Antique Increased Value
Assassins' 5 points Body damage and +2 Disarm Trap skill
Barbarians's 6-8 points Cold danage and +5 Armor Class
Dragon Slaying double damage vs dragons
Elemental Slaying double damage vs Elementals
Ogre Slaying double damage vs Ogres
Rogues' +5 Speed and Accuracy
Swift Increased Weapon Speed
Undead Slaying double damage vs Undead
Vampiric drain hitpoints from target
Warriors' +5 Might and Endurance
Wizards +5 Intellect and Personality
of Accuracy increases Accuracy
of Acid 12 points Body damage
of Air Magic increases effect of all Air Magic spells
of Air Resistance increases Air Magic resistance
of Alarms resistance to Sleep
of Alchemy increases Alchemy skill
of Antidotes resistance to Poison
of Arms increases Armsmaster skill
of Body Magic increases effect of all Body Magic spells
of Body Resistance increases Body Magic resistance
of Cold 3+4 points Cold damage
of Cold Resistance increases Cold Magic resistance
of Darkness drain hitpoints from target and increased weapon speed
of Defense increases Armor Class
of Disarming increases Disarm Trap skill
of Doom +1 to seven stats, hp, sp, armor and resistances
of Earth +10 Endurance, Armor and Hitpoints
of Earth Magic increases effect of all Earth Magic spells
of Earth Resistance increases Earth Magic Resistance
of Endurance increases Endurance
of Fire 1-6 points Fire damage
of Fire Magic increases effect of all Fire Magic spells
of Fire Resistance increases Fire Magic resistance
of Flame 2-12 points Fire damage
of Freedom resistance to Paralysis
of Frost 6-8 points Cold damage
of Health increases hitpoints
of Ice 9-12 points Cold damage
of Identifying increases ID Item and ID Monster skill
of Immunity resistance to Disease
of Infernos 3-18 points Fire damage
of Intellect increases Intellect
of Items increases ID Item skill
of Life +10 hitpoints and regenerate hitpoints
of Lightning 4-10 points electrical damage
of Luck increases Luck
of Magic increases spellpoints
of Mana regenerate spellpoints
of Might increases Might
of Mind Magic increases effect of all Mind Magic spells
of Mind Resistance increases Mind Magic resistance
of Monster increases ID Monster skill
of Personality increases Personality
of Plenty regenerates spellpoints and hitpoints
of Poison 5 points Body damage
of Precision increases Accuracy
of Protection +10 to all resistances
of Regeneration regenerates hitpoints
of Sanity resistance to Insanity
of Shielding half damage from missile attacks
of Sparks 2+5 points electrical damage
of Speed increases Speed
of Spirit Resistance increases Spirit Magic resistance
of the Dragon 10-20 points Fire damage and +25 Might
of the Eclipse +10 Spelloints and regenerate spellpoints
of the Gods +10 to all seven statistics
of the Golem +15 Endurance and +5 Armor
of the Medusa resistance to Stone
of the Moon +10 Intellect and Luck
of the Ocean +10 Water Resistance and 2 Alchemy skill
of the Phoenix +30 Fire Resistance and regenerate hitpoints
of the Sky +10 spellpoints, Speed and Intellect
of Spirit Magic increases effect of all Spirit Magic spells
of the Stars +10 Endurance and Accuracy
of the Storm +20 Air Resistance and Shielding
of the Sun +10 Might and Personality
of the Troll +15 Endurance and regenerate hitpoints
of the Unicorn +15 Luck and regenerate spellpoints
of Thought increases Intellect
of Thunderbolts 6-15 points electrical damage
of Vigor increases Endurance
of Water Magic increases effect of all Water Magic spells
of Water Resistance increases Water Magic resistance
of Water Walking prevents damage from drowning