R/C Helicopter Indoor Flight Simulator
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                   released November 29, 2003

0    Introduction
This section is for "what the FAQ is about" and things like that.
Feel free to skip this section.

This game is also known as "RC Helicopter Indoor Adventure", and
"Petit Copter". It was created by Aqua Systems of Japan, and
published in the US by Summitsoft.

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This USG only covers the PC version, since that's the only
version I have. I know there's an XBox version (of very similar
stuff). I don't have it, so I can't help you on it.

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Aqua System (Japan) created R/C Helicopter Indoor Flight

Summitsoft published R/C Helicopter Indoor Flight Simulator in
the US.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by either Aqua System or

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts except where noted

Also, from now on, I'll just say RCH, as it's too long to spell
out the whole thing.


29-NOV-2003         Initial release

1    RCH General Info


Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: Go buy your own copy.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?

A: Read the manual please.

Q: Is there going to be a sequel?
A: The sequel is already out in Japan, no idea about if it will
ever reach U.S.

Q: How do I play this optimally?
A: Supposedly you can buy the "RC Controller", a special joystick
that looks like an RC controller, to give you the proper "feel"
for the crafts.

Q: How many crafts are there?
A: 11 to be exact, all but one must be unlocked through either
adventure or challenge modes.

Q: How many rooms are there?
A: 16 different rooms overall.

Q: How many "challenges" are there?
A: 21 to be exact. 4 every level, so you can unlock quite a few
choppers that way.

Q: Are there additional rooms and crafts that I can download?
A: The Aqua System website (in Japanese) has some new rooms you
can try, but it's really meant for the Japanese version. I have
NOT tried them on the American version.


      System: PII 300 or equivalent
      RAM:64 MB RAM
      CD-ROM: 4X CD-ROM
      Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
      Mouse: Yes
      Soundcard: Yes
      DirectX: DirectX v8.0


There are two modes in the game, challenge, and adventure.

Challenge is your basic "mission". Each level is comprised of 4
challenges. In the beginning, a challenge would be "land on a
moving platform as fast as you can". Later the platforms would be
moving, or very high near the ceiling, or etc. You may also need
to circle the loft a bit. As you finish each level you will
unlock additional helicopters.

In the adventure mode, you fly your R/C chopper carefully through
the room, collecting "stars" in strategic places. Some stars are
hidden pretty well and will require you to open cabinets and such
with your [action] button to access them, whereas others may be
hidden underneath chairs and some. Yet other stars may be placed
in spots so tight it's NOT possible for you to get access to it
(trap stars, so to speak) until you get a better chopper and
acquire better skills. Collecting stars will unlock additional
rooms for you to explore.


No significant bugs noted for the retail boxed release.

The program doesn't like task-switching. If you ALT-TAB to a
different program, the program may not restore the screen
properly when you return. In that case the only thing you can do
is to exit the program and start over.


There are some expansion levels on the Aqua System Japanese
website, however, I have no idea if they work for the American

A sequel, RC Copter 2, has already been launched in Japan,
according to the Aqua System website.

Alternative versions, such as PetitCopter and the XBox version,
has also been released.

2    Some tips on RCH flight


You have a "stabilize" key (translated as auto-hover). It
defaults to right-ctrl. Use it!

Just keep in mind when the chopper will drift forward and lose
altitude even if held in auto-hover. Some choppers will lose LOTS
of altitude at auto-hover. Beware!


In adventure mode, it's sometimes easier and safer to move on the
ground. You can turn on the ground, move forward and back on the
ground, even a bit sideways, with no penalties. You just have to
do it slowly so the chopper doesn't tip over. Also, don't run
into anything or the chopper WILL tip over.


Helicopters don't "turn" without using the tail (called anti-tilt
in the game). If you want to turn, you must simultaneously apply
cyclic and "rudder" to the same direction. If you apply just the
cyclic, you go sideways. If you apply just the "rudder", you
turn, but you end up leaning outward of the turn.


Most choppers don't auto-hover that well. The MD-520 tends to
creep forward and accelerate. The R-44 tend to lose altitude when
you go into auto-hover. Learn what each of the choppers would do
when hovering, so you can spend less time correcting and more
time flying.


Stars are often hidden inside cabinets and drawers. There are
also stars under the desk or chair and so on.  Check EVERY
cabinet and drawer.


