RPG by Bethesda Soft./Ubi Soft

A short solution by Lu Richardson

The product:

Morrowind is an improvement on the previous Elder Scrolls, which to my mind 
were far too large, needlessly involved, pretty aimless and downright boring. 
 I lost interest before I could finish either of them, the reason being that 
quality is always infinitely preferable to quantity.

I'm afraid we have pretty much the same problem here:  but at least, in the 
case of this product, the whole environment is much better drawn and the 
feeling of being there is more real. 

Having just completed a totally brilliant game called Gothic, everything felt 
very familiar indeed in Morrowind, even if it was on a much larger scale and 
nowhere near as direct and exciting.  The similarity was amazing... right down 
to details such as the incessant rain and the general lack of umbrellas.

At any rate, I thought I'd have a go at Morrowind and try to finish it before 
the next millennium.

General information:

As the manual says, the whole point of the game is to do precisely what you 
feel like doing in your own way.  How involved you get (by talking to 
everybody and accepting tasks) is up to you; but in order not to make this 
solution interminable, given the huge scope of the world you could explore, I 
will try to keep to the main thread of the story.

As ever, I recommend you get the "god mode" cheat to reduce the tedium.  There 
are also useful cheats to give yourself a strength of 500 (so that you can 
carry more stuff), a personality of 500 (everyone adores you) and a Security 
skill of 100 (so you can open all those pesky locked doors).

Read all books you find, some improve your attributes.  Collect everything you 
can get your hands on and turn it into cash; but note that none of the shops 
can afford to buy the really expensive stuff.  Make sure you have a good 
collection of scrolls and potions, particularly those which cure diseases.  
The combination of a Mark scroll and a Recall potion can help with travel.

I'll take it for granted that you'll talk to everybody asking about any text 
marked blue and about rumours and secrets.  Eventually, you'll meet people who 
have only to tell you what you already know.  No harm in trying to get new 
info, though.  And, of course, you'll need to talk to people when you are 
looking for someone or a particular place.

As to combat, you'll find it pretty boring.  The main thing is, get the first 
blow in.  Luckily I got a wonderful weapon very early on called "Warhammer of 
Wounds" and I didn't need to bother with any other.

This solution was written for the following type of character:  Race, 
Redguard; Class, Crusader; Birthsign, The Steed.

I dare say that if one chose to be, say, a Thief or a Mage, the tasks would be 
different.  Perhaps that's the idea:  a whole lot of different approaches 
within one product.

Well, here we go.


At the start, follow instructions exactly in the "tutorial" section and read 
carefully all the explanations you are given.  

You are taken out of gaol and sent to the Census and Excise, where you will be 
officially freed and given a chance to choose your race, class, birthsign and 
to try to improve your looks - all according to your preferences.  You will 
also receive instructions and a package.  Turn to your left and go through the 
door.  Explore the two rooms here and pick up anything worth selling:  don't 
ever attempt to pick up anything anywhere else when there is someone present, 
nor should you go into combat mode when innocents are around, otherwise 
everyone turns on you.

Find the door out.  As you cross a courtyard to the next door you are told to 
look in the barrel and find a ring.

Though that door you will see Eargoth.  Talk to him and you find he has lost a 
ring; if you give him the one from the barrel you get brownie points, but it's 
up to you.

Roughly behind him you will see Arille's Tradehouse.  Go in, talk to Arille, 
pick Barter and unload all the loot you collected (keeping anything you might 
be needing) and buy a decent weapon and whatever armour you can afford; keep 
some money, though, you will need it.  When you are ready, you can go upstairs 
and talk to everyone - somebody here will offer you a job which you can refuse 
or accept, again it's up to you.

You can now leave:  you can also knock at every door, talk to everyone, go 
visit the Lighthouse and nick a lantern, whatever.  I'll stick to the main 

With your back to the Tradehouse as you come out, turn left and cross the 
bridge, go to the signposts, look at them and follow the path to your right.  
You will see some stairs going up on your right, which take you to the stilt 
strider.  Engage Harvame in conversation, choose Travel and then Balmora.


