom and Porom.  You will see the Dwarfs and the Engineers.  You
will see Yang on the throne of Fabul, and Edward, King of Damycyan.  You will
see the wedding cermony of Rosa and Cecil.  Kain standing atop Mount Ordeals.
You will see...the credits (oh boy) + METEORS!!!  Have Fun!

                                   The End


Don't miss any chests if you can help it.  Many walls are walk-thruable, and
there are often very nice treasures to be found such as 5000 GP or maybe a
20000 GP Item.  Never pass up chests, even if it means you have to fight to get
there or if they're a screen away.  You never know what's there.  Even in the
Crystal Tiles of the Core, don't pass up a chest.  The fighting is usually 
worthy.  You will find strange, mysterious items and powerful weapons/armor if
you explore carefully.

|                STEP BY STEP WALK-THROUGH OF FINAL FANTASY II                 |


Ok, so now you're out of Castle Baron.  Looking around, you wonder "What now?"
Well, the first step is to go Northwest to the Cave of Mist.  Once inside,
Collect all chests
Fight Monsters to get Level-Ups and Items
Search for secrets
Once you reach the end of this one-floor cave, you will have to fight the M.
Dragon.  This should not be a difficult battle.  Use Kain's JUMP attack, and
attack normally with Cecil.  The M. Dragon, Rydia's mother's called monster,
will fall.  Once outside, save your game.  If you are seriously wonded, use a
Tent or a Cure.  Next, head East to the Town of Mist.  Once inside, the Package
will automatically destroy the village (well, not really.  It will be there if
you come back later in the game.) .  
Now Rydia will call Titan, who will cause an Earthquake.  You cannot win, so
don't bother trying.  You will be blown up and away as the Earthquake continues
it's destruction.  Now you will be in...

                                  The Desert
The desert is a place full of weaker enemies.  You will see TONS AND TONS of
Imps, which have LESS than 20 HP.  You should never run from these, even if 
there are six of them.  They are incredibly easy.  You might find an item that
says "(Circle) Imp."  I won't ruin the surprise of what it is, but it ISN'T
very strong, so don't bother getting it unless it happens to be there.  Now,
to get to the town, head Northwest.  When you can see the lake, the town is on
the Southern-center shore.  Save your game.  In the town, buy items and rest.
Now it's time to enter the Cave of Antlion, to save Rosa, who has fallen ill
with Desert Fever.  To the Northeast of the town is... 

                              The Cave of Octomamm
This is the cave where you will fight the eight tentacles of Octomamm.  The
enemies in this cave are not particularly hard.  Feel free to kick some as* in
this area.  Don't miss the chests.  When you get in the water, go to the 
waterfall in the east and walk through the center of it for a little surprise!
This cave has two parts.  The part mentioned here and...

                                 The Waterfalls
This is where the battle of Octomamm REALLY is.  Octomamm should be attacked
with Tellah's Lit-1 repeatedly.  Recover constantly as the attacks of Octomamm
are quick, continuous, and furious!  Don't miss the more powerful armor here!
After here, you will exit to...

                              The Desert (New area)
As soon as you approach Damcyan, it will be bombarded by the Red Wings!  Don't
worry, just go in and let the game play itself for 5 minutes.  Once you have
the Hovercraft, land and go back in.  Recover with the pots on the left and
right of the top floor!

                               Cave of Antlion
Easy place.  Get the chests.  You should be in and out of here in ten minutes.
Keep attacking Antlion.  Try not to use hand-to-hand weapons much, as you will
receive a counter-attack from them.  Get the SandRuby and beat a retreat.
Leave here and head towards Kaipo Village.  Heal Rosa, then it's on to...
                                 Mount Hobbs
Mount Hobbs is also easy.  Read the book about the MomBomb at the end.  You
should be in and out of here in ten minutes, tops.  After you beat this minor
belch of a level, head towards
                                 Castle Fabul
Save your game.  You will fight continuous battles once you help the King.  Be
ready with cures, Rosa and Rydia will not fight with you here.  Once you beat
the monsters and Golbez kidnaps Rosa, talk to the King and get the Ship and
the Sword of Black!

