HINTS FOR BLUE ICE (by Psygnosis)


These hints will not give you the final solution to Blue Ice, but they will help you to solve some parts of the puzzle which are driving you mad. They will only help you if you have already mastered the basics of the game.




Top five handy hints










The Front of the House (first scene)


1. Put the sun on the large plant to the right of the screen, then water the flower with water in the bottle, then put the sun on again, then you get a blackberry. Use the hand to pick it. If you leave it a minute, you will get a fly, use the net to collect it. This fly goes in the spider’s web. When place the fly in the spider’s web, you will need to get the spider across to the fly by taking a maze-like path through. Basically click the hand on any join that does not have a water droplet on it. THIS SOLVES THE NATURE PUZZLE


2. Eventually you will be able to go into another ‘room’ above the chimney. This happens a fair way into the game.



The Pantry


1. Collect the onion for later use in Olly’s bathroom


2. Note the containers of salt and sugar. You use the salt cellar from the kitchen and fill it with either of these. If you want to empty the salt cellar, just click on it over the meat.



Mrs S’s Bedroom


1. Use the empty salt cellar from the kitchen to collect sleeping powder from the cup with the zzz’s on it. Put this in Mrs S’s glass in the library, along with some wine from the bottle below her in the library (place hand on wine bottle, when it turns into a fist, keeping your finger on the mouse button take it up to the glass, then release). This will allow you to go from the first garden room to the second.


2. L:ater in the game, you can eventually use the arrow to go in the wine glass (collect the icecube, put it in the beaker in the lab, and it will turn into one of the pieces of paper you need to solve the game)


3. You can go inside her mouth, by placing the hand near her mouth then using the arrow. Once inside her mouth collect the tooth from the lower right hand side, this will start the generator in Olly’s bathroom (which is through the music room).


The Kitchen


1. The bottle from the kitchen is essential, collect it by using the hand on the top of the bottle, then when the hand closes move it over to Mrs S and release. (Remember this technique as you will need it to milk the cow and at various other times of the game) You will now be able to pick up the bottle. You can fill it with different liquids throughout the game (eg: wine, milk, water, vinegar, lavender water) and empty it into either the pond or Olly’s bathroom.


2. Put milk into the butter urn which is hanging over the stove. Then use the knife to collect it and spread it on the toast.


3. To make blackberry jam, you need to collect three blackberry’s all at once. Once you have collected your first blackberry from the front of the house, take it to the library and place it in the mouse hole. Then use the hand to collect the mouse, put the mouse back in the hole. Go and get another blackberry and repeat the procedure. Then do the whole thing one more time. Once you’ve placed three blackberries in the hole, go in and collect them using the hand. Now put them in the saucepan and you’re on your way to making blackberry jam.



The Dining Room


1. The hints above on making toast, butter and blackberry jam will give you one part of the menu.


2. To make the Royal Yerba De Mate, you add the boiled water to the teapot, then put in the leaf, then put the hand on the handle to pour into the cup. Then add milk and sugar.


3. Making the cheese sauce is easy...get the cheese from the mouse hole add to the saucepan in kitchen, throw in milk and salt from the pantry.


4. Now you just need the eel. Get the fly from the kiss room (see below), put on the meat in the pantry, collect the maggot, get Olly to blow on it in the hall, feed it to the large fish in the pond, put the fish on the side of the pond, feed it to the eel, then cook the eel on the inside of the fireplace. (NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE SOLVED THE FOOD PART OF THE PUZZLE)



Pollyanna’s Bath


1. Collect the pig shaped sponge give it to Olly in the first garden. Use the empty bottle over the generator sign in Olly’s bathroom and it fills with oil. Take it to the lab, put in beaker, add coins from pond, let boil down to blue powder. Let boil until it turns into white powder. Collect with salt shaker, take to Pollyanna’s bathroom and release. The window should clear. Go to Olly’s bathroom, collect the love note and give it to Pollyanna in her bath.



Olly’s Bathroom


1. Collect an onion from the jar in the Pantry and feed it to Olly. Then go to his rear end with hand and you will collect a wind icon (pretty sick!!) This icon will play the instruments in the music room. You also need to use it to get the fire going in the drawing room (first place the hand on the bucket near the fire, then light it with the candle, then use the wind. The fire will toast the bread)

2. Make sure you collect the toothbrush, this is also a paint brush.


3. Use the hairnet from Mrs S’s bedroom (use the hand above her hair to get it), near the cactus to collect a fly.


The Music Room


1. Use the moon to cut a reed in the pond, this goes in the clarinet.


2. Get the mouse from the library hole, place on shelf in music room. Get butter on knife, put it on the trumpet. Use the wind to play the tuba, a cat pops out, quickly take the wind to the trumpet and play again, you should be able to catch the cat. Now pick up the cat with the hand and take it to the cello. Place it across where the strings you should be. (THANKS TO BONNIE IN CANADA SOLVED THIS PART OF THE PUZZLE FOR US)


The Lab


1. Put the fly from the bathroom into the pestle. Then pick up the red paint with the toothbrush...take it to the drawing room and you will have one of the colours you need. To get the yellow colour take the stick from the second garden, put it on the tree at the front of the house, you will get a nut which you put in the pestle. The third colour can be obtained using the leaf cut using the moon on the plant to the right of the second garden. (THIS SOLVES THE COLOUR PART OF THE PUZZLE)


2. To get the burner started, use the hand on the switch over on the far left of the screen. Then put the candle above the burner, and you should get a flame. The beaker will then heat water (for Yerba De Mate in the dining room) and also to melt the icecube from the wine glass.



The Drawing Room


1. See hints for the lab to solve this part of the puzzle.


2. You need to light the candle in this room to light up the cellar and the spider room. Just collect the match from the kitchen, strike it against the box, and put the lighted match to the candle.


3. You can go into the fireplace using the arrow. When you have solved all five puzzles, you will be able to go into a room through the star at the top of the chimney.


4. Later on in the game, after you have got into the wine glass, you can go into the small painting on the wall.



The Second Garden


1. Use the moon to get the lavender leaf from the plant to the left, then drop the leaf to Pollyanna’s bath. Fill the bottle with the water and give it to Olly in his bathroom. Then go back to Pollyanna’s bathroom to collect the note, then give it to Olly in his bathroom.


2. When you have all the clothes in the second garden, you can enter the kiss and SOLVE THE LOVE PART OF THE PUZZLE. Just put the arrow on the second large red flower from the right. If you wait til the fly is on this flower then click the arrow, when you go into the kiss room, you will be able to collect the third fly, which you place on the meat in the pantry.



Outer Space


1. Put the arrow above the chimney at the front of the house. Drag from one star to another on the left hand side of the screen...this takes a bit of practice, but eventually you will form a saucepan sort of shape. You will now be able to go into the wine glass in Mrs S’s bedroom, the painting in the drawing room. Then use the arrow on the bright star to the right of the screen, near the right eye, this will take you into another room. We have not worked out the secret to this room, except if you place some sugar in the middle you get sweets...sounds weird but try it and see.


IMPORTANT: Throughout the game you collect six pages which you will need to solve the game. We won’t tell you where they all are as that would ruin the challenge, but you should burn them in the fireplace as you go.