RPG by Infogrames


A solution by Lu Richardson



The Product



I have been playing RPGs for a long, long, long time and I have seen them come in all shapes and sizes.  This one is pretty good in most respects, particularly the graphics; but nothing in this world is perfect or lives up to the hype.  It has its flaws:  one of them is that the format is rather repetitive (for instance, the never-ending rigmarole of unlocking chests which contain little of value) and another is that some fights take forever, which is rather boring.


Still, all in all, an enjoyable game with entertaining puzzles.



The Strategy



First of all get the "god mode" cheat from You ain't going to get far without it.


Next, pick your character.  I found that a male, human Paladin was a good all-rounder; a Thief henchman was useful to him at first to get chests opened, until he was strong enough to bash them.  Also, by doing the decent thing at all times and not taking any rewards (and you don't really need them) he got further boosted.  Plus he gets to use magic pretty well.


Of course, you will have your own ideas on the subject; but this solution is for a game played with a Paladin who was extremely polite and nice to everyone, accompanied by Tormi the Thief who got under his feet, needed constant attention and was altogether a pain in the neck.


As each chapter opens, make sure you speak to everyone (using all the proper options) and get all the side quests, probably by asking for a job (I kept forgetting to ask for jobs!).  These are a bit of a nuisance but they ensure that you advance rapidly.  Don't worry if you cannot complete any of them because you can't find what's needed - they don't affect the main quest.  If you find items which when you try to sell them are worth 0 gp it's because they were meant for a quest.  You aren't always asked to go on them, either.


Before you finish each chapter, get rid of all the items pertaining to it.  But since there is no coming back, don't drop any goodies you might need in the next.


Keep your inventory tidy - you'll be finding oodles of stuff (in barrels, crates, boxes, chests and the bags that people/monsters drop when they die), most of which you should sell.  You mustn't weigh yourself down, so leave armour alone unless you really need it.  It's best to pick up gems, spells and small objects, and only armour and weapon which are magic.  Don't lug around a greataxe weighing 20 kg and then get 14 gp for it.  Also, from time to time it pays to get back to a shop to sell what you are carrying in order to make room for more loot.


You will find a whole lot of reagents which needn't necessarily be a lot of use to you.  As a precaution, take one of each with you in one or two of those magic bags (preferably -100% weight).  In fact, when reagents are really needed for important tasks you'll always find them laying about.  So don't weigh yourself down with them.


As to weapons, you will find quite a choice and when you find magical ones you can even improve them; however, if you find only one lump of adamantine ore in the first chapter (you won't find it anywhere else), don't modify any weapon with it yet, but keep it for later when you find even more powerful weapons.


Try always to have with you whatever wands/spells you can use, since sometimes ordinary weapons have no effect on the nasties.


In combat, concentrate on the weaker attackers first.  Always go first for any mage or priest around, and also archers (they tend to be weak and easy to kill).  When an enemy summons familiars, ignore the familiars and go for the caster.  The summoned familiars disappear when you kill the caster.  But you will no doubt develop your own strategies, such as positioning yourself in such a way that only one nasty at a time can get at you, or manoeuvring so that your enemy is between you and his own archer/caster and he gets it in the neck instead of you.


As to advancing levels, you might find it expedient at the very start to move one level onto another class, if only to be able to use certain weapons or magic.  The trouble is that you'll have to go up at least three levels in that class for it to do you any good... and all the while you are not advancing in your own.


Frankly, you will be probably better off sticking to your class and hiring the type of henchman you need for a particular section of the game.


SAVE OFTEN, preferably every time you enter a new area.


And now, for the game itself.





This is all about learning the interface, so be sure to visit everyone and learn all you can.  Simply do what you are told.  Before you go through to the Assembly Hall, visit the Store again and purchase 10 Paladin Robes at 0 gp and sell them at 1 gp each.  If you keep doing this till you have at least 150 gp you will be able to engage the Thief henchman (or another one) at the very start.  When you have done, go to the last room.  Be sure you are armed.


Talk to Aribeth.  At the end of the conversation you are attacked.  Fight whoever is nearest and when the enemy is dead, talk to Aribeth again.  You get your marching orders.  Visit the whole area over again and start killing nasties, this is good practice.  Then find the exit.


In the next room you get another fight and a couple of chests will yield a couple of items; in every room or section, you must always move your cursor around to see what lights up green, namely, what can you manipulate.  Through the next door you will meet Pavel who wishes to join you; let him and he will explain how the henchman system works. 


Fight your way along the corridor.  Keep your eye on Pavel's red bar, he might need healing.  During battles, use the Healer's Kit on him to save him.  On other occasions, just drag a healing potion onto him.


In a room you will meet Geldar, who completes your training.  Explore the whole area, using the map to make sure you have not missed any rooms.


Carry all the loot you can, if only to sell it and buy something else.  If you find a potion of Bull's Strength, you will be able to carry more than your allotted weight.


In the last room, go for the Mage straightaway, he does more damage than the goblins.


Now you can go to the Stables, where you will fight, see two creatures buzzing off, talk briefly to Fenthick and Desther and say goodbye to Pavel.  Afterwards you can question Fenthick more closely.


As you leave the Stables your training is complete and you should have a pretty good idea of what it's all about.  So now, on to...





You start at the Sanatorium, where you speak to Fenthick.  Going through the door to the North will take you to the Temple of Tyr.  Speak to Aribeth.  Be sure to get all the information she can give you.  At the end, End Dialogue and click on her again to use the Temple services.  Now is your chance to unload all the loot you were carrying and to buy anything you fancy.  There are other places to buy, so if you don't see anything you like, try elsewhere.


Before you leave the temple, look at everything and talk to everyone you can.  Particularly, talk to Oleff and agree to help him.  Also, you can take Torni as a henchman if you want.  If you do, don't forget to talk to him and get his story.  As you go up levels, he'll tell you more and, at the end of his story, he'll ask for something.  Give it to him and you'll get experience points.  This applies to the other henchmen, too.  At any rate, talk to all of them even if you don't wish to hire them since they provide information.


Oh, yes, you'll find books here and elsewhere.  As a norm, read them on the spot and leave them where they are, specially if they are plain and blue.  You'll know the ones you have to take with you because they contain information about your quests.  Drop them immediately they cease to be useful.


Right, if you've finished exploring the Temple, step out to...



The City Core



As you come out, talk to Bethany who is right in front of you and she will give you information on Peninsula.  When that is over, take time to look at the map.  At the 12 o'clock point (as it were) is Castle Never, which you are not going to enter though you can talk to the guy at the door.  Clockwise around the perimeter you will see exits to Blacklake (ignore the Refugee Camp and the City Gate, though you can go and see), Beggar's Nest, Peninsula and Docks.  These are the districts you will be visiting in due course.


For now, concentrate on the Core.  You don't need me to tell you to keep your eyes peeled while you walk around for chests/barrels/crates, etc. and the goodies therein.  Also, look out for piles of bodies (pyres) to cremate because you gain experience points and every little thing helps.  Open doors and go in searching and generally poke your nose everywhere.


Here are the different locations.


Trade of Blades: 


Talk to everyone you can.  Each henchman has hints about the different districts.  Talk to Graxx and say you are looking for action - buy a pass for 50 gp if you can afford it, if not come back later.


Moonstone Mask:


There is a Courtesan just outside:  talk to her and when you leave, give her some money.  Inside, find Gilles.  Listen to him and Persuade him to tell all.  This might take you several goes.  Then demand the Quill till he gives it up.


