1 Obelisc #3  
2 Gate To Plane of Fire
3 Chain if Fire  
4 Chain of Fire  
5 Ilsingor's Cave  
6 Troll Tomb  
7 Cyclops Larder  


1 Guild Caravans Stable
2 Hovel Expert Regeneration
3 Parched Throat Tavern
4 Schmecker Buys Royal Wasp Jelly
Volog Sandwind Quest
Hobb Sandwind Promotion Trolls
5 Pole Quest
6 Greenstorm
Mikel Smithson Grand Master Bodybuilding
7 Hobert
8 Mist Master Water Magic
9 Thistlebone Player Character
10 Talion Quest
11 Stone Master Staff
12 Hearthsworn Grand Master Mace
13 Overdune Quest, Player Character, Witness

Chain of Fire

(Cast Levitate)

Troll Tomb
Ilsingor's Cave Troll Tomb Chain of Fire Chain of Fire Rust

Ilsingor's Cave

1 Mace of the Sun, Staff of the Swamp
2 Flamdring, Player Character

Cyclops Larder