::::::::  :::::::::: :::::::::  :::::::::  :::::::::: ::::    ::: :::::::::::
:+:    :+: :+:        :+:    :+: :+:    :+: :+:        :+:+:   :+:     :+:
+:+        +:+        +:+    +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        :+:+:+  +:+     +:+
+#++:++#++ +#++:++#   +#++:++#:  +#++:++#+  +#++:++#   +#+ +:+ +#+     +#+
       +#+ +#+        +#+    +#+ +#+        +#+        +#+  +#+#+#     +#+
#+#    #+# #+#        #+#    #+# #+#        #+#        #+#   #+#+#     #+#
 ########  ########## ###    ### ###        ########## ###    ####     ###

              :::::::::::  ::::::::  :::        ::::::::::
                  :+:     :+:    :+: :+:        :+:
                  +:+     +:+        +:+        +:+
                  +#+     +#++:++#++ +#+        +#++:++#
                  +#+            +#+ +#+        +#+
                  #+#     #+#    #+# #+#        #+#
              ###########  ########  ########## ##########


                     Ultima 7: Part Two, The Serpent Isle
                           The Complete Guidebook

                              October 16, 2000
                                 Version 1.4

                    Written by:  Dan Simpson 
                         Email:  manymoose@hotmail.com

                                Email Policy:
         If you are going to email me about this game, please put
         Serpent Isle as the subject.  Or Ultima 7 Part 2.  Also please
         realize that I am not hiding cheats or any other information,
         i.e. everything I know about Serpent Isle is in this guide.

         If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add
         please email me!  I will, of course, give you full credit for
         your addition, and be eternally grateful to you.

.--------------------========= N  O  T  E  S =========-------------------------.
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| newer versions.  Well, maybe there are worse things, but it IS annoying!     |
|                                                                              |
| This FAQ looks best in Courier New at about 9 points.                        |
|                                                                              |
| This Document is Copyright 1999 by Dan Simpson                               |
| Ultima 7: Part Two The Serpent Isle is Copyright 1994 by Origin Systems      |
|                                                                              |
| I am not affiliated with Origin, Electronic Arts, or anyone who had anything |
| to do with the creation of this game.  This FAQ may be posted on any site so |
| long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting  |
| it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.             |

What's New in 1.4:
    Added a trick to keep items from the World of Dreams from Geoff Bateman.
    Other small format related changes.

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

  i.    Introduction
  ii.   Items
  iii.  Spells
  iv.   Companions
  v.    Trainers
  vi.   General Strategies


  1.    Arrival, "I got this hourglass used from the Time Lord."
  2.    Monitor, "Does EVERYONE want to kill me?"
  3.    Fawn, "Yes... Everyone wants to kill you!"
  4.    Sleeping Bull, "Wouldn't you rather get 99999 Monetari than 1 gold bar?"
  5.    Moonshade, "Rotoluncia's Miracle Diet!"
  6.    Mad Mage, "Yesssss, Master!"
  7.    Monk Isle, "The Bells!"
  8.    Moonshade Spells and Such, "Est Nudi!"
  9.    Mountains of Freedom
  10.   Moonshade and a Mirror
  11.   Furnace, "101 ways to fry an Avatar"
  12.   Goblins! "The brand new multi-million dollar musical!"
  13.   The Realm of Dreams
  14.   Great Northern Forest
  15.   Shamino's Castle
  16.   To the North!
  17.   The Gwani
  18.   Vasculio and Skullcrusher
  19.   Batlin, Spinebreaker, and the Banes
  20.   Gwenno Returns! Sorta...
  21.   Discipline and Gwenno
  22.   Soul Prisms, Banes and Such
  23.   Serpent Treasures
  24.   White Dragon Castle and the Banes
  25.   Isle of Crypts and the Chaos Serpent
  26.   Sunrise Isle and Endgame


  A.    Silver Seed Walkthrough
  B.    Serpent Path Map
  C.    Money Conversions (and Exchangers)
  D.    Secrets and Cheats
  E.    Monsters and NPC's
  F.    Keyboard Commands
  G.    Online Resources

Final Words...

| i. Introduction                                                              |

  Eighteen Months have passed since the destruction of the Black Gate and the
  dismantling of the Fellowship.  A recently discovered scroll reveals that the
  Guardian isn't through with Britannia yet, he plans to destroy it from the
  Serpent Isle.  To prevent the destruction of the land that bears his name, 
  Lord British sends the trusted Avatar through the Serpent Pillars to the land 
  of The Serpent's Isle.