Talk to Ophala and Persuade her to tell you about the works of art.  Then tell her you wish to visit the backrooms and she'll send you to Oleff.  You needn't do this right now, but you could go to Oleff, hand over the Quill and get the paper you need.  Back to Ophala, give her the paper and she'll give you a key.  Buy a Pass Coin from Torgo and go up the stairs.  At the top of the second flight you will find Tamora.  Talk to her and say goodbye.  Talk to her again and she will give you a brooch and ask for help with Hoff.  You can leave now.


Shining Knights Arms: 


Talk to Durga and ask about special equipment.  He will give you a stone and you can go to the back room.  Talk to Marrok and keep asking about "components" till he gives you a book.  Examine the book to see how you can get better weapons and stuff.  You see, you just click on the Forge and put in the weapon and the ingredient, talk to Marrok and pay up.  You click again on the Forge and collect the results.  That's the way it works.


Be aware that adamantine is as scarce as horse feathers, so if you find only a piece keep it for when you get a really good magic weapon in Chapter III.  The other ingredients are more common and you can use those as soon as you find the appropriate magic weapon.


The Great Tree:


You will have to Persuade Nyatar to let you help with the zoo (again, it might take a few goes) and you will get all the necessaries.


The Cloacktower:


You don't need to visit this store unless you are a magician.


OK, if you've been everywhere in the Core, talked to everyone you can and done everything you could, the time has come to visit...






First talk to the Guard at the gate and to the folks sitting around.  Go through the gates.  Talk to the Captain to your right, then do the usual:  walk around, get stuff, enter houses, fight, etc.  If you find a citizen in a house, do not hurt them and do not rob them.


Keep left to be thorough.  Going Southwards, first you'll come to Dulcimae, who will give you important information and will need to be escorted to the gate (you'll also meet another guy who gives you the same information and needs to be escorted to the gate - just making sure you've had the message).


You'll find Briley in a house to the East.  Talk to the guard, say you come from Oleff and go down to the tomb to speak to Briley.  When you've done, get the four items from the chest - hang on to them.  Read the book.


OK, outside, further on you'll find the Stores and next door, the Militia HQ.  Enter and talk to Sedos (don't forget to come back when you've finished in this district).


To the SW you'll find the sewers, where you will have a tough fight and get the prison key.  The prison is in the centre of the map and with this key you can enter it, but then you would be missing out on the estate.


Go NW and at the door of the estate click on the mat to get the key, go in and explore, then go downstairs over the dead bodies of some oversized beatles.


You'll find yourself at a chessboard floor covered in traps, so be careful where you step.  You can examine the body at the centre and pick up the weapon.  Get across (after getting the items in chests and things) and you will find yourself in the prison.


On the main floor all you have to do is to explore as usual.  A prisoner will tell you the layout of the floor.  Find the two rooms in the E and pull the two levers to have access at the cells (some of which contain corpses carrying items), thus freeing the prisoner - you will also have to unlock the main door so that he can get out.  Once you've done the main floor, go down (in the W).


This is the Containment level and if you go left you'll meet Emernick, who rushes into a cell and asks you to shut the door will the lever.  Talk to him and no jokes about you being with the prisoners, he has no sense of humour.  When you leave, try to get to the room in the centre of the map to pull a lever which opens all the cells.  Then, as before, explore the whole area.  When you've done so, go downstairs to the Pits.


More exploring to be done.  At the last room in the NW, the "Master" throws Kurdan at you and disappears.  Fight until Kurdan surrenders and pump him till you get all the info.  Right, now rest and do whatever you have to do to be in top condition.  Save.


Go downstairs to the Lair and run around like mad avoiding the Gaoler and persuading all the guys to leave.  Make sure everyone goes away.  Now face the Gaoler and fight.  Killing him is easy, but once he's dead you are facing the Brain Devourer and he's no joke.  It should be a long fight and you'll have to try and use whatever hurts him most.  Once it's dead, get the brain from the little bag he drops.   Explore this room and then either go back to the Temple using the Stone of Recall or, better still, go back to the entrance and visit the Militia HQ.  When you come out to the Core, don't forget to tell the folks camped outside that they can go home.


Outside the temple tell Betheny she can go home; go in, give the reagent to Aribeth and find out where you have to go next.  In fact, it'll be...


Beggars' Nest



Now you know the routine, all I have to tell you is the interesting places. 


Talk to the Captain at the gate and you'll find out he's missing a man.


Again, starting at 12 o'clock, you'll find the Great Graveyard; and clockwise the Warehouse, the Academy (can't go in), Barricaded Home, Thomas Wheelwright, the Temple of Helm, the Shining Serpent, the Gate, Barricaded Home, Barricaded Home (Bakery), Strange House and right in the middle of the map, Aldo and his wagon.


OK, this time let's go right to the Shining Serpent.  Here talk to Callahan, Harben and Drake, and be sure to come back to them before you leave the district altogether.


At the Temple of Helm, talk to Bertrand, who wants news of his brother Marcus.  He lies dead to the right of the Great Graveyard gate - collect his stuff in good time and give it all to Bertrand.


If you visit Thomas he'll ask you to take him to Aldo - do so, but before you leave look at the bookcase and you will find a document which you will later give to Torni, if the Thief happens to be your henchman.


(By the way, you'll find odd things around and about, like a recipe at the bakery, for instance - these are items you would have given to other henchmen when they got to the end of their respective stories and asked help with them.  Don't worry about it.)


Anyway, take Thomas to Aldo and talk to him.  When that's sorted, go to the Barricaded Home to the East.  Inside you'll have to fight zombies before you go upstairs.  There you'll find another zombie (kill it) and Krestal, who will tell you about the Warehouse, amongst other things.


Visit the Warehouse, go downstairs and look around.  After you've killed the main baddy, you'll find the missing man Walters. Talk to him before you let him go, and don't forget to talk to the Captain as you leave the district.  If you were to continue down you would get to the Crypts.  Don't.


Let us go instead to the gate of the Graveyard and find Marcus (visit Bertrand at the Temple when you have a minute), then to the next Barricaded Home, where Jemanie will tell you he needs you to find his brother Torin.  He will also tell you about the Strange House north of here and give you a stone to enter it.  You can also go south from here and into the Bakery.


In your travels around this district you will be attacked by hired thugs - when you've killed them, make sure you collect the Anonymous Letter one of them drops - read it and remember to take it to Aribeth later.


Now for the Strange House.  Try to enter, say you follow the serpent and go in and straight into a fight.  Look about you and after you've killed everyone, go down into the Crypts.  The first door you'll come to won't open, but a lever in a nearby room will do the trick.  Explore on:  the stairs up to the N will take you out into the Graveyard, and the ones to the E, into the Warehouse.  So, when you've finished go up to the Graveyard, where the zombies will queue up to get at you.


Clear the Graveyard and look around.  A small building has a chest by its side.  Open it and read the torn message.  Put in the chest the Ceremonial Shield you found at the Tomb in the previous district.  The door will open; go in and fight the mummy, then get the book (which you will later give to Oleff).


For now we'll go to the Warrens by way of light relief.  As you come in you will find a jewelled door to the N which cannot be opened.  You will also find, in a room to the E of here, the body of poor Torin with the key for this door and a ring which you will have to take to Jemanie as proof of his death.


When you come into the large room in the centre of the map, run to the ramp to the W and, ignoring all else, bash the pedestal (this kills all the undead milling around).  Then run to the ramp to the E and fight Gulnan till she is dead.  Collect her heart.


If afterwards you speak to Jared in a jail to the SW you'll find he is a very bad man, so don't let him out.


When you have finished here, go around to everyone in the district who had asked for something and get your reward.  Get back to the Temple of Tyr and tell Aribeth about the letter - she'll tell you to take it to Fenthick (do so), give her the reagent (the heart) and ask where to look next.


It turns out it's...





You know what to do - talk to the guard outside the gate and the Captain inside it.  Get exploring till you know where everything is, picking fights and items as you go along.  You can do this in any order, of course.


