Wizardry 8

- Walkthrough V1.0 - 
by Guiler (Guilersk@earthlink.net)

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Wizardry 8 is (c) 2001 Sir-Tech Canada Ltd.

This is by no means complete, but it ought to help you
play the game. If you know of something that I don't,
drop me a line at {guilersk@earthlink.net} and I'll
credit it you for it. Go ahead and ask me any questions, too.

-Version History
-Character (NEW 0.4)

0.1-12/01/2001 Done Monastery, roads, Arnika.
0.2-12/02/2001 Part of Trynton.
0.3-12/17/2001 Umpani and T'Rang (partial)
0.4-01/06/2002 Gigas, some wildernesses
0.5-02/18/2002 Marten's Bluff, some Bayjin
1.0-03/06/2002 Complete to end of game

It is very important to have at least one flank or the rear against a wall.
If you are surrounded, you will easily be taken down, even by weak enemies.
The best fights (in your favor) take place while you stand in a doorway, a
hallway, or a cul-de-sac where they cannot get around you even to your
flank. This way, your casters can pound the enemies with spells without
fear of melee attacks, and your fighters will take the blows (because they
have the most hp). Additionally, you limit the number that can attack you
(unless they have ranged attacks--which run the risk of hitting their own
allies) and you can concentrate your firepower on one or 2 monsters.

Status effects are very important. Direct damage spells in this game by and
far are worthless. Why cast a L6 Fireball which will probably fizzle and do
6-36 damage to a group of creatures with 200hp each when you can make them
nauseous (easier to hit that way), unconscious (really easy to hit) or
blind (they run and you can pick them off piecemeal later)? Additionally,
you will do more damage when an enemy is suffering from certain effects,
like nausea, KO, or sleep.

CHEAP TRICK: If no enemies are in sight (all your weapons show red), choose
a move action. Most everyone will move before you do, and all your actions
will be delayed; saved until it is your turn to move. Then, simply click
the end move 'x' and you get all of your actions. This can also work if you
would rather have the monster get to you so you can melee it, rather than
hitting it with less damaging missile weapons.


Many people ask me what my party is. So, here it is:

Liz Fighter
Hum Valk
Fel Samurai
Raw Priest
Hum Bard
Elf Mage

Anwar Ahmad adds:

First of, I thought I would share some small hints with you if you don't 
already know them.
Having a bard is great but having a female bard gets you one additional 
benefit. An ENDURANCE NECKLACE (you can get them from a shop or find them in 
the temple in Arnika; at least for me it was there). This thing allows that 
particular character to regain stamina like nobody's business. Running 
effectively never effects the stamina of this character so she can enter 
battle at top stamina. This is good because using instruments takes a lot of 
stamina. I also found 3 things that only bards could use:

1) ARIEL'S SLIPPERS (Random encounter)
	AC +5
	Senses +10
	10% vs. Air

2) OBERON'S GREAVES (Bought from Antone in Arnika)
	AC +7
	Speed +10
	5% vs. Mental
	5% vs. Divine

3) MERCUCIO'S BLADE (Random encounter)
	To Hit +2
	Initiative +2
	Damage 4-11
	Close Combat +15
	15% vs. Fire

A few other things that Bards and a few other classes can use: -

	AC +1
	Pickpocket +15

	AC +1
	SPEED +10
	Locks & Traps +10

Secondly, Saxx is a bard (obviously) and he can join you. Unfortunately, 
he's male so he can't use the ENDURANCE NECKLACE. But... he does have a 
SOULFUL SAX, which is a musical instrument that casts 'Soul Shield' spell. 
Not much I know...

Thirdly, that BLODDLUST is one hell of a sword. Sure, it stats aren't all 
that great but when its working, it just blows away most other swords. 
Anyone using it can berserk up to 3x (i.e. three whacks) and each whack does 
a lot of damage between 2x and 3x damage per whack! (If you enable verbose 
combat text, you will actually see this shown). Compare this to a normal 
Fighter who normally only berserk with 2x whacks at most.

Another tip is have the rest of your party who are not in the front equipped 
with 'extended range' weapons like pike, halberds, or staves. There are 
quite a few good magical ones later on in the game. This ensures they can 
whack the baddies in front AND around you even if they are not at the front.

Damaging spells are useful! Spells like Magic Missile affect everyone in 
front. Even though the damage on one critter isn't all that great; the total 
damage could be quite high. Spells like Fireball are also useful because it 
doesn't have a range limitation. It's useful for nailing Sige(s) (weak spell 
casters) in one go. The bard Piercing Pipe also has a similar effect on 
baddies to the 'Shrill' spell (I think) and works like Magic Missile. When 
attacked with hordes of weaker creatures like bats, vines and sprites... (It 
happens a lot to me). Having three characters using those spells (and a bit 
of luck), you can nail most if not all of them in 1 turn. Granted it's not 
that useful later on but in the middle part of the game it really shortens 
those stupid encounters (You know, the ones with tons of baddies like 9 
Twilight Bats AND 6 Acidvines in ONE encounter).

Bard Instruments: (Initially provided by Anwar Ahmad)
Instrument's Name	| Spell Cast When Used	| Requirements
Poet's Lute		| Sleep			| Music 1, Bard Level 1
Angel's Tongue	| Bless			| Music 1, Bard Level 1
Viola D'Amore	| Charm			| Music 5, Bard Level 1
Piercing Pipes	| Shrill Sound		| Music 15, Bard Level 3
Siren's Wail	| Insanity			| Music 15, Bard Level 3
Snare of Delay	| Slow			| Music 15, Bard Level 3
Frigid Fiddle	| Freeze Flesh (group)	| Music 30, Bard Level 5
Silent Lyre		| Silence			| Music 30, Bard Level 5
Mandolin of the Ma| Magic Screen		| Music 30, Bard Level 5
Jericho Horn	| Armormelt			| Music 45, Bard level 8
*Soulful Sax	| Soul Shield		| Music 45, Bard Level 8
Rousing Drums	| Haste All			| Music 45, Bard Level 8
Arresting Aria	| Paralyze (all)		| Music 60, Bard Level 11
Banshee's Howl	| Hex				| Music 60, Bard Level 11
Dulcimer of Mendin| Heal All			| Music 60, Bard Level 11
Succubus Song	| Lifesteal			| Music 70, Bard Level 14
Chaos Drone		| Fear/Insanity		| Music 75, Bard Level 14
Strings of Seducti| Turncoat			| Music 75, Bard Level 14
Renaissance Lute  | Restoration		| Music 85, Bard Level 18
Hades Harp		| Cerebral Hemmorage	| Music 85, Bard Level 18
Infernal Horn	| Nuclear Blast		| Music 90, Bard Level 18

Name			Components			Effect
Jack-in-the-box	| Doll + hinged box	| fear
Lava Lamp		| 2 colored goos (fuzz)	| mesmerize
X-ray scanner	| x-ray chip + scanner	| put monsters/items on radar
Searchlight		| flashlight + mag glass| detect secrets
Strobelight		| Oscillator + elec lamp| prismatic ray
NegatAir		| Vacuum Pump + L M Tube| Asphyxiation
Microwave Ray	| Brk Blast + Micro chip| Boiling Blood
Magic Mirror	| Magic Polish + Sh plat| Eye for an Eye (charged)
Forcefield Generat| Magnet + Voltage Ampli| Armorplate
Regenerating Stone| Electrodes + Lazurite | Heal all
Water Cannon	| Hose + Bellows		| Tsunami
Jackhammer		| Pendulum + Chisel	| Earthquake



You are on a beach. Yay. In the distance, you can see pieces of a crashed
ship (from which you miraculously escaped) and a treasure chest. You can
guess which one will be more helpful. Go open up that chest, select all the
pieces, and take them. You might have got some useful items, so make sure
to equip them or stick them in the inventory (if usable) of someone that
can use them.


I have been informed that the contents can vary. So, hope you get a bomb
(it makes the first miniboss easier).

Now head towards the ship and your first fight. It ought to be real easy;
just a couple crabs. Take this opportunity to learn the combat system. Do
not worry to much about them flanking you; they don't do much damage.

Head out into the water, skirting it with the cliff on your left side. You
will come to a ramp. If you look down, you can see some stones which you
can take; they are bullets for slings. Go up the ramp and find some more
crabs to fight. There are more than 3, likely, but only 3 can come on at a
time due to the narrowness of the ramp.

At the top of the ramp, in the gazebo, is a battleax, a cherry bomb, and a 
sling. The cherry bomb is a portable fireball of sorts, so give that to 
someone in the back.

Done with the outside, so head back to the beach and up to the Monastery
door, lit with orange light. Open up the door and head down the corridor
with green moss on the ceiling. It will head up a ramp and take several
turns along the way. If you are lucky, you will find slimes to find on the
way (well, maybe unlucky; but at this point you need all the xp you can

From now on, only specific encounters will be mentioned because they are
(for the most part) randomly placed and change every time.

You will come into a large room with a dome ceiling and 4 electrical lights.
Continue straight, despite the passage behind you, and up the ramp. At the
end is a room with a spellbook and a book on the table. Turn on search, too,
for good measure.

Head back down to the dome room and note the passage above the ramp you
came up (west on the map). Grab the arrows on the right side and head down
this new passage. It splits to a right (N) and a left (S). Head right (N).
It splits again, but continue NW. In the room of barrels and boxes, search.
You might find some quarrels. Head out the doorway to the left (SW) and 
ignore the intersection, continuing straight (SW). You will come to a 
larger blue-tinged room with a lamp on a table and a potion, which you
should grab.

Follow the passage and take the right turn (S). It will split again, and
you should take the left now, towards the room with green slimy water in it.
The water will not harm you. Go into the corner to find a chest with a bow
and some other equipment in it.

Turn around and head back west. You'll find a room with a table in it and
some darts and a candle. From here you turn south into a green-lit corridor
with a lantern on a table. Further down is a room with a table and a poseur
cap, if you don't have anyone with lock skills. Search for a spellbook.

Further down, you'll pass a banner on the wall and find a 3-way split with
bones at the apex. The corridors are all blue-lit. Take a right and go SE,
and the passage will turn north and you will find a door on the east wall.
Go in, take the note, and search for boots and a ring of protection. 
Continue north and you can find another cell, but this one is locked and has
enemies inside. Try out the 'stand in a doorway' trick and see how well it 
works here. Once done, you can take the cure poison potion inside and some 
sling bullets (in the corner). 

Continue along this passage and you will find one that heads right (NW). On
the floor are knock picks, invaluable for getting doors open. Head up this
passage and it ends in a door, which is locked. Open it and you will find
a big wonking crab inside, with extended reach (make sure to get in melee
range if you can). Once he's down, enter search mode and get the potion in
the corner. Search for a bow. You can find arrows here, too, by the table.

You can now unbar the door here into the domed room that leads down to the
entrance, and you can also go up the stairs to the next level. Continue
straight (E) and not up the ramp yet (S). There is an alcove with a sling
in it you can take, and then continue east. You will find yourself in a room
with a large metal bridge and a pool full of enemy fish. Do not go up the
bridge using the button; you can't get down the same way, and must fight a
big boss-type guy to get back down here if you do, and this will be a 
problem if you are not high enough level.

If you jump into the water, you can head out of a cave onto the waterfall,
outside. A rock in the middle of the waterfall has some resurrection powder,
which is both expensive and useful. It is easily worth the time, especially
because you unbarred that door. You did unbar that door, right? Right?

Anyway, back to the bridge room. You can see into that room with the 
bookcase at the top of the ramp here. Cross the bridge and head right (S)
and down a ramp. It terminates in a room full of ale kegs. There are some
potions there, including ale, which fills up your stamina when used (if you
do not become nauseous). You will also find a trapped chest on the table.

