Final Fantasy IX - Strategy Guide

Part I

By: Matthew Leuthy



Hello. My name is Matt. I'd like to start by saying thank you for chosing my strategy guide over the other hype. Personally I believe that FFIX is one of the best games out there for Playstation and I can't wait for FFX to be released. Of course I'll have to save up enough money to buy a PS2, but that's another story. Speaking of story, I believe that this is mainly what makes FFIX truly awe-inspiring. But don't get me wrong; the graphics, music, and gameplay are also top-of-the-notch. Pardon me, I'm not here to endlessly patronize Square, I'm here to help you out by truly guiding you through the game because I'll be playing as I write. If you have any doubts I've already played through the game twice. Plus I've gathered some other information from off the internet, mainly from the Gaming Intelligence Agency (keep up the good work guys!) And so onto the final Final Fantasy, for PS1 anyway...

(I don't own Final Fantasy, it's characters, or anthing affiliated with it, so PLEASE don't sue me, thanks.)


Main pointers:

First, let me say this: RPGs are not beaten in a day. My point is: take your time to enjoy and work hard at this game. Be thorough in learning Abilities. Believe me, it's a real bitch to have to keep switching between armor and weapons, you do that enough with Support Abilities. Second, along with battling and learning Abilities, EXPLORE! This is not Legend of Dragoon where there are little dotted paths between each town or forest. Whenever you get the chance, revisit old localles, they've probably changed since you were first there. Ships and chocobos come in handy for this. Third, keep your experiences in this game and treasure the life lessons it conveys. Memories can be powerful things...



Zidane Tribal: The dashing, young, lion-hearted hero of our strory who just happens to have a tail. Zidane's main attribute is his Steal command, that grabs items away from enemies. Many useful weapons and armor can be stolen from the bosses in this game.

Baku: "Boss" to his brothers, Baku is the leader of the Tantalus treasure-hunting/performing group. He is an expert fighter and airship pilot, plus he has old ties to Regent Cid. At times it seems like the only things that can get him down are his allergies.

Blank: He watches out for his friends and companions like a big brother. No wonder his Tantalus compadres call him "Bro." Like his Tantalus bretheren Blank is a bit of a stage buff, but would risk it all for his friends if need be.

Marcus: The big man of the group, Marcus keeps it real and steps it up for Tantalus. Mocked at first for his appearance, Marcus found true friendship in the Tantalus gang. Of course, treasure-hundting and being in the limelight is a good way to take your mind off of things, too.

Cinna: Cinna is a bit of an oddball. His hat gives him the appearance of a chef, but his weapon and tool of choice is a hammer. In fact, he won't let anyone other than imself touch his hammer. Well, if there's one thing you can say about Cinna, it's that he's unique.

Ruby: Raised on a secluded ranch, Ruby came to Lindblum to open her horizons. While you can tell right away from her speech that she's no Treno noble, she does have high regards for herself and is very ambitious. Who knows what she'll do next?

Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII: The most beautiful princess in all of Alexandrian history, Princess Garnet know little of life outside the castle or for that matter her own early childhood. She has learned the art of White Magic, but also has the power of the summoned monsters, Eidolons, buried deep within her. Garnet has the most Summons in the game.

Queen Brahne: The Queen of Alexandria. She is a bit large. Doesn't have too much in the looks department, either. Brahne has been, for the most part, a kind and just ruler, but recently she has seemed to change...

Vivi Ornitier: A black mage only 9 years old, Vivi is kind and playful. However, his Black Magic is coniderably strong for his age.You'll have lots of spells for Vivi to learn throughout the game. His Focus command can really power up the spell he uses his next turn.

Adelbert Steiner: Captain of Alexandria's Knights of Pluto, Steiner is a force to be reckoned with when taken head-on. He will learn a wealth of Sword Techniques during the game. He can become even more powerful when paired with Vivi which adds the Sword Magic ability to his list of commands.

Beatrix: The lovely general of Alexandria's main army of women. She is very devoted to her ruler, so much that she even named her unique sword "Save The Queen." Like Steiner, she deals with issues of loyalty during the game.

Zorn and Thorn: Royal court jesters for Queen Brahne, these two often provide comic relief, but are also skilled in the black arts...

Regent Cid Fabool: He resides over the castle-city of Lindblum with a heart of gold. Cid is an expert engineer and has helped to design many airships. However, things haven't quite been the same since the disappearance of his wife, Hilda, and his new airship that can fly without using Mist for feul.

