S H A N N A R A:   T H E   U N O F F I C I A L   W A L K T H R O U G H
Steve Novicki


1 – Introduction
2 – The Forest
3 – Leah
4 – Tyrsis
5 – Arborlon
6 – The Streleheim Plains (War Encampment)
7 – Storlock
8 – Culhaven
9 – Gnome Camp
10 – Hall of Kings
11 – Legal Information
12 – How to Contact Me
13 – Farewell

1 – Introduction


I am Steve Novicki, and I will be your guide throughout the awesome RPG 
Shannara. It is not a long game to complete; I am able to complete it 
in a day now. Just remember to talk to everyone in your party, and also 
the fact that everything in the game is put there for a reason; nothing 
was put in to make it look good. 

2 – The Forest

After that big introduction in the game, you will be in a fishing hole. 
Take the stick, fishing pole, and journal. Look in the stream; you will 
see a glint of something coming from the trees. Tie the stick to the 
fishing pole and part the tree branches with it. It will reveal a bird 
with a locket in its nest. Snag the locket with the pole and the bird 
will fly away, and also attract a monster from the corner of the 
screen. Doesn't matter what you do in combat because sooner or later 
the Druid Allanon will come, save you, and heal you. He will tell you 
that the Warlock Lord Brona has returned from the dead, and you (Jak 
Ohmsford) are the only one who can stop him. He then wanders off into 
the forest and leaves you to go back home. On the map, continue off to 
the east; you should run into the Princess of Leah (Shella) soon. Push 
the rock at the base of her feet, and then move the log off of her 
using the fishing pole tied to the stick. Talk to her and give her the 
locket. The two of you will then head to Leah to warn King Menion of 
the attacking monsters soon to overthrow Leah. You need to journey to 
the far north, avoiding the monsters, and cross the Rappahallodron 
River; if you try to cross anywhere else, it will be too deep. Now go 
south and to the east. Shella should soon say that she knows exactly 
where they are, and she will take the both of you to Leah.

3 – Leah

Thomas, the guard, will tell the two of you that King Menion is ill. 
You will go up to his room to see him along with Shella. Take the 
teacup sitting in Menion's room. Now go down to the herbalist (Jonas) 
and give him the teacup. He will tell you that the cup contained the 
leaves of the Dreaddire plant, and that the tea was made from the 
Dreaddire plant, which has poisoned Menion. He then tells you that he 
can make an antidote, but he needs some charcoal, dogwood blossoms, and 
cloves. The charcoal is in the steaming brazier in Menion's bedroom; 
the cloves are in the potpourri; and you need to perform a little magic 
to get to the dogwood blossoms. If you didn't already, take the steam 
pot in Menion's room and pour it on the fire to extinguish it. Take the 
charcoal. Head down to where Winston is and take the potpourri, if you 
haven't done so already. Now, go into the herbalist's shop, and take 
the little green bottle sitting on Jonas' table. Head out to the front 
of the mansion and pour the little green bottle onto the dogwood tree; 
it will blossom. Take the flowers. Now go over to Jonas' shop once 
again; he has been murdered. Take the paper from his hands; it is the 
antidote for Dreaddire poisoning. Now put the dogwood flowers in the 
mortar and pestle on Jonas' table. You and Shella will make the 
antidote now, and give it to Menion. Watch the sequences. Allanon shows 
up, and he sends you off to Tyrsis to get the Sword of Shannara to go 
after the shade of Brona. Shella wants to come, but her father will not 
let her. Now leave the room and go out front, Shella joins you from 
behind the fountain. You go together to talk to the gate guard and get 
him to open the gate, but he cannot. Now go back to the front of the 
mansion. Shella gives you her locket and tells you to meet her in the 
library. Go to the library and show the locket to Winston. He bows and 
leaves the room. Now use the locket to unlock the dragon design; put 
the locket into the dragon's eye. Shella shows up and you both go 
through the secret passage together. Shella leads you down to the toad 
that fork into three roads. You must take the far-left road, and go 
west and north together. Keep going until you reach the broken ferry. 
The two of you are in for your first battle now. Remember the new 
gardener back at the mansion? The one with the blurry left eye? He was 
a minion of Brona's. You need to fight him and two other monsters now. 
Just tell Shella to follow your lead; this will ensure that the 
monsters are brought down quicker. Now that they are out of the way, 
catch the broken rope and pulley in the river. Now tell Shella to shoot 
one of her arrows at the brake lever. Watch the sequences now, and the 
two of you will cross the ferry. Now just follow the path and you will 
get to Tyrsis, safe and sound. 