This is a dead end, so head back to the bridge room, back past the alcove,
and up the ramp (S) that I told you not to go up before. I hope you are 
about level 3 or 4, because this fight will likely be a hard one. You must
fight Gregor and a number of roaches, Gregor being the king. (Before lots
of people who think they're smart mail me about this one, YES, I know it's
a reference to Kafka...) If you are lucky, Gregor won't engage and you can
pick off his friends before going after him. If not, I suggest you use that
? bomb and cherry bomb if things start getting tough.

If it proves too hard for you, you can go up the bridge and engage Gregor
by himself, but then you are trapped up there until he is dead.

Assuming you came up the ramp, you are now in a large hall. Take a right
and go in the first passage in the right. It twists and opens into a large
temple room. There are 6 coffins, all lootable, along the sides. There are
a couple of items here that you can use. Be careful, some of the coffins
are trapped with monsters.

Simon Huntington notes:

the water in the fountain in the room with the coffins has limited 
restorative properties.

Leave and cross the large room to the passage heading south. Skip the right-
hand turn and go instead to the room at the end of the hall, on the left
side. If you touch the statue, a trap door will open up and you will fall
to the blue rooms below. Consider _not_ doing it. Instead, touch the skull.
This opens up a panel in the wall behind the statue, which gives you the 
SAFE KEY which will open up the safe mentioned below.

Go back to the passage you just skipped. Go up the ramp and hit the
button, and then go back down. You just opened the door on the west side,
allowing you to go to the upper monastery. Before doing so, consider
exploring the rest of this level. 

To the SE is a morgue full of roaches. Head east and then north to find a
potion in the wall and (ultimately) a kitchen with a safe and a CLEAVER. Use
the SAFE KEY (mentioned above) to open it. You can also go east to the 
bridge room, where you can find another locked door (fit by the WHEEL KEY, 
found in ARNIKA) and a path that leads outside to a talkative Trynnie, your 
first NPC. Make sure to grab the sling stones by the cliff edge and open up 
the chest. You can also buy things from Burz, here, and I suggest you do; 
the road to ARNIKA is not particularly short, by any means. Ask him about 
'ship', 'monastery', 'messenger', and anything else you can think of. Sell 
anything you don't need, and head back to the 'Gregor' room, where you can 
go to the Upper Monastery. Don't miss the bullets on the floor there, right 
before you zone.

Opening up the WHEEL KEY door allows you to get into a room with a coffin,
2 chests, and a pair of screaming heads (enemies). There is some good loot
in there, including a demon-slaying sword and a demon-slaying bow.


You walk up into a largish room filled with crates. Go up the stairs that 
are over the ramp you just came up and you will find yourself in a control
room of sorts. You will return here soon, but for now head back down and
try to open the locks on a couple of the crates here. They are the ones
that appear to have 'handles'.

You will find 2 passages. Take the one to the left (E). Open up the door
in the bedroom you find, go down the stairs, and down to a devotional room
with a table and some bandits. They have a number of items to loot. Return
to the bedroom and head left (S). Down a long ramp is the library. Search
here by all the bookshelves. There is a locked door here that you will get
into later, but you can continue into another room, a smaller one with a
microwave. Turn the dial up all the way and hit the red button to blow it
up and get a microwave chip. Search the bedroom on your way back up.
(The OLD IRON KEY is located in a room near the exit, up a ramp; see below)

Head back to the crate room and take the right-hand passage this time. You
are in a bedroom; search the beds, then take the left-hand (S) passage. It
will twist and open up into a large hall filled with bandits. Make sure you
don't get surrounded; stay near the door or against the wall.

When done, cross the hall and take a left (E), through the closed door, into
the garden. Then, take a right (S) into the main temple area and talk to
the guy there (actually, just approach him). Then, another guy will appear
and threaten you with the power of the Dark Savant (if he's so cool, why
doesn't he kill you here? I don't understand...) Now, go up onto the 
platform at the south end with the 3 banners and take the potions there.

Return to the great hall (the one with the bandits, and the statue of 
Phoonzang) and head down the stairs (S) this time. You will find yourself
in a small room where you can get a bard horn that casts bless and samurai
armor (once you set off the BELLS). Open up the chest, and go back to the
great hall. Head west, into the purple-lit section. The main double door
leads out of this area, but to the south there is an open doorway. Go 
through here and up the ramp. You'll end up in a largish room, probably
with monsters. There is loot up here, and a chest with an OLD IRON KEY. This 
opens up the door in the library. There is also a chamber behind some glass
which you will break in a moment, with the BELLS.

Return there and open up the door. Kill the bats within and turn to your 
left to find a machine there. 'Use' the dial all the way to the right and 
press the red button. This will ring the BELLS and blow out all the glass 
in the building, allowing you to get some loot in a minute. First, go up 
the stairs to find a chest there.

Head back up to the control room, to start. This is the room right at the
beginning of the zone, up the stairs by the crates. Feeling brave? Ok. Get
up on the controls near the open window and look down. Aim for the highest
crate and jump. Then, jump down into the middle of the crates. Open up the
crate here with the handles (the only one you couldn't open from outside)
and get the Hunter's Cape, a +2 AC cloak with +5 senses tacked on. Then,
walk up the plank to get out.

Return to the room with the armor in the center (S of the great hall with
Phoonzang's statue in it) to get it, some samurai armor.

Last but not least, go up the ramp where you found the OLD IRON KEY and 
through the broken glass portal on your left. You should get a shillelagh

Go back down to the purple-lit room. Camp, save, and zone.


Now you find the nasty part of the game; encounters scale to you, and often,
over you (at least, to a certain point). It is abolutely critical that you 
use good cover procedures out here, because most of the monsters will 
crush you if you don't. Always have your back or side to a wall and use 
lots and lots of protection and status spells. If you find yourself 
overwhelmed, you will have to reload (and it will happen often). On the 
other hand, it's pretty easy to level out here if you're into that.

Start heading forward (W). If you run into enemies, back up to a wall or
pillar and use that to make sure they don't get behind you. The hardshell
crabs here can be irritating because they have extended reach, so take care
of the little venom crabs before advancing a step or two on them.

The area will narrow into a pass, which you can follow for a while. Note
some sling bullets along the way. Soon after, the path will split. Go left
and you'll run into a bunch of bandits guarding a treasure chest. Once 
you're done here, head back the other way, and you will come out into a 
green area with a fort on your right side (N) and a road heading straight 
out (W).

There is usually an enemy group at the crossroads, so make sure to use the
walls and also the copious cul-de-sacs in the area to your advantage, even
if you have to run for the first 2 or 3 rounds of combat. Always make sure
you rest in cul-de-sacs too, facing outward with your mages in the back.

The road splits right after it begins. Head left (S), towards ARNIKA. 
Heading right (N) goes to MT GIGAS, where the Umpani dwell, and you can do 
that now if you like, but I always head to ARNIKA first.

Head along the south border of the hills to find an amulet of static. On
the other hand, if you go along the south edge of the hills towards MT 
GIGAS, you can find some gloves (Beware of the Hogar there if you do).

There is a cave on the north side near the hogar, and it has a few weak
enemies in it. There are a bunch of items in here, so feel free go get
them before Arnika.

Piercer Modais can be found roaming the road, from which you can get a
PIERCER MODAI CLAW for one of Antone's item quests.


Stay along the left side if you want to get into ARNIKA. You'll find a 
potion near the wall.

Heading south along the road leads you to Trynton, or the graveyard. You may
run into Rattus Rattus along the road, a Rattkin who wants you to rob a bank
in Arnika for him. Agree to do it for him and He'll give you a gun.

There are a number of small items along the way; nothing particularly great,
but if you want to get everything (and you don't want to get constantly
ambushed by monsters), stay off the road and against the cliff faces.

The graveyard is in this area, and you should circle around it first to find
a treasure chest against the graveyard wall. Actually getting into the 
graveyard will force you to confront a group of spirits, one of which is a 
spellcaster (try to move around the corner where she cannot see you, 
forcing her to come to you).

The graveyard itself consists of a large group of graves around a tomb of
some kind. Inside the tomb building is a spectre of some sort, upon which
you must sprinkle holy water. You can actually find holy water if you search
up by where the road to the graveyard meets the main road, at the southeast
corner of that intersection, by a tree. Doing so gains you 1K xp.


Considering how many people have told me that they can't do this (and I 
have), I suspect I ought to be a bit more explicit with the instructions. 
Go into your inventory and click on the holy water. It should be stuck
to your cursor. Then, exit out of inventory with it still stuck to your
cursor. Face the spirit, make sure you are very close (melee distance, if
that helps), and click on the spirit (with it still stuck to your cursor).

You can also find here, on 6 gravestones, 6 blue runes which must be done
to help complete the rune puzzle. Once you have found the 6 runes (in order)
then head to the southeast pillar of the graveyard. Hovering the hand over
it indicates that you can use an item on it. Take a DAGGER (not a thieves'
dagger, or a poison dagger, or a throwing dagger; just a regular, plain old
dagger) and use it on the pillar. It will stick there. Exit the graveyard
and go around the southeast of it, following the cliff wall. You will see
a ring of mushrooms. Step into the ring to find the first secret dungeon.

A mummy stalks the area, and it gives you MUMMY DUST, necessary for one of
the item quests that Antone will require of you to get his custom items.
You can also find a SKULL here, necessary for another of the items. Next to
it, in the tomb, is the Siren's wail, a nifty little instrument for your
bard which casts insanity on the monsters; an incredibly useful item this
is, if you have a bard. Search by the skeleton for more items.

Picuses can sometimes be found roaming the road, from which you can get
a GIANT PICUS EGG for one of Antone's item quests. There are also Piercer
Modais, which carry PIERCER MODAI CLAWS.


These things are all set up like the Wizardries of old; a block dungeon full
of random encounters and a few items. This one is fairly low level (8-12).
This place maps very poorly, and it's too much of a maze to describe 
accurately. Have fun with it. The only way out is to find the Baron Englund
(sic) Specter, kill him, and take the mushroom circle behind him. He is a
L13 caster and has 3 (sic) specters helping him, so think about this before
you go in.


Watch out for rogues and Savant troopers. If you want to engage them, try to 
do it near a Higardi Patrol or some Brotherhood Monks. They will help you, 
and you will get all the xp and gold for anything they kill (a nifty trick 
later on in TRYNTON).

Advance past the fountain and pick up your first NPC; a rogue named Myles.
Talk to him about a number of things, and then 'recruit' him. Ask him about
'Marten', 'Trynton', 'Arnika', 'Antone', and anything else on your list.

Now, go straight up the street. You'll pass a building with 2 unicorn
statues; that's the HLL; you can't get in there yet. At the next 
intersection, take a right towards the statue. Go into He'Li's inn (on the
left) and talk to her (pay Myles' tab first for xp). Talk to her and then
buy stuff. Save money for the weapon shop though. Ask her about 'room' and
she'll tell you to kill the guys upstairs.

Go through the only closed door and then immediately into the first room on
the left. Take the viola and open the chest for HE'LI'S KEYCARD, used in
the bank later. Go back into the hall and into the 2nd door on the left for
a chest with potions. Finally, go upstairs and kill the rogues. You can
sleep here without fear of being bothered.

Cross the road, west, to get to the weapon shop. The police station/jail
is on the same block; the weapon shop is between 2 blue banners. Talk to
the rapax inside. Ask about 'custom' and he will tell you of his custom
pieces. He is otherwise unwilling to talk about anything else. Make sure
to buy yourself a crossbow if you do not already have one. If he hasn't
got one, leave, rest, and come back. Turn around from the counter and go 
into his personal quarters. Open the chest there and get ANTONE'S KEYCARD.
He probably also has some nifty equipment in there that you can use too.

Antone has some of the best equipment in the game to pickpocket, if your
skill is high enough. Consider investing some time cleaning out the other
Arnikans and the Trynnies to build up your skill. Finding the Filcher's
Band (+15 Pickpocket) is a good place to start. I made it from 6 (+15) to
75 (+15) in one short afternoon, just by pickpocketing the Trynnies, Crock,
and the residents of Arnika.

