An offline version can be downloaded from Gaming Addiction.

01/14/99 - Sorry, seems I have to wait for the patch to be able to continue here. I tried everything to win the battle against Ravel, but neither Cacheman nor a full install helped avoiding the freezing of my system after killing max. 3 trigits.
Perhaps 64MB more RAM would help. Please send money. ;)
01/12/00 -

I'm a bit stuck again, this time because of that hd-loading bug. When the fight with Ravel starts, the game more and more freezes until it's so slow that I have to reload and start over.
I splitted the items- and maps-section to decrease that annoying loading times. If you encounter any broken links, please report.

01/11/00 - With competent help from "The Pit" I managed to continue the game and finished some plots not mentioned before. Now I'm ready to enter Ravel's Maze. If you know how to solve that "Weaknesses of the Silent King"-quest without slaying all the undead there, please let me know.
01/10/00 - I'm a bit stuck now, explored the last available map of UnderSigil and try to find a way into Siege Tower. Still I don't know how to discover the weaknesses of the Silent King. Any suggestions are welcome.
01/06/00 - Just made another vast upload, now we got 191 items, 79 maps, 52 npc's, 6 pc's, 62 spells and 36 tattoos in a total of 522 files. The Clerk's Ward is finished too, next step is either exploring UnderSigil or researching the Tomb and Dead Nations-quest.
01/04/00 - explored the Lower Ward.
01/03/00 - Finished drowned nations and found the sphere for Pharod.
01/02/00 - Completed Dead Nations today.
01/01/00 - Explored first areas of the catacombs. Found the 100st item today.
12/30/99 - Finally talked to Pharod after exploring more areas. Next will be the catacombs.
12/29/99 - Explored all four areas of the Hive and the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Statistics so far: 75 items, 14 spells, 30 npc's, 5 pc's, 30 maps and 22 tattoos. Next will be Ragpicker's Square. Stay tuned...
12/27/99 - Finished the four parts of the Hive including Mausoleum.
12/26/99 - Finished the Mortuary today and began exploring the Hive.
12/24/99 - Allright, got it, installed it, and began expanding this site. Stay tuned, it will fill from day to day.