  Ultima 7 Part Two: The Serpents Isle (U7:SI) was built on almost the exact 
  same engine as The Black Gate, and therefore there are few differences in how 
  to play the game.  There are a few differences however.

  New in U7:SI:
    Paper Doll Inventory - you put on an armor, it will show it on you
    Vaguely Non-Linear gameplay

  Changed in U7:SI:
    More keyboard commands - very useful, they are outlined in "F. Keyboard
                             Commands" in the Appendix
    Cannot talk to people in different rooms - you could in U7, but not now
    Companions don't care if you steal
    Three new types of Money - Monetari, Filari, and Guilders
    Less companions to join party
    Less towns to explore
    More dungeons to explore
    Different Races of Avatar - you no longer have to be just white!

  You're probably wondering, "What is Serpent Isle, and how does it relate to 
  the rest of the Ultima Series?"  Well I'm glad you asked.  Serpent Isle, or 
  New Sosaria was founded by dissidents who didn't like Lord British's rule, 
  this would have happened after Ultima 3, and before Ultima 4.  However this 
  land has even more history than that spanning all the way back to Ultima 1!  
  In Ultima 1 the land that was to become Serpent Isle was called the "Land of 
  Danger and Despair".  The "Land of Danger and Despair" featured a castle for 
  Shamino, which we visit in U7:SI; Gorlab Village, which becomes very important 
  in the game; and a couple of dungeons called Skullcrusher and Spinebreaker, 
  both of which make appearances in SI.  Know also that the names of the 3 
  cities comes directly from Ultima 3, Fawn - Fawn, Moon - Moonshade, 
  Montor - Monitor.

  SI Chronology: (Spoilers!)

    Lands of Danger and Despair - Ultima 1
    Gorlab disappears, becomes a swamp
    Ophidians settle here
    Exodus steals the Great Earth Serpent starting the War of Imbalance 
      - Ultima 3
    Balance Hierophant killed
    War of Imbalance ends with the death of the Chaos Serpent
    Ophidians die out
    Settlers arrive from Old Sosaria - between Ultima 3 and 4
    Lord Blackthorn finds his way to Monk Isle - Ultima 5
    You arrive to set things straight - Ultima 7, the Serpent Isle

  Also U7:SI, unlike the Black Gate, has no discernable sub-plots or sidequests.
  This means that everything in the game relates to the Main Plot in some 
  fashion.  I really missed all the Subplots, I thought that those were what 
  made U7 such a well made game.  However, the main plot in U7:SI is much larger 
  with many more layers.

| ii. Items                                                                    |

  Since there are 4 different types of money, each price will be listed with a
  symbol as to which money set it is in.
    g - gold pieces
    m - monetari
    f - filari
    gu - guilders

  And the sellers:
    S - Monitor, Standarr
    K - Monitor, Krayg
    D - Moonshade, Ducio
    B - Moonshade, Bucia
    F - Fawn, Alyssand
    P - Moonshade, Pothos

Weapons: (prices have a range, with a high to low, you get the low by haggling)
 Type:                Buy:        Sell:      Dmg:      Notes:
 -----                ----        -----      ----      ------
 Glass Sword        1500gu (P)      **        127      Breaks after 1 use
 Powder Keg            **           **         40      Explodes
 Juggernaut Hammer     **           **         25      Thrown, 2 Handed
 Erinon's Axe          **           **         20      +10 Combat (silver seed)
 Firedoom Staff        **           **         20      2 Handed
 Lightning Whip        **           **         10      Luminescent
 Fire Wand             **           **         10      Magic
 Halberd            100-55m (S)     **         10      2 Handed
 2 Handed Hammer       **           **          9      2 Handed
 Magebane              **           **          9      Steals Magic
 Magic Axe          600gu (P)       **          8      Thrown
 Hammer of Dedication  **           **          8      Thrown
 Serpent Staff         **           **          8      2 Handed
 Sword of Fire         **           **          8      Luminescent
 2 Handed Sword     200-120m (S)    **          8      2 Handed
 Zot Wand              **           **          8      Poison
 2 Handed Axe       150-90m (S)     **          7      2 Handed
 Dragonslayer          **           **          7      Good against Dragons
 Scythe                **           **          7      2 Handed
 Magic Sword           **           **          7
 Worm Hammer           **           **          6
 Serpent Sword         **           **          6
 Shovel             100-50g (D)     **          6      2 Handed
 Spear              20-12m (S)      **          6      Thrown
 Staff                 **           **          6      2 Handed
 Sword              125-65m (S)     **          6
                    350-160g (D)    **
 Sword of Defense   1200gu (P)      **          6      +3 Defense
 Tongs                 **           **          6
 Lit Torch             **           **          6
 Whip                  **           **          6
 Mace                  **           **          5
 Morningstar        40-20m (S)      **          5
 Serpent Scepter       **           **          5
 Hammer                **           **          4
 Pick               60-40m (K)      **          4
                    140-75g (D)
 Decorative Sword      **           **          4
 Throwing Axe          **           **          4      Thrown
 Blowgun               **           **          3
 Club                  **           **          3
 Magic Sling           **           **          3
 Torch                 **           **          3
 Weapons with DMG 2 and below include: Cleaver, Dagger, Fishing Rod, Hoe, Pitch
    Fork, Rake, Serpent Dagger, Shears, Spiked Shield, and the Wooden Sword