                                 Sail the Seas
Once you touch the dock, you will head out to see.  You will be confronted by
Leviatan in a dragon-type form.  The ship sinks, and all party members except
Cecil will be lost.

Head here after the shipwreck to pick up Palom and Porom, then go to...

                                 Mount Ordeals
Mount Ordeals is the place to become a Paladin.  Get the chests, then read the
book so that you know what to expect of Milon.

                                 Back to Baron
Take the Serpent Road from Mysidia back to Baron.  Now, go around and see the
differences.  Buy weapons and armor.  Next, it's on to the...

                                Watery Underpass
This area is also easy.  Skedaddle through it quickly and fight alot.

                                Castle of Baron
Back again.  Oh well.  Rest up in Cecil's room before going on.  Since you will
not be able to save, rest is a must.  You will fight Baigan as a monster.  Now
rest again.  Fight the king, Kainazzo.  Use Lit-3 alot.  Have fun.

                            Now you have an Airship...
Ok, roam around, gain XP and GP.  Have fun...

                            Read the above file for...
Cave of Magne and the Castle Toroia.

                            Done with that?  Ok...
Now it's up up and away to the Tower of Zot.  Here, get the chests and 
save at Special Zones.  You fill have to fight the three minions of Air.  
Hold it!  It's not that easy.  You MUST destroy them in this order:

1-The short fat one in the middle, Mindy.  She uses REMEDY magic to bring back
her defeated cohorts unless you REMEDY the situation by sending her back to
happy-hurricane land!

2-The REALLY short one, Cindy.  She uses the Delta Attack, which isn't very
damaging but IS very ANNOYING!  Beat up this little brat and then take on...

3-The super-tall, sub-orbital, can't-believe-she-doesn't-play-basketball one
is Sandy.  Beat her up.  She's a loser.

Note:  Sandy will give these idiots a wall, so magic is definately out for this
one.  Fight hand-to-hand, or bounce magic of one of your guys who got wall from
La Estupida (Sandy) to do damage.

Wait, wait, wait.  There's more.  Save at the Special Zone after resting, cuz
after you rescue Rosa, get back Kain, and lose tellah, you will fight Valvolis
of Air.  Shes a loser.  Have Kain jump and kick her butt! 

Time to go underground.  You will not have an Airship.  Your destination...

                              Castle of Dwarves
Ok, go through here in a flash.  Head towards...

                              The Tower of Bab-Il
This place is just like the Tower of Valvolis.  Same crud.  Get the chests.
Be prepared to fight things like Flamedogs and FlameMen.  Nothing too bad
here.  At least, nothing you can't handle.  You will fight a mad scientist and
his idiotic robot.  Dr. Lugae will call forth his 'masterpiece' which will
proceed to attack Dr. Lugae (duh!) .  Don't underestimate them.  Kill our pal
Lugae first, since he uses REMEDY.  Then beat up Mr Machination and wait.  Now
Dr. Lugae and his buddy are one.  Fight him, er, them, er, IT and win!  Now,
save and take EVERYTHING from Yang, as he will sacrifice himself soon.  Go into
the Super Cannon.  Kill the Imps, and Yang commits suicide (or so it appears)
while destroying the Super Cannon.  Now head back out to the Castle of Dwarves.
But wait!  Once you get to the exit of the Tower of Bab-il, Rubicant pushes you
off!  What a louse (oooohhhhh) !  Anyway, Cid rescues you.  Then the Red Wings
give chase and Cid will also commit suicide (again, 'so it seems') by closing
the hole to the upper world with a bomb he carries until it explodes!  Now
you are above ground AGAIN.  Go to...
                                Castle Baron
Now you get the HOOK for the Airship.  You should pick up the Hovercraft, 
then go to Eblan (the place where the tower sticks out of the big hole in the
ground) .  Read the above section about the Drain Spear and the Drain Sword.
After you have done that, go to the cave of Eblan by using the Hovercraft to
cross the shallows.

