The Faehrmann Allis


Speak there with all present persons. Subsequently, you look around the village, in order to get along better, and fight with the bandits, who cross your way! (property exercise!!!)

Go now to the city workstation, where a stone set is structured around a still larger stone.

Now go you by the gate into the northern forest. Follow the way and enter you the house, which sometime you will discover. There you meet your uncle, who offers apart from much information also still another sleep workstation, which you assume gladly to you.

If you are out-slept, collect all useful one in, which can be found in uncle house, and read in the book some spells.

Run now back into the city and converse in the city hall with Elrik, which holds jobs ready for you.

Afterwards you look up the pharmacy, where you get also a job, afterwards go you to the river, where the same fate expects you.

You begin immediately now to collect herbs.

The snow pigeon

Opposite of Chants house is Melissas house.

This asks you to procure egg shells of the snow pigeon.

Now you go buying a better compass and a bag to the loading opposite the city hall and there, in order to keep your general cargo.

Hurry now to the gate in the west, where you enter the western moorland.

Follow the way there and kill you the bandits, who cross your way.

You hear sometime a Gurren. That is the snow pigeon. Follow the noise. If it becomes louder, you are on the correct way and on it you find them short.

Unfortunately it flies away and you must it follow, until you come to a gate. Pass through and to run you into the last corner, where between two columns a black triangle is to be seen. This is the input to a small space. As soon as you arrive at the end, find the looked up egg shells, put these in and leave the place again.

The mine with the missing persons inhabitants

Go to northwest to the mine. Enter these, as soon as you switched the guards off.

Activate the first truck, this drive against a?Statue & ldquo;, those the village inhabitants under Trance to concern or operate leaves.

By the impact of the truck the effect leaves and the inhabitants is free.

Fight now still the upper custodian and take the code, which it leaves.

Run afterwards after southeast and open the gate with the code. Behind it is a truck, which you activate. It discovers now a further car, which is activated likewise, in order to break through the other gate.

Now you can carry the head forward of the Alchemie.

Leave the mine again and turn to the city back, always the way and describing after.

Deliver the herbs, which collected you, in the pharmacy and look up again Elrik, around itself with it too maintained and your wages abzusahnen.

Next you visit Melissa and give her the egg shells.

Go thereafter by the gate beside Melissas house and you achieving the eastern river.

Visit the host and hand you to it out the collecting, whereby also this job is completed.

Now you must deliver the 200 pieces of gold still at the uncle and you received for it a magic compass (apropos: I had to look Onkelchen up for a long time, some marks again came and gone...)

Jakes package

Go now back to Madrigal and there again into the tavern.

Here you receive a package, which you are to deliver Jake. Actually take it and go you thereby to Elrik, to the pharmacy, to Melissa and Chant, which can tell you more about it.

If you have sufficient information, continue to go to the western moorland, to the north and continue to yourselves follow to the way by other areas always, until you meet on Jakes house.

Maintain now in detail with it and open only then the package.

Jake is kidnapped and a hard fight follows. If you these successfully existed, explore Jakes house and go also into its cellar, which you open with the code, which you received.

Collect everything in and leave you its house again.

Elsbeths spirit

Follow now the way back after Madrigal and move from there at the crossing after Ravenscar.

The way leads across the pass road and you collects everything in.

Here you meet many bandits and become a witness of a murder.

Complete the robbers and follow the way of far direction Ravenscar.

You push sometime to a crossing, at which you must go left. Follow still again the way and you come to a house, in which you talk with Elsbeths spirit.

Repel the following attack and decrease/go back the way up to the crossing.

Seen from there you turn again left and you to achieve itself again a type statue at the city workstation. There you find a rune.

Far in the south is an input into the earth, which you look up now.

In one of the buecherregale you discover a code.

Go to the city workstation back and further to the north, where you the input into sort find.

Follow the way, until it becomes quite dark.

Go through yourselves to the west and to strike you then direction the south.

If you found to Elsbeths body in this labyrinth finally, destroy these with the fire charm and try again to then find out!

A way specification is unfortunately not possible, here helps only searches!

The shadow temple

West the city workstation achieve you now the shadow temple.

Follow inside the temple the way, always straight ahead and you come at two doors, which one discovers not immediately, because it depends on from which view one everything regarded.

Go by the left door and getting there the code for the right.

Here you find some things such as books, scrolls, a Grimoire and a rune.

If you decrease/go back now the way direction portal, under it and reads the Mortan places itself scroll.

The portal brings you into another space.

Follow the way and collect you the Manatraenke in the secondary rooms in.

You discover sometime Mortan, which you can complete with the fire charm. Express the message and run then away. You repeat that so for a long time, until he is defeated.

Collect everything in and go you back to the portal, which brings you back into the other space. Continue to follow to the way up to the next portal and, until you can leave the shadow temple.


Return to Madrigal, by following way and describing, exactly the same, as you came.

There concerned, the fixed ceremony of the Madrigalen already takes place.

Now everything occurs like automatically. You are teleportiert by the magic stone to the Pentagrium.