Cross the road south to find the temple. Don't go upstairs, but instead
down the ramp into the basement. At the bottom is a room with a reflective
floor. Touch the blue statue to recove magic and then unlock the door
behind the tapestry. Down at the end of a marble corridor is a metal door,
behind which are a number of spirits and the WHEEL KEY. Just stay in the
door and fight them one at a time and you'll be fine.

Go through the open doorway in that marble room and open up the door on the
left side of the hallway (it has a beige eye in the middle). This is the
priests' quarters, and contains several potions. Search near all the beds
for magic items.

This is it, so head upstairs and talk to Braffit in the top room upstairs.
He will give you a background on some things (though not much important)
and you can buy potions and spellbooks from him. Use the pool nearby for

West of here is the bank, but we don't need to go there yet; we need one 
more key card. You can get it by going to the northeast corner of town, near
the docks. Ask her about some things (she doesn't say much that you don't
know) and go in the back to open up her chest and get the ANNA'S KEYCARD.

Now we are ready for the bank, near the statue at the center of town.
(Incidentally, look at the sign and it will fall off and give you treasure.)
Walk into the bank and say 'withdrawal'.  She'll tell you she needs a card.
Exit out of 'talk', go into inventory, pick up one of the 3 KEYCARDs, exit
out of inventory with it still stuck to the pointer, and click it on her.
She will open up the elevator in the next room. Go in there and down the
elevator (there is a button by the door).

Take a left out of the elevator and use ANTONE'S KEYCARD on the slider
on the right side of the door. This will open his vault. Go in and take
Bloodlust, a longsword. It is cursed (cannot be unequipped without help,
and you can't weapon-switch in combat because of this) but allows any user
(not just a fighter) to berserk while using it.

Next go into Anna's vault using ANNA'S KEYCARD. Do the same with He'Li's.
They have some loot, but nothing spectacular. Now go around the corner and
start picking the locks on the doors. The first one on the right has 2
chests and the one on the left has one. The one at the end of the hall has
a golem in it; best be prepared for it. If you have trouble defeating it,
get Vi in your party (described below) and try again. The best thing to do
is blind him; if you have the gleaming sword from the monastery coffin room
or a blinding spell, do it. He doesn't respond to paralysis.

Get the 2 chests behind him, and that's it for the bank. Let's check out the
police station now; it's on the same block as Antone's weapon shop. The
entrance is on the east side of the street, heading north from the statue
(towards the burning ship). Go on in and have a look at your friend, Marten,
on the bulletin board. Pick open the lockers to get the MARTEN ID TAG and
some miscellaneous loot. This MARTEN ID TAG will allow you to get into the
HLL later.

Go into the prison area and open up all 3 cells. Kill the rogues in the
first one and hit the panel on the floor of the second one. Fall into the
passage and follow it all the way until you are under the HLL. There will
probably be a slime on the way. The end will require you to fall a short
distance; hopefully you can survive it. You get a diamond epee, an oilskin
cloak, and an amulet of stillness (casts paralyze). The door here is basic-
ally unpickable, so just use the machine (hit that big button there) and it
will teleport you to the inn.

TBowers@searay.com suggests:

In Arnika.  I recruited Myles when he asked me to help him rob the bank.
(I didn't use him to free Vi.)  He worded it a bit nicer than 'robbing',
he's quite the spin master, but I knew what he meant.  He mentioned that
there was a tunnel in the jail that goes to the vault.  As you mentioned,
the tunnel goes to a room with the diamond epee and an emergency escape
machine.  ( You mention that the room is under the HLL.  It may be, but I'm
not sure about that. It appears that you are in one of the bank vaults.
Note the message on the transport machine.) The door out of the vault is
breakable, IF you use a lock pick.  The door has about 10 tumblers, but the
lock pick opens about 6 of them for you.  My rogue had the door opened in
about 6 tries after using a pick.  Thing is, I don't know that you get any
extra items for doing this.  The door opens to a floor in the bank,
separate from the other vaults, which takes you to an elevator up to the
main lobby.  Although it is better than being transported onto the street
in front of the rogues.  I ended up fighting the rogues anyway, but on
better terms.  I caught them at the bank entrance coming in after me.

Now let's go get our second NPC, Vi Domina. Head north from the town square
towards the burning ship. Go in, grab the copper gloves and the damaged
black box. Go up to the door on the left side and open it. A fight will
begin with some Troopers. You must destroy them before they kill Vi (not a
hard thing to do). Go in and talk to her. Ask her about a few things, and
grab the box in the corner; it is used in a gadget later (if you have a
gadgeteer). You get 7K xp for saving her. Ask her about 'Rapax Rift' and
'Al-Sedexus'. Take her to He'Li (200xp + ale) and Braffit (500 xp).

Now you should go to the HLL. As long as you have the MARTEN ID TAG, you can
get in; the scanner will detect it. Go to the end of the hall, take a right,
and go through the room with officers to the elevator room. Take it up to
meet Tramain. Ask him about 'Destinae Dominus' to get 'Phoonzang' added to
the list. You can of course add it yourself, but sometimes it doesn't take,
and I hate retyping it every time... Otherwise, this guy is pretty useless.

Go around the other way, to the left of the entrance, to find a number of
lockers with potions.

If you like, you can go explore the Dark Savant's Tower (but you cannot get
in yet). You can always kill the guards, though. It is at the west end of
town, through a hole in the city wall.

Ther are a couple more things to do in town, but not much. Go through the
houses, one by one, to loot them for stuff. You can find a doll (combine
with hinged box for jack-in-the-box gadget) and various other things. Always
search near bookshelves.

There is a Mook building which you cannot get into yet without the MOOK
ALLIANCE OFFER provided by either the Umpani or the T'Rang. Give this to
the hologram out front and the door will open and you can go in. Talk to
Screg and he will give you the MOOK ALLIANCE ACCEPTANCE. Ask him about 
'Chaos Moliri', 'discovery', 'theory'. Then go into the back room to look at
the CHAOS MOLIRI. You can take it if you like, but then the Mook will hate
and attack you, and the Umpani might be upset too. A better idea is to
take it, and then put the ASTRAL DOMINAE (FAKE) back in its place! (You get
this later after you have contracted the Rattkin to steal the ASTRAL 
DOMINAE for you and they have succeeded; see the Rattkin Tree section of
Trynton for more details). Once you have done this, go upstairs (the
elevator is near the leader, Screg) and take the potion and scanner. This
scanner can be merged with the X-Ray Chip to make an X-Ray Scanner, if you
have a gadgeteer. Then, talk to Urq in the corner. You can ask him about
various topics, but I haven't found that he has anything useful to say.

TBowers@searay.com suggests:

You mentioned not being able to get into the Mook building in Arnika.  Do
you have a Mook in your group?  I bet not.  I do.

I don't get into the building either, but my Mook does.  He leaves my party
and goes into the building for 24 hours.  He just popped back into the
group after I camped.  It appears that the only thing I gained from that
was some information.  I don't know if you can gain the information in
other ways or not.  My Mook found out that the Mooks have one of the things
you are looking for.

Go into the spaceport, too, on the south side of town. There are a couple
of buildings here. The first one has a flight recorder analysis slot, and
you can stick in the broken black box found at the crash where Vi was, but
it won't be able to read it. The next building (up an elevator) has an x-ray
chip and a slot for the SHINY METAL BALL found in Trynton in the Hogar's 
cage. The hangars have a couple of misc items. There is also a hidden 
(search) cursed item in the SW corner, just for kicks, the 'beanie'. I am 
going to presume later that you can find a 'propeller' and the gadgeteer 
can merge them to create an intelligence-boosting item.

Once the SHINY METAL BALL has been installed, you can track and calculate
ships in orbit. If you have the X Y Z coordinates of a ship, this will be
a useful tool (presumably).

If you have installed the BLACK BOX that you can get in Bayjin, it will
tell you the X Y Z coordinates of the ship, and the orbital tracker will
tell you the ships location. My coordinates were 1X 1Y 2Z --enter them just
like that, or it will not work. This is for the T'Rang Black Ship quest.
Bring the location back to the T'Rang for your reward.


This area is accessable from ARNIKA road, if you go past the hogar towards
Mt Gigas. It is fairly nondescript, compared to other areas.

Head along the southern hills and you'll eventually find a cave with a hogar
in it that is stuffed with items. This should include (at least for me) a
bard instrument that casts hex, which is a very useful spell.

Along the road, you can find a small camp of rogues who carry a large amount
of loot with them. Take the time to clean them out and get a diamond. Also
along the road is a shallow pond with an island in the middle. There are a
number of items on the island, but the pond is filled with slimes, so 

There is a bridge that heads west out over the water, and it is guarded by
a marble golem. He is immune to most things except insanity, so try to use
that so he won't hit you. This bridge leads to the MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS.

If you cross the north bridge, this leads to the UMPANI BASE CAMP. Myles
refuses to go here.


Head up to the main gate to talk to Private Panrack there. He hasn't got
much interesting to say. For reference, to get in, I said YES to hazardous
materials, NO to convictions, and NO to the T'Rang empire.

Head into the bar (first building on your right after you get into the base)
and talk to the people there. Saxx won't talk to you unless you've allied
with the Umpani, and neither will Sgt. Bildublu. Neither says much even
when you ARE recruited, so no big loss. The other half of this
building is the Commissary; you can't buy anything from here unless you've
allied, but you can talk to the guy. Ask about 'Umpani'. Buy the UMPANI FLAG
too, from the guy, especially if you intend to ally with the T'Rang.

This store merchant, Sergeant Kunar, has a key you can pickpocket off of him
that will open a door behind the counter. Going in reveals a spider symbol
under a rug; Kunar is the informant that you must talk to if you were given
the T'Rang quest to destroy the Umpani. Tell him the phrase that was given
to you by Z'Ant (it should be in the 'misc' list). He also has an IUF TOP

Michael Gaudet adds:

I went to the Umpani Base Camp before going to Arnika, when i got there i 
went to the recruitment center first, and recruited Pvt Sparkle and went 
through the training course.  When I was done i went to the tavern where 
i talked to Saxx who didn't have much information to offer, but did join 
my group when i tried to recruit him.  He joined as a level 7 Bard with 
very high music skill (45) and was very proficient with throwing and sling 
which made him the ideal character to equip with bombs, and powders.  I 
kept him in my group until i completed the rat clearing at trynton and 
dismissed him to recruit Madras so that i could try out a gadgeteer.

If you would like to ally with the Umpani, go into the IUF recruitment
center. Sgt. Balbrak will offer to recruit you. Say 'yes' and he'll give
you a pass to the obstacle course. Head up the road to the left and you'll
find Sgt. Rubble at the Recruit Training course. If you have already
enlisted, he'll let you in and you can take the obstacle course on. There
is a bit of actiony movement required, but if you've ever played a shooter,
it shouldn't be too bad. Then, you have to attack some training dummies.
Since I did this at level 11, this was cake. The dummies are rated at level
6 and all single (no groups). There are a number of hidden items here, too,
so stop and search if you don't have Sparkle to auto-search. Then, you find
a locked door which you must pick. Go out through here, and it's done. 5K
xp. Take the potion and IUF LEVEL 2 SECURITY PASS, and use the PASS on the
door to open it.

Return to Balbrak in the recruitment center and he'll send you on a mission
to Marten's Bluff to find a T'Rang item. It is the T'RANG ARM found in
Marten's Bluff. If you bring this back to him, you get 40K xp and he gives
you the IUF LEVEL 3 SECURITY PASS. Go to the store and you get a 2500g
credit there.

Once you have completed training in Mt. Gigas, you'll have to return here
to Balbrak. He will give the MOOK ALLIANCE OFFER and ask you to take it to
Arnika. When you return, you get 160K xp and the LEVEL 5 SECURITY PASS. Go
back into the Mt Gigas entrance and log into the EWAXX computer using the
login in your journal. You can then query it for information. Then, return
to the MT Gigas Upper Caves to meet the general.