If you go downstairs you will find in front of you the Council Club.  Go in, 
make some enquiries and as you come out, turn to your left and keep going, 
over a bridge, till you come to the South Wall Cornerclub, which is exactly E 
of the spot at which you arrived in Balmora.  Go in, up the stairs, talk to 
Bacola Closcius and he will tell you where the guy you are looking for (Caius 
Cosades) is and how to find him.  So go out the main door, up the stairs on 
your right, turn left at the top and walk to the end.  The house you are 
looking for is in front of you, to the right.

Caius tells you to get trained and to join a guild.  Find the Blades and talk 
to them.  They will give you things to sell and they can also train you 
cheaply when you are ready.  Then go to the guild of your choice (in my case, 
the Fighters Guild) and read their charter before you sign up.  You will be 
given simple tasks to do, so do them.  Find Thelas's house, talk to her (she 
gave me a key), kill the rat in her bedroom, leave, go upstairs to her 
warehouse, kill two rats, go back to her and get a reward, then back to the 
Guild for advancement and another task.

To get to the mine, go S from the Guild following the river.  When you get to 
the hanging bridge, turn your back on it and follow the path until you get to 
the mine.  Keep right and enter the queen's hive - kill the beasties along the 
way and collect what you can off them for later sale.  In this new section you 
will meet Othan and Valas, kill them and collect what they are carrying.  Back 
to the Guild for promotion and another task.

This time you have to get four guys out at Caldera.  Visit the Mage Guild next 
door and find a lady who will transport you there.  Once in Caldera, ask for 
directions to the ebony mine.  Leave by the W gate, follow the path around to 
the S and you will soon find the first of the Telvanni.  Enter the Cavern 
nearby and you'll find the other three.  Having killed them all you can go 
back to Balmora.

You get your reward (try for advancement) and you are sent to Sottilde in the 
South Wall.  Talk to her, use Persuade and bribe her - the code book cost me 
1000 bucks!  Take the code book back to the Guild.

Guess what?  You've got another job.  Suras is the place you want, SE of 
Balmora, you can walk there or take the strider to Vivec and then to Suras.  
Once you get there, you have to ask around to find Helaviane Desele at her 
place.  Stop first at the Apothecary and buy Telvanni Bug Musk, which 
supposedly makes you irresistible.

Go to Desele, but before you face her use the Musk where no-one can see you 
and quickly talk to her about the debt - this time you get away with a bribe 
of 100 gp, which you will get back when you get to Balmora and the Fighters 

Don't forget to ask for advancement when you get there, then go for another 

This time you have to bring to justice one Dura gra-Bol, only nobody will tell 
you where he is.  To save on shoe leather, I will disclose that he lives on 
the E side of the river, in the southernmost house by the shore.  Just go in, 
up the stairs, kill him.  Then loot the house.  When you get back to the Guild 
you'll find there are no more duties for you but that you could go to one of 
three other places to get more tasks and advancement.

Let's go instead to see our old friend Caius to see if he has any orders... 
which indeed he has.  So, back to the Fighters Guild, go downstairs, talk to 
Antabolis and he asks a favour.  Get all the information you need and go for 

Follow the instructions correctly and you'll find that while crossing the 
bridge  an individual called Snowy Grenius attacks you for no reason I could 
fathom.  Since he is summoning skeletons, go for him first and let the 
skeleton fend for himself.  You will also be attacked by flying creatures.  
When that's over, carry on over the bridge, follow the path SE and you will 
see a semicircular crank.  Use it.  Move forward to the spherical door, just 
opening, and go in.  Go forward and down the ramp all the way ignoring the 
tunnel opening (you get attacked by someone called Ruuz at the very bottom of 
the ramp), look to your right and clamber up the boulders, go left through the 
door, fight Boss Crito and, on the shelves to your left you will find the 
puzzle box.  You can leave now the way you came or explore the rest of the 
area if you want.

Take the box to Antabolis and he will give you some info and some papers for 
Caius (look at them).  Take the opportunity of using one of the beds in the 
Guild and you'll have a strange dream.  Take the papers to Caius and he 
promptly sends you to the Mage Guild in search of somebody.  When you are 
almost there you should be met by someone called Llandras Belaal who will 
address you and say strange things.  

