Garotte Gorge

1 Jeric Whistlebone
2 Naga Vault
3 Obelisk #1
4 Dragon Cave
5 Grand Temple of Eep

Dragon Hunter's Camp

1 Stable
2 Plated Protection Armorsmith
3 Lance's Spears Blacksmith
4 Sacred Steel Healer
5 Dragon's Blood Inn Tavern
6 Wards and Pendants Magician
7 Dragon Hunter's Camp
8 Arin Master Body Magic
9 Godric's Gauntlet Instructor
10 Stormlance Promotion to Champions
Cardron Master Sword
11 Morningstar Master Mace
12 Foestryke Expert Axe
Zelim Quest
13 Avalon Quest
14 Ironfist Grand Plate
15 Otterton Master Body Building
16 Lightsworn Grand Master Learning
17 Maker Expert ID Monster
18 Well Fire Resistance permanent
19 Calendril Quest
20 Slayer Expert Armsmaster
21 Weldrick
22 Kern Master Spirit Magic
23 Jeni Master Repair Item
24 Nelix Player Character
25 Tempus Player Character
26 Reaverton Grand Master Shield

Dragon Hunter's Camp (inside)

Dragon Cave

1 Ithilgore Player Character
Erthint Master Dragon
2 Scarwing Grand Master Dragon
Balion Tearwing Quest
3 Ishton Expert Dragon
Jerin Flame-eye Quest
4 Deftclaw Redreaver Promotion to Great Wyrm

Dragon Hunter's Camp (inside)

Naga Vault
Grand Temple of Eep Dragon Cave Naga Vault

Grand Temple of Eep

1 Wheel of Frelandeau cheese