The unfortunate Colonel "One-Arm" Renard watches as the Pink Berets de-louse Steiner High Command

Greetings, MechWarrior! Welcome to the home of the fiercest, fightin'-est femmes to ever tapdance on an Atlas's head!

This site regards Microsoft's MechCommander 2©, a real-time tactical combat simulation using Battlemechs from FASA's Battletech universe, from the single-player, small-team approach.

The Story

"It is the 31st Century, and Mankind is once again at war..."

Hmmm, when are they not? Anyway, no one expected Prince Victor Davion-Steiner to return from leading the New Star League Defense Force from its' attack on the Smoke Jaguar Clan ('Operation Bulldog') and the ensuing Trial of Refusal on the Clan capital world of Strana Mechty. It was these actions, and the bravery and skill of Prince Victor, which secured peace for the Inner Sphere from the great invasion of the Clans.

Unfortunately, the members of the New Star League (the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere - Free Worlds League, Draconis Combine, Federated Suns, Capellan Confederation and Lyran Commonwealth) are falling to the same bickering and maneuvering that destroyed the original Star League, leading to the bloody coup of 2766 and the departure in 2784 of Aleksandr Kerensky and the remnants of the original Star League Defense Force, who would form the core of Clan society only to return to threaten the Inner Sphere in 3050.

While Prince Victor was battling the Clans and securing peace for all the Inner Sphere, his sneaky sister, Katrina Steiner, who already ruled the Lyran Alliance, was seizing control of Victor's Federated Suns<what a greedy pig!> and creating the Federated Commonwealth in 3060. Backed by weasely lawyers on the flimsiest of legal precedents, Katrina's actions reinflamed old loyalties and grudges which today ripple and twist across the entire Inner Sphere in that turbulent period of history called the Sarna (Chaos) March - the civil war between the Lyran Alliance <Katrina Steiner> and Federated Suns <Victor Davion> spanning more than 800 worlds and 1000 light-years [please consult the History section in your in-game Encylopedia for more detailed information].

3062: on Carver V, formerly the property of House Liao and now in Federated Commonwealth hands, the uneasy truce between Steiner and Davion loyalists is being tested by continuing "bandit raids" on Steiner facilities. The Steiner commander, Colonel David Renard, calls you in to give him a helping hand. Who are these bandits, and who is helping them? Do you even care, as long as you get a paycheck?

This Strategy Guide will walk you through the entire Carver V campaign that comes with MC2 with an eye towards maximizing profits, training Ace Sharpshooters, and of course, max collateral damage!!!!

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Commander Rei Chimiko, OPB
Commanding Officer, Company B



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