                               Cave Eblan
Blaze through here.  Immediately to the right of the entrance is a secret
passage which leads to the only two chests in this place.  In the lower left
corner of the cave is the entrance to town Eblan where there is nothing good.
Keep going in, to get to the tower of Bab-Il.  Make sure you grab the Drain

                               Bab-Il (AGAIN!)
Beware...once you enter this tower with Edge's leadership through the wall, you
CANNOT leave until you have beaten the tower.  In this level, you will find an
82000 GP bonus at the end.  You will also have to face Edge's parents, who were
changed by Lugae into hideous monsters.  Don't bother attacking, just parry and
cure.  After some time, they will regain conciousness and talk to you.  After
that, Rubicant appears.  He will give you back your MP's and HP's, then you can
fight him.  After you will, go up and you will fall into a pitfall to the
underground, where you will exit the tower by finding an Airship on the bottom
floor, which Edge names Falcon.  At the castle, talk to Cid to fly on Magma!

                   Sylph Cave, Land of Summoned Monsters
You should get through both of these before you go on from here.  Use Float
Magic so you don't get hurt, and grab the tresures as you pass.  Check the
list of treasures, for many valuable things are stored in these caves!

                                Sealed Cave
Use the key you got from King Giott to open the door here.  Once inside, go
around carefully, picking up the chests along the way.  Be prepared for some
very hard Trap Doors, which have high HPs, and will continuously do a search,
then kill a player.  However, these things are worth more EXP than you would
believe...about 10000!  When you are ready to leave here, De-Equip Kain, as he
will be taking the Crystal and leaving again.

Go back to the Castle of Dwarves, and talk to Cid.  He will attch the Drill to
the Falcon airship, and you can once again rise into the air above the

                             The Big Whale!!!
Ready to go to the moon?  Good!  Go into Mysidia, and the Elder will take you to
the Tower of Wishes, where all the wizards will wish and summon...the Big Whale!
Use this to go back and forth from earth to the moon!  In here, you will find...

░▒░ Spacious Bridge with flashing colorful lights and the only Crystal of Flight!
▒▓▒ Five Cryro-tubes to act as a free Inn!
░▒░ A Big Chocobo for all your item needs!

                                 The Moon
This is where you get Bahamut.  Enter the cave surrounded by a ring of rocks,
and you will be inside of...Cave Bahamut.  Here, you will fight 3 Behemoths,
then you will reach Bahamut himself.  Read the section on him to learn how to

                               Lunar's Lair
Lunar's Lair is that big temple in the center of the moon.  To reach it, you 
have to go through a series of caves, starting with one just Northwest of the
temple.  When you get out of that cave, go Southeast to reach the next cave.
Once you are out of that cave, go Northwest to reach the temple.  In Lunar's
Lair, there are tiles of HP and MP restoration.  You will get FuSoYa here!

                            The Giant of Bab-Il
After such a long excrutiating journey, you want a vacation, right?  Wrong!
Once you head to Earth, you'll end up inside the Giant of Bab-Il.  He is really
pretty easy.  Once you are at the end, save at the special zone.  From here, you
will fight the Four Fiends of Elements again.  They are WIMPS!  RIP through
their PATHETIC attacks and DESTROY them.  Note:Do not use ■Meteo when fighting
Rubicant, or he will absorb the damage in HPs!!!
After the fiends, go back and save again.  Use a cabin.  Then you are going to
see the CPU.  It is really pretty easy.  To kill it, all ya hafta do is two
things: Bahamut, Meteo.  That's it.  It is SOOOOOOOO easy. get 50000
Experience for every guy!  After this battle, you will lose FuSoYa.  Golbez
will wake up, no longer being controlled by Zemus.  Kain will wake up too, and
join the party.  You now have the PERMANENT party members.

How to defeat the monsters guarding tresure in the Core...
In this section, I will tell you about each major tresure and what it is guarded
by, along with how to kill the thing.  Any chests not talked about have only
mediocre armors and stuff, and are guarded by standard moon monsters, such as
Red Giants and Warlocks.