There are a LOT of electronics and such in most rooms that can be
pushed or activated. Things like stereos, TV's, computers, air
conditioners, and so on can all be activated.

Bookshelves, desktop calendars, and more can be activated as

Even pillows, alarm clocks, lotion bottles, wine bottles, and
such can be pushed off and reveal stars.

3    The choppers
Here's a list of the different choppers in the game. You will
need to unlock most of them.

3.1   AUGUSTA A-109

The Augusta A-109 is a red sleek-looking chopper usually used as
an air ambulance. The model version turns pretty well.

Overall, it's a pretty stable platform and can fly pretty fast.
It's hard to get it to stabilize at a specific altitude to creep
toward a target though.

3.2   AH-64 APACHE

The Apache is a green twin-engine gunship, one of the best
gunships in the world. The model version can fire small rockets.

This one performs better close to the ground, but the 3-pt
landing system is a pain to land.

3.3   BK-117

The Kawasaki Eurocopter BK-117 is a joint development between
Kawasaki and MBB/Eurocopter. It's a medium transport helicopter
with a blue paint job in the game.  It has a fairly protected
rear rotor, though if you back into something you can still
destroy the rear rotor.

Not recommended to tight spaces. You can still fly if you lose
the tail rotor, but your chopper will be crippled. It's quite
maneuverable though.

3.4   KV-107

KV-107, or Kawasaki-Vertol model 107, is a fore-aft twin-rotor
transport helicopter that has a LOT of fuselage room. In the
game, it has a white/tan paint-job.

This chopper is quite large (not quite as large as the Sea Dragon
or the Osprey though, but close).

3.5   MD 520 N

The Boeing McDonell-Douglas MD-520 N (NOTAR, or "no tail rotor"),
is the latest version of the "eggshell" series of choppers. The
NOTAR means no tail rotor, and that means it can get into places
normal choppers can't go. In the game, it has a white/light-blue

This is the recommended chopper in adventure mode. It is the
smallest chopper in the game (the R-44 has a slightly larger
rotor radius) and the NOTAR means you don't have to worry about
the tail rotor. Beware that in auto-hover, it tends to start
creeping forward and accelerate, so you need to apply slight back
cyclic to keep it in a true hover or slow forward creep.

3.6   MH-53E

The Sea Dragon is a HUGE chopper with three engines. US Navy uses
it in minesweeping in real-life. It is actually quite
maneuverable. It has the white/gray navy paint job.

Don't expect to fit this into tight spaces.

3.7   OH-1 (3 VARIATIONS)

OH-1 is a light recon / gunship made by Japan. This and Apache
are the "armed" choppers in the game. You get this chopper in 3
color variations.

It's pretty maneuverable and is like a cheap version of the
Apache (family resemblance).

3.8   ROBINSON R-44

The Robinson R-44 is a very light chopper that fits only 2. It's
related to those bubble-choppers you see on M.A.S.H. though it's
quite modernized by comparison. It has a red/white paint job.

In auto-hover, this chopper tends to go straight-down. Add cyclic
after you go auto-hover.

3.9   V-22 OSPREY

Ah, the Osprey, the plane / chopper hybrid... What else can I
say? Large, twice as fast as most choppers (esp. in airplane
mode), and extremely useful... This one is still in the
"experimental" white paint.

4    Challenge Mode
Here are some tips you should use for challenge modes. As the
helicopter is already chosen, you'll just have to do the best you


In all challenge modes, you need land at the helipad, and that
means you need to land precisely (as close to the middle of
circle as possible). You also need to land slowly (slam down on
the pad is bad). Finally, you need to land as fast as possible,
after completing the various challenges.

So to summarize:

*    Land precisely

*    Land gently

*    Land quickly (after completing the tasks)

4.2   LEVEL 1

Level 1 challenges are relatively easy.

4.2.1     Landing
Land at the helipad, enough said

Use the shadow to help you line up the landing.

4.2.2     Landing #2
Land as usual, except this time the landing pad is moving up and

It's probably easier to hover and let the pad come up to meet

4.2.3     Enter Area Box
Fly into the box and hover there, as quickly as you can.

Fly in there and use auto-hover to stabilize.

4.2.4     Go Around
Fly around the pole 3 times, then land at the pad.

Use all the room, don't run into the pole when you turn.