When you get to the Mage guild, go downstairs and find Sharn.  She wants a 
skull and will give you precise directions on how to find the tomb.  Leave 
town over the double bridge going E and follow her instructions precisely.  
There is nothing to it - use the magic weapon she gave you to dispose of the 
undead and find the skull.  Take it back to her and she will give you more 
papers for Caius (look at them).

Go to Caius, read the book on the floor but don't take it.  Give him the 
papers, you get promoted; ask for orders and you will be sent to Vivec to see 
three people.  So go to the stilt strider and cough up.


Go SW and over the bridge to the Foreign Quarter.  If you turn to the right 
you'll find a gondolier who can take you places (and tell you all about them) 
but you might like to take a little time to go all the way to the top of the 
pyramid (canton) and enter the Foreign Quarter Plaza where the Fighters and 
Mages Guild are.  You could go into the Fighters Guild, find Lorbumol and ask 
for new orders.  It's easy enough to find the guy he wants, who will give you 
what you are after quickly enough.  Back to the Guild.

By the way, all the cantons are the same.  Get used to the system of ramps 
which get you all the way up to the Plazas and all the way down to the 
gondolier level.  You will need to move quickly later on.

While you are in this canton, you might as well find Huleyaa for Caius.  She 
is in the Cornerclub in the Lower Waistwork level, on the upper floor, to the 
E.  She wants to go with you to Jobasha's book shop (also at Lower Waistwork), 
so talk to the guys around, click on "lizard", bribe them 100 gp, and click on 
"lizard" again.  When you've bribed all three of them talk to Huleyaa and tell 
him you can travel together.  Take him to Jobasha's.  Ask your questions and 
you will get papers for Caius (read them).

When you've done here, get down to the gondolier.  You can do this in any 
order you like, but first I got the Fighters Guild job out of the way - so go 
for it and come back to get advancement and when you get your orders, you'll 
find the next job will have to wait.

On to the other guys you have to find, so let's go to the Temple.  Head for 
the Halls of Wisdom and go to the Library.  Talk to Milo, do as he says.  You 
need to find a book.

Next, St. Olms.  Get down to the lowest level to find Addhiranirr - she won't 
talk to you until you get rid of the Customs and Excise man, so go up and 
start talking to people until you meet him.  Lie to him to get him off the 
canton and then go back to Addhiranirr to get the info you need.

Now go to Jobasha's and buy from him The Progress of Truth, and you can go 
back to Caius.  He needs time to think so go to Ald'ruhn via the stilt strider 
and visit the Rat in the Pot, talk to Tongue-Toad and let him leave town.  Go 
back to the Guild at Vivec and get advancement and more orders.

This time, go to St. Olms and find Dro'Bakhar by asking people.  When you find 
him, kill him and get back to the Guild at the Foreign Quarter.  Yet another 

You have to find Lirielle Stoine at The Rat in the Pot, in Ald'ruhn.  Visit 
her and she'll give you a sob story - she doesn't seem to have the money, so 
search for a mine called Mallapi following her instructions.  In one of the 
side shafts you will find Ruran "Stoine dead" and underwater.  Search him and 
you'll find no money.  Go back the Guild; I wanted to explain matters to 
Lorbumol, but he just wanted the money.  I forked it out of my own pocket and 
got half back again.  Anything for a bit of peace.  

Of course, you get another job.  By this time I was thoroughly fed up running 
boring errands so I went back to Balmora to see Caius.  He was now ready to 
send me to Ald'ruhn after someone called Zainsubani.  Get yourself over there, 
ask around about this guy and talk to him clicking, as usual, on all the blue 
words.  He will give you some notes, read them.

While you are here you can talk to Lirielle, if you want, and visit the 
Fighters Guild for another task you can perform (or not) when you are good and 

Bet back to Balmora and to Caius.  The conversation you have with him is more 
enlightening and perhaps we are, at long last, getting somewhere.