Freya Crescent: Trained as a Dragon Knight in Burmecia, the Realm of Eternal Rain, Freya is on a continuing search for her long lost love and fellow Dragon Knight, Sir Fratley. Freya's Jump command is useful for evading attacks, and many of her Dragon Knight skills are very useful.

Quina Quen: A strange-looking, long-tongued, big-stomached member of the Qu Clan, a long line of gourmands. The main thing to remember with Quina is try to eat everything. Also, be sure to catch plenty of frogs to power up the Frog Drop spell.

Kuja: A man shrouded in mystery, he uses his power to manipulate people and bring about chaos. He is a bit of a narcissist, though.

Eiko Carol: The little girl who is a lot more grown-up than she appears to be. Eiko's main wealth is in he extensive collection of White Magic, though her Summons can come in handy at times.

Amarant Coral: A bounty hunter and wanted man in Treno, Amarant lives by his own rules and code of honor. He takes great pride in his physical strength. Like the ninja of FFs past Amarant can throw various weapons at the enemy. His other skills, especially Chakra and No Mercy, are very useful in battle.


Well, now that you know the who, let's get to the what, when, where, and why. Onto the Walkthrough.



Disc 1




                The first of the four CDs in this game opens with a nice big CG sequence. As the opening credits begin to roll we see a small ship being tossed about violently at sea. We have just enough time to take a fleeting glance at the young girl and her distressed mother before we are taken to the bedroom of the now awake Princess Garnet. She opens her windows and we are treated to a lovely view of Alexandria while following some doves. As we continue with the journey of the birds we get our first view of the Theater Ship as is travels along the Mist-laden sky. Then the action switches to inside the Theater ship where our hero slides down a pole then enters a dark room while the door shuts noisily.

                You now control Zidane as he lights a match to give him at least a small amount of light to work with. There is a small candelabra on a table in the middle of the room you need to light to procede, but for now EXPLORE! In an upper right portion of the room you'll find this info on the Theater Ship:


= M.S. Prima Vista, Theater Ship =

Class: Luxury liner with theater

Tonnage: 8235 tonnes

Guest Capacity: 288

Propulsion: Veil Energy

Shipwright: Zebolt Shipyards

Port of Registry: Lindblum


Keep this info stored up because you'll need it for the Ragtimer Quiz Game later. From there search around the very back of the room on the right side you'll find a potion, then directly left on the other side you'll find 47 gil. After that go ahead and light the candle. Someone asks "Who's there?" and you get to input a name. We'll just call tail boy Zidane because that's the default. Blank, Marcus and Cinna run out of the side room. After a quick conversation Baku shows up in a dragon mask and it's time for your first battle of the game.

                Baku isn't too tough. He only uses physical attacks and somesimes trips up. Everybody has the Steal command so make sure to get everything off of Baku before defeating him, including the Mage Masher, a weapon for Zidane. When you defeat him the mask splits in half and it's time to get to the plot. Tantalus is planning to go to Alexandria and perform a play called "I Want To Be Your Canary" by Lord Avon (another thing to remember for the Quiz Game.) During the performance Blank and Zidane will kidnap Princess Garnet and take her to the regency of Lindblum from whence they came. 

                In another CG, people from all around are flocking to Alexandria to see "I Want To Be Your Canary," including the young black mage Vivi, who watches in awe as the Prima Vista flies over-head. We then see the the Prima Vista reflected in the giant sword positioned atop the castle, The symbol of Alexandria. The main title appears and we are treated to a couple more credits.


Renaissance Mage


                We first gain control of Vivi in Alexandria town. It's a big town and there's lots to do here. Start by running back in the opposite directon you were facing. You can find some cards here in the foreground and background, plus a Potion near the back of the Heroine Statue. The writing on it states that the 9th Lindblum War was fought in 1398 (Quiz Game.) Then return to the street you were on to start with and enter the building directly on the right. Talk to the old woman at the spinning wheel for a brief scene then search near the bed to find her savings of 9 gil. Examine the table on the right for a Potion, then climb up the ladder and inspect the cubboard for a Fang Card. You can make Vivi fall down as many times as you want by inspecting the lare tapestry on the right side of the room. Exit back to the main street.