Just inside, Cendran will tell you about Loxar.  You'll find him towards the centre of the map, inside a round tower.  Save before you go in.  When you kill him you get his head and, if you are lucky, a lump of adamantine ore.  If not, you might like to reload and kill him again.  Items appear randomly, you see.  Anyway, take Loxar's head to Cendran immediately, you don't want to carry that about with you.


As you head for the Barricades you get hit by hired thugs once more - get the letter they are carrying.


When you go through the gate, talk to Captain Harn.  Go right and talk to Formosa.  Agree with her, say you'll get the key but will not kill.  Take the job on.


Go N and talk to the Rumbottom guard.  Walk in.  When you meet Mr. Rumbottom (in a room to the N) talk tough at first but be kind afterwards.  In this room you will find a painting you need.


Opposite this estate you will find Hodge's.  Talk to the guard and go in.  The cook in a room to the E will tell you Hodge has gone, but the urn you seek is in the NW.


And now to the Zoo.  Pay to go in and go E.  In a room to the N you will find Sureshot - save before you go in because sometimes, when you kill him, he is carrying adamantine.  With two lumps you can get a decent weapon now and a better on in Chapter III.


Check out the Tree in the exit to the NW - click on it to get a portal.  Go to the centre of the map and pull the lever (after you kill the nasty guy in that room) and then go to the cages and tell the four animals to leave.  Follow them to the portal and tell each one of them to step into it (don't forget to visit Nystar afterwards).  Leave the zoo and you will see Milly's house nearby.  Seek Milly (an old lady tottering about here) and talk to her.  She will give you a key.  Enter her house and find the portal - using it will get you into Meldanen's estate.


A journal in a room to the NW tell about the Dryad.  In the E, by the front door, you will find Grommin.  Ask him about his Master and tell him you are his friends, and the idiot lets you in.  In the SE, in a prison, you will meet Samuel - talk to him and free him.  He'll ask you to look up Thurin at the Inn.  Go downstairs to the Sanctum.  In a room to the SE you will see the imprisoned Dryad who will warn you about Meldanen.  Sure enough, he turns up and you fight.  When he surrenders, ask for the key to the warehouse.  You could of course kill him if you prefer, but I didn't.  In this room you will find an item which is meant for a henchman quest.  If you don't have that henchman, you don't need to take it.


Free the Dryad but ask her to help with the cure.  She gives you some hair and there you have your third reagent.  Leave and take the key to Formosa.  Enter the warehouse to see that Meldanen was indeed hoarding food.  Plus you might find the odd thing to take home with you.


Out, find Punkin in the SW corner of the map and talk to her.  Go in the house and talk to Telma.  Click on the bookshelf in front of her and say Halueth.  Go in and find the door and the chest.  Look inside the chest, read the torn page and place the Ceremonial Arrow in it to open the door.  Save.  Go in and fight it out with the Swords.  At the end, get the items from the sarcophagus (take the armour to Oleff).


Now, go to the centre of the map and enter the Board Laid Bare.  Find Thurin and talk about Samuel.  He gives you a reward, though I refused it (being in goody-twoshoes mode).


Talk to the Bartender and, if you want, use the pass for the Gauntlet.  Go downstairs and talk to Kellisai.  There are three medals to earn (kill the animals before you go for each guy) - after that, you fight Claudus, who cheats.  Before you go in to fight him, ask Kellisai to be fair.  At the end, talk to Claudus - the Inn is now yours.  You can ask the Bartender for the profits, if you want.


OK, that concludes Blacklake.  Go around collecting rewards for completed quests and talk to Aribeth once more.  And guess what?  We are now going to the...





Now, after entering in the usual way, you might like to do this section differently.  You could cover the whole map concentrating solely on killing thugs, muggers, etc., because they mostly carry with them special coins which cannot be spent anywhere else.  You can collect up to 34 or 36.  Also, they carry a notice of Auction which you must read but needn't pick up.  After you've been all around, you can start again from the gate doing the job the regular way. 


Go left to the water front.  You will find a boat and some Bloodsailors.  You can kill them for a uniform so that you can get into the Seedy Tavern, though you can get in another way, too.  In the NE there is a Locked House in which you will find a key to the Tavern and instructions which reveal Callik's true nature.


If you continue N along the docks you will meet Hoff; it is enough to show him the brooch Tamora lent you and threaten to do him bodily harm.  This scares him and your miniquest is complete.  Don't forget to take the brooch back to Tamora.


Ignore the Silver Sails for now, but around S of the centre of the map you will find Masterson, who wants an amulet back - mark the spot.


In the NW there is yet another estate you have to visit.  Go in the usual way and find Androd (go E, N and through the first door to S):  his room is off this one.  Be firm with him.  You get a key which will open everything and you find the last of the items you needed for Ophala. 


When you leave and try S of here you will notice you cannot enter the Aqueducts - it doesn't matter.


Visit the Golden Apple and find Gilda.  Talk her into giving you her coin.


Visit Twenty in a Quiver - you can buy more coins here if you want.


Right, if you've done everything, we can go to the Seedy Tavern.  Enter through the side door if you have the key or enter through the front door if you are wearing a Bloodsailor uniform.


In any case get into a drinking contest with Jalek, then you can talk to Christov.  Also, you can spend all your coins here, even if you don't want anything, because the items you buy will fetch a nice price elsewhere and cannot do anything else with them.


Talk to whoever you can then go upstairs.  Talk to Ulfnog.  Go downstairs and you will see the Chef, talk to him and say "Cornerstone", not that it matters.


In the Hideout, find the stairs down in the S.  In the next floor you'll find the girl you are looking for in the NE corner.  Be nice to her and promise not to hurt Vengaul.  She tells you about the Silver Sails.  Also, the guy you killed in this room drops the means of entering the Aqueducts at the NW, but it will be more fun to go to the Silver Sails.


So get yourself over there and find your way downstairs till you are at the Aqueducts.  To your right a door with a chest; look inside the chest and put in the Ceremonial Sword.  The door will open - go in and as soon as you get the Symbol from the sarcophagus you will be attacked.  You'll win, of course. 


Leave and get to the Mysterious Boat.  Talk to Charon and ask to be sent downstream.


Advance along here and you will find Vengaul and Callik arguing.  Before you know it you are fighting Callik - he keeps disarming you so that you have to press the space bar and equip another weapon or rummage around the floor to find the one you dropped.  At any rate, when you kill him you'll get Masterson's amulet.


Run around to Vengaul and be reasonable.  Let him go and get the last reagent from the big case.  Leave and take the amulet to it's owner.  You can now go to City Core.  Take the brooch to Tamora and give the three items to Ophala.  Give Oleff the last artifact.  Show note to Aribeth and take it to Fenthick. 


Before you give her the last reagent, make sure you have sorted yourself out.  Remember you can't come back here and you are about to leave.  Check your Journal to see that you've done everything, drop the stuff you no longer need, make sure you have everything you might need and give the reagent to Aribeth.  Go straightaway to the Cure Ritual.


Talk to Oleff, Aribeth, Fenthick, Desther and Nasher.  At this point the Ritual starts.  Be alert and ready to fight.  Watch what happens - kill the impostors and talk to Nasher.  Then talk to Aribeth and enter the portal.


You find yourself in...


Helm's Hold



Talk to Bregan.  You can enter the Hold in several ways, but I went through a cave in the SW.  You've found the Prison.  Search around, talk to Yasi but don't let him out.  Talk to Dumal and free him.  Get yourself upstairs and find a Demon in the NE.  He wants you to free him or something.  Take no notice.  Get the Black Grimoire in the room to the S and the Book of Helm in a small room also in the NE, near the stairs up.


