This is a document that is designed to help the beginning (maybe 
experts can get help too) Moria version 4.87 players succeed.  It will 
(hopefully) touch all aspects of Moria playing.  If you have any other 
questions, send a letter and a stamp to: 
                          Jeremy Mitchell
                          R.D. 1 Box 369
                          Morgantown, PA 19543
(I don't get electronic mail)

        Success all depends on what you want to be.  A warrior is good to  
start out but gets real weak real fast.  The only time a warrior is power is 
when s/he is a high level, has lots of gold, has a very good weapon and very 
good armor.  A wizard is my first choice. Wizards are weak in the beginning 
and usually die in the town.  If you avoid everything in the town it'll be 
fine.  Priests are only powerful once you get to about level 38.  They have 
almost no attacking spells, actually I think they have 4. I suggest you don't 
waste your time with the other classes.Also, with a wizard,I suggest you get 
magic missile first then phase door, this will you with attacking and 
defending.  If you start out with a very high intelligence then you learn two 
spells right off the bat.  I know how to get into Wizard Mode and God Mode.
If you ever happened to press ^W, you'll see the word "Password" at the top of 
your screen.  If you guess the Wizard or God Mode (two seperate words) 
password a new set of commands is active. I'll tell you the Wizard Mode 
password but not God Mode because God Mode is too powerful for beginners and 
you would'nt learn to work at the game.  The Password is ....... for those of 
you who want to know.  Make sure to capitalize the first letter and nothing 
else.  What my personal mission is is to get as much good armor and weapons as 
possible.  I have about $550,000 (all of it was earned), Full Plate Armor
[25,+13] (R), a War Hammer (+6,+7) (HA) [+5] (+3 to STR), a Jewel-Encrusted 
Crown (0,+2) of Might and many others.  Most of these things are on level 653.
This level is best for shopping.  The Balrog is always a nuisance so I just 
teleport him away.  With the Wizard mode I can jump to any level I want (^d)
instantaneously.  By now I've been playing over a year. I have already 
defeated the Balrog, but I found out you can't save your character after you 
beat him. I found a copy of my character and have been playing since. 
I'll give you a list of commands to use if you find the Wizard Password.

the asterisk(*)- lights up the whole maze. If the maze is already lighted or 
you do this in a lighted room, all the lights disappear(not your torch or 
^d- you can teleport to any level you want (0-1200)
^m- you can make a file that tells you all about every monster. It takes a 
while so be patient.
^t- you can teleport (randomly)
^i- you can identify any object in your inventory
^v- restore a lost (not dead) character
These are all the wizard commands I can come up with right now. These commands 
and some others added on are part of God Mode, but it's too powerful. When 
you're on the first level, you may come across kind of a shock. Every once and 
a while, you'll see a message that says "it touches you" the first time I 
encountered that I was pretty scared.  It is an invisible icky thing. You may 
have even died from one (I have).  One thing to do is teleport away (^t), or 
you can try to fight it by moving around in a circle. There are many other 
invisible things like Ghosts, Invisible Stalkers, Balrogs, Evil Iggies and 
Yeeks just to name a few.  But there are different varieties of things like 
yeeks and icky things that some are invisible and some aren't.  What you need 
is a ring of see invisible (Very rare), or a special weapon.  Either a (SM),or  
(HA), I'm not sure if a (SU), or (SE), will let you see invisible. These are 
the kind of weapons that you usually find in the lower levels of the maze. 
They usually don't come in the town, and if they do, have $10,000 or more to 
buy one (and that's cheap!).  If you are a wizard (which I hope you are) when 
you cast a spell for the first time, you will get experience for it.  I 
suggest you cast magic missile when you first get it. but not the others. 
I suggest you wait until level 10 to cast all the non-attacking spells because 
some of the confusion and slow monster type spells don't work on a particular 
type of creature and you'll just waste your mana. When you're in the town, 
stay away from mean looking mercernaries and battle scarred veterans, and 
rogues. Kill all of the singing, happy drunks as possible, sometimes they have 
money. Let's talk about selling in some stores, they try to trick you badly.  
Especially the magic store. usually, if you go in there to sell something, 
they'll off $1 for it.  That does not mean it is worth $1.  You have to sell 
alot of different items to get how the pricing goes, like a potion usually 
goes for $10-20, or even $100.  Some amulets you can get $10,000 for 
(Amulet of the Magi). It is much different for weapons and armor.  One thing I 
like about this game is that you don't absolutely have to get certain objects 
in a certain order to win.  When you first start out, you could teleport to 
level 50 meet the Balrog and die right off the bat.  You wouldn't need to get 
a (HA) sword to get past level 35 or something.  Before I discovered God Mode, 
My dad broke into the program and learned how to change the character. I 
usually don't do that anymore except in special circumstances.  When I got to 
level 40, I found that all my spells weren't at 5% failure rate.  I simply 
changed the level number number and that gave me what I wanted.  If you have 
Norton Utilities, you can change your character. Once you get to level 40, go 
into your file, and go to byte number 426 and change that to FF in hex. If you 
do this before you have learned all of your spells or level 40, you can't 
learn and more spells or your name would still be less than Wizard Lord.
If you don't care about titles, just wait till you have all your spells.
Das ist alles. If you want a more in-depth description of anything, you have 
my address. Just write. I have a couple of questions, if you can answer them, 
it would be greatly appreciated. What does an Amulet of the Magi do?  All it's 
done for me is raise my armor class not by much, but the store will pay 
$10,000 for it. also what does a potion of learning do? If you know, tell me.

                      Please distribute this document to every single bulletin 
board you know. Make copies and give it to your friends who play Moria.
     Merci beaucoup, Danke schon, spaseebo, thank you

Wizard Password: Gandalf
God Mode password: M........r
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