4.3   LEVEL 2

Level 2 challenges are a bit more involved

4.3.1     Landing #4
Land as usual... except the landing pad now is moving along a
fixed path.

Chase the pad, and land just after the pad changes directions.

4.3.2     Landing #5
Land as usual, except the landing pad will move in RANDOM

Chase the pad, land just after the pad changes directions.

4.3.3     Landing #3
Land at the pad, but AVOID all the balloons.

Just flight straight at the pad and fly up/down as needed to
avoid the balloons.

4.3.4     Go Around #2
Go around the poles 3 times, THEN land at the pad.

4.4   LEVEL 3

Now the fun really gets started...

4.4.1     Landing #6
Land at the 4 moving pads in any order you wish.

Only the last landing is graded, so just be quick about it.

4.4.2     Breaking Balloons
Break all six balloons and land. You must use the main rotor to
break the balloons. The tail rotor, if you have one, doesn't work
as a balloon breaker.

As the balloons will move randomly, this can be REALLY painful to
finish, as you will lose sight of most of the balloons when you
get close enough.

4.4.3     Kill the targets
Kill 3 targets with mini-rockets from your model chopper, then
land at the pad.

You can shoot from where you are. Just fly to the right altitude,
aim, shoot. Turn, aim, shoot again, repeat for a third time, and

4.4.4     Hovering
Fly to the box, hover above it for 5 seconds, turn around, and
land at the pad.

Nothing to it really, use auto-hover when you get there, turn
around, land.

4.5   LEVEL 4

Now it gets REALLY interesting...

4.5.1     Landing #7
Land on 4 pads in a row... The catch is... They are all moving.

At least they only move back and forth. I suggest you fly to the
highest one, land, then slide off onto the next one, then next
one, and so on.

4.5.2     Go around #2
Go around the two poles FIVE times, then land on the pad.

Fly fast, turn fast, don't hit the ceiling.

4.5.3     Go around #3
Go around the TWO poles 3 times, be ware that there are obstacles
now so you can't make a full oval.

If you are good, fly through the obstacles (there's just enough
room to do so), or else just fly through the middle and make
figure 8's.

4.5.4     Collect Stars!
Probably the hardest one... Collect 6 stars randomly distributed
in the room, then land at the pad. The stars are ALL OVER the
place and the room is BIG.

Some usual places... directly above, above the central beam, next
to the beam near the windows, at the wall near the windows, in
the far corner of the room, along the far wall, inside the side
room, high up in the "corridor".

4.6   LEVEL 5

These challenges are extremely tough...

4.6.1     Landing #8
The landing pad periodically rotates upside down... You have only
3 seconds to land!

This one requires absolutely ruthless timing. As soon as the pad
rotates past you, drop collective and LAND!

4.6.2     Collect Stars #2
This one features 6 stars, but in a smaller room (the "garrett" /
attic) but with obstacles.

The six stars are as follows:

     on top of the tall stack (which is behind you at start)

     a bit below the middle of the tall stack

     between the two boxes near the pad (to left of you at start)

     next to the wall UNDER the two boxes

     in the far corner under the boxes (front left of you at

     above the tipped box (visible to your front right)

You'll still need to land properly as well.

4.6.3     Destroy Targets #2
You need to shoot seven of those targets with your AH-64
"gunship", then land.

You can see 2 of them, 4 require a bit of maneuvering, and 1
hidden behind everything.

You can shoot the two you can see immediately, then shoot two by
hovering in the gap. Turn and shoot the far one, then fly through
and shoot two more and land. Remember to land smoothly as AH-64
is NOT an easy chopper to land.

4.6.4     Hover #2
You need to hover above each of the 3 boxes for 5 seconds, move
on, then land at the pad.

As you hover, (and I don't mean LAND on the box), the counter
will go from 1 to 5. You can rotate in place to point toward the
next target, which will save you a few more seconds. The R-44
tends to lose altitude in auto-hover, so add collective!

5    Adventure Mode
Here's a list of where are all the stars you need to find. DO NOT
read unless you can't find enough stars to find new rooms!

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to collect all the stars in a room
immediately. Once you have unlocked the door, you can exit and do
something else, then come back for more stars later when you have
better skills.

NOTE: The game counts only 2 types of stars. I'll add a third
type just so you understand me.

Type A) Left in plain sight -- you can see them easily, they're

Type B) Hidden, but there -- they are hidden behind or in
something, like cabinets and such. You will need to maneuver or
open something or push something to see them.

