11111  11111                     hh   hh
11 111 11 111                     hh   hh   OOOO    U    U  RRRR
   111    111  tttttttt hh hh     hhhhhhh  O    O   U    U  R  R
   111    111  tt tt tt hh hh     hhhhhhh O      O  U    U  RRR 
   111    111     tt    hhhhh     hh   hh O      O  U    U  R  R
   111    111     tt    hh hh     hh   hh  O    O   U    U  R   R
  11111  11111    tt    hh hh     hh   hh   OOOO     UUUU   R    R

                     -= FAQ Version 1.1 =-

Author: NemesisEra
Email: NemesisEra@watchmail.com
Disclaimer: I did this work to help people. By reading this you have agreed to 
the following:
- You will not sell this document for profit.
- You will not put it up on another webpage without permission.
- You will not modify the document in anyway shape or form.
- If I give you permission to put my Guide on a Website you will give proper 
Credits: 11th hour Strategy Guide

Now that we got that happy horse crap out of the way lets introduce you to the 

I. I N T R O D U C T I O N  T O  1 1 T H  H O U R
   a) Storyline
   b) System Requirements
   c) Icons
   d) Gamebook Info
   a) Item Solves
   b) Puzzle Solves/Hints

                     INTRODUCTION TO 11TH HOUR
If you already know about 11th hour: all the basic functions, the storyline, 
system req. ETC. Then skip this Section.

In upstate New York lies Harley on the Hudson, a little town where supernatural 
things have said to happened. A strangely quiet place where, amidst the misery 
of Great Depression, an enigmatic drifter named Henry Stauf built a toy making 

Little is known of the mysteriou genius Henry Stauf, only that he crafted 
incredible toys for his dreams. It was said, "A Stauf toy is a toy for life," 
and, quickly, Stauf's toys became among the most celebrated and sought after in 
all the world.

Stauf grew wealthy, and he built a manson for himself -- a bizarre estate 
fashioned from a dream. But then the deadly virus came--a virus only killing 
children--stealing their lives as they lay feverishly in bed clutching their 
Stauf toys. And suddenly, without explanation, Henry Stauf closed the doors of 
Stauf's Wonderworld Toys...forever.

Withdrawn and reclusive, Stauf confined himself to his mansion, hidden behind a 
veil of shadows, shrouded in secrets untold. For years the mansion stood silent, 
brooding, and nothing more was heard from Henry Stauf. Nothing..Until one 
evening Stauf invited six guests to spend the night, luring them with a promis 
to fulfill each person's most secret desire...

No one knows what took place within the walls of Stauf's Mansion that dark 
night. None of the guests were ever seen or heard from again. And Henry Stauf 
seemed to have vanished into the rooms, the corridors, the very air of his most 
sinister creation.

It is now 1995 and you, as Carl Denning Jr., are an investigative reporter for 
the television series "Case Unsolved." Robin Morales, your producer, and 
erstwhile lover has mysteriously vanished while gathering bacground information 
surrounding the series of grisly murders and disappearances in the otherwise 
quiet little town of Harley on the Hudson. Your only solid lead is a portable 
computer called the GameBook which was delivered to you -- postmarked Harley, 
NY. Perhaps it was sent by Robin. Perhaps it is the evil handiwork of Stauf 
himself, updating his craft to meet the demands of the '90s. 

You decide to drive to Harley that very night, going directly to the Stauf 
mansion to track down Robin. You discover nothing at first, other than a 
decaying, abandon interior filled with the artifacts of a past era. Along the 
way, you not only stumble across some unsavory and horrifying clues, but you may 
find out even more than you could ever imagine--much more! 

When you've gathered all the necessary facts, and have solved the many mysteries 
and puzzles within the weathered walls of Stauf's mansion, you will have to make 
yet one more difficult choice. It is the choice that you have to live with for 
the rest of your life, however long that may be.....