Bows and Crossbows: (all bows are 2 handed)
 Bow                120-60m (S)     **          6
 Magic Bow             **           **         12
   Arrow            20-10m (S)      **         +1
   Serpent Arrow       **           **         +1
   Burst Arrow         **           **         +2      Explodes on Contact
   Magic Arrow         **           **         +4
 Infinity Bow          **           **          6      Doesn't need Ammo
 Crossbow           145-75m (S)     **         10
                    550-350f (F)
   Bolt             18-10m (S)      **         +0
                    75-45f (F)
   Magic Bolt       200gu (P)       **         +2

Armors: (an SS in notes indicates that it is an item from the Silver Seed)
  Type:                Buy:        Sell:      Def:     Notes:
  -----                ----        -----      ----     ------
  Serpent Armor         **          **          6
  Magic Armor           **          **          5
  Dupre's Shield        **          **          4      Luther has it
  Magic Helm            **          **          4
  Light Helm            **          **          4      Luminescent, warm (SS)
  Magic Leggings     550gu (P)      **          4
  Magic Shield          **          **          4
  Plate Armor        350-175m (S)   75m         4
  White Breastplate     **          **          4      Appears after Lightning
  Brass Shield          **          **          3
  Chain Armor        200-100m (S)   50m         3
  Decorative Shield     **          **          3
  Door Shield           **          **          3
  Great Helm         75-40m (S)     20m         3
                     300-190f (F)   **
  Magic Gauntlets       **          **          3
  Gauntlets of Quick.   **          **          3      + 10 Dex (SS)
  Plate Leggings     150-90m (S)    45m         3
  Spiked Shield      90-50m (S)     **          3      +2 Attack
  Sword of Defense   1200gu (P)     **          3      +6 Attack
  Antique Armor         **          **          2
  Magic Boots        100gu (P)      **          2
  Chain Coif            **          **          2
  Chain Leggings     100-50m (S)    25m         2
  Crested Helm       45-25m (S)     10m         2
  Curved Heater         **          **          2
  Gauntlets          60-35m (S)     **          2
  Monitor Shield        **          **          2
  Scale Armor        150-85m (S)    30m         2
  Wooden Shield         **          **          2
  Buckler               **          **          1
  Cloak              200-80gu (D)   **          1
  Kidney Belt        12-5m (K)      **          1
  Belt of Strength      **          **          1      + 10 Str  (SS)
  Leather Armor      75-50m (K)     15m         1
  Leather Boots      25-15m (K)     4m          1
  Leather Gloves     15-8m (K)      2m          1
  Leather Helm       20-12m (K)     5m          1
  Leather Leggings   45-25m (K)     10m         1
                     110-60gu (B)   60gu
  Serpent Earring       **          **          1
  Stocking           25-15f (F)     **          1

The best armor class you can get is:
  Serpent Armor (6), Serpent Earring (1), Magic Boots (2), Magic Shield (4),
  Magic Leggings (4), Belt of Strength (1), Helm of Light (4), Gauntlets of
  Quick. (3), Sword of Defense (3) = 28