4 – Tyrsis

This is where the real adventure begins. You will be facing the gates 
of Tyrsis, where walking corpses are trying to break into the city. 
Talk to the guard; he will deny you any help and close the window to 
the guard tower. You now have to go to the Far Eastern side of the 
castle (to the right) until you find a little hut with smoke coming 
from the chimney. Knock on the door twice and the inhabitant will open 
the door. The inhabitant's name is Brendel, and he is a dwarf from 
Culhaven sent to get back Hendel's great mace. Give some of your food 
to Brendel and he will tell you about the laurel wood around the other 
side of the castle that drives off the living dead. Go around to the 
far side of the castle and grab some laurel wood from the tree. Now 
head back to Brendel's hut and give the wood to Brendel; he will make a 
torch with it. The three of you will now go and harass the guard some 
more to let you in. You are unable to convince the guard to let all 
three of you in; he will only let in your and Shella. In the morning, 
the guard takes you to see the Seneschal. You must talk to the 
Seneschal and convince him to let you talk to King Balinor Buckhannah. 
Do this by showing him Shella's locket. Now you talk to the king in his 
chambers. He will talk to you, inform you of what's happening in 
Tyrsis, and give you permission to wander around Tyrsis. You must now 
go into the wine cellar and take the empty bottle and fill it up with 
the spoiled wine from the cask. Leave the wine cellar. After you return 
to the Seneschal's area, go through the left door. You should be in a 
big library. Read the big book that is open for a synopsis of the War 
of the Races. Look at the locked cabinet and then go back to the 
Seneschal, talk to him, and he will open the cabinet for you. Take the 
book and read it. You will learn about the secret passage behind the 
throne, and how Stenmin used it to endanger the crown. Cut the book 
with the knife or sword – you will get a parchment that is a pact 
between Stenmin and Brona. Notice that it is written in Stenmin's 
blood. Now you have to talk to the Seneschal to get permission to enter 
the throne room. Once inside the throne room, note the lion's jaw on 
the throne. It is rusted. Pour some oil on it and then pry it open with 
the knife/dagger. You get a skeleton key. Now push the horse's head on 
the wall to reveal a secret keyhole. Push the tapestry on the far wall 
to reveal a door. Unlock the door by putting the skeleton key in the 
keyhole. Enter the secret room and light your lantern. Examine the 
skull; you need more light. Light the two candles hanging on the wall. 
The dark mirror will come to life. When the voice tells you that you 
are released, attack the mirror with your sword. Watch the sequence. 
You will be back inside the secret room and automatically take the 
incense. Open the skull drawer and take the parchment. Now head back to 
the Seneschal and use the Spell of Revealing on Stenmin's book. Read 
the book again (the new entries) and you will then be able to speak 
with the king again. Watch through the sequence. After it is over, 
Brendel is with you. Take the mace from the main hall. You now have 
everything you need to summon the ghost of Stenmin. Go into the wine 
cellar again. Place the incense, the mace, and the parchment on the 
floor. Light the parchment. Invoke Stenmin's book on the pact, and then 
invoke it on the mace. This summons the shade of Stenmin. Talk to him, 
at first he refuses to help. When he refuses to help you, invoke his 
book on Stenmin. He will then help you. Talk to him and learn all you 
can. He tells you that you need a special elixir to disrupt the flow of 
magic on the fire barrier around the vault containing the Sword of 
Shannara. He doesn't tell you this, but the ingredients for making the 
elixir are mistletoe, laurel leaves, and rose petals. The mistletoe 
grows in that big oak tree looming over Brendel's hut outside. Have 
Shella climb the tree and get it. The rose petals are inside of the 
potpourri that you got from the mansion in Leah. Finally, the laurel 
leaves are on that bush that you got the laurel stick and gave Brendel 
to make the torch out of. After you have all of the ingredients, put it 
all into the bottle of spoiled wine. Now that the spell is complete, 
head over to the vault holding the Sword of Shannara and pour the 
potion on the flame barrier surrounding the vault. It will disappear. 
You black out and awaken to discover that Allanon has come. You also 
discover that the Sword of Shannara is broken. You will need the 
cooperation of all the races to repair it: the Elves from the West, the 
Trolls from the North, the Dwarves from the East, and the Gnomes from 
the South. Now it is time to journey to Arborlon to begin your quest. 
On the map, journey to the west and north to get to the ferry. Take the 
ferry and then just keep following the path to get to Arborlon and to 
avoid the monsters. 