                Run directly left from the old woman's house to the other side of the street to find another Potion. Go up the street a little ways and you'll run into Puck, who immediately runs off. Inspect the green fruit basket a for yet another Potion then exit to the north. After the brief scene with the Treno nobles search the grass on both sides of the foreground for 33 gil and a Goblin Card. Hippaul, the hippo boy will be seen again during your many adventures, but for now enter the tavern in the middle of this screen. Search the south-western corner of the room for a Flan Card, then the small alcove in the wall for 27 gil. The south-eastern corner of the room also hides a potion. Exit the tavern and go left.

                The guy on the left will tell you where the ticket booth is and the path on the right leads to Doug's Item Shop, where you can find 38 gil in the foreground. Procede north to the square. And now it's time once again to EXPLORE! The statue on the right states that the 15th Lindblum War took place in 1601(Quiz Game again). Talking to people is always a good idea in RPGs, and FFIX is no exception. Hippaul is here and he tells you he hid his 3 special cards in a great place. The two entrences on the east side of the quare contain a weapon and synthesis shops. The synthesis shop isn't open but you can find and Ether in the far east corner of the room. The weapon shop isn't open either. The north exit leads to Alexandria castle but it is currently blocked off, although a Pheonix Pinion is hidden near the cart on the left side of the street leading up to the guards. The large building on the west side is and inn, going inside will get you a brief scene of the Fish Man and a guest arguing about the price of staying there, but not much else. The three girls on the left will let you play jump rope if you talk to the one in the middle. The trick is to tap X right as Vivi lands, or as I saw it, when his feet suddenly "get bigger." Successfully jumping rope will earn you many rare cards up until 1000 jumps where you are awarded the "King of Skipping" title. It will be a while before you can play jump rope again so I suggest you take care of it now. Once you're done here, exit into the alley on the west side of the town.

                Proceed down the alley to a small pier. The kid on the northwest side of the pier is looking for his cat. Accept the offer to look for it then return to the Heroine Statue area in the beginning of town. The cat should be there. Inspect it and the kid should run up and retrieve his feline. Return to the pier and he'll be there again. Talk to him and he'll reward you with a Bomb Card. Enter the chapel and climb up the ladder in the middle of the room. Pull the rope to ring the bell and nab Hippaul's secret treasure of three cards. Inspect  the far east corner of the chapel to find a Potion, then the left group of flowers in the foreground for a Tent. Enter the house northeast of the chapel and search the far left corner for a bottle of Eye Drops. Return to the square. 


"I Want To Be Your Slave"


                Take a peek inside the ticket booth and you'll end up in a conversation with the Ticketmaster (rimshot.) He offers some information on Tantalus, "I Want To Be Your Canary," and the Alexandrian royal family if you ask him. After gathering this information show him your ticket which turns out to be... a fake! Ticketmaster tries to console Vivi by giving him some cards. After this let-down head back into the alley where you trip (ha-ha) and throw off Signmaker Dantes. He then exits and Puck reappears. Chose any answer you like then accept his offer for you to become his slave. Puck grabs the ladder then heads off towards the pier. A red-haired, four-armed man appears at the top of the alley. Talk to him and you'll end up in a tutorial for the Tetra Master Card Game. After this, you can go around town and challenge various people to card games. Make sure you get the Carrion Worm Card from the guy near Doug's item shop after talking to him again.

                After this return to the chapel where Puck is waiting for you. Try and climb up to the bell tower and you'll have your first encounter with a Moogle whose name is Kupo (go figure.) Tell him you understand and Puck will climb up the ladder with the Dantes' stolen ladder. Now is a good time to save your game. Also this is the beginning of your Mognet quest. Usually the moogle recieving will be one you meet right after the sender. Also the travelling moogle, Stiltzkin, is here. Later in the game he'll pop up occasionally to sell you useful items. Climb up the bell tower and inspect the yellow thing on the south side of the roof after crossing the beam that fell for 29 gil. At the third beam you're asked to input a name. Do as you please, but I think Vivi's fine for this walkthrough. Go down the stairs on the next building you come to and cross the beams to reach another yellow thing, this time holding 63 gil. Go back to the roof with stairs and go directly north to find one last yellow thing containing 92 gil. Trek on over to where Puck is and you'll automatically enter the castle.


Whose Line Is It, Anyway?


