***********  KNIGHTS OF XENTAR  ***************************************
***********  Walkthrough  *********************************************
***********  Version 1.5  *********************************************
***********  written by The Chanman (an161389@anon.penet.fi)  *********

HISTORY ----------------------------------------------------------------

Version 1.0
	- Released to the Net February 2nd, 1995.
	- First version.  Incomplete.

Version 1.5
	- Game completed, everything documented.

ADDENDUMS -------------------------------------------------------------- 

	If you have any comments, corrections, contributions, or
and other material, please e-mail me at an161389@anon.penet.fi.

GAME PLOT --------------------------------------------------------------

I.      Squalor Hollow

	Here is where the game begins with Desmond drunk.  He is jumped
by bandits, loses his sword and armor, and wakes up in an old man's 
(Larousse) house.  After discovering that you are without weapons 
and clothes you are set free to roam the streets.

	Proceed to the tavern, which is a bit north of the Larousse's
house.  Here you'll find a girl being raped by the bandits which attacked
you earlier.  Go talk to them;  eventually Desmond beats the shit out 
of them and you save the girl.

	Then proceed to the house of Don Frump.  The entrance is in the 
southwestern most part of town.  Don Frump will give you a mission --
to hunt down the bandits in Mount Litmus and take out their leader.  He
gives you a poultry knife and some armor.  

II.     Mount Litmus

	Mount Litmus is a small mountain surrounded by a lake west of 
Squalor Hollow.  Enter and fight your way through until you see a man
at the end.

	The man is supposedly the bandit's leader, but he turns out
to be a demon-lord.  After a conversation he transports you from his cave.      
Go back to Squalor Hollow.

III.    Squalor Hollow

	Proceed immediately to Don Frump's house.  He'll tell you that
Frump has left north for a village.  Leave town and proceed north.

IV.     Barricade

	Larousse will be at the barricade with a medal for you.  Desmond
is to kiss the medal in order to pass through the barrier.  When you do,
you're brought down to level 1 and brought automatically to the nameless 

V.      The Nameless Village

	In the northern area of town you should find what appears to be
Don Frump.  He says he has your sword -- follow him downstairs.  Eventually
Desmond finds out it's not Frump at all, but a demonlord.  He tries to kill 
you, but the medal you are wearing eradicates him in a burst of light.

	After he's dead, purchase weapons and armor and proceed to 
back to Squalor Hollow for your reward.

VI.     Sqaulor Hollow

	Collect your reward from Don Frump.  Then proceed north,
cross the barrier, and head west to Dreadsen.

VII.    Dreadsen

	Purchase new weapons and armor.  You'll hear of two places:
a place "where the women are so desperate" and a place "made of cookies"
(Priscilla's Place) and a house where a girl and her grandmother live
(Clara's Place).  

	Proceed southeast to Priscilla's Place first.

VIII.   Priscilla's Place

	Here you walk in on a bunch of dwarves raping Priscilla, and 
after some conversation you're put into battle with them and their boss.      
Kill them all, and Priscilla will mention an evil wizard who lives in a 
cave to the north.  She mentions that you need the Mystic Marble to enter
the cave.  Go back to Dreadsen.

IX.     Dreadsen

	You now need the Mystic Marble.  A hermit has it on the outskirts 
of Dreadsen.  To get it, take ONE STEP beyond the fence that surrounds the
town.  (You shouldn't exit the town.)  Then, walk around the town to the 
left, and you'll find some stairs.  Go down, and the hermit living there
will give you the Mystic Marble.  Leave and proceed to the cave north of
Priscilla's Place.

X.      The Cave

	Hack your way to the dungeon and the wizard Visal.  Take him out
and go back to Priscilla's Place.

XI.     Priscilla's Place

	Priscilla will show her gratitude and give you the magic mirror.

XII.    Clara's Place

	To the northeast of Dreadsen lies a small house where a girl 
and her grandmother live.  The first time you enter the girl, Clara,
is being raped by a wolf.  Kill him.  If you leave the house and return
later, Clara will show her gratitude.

XIII.   Coventry

	The town of Coventry is due south of Dreadsen.  Upon arrival
purchase new weapons and armor.  You'll hear a lot of talk about Tymm.
Proceed to the tavern which has been converted into an inn, and go the
second floor.  In the top right room you'll find the Dark Knight.  Talk
to him, and he'll fill you in about Tymm.  After this, go to the east,
to Tymm's Lair.

XIV.    Tymm's Lair

	Talk to Tymm.  Desmond will show him the magic mirror and he will
disappear.  Just before leaving you'll see some stairs -- go in and save
Marie.  Then proceed to the Nudist Colony, which is southeast.

XV.     Nudist Colony

	There's really nothing much here, but there are some sovereigns
stashed away in some of the pots.  There is also an old man hidden beneath
a lot of staircases who tells you his daughter's ages.  If you find them
and guess their ages correctly they will show you what they look like.

	After the Nudist Colony proceed north to Phoenix.

