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The Fast Guide

(By Eddy)


Hello everybody,
let me introduce you to my guide.

    In this guide you will find one way to solve the game, but please remember, it's not the only way to do it!!
I will follow the story line based on 7 Chapters, and I will not mention most of the subquests in the game, cause this will take to many time and space.It's up to you to explore Baldur's word and choose what to do.

    Look for the interactive map link if you're interested in most of the Baldur's single spot maps.

    Remember that many factors will change the game,for example your charters reputation, and alignment(good or evil), it's up to you!!! -- for this read the great game manual.---

   I chose to play with a Paladin, giving more points to straight and constitution, and for my party a warrior , 2 archers(Imoen is a thief too) and 2 mages.

  One of the most useful things you can find during your explorations are the Tomes, this books gives you new wisdom or intelligence points.

  Take it easy till chapter 5, but remember that the game battle will become really difficult after the mines, north from Friendly Arm Inn.So try to get a lot of experience points and take your party to high level.

One of the best way to win battle especially if you have to fight more enemies is to make them follow you, that means that usually the enemy warriors will follow you leaving the arches and the the mages in the back.It's easier to kill 1 or 2 enemies respect than 5 or 6 together.

   Always  Look to your diary and map,cause  sometime during the chat with other NpC you could have miss something or some new place  now available.

  Save often,(it's stupid to say - you better know) but do it.
And explore all you can do, maybe you will find smoothing ever more special!!

-Cheating(do it at your own risk!!!)-
Is it  possible to cheat the game?
Yes it is but probably you will never see a trainer on the net, cause every time you load the game the charter info will change memory address.

   Remember that you can encounter game problems like memory errors or game lock using this programs and always you will loose your last save game.

   You can do this, look for programs like Game Hack or Magic Trainer(better this it's free) then load the game .Alt-Tab and exit to window lunch the Trainer , now if you want to give more ability points to your charter you have to create a new one and in the abilities menu cut off for example 6 points from straight, now alt-tab and to the trainer ,place normal search or exact value in the trainer menu(depends of what program you use) and in the data type place 1-bytes, search now for value 6 ,now return to the game and give 1 point to straight now you have 5 points, alt-tab and put 5 in the search string, probably now you have the right memory value, now edit the value and change it, and like magic you can give your charter all max value,(if you have more value continue like before till only one left).
You can do like this in the game for your constitution, but changing the data-type to search, cause it's the 2-bytes(for constitution)remember in this case to freeze your value, and for money data-type 4-bytes.

  So now you know how to become really powerful ,invincible and really rich!!
  Please remember that it's always better not to use cheats cause you will loose the battle fun.




I will not reply to e-mail till the 10 February cause I'm not at home(sorry!!).

my e-mail is: mailto:eddyk@tin.it


All rights reserved to Edoardo Chidichimo - if you want to use this solve please e-mail me.