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Chapter 4:

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Starting in (1)bandit camp,head for Friendly arm inn,then exit the map to the left, and head for the Cloackwood(2).

Move through point 3-4-5 until point 6(the mines).You will find some subquest exploring this map!!.

In point 3 you will meet on a bridge a warrior who will join your party.

Once you're at the mines fight with an enemy party.

Now enter the buildings and look for some useful information's from the inside guards.

Move west and enter the Mines.

Try to talk with the slaves, the move down in level 2,enter the jail and free the prisoners.

There you'll meet Yeslick, a really good charter that wants to join your party.

Down to level 3,(save the game)and be prepare to fight 2 Battle Horror and Davaeorn(the mage).A really difficult battle.

Once they are death look for the key on the Mage body and talk with the other mage.

Chapter 4 ends here.