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Chapter 1:

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Gorion is dead.(outside Candlekeep --- on map 1)

You are alone, but Imoen will join you if you want!!(I choose to let her join the party especially for the thieving abilities)

If you proceed you will meet 2 new people, Xzar and Montaron that can join your party, it's up to you cause if you cast detect evil you will see what alignment they have and what can this do to your reputation, but by the way you can let them join till you meet some new better charter.

So it's time to head to point 2, Friendly Arm Inn.

Try to get some experience point during the way there, cause something awaits you.

In Friendly Arm Inn enter the gate and save,cause you will meet a bounty hunter at the base of the inn stairs, with really good magic skills, but you're lucky ,most of the inside guard will attack him so your task will be easier.

Inside the inn on the upper left corner stands Jaheira and Khalid who will join your party,and will ask you to go to Naskel(3).

There are some easy subquset to be accomplished, here in Friendly Arm Inn.

Now Head for Nashkell, during the way you'll stop in Beregost.

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Look for 2,a good smithy and 3 the Inn where you'll meet Elmister with some important head story tips.

In point=s you will start a subquest that will lead ,if you choose not to kill the person you where paid for, to meet  a new person who will want to join your party, a Bard.

Leave Beregost, heading to Nashkell, one in front of this small town, Chapter one ends.