Also in the recruitment center you can find Sparkle, an incredibly cute
Trynnie ranger who will join up with you.

Head on over to the barracks (in the same building) and loot all the lockers
and footlockers for some ammunition and misc items.

You can try to get into MT GIGAS, but unfortunately you need level 3
clearance. To get that, you have to go to Marten's Bluff and bring back a
T'Rang piece.

Hidden behind the bar building are some items you can search for.


You can only get in here if you have the IUF LEVEL 3 SECURITY PASS and have
been told to do so by the recruiter sergeant.

Head through the doors into a largish area filled with crates and search it
for items. This is the Alpha Hub.

Take a right (W) and head to the storage area. The corridor will
twist for a ways, and then offer you a right turn, which you should take 
(s). Go through the door provided and loot the room. Then head back to the
main corridor.

From here, you are free to explore as you see fit. There are no monsters,
and signs pointing to everywhere you want to go. In the southeast corner,
in a dead-end corridor, you can find a treasure chest. In the northeast
corner, there is a panel that you can step on, and it opens an alcove along
the west side of the eastern-most passage (south of it). The only problem
is, if you step off it, the passage closes. The solution? Take an item out
of your inventory that you don't need (an arrow, or a scroll or something)
and drop it on the panel. The panel will stay down, allowing you to go to
the passage.

There are a number of monsters inside, so be ready. After killing them, you
can search for items by the crate and open a treasure chest there. Inside I
got some cool stuff, so it is definitely worth it if you can get in there.

Stuck in the middle of the tunnels (E of Charlie Hub) is a power station,
but it doesn't seem to have much use just yet.

Most of the crate piles have items that you can 'search' for. Few are worth

When you are done exploring, head to the southeast area into a large open
cavern. There is a golem there that you must fight in order to get to the
training area. The cavern will end in a T, and you can go left or right.
Go left first, and when it splits, take a right. You should find a treasure
chest in a dead end.

Head back and go to the left this time. Search the body you come across, and
then take a right and search that body, too. In fact, search near every body
you come across. 

This restricted area is swarming with monsters, so be careful when you go
in. Keep taking lefts now; you'll eventually find a treasure chest after 3
or 4 of them, in a dead end.

Now turn around, from this chest, and head east. You'll turn south. Keep
going south, past the passage to the left (E) and follow this until you
find a right turn. Take a right (S) and then a quick left (E) and follow
this passage (skip the left) until you find a skeleton leaning up against
a cliff. Next to him is the Frigid Fiddle, a bard instrument that casts
paralysis. This item is awesome, because it means that as long as you keep
casting stamina on the bard, he can keep paralyzing foes (and the stamina
cost is quite reasonable compared to many instruments).

From here, take your first left (E) and the passage will turn north. Take
your first right (E) into a little alcove with a suspicious looking wall.
Find the point that you can 'use' and the wall will collapse, revealing
a mummy and a treasure chest.

Head back to where the fiddle was and head south, instead of taking that
left (to go up to the mummy). When you get to a 'T', take a right, and you
will end up at a pit with 2 ropes. Fall in and get the flak vest and 

Now for the tricky part. Head up the west rope, and follow the trail NW
until you find where the restricted area started. From there, head north,
left (north), right (east), left (east) and you will find a pit with no
ropes. Fall down and you will find yourself in a small area with a large
lake and some short corridors. There are 2 chests, one south of where you 
fall in, and the other in the sand near one of the hills by the lake. When
you've got them both, head up the rope ladder on one of the hills, and open
up the trap door to get back up to the top level. From there, head in a
generally west direction to get back to the non-restricted area.

When you get back, head west to the elevator and use the ID on it to 
activate it.


You are in a small room. Press the button to the left of the door to open
it, and proceed through, past some guards. Open up the next door (no ID

You'll come to an intersection. Take the right, and follow the signs to the
training center. You'll come upon an arcade-console looking thing, and you
should use the IUF SECURITY PASS on it. If you go around the back, you will
see that the wiring is broken. If you touch it, you take damage (not a good
thing). TO REPAIR THE CONSOLE, carefully touch the broken ends of the wires
and you will move them to their right holes. There are 3 wires. Do all 3
to fix it, then use your ID again to open the gunnery doors.

Beyond the console is a 4-way hub. All of the ways (excluding the one
you came in, of course) end in locked doors which have no buttons. You must
repair the console to open the doors. To repair the console, see above.

The first time through, you will open up the gunnery doors (the east door).
Go in and talk to Sgt. Rubble there. He will give you a rocket launcher and
5K xp. You must destroy the dummies with the rocket launcher. DO NOT CAMP
NEAR RUBBLE. There is a serious bug that will cause you to be unable to
advance. There are more rockets in the room at the end of the hall if you
need them.

Once the dummies are destroyed, Rubble will go to the Cover Ops door (the
one on the north side). Go to this one next. Rubble will ask you to find 5
flags. There are also 5 tough monsters in here, so be careful. For the first
one, just bear right until you've killed a Morax. It ought to be right
behind him, along with a potion. Keep bearing right (there is a hill that is
tough to get over) past an Apus to get the 2nd, and another potion in a pool
of water. Turn around out of this dead end. Bear right/straight at the first
'T' (W) and then take your first left to get the 3rd. Go back out to the
main passage from the alcove with the 3rd one in it, take a left, and bear
right at the largish pool of water to find the 4th flag. From here, head
south to find the hardest monster yet (a Djinn-18 for me) and the last flag
(lucky for me that the gadgeteer got an insta-kill on it with his gun).
From here, head north and then take your first right to find a door and
some items for you. Press the blue light button to open it and return to
Rubble. You get the IUF LEVEL 4 PASS and 50K xp. He will tell you to return
to Sgt. Balbrak (in the recruiting center at the base camp).

You will return here after the General sends you here. Use the LEVEL 6 pass
on the console to open up the last (south) door and go in. Talk to Rubble,
and then go up into the small building to get the SCUBA GEAR. You must wear
it in your misc spot when underwater, or your stamina drops until you die.

You can go into Bayjin from here, but neither Madras nor Vi will go with
you if you decide to do so.

There are other features of this level:

At the north end is a barracks room full of chests, with a healing fountain
in the room behind. Right to the west of it is a tunnel that ends in a 
'use'able wall, with monsters behind it. Search for rockets by the crate.

In the SE corner is a small supply room with 3 locked lockers.

In the NW corner, there is a lone umpani guarding a door. If you go in, and
pull the lever on the floor, you open up a teleporter to the fort on Arnika
Road. Not incidentally, you can find a musket, musket balls, and a bard
instrument, the Dulcimer of Healing, in that fort. Go there and find those
things (search for the musket by the crates) and open the door so you can
have a quick way back if you need one.

Pretty much straight north from the entrance elevator is a door which must
be opened with the Level 5 Security Pass. Inside, beyond a second door to
the left (S) is General Yamir, who Balbrak sends you to after obtaining
the Mook alliance. He gives you the LEVEL 6 PASS and orders you to the
training area, to the UTU door. Search the crate room near him for items, 
and the other room too--you have to unlock some lockers to get at the 
stuff in there.

If you return Glumph (found in Bayjin) to Yamir, you get 300K+100K xp, and
then are given a mission to destroy the T'Rang transporter in Marten's 
Bluff, as well as a PULSE PICK, used to open some doors down there (and you
might already have one because there is one down in Marten's Bluff, too).

If you return to him with Drazic and Rodan (hopefully with the Z'ANT
ALLIANCE in hand), He'll give you the IUF TOP SECURITY PASS which you can
use to get to the top of Mt. Gigas and 400K xp.


This area is pretty simple. Just find a rocket and use the T'RANG TRACKING
DEVICE on it. You'll shoot down the Savant's ship and gain 400K xp. Return
to Yamir, downstairs.


You'll start across the river and you have to cross a bridge to start 
looking for the tree that is Trynton. Unfortunately, a large variety of 
difficult (status-causing) plants live here, as well as a Hogar, which, 
despite the fact that it is level 7, causes an inordinate amount of damage. 
My advice is to hit it with as many status effects as you can to try and 
keep it from hitting you.

Items you can get from here include the HOGAR TUSK, IRON WEED THORNS, VENOM

Lildadar The City Ranger adds:

In 3.0 there is something you missed. there is area were you can enter the 
water and run down to were the fish are. When you come into Trynton right 
after you cross the bridge you can take a right and follow the river up to a 
water fall, this is where you can enter the water look around there is a 
ring in the water. after you get this ring swim/walk you way down stream and 
jump off the little waterfall taking 2 or 3 points of dmg. when down there 
you can pick up 200 or 300 points of exp killing fish. but if you look 
around you can pick up some stuff. in order to get up there is a fishing 
pole that has it's line in the water you must climb that up to get up.

Follow the 'road' over the bridge, past some trees, and past a pair of
torch-lit pillars carved into faces. You'll see a large tree on your right
which goes up farther than you can see; this is your destination. Circle 
around it to the right, and find the main doorway. There will be a chief
there who will talk to you. Agree to help him and you can go in.

Follow the green passage to a ladder. Click on it and you will automatically
climb. You'll find yourself in a small room with an archway and another
ladder down; take that ladder and fight the roaches found there. You will
earn a magic ring and a magic drum. Once you've gotten them, go back up
the ladder and through the green-lit archway. Here you find another ladder

Grab the ale on the table to your right and move on to the next ladder down.
You will find yourself in a passage that turns left into a small room 
filled with spiders. There is a suit of mail and a ranger cloak. Go back up
the ladder and you will find yourself facing one that goes up. Take it.
This next room has an evil plant in it that needs to be disposed of.

Search this room for 2 potions and you'll note 3 ladders. Take the one on
the right first. This small room has another plant. Search for some magic

Take the center ladder next, and you will find a dung beetle you need to
defeat. Search for a sword by the crates. Then, head back down and up the
left-hand (and last) ladder. You'll find arrows and a rope to climb.

Go out onto the wooden platform and take the ladder on the left side. 'Use'
the pool for some healing, then head back down and south. You'll come around
to a platform with a small table/brazier thing that can be 'used', but I
don't know what to use on it.

Go up the ramp and into the building. Take the purple potion on the table
and search for arrows, a potion, and greaves. Leave the house and take a
left up to the circular platform. Go around it to find another route out,
on the right side. You'll pass a sign that says 'Marten's Pagoda' on the
left-hand side as you approach an elevator. Use it to get up to the higher
levels (you'll zone)--just pull on the hanging rock.


Go up the ramp and you'll pass a sign that notes that you're headed for the
Second Bough. The ramp will end in a 'T' with a right-hand going to a
building and a left-hand going further in. Take the right, into the 
building. You can find a bomb on the table.

Now take that left and it will curve to the right and through a 'cave' in
a large tree, lit by a green lantern. You will come to a crossroads by a
fountain; go straight to get into the sanctuary, a safe place to rest.
Take a VINE from each of the pillars and combine them in your inventory to
make a GOODA VINE ROPE. Then, move behind the ash pit up to the dragon head
and search it for items.

Jakub Yaghob {yaghob@ulita.ms.mff.cuni.cz} suggests:

You are talking about a fountain in the early part of the section 3.1
(TRYNTON UPPER BRANCHES) (precisely: "You will come to a crossroads by a
fountain"). This fountain gives you a question. I do not remember exact
words, but the answer is 'mind' (maybe one answer of a set of answers).
After that one character (probably with highest intelligence) gets a
bonus-his/her intelligence is set to 100. And all members get 1k xp (or
something like this:-).

For what it is worth, I believe I answered 'memory'.