                In our next CG, night has fallen on Alexandria, but everyone is up to see "I Want To Be Your Canary," including Vivi and Puck. We get our first (unfortunately not the last) glimpse of Queen Brahne, who for all purposes is just butt-ugly. Steiner also makes a cameo as he signals the start of the play with a wave of his sword. There's lots of fireworks, the queen dances (I'm surprised she's able to) and "I Want To Be Your Canary" finally starts. My advice: sit back and enjoy the show.

                A battle ensues. Your Steal command has been replaced with SFX (Special Effects) which are fake spells that do no damage; they're only crowd-pleasers. You don't really need to use them but do if you want a little dramatic flair. Take our Zenero and Benero first with physical attacks then gor for the big finish on King Leo (Baku).

                After some brief conversation probably the funnest mini-game, the Fight Scene, begins. All you have to do is match the commands that Blank tells you to do, but you can do it as many times as you want: until you please all 100 nobles. The more nobles you impress, the more gil you get, so do your absolute best, and HAVE FUN!


Playing Hard-To-Get


                After the fight scene Blank and Zidane knock out two Pluto Knights and steal their armor. After their conversation proceed up the stairs. The princess runs out of a room in a classic white mage cloak. Chose to examine her face and you're treated to a quck scene where Zidane tries to be a ladie's man. Eventually Garnet rushes past him and Blank and Zidane give chase.


"Talk normal I used to, until hit me in the face with a shovel my brother Zorn did."


                Zorn and Thorn make their debut appearance, and we get our first taste of Thorn's speach impediment. They rush to see the Queen in a slightly funny scene then run into Steiner and Beatrix. Beatrix informs the queen of her daughter's indiscretion. You then get to name Steiner. You could name him Arnold for all I care, but to follow tradition we shall call him Steiner.


Draft Evasion


                You now control Steiner. He tries to assemble the Pluto Knights but only the two Zidane and Blank de-robed show up. Start by running to the room on the right where those two same knights are slacking. Talk to them and they'll get back on the job. There's a moogle here so Mognet and save. Search the southwest bed near the door to find a Pheonix Down. There is also a complete list of all the Pluto Knights you need to find posted by the door. Run back up the winding stairs and go south. Speak to the queen and she'll give you an item depending on your performance in the fight scene. If you got all 100 nobles impressed you get a rare Moonstone. Going south from the bottom of the top stairs will have you end up where the fight scene was being performed so don't go there. Go north to the hall with the portrait. Dojebon is running around here. It may take a while to catch him but you should be able to. Try exiting on the right then re-entering and running south to the entrance. Once you've spoken to him go through the northwest hallway. Continue left and you'll get your first glance at Quina and the Kitchenmeisters (sounds kinda like a jazz band, eh?) Backtrack and take the right exit from the top portion of the portrait hall. Mullenkedheim is standing near a ladder. Talk to him then go down the stairs in the portrait hall and continue left. Laudo is standing by the southernmost bookshelf. Tell him to bite the bullet and he runs off. There's nothing to be found in the eastern wing of the library so return to the portrait hall and exit south. Continue south to the small port where Haagen is sitting. Recruit him, then run west where you find Weimar trying to put the moves on a female soldier. Tell him to get a move on and continue in the doorway, down the hall, and up the stairs. Breireicht is found about halfway up the stairs. Talk to him and he gives you the following info on the Pluto Knights:


Blutzen and Kohel are "double super-sleuths."

Laudo is their most inspirationsl writer.

Dojebon is the most famous artillerist in the realm.

Weimar is the only man who can name all the girls in town.

Haagen has a knack for navigating the neighborhood.

Mullenkedheim is the winner of last year's cannonball race.


After all this he will give you an Elixir for finding everyone. Continue up to the top of the stairs and exit out the opening. Once there he spots Zidane running after the princess.


The Show Must Go On!


                Our nex bout of CG goodness is a funny one. Garnet continues to play hard-to-get, only this time by pretending to fall of the castle. She ends up swinging to the orchestra box of the Prima Vista with Zidane in hot pursuit while Steiner comes to a rather abrupt crash landing.

                After Garnet makes a mess of the orchestra follow her into the dressing room where we first meet Ruby. Talk to her and Garnet runs off again so follow her down the stairs to the candelabra room. Garnet reveals her identity to Zidane and, as luck would have it, she wants to be captured. Cinna bursts in and after some conversation Cinna, Zidane, and the Princess escape down a large hatch while Blank (still in armor) holds up Steiner.