Type C) Secret, appears -- these only appear after you found the
right trigger, such as turn on the TV, the computer, the AC, and
so on. You'll hear the "magic" sound then the star will appear.
That's the true "secret" stars.

The game lumps A and B together as normal, and C as secret.


Nursery room A is upstairs just left of the staircase.

You start facing the left side of the monitor with bed to your

Fly forward a bit past the monitor and turn left to face it.
There is a star to the right of the computer monitor on the desk.

Turn 180 degrees around and go straight up a bit. There is a star
in the upper corner of the room above the pillow on the bed
(slightly to your left). {{-- TARGET

Turn right 90 degrees until you face the foot of the bed. There
is a star in the upper cabinet on the left wall at the foot of
the bed. You will need to open the cabinet to get it. {{-- HIDDEN

Gently drop to the ground between the bed and the shelf. There is
a star under the shelf with the stereo (at the foot of the bed).

Gently reverse at ground level, then turn right so you can face
the desk. There is a star under the desk (not the one on the
chair) {{-- TARGET

There is a star on the chair at the desk {{-- TRAP  You CAN
access this with the smallest chopper, the MD-520. Go from the
bed and try to land on the chair, and get the star that way.

Activate the computer on the desk for a bonus star. {{-- SECRET

Activate the stereo on the shelf at the end of the bed for a
bonus star. {{-- SECRET

Activate the Air Conditioner for a bonus star. The AC is above
the desk in the upper corner of the room. Turn it "off" or you
won't be able to approach it. {{-- SECRET

Activate the desk drawer for a bonus star. {{-- SECRET

Activate the pillow on the bed for a bonus star {{-- HIDDEN

Activate the alarm clock to right of the stereo for a bonus star

NOTE: the tissues don't seem to be hiding anything.

NOTE: There should be 9 TARGET and HIDDEN stars, then 4 SECRET
stars. I'm missing a HIDDEN star somewhere.

Collecting 5 stars will unlock the main door. Open it and enter
to access the corridor.


Unlocked at 5 stars.

Once you exit the bedroom, you're in the corridor. To your left
is a door. A star is near the top of the door. {{-- TARGET

Turn around 180 and you'll see the door you came out of (to
right), one door to left, one door in front, and staircase down.
All the doors are locked now. Get to the staircase, and you'll
see another star higher up. Collect it. {{-- TARGET

Head down the staircase. You'll see another star right against
the wall in the staircase. Ignore it, as it's nearly impossible
to reach it. {{-- TRAP Come back to it later.

Once you're down to staircase, to your left-front is the main
door. Go there. Turn left so your back is to the door, and you'll
see a star in the cubbyholes. {{-- TARGET

Drop to nearly ground level, and face the door. There are two
cabinets to your right. Open the cabinet closer to the door.
Collect the star inside. {{-- TARGET

There's a star in the other cabinet, but that one is much harder
to collect. {{-- TRAP

Come back to the corridor, follow it down, and you'll see one
MORE star next to the lamp at the ceiling. Collect that star
(which makes 10). {{-- TARGET

Climb back up the stairs, and turn left. You're almost back to
NURSERY ROOM A. That single door at the end of the hall is open
(where you grabbed the first star). That takes you to the

NOTE: There should be 7 stars in this area, so that's all of


Unlocked at 10 stars. This room is the farthest from the stairs
in the upper floor.

The library has a desk with a laptop, chair, and a large

There are two stars next to the office chair. One's right under
the left arm. The easiest way is to land on the seat, then
"shuffle" your way under the arm to get that star. {{-- TARGET

The one under the seat is slightly more difficult, but not that
hard to grab. {{-- TARGET

There is a star on the left side of the bookshelf at the bottom
level. {{--TARGET

There is one more star high up in the center of the room under
the light fixture. {{-- TARGET

There is one more star under the desk in the corner, but it's
VERY dangerous to grab. {{-- TRAP

Activate the right bookshelf, and it will slide to left,
revealing one more star. {{-- TARGET

Note the triangular "calendar" on the desk, activate it (shove
it) and it'll reveal another star. {{-- SECRET

Activate the laptop on the desk to reveal another star. {{--

Activate the air conditioner in the upper level for one more
star. Remember to toggle it off first so you can get to the star.