Leave and head left (S) towards the building, which is Fuzzfazz's Potion
Palace. Tell him 'He'Li says hello' and you'll get a whole pile of potions.
Talk to him about 'Seventh Bough' and 'Marten' and 'Shaman', and then trade
with him for some magic items if you are so inclined. Make sure to buy a
MYSTERIOUS POTION for the Seventh Bough quest a little later on. Otherwise, 
head out of his 'palace' and straight (N). If you happen to have the BLUE
FEATHER from the swamp, give it to him. He'll make you an explosive

You will go through another tree and come to a 'T'. Take a left up to the
building there. Grab the book off the table and head back out. Take the left
and go around the spiral platform down the tree. You'll come to a building
with a path around it. First go into the building and grab the empty bottle
and search for a potion on the table. Proceed through the doorway by the
table into the next room and fight the monsters there, if you like, but the
only way out is the way you came in.

Go on past the right side of the building and you'll find an alley on your
left with a plant guarding a spear (awl pike). To your right will be a sign
noting that the Third Bough is ahead. Go up the ramp and through the tree,
past that sign. You'll end up in a zoo area. Each of the monsters has items
in their cage, so you are going to have to open up the cages and kill the
monsters within. The only really hard one to do is the Hogar, Bobo, but if
you open up the cage and wait for a Trynnie patrol to come by, you can go
in, make him hostile, and then run for it while the patrol kills him for

"Lactococcus !" {lactococcus@hotmail.com} suggests:

You were on the right track.  You have to use the meat.  Once you have the 
meat, combine it with fairy dust (you can find some in the cage with the 
fairies if you haven't brought any with you).  Once combined, you get 
drugged meat.  Use this meat in Bobo's food bin.  Each character receives 
500 exp points.  And Bobo falls asleep for a few minutes.  So you better 
hurry getting in his cage and back out again.

In any case, in the croc cage is the SHINY CHROME PLATE, and in Bobo's cage
is the SHINY METAL BALL and the silver sollerets, great shoes.

When done here, head up northeast towards the large orange pavilion with the
plants out front; a sign announces it as 'The Rising Elms'. Inside you can
find a plant that gives you ZUZU PETALS, needed for the Seventh Bough quest
a little later on.

Leave and take a right (N) and another quick right (E). Pass the left and
go straight into the house. Kill the monsters inside and take the BLUE
MARBLE on the table. Search in the back corner to find a sliding panel wall
and a locked chest behind it.

Once done, leave the building and take a right (N). You will find a 4-way
intersection. To your right is the Fifth Bough. To your left is the Fourth
Bough. Straight ahead is unmarked. Take the left first. You will find a
door with a blue indentation on it. Click the BLUE MARBLE on it to open it.

You will go into a large open area (in which magic does not work) which
might have monsters in it. In the center is a large stump, surrounded by
4 trees, water, and 4 floating ember dishes, which apparently can have 
something 'used' on them. 

Omer Kurtoglu notes:

Figured out you have to use some incense (purchasable at Fuzzfazz's
potion Palace) on each of these floating things to make the place safe

Take a left to find the Seventh Bough. It is a garden with a sign. First,
eat the ZUZU PETAL, and then drink the MYSTERIOUS POTION ('use' both, one
after the other). The Shaman will appear. Talk to him. He will give you
some quests and 25K xp.

Head back to the main courtyard area with the water and take your left (N).
You will find a ruined house with 2 scrolls, one of them hidden by the
broken lantern. In the back, a group of Rapax are having it out with some
Trynnie. Kill them and get the SACRED TOME. Be careful not to fall through
the hole; you will fall out of the tree, zone, and hit the ground, likely
killing anyone except any Valkyries you have. You can also find the Set
Portal spellbook in this room; you may not be able to use it yet, but it
will certainly come in handy soon.

Leave and take another left (E) to find some Oak Saplings guarding a room
full of loot. There are a number of chests on the table and a large safe,
as well as hidden items you must search for. The safe has 2 chests inside,
and to get to them you'll have to pick a 5 tumbler door. I suggest using
an item like a knock pick, or a spell such as knock knock to help out your
thief character.

You are done here. Return to the main room, and then the crossroads. You
are going to want to head up the unmarked ramp this time, which winds up
around the tree. You will find the workshop of Madras, the Trynnie. He will
quest you to kill the Ratts. Accept it and get a number of items. Talk to
him about 'Mook', 'Dominus', 'Mt Gigas' (add Sparkle), 'Destinae Dominus'.
He will join you if you ask him, and makes a capable gadgeteer. Grab the
bottle on his table, and search downstairs for potions and/or bombs. 

Return to the crossroads and head towards the Fifth Bough (the only way you
haven't been yet). You'll go down a passage into a tree and up a ladder.
Take a left first and head down towards a building there. There is a small
dais which you can put the STONE IDOL (the Idol of Marten) on, from the
secret area in Marten's Bluff (see that section). Go in and talk to the
Shaman there. He will ask who sent you. Say 'Marten'. Then, he will ask you
what Marten's message is. Say 'Eternal trust survives the soul' (just
'survive' might work though). He'll give you the key to get the HELM OF
SERENITY in the locked cell in the Rattkin Tree. Ask the Shaman about
'helm of serenity', then search the remainder of the building for some items
that the Trynnie have left around.

Past that building, to the left (E) is an armory, though, full of bows and
arrows, rocks and slings, and a powder.

Return to the ladder room and head out the right-hand passage this time (N).
You will go through a tree and to a bridge that falls as you approach it.
Use the GOODA VINE ROPE on it to repair it. You can then go across the
bridge and zone to the Rattkin Tree area (Bough 6).


You will be able to head forward, and swing a left (N), alongside a 
building. You may spot a Rattkin patrol, but they are not hostile...yet.
Attack them if you like (or keep them around to help with other monsters
for now).

Head into the building on your right (E) with the door broken in. A passage
twists until you find a locked door. You must use the KEY OF SERENITY on
this door, gained from the shaman in the sixth bough, after you have found
the STONE IDOL in Marten's Bluff. Go in, kill any monsters inside, and find
the sign on the floor. Click it once to read it and a second time to move
it. Then, stand on the hay and you'll fall through to the treasure chest
below. Open it and take the helm. The door behind you should be open, and
you can make your way back up.

Once back out on the platform, head right (N), and follow it, ignoring turns
all the way up to the building filled with cobwebs. Grab the powder, and
take the lift down on the right, leaving the building (N). This deposits
you a bit lower and you can take a rope down to Trynton from here. Go
outside here and 'use' the rope to lower it, allowing easy access to the
Rattkin later. Then, return, all the way back up.

Head back toward the building with the locked door, and notice to the left
a platform that lets you fall to the one below. Make sure to save the game 
here, and fall off onto the lower platform.

Pick the lock on the building to your right (S). You might need help from
a knock knock spell. You'll find a room with a chest, locked behind an
unopenable door. We'll be back here much later, but keep this in mind. For
now, it is a generally safe place to rest.

Head back out to the ramp and take a right and 2 lefts, up to the building
across from the first. Go on in and squeeze between the Rattkin to get some
loot behind them; make sure to search, too.

Leave, and take a right to get back near the original building, then take a 
left and the ramp will head downward and to the right. Keep going straight
until you go into the large building at the south end. Talk to Milano there
and tell him 'Dark Savant'. He will move and you can go in.

Head to the left first, into the room with a treasure chest on a stump-table
on the north end of it. Have fun opening it; it has 5 tumblers. It has very
little inside, so don't feel bad if you can't get in. There is also a 
trapped chest behind you, and the important RATT KEY on a stump in another
part of this room.

Now, head around to the north side, where Milano went. Go in and talk to
the Don. He will offer to steal the ASTRAL DOMINAE from the Dark Savant. If
you come back later, you can buy it from him. You can also trade with him
for some stuff, and once you've got the ASTRAL DOMINAE, you can kill him for
some cool magic items. You will know they have done so when the Dark Savant
appears before you and demands it back. You of course do not have it, so he
drops the ASTRAL DOMINAE (FAKE) and leaves. This is your cue to come back
and buy it from the Don for about 100K gold. You can try to kill him for it,
but he is a L20 monster at this point. (NOTE--The Dark Savant only appears
in the swamp; wander around the road to Trynton until he appears.)

You can also kill the Don and he will often (save before doing it, because
it doesn't always work) drop the Cane of Corpus, a weapon only usable by a
faerie ninja. It does 12-42/paralyze 50/poison 100/kill 15, and is probably
the best weapon in the game.

Before you leave, there is a chest in the corner (usually with a nasty trap)
with some loot inside. Then, head out and take a right (E). The path will
split. Take a right (ignore the building, it is empty) and head upwards.
You will end up in a building that twists to the right and ends in a locked
door. Use the RATT KEY to open it, and fight the breeders. Stand in the
doorway and fight them one at a time; they pack a punch. If you can, by all
means knock them out, put them to sleep, or (best) make them insane (use
the Siren's Wail with your bard if you can).

When done, search the area and get all the arrows and the bow. Note that
killing these guys hasn't made the Don or Milano hostile towards you, but
it has made the Rattkin patrol hostile to you, so when you feel like
leaving (head back to where you fell off; there is a rope there) you will
find that they will attack you.

At this point, you should return to the Gadgeteer in Trynton. You get a mere
5K xp from him. You can now recruit him, if you like. Head all the way down
to the chief, and he will give you another 5K xp.

When you are done head all the way to the southeast of Trynton, outside, to
the next area; the swamp.


Not much in here, except a bunch of monsters. Follow the road west until you
see a building on the left side; once you do, you'll find Crock, who was 
mentioned in Trynton by the gadgeteer Madras. Ask him about 'Marten', 
'Sea Caves', 'Rapax', 'Perfume', and buy a bottle of Eau D'Rapax PERFUME 
when you trade.

If your character has disappeared from Marten's Bluff (see that area for 
more detail) Crock will give you the quest to kill Brekek in a northern
area of the swamp (see below).

Pickpocketing Crock earns a number of gadget components, including the MAGIC

On the south side of the swamp, you can find a ramp that leads up to a 
hollow log with a haste drum inside and a BLUE FEATHER, (which you need
to give to Fuzzfazz in Trynton) and also a ring.

Incidentally, going south under that log leads to Marten's Bluff. This is a
place you will eventually have to go, but unfortunately Myles, who is the
thief you picked up in Arnika, refuses to go there. If you want to go, I
would suggest switching him for someone like the gadgeteer in Trynton 
(Madras). He'll also leave if you try to go to the Mine Tunnels, up in the
northeast corner.

Up in the northern part of the map, you can find a small area with waist-
deep water on the east side that has some items, and also in the central 
part of it are a couple of huts stocked with items, mostly potions and
ammunition. The Lake hold the monster Brekek if you have received the
quest from Crock. Brekek is a 9th level frog monster with 500hp. Killing
him nets you a mere 5K xp, but Crock gives you back your character and 75K
xp. Interestingly enough, you can then return to Brekek, and he has 
respawned! Kill him, take the leg, and return to Crock. Give it to him, and
you get another 75K xp! Lather, rinse, and repeat as desired (old timers
will know this as the 'Murphy's Ghost' trick).

The northwest corner is stocked with Rynjin, a particularly nasty race of
fishmen that feature spellcasters; not a good thing, especially if they
have party-effect damage spells (and they do). Use magic screen and any
other protection spells you've got before you go to battle. These monsters
are rated at level 15, so if you can't take them, don't worry. You can
come back later if you like. Getting past them allows you into Bayjin, the
most direct route there.

You can avoid the Rynjin, and on the beach up there you can find some
ammunition, including ammo for futuristic weapons; power packs.


This area will be necessarily incomplete, because I chose to ally with the
Umpani instead of the T'Rang.

You have to to up a slope (S) to get to the fort area, which is surrounded
by a moat. On the way, on your left side, is a cave in a pool of water,
with some items in it.