5 – Arborlon

As soon as you arrive at the Arborlon gates, the guard, Lessa, greets 
you. Note the unusual flagstone in the road. Go into the city and 
admire all of the beautiful scenery. Have Brendel use his pot to get 
some of the clay. Now go into the manor house. The scholar and 
historian Davio greets you. Look around, and take note of the 
fireplace. Read the Rhyme of the Rune on the far wall; this is going to 
be used later. Now go outside, and let the rune hunting begin! First of 
all is the water rune. Have Shella place her kerchief in the little 
hole located on the water fountain outside the manor house. You will 
automatically pick up the water rune. Now put that clay to use; go back 
to where Lessa is in her tree, where you noted the flagstone. Have 
Brendel put the clay into the odd-looking rock on the left side of the 
road. Now pour water on the flagstone in the road. Pick up the 
flagstone. Now put the flagstone in the little indentation on the rock 
that has the clay in it. You will get the Earth rune. Now go back to 
outside the manor house, only go the other way now. You should be 
facing the Garden of Life. Remove the vines from the gates. Close the 
gate. Now simply pick up the Life rune. Now go down to Lessa. Talk to 
her; you must convince her to let you borrow her ladder in return for 
the rope you have. Give her the rope to initiate the conversation that 
allows you to do that. Once you have the ladder set up, climb up it. 
Now push the bird's nest off of the chimney. Also get the shingles. Oil 
the weather vane using your oil. Now push the weather vane. You will 
sketch a picture of the image you see in your journal. Now go back down 
and give the shingles to Brendel, and give him your journal. He carves 
you the air rune. Now go into the manor house where Davio is, go and 
talk with Prince Arion (hopefully learning some stuff), and light a 
fire in the fireplace. Climb back up the ladder and put the shingle in 
the glowing metal piece on the side of the chimney. You get the fire 
rune. You should now have five out of the six rune diamonds. The sixth 
diamond lies on the neck of Prince Arion. You must first take the 
ladder (your party automatically takes it back to Lessa). Now she asks 
you to take a ring to Prince Arion. Take it to Davio, and then when 
Davio asks you, go talk to Prince Arion. He gives you a ring to give to 
Lessa. When you are leaving, Shella notes that the pendant Arion is 
wearing looks like the Elf rune. He won't give it to you. Now go back 
to Lessa and give her the ring Arion gave to you. Talk to her now until 
she goes and tries to convince the prince to give you the Elf rune. He 
gives it to you. You should now have all six rune diamonds. Go into the 
Garden of Life, where the rune rock is. Now is where the Rhyme of the 
Rune comes in; it tells you the order in which to place the rune 
diamonds into the rock. In case you don't know the order, it is Elf, 
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Life. Take the Elfstones and leave. Now go 
back to the manor house to where Davio is. Talk to him, he will tell 
you that he can't accompany you on your quest. Give Davio the 
Elfstones. He will go with you. Follow Davio's directions; if I recall 
correctly, I believe that he tells you to go east to the Streleheim 
Plains to rendezvous with the two encampments. Therefore, go east. As 
you go, you should soon see a little symbol. This symbol is a man 
(Panamon Creel) fighting a lot of monsters (seven, to be exact). Go 
join him, and Telsek, his Troll companion, will join the battle. As 
soon as the battle is over, you will learn that Panamon and Telsek are 
searching for the Black Irix too, the Trollish award that gives the 
bearer super strength. Telsek will then guide you along the Streleheim 
Plains to a box canyon. The next major battle is now. Have Telsek use 
the Black Irix. Now have him pick up the big boulder and then throw it 
at the rocky arch. Trolls and Elves (who aren't really Trolls and 
Elves, but evil minions of Brona's instead) appear and attack. The 
Shifter is the leader of the attack. In battle, have Davio use the 
Elfstones. This will prevent any other monsters from joining the 
battle. Now just keep fighting until you have won. Now you will journey 
to the two armies in the Streleheim Plains. If I remember correctly, 
Telsek guides you to the two army encampments. If he does not, just 
follow Davio's directions. That is it for Arborlon.