You will have noticed a large room with an altar in the shape of a hand.  The Armours standing around would take your side if you found a red gem and placed it on the altar - when I played this game as a Thief I managed to get the gem from a chest in one of the cells of the Prison, but as a Paladin I couldn't - not that it matters.  Just stay out of this room; and don't approach it from the S.


Go to the room to the NE and click on the altar.  Banish the Demon and reinstall the good Spirit.  You can ask for one of the options he offers.  Up to you.


OK, up the stairs.  You find Fenthick and talk to him.  Before you go up the next set of stairs you ought to know you can't come back down again, so if there is anything else you want to do down here now is the time.


When you get up there you will fin Desther in a large room.  Fight him until he surrenders.  You have the option to visit the rest of the rooms here or take him straightaway.  Again, up to you.  When you go, watch the movie.  Thus ends Chapter I.





You start at Kendrak's Barracks and are welcome by Larana.  Step outside and talk to everybody, including the henchmen, for information.  Aribeth and Gend will tell you what you are supposed to do. 


Apart from that, you should talk to Aribeth about her personally and be sure to continue the conversation as you go up levels (as you did with your henchman).  In fact, whatever you are doing, come to her every time you go a level up to hear more of her story, until she gives you a ring.  Also, it would be best if you kept all the info on the cult to yourself till you've covered all the areas and done all you had to. 


Kendrak has a job for you, which is to get after some dangerous criminals.  Ask for details - you'll come across them as you go travel around.  I'll keep you posted.



Port Llast



As you leave the Barracks you will be immediately accosted by a Farmer's Son who wants you to find his mother.  Nice start.  Now you must visit every single location and talk to everybody and you'll get a list of errands as long as your arm.  Don't worry too much about it; concentrate on the main quest and if you can do the errands along the way, fine.  If not, it doesn't matter.


Right, first go to the Docks (you find a Shady Character with interesting wares) and the Dockhouse.  Inside, two people argue.  Talk to Prichev, talk to the Captain and persuade him, talk to Prichev and accept no payment.  That's your Good Deed for the day.


Visit the Temple and talk to Neurik.  He has a task for you.  The boys:


Urth - wait for night and visit the Outlying Farm to the S in Port Llast.  Go up the stairs and open the shut door.  Fight him till he surrenders, persuade him to use the charm Neurik gave you and he gives you his ring to take back to Neurik.  When he is his own man again, you can question him.


Geth - he is to be found SE of the East Road area, near a broken wagon, probably at night.


Bran - he is in the last chamber to the E of a cave full of wolves situated in the extreme NE corner of the South Road area.


Next, the Inn:  Elaith has a job for you, and you'll have to find:


Setara the Witch, in the Heart of the Forest area has one of the gems.  She will give it to you when you give her a magic mirror.


Wanev will give you the gem if you can get it.  His Tower is in the S of the South Road area.


Zamithra, in the Green Griffon Inn.  You have to get her on her own to get the gem.


Talk to everybody and beware Darktongue (don't give him any information) and Solomon (don't accept his ring).  Go out and start exploring.


Get a load of Alhelor's cosy cottage...


Finally, we'll visit Wanev's Cottage.  When you go downstairs you get attacked by some skeletons.  After you kill them, get a couple of Knuckles from the heaps of bones.  Search around - you'll find a Beetle's Belly in the store room and a Slaad's Tongue elsewhere.  Search the place well.  Eventually you'll get to the kitchen.  Open the chest and read the recipe.  Click on the brazier and put in the belly, the tongue and the two knuckles.  A portal appears.  Use it and get the wardstone.  You'll need it later.


In the NE talk to Eltoora and ask for a job.  Question her about the books, find out where they are.  When you return them all, you can use her Lab for making magic potions and such (you enter it through the glowing portal behind her).  So if you are a magic user, this could be useful.  But the experience points come in handy for anyone.


Right, if you are sure you've been everywhere in Port Llast, head N into the...


North Road



As soon as you are through the gate, Solomon gives you a warning.  At some point later he will attack you - get the letter he is carrying.


For now, move forward and talk to Gerrol.  Carry on along the road.  Nearly at the N of this map you will see a cave of Goblins and Orcs.  The object of the exercise is to find and kill the Chiefs.  The goblin one is to the NW and the orc one, to the E.  If you find prisoners, question them and free them.


Stairs down take you to the Bugbear Caves.  You'll find Leah (Gerrol's wife) in the Prisons here.  The Chief is in the N and the stairs down to the E.  These take you to the Ogre Caves.  The folks you are after are in the S.  Take up Ganon's journal (to give to Aribeth) and Derbiag's head (to give to Gerrol).  Get back to the Temple before you go any further and sort yourself out, then go to Gerrol.  Next, let's try...


Neverwinter Woods



Go along the *East Road* into the woods.  You will find some archaeologists.  Talk to Jax (he wants proof), go in and talk to Revat (he wants his Mom) and Lenton (who wants a Troll's head). 


Explore this area.  To the SE you will find Geth (probably at night).  To the SE enter the Caves.  The Troll chieftain is to the N, kill him and take his head for Lenton.  Explore at will but keep going deeper into the caves.  In Level 3 you will find Darius in the SW; once more, talk to him and free him. 


In the Crypts (Creator Ruins), Level 1, you will find a guardian preventing you from going deeper.  You have to find a ring in a chest in the SE corner.  Go on in and down to the next level.  In the second level you will need a scroll (read it) which is in the S.  This is a password for the guardian golem to the next level.  In this last one, you need a key (on a dead thief, centre of map), but you'll have to fight the golem to get through.  Fight to the last room and you get to talk to one of the Creators.  You'll also have to kill it.  Empty the chests in this chamber (you are mainly after the History, for Jax).  Step on the pressure pad; you are in a cave.  To the S you will find Janis (Mom), give her Revat's ring to free her and make your way out of the cave.


You might as well go to the archaeologists camp and give everyone what they want.  As well, go upstairs and meet Delilah.  Fight her, talk to her by all means, but she is a nasty piece of works; so apply swift justice by killing her and getting her ear.


Leave and go E to the *Druid Encampment*.  Go NW and you will find Wyvern; follow him and fight him.  When he surrenders, listen to his story.  If you think he deserves to die kill him, if not do a deal and get his ear.


Look for the Camp and talk to Aawill.  He is missing three druids.  Finish exploring this area and go on E to *Deep Woods*.  As soon as you are through you get attacked by a Dryad, fight it till it surrenders then talk and get as much info as you can.  Note the queer tree.


Explore around and find the Nymph's Home in the NE.  Go in and do the usual rounds.  To the NW you will find a human slave who will attack you but will soon surrender.  Talk to him and let him go.  Find the Nymph in the NE.  She attempts to charm you but fails.  Talk to her and, at the end, open the chest in this room and take everything in it.


You will find one of the missing druids (Terari) in the S.  Talk to him and leave. 


Go to the SE of the map and enter the cave.  Explore around.  In the Feeding Chambers to the SE you will find another druid (Orlane) in a cocoon.  Of course, before talking to him and setting him free, there is the small matter of a very large spider and her friends.  Leave.


Outside, go E into the *Heart of the Forest*.  To the SW of this new area there are caves in which you will find an Ancient Dire Bear with an attitude.  Kill it and leave.


To the NE there is a Cave, which is Setara's home.  In here, to the W, in a glowing bookshelf, you will find the Tome of Resonance - take it.  Setara herself is in the S.  Talk to her twice, give her the mirror and be polite.  Search around.  In the SW, in the Prison, you will find Bree; talk to her and free her.  This completes Aawill's quest.  Don't forget to visit him for your reward.