Go first to the Fort (exit S, over the double bridge, go SE), as suggested by 
Caius and collect your supplies; just go inside the Fort and find the guys he 
mentioned.  You might want to do a bit of bartering as well.  

Back to the strider at Balmora and follow Caius instructions to get to Maar 
Gan via Ald'ruhn.

Go visit the Outpost (large building to the W of town) and find Nuleno Tedas 
behind a wooden door.  Ask directions to the Camp and pay attention to what 
she has to say.  You'll get there with a bit of help from the map.

At the Camp, talk to anybody and say that you fulfil the prophecies.  You will 
be sent to Zabamund.  Say the same and then propose you fight to the death.  
He sends you to the yurt next door.  Talk to Sul-Matuul inside, repeat your 
story and go for the initiation rite.  Wouldn't you know it, you have to go 
and fetch a bow.  Ask for instructions as to how to get to the Burial 

Getting the Bonebiter Bow

Follow the instructions.  The door is S of the beach on which you saw the pile 
of stones (cairn), in the corner of the mountainous "V" you will see in the 
World map.  You will meet a rat and two skeleton champions which, by the way, 
carry valuable claymores.  Be careful now:  after the second skeleton continue 
on but tread with care before you come to the water.  Save.

You'll see a door in front of you surrounded by water and rocks.  Don't try to 
jump to it frontwise - climb carefully one of the side mounds and then jump.

Once through you will have to jump from rock to rock (obligatory in RPGs, it 
would seem) till you come to a spot where you will see a solitary round rock 
to your left and other rocks in front of you.  Continue ahead and jump to the 
last, to an unfortunate adventurer, and loot him.  To your right there is a 
kind of fountain with two urns. If you get behind it you can jump to another 
sort of fountain with mummies which have goods on them; if you can't get the 
goods by jumping up and pressing the spacebar, cast levitation.  Try and empty 
the pockets of all the adventurers you'll find dead in this area since you 
will need the lockpicks some of them carry.

Back to the solitary rock, get over it and into another door.  Keep to your 
left and climb the path to yet another door.  You go from the Karma Burial to 
the Astral and to Laterus.  Here keep left and find the narrow paths that go 
from door to door - you needn't enter the various chambers unless you want to, 
but the one you want is to Juno Burial and is the last that can be reached 
following the narrow stone paths, past a waterfall.  In Juno, go to the last 
chamber to the SE to beat up Wraith Sul-Benipul and get the Bonebiter Bow.  

Back to Sul-Matuul, who lets you keep the bow and sends you to the Wise Woman. 
 Get all the info she has to impart and at the end you'll know that you have 
to get the lost prophecies from the dissident priests at the Temple.

First you have to report to Caius, who will find out about the dissident 
priests.  In the meantime he sends you on a dangerous mission to Fort 
Buckmoth.  Find out where it is.

Go there, go to the Fort and speak to Raesa.  She will give you the 
information you need.  Get yourself to Gnaar Mok, talk to anybody and ask 
about the cave Ilumibi.  Just head N, it's easy to find.  Once in, it's just a 
matter of exploring around (don't kill the Dreamers, they don't bother you) 
and finding Dagoth Gares.  He speaks honeyed words to you.  The Sleeper is 
about to Awaken.  Kill him and search his body.  You'll find a really nice 
message.  Of course, you now have the dreaded disease.

The Cure

Get back to Caius.  He will tell you how to get cured.  Follow his 
instructions to get to Sadrith Mora (but first make sure you have a couple of 
levitation potions; if not, buy them).  Find the Wolverine Hall and the 
Fighters Guild (two floors down from the Mages Guild) and talk to Sondryn to 
get directions to Tel Fyr.  Swim, waterwalk or levitate from island to island 
to get there and enter the Tower through the small round door.  Save.  Find 
the corridor up, through the door and walk around looking up till you see a 
hole in the ceiling.  Use a levitation potion and go meet Divayth Fyr.  Give 
him the object Caius gave you as a gift.  Once you've talked to him, go down 
the hole, through the door, down the corridor and find the next corridor down 
- go through the door and talk to the Warden.  Go in and keep left.  You must 
avoid the inmates and not kill them.  I was still under the influence of 
levitation so I found it easy to get out of their way.