This okay sword is guarded by the PaleDim, a large white dragon.  When you
defeat him, you will get the Murasame sword.  Heres what you should know about
1.  When you Call against him, with any Call spell, he will do a Quake right
away.  If you plan on using Call magic, make everyone Float before the battle.
2.  When you attack him with weapons, he will counter with Slow right away.
If you want to be mean, cast a wall on your guys and let him slow himself down.

If you sneak from the mighty boss, you get a sucky Cure1.

■Lance of White (White Spear/Holy Spear)

For this cool weapon, you're gonna hafta fight Plague, an evil virus.  To start
off, it will cast Count on all of your guys (in case you don't know, Count will
count down from 10 to 0 slowly.  At 0, your party will die off at any time, one
by one.) .  Your best bet is to call Bahamut, or Leviatan if you don't have
Bahamut, and cast the White Magic of White.  Attack with the others.

If you sneak from this germ, you get

■Crystal Sword

This is probably the hardest of the monsters!  Meet Wyvern, basically Bahamut's
twin.  Right away, before you get a chance to do ANYTHING, he will do a ...
MEGANUKE!  Then, he will continually do Nuke on random guys, bouncing it off a
wall of his own.  Every time his Wall runs out, he is vulnerable to any magic
you can squeeze in at the right time.  He will cast Remedy on himself, then put
up another Wall.  His REmedy will restore exactly 2500 HPs.  Calling only makes
this guy madder.  When you call, he does MEGANUKE again.  You can beat him with
his own attack, though.  Just as you did with Bahamut, cast a Wall on your guys
before you Call, and when Wyvern does MEGANUKE, it will bounce off your wall and
hit HIM!

Believe it or not, again you can only sneak a pathetic Cure1 from Wyvern.

■Ribbon Helmets (Two)

When you approach the two chest in this room, you will be confronted by two
easy monsters, D. Lunars.  They are just powerful D. Bones.  To kill them, you
have to remember that magic won't hurt them, cause they cast Wall!  Attack with
Holy weapons to give them 9999 damage.  They have around 20000 HPs.  No big deal
for a good party.  They cast Virus after they cast Wall, so they bounce it off
their Wall and onto your guys.  Take these guys out fast, and you won't get hurt
too badly.  Remeber, they can also do a form of Blaze on your guys!

As with all the others, a Cure1 is your reward for a hard-earned Sneak!

The following are the best kept secrets of Final Fantasy II.  Only the ultimate
Role-player can find or accomplish these great things.  Good luck once again!

Duplicating Items
To duplicate an item, the item must be equipable.  Heres how to do it:
1) Equip the item
2) Go into a battle
3) Choose "ITEM" for the player with the item.
5) Go to any blank item space and hit "A" once.
6) Go up to the item you have equipped.
7) Hit "A" again
8) Hit "B" to leave "ITEM" screen
9) Run from the Battle
10) Hit "X" to bring up menu
11) Select "EQUIP" on character with equipped item
12) Hit "A" on the empty spot item was in before de-equipping.
13) Hit "A" on actual item de-equipped
14) Item is duplicated.

1) Go to Lunar Subterrane B5F
2) Go to the Bottom section
3) Enter room with single chest
4) DO NOT FIGHT.  ONLY RUN!!!!!!!!
5) walk in upper part of room, wait for a Pink Puff to battle.
6) WARNING-This may take as long as 52 minutes!
7) You have a 1 in 64 chance of recieving PINK after the battle.
8) Give PINK to man with Adamant Ore (see above, RAT's TAIL)
9) Recieve the Adamant Armor!!!

Zeus Ring
Fight skeletons and Red Bones!  Find out the rest for yourself, I've told you

Mage Call
Kill MAGES in Cave of Summoned Monsters or Cave Magne!
Just like the Bomb and Imp calls!  Discover how it works on your own!

Oh well.  This file has EVERYTHING you could possibly care about.  Enjoy.  Copy
and upload as much as possible.  I want this file to SPREAD!  Let the world
hear of Shadow Fighter!!!

For the ultimate in Hints, Cheats, and Info on the latest Role Playing Games,
turn to.........................

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