Chapter 7:


Once outside head for Baldur.

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Now remember that you're accused of murder,so watch your steps inside the city.

The most important person in the city ,in this part of the game is Tamoko and his info.

Listen carefully to her words.Now you now:

that the duke is been poisoned, Slythe and Kristen are in the Undercellar,Cythanchia holds some really important items of Saverok.Angelo holds the Flaiming fist.

So head for the sewers,and look for the secret entrance of the Undercellar(it's in the lower left part of the central part of the sewers.)

Inside the Undercellar kill them 2 and get the invitation.Head out and to the Iron Throne building.

If the guards catch you, you'll find yourself in front of  Angelo now tell him that you will be the last who will laugh .Inside the prison talk with the child killer and try to solve his riddle,so you'll will escape from the prison.

In the Iron Throne building head for the top level again (save)and fight Cythanchia, get Saverok diary.

Now head to the Duke castle, show the invitation to the guard and enter.

It's time to fight Saverok and his creatures for the first time.After the fight show the diary to the guard.

You will be teleported into the thief guild.Follow Saverok into maze (watch for some Doom warrior and for  some skeleton warrior, that are really though.)The exit is on the upper left part of the map.

And here we are, get ready for the last battle.

First you will meet Saverok Cohort (6 people, try to use the exploding arrows.)

Then you'll meet Tamoko, a really good fighter!!

And finally inside the sinister building Saverok.

Kill him and you'll win the game.