As I say, if you keep left you will find a door; keep left from here and you 
will soon get to Yagrum.  Talk to him and get the boots.  Back to Divayth.  At 
first he did not acknowledge that I had the boots on me, so I had to look into 
my inventory and click on them.  A right click to get out of the inventory and 
this time Divayth asked for the boots first.  Drink the potion there and then. 
 You are cured.

The lost prophecies

Back to Caius the way you came.  At this point, he will tell you he has been 
recalled.  Listen to everything he has to say and then get your new orders.  
You also get all his neat stuff.

Look at your skill points; you need a Security level 20.  So go now to the 
South Wall Corner Club, find Chirranirr and buy the skill points you need.  
You might like to sleep at Caius house before you go.  Get to the strider and 
go to the Temple.  Use the boat to Hlaalu and again to the Temple.  Enter the 
Halls of Wisdom and talk to people to find where Mehra is.  When you come to 
her door, make sure no-one is around.  Equip a lockpick as your weapon and 
press F as if you were going to fight.  You should be able to open the door 
without any problem.  Inside, get the two levitate potions and the note to 
"Amaya" from the chest of drawers.  Read it.

Well, it so happens I was already carrying 4 Divine Intervention scrolls, but 
if you don't have them you'll have to follow the instructions on the note and 
get them.  

Levitate to the Ministry of Truth over the High Fane.  Talk to Alvela and get 
the key.  Don't enter through the door next to her but go to the one further 
away.  Save before you enter.  You must not kill anyone, even if you receive 
the odd blow.  You can try an invisibility potion, if you have it, but it 
doesn't last long.  Just be quick and dodge.  Arm yourself with a lockpick, go 
through and pick the lock of the door straight in front.  Dodge down the 
stairs and get to the far cell to the right.  Pick the lock and talk to Mehra. 
 You automatically give her one of the Divine Intervention spells.  

Use one of these spells yourself (it's best to press F1 and place the scroll 
in one of the boxes, then press its number) and you'll find yourself in 
Ebonheart.  Walk E till you get to the docks.  Go to the boat on the left, 
talk to Hateria and desire to go fishing.  Travel.  When you get there speak 
to Aryon.  Do as he says and, at the blank entrance rest till dusk or dawn (6 
p.m. or 6 a.m.) when it opens up.

Talk to Barelo and get a load of info plus some documents.  These you must 
take back to the Wise Woman at the Camp, as agreed.  Do so and she will tell 
you to go away while she thinks about it.  Great.  It's not as though the Camp 
was easy to reach, either...  I went for a saunter around, but I don't see why 
one couldn't sleep and then talk to the Wise Woman.

When you do she will tell you much and send you to Sul for a test.  He will 
give you chapter and verse on what you have to do.  

So follow his instructions and get over there.  In one of the round huts at 
the entrance you will find the cup you are looking for.  Once in the main 
building, you'll soon find the corprus source; work your way downwards 
whenever you can till you hit first the waterway and then, going S here, the 
lava.  Keep right and look for a door to Bleeding Heart.  The shield you seek 
is here.  Now it's just a matter of getting back to the Camp.

After you talk to Sul speak to anyone outside his yurt for directions and 
explanations of the riddle.  Talk also to the Wise Woman and the whole thing 
will make a little more sense.  If you have a Mark spell and a potion of 
recall you can cast it here and when you want to return, you just drink the 

The Third Trial

It would appear the easiest way to get to the Cave is N and E along the coast, 
then S past Zergonipal (look at the map to see the long, straight, narrow 
valley).  Just follow the long valley along till you get to the Cave.  Press 
"T" and rest till 6 p.m. or 6 a.m.  Go in, get the ring and after the little 
speech talk to everyone who appears.

Back to the Wise Woman, who will give you the fourth trial.  Find out as much 
as you can about it.

The Fourth Trial

First, walk to Maar Gan and take the strider to Ald'ruhn and then to Balmora. 
 Visit the Hlaalu Council Manor, talk to Nileno, bribe her and find out more - 
you get a yellow book with the details you need.  Look at it.