Reagants:  H - Harnna, P - Pothos, D - Delphynia
  Type:          Abrev.        Cost:
  -----          -----         -----
  Black Pearl      BP          P (50-25gu), D (70-35f)
  Blood Moss       BM          ** Must be found, 123S 147E **
  Blood Spawn      BS          ** Must be found **
  Garlic           GR          H (3 for 8-4m), D (15-9f), P (8-5)
  Ginseng          GN          H (2 for 9-5m), D (20-11f)
  Mandrake Root    MR          D (65-35f), P (75-45gu) found at 10N 147E
  Nightshade       NS          D (25-13f)
  Serpent Scales   SC          ** Must be found **
  Spider Silk      SS          P (35-19gu), can be found where there are spiders
  Sulfurous Ash    SA          P (36-20gu), also found in Furnace
  Worm Heart       WH          P (100-60gu)

  Note:  The Ring of Reagants (Silver Seed) completely eliminates the need for
         reagants.  In your spell book, where the number of casts used to be
         will now be an Infinity Symbol.

Potions: (all potions are sold by Pothos in Moonshade)
  Color:          Effect:          Cost:
  ------          -------          -----
  Black           Invisibility     240-135gu
  Blue            Sleep            85-40gu
  Blue/Black      Warmth             **
  Green           Poison             **
  Orange          Awakening        65-30gu
  Orange/Red      Mana Restoration   **
  Purple          Protection       150-75gu
  Red             Cure             75-45gu
  Yellow          Heal             100-50gu

  Note:  You can also buy a Yellow/Heal potion in the Mountains of Freedom

Serpent Teeth:
  Destination:                   Found:
  ------------                   ------
  Fawn                           Vasculio, or Filbercio's house*
  Furnace                        Rotoluncia's house
  Great Northern Forest          Vasculio or Frigidazzi's house*
  Isle of Crypts                 Xenka*
  Mad Mage Isle                  Erstam
  Monitor                        Furnace
  Monk Isle                      Erstam
  Moonshade                      Erstam
  Sleeping Bull Inn              Batlin
  Shrine of Discipline           Batlin
  Shrine of Emotion              Torissio's house*
  Shrine of Enthusiasm           Batlin
  Shrine of Ethicality           Gustacio's house*
  Shrine of Logic                Batlin
  Shrine of Tolerance            Stefano*
  Skullcrusher                   Batlin
  Spinebreaker                   Batlin
  Sunrise Isle                   Yenani

   * indicates that the tooth won't be there until Batlin is dead

| iii. Spells                                                                  |

  There are Nine Circles of Magic (no more linear spells!).  You can cast your
  level, i.e. a level 3 avatar can cast circle 3.  Also the circle number is how
  much mana a spell will cost.

The Mages:
  Name:           Abrev         Where:
  -----           -----         ------
  Ensorcio          E           Sleeping Bull Inn
  Melino            M           Moonshade
  Torrissio         T           Moonshade
  Columna           C           Moonshade
  Gustacio*         G           Moonshade
  Mortegro**       MR           Moonshade/Tolerance
  Elissa            S           Silver Seed

  * - only after you get out of the Mountains of Freedom, offers spells for free
  ** - disappears after you get out of Mountains of Freedom, appears at
       the Temple of Tolerance

  Note: I also had some trouble getting Melino to sell me spells.  At first he
        wouldn't sell me spells, then only after I got out of Freedom would he
        sell to me.  (I don't think that's supposed to happen)  Also don't 
        mention the stalkings to him or he WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN!

Spells: * -- indicates that you start with the spell (when you get the new spell
=======      book in Moonshade from Fedabiblio)