6 – The Streleheim Plains ( The War Encampment)

Once there, go into the Troll camp (to the right of the promontory). 
You will be captures once you go inside. When inside, you must convince 
the troll king to let you go to the elf encampment and challenge them 
to a Challenge of Champions. If your talking is right, this will 
happen. Once the trolls let you go, go to the elf camp. Hani (the 
guard) will not let you through. Show him the letter that Prince Arion 
gave you and he will let you through. Go into the elf camp and talk to 
the people. Then the challenge begins. Wait until the first riddle is 
spoken. Telsek is the troll champion, and you are to aid him in his 
quest to win the challenge of champions.

Riddle #1: The object you need is a feather. This is located in the 
bird's nest on the promontory. Search it and you will get the feather. 
Give it to Telsek and you will return to the middle grounds. 

Riddle #2: A fish is needed to complete this riddle. The first thing to 
do is to get some bait. Go to see Brendel in the elf camp. Get the 
spoiled wine (vinegar) from him. Now go to the troll camp's cook. Talk 
to him until he gives you some worms in exchange for the vinegar. Now 
go to just outside the elf camp, where Hani is standing and where the 
small stream flows. Bait your fishing rod with the worm. Now fish in 
the river. You will get a fish. Give this fish to Telsek and the two of 
you will return to the troll camp. 

Riddle #3: The answer is a leaf, but since there is no leaf, a shield 
with a picture of a leaf on it will have to do. Hani has such a shield; 
your task is to convince him to fork over the shield. This will be 
difficult, considering that he is an elf, and you need his shield to 
help a troll. But talk to him, and give him the Sword of Shannara. He 
will give you his shield to aid you on your quest to destroy the 
warlock lord. Give the shield to Telsek and the two of you will return 
to the middle grounds. 

It is now your turn to ask a riddle. The one to end the challenge is to 
ask a riddle about the Elfstones, but if you enjoy solving the riddles, 
here are the rest of the answers.

Riddle #4: The answer is an arrow. Shella has these, so go see her and 
get one from her. Give it to Telsek, as usual. 

Riddle #5: The answer is spice. Get some from your potpourri. 

Riddle #6: The answer is a helmet. Get this one from the troll camp 
behind the troll guarding Panamon Creel. 

Now you have to ask about the Elfstones. This is not legal, and the 
trolls win because the elves went against their own rules. Then some 
monsters in disguise attack the two camps. After you defeat them, you 
will be on your way to Storlock. 

7 – Storlock

To get to Storlock, you need to head east and then south to get to 
Jannison Pass. About halfway into the pass, you are ambushed by 
monsters, with none other then the Shifter leading the attack. Davio is 
poisoned by an arrow. Once the fight is over, you need to get to 
Storlock pronto. Just keep going south and east and you will arrive at 
Storlock soon; it is near the Rabb River. Once in Storlock, you learn 
that the Blue Pond has been poisoned and they cannot save Davio. 
Therefore, you need to restore the clarity to the Blue Pond. Follow the 
river upstream and you will find the cause of the pollution: an injured 
spider/monster whose poisonous ichor is draining into the river. You 
need to kill the spider, but first weaken it – since there is kerosene 
in there, if even the tiniest speck of flames were to hit the spider, 
he would go up like a huge balloon. Therefore, tie Shella's scarf to 
one of her arrows. Now soak it in oil. Lastly, light it with the 
tinderbox. Shoot the flaming arrow at the spider/monster; this weakens 
him greatly. Telsek will push the rock onto the spider. Now it is 
simple: you must fight the weakened monster, and win. Once you win, 
head back down to the camp and learn from the gnome about the Magical 
Torc and the Helm of Command. Now your party must head southwest and 
then south to the Silver River, where there is an army of thousands of 
monsters surrounding you. You are rescued by the King of the Silver 
River, and he foreshadows a loss coming your way while giving you magic 
powder. You are then on your way to Culhaven.