One of the drawers will reveal another star. {{-- SECRET

You should have enough now to open another room... You will need
to collect the hidden stars to make it to 20, in order to unlock
living room.

Exit the room, and head down the stairs again. Just after the
stairs, open the first door to your right, and you're at the
living room. Enter it.

NOTE: All stars in this room were found (total of 10).


Unlocked at 20 stars.

Living room is downstairs the first of the two doors to right
when you come down from the staircase.

Living room has the yellow sofa, the TV, and more.

There is a star right above the door, under the light fixture. {{-

There is a star right above the ottoman next to the table. {{--

There is a star right UNDER the telephone stand next to the sofa.

There is a star right UNDER the table next to the sofa {{--

There is a star on the LEFT cubby hole at the entertainment
center.  {{-- TARGET

If you turn on the TV, you'll get a star {{-- SECRET

If you open the cabinet under the TV, you'll see a star in there.

Activate the tall lamp for another star above it. {{-- SECRET

NOTE: There should be one MORE star in this room, but I can't
find it. I suspect it's the VCR next to the TV, but it won't

When you get 30 stars, you unlock the next room, "Bed Room".

Exit the living room, and you're in the corridor. Turn 180 and
open the next door (to left) on the same side as the living room,
That takes you to the bed room.

5.5   BED ROOM

Unlocked at 30 stars.

Bed room is on the lower floor, just left of the living room

The bed room (I spell it just like they did, with a space)
contains two beds and a desk.

As you enter, there's a bottle of wine right under you with a
star. Fly past it and land on the desk. Turn around and shove the
wine off the table (keep "action" it until it falls off). Collect
the star. {{-- TARGET

Look toward head of the two beds. There's a star to upper right
above the cabinets, and there is a star in one of the left-side
cubbyholes. {{-- TARGET x 2

Open the nightstand's drawer (action drawer), and you'll collect
one more star. {{-- SECRET

Land on the bed, and turn 180 toward the desk. See the AC above
it? Activate it for a secret star. {{-- SECRET

Land between the two beds, and you can see there's a star on the
chair itself. Land on the seat of the chair, shuffle forward,
then hover to grab the star. Land on the seat again, turn 180,
then "shuffle off" to exit the chair. {{-- TRAP

There is a star in the UPPER corner of the room, JUST above the
door. It's VERY tight, so be VERY careful. {{-- TRAP

NOTE: There should be 8 stars in this room, so I can't locate one
of them.

When you get 40 stars, you unlock the powder room.


Unlocked at 40 stars, this one is upstairs directly across from
the library/study.

A tiny place with washer / dryer and sink, among other items.

There's a star in the sink. {{-- TARGET

Open the middle drawer just left of the sink for a bonus star. {{-

There's a star to left of the sink among the two cups. Push the
cups away to access the star. {{-- TARGET

There is a star higher up the cabinet next to the cups. {{--

There is a star on the very top of the cabinet as well. {{--

There is a star between the washer and the dryer. {{-- TARGET

There is a star inside the dryer (extremely tight!) {{-- SECRET

There is a star in the corner lower cabinet. It's VERY tight,
only the MD-520 can get in there. {{-- TRAP

There is a star in the lower cabinet to left of corner. {{--

NOTE: There should be 9 stars in this room, all were found.

You should have reached 50 stars by now. The ones that were
marked "trap" should now be difficult, but not impossible to
grab, esp. with the MD-520.


Unlocked at 50 stars.

The bathroom is next to the powder room/utility room, through the
sliding doors

There is a star on the small stool {-- TARGET

There is a star next to the lotion bottle on the wall. Push the
lotion bottle away to access it. {{-- TARGET

Turn on the left faucet to activate the shower and another bonus
star. Turn off the shower if you want to. {{-- SECRET

Get the star against the wall next to the tub. {{-- TARGET

Get the star that's almost in the water. {{-- TARGET

Get the star next to the potted plant at the tub. Shove the pot
away if needed. {{-- TARGET

Get the star in the UPPER corner of the room, above the sliding
room. {{-- TARGET

NOTE: There should be 7 stars in this room, all were found.

By this time, you should have reached 60 stars, and unlocked
another room... But where?

Head back into the living room, and you'll notice there's a
double-pane door next to the entertainment center. Access that,
and you're in the dining room / kitchen


Unlocked at 60 stars.

You can get to the Kitchen through the living room downstairs.

