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Chapter 3:

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In the cave after Mulahey death, you will meet Xan the mage.

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Exit from the cave from point 2.

Now you're on a new map(1, on upper world map)).here watch out the center of this map, cause it hides some dart thrower really though to kill.

You must travel to Beregost,but you can stop at the firewine bridge(s1), for an intriguing journey into the (upper right part of the map)dungeon and/or for smashing the so called great fight (top right part of the map).

You can visit the Gullykius village(s4) or look for Ulcaster(s3).

Once you're at Beregost go for the inn.

There you will meet Elmister(if not before)and inside the inn Jessa Vai who will offer 50 gold piece for every bandit scalp you get.

Now travel to Larswood(3).

After Some bandit kill you will meet the leader, when the chat menu opens try to reply that you want to join the bandits cause you're looking for blood.

So you will arrive to the Bandit camp(4)

Replay to the leader way you want to join, then go in front of the big tent,(save).

Enter the tent and fight Raemon, Venkt,Britik,Hakt.After the fight meet Ender Sai and he will tell you something, about the documents in the chest, open the chest and get it.(there is an easy way to get the documents, enter the tent, then after the chat  quickly exit it,and use the invisible potion, renter and get the documents.

Here ends chapter 3.