XVI.    Phoenix

	In the southwest corner of town is Kate.  Talk to her.  After that,
find Rolf in the houses and talk to him.  He'll agree to join you but 
he has to pack.  

	In the meantime, pick up the various bonuses around town and visit
the shops.  You can also visit the Desmond Tower in the northeast section
of town, and get the Desmond Action Figure at the top.

	Then go get Rolf; equip yourself with weapons and armor, leave town, 
and go north.

	You'll find a boulder blocking your path -- Rolf will lift it. 
Keep going north to Squalor Hollow.

XVII.   Squalor Hollow 

	Larousse tells you that a black mist has swallowed the town.
He will give you a magical twig.

	Proceed to Carnage Corners, southeast of Phoenix.

XVIII.  Carnage Corners

	Carnage Corners is just east of a bridge.  It is a town with
an arena.  If you're looking for action you can go to the House of Horrors
in the northeast section of town.

	Buy new weapons and armor here, and most importantly, buy
an entry card for the competition.  Before you leave, talk to the old man
in the house beside the mayor's.  He'll mention a picture.  Leave town
and go north.

XIX.    Carnage Corners Cemetary

	The competition is north of Carnage Corners.  Show the attendant
your entry card and he'll let you in.  

	Once you're in the cemetary, go all the way west.  You must find
a chest on the westernmost section of the cemetary, which contains a 
picture.  Once you have the picture, hack your way through the dungeon.

	At the end of the dungeon, you'll be transported out because of a 
magical barrier.  Go back to Carnage Corners.

XX.     Carnage Corners

	Upon entry you should bump into a man who says he's off to Arcadia,
the village of women, to solicit the aid of Luna.  Don't worry about him.
Go directly to the old man's house beside the mayor's and talk to him.
He should give you the transsexual nuts.  If he doesn't, attempt to cross
the magical barrier east of Carnage Corners (the one blocking entrance to
Arcadia) and try again.

XXI.    Arcadia

	Once you have the transsexual nuts you should be able to cross the 
barrier and enter Arcadia.  While there you can check out the woman at
the weapons shop.  Be sure to visit Aquaria in the tower -- the entrance
is in the southwest part of town.

	Then proceed to the buliding on the east part of town and talk to
Luna.  She will join your party.  After this, proceed back to Carnage
Corners, or use Luna's Warp magic.

XXII.   Carnage Corners

	Head over to the competition registry.  You'll have to pay an 
extra 500 sovereigns to enter Luna in the competition.  Then go north
to the cemetary.

XXIII.  Carnage Corners Cemetary

	Hack your way to the bottom floor of the dungeon again.  This time,
you won't get transported out; you end up fighting the bosses of the 

	After you kill them, the people of Squalor Hollow are rescued.
You should have the key to the Castle of Kalist.  Go back to Carnage Corners.

XXIV.   Carnage Corners

	Go to the mayor's house.  You should get your reward and you'll
talk to the mayor's daughter.  Then go to Arcadia.

XXV.    Arcadia

	Go see the princess in the northeastern part of town.  She'll give
you the Virgin Medal.  Now, go to Mellions, which is northeast of Arcadia.

XXVI.   Mellions

	Mellions is very expensive, but you should but their weapons and
armor if you can.  Talk to everyone, and in particular, talk to the 
jar makers.  They will give you hints to the correct order in the 
Castle of Kalist staircase trap.  The actual solution is on the back of
the sign outside of Mellions.  After you are finished, proceed to the 
Castle of Kalist.

XXVII.  Castle of Kalist

	The Castle of Kalist is southeast of Mellions and northeast of 
Arcadia.  Enter, and hack your way to the area where you can clearly 
see nine staircases in a three-by-three pattern.  

	Take the upper right staircase, then the bottom left, 
and then the bottom center.

	Luna will have disappeared.  Don't worry -- keep going.  Eventually
you'll find two chests with what appears to be the Falcon Sword and your
armor, but these are fakes.  You will find what appears to be Luna,
but is actually the demoness Haggis.  Once you kill her, Luna will come 
back.  You'll get a snow gem.. use it immediately to gain Blizzard magic.

	Proceed to the uppermost floor and get the Demonic Key from the 
locked room.  Following that, go to the southeastern part of the upper
floor, and walk into the skull on one side of a rectangular structure.
You'll then be transported out of the castle.

XXVIII. Moronvia

	Buy new weapons and talk to the village people.  Take note
that there is a lower level to the village which is inaccessible at this 
time.  Then leave the village and find the Feline Farms.

XXIX.   Feline Farms -- The Village of Cats

	The cats in the village will complain that the dogs living
in the cave to the north have stolen their food, the "tuna liver lumps."
When you're done talking to the people in the village, go north to the
dog cave. 

XXX.    The Dog Cave

	This is the one dungeon in the game with secret passages.  You
MUST find the secret passages, or you will not be able to progress 
through the dungeon.  On the first floor, the secret passage is in the 
southeastern corner, just before the stairs. 