To the SW there are the Spirit Falls.  Click on the altar and stab yourself.  In the *Spirit Plane*, you will find Relmar by the bridge in the NE.  Try and make as much sense out of him as you can, and finally you have to fight him and kill him.  Get his journal, which you will later take to Aribeth.


Go to the NW and find the antidote in some rubble.


The Grove of the Spirit is roughly in the centre of the map.  Fight the Spirit till he stops attacking.  "Talk" to him.  End Dialogue and "talk" to him again, curing him.  You find yourself out of this Plane, your job done.


Go visit Aawill at the Druid's Encampment and then you might like to you the Stone of Recall to unload your loot, but your next job is in...





So take the *South Road*.  Roughly in the W there is a cave.  You needn't do this, but if you want to, go in and find a dead body around the centre of the map.  In a loot bag there is a book, take it and read it.  To the extreme SW you will find a well.  Take a potion of endurance and go in.  You pop up elsewhere.  Enter the chamber, explore around, pull the chain and Maegen will appear and ask you a question, which you can answer because you have the book.  Take what is in the sarcophagus and leave through the well.  Hardly worth it, wasn't it?


Out in the South Road again, there is a cave in the extreme NE.  Go in and fight the wolves till you get to the last chamber to the E.  Fight Bran and persuade him to use a charm.  


To the S there is Wanev's Tower.  You can go through the front door or through a cave (the cellar).  At any rate, in the main floor, in a room to the NE, you will find the Tome of Ice in a trapped glowing bookshelf.  Search around; banging the gong brings out all the guards harmlessly, and then you can inspect their belongings.  Find the stairs up, step onto the portal and you will meet Wanev himself.  Talk to him, ask for the gem and he will explain matters.  Do exactly as he asks:  go through the door behind him to the Summoning Chambers.  The lever is in the corridor, to the E.  The gem is in a chest in the N and the imp you are after is in the SW.  Kill it and take its heart.  Use it in the brazier by the portal and return to Wanev.  He gives you a present and sets up a portal for you to leave.  Nice of him.


You can leave now and continue E to Charwood.


You enter the *Farmlands*.  Go NE and find Ingo walking around.  Talk to him and also ask for directions and for a job.  Go to his house and talk to Erik, undertaking the job.  Leave and go NW.  You will come to Stirge in the Old Tree Hollow.  Talk to him.  You can do what you like, but I killed him because I don't generally approve of baby-killers.  Pocket his ear.


Go to the SE to the Standing Stones.  Jaheel attacks.  When you kill her, get the letter she carries.  Go SW and talk to Pete O'Deel.  Again, undertake the job (don't go into the house yet).  Go to the cave in the S and fight your way to the SE, where you'll find Silverback.  As usual, at death's door the animal stops attacking.  Talk to it.  I persuaded her not to eat cattle OR people, always a nasty habit.  Then back to Pete and persuade him that this is OK.  Now go into the house, talk to Constanze and buy the brooch off her for 250 gp.  Take it to Erik.


Now you can go E to the *Haunted Forest*.  Keep left, to the NW there is a chest in a ruined house which contains a scroll.  Read it.  In the SE there is a pillar.  Search the bodies for a book, read it.  Click on the pillar and insert "Nether shall rule".  A portal appears, step into it.  Go through the door into the Crypt.  Use one of the levers, to the W or to the E.  Go N and open sarcophagus.  Go around the back and open the chests.  I don't know what this was all about, probably a job I didn't get, but enter the portal to leave.


Go E to Charwood Village.  Quint meets as you go in.  Talk to him for a bit, if you can stand it, until he disappears.  Go to the Inn and talk to the Strange Man; after a few questions he turns on you and you have to kill him.  Take the book he was carrying, to be taken to Aribeth eventually.  Find the Mayor and talk to him.  Leave and go E, talk to the guard and go through the gates into *Castle Jhareg*.


Look at the chest in the middle of the room, read the message and get the key.  Walk straight N.  At the door, look inside the chest and read the message.  Pull the lever, go in and talk to the Guardian.  Go N again and enter Quint's quarters (I think it's the door on your left).  Start searching very carefully the whole area.  To the NW is an alchemist apparatus where you can concoct potions and stuff if you are that way inclined.  N, in a little circular room, you will find a key which will give you access to Quint.  In a room to the W with a huge book, click on the candelabra to examine it.  Also in this room, in a glowing chest, the Tome of Death.  Quint's Journal is in a room to the SE; take it and read it.  Enter Quint's room through the glowing door.  Talk to him, mention his journal, get his oath.  Leave this area and go through the opposite door.


Again, be very thorough.  In a room to the E you'll find Karlat's journal, take it and read it.  At the big book in this room, click on the candelabra to read it.  In a room to the NW there is a chest with a key and a wand which you will need.  Make sure you get a Beetle's Belly from somewhere here.  In a room to the SW, in a glowing case you'll find the Tome of Fire.  When you've finished, go to Karlat and talk to him, mentioning the journal and Belial.  Get his oath.  Now go to the summoning room and cast Protection from Evil.  If you don't have this spell (a Paladin should have it) and haven't found the Wand of Protection here, use the Stone of Recall and get it - Eltoora probably has it.  Back to the summoning room, once you've cast the spell, place a Beetle's Belly in the brazier (click on it to open it), close it and then cast Burning hands on it with the wand, or any other way you want.  Belial appears, talk to him and get his oath.


Now we are all set.  Go to the Guardian, tell her you are ready, answer Yes to the first question, declare neither Quint nor Karlat guilty (they are well-meaning idiots), the real culprit being Belial.  Keep the phylactery yourself.  Leave by the front door of the Castle because the Mayor will be there to thank you and give you a present.


Right, that's that.  Go back to Port Llast and sort yourself out.  This time go N and N again towards Luskan.  No sooner you enter the *Green Griffon Inn* area you get attacked by Darktongue, who wants to be famous.  Simply kill him. 


Before you get into the Inn, go SE to a cave.  Find Karathis, fight him and persuade him to take the charm.  He gives you a journal for Neurik.  Read it.  Hm.


Next, go to the NE, talk to the caretaker and buy the key to the graveyard, go in, have fun with the zombies.  Enter the tomb; the place is heaving with assorted undead.  Work your way in patiently till you find a key in the N which will allow you to get through to the NW, where you'll fight it out with Brother Toras to get the book.  OK, once you have it you can go.


Time to enter the Inn.  Talk to everyone you can. Gorkan:  tell him you've come for the competition.  Lerner:  fork out.  Zamithra:  when you talk to her, chose the first line of three lists of options, then follow her to her room.  Ask for the gem, she is disgusted; when she leaves, take it from the chest.


Finally, go to Mutamin downstairs, talk about the competition and say you wish to take part.  Go downstairs, speak to the guard, go straight E and talk to Jaroo.  You'll have to pay.


Once in, take it from the top and fight the spiders.  You will notice that there are two exits down to the E.  First go to the southern one and you will meet with a Yuan-Ti.  The answer to her riddle is 15.  Talk to her again for a little extra, the answer is 12, 5.  Move on.  In the room with the signposts (click on the statue first) pick up poor old Dyadd's journal.  The answer is 19.  Open the door by that signpost and collect the key.  Make your way to the northern way down.


Just work your way towards the Exit, where you'll have to fight a very tough cookie.  Go through the door and E past the pillar.  Help Garn who is being attacked, heal him and he will give you a tip.  Go through the door and run back, drawing the nasties to the pillar.  In the room to the NE you should find a crystal egg in a chest which is essential for finishing the competition.  As you head to the SE and the final exit Gorkam will attack you.  I don't know why.  But of course, you must kill him.  If you pick up the axe he drops, you will find later that it's worth 0 gp, which means that this was a quest I didn't hear about.


In the final room click on the statue for the final riddle.  Place the egg in the chest and you get teleported out.  Go to Mutamin for your reward.


