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Chapter 5:

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Now back on level one of the mines.

Travel to the right and meet the man in front of the big door.He will tell you how to flood the mines.(Did you free the slaves, before?).If yes floods the mines.

Leave the mines(1)and head for the farms(s).

In this map there are 2 nice subquest.

1)Find Farmer Brum son.(you'll find the body inside the cave that you can enter from the hole on the left of the factory.Watch out many Ankhey.)

2)The fisherman (all to the left) will ask you to kill the Priestess who leaves on the east of Baldur's bridge.

So Travel to 2--s and move to the upper right part of the map, once you meet the priestess try to attack her then talk to here and choose to help.

Return to the fishemans and get the bowl,that you'll return to her.

Now Cross the bridge, Scar will hire you.

You have to find some info about the SevenSun compound.

So finally you enter Baldur:

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1=Flaming fist headquarter.

2=Iron throne headquarter.

3=Duke castle.





Inside you 'll. meet Elmisten(e).

You can manage this part of the game in many different ways, but 3 things will not change.

1)Marek and Lothander will poison you, so after this great news Lothander will ask you to find a way to release his gees.

For this first follow him to the diviner and for 50 gold piece ask  him about Lothander.

Then go  to the Water Queen's house in the south west part of the city and ask for some help.They will tell you to get the book that can be found in the Temple of Timora(lady's hall).

Go there and get the book ,then back to the Water Queen's house, and get the item.

GO to the Blade and Stars inn (just to the right from the Queen's house) and give the item to Lothander, that will give you half of  the antidote.He will tell you that the other part is in the hands of Marek who is in the Blushing Merad inn(north EST part of the city).

Once your in front of the inn ,save .Enter the inn and start the fight.Once you have the other part you'll get 10000   experience points.

2)The Seven sun coster quest:

Go to the building in the lower left side of the city, enter and start to talk to the merchant, after this they will transform in beast.Go out and to the Flaiming Fist headquarter, enter and refer to Scar.Now return to the Seven sun and kill the beasts.Outside a guard will tell you to return to the Flaming fist.

3)Inside the flaming fist go upstairs and meet the Duke who will ask you to investigate the Iron Throne headquarter.Go there enter and head for the top level(save before)kill all the enemies,and get all the info needed.Return to the duke.

Chapter 5 ends here.

The wizard subquest:

Ramazith the wizard who leaves in the the tower behind the duke castle, will ask you to rescue the Nymph from the other mage(Ragefdet's(something like this)who lives in the left part of the city (where you find the hall of wonders).Go there enter the house and free the Nymph,give here freedom,then back  to the other mage who will flee to level 6,fight all the mage creature and up to that level.Kill him.(that is how I made this quest).