Maintain with Malkuth and teleportieren yourselves back, as soon as them everything understood and explored.

Uncle Andrus

Now you visit Elrik and plaudern a while with it.

Next you should the schmied over the anvil of Horath out crimpings.

For a long time you were now already no more with your uncle. The attendance with it is not pleasing unfortunately, because it was killed by Sucher. Nevertheless you collect everything that you can find, in and reflect upon revenge.

The anvil of Horath

Travel again after Ravenscar and go there to the north.

They achieve a gate, which you open with the code, which you received from the farmer.

Continue to follow to the way of the shadow ever to the north, until you arrive at the grave hills of the seven kings.

In the northeast you find the grave of the Horath. Follow the way up to a crossing, where you turn to the left.

If you use the portal, carry forward the anvil, fight themselves the way freely and use again the portal. Continue to follow to the way, whereupon you encounter outside resistance.

They are locked up and must win only a hard fight, before you arrive again in the free. Now you run after southwest and leave this country fast toward Madrigal.

Go back to the Pentagrium and converse with Malkuth.


Next you must after Shadowguard. Go to the landing place and leaving you from the Faehrmann Allis to sail itself.

After your arrival you follow the way and come by the church ruin. If you run, so fast you can, through, in order into a fight to be entangled, because this could end deadly for you and your heroes.

Go afterwards to the schmied and afterwards into the tavern and talking you with all. In the tavern you discover a couple, that wants to go even.

The man loses thereby a scroll, from which you infer that an assassination attempt is planned.

Warn thus the victim. Its house is behind the schmiede.

After the fight, with which the protection charm is very helpful, collect everything in, besides you receive Ashs code.

Lord Bane and the church of the white moon

In the north you achieve the church of the white moon. There the guards assign you to look lord up Bane.

Leave Shadowguard and follow the way to the church ruin. At the strassenbiegung you continue to go straightforward into the pool, because a small Trampelpfad leads there into the eastern sumpfgebiet.

Hold east and you already soon lord Bane and its group will meet, which are complicated into a fight. Mix there among the people and follow yourselves them for the church of the white moon, as soon as the fight is won. There you speak with lord Bane and receive the job to find the hammer " master of the blood ".

Secret temple

Go close of the cemetery into the crypt. Here is a hidden door, which you open with the code of Ash. Now you must fight out yourselves only times there and at the end still another embittered fight with a witch supply. Leave thereupon this place again.

Lord Crux

In the southwest now the blue-red verzierte gate is opened.

Pass through and you Chant will meet, which on your way a little accompanies you. If you stick on yourselves the ring, on which the meters are to be seen (if them it yet not to have, get these from the Zombies before the gate, as soon as you completed these), so that you can march easily by the door. If you look yourselves in the house over, kill everything that advances toward you and you look the speisesaal up. There you will meet on lord Crux and its people. Chant will help you to bring these to the distance.

After the victory over the property gentleman you get the code of lord Crux, with which you can open the still locked door in the secret temple close of the cemetery, which you do also immediately. After a few fights find you a magic elbow and the sword there revealing.

The rainbow rock

Go now to the landing stage from Shadowguard and converse with the sailor. This asks you to procure for it its sea chart, which he lost at the Sheriff, again. Thus you go to the Sheriff, which tells you, it the card to an other soldier gave. Visit the sailor again and help it, whereupon it drives with you to rainbow rock. As soon as you see these, touch it, in order to travel to the Pentagrium.

Go to the west, where you find a cave input. Use there the talisman, which lord Bane gave you. They meet on Alvaris, which presents the hammer to you.

Return now to Shadowguard.

The thief of the light

Go back to the lord into the church of the white moon. Maintain with it and give yourselves you to it the hammer.

Now you must pull against the Vampirkoenig into the war. In addition you move to the shadow pass. Fight there through and you in the throne hall of the thief of the light will land yourselves. Kill the Vampirhexe and contact you then the thief, whom you must kill with the hammer. The protection and/or the recovery charm could be you in this combat from large use.

To the victory you return to the church, in order to give to the new king the hammer. There you experience somewhat over two codes, the sword of revealing and the heart of the Kinkathra.

With the book of Talendrah you can travel after its reading to the next country.

The heart of the Kinkathra

In Talendrah it is your function to return the fire to the gewoelbe in order to attain the heart. Go to northeast, there you to further magic portal portalstein will find. Then further to the left, until you come to a well. Before it is a sign. If you succeeded, the living flames there to pilots, will unite you with heart.

Now a hard fight follows, flees you first and attacks then with your charm. The protection charm carries likewise good services out.

Tamarans gate

Talk now again with all in Madrigal: with Elrik, with the person in the pharmacy (commander of the Thardoliner), with hammer and with Renya in Chants house. On the market place you can besides from some new dealers commodity acquire.

Go now to Tamarans gate, by returning to the place, at which the fight against the IrishIrish Irish began. Thus you hold yourselves in Shadowguard always south. You meet sometime a Magierin, which must defeat you, in order to arrive into another area.