80486DX2 66 Mhz Processor or Faster
8MB of Ram
Local Bus Video
CDROM Drive with 300K (2x) per second tranfer rate
Sound card with PCM sound
Hard drive with 4MB of free space
MSCDEX version 2.2 or higher
DOS 5.0 or higher, or Windows 95

Pentium 60 or higher
8MB of Ram
16-bit General Midi compatible sound card
2MB PCI Video Card
CDROM with 300k per second transfer rate or higher


Beeper Icon = indicates when you should access your Gamebook for information. 
Either a new video will appear, or Stauf himself will talk to you.
(Red dot, with a Red Circle around it, flashing)

Stylus Hands = acts as the cursors to access and use the Gamebook. Inactivate 
keys or hotspots are indicated by the empty hand.
(Skeleton Hand with a key -or- Skeleton Hand without a key)

Beckoning Hands = for forward, right and left allow you to move to a new 
location or turn up to 360 degrees within the environment. Holding down the 
button increases the speed of movement.
(Skeleton hand with finger moving to the left -or- Skeleton hand with finger 
moving to the right 
-or- skeleton hand with finger moving forward)

Wagging Hand = Means that no action may be preformed, or access denied
(Skeleton hand with finger signaling no)

Grabbing Hand = allows you to select a certain objects within the house
(Skeleton hand with an impulse to grab)

Throbbing Brain = indicates the presence of active puzzles or games
(Skull with a brain throbbing)

Rolling Eyeball = allows you to select puzzle or game pieces for movement.

Pulsing Eyeball = appears during a puzzle, and informs you that there is more 
than one possible move in the puzzle.

The Gamebook

Accessing the gamebook = In order to access the Gamebook, move the cursor to the 
top of the screen until you see the Stylus icon. Click the selection button and 
the gamebook will appear. 
the following elements are part of the gamebook's controls.

Display Screen = Enables you to see the clues to the Treasure Hunts in the text 
from as well as the playback of dramatic events. Clicking upon this screen 
allows you to play video or close the Gamebook and return the the 11th hour 

Help = Hints are available via this button. Your psychic ally will offer helful 
insights on how to solve the current Teasure Hunt clue or logic puzzle. When 
playing against Stauf, she will make the best possible move.

Map = Accesses blueprints of the house showing the 3 states for each room or 
area. These states are: 1. Blank - No puzzles available or solved. 2. Lined - 
Puzzles available but unsolved. 3. Filled - Solved puzzle. The room is open for 

Save = Saves your current session in a selectable position and allows you to 
name the saved progress file using your keyboard or the Gamebooks alphanumeric 

Load = Loads in a previously saved session.

Close = Returns you to the house view.

Power = Closes and exits 11th Hour.

Alpha Numeric Keyboard = Faciltates the entry of detailed names for saved 
progress files.

Video Control Buttons = Allows the playback of dramatic events and the cycling 
of hints or map screens.


Item Solves

7 PM
Tonic Water            Library            Robin in Coffee Shop
Cork                   Dutton's Room      Cork Animation; Robin and Eileen
Satyr                  Picture Gallery    Marie in Motel Office
Globe                  Library            Globe Animation; Robin/blood on rocks
Tablet                 Laboratory         Bloody face on ground
Robin (bird)           Foyer              Robin in painting

8 PM
Desk                   Library            Desk animation
Torso                  Picture Gallery    Robin meets Marie
Liquor                 Dutton's Room      Cork animation
Irish Setter           Game Room          Robin Interviews Doc Thorton
Grandfather Clock      Foyer              Pendulum; Denning & Gosh Eileen
Straight Razor         Bathroom           Razor; Chuck/Marie at Dam
Orange                 Dining Room        Morphing Image
Nightmare              Knox's Room        Robin runs into Jim
Great Dane             Library            Library scene