I'm sure you have some bartering and other things to do in Balmora, so I'll 
leave you to it.  If you sleep in Caius bed, you will be attacked by a 

There is a little problem here:  before you move on you need a Security level 
of 50, but this level is limited by your Intelligence.  Get trained as far as 
you can and then you can use a scroll of Open (or an amulet or whatever) on 
the spot to get up to 50.  Make sure you have/buy such a spell.  

When you are ready, travel to Ald'ruhn.  If you go to the Council Club and 
talk to Bralas you'll find out that the Redoran Council House is in the Skar 
(the huge mushroom shaped building on your map).  Go there, talk to Neminda 
about the Redoran councillors - you get a red book, look at it.  

First we'll go to Sarethi Manor.  Find him and talk to him.  Get all the 
information you can about the other councillors and then about being an 
Hortator.  Tell him your story and he'll ask you to rescue his son.  Let's go!

Enter the Venim Manor, go to the Right Wing, down the stairs and read the note 
on the bench.  The boy is being held in a room behind the tapestry on your 
right (or in front of you, depending which way you are facing).  Get behind 
the tapestry and equip a lockpick:  cast an Open spell, if necessary, to open 
the door.  Once inside, equip your usual weapon.  Talk to the boy and get him 
to follow you.  Save.  Outside the room you will have to fight two guards - 
make sure the boy doesn't get hurt.  Go upstairs and through the door.  Fight 
another lot of guards and, again, protect the boy.  Now you can go up the 
stairs and out.  Go to Sarethi (you'll have to practically walk past him so 
that his son is near enough to him to be acknowledged).  Talk to Sarethi and 
ask him about being an Hortator.  You get useful information.

Leaving Venim for the last, it's just a matter of going to each manor house, 
asking directions to the guy you are after and mentioning to him the Hortator 
business.  All will support you.  One of them is in the Council House.  
Finally, visit Venim and you'll be challenged to a duel, so off you go to 
Vivec's Arena travelling there by strider to Balmora, then Vivec, then gondola 
to the Arena.  Find the pit and Venim will attack you immediately.  You have 
no choice but to kill him (check out what he's carrying!).  Back to Sarethi to 
be made Hortator.

Might as well go back to Vivec and deal with the other lot.  Read the yellow 
book to see where everyone is and go to Curio first, as advised.  You'll find 
him in the Hlaalu Plaza, in his mansion.  He is a very strange fellow.  Give 
him a kiss when he asks, it's simpler.  Accept his little suggestion, you'll 
get a lot of info on how to go about things.

Go to the Temple and from there walk to St. Olms.  Go to the Plaza and find 
Yngling in his manor.  Bribe him to get his vote.  Out on the Plaza, look 
around and find the Haunted Manor; I went in for a look-see (I *like* haunted 
places) and found Bram Dero by mistake.  You have, however, to pick a door 
lock level 50 to get to him.  I got his vote just for finding him.

It looks like we'll have to deal with Orvas Dren before anything else.  To get 
to him travel to Foreign Quarter, get on the mainland and walk all the way to 
Dren Plantation, using the map.  Find the Villa to meet Orvas and when you 
mention the word Hortator you will be given several options - choose the one 
about "protection from the Empire" and not only will Orvas vote for you but 
will also influence the remaining two.

You can walk from here to Suran and find the Ules Manor, you'll have no 
trouble from him.  Get back to Vivec and travel to Telvanni.  When you get 
there ask the gondolier about Velanda Omani and he'll tell you to cross the 
bridge to the mainland.  Look at the map and find the path going S, over a 
wooden bridge, to the Omani Manor.  Again, you'll have no trouble with the 

Get back to Curio and he will make you a Hortator.

And now for the next House.  We need to get to Sadrith Mora, so take the 
strider and go to Balmora, then to the Mage Guild and to the guide.  You'll 
wind up in the Mages Guild at Wolverine Hall.  Get out if you can and get to 
the village.