  First Circle:             Reagants:               Where:
  -------------             ---------               ------
   Create Food              GR, GN, MR              G, E (20-12g, 30-18gu)
   *Cure                    GR, GN                  M (22-14g, 33-21gu)
   Detect Trap              NS, SS                  G, T (40-20gu)
   Great Douse              GR, SS                  E (18-9g, 27-13gu)
   Great Ignite             SA, SS                  C (30-18g, 45-27gu)
   Light                    SA                      T (40-20gu)
   Locate                   NS                      E (26-13g, 39-20gu),
                                                    C (35-20g, 52-30gu)
   Telekinesis              BP, BM, MR              M (30-18g, 45-27gu),
                                                    MR (40-25gu)
  Second Circle:
   *Awaken                  GR, GN                  T (65-30gu)
   Destroy Trap             BM, SA                  C (50-30g, 75-45gu)
   False Coin               NS, SA                  E (80-50g, 120-75gu)
   Cold Blast               BP, SA, WH              G, MR (150-100gu)
   Great Light              MR, SA                  M (60-40g, 90-60gu),
                                                    C (60-30g, 90-45gu)
   *Heal                    GR, GN, SS              T (75-38gu)
   Mass Cure                GR, GN, MR              M (75-50g, 112-75gu)
   Protection               GR, GN, SA              C (80-50g, 120-75gu)
  Third Circle:
   Chill                    GR, GN, WH              gift from Frigidazzi
   Columna's Intuition      BP, GR                  C (120-80g, 180-120gu)
   Curse                    GR, NS, SA              C (75-40g, 112-60gu),
                                                    MR (120-70gu)
   Enchant Missile          BP, MR                  G, M (70-35g, 105-52gu),
                                                    T (150-80gu)
   Mass Protection          GR, GN, MR, SA          C (100-60g, 150-90gu)
   Paralyze                 NS, SS                  E (70-35g, 105-52gu),
                                                    MR (140-85gu)
   Sleep                    BP, NS, SS              E (60-34g, 90-51gu)
   *Translation             BP, MR, SS, SA          T (175-85gu)
  Fourth Circle:
   Blink                    BM, MR                  MR (200-130gu)
   Create Soul Prism        BM, GR, MR, SC, SS, SA  T (late in game)
   Deter                    GR, SS                  E (90-50g, 135-75gu)
   Flash                    MR, SA                  M (90-50g, 135-75gu)
   Mass Curse               GR, MR, NS, SA          C (110-60g, 165-90gu),
                                                    MR (175-100gu)
   Reveal                   BM, SA                  M (100-60g, 150-90gu)
   *Transcribe              BP, SS                  T (220-130gu)
   Unlock Magic             BM, SA                  G, C (120-70g, 180-105gu)
  Fifth Circle:
   Conjure                  MR, SS                  G
   Dispel Field             BP, GR, SS, SA          Selina's corpse
   Erstam's Surprise        BP, GR, MR, SA          E (160-100g, 240-150gu),
                                                    MR (240-170gu)
   Explosion                BM, BP, MR, SA          M (135-80g, 202-120gu)
   Great Heal               GR, GN, MR, SS          T (250-130gu)
   Invisibility             BM, NS                  C (155-90g, 232-135gu)
   Mass Sleep               GN, NS, SS              E (145-80g, 217-120gu)
                                                    S (250-140g)
   Summon Shade             BM, MR, NS, SS, SA      Mortegro after Freedom
  Sixth Circle:
   Betray                   BP, NS, SS              M (145-80g, 217-120gu),
                                                    T (285-150gu)
   Cause Fear               GR, MR, NS              T (300-175gu), MR(300-210gu)
   Cold Strike              BM, BP, WH, SA          found in Frigidazzi's Lab
   Create Ammunition        BM, GN, SA              C (175-120g, 262-180gu)
                                                    S (300-175g)
   Create Automaton         MR, SA, SS, SC          T (750-550gu)
   Dispel Illusion          GR, MR, NS              M (160-110g, 240-165gu),
                                                    C (165-110g, 247-165gu)
   Fire Field               BP, WH, SS, SA          G
   Fire Ring                BP, WH, MR, SS, SA      E (180-110g, 270-165gu)
  Seventh Circle:
   Energy Field             BP, MR, SS, SA          M (250-140g, 375-210gu)
   Energy Mist              BM, MR, NS, SA          C (250-180g, 375-270gu)
   Lightning                BP, MR, SA              T (350-200gu)
   Mass Awaken              GR, GN                  M (250-140g, 375-210gu)
   Mass Might               BP, GN, MR              T (400-200gu), MR(350-240gu)
   Poison Mist              BM, NS, SA              C (280-190g, 420-285gu)
   Restoration              GR, GN, MR, SS          G
   Vibrate                  BP, BM, MR, SS          E (220-110g, 330-165gu)
                                                    S (350-200g)
  Eighth Circle:
   Create Ice               WH, SS                  found in Frigidazzi's Lab
   Delayed Blast            BM, BP, MR, SS, SA      G
   Fetch                    BM, BP, MR              M (285-165g, 427-247gu)
   Firesnake                GR, MR, SA              found in Rotoluncia's house
   Invoke Serpent           BM, GR, SS, WH, SC      MR (425-325gu)
                                                    S (380-200g)
   Mind Blast               BS, BP, NS, SA          E (300-185g, 450-277gu),
                                                    MR (400-285gu)
   Serpent Bond             BM, BP, GR, SS, WH, SC  MR (450-350gu)
                                                    S (450-300g)
   Swordstrike              BP, BS, MR, NS          E (285-165g, 427-247gu)
  Ninth Circle:
   Death Vortex             BM, MR, NS, SA          E (350-220g, 525-330gu),
                                                    MR (500gu)
   Imbalance                NS, SA, WH, SC          MR (1200gu)
                                                    S (800-600g)
   Mass Death               BM, BS, GR, GN, MR, NS  E (400-250g, 600-375gu),
                                                    MR (600gu)
   Mass Invisibility        BP, BM, MR, NS          found in Vasculio's lab
   Spiral Missile           BM, BS, BP, NS, SA      G, E (425-260g, 637-390gu)
   Stop Storm               BP, GR, MR, SS, SA      G
   Summon                   BM, GR, MR, SS          found in Gustacio's basement
   Time Stop                BM, GR, MR              found in Columna's lab