Now go upstairs and find Zor - you might need to knock his door down.  Of course you get fighting, but when you hear his story you are inclined to be clement.  However, you are not given a chance and you have to kill him.  Pity, I rather liked him.  Still, now you have his ear.


OK, that's it, time to tie up loose ends.  Get to Port Llast, so use the Stone of Recall.  Talk to Neurik and show him Karathis journal.  He asks you to do the necessaries.  Speak to Aribeth about her personal problems before you go up another level, if she hasn't given you the ring yet.


OK!  Take the last book to Eltoora.  You now have access to her lab, if you need it.  Go to the Inn and give the gems to Elaith.  At this point Thurwin will warn you about Vardoc, and as soon as you leave Port Llast, he will attack and leave a telling letter behind him.  Go to Alhelor's house, have a brief talk to him and kill him.  Sigh.  Get his tooth and take it to Neurik.


Finally, go to Kendrak with the ears and he will tell you that Yesgar has kidnapped his daughter.  So get yourself to the Mines, open the door with the key Kendrak gave you, fight your way to Yesgar, don't believe a word he says, kill him, get his ear and the key, free the girl.


Go back to Kendrak and get your just reward.  If you've had Aribeth's ring, NOW is the time to present all the evidence you took such trouble to collect.  Talk to Gend and you are all set to enter Luskan.  Sort yourself out first; check the Journal to make sure you have no matters pending.  You can't come back here.


So, head N till you hit the city gates and talk to the guard.  You are now in...





You've hardly stepped in when the man on the bridge gets attacked.  Help him and question him. 


You know what you have to do:  talk to absolutely everybody everywhere and get jobs.  Rhaine is particularly important.


The most important person to talk to is Gend at the Temple.  Basically, you have to get the seal from one of the High Captains in order to enter the Host Tower.  You can go to one of them and agree to murder the other, but you'd be better off destroying them both and bringing peace to the city.  Kurth is SW, though a wall.  Barem is NE, in the sewers.  There are no particular problems you haven't experienced before, so I won't bore you with details.


Right, if you've been all around and talked to everybody, let's go for Barem.  Go in the sewers, talk to him, refuse to work for him and open the gate behind him.  He disappears.  Be sure to look into every chest, box, barrel and crate here.  There are steps down in the SE, but that takes to you a gate you cannot open.  So go N to the steps up.  You have to fight a tough Yuan-Ti, but when she is dead pick up the parchment she was carrying and read it.  Go up.


In Barem's Lair, don't get involved in fights just yet, run to the SW and smash the two tablets and the altar.  Fortunately you can outrun the zombies.  Run SE and kill all the skeletons, plus the Mummy if it appears afterwards, then run to the centre and kill the Yuan-Ti to the E of the generator, pick up and read the book she was carrying.  You should be able to kill the Yuan-Ti to the W of the generator, though it won't be easy.  Try a little magic if you can, but keep at it.  When she dies, you get the key to the Crypt.  Before you enter it, in a little corridor W of here filled with spiders, free Nanny from a cocoon and you'll get a toy.  This is for the Londa quest.


Go into the Crypt and go Barem in the NW.  Bash the stone gargoyles, kill the Priestess and concentrate on Barem.  When he is dead, you can pick what he was carrying.  The seal you are after is in one of the chests in this room.  Leave.


Let's go for Kurth.  Go to the SW of the map, through the broken wall, into the Docks.  To the SW of the new map there is a diversion (Abandoned House), perhaps a quest nobody got around to asking me (not that I was that interested).  I'll describe it anyway.  Click on the statue outside the door to get the info.  Go in, kill the skeleton and pick up his head.  Click on the statue.  Click on the altar and put the head in it.  That breaks the seal.  You can now enter the Ruins of Illusk, Level 1.


Look at the two gates.  Pull the lever to the right and fight the zombies on your side of the gates while a flesh golem deals with the zombies the other side.  When they are all dead, pull the lever on the left to open the gates.  To the S, in a room with 4 sarcophagi you will have to kill a Fallen Hero to get his heart.  Put it in the altar.  In, go to the NW.  Kill the water elemental, pick up the bowl it was carrying and put it in the altar.  In, go S, kill Voleron.  There is a portal around the back here which will take you to the entrance.  I've no idea what all that was about, other than experience points.  Leave.


The Captain is to be found in the NE, so go over there.  Enter the house and straight into the library, where you need to find Burke's Manual in a bookshelf to the left.  Read it.  Go to the Prison in the SE, kill the guards and get the key.  Free Losen but talk to him first.  Now, the glowing sphere is a fountain to the NE, and the smooth token is in a small room at the centre, on Burke's body.  Rush to the W and stand in the portal, follow the instructions to close it.


The Captain is in a room to the N, so get over there and kill him.  Amongst his possessions you will find a key to a small room off this chamber.  Free the girl for the Elynwyd quest.  Leave.


Now, you could get involved in the sewers finding the three levers to get the potion making Colmarr's contraption going.  Me, I was already carting enough potions to start a shop.  However:  two of the levers are easy enough to find if you open everything and look inside.  The third is probably harder.  In the main sewer room where the lab is, talk to the Outcast Ghoul in the SW then go and kill the Ghoul Lord in the SE.  You get the Amulet of Power.  Also, one of the levers is right here, in a chest at the back of the tents.  Go to the Outcast and give him the amulet, and you get a lever and the key which will open both locked doors in this section.  At the lab all you have to do is click on the little mounds by the standing lever and all the levers will set themselves up.  To make potions, you pull the levers.  Have fun pulling one, two, three different levers or all four together.


If you took on Erb's job, go to the Jadale house in the S of the main map and make Jadale believe that she's done something wrong.  Persuade her to part with the ring.  There Yvette quest to retrieve the baby is so easy I won't insult your intelligence by explaining it.  At any rate, go back to the Cutlass and get your rewards.  Don't forget to visit Rhaine and tell her the Captains are dead. 


And now, enough waste of time.


Go to Gend in the Temple and hand over one of the seals.  You get forged documents and can go to the Tower which, as you know, is in the NW.  Take with you whatever magic you can use.


The Host Tower



When you get to the Host Tower, use the pass to go in.  Then talk to Captain Islund and get as much info as you can.  He tells you to wait in a room to the right; of course that wouldn't do.  It's not that we are terminal nosey-parkers, but...


Visit the two other ambassadors.  In Aribeth's room the guardian golem attacks.  Destroy it.  You will find some important information here and a key.  Go through the door to the S and you get into a big fight.  When its over, click on the pedestal and choose, what else, the 2nd floor.  Stand on the platform; now this isn't easy.  If you stand still under the beam of light sometimes it goes off and you remain where you are, having to click on the pedestal again.  So move about on the platform with short steps till you are teleported to the 2nd floor.


From here on you are looking for information and for portal stones, so don't miss anything.  Any book or note you find, read.  You also find a lot of people dying to kill you.


On the 3rd floor there are two portals, to the SE and to the NW, spewing out evil creatures.  Avoid them and get to the lab in the NE where the two kinds of imp are fighting it out.  Don't get involved.  Pick up one eye of each from the bags you'll see on the floor.  Taking the long but safe way around put an imp's eye in the NW portal and a quasit's eye in the one to the SE.  That's that.


On the 4th floor you have to find two rods.  Use them on the box by the portal (as usual, click on it for instructions) and a golem appears.  Follow him and he'll bust a locked door open and do battle for you.  At the end, it's between Rimardo and you.  Fight until he stops and then question him.