This was a most frustrating search.  Make sure you have levitation potions.  
First find the Gateway Inn and buy Hospitality Papers from Andarghel.  Leave 
and find the Council House NE of harbour (if you look at the map, it's a dark 
dome).  In there, talk to Raven and you will get a brown book.  Peruse it.  
Now get to the harbour through the Gateway Inn and take a boat, first to Tel 
Mora and then to Vos.  Head for the NW of town, where a large structure is Tel 
Vos, Aryon's home.  If you were to inquire inside (Ra'Kothre) you'll be told 
to levitate up from the outside and find a S facing door.  Let's do just that. 
 Go up some stairs and talk to Aryon as usual.

Now for Neloth in Tel Naga.  Back to the main island and opposite the Gateway 
Inn you will see a large structure.  That's Tel Naga, go in and levitate first 
to a door opposite the entrance and then right to the top of the tower (look 
for a hole in the ceiling).  Neloth will give you his vote to get rid of you.

Next Dratha at Tel Mora.  Grab a boat to get there.  From outside, levitate to 
the upper tower and go up some more to talk to Dratha.  When given the 
options, plead.  She takes pity and gives you her vote.

Let me consult my list:  ah, yes.  The next one is Therana at Tel Branora.  
Get back to Sadrith Mora and there take another boat to your destination.  You 
can't miss the tower, just look at the map.  Again, don't mess about and 
levitate from the outside to the upper tower, up some more and enter Therana's 
chamber.  Listen politely a couple of times but then tell your story.  Been 
there, done that, got the vote.

Go back to the main island, Tel Mora and then Tel Aruhn, we are going to visit 
Gothren.  Once more, levitate to the upper tower and find Gothren.  Talk to 
him but you'll get no joy; you'll have to kill him and his guards.

Grab a boat to Vos and visit Aryon, who will make you a Hortator.  Now you 
have to go all the way to the Wise Woman hut.  Get a boat to Tel Aruhn, then 
Dragon Fel then Khuul.  This leaves us quite handy for the Camp, just follow 
the coast swimming around headlands if necessary.

Visit the Wise Woman and our old pal Sul and get all the information you can 
from them both.  Make sure Sul names you Nerevarine and hands the Teeth of 
Thingie to you.

The Fifth Trial

It would seem a good idea to travel to Vos since two of the camps are near 
there.  Back to Khuul, get a boat.  From Vos it's easy enough to get to the 
Ahemmusa camp; find the Wise Woman hut, talk to her and you find she is 
indignant you hadn't talked to some people first.  Sigh!  Find the semicircle 
of tents and speak to each of these personages in two tents, using the word 
Nerevarine as an introduction.  Back to the Wise Woman, she has a job for you.

You can go straight N to Ald, swimming and walking or levitating.  Once you 
get there you will notice that there are fights going on all around you.  
Don't start laying about you; wait to see if you are attacked, fight back; but 
the guys in the blue frocks, the golden saints and the warlocks are your 
enemies.  Spare if you can the guys in yellow, indeed, if you see them 
attacked by the people I mention, defend them taking care not to hurt them.  
Of course, you could just kill everyone - but the better option would be to 
see Indavel at the Antechamber and plead the Ahemmusa cause:  if you are 
charming enough, she will undertake to protect them.  First make sure there is 
no-one nasty left around, then you have to get the Wise Woman and bring her 
here.  That should be fun.

After you get back to her and have spoken to her, ask her to accompany you.  
Walk, rather than run, and keep looking behind to see if she is still with 
you.  Take her along easy paths or she'll get stuck half-way up a slope.  Save 
often.  The water is not a problem since she seems to be able to walk on it.  
Take her all the way to the Inner Shrine and, at the statue in the centre, 
talk to her and she will name you Nerevarine.

Now for the next camp.  Zineb is SW of Vos, and you can get half the way there 
on foot and then walk the other half.  Sorry, my little joke.  Find the 
Ashkhan's hut and he will send you off to kill a vampire.  Follow his 
instructions to get there.  The tomb is about the same distance from the ruins 
as the camp.  If you look at the local map when you get N and slightly W of 
the ruins you should see a round hill with a path leading to the W slope.  Go 
in and kill the vampire.