8 – Culhaven

Once you arrive at Culhaven, you are taken to see Toban, the dwarf 
king. You tell him that your party needs the Hammer of Power, but the 
dwarves do not let you take it. Overnight, the Hammer is stolen. Your 
party is blamed for it and locked up all except you, who is free to 
search for the Hammer. First, talk to the king and Kili, the dwarf who 
is watching over you. Note Kili's unusual appearance. Now go east into 
the main room; there are pottery shards on the floor. To see your 
companions, you must talk to them from behind the bars. Go north into 
the weapons room. Note the slide marks in the floor leading to the 
chair. Now push the chair. Talk to Kili. Look at the hole on the right 
side of the fireplace. Return to your party's cell and talk to Davio 
about the stein. He will hand you the one in the stockade. Open it to 
find the red sash. Now go find Kili and show him the sash. A combat 
scene occurs in which you discover that Kili is actually the Shifter in 
disguise. About halfway through the battle, Telsek breaks free and 
joins the battle. Once the Shifter is defeated, talk to Toban. He asks 
you to find the Hammer of Power. To do this, find the backpack in the 
main room, it is red and lying on the floor. Open it and get the flue 
handle. Now go to the weapons room and use that flue handle in the hole 
to the right of the chimney. The Hammer of Power falls down. Take it 
and then talk to Toban again; you learn that Culhaven is under attack 
by monsters. You must now stop the monsters from invading Culhaven. Now 
go upstream to the small pond. Davio tells you what you are to do. Talk 
to him. Now use the magic powder on the pond. After that, tell Davio to 
use the Elfstones on the dam to release the water. The water releases 
and you go downstream to see what damage it has caused. After this, you 
must fight seven of the monsters on the bridge. Following this fight, 
the raft breaks and your entire party is carried downstream by the 
current. Now after you wake up, you have to get to the Dragon's Teeth 
Mountains. Go north and then a little bit east until you see some big 
mountains. Go to them. Allanon will meet your party. However, notice 
that his voice sounds a little monochrome (hint, hint, hint…). Now tell 
Davio to tie the rope around his waist. 'Allanon' then reveals himself 
as the Shifter, and tries to kill you. Shella stops him by shooting him 
with an arrow, but the Shifter wounds her seriously. Davio then nukes 
him with the Elfstones. This next decision is crucial. Shella is dying 
from the Shifter's attack. If she dies, she will become a mindless 
servant of Brona. You can either have Davio use the Elfstones to heal 
her or kill her and use the Ritual of Release on her. If Davio uses the 
Elfstones, this ends the game, so if you choose this option, make sure 
you save first. Anyway, you have to kill Shella if you want to 
continue. Attack her with the sword (not with the Sword of Shannara, 
but with your fighting sword). You then start to invoke the Ritual of 
Release on Shella. After this is done, the gnomes come and capture you. 
You are off to the Gnome Camp.

9 – Gnome Camp

In the gnome camp, you are tied up and blind-folded. In the darkness, 
move the cursor around until you find a boot heel. Pull it to discover 
that it is loose. Now use the boot heel to cut through the rope 
bounding you. You will then be able to see again. Once able to see 
again, take the course rope lying on the ground. Now use the boot heel 
and cut a hole in the left tent flap. Enter the flap. Now use the boot 
heel on the next piece of tent flap you come to. Now you might want to 
save, because the next part is really tricky. Go through the second 
opening to find the Gnome Shamen asleep. Take the ritual dagger on the 
table. Now use the now-in-your-possession blindfold and gag the Shamen. 
Before he can do anything, take the Magic Torc from around his neck. 
Now tie him up with the course rope you should have. You will now get a 
keyring set. Go back to the first tent and open those two big metal 
chests with it. Your supplies are replenished. The second box contains 
all of your parties' equipment, but it is too heavy to drag around. Now 
go back to the Shamen's tent; he has been killed by Geeka. Talk to 
Geeka to learn that he is a power-hungry, greedy, little gnome 
(surprise!). You agree that if he helps you free your friends and joins 
your party, you will give him the Helm of Command. Now tell Geeka to 
use his turn handle on the hole near the pit door. Now go to the first 
tent and tell Geeka to help you with the second metal chest. Tie the 
course rope to it and then lower the chest into the ground through the 
pit. Tell Geeka to enter the pit, and then you enter the pit. Now look 
for a hole near the top of the ladder; use Geeka's handle to close the 
door. Keep going; you'll soon come to a grating. Have Brendel use his 
warhammer on the grating. Tell Brendel to enter the hole. He gives you 
a box containing some cubes. Use those cubes in the little panel next 
to a huge door further on down. Get Telsek to use the Black Irix, turn 
the wheel, and open the door. Go forward through the door. Allanon 
joins your party soon. Go to the Hadeshorn, the home of Bremen. Bremen 
uses the magic of all of the Four Lands, along with Allanon, to reforge 
the Sword of Shannara. Your party is now on the way to the Hall of 