Along the right side of the fort is a catapult near a gate. Crank it (using
the crank gear to one side) and then 'use' the rope to fire it. It will hit
the wall and break, allowing you to walk up the length of it. Do so, and 
follow the parapet and then head down into the courtyard. You will find a
dead T'Rang, and more importantly, a T'RANG ARM, which you can use both as
a key to some doors here and as proof for the Umpani, if you are on their
quest. Search for a paper, too. Beware the trap that fires arrows by the

From here, head south into another courtyard and take a left to get to a
road with buildings on each side. On the left, you find a room with some
machinery. Using the panel squishes anything inside the area, killing it
instantly. If you go into that room, and onto the center platform, you
will go down to Lower Marten's Bluff, described below. On the other side
of this room is the other control room, and it has 2 panels, which lock
the doors surrounding the crusher.

Across the street from the T'Rang entrance elevator is a locked door, which
must be opened with a lever found by navigating Lower Marten's Bluff (see
below) There are 2 ramps on the side of the room behind the door; one leads
up to a bard instrument and potions, and the other leads up to the STONE
IDOL, otherwise known as the Idol of Marten. Once you take it, however,
one of your group members disappears (for me, it was my Valkyrie) and you
must talk to Croc in the swamp about getting that character back.


This is the home of the T'Rang. If you came down the platform from Marten's
Bluff, head up to right and open up the panel.

You'll find Z'Ant, the T'Rang leader. He will ask you to ally with them.
Say 'yes' (even if you have allied with the Umpani) and he'll talk to you
about the T'Rang. Say 'strategy', 'history', 'mission'. He will ask you to
get an Umpani Flag (which you can buy from the Umpani stock room). He gives
you 2K gold if you do it, and 40K xp.

If for some reason, at any time, Z'ant gets mad at you for allying with the
Umpani (if you have actually done so), it is because you didn't pay off
He'Li in the Arnika Inn. Go there and pay her off, so she won't blab about
your 2-sided nature.

He will then ask you to kill a Rapax Assassin. Go up the elevator and find
the dummy hanging over it. Use the PERFUME that you bought from Croc in
the swamp on it, and go over to the door controls. When you see the Rapax
enter, lock both doors with the controls and then go over to the crusher
controls and kill him. You get 10K xp. Return to Z'ant and you get 4K gold
and 80K xp.

Your third mission is the Mook Alliance Mission. It is much like the Umpani
version of this quest; go to the Mook and give them the T'RANG-MOOK LETTER
which Z'ant gives you here, and you can get inside. The trick to get it is
noted in the Arnika section. Return here with the CHAOS MOLIRI and give it
to him (he returns it). You get 150K xp.

The 4th mission is to destroy the Dark Savant's Ship. He wants the
coordinates of the Black Ship. You must get the BLACK BOX from Bayjin and
use it in the Arnika Spaceport, as specified under ARNIKA above. Doing this
nets 300K xp and you get the quest to destroy the Umpani.

If you bring him Drazic and Rodan (as you should do first), you'll get
400K xp, the T'RANG TRACKING DEVICE, and the Z'ANT ALLIANCE, which should
be delivered to Yamir straightaway.

Take a left towards the door. You cannot open the panels yourself,
so you must use the T'RANG ARM you found up above in Marten's Bluff to do

You end up in a large hallway that immediately splits into left and right
passages. Head right and into a large room with a painting. 'Use' it and
say 'Marten' to open it. There are a whole bunch of undead back here, and
even though you might be high level, it's not an easy fight. This is 
primarily because some of them are spellcasters, and stick you with status
effect spells, and insanity is one of them.

Take your first left into a room and start searching. You should find a 
bunch of items in here. Then go back out to the hall and take the first
right. This room is nearly the same, and you can search here for more loot.
Now go to the end of the hall. Read the diary in the room and take the EBON
GEM on the floor next to it.

Once done here, head back out and down the new hallway, east. It will 'T'
quickly. Take the right into the shop there. There is a T'Rang here who
will tell you that he won't talk to you until you ally with the T'Rang, if
you have not done so, or will sell you things if you have. Take the left, 
now, away from the shop, into another storage room.

Now head back to the first 'T' intersection and take the left now (S). You
will find a room with a T'Rang who tells you to leave. If you get too close
to them, they will attack you, and they are rated at L16, some of them.

If you come in from the Mine Tunnels, mine cart area 4 (noted below), you
will come in at the east end of the complex, and head west into the Bluff.
You come to an open area with a slime pit in the center. There are 3 supply
rooms (the locked doors) here with a bard instrument, PULSE PICK, and an
OSCILLATOR, as well as a Flame-Thrower.

To get into the door which you can't open (it heads west; says 'Nothing
Happens' when you use the controls), use the PULSE PICK on it. This takes
you to the normal entrance, behind Z'ant, actually. To get out there, use
the PULSE PICK again on the unmoving door. You can talk to the T'Rang
computer here, if you like. Not sure what to say to it yet.

There are many restricted areas around here, so be careful not to anger 
the T'Rang sentries around. All the way at the north end is the T'Rang 
overmind if you can pick the lock on his door. He doesn't seem to care if
you wander around him. There is a switch behind him, the meaning of which
is not clear.

East of the Overmind area is a restricted door and 2 sets of guards. Switch
to combat mode and run past them, into the little alcove with the locked
door. The combination I got was 7-4-0; your mileage may vary. Going in will
cause you to go into combat, which you may not want, unless you are here for
the umpani quest. In the center of the room is the Mindblast Rod, which
is a pretty good polearm for monks and priests.

On the East side of the long passage headed north, towards the overmind, is
a supply room. Search for additional loot.

There is a supply room nearby the Overmind room (just S) of it. West of this
room is a stairway back up tp Marten's Bluff that leads up to a group of
ghosts (hard ones) that guard a portal spell book. Search in the crates in
this area to find another (Haste) book. Nearby is a room with a false floor
and a sword beyond it. If you charge for it, the floor drops you into the
water below the bluff (an easy exit if this area gets to be too much).

Run through the arrow room and pull the lever by the table to the right,
and you can go down the stairs here back down to lower Marten's Bluff. The
lever opens up the door to the back area of Marten's Bluff (across the
'street' from the T'Rang elevator). In there can be found bard instrument,
potions, and the Idol of Marten; see that area for more info.

In the area by the 2nd stairway is a teleporter to Rapax Rift, a place you
most likely do not want to go yet. If you would like to change the location
of the teleport, simply use the YELLOW & RED WIRES on the box, and press
the buttons to get a picture of where you'd like to go. There are 4

The Northern Wilderness (No way back; right in front of the Umpani camp)

The Arnika-Trynton Road (this leads to a house with an ELECTRIC LAMP and a
bard insrument, the Arresting Aria and has a teleporter back)

The Rapax Rift (No way back, but an intriguing way to teleport in NPC's
who would otherwise leave you if you tried to walk in the normal way)

Marten's Bluff (outside, by the pool of water on the slope; no way back)

Across the hall from the teleporter is a sealed door (not sure yet how to
get in--seems to connect on the other side with the assassin-guarded door).

At the west end of this passage is a stairway back up to Marten's Bluff.
Head up and use the lever to open up a hatch and you will find yourself
outside of Marten's Bluff, behind it.


You'll go up a path into an open area with 2 broken buildings. In one of
them is a broken android monk that can be recruited and repaired. Going up
the path furthest to the right (S) is a dead end with a little pond there.
The other way to continue would be to head up the rail-lined path a little
to the left of the first path (at the fork take a left), and head up to the
sealed mining tunnel. This is a back door into Lower Marten's Bluff.

Rush forward, over the plate on the ground, and a giant boulder will fall. 
Head to your right to avoid it, and you are now trapped in the area. Use
the button to the left and open up the laser array and go into the cave.
You can find a T'Rang inside there (a samurai) who will join you if you
wish. Leave the cave when done (You can go back by opening up a cave wall
with a button if you look in the building with the T'Rang). Head forward and
grab the Silent Lyre, a bard instrument that casts Silence. It is near a
gate that leads into the mountain (unopenable from this side).

Continuing past it, you go through a weaving past, past some T'Rang guards,
to an open area with a building and a HOSE.

Inside the building is a puzzle called the Mine Cart Puzzle. Basically,
you fiddle with the controls on the wall, step into the cart with the lever,
and 'use' the lever to travel to a destination in the mines. Depending on
how the controls are set, you will go to different locations.

(each of these assume that you reset the track to the default every time).

Mine Cart Area 1
To start, toggle the top middle one, and get into the cart. You are taken
to a small area above the Marten's Bluff entrance (with the lasers). Head
back to the carts. 

Mine Cart Area 2
Next, reset the top middle one and set the top right one. You should be in
a cave. Head up past the water, and you hit a plate to open the gate
mentioned before, near the lyre. 

Mine Cart Area 3
Top left and center left lead you to an area with potions and another bard
instrument, this one the same as the first; the silent lyre. Follow the rock
path around the slope until you get to a lever. Pull it, and you'll move
some rocks and be back at the mine cart valley again.

Mine Cart Area 4
Set the center middle one and the bottom middle one to get to a 4th area,
a rocky path with cobwebs and a giant silver nugget (weighing 250 lbs), and
it leads into lower Marten's Bluff.


A note: I came here at level 14, and found 20th level monsters here. Beware!

The first thing you should do is head straight (ignore the left-hand path
up the mountain) and go to the foot of the mountain on the west side. There
will be a waterfall there. Go into the waterfall and find the cave behind
it; it is full of items.

Then, turn around and head east along the south side of the mountain (the
north end of this little valley here) to find some items alongside of the
cliff wall.

At the east end is a group of 17th level rapax samurai, which all cast
wizard spells to boot; not an easy group to take, for certain. If you get
past them, in the southeast corner you can find the exits to the South east
Wilderness and Rapax Rift. Neither Madras nor Vi will go to Rapax Rift,
but they do not have such trouble with the wilderness area.

On the south end, about in the middle of the south valley, you will find a
cave with some Rapax attacking a group of Higardi monks. When you have
killed the Rapax, talk to Anselm, the leader, and ask him about 'quest',

In the center of the valley, towards where the ground texture changes, is a
hill tomb, a 'barrow mound', if you will, with an opening facing east.
Inside are 3 particularly hard monsters that cast insane, death, silence,
ego whip, and a number of other nasty spells, in addition to hitting rather
hard. If you kill them (took me 5 or so tries at level 15), you will get
the Giant's Sword (only Mooks can use it), the Succubus Lyre (lifesteal for
your bard), and a couple of chests with some nasty nasty traps on them.
Also make sure to 'search' the body at the entrance.

Almost directly west of here is a circle of stone columns, each of which has
a blue rune painted on it. Touch the runes (in order) to activate them. This
makes the stone in the center glow, and you can 'use' an item on it; but
I am not sure what to use.

On the top of the mountain, you can find a friendly monster named Bela. You
should ask him about 'Bela', 'cosmic forge', 'incident', 'cosmic circle'
(he'll ask you to do a quest, say yes). Right past him is Ascention Peak,
and you'd best wait to go there until you've got all 3 artifacts. Madras,
the Trynnie (and presumably Sparkle) will not go there, but Vi has no
problem (nor, I think, would Myles, if you could get him there).


I am presuming that you come from the tunnel, from the Mountain Wilderness.

This area has Tanto Wasps, from which you can get WASP WINGS.

Take the CHISEL on the floor by the tunnel.

Head out along the water (take the stones on the beach) and find the gazebo
at the edge of the water. Go in, and get the Chaos Drone Bard instrument.
From here, you can head up the ramp, southwest, and it will eventually take
you to an open valley where you can head west, to the swamp.

There is a strange fountain at the south end of the map. On the ground 
behind it (down the cliff) is a potion.

If you follow the road east from the Swamp exit, you will turn north and 
enter a cave. This leads into a valley, back to the gazebo.