When you get back to the Ashkhan he'll tell you to get him a gift.  Get 
counsel from the Wise Woman and do as she says.  Travel to Vos and get a boat 
to Tel Aruhn, then find Savile Imayn, NW of the Tower by the Underground 
entrance, talk to her.  OK, take the boat to Tel Mora and find the Outfitter 
to the S of the Tower.  Buy the necessaries from Elegnan; take the opportunity 
of buying Telvanni Bug Musk from the apothecary here (you'll be asked for it 
later), take the boat back to Tel Aruhn and go to Savile.  Buy the slave and 
you will get a key so that you can open the cage right next door to Savile.  
You give all the stuff to the slave.  Here comes another boring trip back to 
the Zineb camp.  Take the boat to Vos (making sure you are closely followed) 
and take the girl to the Ashkhan.  Right, that's that.  He names you 

Back to Vos, take a boat to Sadrith Mora and then walk/swim to the mainland 
and to the Erabenimsum camp.  Go to the semicircle of yurts and speak to the 
Ashkhan.  You don't get much joy.  Out, speak to each of the inhabitants of 
the semicircle to find out who are the bad guys, i.e., the ones who are curt 
with you.  Go and speak to the Wise Woman, get her counsel and speak of the 
prophecies.  Now go and take out the Ashkhan (grab his Axe), Ahaz (take the 
Heart), Ranabi (get his Robe) and Ashu.  Go back to the Wise Woman and ask her 
counsel again.  Go to Han-Annum and speak to him:  give him these three items 
and he will name you Nerevarine.  Visit the Wise Woman again and she will give 
you a token.

Back to Nibani.  Mention the "Fifth Trial" and she will tell you what to do 


You have to go Vivec, so go to Khuul and boat yourself there, go to the Temple 
and go up the stairs to question Danso Indules about the Archdeacon.  She 
tells you how you can reach him.  Go to the East Chapel of High Fane and then 
to the Canalside Level.  Mind you don't tread on anyone's toes around here.  
Find the locked door, use a lockpick, pay the fine and then go in to talk to 
Saryoni.   He gives you two keys which will give you access to Vivec.  Walk to 
the Palace from the Temple, upstairs, open door, get yourself comfortable and 
talk to Vivec - he has an awful lot to say.  He will give you an armlet called 
Wraithguard; ask him about it.  Once you have all the information and he has 
given you his Cunning Plan, you can say goodbye and look at the documents in 
this room.  Leave and go to the strider, going to Ald'ruhn.  Get to Ghostgate 
and rest if you want or do anything else you need to do there, then get 
through the gates using the switches.  

Use the map to guide yourself to Odrosal, find the entrance to the Training 
Academy.  Find Odros and kill him, search him and get a key.  Go up a ladder 
and get the Keening blade.

Now go to Vemynal, find the Outer Fortress door in the SE, keep going left to 
the Hall of Torque:  in the centre you will find Vemyn, kill him and get the 
Sunder hammer he is carrying.

Go to Dragoth Ur and you will find one of those spherical entrances.  Go to 
your left:  if you look at the map you will see an elongated structure.  The 
lever you have to turn is in the middle of it.  Equip Sunder.  Go into the 
Outer Facility, down to the Lower Facility and eventually you will meet with 
Dagoth; talk to him then kill him.  Well, of course you can't, but knocking 
him out will for some reason open a door to your left.

Go through and don't hang around but run along the narrow path around the big 
statue called Akulakhan.  This path leads to a bridge which, in turn, leads to 
the Heart.  Hit it once with Sunder then equip Keening and give it a couple of 
blows.  If this doesn't work, keep on hitting the Heart with Keening until the 
enchanment disappears and Dagoth, who has followed and is intent on murdering 
you, will be left vulnerable and you can dispatch him quite easily.

Again, don't hang around and run up the path, because Akulakhan starts 
collapsing.  When you get to the spherical door, look for the crank, which is 
right in front of it, on the edge of the rock.  When you leave this room and 
make for the other door Azure will appear to you and pat you on the back.

That's it.  You remain in the game so that you can go on and do whatever else 
you fancy, but it is actually over.



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