                You then find yourself in the engine room of the Prima Vista. Walk up to the engine and turn the knob both ways. Cinna will yell at you but two treasure chests containing a Pheonix Down and a Pheonix Pinion will drop from the cieling. Then open the main menu and equip Zidane with the Mage Masher and Moonstone before heading into the room on the left. Steiner pops up (or should I say slides down?) and also Blank, who shows his true colors, arrives. You then battle Steiner directly. Of course start by stealing everything off of him then use physical attacks to get him. The battle ends with Steiner using a cool-looking attack not seen anywhere else in the game, destroying Blank's armor and ripping the pouch of Oglops he was carrying. Zidane and the princess escape in the confusion. And now we return you to our regularly scheduled play already in progress.

                After the brief scene with Marcus and King Leo; Zidane, Princess Garnet, and Steiner jump onto pads that rise up to stage level. The play is acted out to its finish. Meanwhile, Puck and Vivi are seen and almost aprehended, but thanks (?) to Vivi's magic the pursuit end and a battle begins. Use Vivi's Fire magic on all enemies so quickly dispose of the two Pluto Knights. You can't Steal but you can use Garnet's Cure spell to quickly heal. Just keep your health up and beat up Steiner.


It's a B-B-B-B-B-B-Bomb!


                The Prima Vista tries to make a quick exit only to be stopped short by giant harpoon guns. Brahne then brings out the BIG gun which shoots a Bomb monster right at you. A battle begins. You still don't have Steal so all you really have to do is keep your health up and beat up Steiner if you want to until the Bomb grows too large and explodes. The Prima Vista narrowly excapes only to crash land beneath the Mist in the Evil Forest.


 Audrey II


                Zidane regroups with Cinna outside the wrecked Prima Vista and an ATE of Garnet and Vivi running from something in the forest is seen. A Pheonix Down can be found in the pile of supplies just south of the Trumpeter and Conductor. Save, then continue through the hollow log to the southeast. You may now want to take an early opportunity to level up a bit here on this screen. Since Zidane is your only party member he'll recieve lots more experience than if he were with the others. Potions can be stolen from Goblins but you can often net Pheonix Downs and Hi-Potions from the Fangs. Be sure to have the Beast Killer support ability equipped from the Moonstone. Once you're ready, exit to the east.

                 Garnet has been trapped inside Prisoncage, a plant monster. You'll have to fight Prisoncage while stopping once in a while to heal Garnet with Potions. Zidane Trances at the beginning of this fight. Prisoncage doesn't have anything to Steal so hit it with the Free Energy Dyne. Using Tidal Flame will damage, if not kill, the Princess. Prisoncage excapes with Garnet, then a second identical monster traps Vivi. Again, every once in a while heal Vivi with Potions. A Broadsword and a Leather Wrist can be stolen from this Prisoncage, but Vivi might kill the monster before you can get the latter. Vivi helps out by casting Fire from inside the evil plant every once in a while.After it is beaten it sprays Vivi and Steiner with a green mist of seeds and you are automatically taken back to the Prima Vista crash site.

                Blank gives Vivi some medicine and Steiner is locked in a supply closet where he also takes the seed-removal medicine. Baku and Zidane argue then you are left to control him again. Search near the globe on the right for some Bronze Gloves. Exit to the left and you are given the choice of two ATEs, Time to Escape featuring Steiner, and Girl Who Was Left Behind starring Ruby. See them both then view My Little Baby with Cinna. Continue down the stairs and talk to Blank. Go to the room on the right and speak with Vivi. 116 gil is on the top of the bed and an Ether is in the chest by the dresser. Exit and a flashback will ensue. No matter which option you choose, Zidane will decide to go look for the princess. Chosing "Forget it" will incite another flashback and Zidane will make up his mind in a more dramatic fasion.

                After this Blank shows up again. He and Zidane talk and you decide to go see Baku. Before you do a Wrist can be found in the background behind Blank. Go left and get the Ether from the chest in the foreground. Equip your Optimum and go down the stairs to the right of Marcus. A Rubber Helmet is found in the back of this room. Go through the door to the right to find Baku. After he leaves grab the Potion from the foreground chest and return to the cargo (candelabra) room. Speak to Baku then chose to fight him. Steal everything off of Baku (a Hi-Potion and an Iron Sword), then use physical attacks to lay the smack-down on him. After the fight Baku gives you a parting gift in the form of a sucker-punch. Talk to Blank then go recruit Steiner and Vivi. An Ether is in the chest in the room where Steiner was.

