From: Captain Avenger
      of the ISS Newhope

To:   All other Starship Captains

The way to stop the suns from flaring - killing all life in
the systems - is as follows:

1. You must use a black egg to destroy the Uhlek Brain World.
   If you do not, the Uhlek will not let you collect the
   Crystal Cone.  They will slaughter you and your crew with
   plasma bolts.  Do not feel guilty about destroying this
   planet.  The Uhlek are bloodthirsty killers.

2. You must collect the Crystal Orb to nullify the defenses
   of the Crystal Planet so you can land on it. The Crystal
   Orb is found at 132, 165.

3. You must collect the Crystal Cone to identify the control
   nexus of the planet. The Crystal Cone is found in the
   system at 20, 198 on the first planet.

4. You must collect a second black egg to use to blow up the
   Crystal Planet (192 x 152). Black eggs can be found: on
   the third planet at 238 x 189, on the first planet at
   143 x 115, and on the second planet at 234 x 20.

5. Using the Red cylinder (found on the third planet of the
   system at 112 x 200 at coordinates 59n, 64w) can help you
   find the artifacts on the planets.

Godspeed in finding the artifacts and saving the universe
from destruction.  Time is running out for the Starport and
all the sentient creatures that will be destroyed on all the
worlds that will be affected by solar flare. Details are left
out to provide a little challenge for you and your crews.

This info courtesy of:    Bob Seljan
                          Games Conference Chairman
                          Infoguide Bulletin Board

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