	On the lower floor, the long hallway is blocked -- you also
need to find the secret passage.  It should be on the right:  just before
the hallway starts.  

	The Dog Boss is located just after a maze of blackness.  Kill him,
and take the tuna liver lumps.  Go back to the Feline Farms.

XXXI.   Feline Farms

	Talk to Parrtesia, who seems to be the leader.  She will express
her gratitude and give you information about the whereabouts of your
Falcon Sword and Genji Armor.  She mentions the Lake of Fairies, Tristram,
and the key required for entry.

XXXII.  Lake of Fairies

	The Lake of Fairies is relatively small, hidden away in a forest 
to the northwest of Moronvia.  Your first visit yields little fruit --
you simply talk to the Fairies, but they will not trust you with the key
to the Temple of Xentar.

XXXIII. Moronvia

	Immediately proceed to the attendant who guards the staircase
to the lower levels of this village.  Desmond will give him the tuna
liver lumps, and he will begin to feel sleepy.  You have to leave the 
town and come back in order for him to fall completely asleep.  Then
descend to the lower level.

	The Chief of Moronvia refuses to give you the pearl on the
pretense that it will be reserved for the god that marries his daughter.        
You can talk to more people and then depart for Tristram.

XXXIV.  Tristram 

	Tristram is located in the snowy region northwest of the Lake of
Fairies.  At this point in the game, you should be alerted by a citizen 
that something is wrong.  If everything seems fine, you might have missed
something.  Check to see.

	When you ARE alerted, the characters will deduce that something
has happened at the Lake of Fairies.  Either warp or walk there.

XXXV.   Lake of Fairies

	Demons seem to have broken in and raped the fairies, stealing the
key to the Temple of Xentar in the process.  You should proceed to 
Moronvia immediately after questioning the fairies.

XXXVI.  Moronvia

	The town will be deserted except for one man guarding the staircase
on the village's lower level.  Talk to him, and he will lead you to the 
Chief's daughter.  Eventually after conversation the party acquires the 
Pearl of Sorrow, necessary for entrance into the Temple of Xentar.

	When you have the Pearl of Sorrow go to the Temple of Xentar 
immediately.  It is also in the snowy region, east of Tristram.

XXXVII. Temple of Xentar

	You will find that the temple has already been broken into, 
presumably by the demons.  You will also meet Arstein, the Dark Knight,
at the entrance.  He is wounded but leaves shortly after you talk to him.

	The Temple is unfortunately large and difficult to map out in this
textfile.  Simply proceed through the doors and floors until you find your
Falcon Sword and Genji Armor.  Then, on the top floor, you should find
a door with a pattern of a girl on it.  Your party should insert the 
Pearl of Sorrow and the door will open.

XXXVIII. Realm of Light

	After passing this door, you will cross over to the Realm of Light,
which is, though he doesn't realize it, Desmond's home.  Talk to the
Goddess, and she will fill you in with a very long story.  At the end of 
the story you are transported to a battle site.

XXXIX.  The Final Showdown

	You lose the help of Rolf and Luna here, because it is a fight
solely for Desmond.  You'll meet Arstein first, and kill him.  Then comes
along his father, who fights with your mother, and then you.

	The final boss, Deimos, is very difficult -- I had a hacked level
99 character with infinite HP and it still took a long time to kill him.
For those who are playing without help I would definitely suggest many
High Potions.

XXXX.   End of Game

	When you beat Deimos and exit the battle field, Rolf and Luna
will congratulate you.  You will then have the freedom to roam the entire
land and hear them praise you loudly.  To finish, go to Arcadia and talk
to the Princess.  Then talk to Aquaria.  Then talk to the Princess again.

	Enjoy the end of game sequence.

R-RATED SCENES ---------------------------------------------------------

1. Squalor Hollow:  Mona being raped
2. Priscilla's Place:  Priscilla being raped
3. Priscilla's Place:  Priscilla, after Visal is dead
4. Clara's Place:  Clara being raped by wolf
5. Clara's Place:  Clara after Wolf is dead
6. Tymm's Lair:  Marie, after Tymm is dead
7. Nudist Colony:  The three girls, after guessing their ages
8. Phoenix:  Kate, the married woman
9. Carnage Corners:  The House of Horrors
10. Carnage Corners Cemetary:  The picture in the chest
11. Arcadia:  Helen, the weapons dealer
12. Arcadia:  The illusionist in the tower
13. Carnage Corners Cemetary:  Mona, after defeating the demons in the
14. Carnage Corners:  The mayor's daughter, after winning the competition
15. Arcadia:  The Princess Diana, before entering Castle of Kalist
16. Castle of Kalist:  Haggis, the demoness
17. Feline Farms:  Parrrtesia, after tuna liver lumps are returned
18. Lake of Fairies:  Close-ups of all fairies
19. Moronvia:  Alice, in order to get Pearl of Sorrow

FINAL NOTES ---------------------------------------------------------------

Savegames of hacked level 99 characters / 16 mil. sovereigns are available 
upon request.  Please send e-mail to chanman@cuug.ab.ca.

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