| iv. Companions                                                               |

STANDARD COMPANIONS: (all start with you)
  Iolo - Bard Extraordinaire
         STR 15, DEX 24, INT 24, COMBAT 16
  Shamino - Ranger
         STR 19, DEX 23, INT 12, COMBAT 18
  Dupre - Paladin
         STR 22, DEX 20, INT 13, COMBAT 18

Needed: (for some part of the plot or another)
  Selina - mage that takes you to the Mint to get some money.  Sister of Lydia
         in Monitor (so you know you can't trust her!)
         Sleeping Bull Inn
         STR 12, DEX 12, INT 14, COMBAT 6
  Stefano - thief/mage who was unjustly imprisoned in Freedom, will help you get
         out of prison, but leaves right after.
         Mountains of Freedom
         STR 17, DEX 12, INT 19, COMBAT 2
  Petra - Petra joins to help you get the Water of Discipline, because she can
         walk through acid and you can't
         STR 20, DEX 15, INT 20, COMBAT 7

  Boydon - made out of spare parts in Erstam's Lab.  DO NOT LET DIE!  Once dead
         he can never ever be revived.
         Erstam's Lab
         STR 30, DEX 12, INT 12, COMBAT 8
  Automaton - if you use the spell create automaton you can have them join you
         Anywhere you find a dead automaton
         STR 20, DEX 10, INT 10, COMBAT 5
  Wilfred - joins you after the banes attack, but leaves shortly after, when he
         gets hurt in any way (baby)
         Sleeping Bull Inn
         STR 20, DEX 15, INT 10, COMBAT 25

At max you can have a party of 6, yourself included.  Any more than that has the
risk of crashing the game. (the only way to get more than 6 is to cheat)

For the complete list of all NPC's and their stat's look in Appendix "E. 
Monsters and NPC's".

| v. Trainers                                                                  |

At each level that you gain you also get 3 "Training Points" which can be used
to get new stats on a 1:1 trade.  That is you use 1 Training Point to get 1
unit of any stat.

Monitor Trainers:
----------------- Time:       Stat:                      Cost:
                  -----       -----                __    -----
Luther             9-12       Str + 3                |
Caladin            9-12       Str + 2, Combat + 1    |__ 50 Monetari
Brendann            3-6       Combat + 2, Dex + 1    |   Each!
Shazzana           12-3       Dex + 2, Combat + 1  __|

Wilfred (after banes attack)  Str + 1, Combat + 1        30 Monetari
Tsandar (silver seed)         Str + 1, Combat + 2        200 Gold
Elissa  (silver seed)         Int + 1, Magic +1          150 Gold

Note: Once you maximize one stat, then you can't train with anyone who advances
      that stat, even if you want to learn something else that they teach.

  1 - 0 to 99 Exp
  2 - 100 to 199
  3 - 200 to 399
  4 - 400 to 799
  5 - 800 to 1599
  6 - 1600 to 3199
  7 - 3200 to 6399
  8 - 6400 to 12799
  9 - 12800 to 25599
 10 - 25600 to 51199
 11 - 51200 and on and on...

| vi. General Strategies                                                       |

How to Play the Game:
  Serpent Isle's gameplay engine is based completely on the Ultima 7 engine, 
  therefore if you know how to play that game, you mostly know this one.  To 
  walk, move the arrow in the direction that you wish to travel, and hold down 
  the right mouse button. (or double right click your destination)  To use 
  something, or to open your inventory, double click the object.  To open your 
  companions inventory open yours, then open theirs.  If you just double click 
  them you will talk to them in