The Feenwelt

They land in the Feenwelt. Run over the bridges direction northwest. There you meet then the palace.

Fight best with the fire charm against the guards. In the palace you meet the queen. Bring it to it, to Rafaela, their body-own, to release. From the situation resulted from it you free yourselves again, by procuring four crystal eggs. Two eggs find you beside the palace in the proximity of the next bridge and the other two in the northeast of the island.

Another (difficult) possibility would be to begin against the best Kriegerin of the queen whereby you will likewise dismiss from their services.

Teufli mines

Go to the teuflischen mines. There you will meet on Farangi, which wants to its bride, but a little is prevented probably. You must procure a code now to him.

Run after southeast, until you meet on Amoymon. Get it something ore from the mine and bring it this. It manufactures then the code, with which you release Farangi.

Garden of the lost souls

Next you look up the garden of the lost souls.

Run with the protection of the mental umhangs and the rock impact charm the way along. Now further over the stairs to the space with the unsterblichen Necronom. Before you create yourselves however with it, go on the right into the Gruft and converse with Dragor. Now you inflame all statues with the fire charm in the space with the Unsterblichen and get rid of of your opponent.

After the fight you must again to Dragor, which hands a further coin to you out. Now you decrease/go back to lord Bane.

The well of the souls

Converse with the lord and the well guards.

Afterwards you complete the Magier and the person with the kapuze, for which you receive again a coin.

Captivate with ever one of the coins the four guards at the corners of the card, which new acces guards.

If you did this, the upper well guard appears, with whom you also a Woertchen have to talk.

The empress Cerebella

Go to the gate from Tamaran. Fight the adversaries and continue to hurry to the port of Thardolin.

Speak with all, also with admiral Pineaos, who gives you a job.

Examine all crates and go to the south into the house of Yarana, from which you receive desert clothes.

Either you enter the desert area and meet sparkling wines or you go equivalent before the desert acces to the left, where you encounter two guards.

If these are switched off, step behind you by the opening and meet the empress Cerebella. Now back to the admiral, who presents a crate, which you platzieren before the palace with the car to you. If this is completed, run again to the admiral. The gate to the palace is now opened.

The magic flute

Run back first to the desert. There you find a further obelisken, which enables the way to the Pentagrium to you. In the western temple ruin you find some useful articles and in the northwest magic flute, which leaves to one of the two desert spirit.

Run to the port and buy you from the dealer a note page.

Decrease/go back now again to sparkling wines and to play at the well the flute. An opponent appears. Kill these and go then to the palace.

The palace

Enter the palace and follow the way soon you after the Daemon Incubah will meet, which is defended by its body guard.

Use the protection charm and lure the body guard away from the Daemon.

If it is except range, kill Incubah and turn afterwards to the body guard.

Return now to Madrigal.

Back in Madrigal

In Madrigal you inform about the events during your absence. On it you are attacked briefly by the Rattendaemonen, which will defeat you however with the help of the Thardolin thardolin-Krieger.

Go now toward Faehrmann to the city output on the left side and enter drains of the city. There you meet soon the former pharmacist. This twists itself however fast and another opponent places itself to you to the fight. Return now to the city workstation and you the pharmacist will meet again, who occupies you with a poison charm. The recovery charm and a good weapon help you nevertheless to the victory.

The scroll, which the chap leaves, read with the magic stone, whereupon you are teleportiert to a new place.

The indoor ice rink

Here you meet Chant, which supports you against some enemies.

Follow the way up to the Galdon Thor.

After some further fights you than prisoners are brought into the indoor ice rink.

Escape and use you thereby the blue and red Teleporter.

If you use a blue, arrive at a stone, which begins to radiate by your contact. If you follow this way, you will again find your lost things.

The red Teleporter brings you to the ice queen. Repel the opponents and go you to the queen. These weaken you fast with the rock impact charm and complete them then with some direct impacts.

After their death you obtain the sword Galdobah.

In the area Feentreppe can in-collect you some, by finishing the winged Daemonen with the again acquired sword & ndash; a good opportunity, with the sword trusts itself to make.

Skorn and the self sacrificing

Over the Feentreppe you come into the dark Pentagrium. Kill the opponents and enter you the acces to the Nexus of the dark Pentagriums, which opens after the fight.

Go toward the magic obelisken and you meeting Skorn. Use in the fight the protection or recovery charm and the recently obtained sword.

If Skorn is sufficiently weakened, he disappears and leaves his people. If you completed these, use the red Teleporter.

Now you appear in the palace of the souls. Unfortunately the well guard does not leave you however in the wells, which entails a renewed fight against Skorn.

Again it disappears, this time into the area around the well.

Now you may fight inside and also there again against Skorn.

As soon as this seems however completed, its spirit leaves the mortal covering and flees into the spirit of your hero. Thus nothing different one unfortunately remains for you, than sacrificing themselves and rise into the well of the souls, in order to release the world of Skorn. Their hero loses so his life, but the bad is defeated!


- END -