9 PM
Television             Dutton's Room      Robin meets Samantha
Organ                  Chapel             Organ Plays
Ivory Tower            Attic              Denning meets ghostly Samantha
Torch                  Chapel             Sparks; Chuck drops off body
Grater                 Kitchen            Finger animation
Disc                   Laboratory         Disc Animation
Toothpaste             Bathroom           Toothpaste creature
Guillotine             Temple's Room      Guillotine animation; Eileen and the 
Gardenia               2nd Floor Hall     Denning walking up the hallway
Rose                   Burden's Room      Petal Falls; Denning meets Burden
Earring                Heine's Room       Ear animation

10 PM
Harp                   Music Room         Harp strings
Nutcracker             Hallway            Nutcracker; Marie pacing room
Eyeball                Game Room          Eyeball rolls
Blade                  Temple's Room      Chuck stalks sleeping figure
Locomotive             Attic              Train animation
Sheets                 Burden's Room      Chuck pulled into house
Cleaver                Kitchen            Soup Video

11 PM
Lion                   Hallway            Cougar attacks Robin
Port                   Knox's Room        Knox speaks
Rattle                 Nursery            Rattle; Robin in Nursery
XI                     Foyer              Robin on Samantha's monitor 
Inkstand               Library            Pen writes message

Puzzle Solves

Puzzle #1 - Book Checkers - Library
- Put all green books on the right shelf and all the red books on the left
- Put all red books on the right shelf and all the green books on the left
- You can move adjacent only
- It must be done in only four moves

Puzzle #2 - Cash Register - Dutton's Room
Press the first 5 keys on the top row from the left
Press the first three keys on the lower row from the left

Puzzle #3 - Knights - Foyer
Picture Guide:
| 1 |
|___|___ ___ ___ 
| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
| 6 | 7 | 8 |
| 9 | 10|

'-' represents "to"

1 - 4 - 10 - 2 - 8
7 - 1 - 4 - 10 - 2
5 - 7 - 1 - 4 - 10
6 - 4 - 1 - 7 - 5
10 - 4 - 1 - 7
2 - 10 - 4 - 1
5 - 7 - 1 - 4 - 10
6 - 4 - 1 - 7 - 5
10 - 4 - 1 - 7
2 - 10 - 4 - 1
8 - 2 - 10 - 4 - 6
1 - 4 - 10 - 2
7 - 1 - 4 - 10
6 - 4 - 1 - 7
10 - 4 - 1
2 - 10 - 4 - 6

Puzzle #4 - Rat Maze - Laboratory
- You're playing against Stauf
- Build a path for the mouse to find the orange hole
- Placeing a maze piece causes the other pieces in the row to slide over or a 
column to slide it up and down.

Puzzle #5 - Painting - Picture Gallery
- The object is to choose the last possible space
- You cant chose a space that is adjacent to a previously chosen space

Puzzle #6 - 8 ball Puzzle - Game Room
- Replace all of the nine white balls with the numbered balls in sequential 
- There are hidden lines of influence between the balls. Figure out what they 
are and you can solve this mystery.

Puzzle #7 - Spiders - Bathroom

     a               c   
d                         e 
f                      h

A -} E
C -} G -} A
H -} D -} C
F -} B -} H -} D -} C
E -} F -} B -} H
A -} E -} F
G -} A

Puzzle #8 - Sliding Mirror - Knox's Room
- By sliding the individual panes, restore the mirror to its orignal state.
- Use the desilvering sections of the mirror as clues to the solution.

Puzzle #9 - Griphon Puzzle - Chapel
- You're playing against Stauf.
- To win, you must be the first to create an unbroken path that touches all 
three sides of the triangular field.
- A corner hexagon counts as touching two sides at once.