On the 5th floor I found Nyphithys to the NE and after talking to her I refused to bash the brazier as she had asked, thinking I could save the game and try doing so - I didn't trust her.  However, when I said "no" she attacked me immediately.  Forewarned, you might like to save before you talk to her and try the alternatives.  I have a feeling one ought to free her, not that it seemed to make any difference.  In the NW, do not go into a small circular room where there is a Brain Devourer impossible to kill.  Save, look about and when you find the room, reload and avoid it next time.


On the 6th floor I tripped over another Brain Devourer (perhaps the same one had followed me) so I run off and bumped into Valindra.  The two of them got into a ding-dong battle, so I left them to it.  I found the two portal stones I needed and left.


On the 7th floor you will find Deltagar in the W of the prison, in the cell nearest the pedestal room.  Don't open the other doors when you get the key from the gaoler, they are full of monsters.


On the 8th floor there isn't much of interest, you might like to skip it and go straight to the Pinnacle.  There you will find Arklam.  Talk to him and get all the info, then agree to free him.  Destroy each brazier and fight the creature which appears in the centre of the room.  The last one took ages to kill.  You must choose the right weapon; the Blade of Rashemi did the trick for me.


At the end, Arklam will thank you and open the door.  In, step into the portal and walk cautiously to the gates to listen to what is being said.  You are discovered and attacked while the interesting people disappear.  When you've cleared this lot, examine the corpse and go downstairs to Maugrim's lair and search the desk.  Take and read the journal.  When you've done use the Stone of Recall and report to Gend; after a little chat you break into...





Beorunna's Well



Here we go again.  Talk to Gend and to all the people in his lodge, you get a lot of info.  Leave and visit the Temple; talking to Neurik will get you a job with a vengeance.  Talk to the folks here and then go to the Mercenaries.  It is important that you talk to Zed first because he is the one who really knows what happened.  If you heal his leg he will tell you all, but you have to handle him right.  OK, carry on talking to people here then go to the Drinking House.


Again, speak to everyone here; Lillian is particularly important.  Next, go out and go the Druid Grove and speak to everyone.  Particularly, make sure you've talked to everyone concerned with the trial.  They are all around the Grove.  If you have done so, let's get this problem out of the way.  Go to Neurik, save your game and say you are ready.  You have to insist on the fact that no one saw the fight start, that Griff brought on his own fate by drugging the poor guy and starting the fight.  With Vanda, hint at prejudice.  You should get a unanimous verdict.  If not, you've chosen the wrong options while questioning the witnesses, so reload and try again.  Anyway, once this is out of the way, you can travel N to...





You will meet Delvar who will give you a lot of information.  Vaath is in the SE corner of the map.  Take his head sometime to Rolkid at the Mercenary's for a reward.


Go to the NE quarter of the map and you will see an exit to the N and another to the E, to the Wizard's Circle.  Go E; find the Wizard's Grove.  Stand on the circle and drop the Teleport Scroll.  You are in the *Wizard's Dungeon*. 


There are two fire elemental summoning braziers in the NE and SW corners, and you should concentrate on destroying them first.  Visit the libraries in the other corners and search them well.  In the one to the NW you will see a Diary Page which you must read.  Now go to the gong chamber in the NW quarter and look at the gongs, then click on Puma, Wolf, Bear, Dragon.  A door opens and you are able to go in and get the snowglobe.  To the NE, there is a lab where you'll find some interesting stuff.  Go to the SE and you will find Nex in Prison.  Agree to help him and go to the SW, to the summoning pool.  You will have probably picked up the Melf ring and a Slaad tongue by now; if not, find them.  Put the tongue on the pool, close, use the ring and cast the spell on the pool.  Tell the elemental to free Nex.  Talk to him and you will find he can't reward you, but never mind.  If you are finished here, leave altogether and try the entrance to the N from Coldwood.


Still in Coldwood, towards the NE you will find Layenne.  She attacks immediately and when you kill her, you might as well enter her Tomb.  Another quest not solicited?  Difficult to find everybody who wants you to do something.  At any rate, work your way to the room in the S.  Look at the pedestals.  I think we are missing something here.  You are going to need four gems.  Start looking!


In a room to the SE you'll find a trapped Succubus.  Talk to her and agree to help.  When you give her the first talisman, you can ask her to open all the doors.


In a room to the NW run around and destroy all the glyph generators, this kills the golem.  Apart from that, nothing you haven't done before.  Just make sure you open every single container in this area.  Once you have the talismans for the Succubus, go to her.  After handing her the second, you can ask for a magic item.  After handing her the third, she will attack and you'll have to kill her.  That's gratitude for you.


When you have the 4 special gems, go to the chamber to the S and click on each pedestal, inspect each runestone and place in it the gem of the same colour.  The pedestals will light up. This allows you to get at the Star Sapphire in the middle of the room which no-one has requested.


Ah, well.  Let's leave this place.


Go to Lillian at the Drinking House and hand over the snowglobe.  Go upstairs and enter the large room to the NW.  Click on pool.  You will see the options "Enter globe" and "Rotate globe".  Enter globe, go W, help dryad against dwarf and talk to her.  At the end, go E, then N (helping the dryads all the way) till you find Arwyl.  Question her.  Then, go over the bridge and S.  Enter the cave, click on the book pile, read both journals, turn to your left and open chest.  Get the amulet.  Go further in and talk to the Dragon, and for goodness' sake be polite.  Leave.  Go to Arwyl and ask about the amulet.  Go to the portal and get back to the Drinking House.  Click on the pool and this time choose the "Rotate" option.  Next, "Enter" the globe.  Go W and this time help the dwarf against the dryads.  Talk to him and go N to find Hodd (again, helping the dwarves).  Talk to him and ask about the amulet and get him to fix it.  Leave through the portal, click on the pool, "Rotate" and "Enter".  Go to Arwyl and ask her to magic the amulet.  Once that's done, go to the Dragon, who will attack straightaway.  Kill it and find a large chest.  Get the loot first then the Word of Power.  Haedraline appears and talks to you a while, then disappears.  Use the portal back to the Drinking House.


Take the WoP to Gend.  Do whatever you need to do about your inventory and then let's go to the SW of the map.


Fort Ilark



Go right through the first map to the next exit.


In the NW corner you will find a cave full of orcs.  What you need to do here is find Guzud in the centre. Fight him and he tries to make a deal, but you can't since he is threatening the lines of supply.  Kill him and get his head.  In a room off this one you will meet Uncas, who gives you a feather and asks you to speak to Zokan.  Let him go.  Finish here and leave.


Next, go SE to the Fort.  Talk to the guard, go in, find Damas.  Volunteer to do something about the catapults.  Leave and find the gap to the SW of the fort, go through it, fight the commander of each catapult and click on it to destroy it.  Go right around where you can reach to destroy them all.  Go back to Damas for the reward.  You get another job.  Through the gap again and fight Subchief Arness and get his head.  Back to Damas.  Right, through gap, head NW, check the dead messenger before going through to *North Homesteads*.  Explore around, go W, find the homesteads, help Galia.  When ready, go to the Uthgardt Fort.  Speak to the guard.  He lets you in.  Find Zokan (room in the centre) and talk to him.  Ask about the alliance, offer to cure, ask about Damas, he'll give you some blankets.  Off you go.  Confront Damas and insist on having the cure - buy it off him for the lowest price.  Though I have to confess I would have cheerfully throttled the dreadful man; still, I'm supposed to be nice and I don't want to lose my alignment.  Return to Zokan with the cure. 


OK, back to the Well (use the Stone of Recall) and visit Yusam.  That's that.  Visit Rolkid with Guzud's head and he'll ask for yet another, Obould's.  Still, it pays to get ahead.  By the way, you will see Rolgan's head in front of the Temple.  It seems your proving him innocent didn't do him much good.  Cheer up:  if you visit Vanda you'll find Rolgan by her side in excellent health.  May be they just impaled his spare head.