There is a 2nd ramp going from the gazebo, heading directly south. This
leads up to a temple filled with big bad nasty nasty monsters. If you can
kill them, you can take as your prize the LAZURITE STONE (you can actually
run in, steal it, and leave before they go hostile on you, if you're brave;
it's in an alcove opposite the enemy). See above for the use of the LAZURITE
STONE in a Gadget. If you need a HEART OF THE SORCERESS, you can get it

Check up on the balconies for some good potions and spellbooks, and the

On the left hand side of the temple, there is a passage that leads down to
a room filled with mummies. It is a tomb that has a number of useful items
in it, and the fight is much easier thatn the earlier one. You can find a
SKULL here and MUMMY DUST if you still need it for Antone's quest. This is
also where I found the Boomerang Shuriken (and fans of previous Wizardries
will know of what I speak, and so will want it). I also got a 1-handed 
sword, Fang, which does 10-24 and is NOT CURSED (can you believe it?).
Overall, lots of good stuff.

In the east corner of the area is a path to the Wilderness Clearing.
Neither Vi nor Madras will go in here. The inhabitants are particularly 
strong (Templars).


It's really not a good idea to enter here unless you're a templar.

There are 2 tents with 2 Rapax in them near the entrance; both have chests
in them that you can loot. Do so. Then, find the larger purple tent to the
right of the entrance, and find the Prince within. He runs off, leaving his
treasure chest. There is also another chest behind the concubines, which
you can get at later if you decide to kill off all the Rapax.

Find, on the west side of the clearing, the Rapax King's tent. He has a
copious amount of treasure in his tent. Relieve him of it, and then speak
to him. He will ask you to interrogate the prisoners; an Umpani and a T'Rang
that he's got captive. He'll give you the STOCKADE KEY to get to them. You
can also pickpocket him for the KING'S CAVE KEY, if you want to free the
queen (or get it by killing him later).

Head north, and when you find the unmoveable door, turn around and head
east, over the brown rock that looks impassable. It will curve around and
lead to a prison area, with an Umpani and a T'Rang in a cage here. The
STOCKADE KEY opens the center lock, but each cell has a lock on it that you
must pick if you intend to recruit them. By doing so, all the Rapax become
hostile. +100K xp, twice.

Kill off the army (or at least the king) and free the queen in her cave
next to the king's tent using the KING'S CAVE KEY which he drops when killed
or pickpocketed. Once you're done here, head off to Marten's Bluff to talk
to Z'Ant there, and complete the Alliance quest.


You will spend the bulk of this section underwater, and certain restrictions
apply. First, I haven't found an NPC that will come down here with you.
Second, Fire spells (and many other spells) don't work down here. Also, you
must keep your scuba gear equipped in one of your 2 misc spots in inventory
or you will lose stamina and drown. The monsters are all in the 13-17 area
in this initial section. Missile weapons and normal weapons work fine down
here, as do some bard instruments; I could not get the drums to work.

Your basic plan is to make your way southwest, killing monsters and picking
up the odd item on the way to Bayjin. The tunnels head in mostly the same
direction, with a few loops thrown in to screw you up. If you just want to
get through as quick as possible, either bear left at every intersection, or
bear right (there is little difference between them as they merge back up at
a few key points.


Immediately, you are going to see the biggest, meanest thing you've ever met
before (and maybe one of the tougher fights in the game; Nessie. You are at
the exit to the caves, and you must fall down into the open area to proceed.
This is where Nessie lives (if you need to get back up, step on the bubble
stream and it'll send you right back up).

Nessie is level 26, has almost 900hp, and will be immune to any sort of
status effect that you can muster. She has a bevy of spells that she'll cast
on you, none of them weak. It is not really in your best interest to get too
close though, because her short range attacks are worse.

For me, because I built up my long range weapon skills, it seemed like 
simply a battle of attrition. Make sure you have all your buffs up (ench
blade, magic screen, missile shield, armor plate), cast up soul shield and
element shield, summon an elemental to charge her and give her something to
chew on in melee, and pound away on her with shrike arrows and hunter 
quarrels. You should get over 170K for killing her.

At the southeast end of this large area is a small cave at the bottom with a
chest in it, labeled DAVEY JONES' LOCKER. It has the maximum number of locks
on it--good time to use knock picks. I found the treasure to be a bit 'meh',
but you might have better luck.

On the west side, you can find a number of bone piles, one of which has a
scuba gear and a set of IUF IDENTITY TAGS; you will need to return these to
the Umpani to finish their Underwater quest.

There are several bubble streams that launch you up onto paths above. I took
the south path first. It heads east for a while, and then comes to a ring
with a cave in the north. Go in there and defeat the monsters to get a pile
of neat treasure. Good stuff here. The ring also has a path south that
continues on. It eventually leads to the Sea Caves, if you are so inclined
to go there.

If you take the west path instead, you will soon come upon a tough fight 
with death rays and buccaneer ghosts guarding a sunken ship. The ghosts drop
gadget items, the 'Vaporizor', which causes instant death if it works. There
are some quarrels in the seaweed here and a treasure chest in the broken
hull. Also find a PIECE OF CORAL to the left, by the rock formation. 
Continue west to find an alcove with a bomb in it (search) and a fight with
some powerful Rynjin. Past here, you get to Bayjin itself.


Bayjin is a bad place, filled with bad things that want to kill you. But you
probably knew that. When you get out of the water, feel free to de-equip
your scuba gear and put on your regular misc items.

Right on the right-hand beach you will find one of the reasons to come here;
the crashed ship. Inside is the BROKEN BLASTER, the VACUUM PUMP, and the
BLACK BOX that you feed into the machine in Arnika to get the coordinates
of the Dark Savant's ship for your Umpani/T'Rang quest. Follow that beach 
along the water and you'll notice a treasure chest under a palm tree to your

Continuing along the beach, you will eventually find a cave entrance guarded
by 2 weak thralls. This cave leads under the water and eventually out into
the Swamp, to the area guarded by those Rynjin at the north end.

If you instead decided to take the right-hand beach or the main walkway, you
would soon come to a number of huts guarded by a Rynjin Chief, who has a
nasty mind spell (make sure Soul Shield is up when you fight him). Make sure
to search in all the huts; there is some hidden loot in them. One of them
contains an Umpani Private, Glumph, who needs to be escorted back to Mt.
Gigas, if you have been given that quest by Yamir. He is a level 11 fighter.
In the cell next to him is a Higardi; talk to her for some info and the
HELAZOID BANNER. She also drops a bag of loot when she dies. The 3rd cell
contains a bard instrument (the Turncoat one) and some other nifty loot.

Make sure to also climb up on the ridge; there are some neat items up there,
at the end of a road.


These can be found attached to the Bayjin Shallows. You can take off your
scuba gear for a few minutes if you like. You will find yourself on a beach
below some cliffs. There is some nasty stuff out here; I found level 21 
slimes that I could hardly touch.

Take a right and head south along the beach, until you come to your first
cave. Go past it a bit and get the LONG METAL TUBE on the beach. This can
be used to make a gadget.

Head into the cave and follow the twisting passage until you get to a T.
Hang a left and go into the pool to get all kinds of items, including a
HOOK AND LINE. Other than that, this particular cave is pretty empty. Feel
free to search the rest of it, and tell me if you find anything.

Head back out to the beach and start heading the other way up the beach
(north). Follow it past the first cave entrance and take the SLEDGEHAMMER
on the beach there. Keep going until you find a shipwreck, and take the
WOODEN PLANK. Also search there for a resurrect scroll.

At the end of the beach is a waterfall. When you get there, turn around and
take the first cave on your right. The cave goes in to a T. There is nothing
on the right; take the left and follow it until you get to a larger cavern
area. This dumps you back out onto the beach. Head south and into the
narrow ravine which should be on your right, close at hand. Go up into the
cave and find the wall. Use the SLEDGEHAMMER on it. You find a door sealed
from the inside.

Leave the alcove and head up. Take the right and fall down the hole. Follow
this passage until you find a couple of rocks and some items near it. Look
up and notice the hole in the ceiling. Use the HOOK AND LINE on it, and it
will make a rope so you can climb up, behind the door.

Prepare for the battle with the Keeper of the Crypt; a L 20 undead thing,
and then go around the corner. He's alone, and not too bad if you have got
all your protection spells up. Begin to wander the tomb cave by heading
left. You will begin to find bodies, and as you loot them, ghosts will
attack. They are not too bad, and you need to loot at least one of them to
get a key to unlock the door, unless you decide to fall out of one of the
many copious holes in the caves. The key is found on one of the many bodies
in the eastern section of this little complex (left from the center cavern).
You also must find the SPIKED BOOTS and equip them on one of your characters
for the part in a little bit.

In the south section, you will find a couple ghosts guarding a locked chest.
It is very locked; the most tumblers you can get. That is because there is
some great stuff inside. I got an Estoc de Olivia (rapier), a Rennaissance
Lute, and a Zatoichi Bo, as well as a Hunter Bow.

Now it is time to head to the western part of the cave. Make sure to equip
the SPIKED BOOTS you found in the eastern part (on any character) and then
gingerly step down onto the slippery ramp to the west of the large cavern.
When you come to the gap, use the WOODEN PLANK found outside by the 
shipwreck to make a bridge.

You will come to a door. Open it with the KEY TO MARTEN'S TOMB found on one
of the bodies in the eastern section. Go in and speak to Marten. He will ask
who do you seek; say marten. He will ask what you seek; say Destinae 
Dominus. He will give a speech and give you the destinae dominus and 400K
xp. I don't know of anything else to ask him, offhand. He also gives you the
SEA CAVE GATE KEY which opens the locked double doors in the cavern room, so
you can leave.

When he gives it to you, everyone will go insane. What you must do is keep
the Destinae Dominus in the inventory of the person wearing the HELM OF
SERENITY, found in Trynton. If the D.D. ever goes back to group inventory, 
everyone goes insane until it is removed.

That should be it for this area.


Nobody wants to go into the Rapax. It is a bad place. If you try to walk in
with any of the NPC's, they'll leave the party. You can, however, teleport
in; just use the teleporter at the bottom of Marten's Bluff. Be warned that
they will complain about it though; and often. They also get a -20 on all
stats and skills.

Be very careful not to step into the lava; you will not like what happens
when you do.

Head right, into the first cave there. Follow it all the way around (make
sure to find the PIECE OF OBSIDIAN by a lava pit on your left on the way)
until you get up to the steps into the palace, and then head down the steps
to the south. Check the west alcove here for a hot springs room with some
potions, and then go through the open door. 

Using the lever, the door in front of you will open and the one behind will
close. Head west into the cave and talk to the Rapax behind the bars. He
wants you to get him the STAFF OF ASH; he is condemned. Ask him about
Al-Sedexus, Staff of Ash, altar. To get his cage open, move the right-hand
switch until it points up-left and the left-hand switch until it points
up-left. In the cage behind him is some Chain.

When done, continue south into the tunnel. This will lead you back to the
entrance. Head into that first tunnel you started in, an take an immediate
left to get the scroll there, then go back out to the main tunnel and up to
that impressive palace entrance at the top of the north mountain, past the
2 suspension bridges.

The place has plush red carpeting; odd for a soot-caked volcanic region.
Take your first right and unlock the door, if you can. There is a Rapax
priestess inside, with some initiates. They all cast priest spells, but are
not very hard. Loot the room and make sure to get the FLAMEQUENCHER WAND.
Then, head across to the opposite one. Inside is another initiate and the 
Hades Harp.

Head down the hall to the end, and take the right. This room has 3 of the
priestesses, which makes it a bit tougher. Inside is the SANCTUM KEY. Head
across to the other side to fight some more initiates.

Pull all 3 levers at the end of the hall, and go back the way you came until
you find the prison doors, which should be open now. Use the levers next to
the lava pits to put down the grates. You can then go in and loot the 
contents of the cells.

Head back to the hot springs tunnel, and note the support beams. One of them
has a little beam running off it to the ground. Click on this to collapse
the tunnel, allowing you to walk over the lava into the adjacent tunnel.
Follow the tunnel ever upward. When you get to the top, the passage splits
and you can go left or straight. Go left and fight all of the priestesses
there. Then, head out to the main hall again. Fight all of the priestesses
on the next left, and then go to the end of the hall, with the teleporters.