                Equip Vivi with the Silk Shirt that was on Zidane for the Thunder spell and equip Steiner's Bronze Gloves. It takes a while for Steiner to learn Beast Killer so be sure to transfer the Moonstone to Steiner after Zidane's finished with it. If you got the Leather Wrist equip it on Vivi as well to learn Blizzard. Go south from the cargo room to find Blank who gives you some more seed-removal medicine for Garnet and a letter from Baku offering some advice. After you're done talking return to the screen where Blank is and grab the Leather Hat from the chest. Outside Cinna will now sell you items. Stock up, Mognet, and save then return to the main part of Evil Forest.


Can you repeat the question?


                Your main focus now will be to learn all of your available abilities. Zidane: Flee, Detect, Protect Girls, Flee-Gil, Beast Killer. Vivi: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder. Steiner: Minus Strike, Beast Killer, Antibody, Bug Killer, Bird Killer. Equip the Iron Sword and Rubber Helmet together for double growth on Minus Strike, and Broadsword with the Moonstone for double growth on Beast Killer. View the Orchestra In The Forest ATE to listen to Rufus' Coronation Theme from FFVII. On the third screen in you can go left from the fallen log/root to view a waterfall. Return and proceed one screen. A giant tree stump is spouting water that can restore your HP&MP, thus making Tents unneccesary here. An ATE pops up, then Mognet twice and save. Continue to run around and learn your abilities but don't go more than one screen further than the healing stump/spring. The pattern you'll want to have in battle is: Have Zidane Steal at least once, then use Vivi's Fire spell or Steiner's physical attacks. The Dendrobiums (big flying flowers) give 2 AP after every battle so the quickest way to learn Abilities here is to fight them. You can also steal Eye Drops, Tents, and Ore from them. They are most common on the screen after the healing stump.One other thing to watch out for is the Goblins' special skill Goblin Punch. It deals critical damage to it's target if it and the Goblin are at the same level. Be on your guard when your characters are at level 5.


Top Ten Reasons Why Blank Kicks Ass


                After learning all your abilities level up some more if you like (it's good to have everyone at level 8 or higher) and save. If you have the room on your memory card I suggest you make an additional save to a different slot with your current data as you might want to revisit this time again some day. Continue past the screen with lots of Dendrobium. A very brief CG occurs where we first see the Plant Brain. Continue through the dark opening to the north and your first boss battle begins. Eye Drops and an Iron Helmet can be stolen from Plant Brain. Get them both then open up a can of whup-ass. Don't bother using Eye Drops on Vivi until after the battle, just have him use Fire. Steiner should use Fire Sword. Blank eventually joins the battle. With a full party Plant Brain should go down easy. 

                Garnet is given the seed removal medicine, our heroes are attacked by Plant Spiders, and some very cool music entitled "Run!" starts playing. On the next screen groups of Plant Spiders spontaneously come out of where you just came from. Battle them for as long as you like, they're very easy. Be sure to switch the Silk Shirt Blank has equipped for a Leather Shirt, you'll see why in a minute. Equip the Iron Helmet on Steiner as well as it's Level Up ability. And now tonight's Top Ten List (drumroll please):


10: He just looks cool. Gotta love the hair.

9. He has the speed of Zidane and the attacking power of Steiner.

8. He can see through that big leather belt he has strapped around his head.

7. He's the only guy the Tantalus crew call "Bro."

6. He knows how and when to make an entrance.

5. Has the balls to say that Princess Garnet isn't his type.

4. He's in the Fight Scene.

3. The only person I have ever heard use the phrase "hasta la vista" then refer to being eaten alive as becoming beef jerkey in the same sentance.

2. Can go through 2/3 of a play with a pouch of about 20 oglops hidden on him.

1. You'll see soon...


After you're done here go south where you jump down to a river bed near a giant skeleton of a monster. Kill off both groups of Plant Spiders and continue south. After a brief scene one of the coolest CGs in the entire game plays. I won't give anything away. You'll have to see for yourself.


That's all for now. Hope you tune in again for the next installment.

Matt Leuthy


This guide is copywright August 21, 2001 by Matthew Leuthy