We'll now go back to the Fort and go through the SE exit to take a look at the Ruins.  To the S, at the Stones, bash the altar to stop creatures popping out.  Enter the cave to the SE.


The Ruins



Click on the body, get the Translator Amulet, read the note.  We are going to go straight to the garden with a minimum of fuss.  It's the door directly opposite you.  In the garden, talk to Sapphira.  Go all the way E, through the lightning door and then N to a sundial.  There is a very good reason for this and you'll find it out when you are in the past.  Use the crystal on the dial and you'll be there; come out of the door and, on your left, you will find an important man with an even more important ring.  Obviously, you'll talk to him (equip the Translator Amulet first). 


When you have the ring, go off looking for slaves and talking to them.  Show it to them and the guys making the Golems will agree to give them vulnerability to whichever weapon/spell you favour.  You must find all these slaves.


First go all the way S, open a door, fight, get the scroll one of the guys was carrying.  Read it.  Right, we can forget about that for now.  N, then W to the centre.  While here, we might as well do the garden bit.  Go in, you meet Morag.  Ask as many questions as you can, but it will all end the same way.  Sigh.


When that little episode is over, move to the red circle "Dirt and Weeds" and you will be given the option of planting the seeds.  Do it.


Now carry on exploring and try to end up in the NW room, where there is a sundial which will allow you to travel back to your own time.  When you are ready, do so.  The first thing to do is to solve the riddles.  The nearest one is the Riddle of Light, S of here.  Kill the golem and get his key.  In.  First kill the nasties and get what you want from the chests.  Next, go to the central pool and choose the purple stones.  Split them so you have two separate stones (right click on them to get that option).  Then go to each primary colour pool and choose blue for one and red for the other.  Now put the single purple stones in each of the secondary fountains.  All but the central pool should disappear and you have solved this riddle.  On.  Let's go to the N chamber, kill the golem, get his key and enter the room to the E.  Kill the guy and pick up the pixie-in-the bottle.  Now this is a Simple Simon sort of thing, so face E and you will see the gongs thus:

                              A      B


                              C      D


Stand where you can see them all.  Use the bottle on yourself an the pixie will go and hit the gongs.  The sequence is:  B, A, D, C, D, A, C, B.  Click on them in that order and you will have solved the riddle.


Go SE to complete the last riddle.  Stand in the glowing thingie (use only once) before you tackle the golem.  Get the key and go to the lab.  Kill the nasties and click on the table to pick up all the powders.  Look at the brazier.  Click on it to open it.  Put in a yellow and a red, then a blue and a red and finally a blue and a yellow.  Riddle solved.  Now you have to go to the S.  On the way, pop into the garden to get your reward from Shappira.  Come out of the garden.


When you come to it, open the door S and face a huge daemon, kill it and get his key.  Click on the altar and get the WoP.  Haedraline will turn up.  Talk some more.  Step on the portal or use the Stone of Recall, give the WoP to Gend.


I guess we haven't any place else to go but to...





Enter the orc cave to the W and kill Obould, who is in the centre of the map, and get his head.  Leave and head to the NE, killing a few nasties on the way, help the guys with the dire bears and talk to Ixaristu. Afterwards, heal his men.  The exit is on the NE tip of the map.


In the next section there is a cave in the middle of the map.  You can't miss it. Go in and talk to the Dragon; a creature that size, I don't need to tell you to  grovel shamelessly.  She also wants a head, so let's go get it exactly where she said.


Enter the cave to the W and go to the centre to get further in.  The guy you want is in the deeper level, to the SW.  When you kill him, get his head and read the letter.  Free the prisoners (or should I say lunch?) to the W, they'll give you some info.  Kill the Fire Giant in the NE to read the letter he carries.  Take the head to the Dragon.  Leave and head N for the exit of this area.


You are now in the *Spine of the World*.  The cave in the SW contain a dead dragon and deader Fire Giants.  There are two more caves, one roughly in the centre the other to the N.  Go first to the central one and speak to the dragon there, get some info, offer to do the right thing.  On to the N cave.


This is the first level of the Fire Giants Lair.  You have to explore it thoroughly but the main thing is to free a half-orc to the W on your way to the N.  You'll be coming back here to nip E, but go N for now.  In this new level, don't trust the prisoners in the NW and there is an important book in the NE, come back to the previous level and this time go E.


Go to the SW and kill King Skrogg, getting his pass amulet and reading the book he is carrying.  Take the S door from this room.  The exit to the NE of the map (i.e., Deep Cave) is not terribly interesting, but you must use the one on the E.  In this chamber you will find a young dragon guarded by Yuan-Tis.  Kill everybody, dragon included, and find a sphere and a book in a fountain.  Read the book, take the sphere and place it on the pedestal in the middle of the room and you will have a deadly sphere with which to visit Klauth.  Let's do so right now.


Into the lair, along the long road to the S (mind the fireballs) and talk to the dragon.  Get all the info and give her the sphere - then it is an easy matter to finish her off.  Well, when I say easy I mean relatively easy.  When you've killed it, get the head and the key, which opens the door to a little room here where you'll find the WoP.  Haedraline appears again, have a chat and use the portal to the surface.


Go visit the dragon in the other cave, on your way to Gend.  Be sure to finish off any quests still pending before you talk to Gend, because you won't be coming back here.


Talk to Gend and thereby start...





Castle Never



Have a depressing conversation with Nasher and then talk to Gend.  Go to the dungeon, talk to the Jail Guard and speak to Haedraline.  One more WoP to get.  Go down to Castle Caverns, talk to Cletus and to Master Ford.  Go and look at the Source Stone.  One of the pedestals is missing a WoP.


Leave and go to City Core.  You might like to visit old haunts.  Try and buy a Wand of the Heavens before you leave.  The exit is in the SE corner.  Talk to the soldiers before you go out. 


The War Zone



In the War Zone, speak to the Gate Guard, he has important information.


Out, go around searching for houses you can enter, use the map.  Run from the golem.  When you kill a Captain, look for an informative note. Destroy all the catapults you find.  You must find and kill the Wizard controlling the golem (the golem then drops dead).  An important person to find is Asgard, in a house to the SW.  There is a secret exit in that house; use it as soon as you are ready (click on the bookshelf at the back).


Outside, do exactly the same thing - the first priority is to find the Wizard and kill him to get rid of the golem.  If you have finished here, a house in the SE corner with two doors will lead you to a portal which takes you to...


Maugrim's Sanctuary



You meet Aribeth.  After a few well chosen words, you fight.  When the battle stops, you talk again.  Be nauseatingly noble.  When given the chance, mention the ring she gave you and persuade her to go to Nasher.  When she leaves, go through the door to the E to tackle Maugrim.


When you meet him you will talk briefly and then you'll fight.  You might like to try a little magic first, to soften him up (the wand I mention above has the advantage of harming all of the enemies at the same time).  Then go in for the kill.  The battle will go on forever, because you keep missing and he keeps taking healing potions.  Still, eventually you will win (it took me a quarter of an hour).  Go further in and get the last WoP from the chest.  Read the journal.


Get back to Haedraline and talk to her.  Tell her something can be done.  Go to the Source Stone, use the empty pedestal (put in it the last WoP) click on the Source Stone and choose "Enter".


Keep going and battling it out:  you will see some unbreakable doors.  When you come to the two dragons, kill them both and get their keys.  Go into the cave in the N.  Have a fight and get the key.  Go in.  After a few words with Morag, first bash the statue, they kill the protectors against whatever weapon you are using.  In my case "sword" and "fire".  Kill Morag's Hands and whoever else she chucks at you.  Then go for her.  When you destroy her the Source Stone collapses, take the portal and you will be met by Haedraline.  Use the portal.


It's all over.



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