Take the straight teleporter. This will lead you to a platform above the
prison block. Use the SANCTUM KEY which you found in the priestess quarters
to open the door. Going all the way up is a trap; if you walk in, doors will
close and the pit will fill with lava. The way around this is to click on
the bronze wordplate to the right of the entrance. It is trapped. Once you
have opened the panel, the trap is disarmed, and you can go through.

Search for items by the statue, then head up a ramp into an antechamber with
2 chests. Then go into the High Priestess's chamber and take the BECKONING
STONE, as well as the chest behind her folding screen. Then, head back out
and take the left hand turn, through the door and outside, down the bridge.

You'll end up curving around and heading down to the ground again, under
a bridge and to a cage of fire. Use the FLAMEQUENCHER WAND on the keyhole
and you'll have to fight the Lava lord and his minions. Once you've done
that, you are free to take the STAFF OF ASH and the RIFT KEY. Return to the
Rapax prisoner to give it to him (You can use the RIFT KEY to open the
locked door at the end of the hall).

The other (right-hand) teleporter takes you down to a gate area with a large
locked door. Use the BECKONING STONE to open it. El Dorado, a demon gargoyle
that lives on top of the door, will come down to greet you in a non-friendly
way. Dispose of him and head on down. Here you will find Al-Sedexus, the
demoness leader of the Rapax. If you aren't a templar yet, she'll speak and
leave. If you are, then she'll be here to talk to. If you do, she'll attack
(not sure why). Killin her has no impact on Rapax relations, strangely, but
it does release you from your curse. However, if she spawns Templars, and
you kill them, then your faction rating will decrease.

If can't get in yet or don't want to, take the narrow path leading north on
the right-hand side of the gate. This leads to the Rapax Courtyard.


Head up the blue-lit path until you see fortifications. Check the alcove on
the left (search) to find some items and then run through the courtyard 
passage (you will take damage) to the open area with the banners and boxes.
Head in through the doors and into the next courtyard, up onto the ramps and
onto the parapets. There is a guardroom up here that has a number of potions
in it. You also might want to check if anybody you killed up here with
missile weapons on the way in dropped any loot. When you are through, head
down to the double doors and into the Rapax Castle.


Search immediately for some ammo by the barrels. Go in and take your first
right, under the fountains. Take a quick left and a quick right, and you
will find yourself in the armor shop of Ferro, a Rapax smith, much like
Anton in Arnika. He also does custom pieces, too. He sells some of the best
stuff in the game; stock up. Make sure to get the BELLOWS by his forge and
search for a few odds and ends. If you can, pickpocket him until you get

Go in the back of his shop to the elevator and use the lever there to go
up to the top level. Use the ARMORY KEY that you stole from Ferro to open
the cabinet and take the neat loot inside.

This place is a pain in the neck to describe because it's all turns. Instead
of describing it in directions, I'll just give general locations.

If you head left from the entrance and then left again, you'll go down a
red-carpeted ramp and find an eating area and adjacent kitchen. You can get
a bard instrument, lots of bread rolls, and a CLEAVER if you haven't already
got one. You can also get a jar of PICKLED TRYNNIE. Eww.

On the way to the kitchen is a large toothed structure with an altar at the
top. Search there for a ring of life. Go up to the balcony and talk to the
named Rapax Samurai here. He will ask if you wish to become initiates. If 
you intend to become Templars, say yes. A door will open and you can go in
and talk to Al-Adryian. He will tell you to go to the other door on the
balcony and tell the guard that he sent you.

Tell the guard 'Al-Adryian' and then go in through the door. Take the
INITIATE BADGE and head up the ramp. You'll go into a room with a teleporter
and as you go towards it, the floor will fall. Find the lever against the
wall and pull it to open up the door with the earth elementals. Be careful;
they hit really hard.

Go to talk to The intiate here. She asks a riddle. The answer is 'skin'.
You get 50K xp. Go and take the Robe out of the pillar and the floor will
fall again. Find the next lever and pull it to reveal more elementals. Kill
them and answer the riddle, 'Mind'. 50K xp. Take the Canezou helm (which
is usable by anyone) and fall to the next level. The next riddle is 'heart'
and with it you get 50K more xp and the Canezou Dagger.

Return to Al-Adryian. He will tell you to go to the Grand Temple and pour
the DARK NECTAR on the altar while one of your characters is dressed in
the attire of all the Canezou pieces.

Go up the ramp to the west, dress one of your characters in all 3 of the
Canezou pieces (I have heard that the character must be male) and use the
INITIATE BADGE on the red symbol switchy thing to your right on the wall
(it looks like a gold medallion with a red flame).

Go down to the altar thing and use a DARK NECTAR on the altar. Al-Sedexus
appears and asks what you offer her. Tell her the same 3 things (she'll ask
3 times): flesh, mind, heart. Then tell her 'yes' to her last question.
Pick somebody that you won't mind being cursed (temporarily). That person
will be hexxed if he leaves the rift, at least until and unless you kill
Al-Sedexus (which oddly doesn't bother the Rapax).

Go through the gate to the north. Talk to Al-Sedexus in the room and get
100K xp. You should now also be neutral to all the Rapax (except maybe the
king's assassins). On the left, you'll find Sexus, a recruitable Rapax 
(who you have to pay first). There is also a portal to Ascension Peak.

Other features of the castle include a treasure chest in a Templar barracks
room on the 2nd floor, west of the horned altar chamber. There are several
sets of stairs, both up to the Upper Castle, and down to the Cellar.


The basement is not one contiguous level; there are several stairways down
to separate spots; as such, I'll describe them in terms of N/S/E/W.

In the SW corner, there is a locked glowing chest thing with a few items and
a large number of hidden items among the crates and barrels.

In the SE corner is a dungeon of sorts. A jail guard resides here. He has
a copious amount of hit points, but little else to defend himself with.
The 3rd cell, right before the wooden door, has a number of items and some
loose stones on the back wall which can be clicked and broken open to reveal
a passage. The passage leads to a ladder which leads up into the armory,
when the elevator is up. The room behind the wooden door has a chest in it, 
and some hidden items.

The NE corner features a Rapax bar full of drunken Rapax. They are all
fighting amongst themselves already. West of them is a room with the 
Constable. Go ahead and pickpocket him for the CONSTABLE'S KEY. On the
south end is another couple of rooms, one with a secret passage to the
jail area, openable with a lever. There is a similar lever on the other


The upper Rapax castle is a bit more interesting. On the roof is a giant
zoo, which of course you can release upon the unsuspecting templar knights
that patrol the area. Check the storeroom in the SW corner also, for some
items, including the PENDULUM. Use the lever right by the storeroom to open
up the cages. The Ravenous Swallower there has swallowed the ZOO SHED KEY,
which you can get from him if you've killed him. Use this to open the shed
in the NW corner of the zoo and loot it. You can go around and kill off the
other exhibits, too. If you haven't got a VENOM SAC or a GIANT PICUS EGG
yet for Antone's quests, you can get them here; little good his weapons will
do you at this point. 

Head south and note the swingset and locked door against the north wall,
as well as the small building. Not sure how to open that door yet.

Head into the small building there. Unlock the door and search
for the DOLL'S GLOVES and DOLL'S ARMOR. Then, use the figure (you may have
to wind it first) to move the bed and reveal a passage that you can slide
down. It drops you in a room with the KING'S APARTMENT KEY.

You are now in the King's apartments. This place is a terrible maze, and
hard to describe. In the southeast corner, find a room with a Cat'o'nine
tails and a QUEEN'S DEPOSIT SLIP. It also has a dead Rapax on the floor.
Attached to this room is a locked door and a portal room. Open the locked 
door with the QUEEN'S KEY. There is some incredibly good stuff in here,
including the ORNATE METAL ROD, which activates the portal in the next
room. The portal sends you to Arnika, under the temple.

In the Southwest corner is a bedroom with a chest. Also in that corner is a 
vacuum tube of some sort. If you put the QUEEN'S DEPOSIT SLIP in, it will
lower your faction rating with the king's assassins and then open up a
hatch on the wall, allowing you to get the QUEEN'S KEY. The south wall here
can be walked through from this side, but you can't go through from the 
other side.

Also in the west section of the apartments here is what looks like a large
wooden rack; right next to it is a tiny keyhole in the wall. It is between
the barrel and the rack, and on the other side of the barrel is a mounted
hogar head. Use the KING'S APARTMENT KEY to open up a passage behind the
rack; you will find a teleport to the Savant's bomb tower in Arnika.

Along the east side of the level is the Constable's Office. Use the 
CONSTABLE KEY to open the safe there. You will get 3 DEPOSIT SLIPs that you
can use on the vacuum tube in the other area. Continuing north, you can find
4 guardrooms and the servant's quarters. Search the guardrooms for items and
open up the servant's quarters if you dare. You'll find the Rapax Prince
and all of his concubines, who you'll have to dispose of. The Prince
disappears. Loot the chest you find inside.


You can only get here from the King's apartments in the Rapax Castle. You'll
have to kill a couple of drones in here, and then you can find the control
panel against the central shaft. Hit the square button and then the triangle
to deactivate the tower, and you get 500K xp.

Get onto the central platform that just came down by using the ramp that
materializes. The platform will fall to a watery area filled with savant
troops. Follow the only tunnel down to a green teleporter pad, and it dumps
you out in Arnika.

Wow. That was exciting.


Both Miles and the Trynnies refuse to come here. I know that Vi will come,
however. There is some really nasty stuff up here; make sure you can take
this stuff.

Unfortunately, you cannot actually walk into Ascension Peak; there is a
Rapax landslide blocking the way in. The only way to actually get there is
to take the teleport in the Rapax Castle.

Head west, out of the tunnel, until the path splits to north and south. Go
North, and when you see the large set of statues, head east. You'll find a
large gate who's lock you must pick.

Follow the rift until you find a Trynnie who demands a fee. You can either
pay it (you ought to have enough money now, and it should be fairly easy
to do) or fight Pee Wee around the corner (who is a level 30 golem).

At the end of the valley, you'll find a temple. Go in, and you'll pause for
a moment. Then, Altheides will appear. He will ask you some questions. The
first answer is 'Knowledge' and 'man'. Go through the door, take the
teleporter, and put the DESTINAE DOMINUS in the groove. You are teleported
to the statues again.

This time, follow where the rapax statue is pointing; southwest. Whereever
you are given a choice, follow where the statue points. Eventually you will
come to a set of pillars that will collapse as you approach. Head between
them and through the death-valley type area. You'll eventually find the 
temple after you've hooked to the north.

Altheides will appear again. Tell him 'change', 'dark savant'. The door
opens, and you can use the CHAOS MOLIRI in the slot here. Take the 
teleporter back to the statues. 

This time, head northwest, as the Trynnie statue points. The Rapax Prince
will be waiting for you, not that far behind the locked door. He'll attack,
of course, and he has about 20 friends, so be wary. Both him and his
priestess cast instant-death-type spells, so they should be your first

Follow the Trynnie statues into a cave and out the other side. You'll 
eventually come to a temple in a green area. Go on in and talk to Altheides.
Answer 'life' and 'phoonzang'. Go in and use the ASTRAL DOMINAE this time.

You end up in the clearing again. This time, head back to where you met the
Rapax Prince and head east a bit. You should find a passage to the north
on th east side (just skirt the east wall). At the first fork, head north

You'll eventually come to the temple and meet the Dark Savant, who will
head into the cosmic circle. Follow him.

Instead of ruining the ending for you, I'll just say that the Cosmic Circle
is rather self-explanatory. Having Vi Domina is rather helpful, if you can
get her from Arnika before you go into the Cosmic Circle, especially if she
is somewhat high level (which I got her up to).

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