10 – Hall of Kings

After the Sword is reforged and whole again, your party heads to the 
Hall of Kings, the sacred place where the Helm of Command was said to 
have been buried long ago. In the beginning, a battle takes place at 
the entrance. Like Allanon says, don't use any of your magic (except 
for Geeka and Allanon). If Davio uses the Elfstones, your party is 
killed and fails the mission. Just have everybody follow your lead. Now 
then, after the fight, go forth into the Hall. Allanon stays behind to 
fend off the approaching army of monsters. The first order of business 
is to block the two doors so no monsters can escape. Have Telsek use 
the Black Irix and push the two statues to block the doors. Now go 
through the center door. The Shifter appears now, in his true form. Can 
we say FIGHT?? What happens now is very sad, as you are about to lose 
Davio. But when the fight starts, tell Davio to use the Elfstones. He 
does, and puts the Shifter down, but the Shifter then uses magic to 
reappear. Davio says that the mission would be lost if he doesn't use 
the Elfstones again, so he does, destroying the Shifter along with 
himself. After the small yet intense battle, pick up the magical diadem 
that came from Davio's body. Your wounds are healed. Now go through the 
door, and when you come to the wide chasm, go back and have Telsek pick 
up the broken door and place it along the chasm. As you and Brendel 
leave, Telsek says he is staying to fight the monsters. Now go through 
the door; you are trapped in a cage. Have Brendel help you lift the 
cage. Geeka gets out, and his greed takes over him, as you will soon 
find out :) Push the cage with Brendel over the floor to get to the 
recently-made hole in the floor. Tie the rope to the cage bars and go 
down through the hole. Brendel breaks his arm (not that apparent, as he 
still fights with the best of them, but he does break it) on the way 
down. Look at the top of the idol and notice the crystal eye. Have 
Brendel throw his warhammer at the eye. Now you fight the corpses. 
After that, climb the idol and go through the eye. As you exit the 
corridor hidden by the eye, you see none other than the Warlock Lord 
himself (or at least, an apparition of himself). He does some junk that 
isn't really important, and then frees you for a second. In that 
second, draw the famed Sword of Shannara. Now you click through the 
sequences. Just click on the doors and choose appropriate responses to 
the questions. (I personally thought that that sequence was long and 
really boring.) After you get through all that junk, you are freed. Now 
you must choose your enemy, and choose him well. When you have your 
enemy sighted, attack him with the Sword of Shannara. If you didn't 
choose the Illdatch (the book on the altar)... I don't even want to 
know how you end up! Now just watch through the sequences and you, my 
friend, have just completed The Sword of Shannara!

11 – Legal Information

This FAQ/Walkthrough on The Sword of Shannara is protected by the 
International Copyright Laws, and is therefore Copyright © June 12, 
2000 by Steve Novicki himself. All rights reserved. No part of this 
document may be reproduced in whole or in part, or stored in a 
retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, 
electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without 
written permission from the author of this document. I know that this 
stuff sounds really trivial, but I take it seriously because I worked 
hard on this FAQ. Also, none of that stuff up there applies to you if 
you have my permission through e-mail. One more thing: this FAQ my not 
AT ALL, repeat, AT ALL, have ANYTHING to do with commercial purposes 
and/or making a profit unless you have my written permission. With that 
said, have a nice day. 

12 – How To Contact Me

The only way you can contact me is by means of e-mail. My one and only 
address is Aristotle47@aol.com, and yes, I am with AOL, with a screen 
name of Aristotle47. I normally check my mail around twice or three 
times a day, and I will be happy to reply to any questions you might 
have with The Sword of Shannara. Thank you!

13 – Farewell

I must say, it has been a lot of fun writing this FAQ. Most of that fun 
comes from the euphoric feeling that a lot of people are hopefully 
going to read my FAQ, and even more hopefully, understand my FAQ. Just 
so long as you obey the legal stuff above, you'll be my best friend. 
Thank you, and I hope you have enjoyed my FAQ on terry Brooks' game, 
The Sword of Shannara!

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