Puzzle #10 - Railroad Switch - Attic
Click on the left switch, move the ltter A down and around until it ends up to 
the left of F.
Repeat the same with U and S
Move the T, then the S, the U, and the A to the bottom track
Move the F to the far right on the top track
Now move the A to the top track to the left of F, Move the U to the mid-point of 
the upper track, then move the S to the left of the U and the T to the left of 
the S
Move the A to the bottom track, followed by the T and the S. Move the U to the 
left side of the F. Move the S from the bottom track to the mid-point of the 
upper track. Move the T from the bottom track to the left side of the S. Move 
the A from the bottom track to the left side of the U. Move the To down and 
around so its on the left side of the A. Use the bottom track. Push the S to the 
right against the T on the top track.

Puzzle #11 - Star - Kitchen
Picture Guide:
      10    *1
  *9            2
   6       4

the Stars by the number represent where the points of the stairs should be.

8 -} 1 
6 -} 3
10 -} 5
4 -} 7
2 -} 9

Puzzle #12 - Dice Puzzle - Temple's Room
- Click one above the beginning dice
- Click the dice above the last one
- Click the next dice that is one up and one space to the right of the previous 
dice clicked
- Click on the dice one to the right and one down from the previous clicked Dice
- Next dice clicked should be the next one to the right of the previous clicked 
- The final move is the one right below
 __ __ __ __
|  |c |  |  |
|c |  |c |c |
|c |  |  |c |
|c |  |  |  |

C= Represents the ones that should have been clicked.

Puzzle #13 - Word Labyrinth - Burden's Room
Spell Unintentionally - Straightforward

Puzzle #14 - Necklace - Heine's Room
Picture Guide:

       6           2
       5           3
Swap 3 and 4
Swap 3 and 6
Swap 3 and 5
Turn 6 twice
Turn 5 twice
Turn 4 five times
Turn 3 three times
Turn 2 twice

Puzzle # 15 - Blood and Honey - Attic
- Youre playing against Stauf
- Try to end with more honey in the comb than blood
- Globules devide in two when moved to an adjacent cell.
- Honey absorbs adjacent cells filled with blood and vice versa

Puzzle #16 - Moving House - Music Room
 __ _______ __
|  |       |  |
|1 |   a   |2 |
|6 |7 |8  | 9 |
|4 |  3   | 5 |
|  |______|   |
|__|      |___|

3 Down, 7 Down/Right, 6 Right/Down, 4 Up, 3 Left, 7 Down, 6 Right, 4 Right
1 Down/Down, A Right, 8 Up/Up, 6 Up/Up, 7 Up/Up, 5 Right
9 Down/Down, 2 Down/Down, 8 Right, 6 Right, A Right, 1 Up/Up, 4 Left
7 Left/Down, A Down, 8 Right Right, 6 Up Left, 2 Up/Up, 9 Up/Up
5 Right, 7 Right/down, A Down, 8 Down Right, 1 Right, 4 Up/Up, A Left
9 Left/Down, 5 Up, 7 Right, 9 Down, A right, 4 Down Down, 1 Left, 6 Left
8 Right, 2 Right, 5 Up Up, A Right, 8 Down Down, 6 Down Down, 1 Right
4 Up Up, 8 Right Up, 3 Up, 9 Right Right, 7 Right Right, A Down
6 Right Right, 8 Right Right, 3 Up, 7 Up Right, A Right Down

Puzzle #17 - Trilobite - Dinning Room
- Youre playing against Stauf
- Get four of your bon bons in a row before Stauf does
- Drop a new bon bon onto a stack by selecting a vertical section of the 
- The bon bons can be connected vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
- Watch out for those diagonal connections. They can be hard to see.

Puzzle #18 - Switchboard - Doll Room
- Interchange the white bishops on one side with the black bishops on the other.
- You can move any piece in any order, but it must move along a straight line, 
and not land in line with a bishop of the opposite color.
- You can do it in 18 moves

Puzzle #19 - Pente - Doll House
- Get five of your pieces in a row, or capture five pairs of your opponent's 
pieces to win.
- Try not to let Stauf get four unchecked pieces in a row or else you lose the 


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