The dining room is composed of table, stove, and refrigerator.

There is a star on the table. {{-- TARGET

There is a star on one of the seats. {{-- TARGET

There is a star UNDER one of the seats. {{-- TARGET

There is a star above the microwave.  {{-- TARGET

There is a star just above the boiling pot. {{-- TARGET

There is a star above the refrigerator. {{-- TARGET

There is a star in the middle drawer of the refrigerator {{--

There is a star hiding in one of the cabinets on the left top of
the boiling pot. {{-- SECRET

Access the AC for another secret star. {{--SECRET

One of the drawers to the RIGHT of the stove will open another
secret star. {{-- SECRET

There should be total of 11 stars in this room. However, I only
located 10, so 1 remains hidden.

When you get 70 stars, you can access a new room... The Toilet.

5.9   TOILET

Unlocked at 70 stars.

The toilet is next to the staircase on the lower level, across
from living room.

There's a star on the seat itself. {{-- TARGET  (Activate the
seat to get a surprise)

There's a star on the floor just right of the bowl. {{-- TARGET

There's a star inside the cabinet, RIGHT door. Slide open to
reveal. {{-- SECRET

There's a star right above the sink {{-- TARGET

There's a star just over the slippers under the sink. {{-- TARGET

NOTE: There should be another star in here, but I haven't found
it yet.


Unlocked at 80 stars.

There are two stars on the desk, one in the far corner.  {{--

Another star is right at the desk lamp. {{--TARGET

There is a star above the AC. {{-- TARGET

Activate the AC for a secret star {{-- SECRET

There is a star near the head of the bed higher up near the wall
hooks. {{-- TARGET

At the foot of the bed, there's the wall cabinet. Open it and
grab a star on the highest shelf. {{-- HIDDEN

Open the basket at the foot of the bed for a secret star. {{--

Turn to the chair. Land on the chair for a star. {{-- TARGET

There's another star under the desk. {{-- TARGET

Activate the teddy bear for one more secret star. {{-- SECRET

NOTE: There should be 11 stars in this room, so I missed one.


Unlocked at 90 stars

There is a star under the table at the pots. {{-- TARGET

Beyond the punching bag, there's a star between the two boxes.
Land and shuffle forward to reach it. {{-- TARGET

Turn 180 degree around, open the door, and you'll see a star
inside next to the sweep broom. {{-- HIDDEN

Note the hand-cart in the corner. There are two stars hidden
behind each of the boxes. Land on the level, then shuffle forward
to grab it, then back out. {{-- HIDDEN {{-- HIDDEN

NOTE: There should be EIGHT stars in this level, so I don't know
where the rest are, as I found only 5.


This is essentially the attic, with low sloped ceiling and can be
a real challenge to fly in. This is a practice level, but are
also used in many of the challenge missions.


The play room is the HUGE room with a wall in the middle. It's
essentially an empty house to fly around in. It's used in one of
the challenge missions, and makes a great practice map with lots
of room to roam and for you to get used to your chopper.


The "contemplation" or "meditation" room, this features tatami,
tea table, samurai sword, and such. This is a practice level

6    Miscellaneous


NOTE: This game is NOT copy protected. CD is NOT required to run
the game.

It's only 100 megs or so in size.


There really is virtually NO websites for this game.

Summitsoft's website doesn't even list this game any more.

The Aqua System website in Japanese is really the only one that's
left. You can sort of view it with AltaVista's Babelfish, but
some of the translation is atrocious.


6.3.1     General Files
All the .MTX files are really .BMP with different extension. Use
something like Irfanview to view it. (irfanview.com)

You can view the .SCN, .SCP, and .MAP files as they are really
just text files.

6.3.2     Challenge Files
The challenge mission completion status is saved in files in the

C:\Program Files\Summitsoft\RCHelicopter\Data\Map\Challenge\

The challenges are NOT according to exact number. However, there
is one file per mission, called ChallengeXX.dat, where XX is the
mission number. The "score" you did in the mission is stored in
offset $CC. Figure $50 should be enough.

NOTE: $ means hexadecimal. You will need a HEX file editor to
edit the files. I don't encourage file hacking, nor will I help
any one hack their files. Keep your own backups.

Or just copy the DAT file from one of the completed challenges to
the one that you can't finish.

For the exact mission description, view the textXX.mtx file,
where XX is the mission number.


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