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Campaign 1

Campaign 2

Campaign 3

This Strategy Guide follows an actual Campaign game from start to finish, mission-by-mission. In some cases, missions were redone for camera positioning and screenshots (which accounts for the changing paint jobs) but stats were copied from the actual Campaign and were unaltered. It wasn't my best Campaign nor my worst; 68% out of 100.

The objective of the Company B Plan is to train incredibly good Ace Sharpshooters to make one-shot kills and maximize in-mission salvage for reinforcement and profit.

In this Campaign, I achieved only 1 Ace Sharpshooter by the last Liao mission (M2o8 : Honor Guards). Although she was quite capable for the task at hand, it's possible to have 4~5 Ace Sharpshooters by this Op. I was experimenting with different mechs and backup teams this campaign (instead of starting with pilots that had one Specialty already, i choose them so i'd have an all-girl team, delaying a rank advancement in two instances). In my current campaign I have three Ace Sharpshooters at M2o8, with one pilot close to leveling.

This plan will make that grueling Liao firefight, as well as the whole last campaign against Liao & Steiner (The Davion Ops), a hugely fun cakewalk as you dance a skilled light team against much-heavier forces (it is the Jedi Way). It will also allow you to repair salvaged mechs in-field for a pittance and turn them against their masters, bolstering your team of crack shots with muscle. Lastly, you will have so many C-bills that you can use them to light your Victory Dance cigars and buy Antarian Head-Gulpers for all your friends in the spacer's bar :)

The following color conventions are used in the Mission runthroughs:

Enemy Units
Tactical Objectives

In this scheme, there is no distinguishment between Primary (PriOb) and Secondary (SecOb) Objectives, as this strategy assumes you will complete all Objectives (otherwise, don't apply at the Company B recruitment office; we're busy people here).

Small ground units, like Scimitars, Hetzers, Centipedes and LRM Trucks are not mentioned unless they are particularly dangerous or significant, like in packs. They are lowly groundlings. Take their pesky presence for granted, and crush them effortlessly. Ok? Thank you.

[The Missions may not go exactly as described due to the variables of combat, but the general intelligence on forces and locations is accurate for a Single-Player game of Hard difficulty]