1 Dreamwright Grand Master Mind Magic
2 Ravensight Grandmaster Spirit Magic
3 Snowtree Grandmaster Body Magic
4 Stephen Quest
Dantillion Cleric Promotion
Dawnbringer Master Light Magic
5 Traveler's Rest Tavern
6 Mithrit Expert Learning
7 Well + Personality permanent
8 Guild of Light
9 Verish Player Character
10 Sampson Master Regeneration
11 Treasurestone Master Alchemy
Mylander Sells Heartwood of Jadame, buys Dried Sunfish
12 Keenedge Master ID Monster
13 Tonk Grand Master Repair Item
Castigeir Quest
14 Temple of the Sun
15 Ancient Troll Home
16 Druid Circle
17 Contest of Intellect +5 skill points when won
18 Gate Enter Plane of Air
19 Obelisk #6 pearswhil

Temple of the Sun

Ancient Troll Home
Ancient Troll Home Temple of the Sun

Druid Circle