Adventure by WESTWOOD

A (kind of) Solution by Lu Richardson


Play in Easy Mode, at least the first time.  Move the cursor 
carefully over all the screen, it's very easy to miss clues.  Talk 
to absolutely everybody until they begin to repeat themselves.  If 
you do something else related, speak again to the available people.

As to the shooting in the training range, keep the sights in the 
center so that you can move quickly to the right spot.  Don't rush 
it - wait till you see a gun on the dummies (blue) and don't shoot 
if you don't.  It is a very good idea indeed to practice.

During the game, if you find the character equipping the gun
automatically, try and shoot whoever gets in your sights - remember 
you get paid for the replicates you kill and you might well need the 
money later on.

I didn't find that changing the attitude of the character had a 
great effect on the outcome of his enquiries - but you might like to 
have a bash at that.

By the way, when I say "up" I mostly mean go up to the top edge of 
the screen.  If there are stairs, then the direction is obvious.  
When I say "left" or "right", I mean the left side of the screen or 
the right side of the screen.  The same applies to "down", unless 
there are stairs.  When I say "Watch" it's because there is a scene 
over which you have no control.

IMPORTANT:  The most minute details can change the course of the 
game; also, every time you start playing, the nature of the 
characters with artificial intelligence will be chosen at random and 
they will act accordingly.  If you were to play the game three 
times, you'd get three slightly different versions, depending also 
on the order in which you do things and how quickly you react to 
situations.  As well, if you are not at the right place to speak to 
the right person, or you do something or speak to someone out of 
sequence, you may get totally stuck.  So:  save very often.  If you 
do get stuck, reload your last game and try something different.

What follows consists ONLY of one of the possible solutions.  This 
is not THE solution (in fact, I understand there are 13 different 
endings to this game, and so there can't be such a thing).  I am not 
even sure I did the correct things myself, or whether you'll meet 
with exactly the same situations - I am only writing this hoping 
that it will give you some ideas.  Please don't blame me if things 
don't pan out exactly as I describe them; that's built into the game 
and there is nothing I can do about it.


The Scene of the Crime

Talk to the policeman; look at the door; pick up the item off the 
floor; look at the hydrant.  Click on the crowd to get the policeman 
questioning witnesses.  Go inside and talk to the owner; keep 
talking till he gives you the letter of reference and until he 
starts repeating himself.  Then click on the camera and he will give 
you a disk.  Look around and go up.  Get the toy dog, the candy bar 
and the chopsticks.  Leave and go outside.  Speak to the policeman 
till he has nothing else to say.  Click on the crowd again and then 
get into the car.  Go to...

The Police Station

Enter the lift and go to floor 2.  As you come in, listen to the 
TV.  Go right and then click on the screen to the right.  Click on 
the screen in the center.  Look at both pictures in detail, 
enhancing everything that can be enhanced - from one you will get a 
menu on the desk at the top and from the other, a picture of one of 
the suspects, one of the car's licence and one of the whole car.  
Exit.  Click on yourself and go through all the clues (go through 
this routine everytime you get new clues).  Leave.  

Now you can click on the ashtray at the bottom of the screen and 
enter the door to the top left.  Go through the various parts of the 
shooting range, following the instructions you'll hear - you'll be 
told when to move on to the next stage.  Outside, check the blue 
monitor to see your score.

Leave this floor and go to floor 3.  Talk several times to the guy 
at the lab till he has nothing else to tell you (he disappears 
shortly afterwards and is not available for the rest of the game).  
Leave and go to the ground floor.  Speak to the boss.  Leave and go 
to the Basement.  Talk to the prisoner.  If you go back to the main 
frame computer, you should be able to upload details about this 
prisoner.  You can go visit him again, if you like, or leave it for 
later.  Leave the Police Station and go to...

China Town

Talk to everyone at the bar, starting with the big man behind the 
counter.  Then go around the back and talk to the cook (be ready to 
dash)  - keep talking till he takes fright, chucks the stew at you 
and runs off.  Jump right immediately and follow him quickly, going 
up - I tried to shoot him but wasn't quick enough.  You will see a 
guy looking into the skip.  Talk to him.  Look into the skip and 
you'll find a licence plate - THE licence plate.  Continue through 
the door, up the stairs; here you will find the cook.  Shoot him and 
click on his body, you get a photo.  The door at the top, you'll 
notice, is locked.  Go down.  You will see that, now, one of the 
doors is open.  Going outside you'll meet another Blade Runner and 
will have a conversation with him.  Leave and go to the Police 
Station to talk to the boss, who will be very pleased with you - you 
get a bonus (see if you can sneak a look at the folder and paper on 
his desk). You also get the chance to process the new clues.  When 
you've finished go to...

The Flat

Click on the dog and on the counter.  Go left into your room.  Use 
the answering machine - there is a message waiting for you.  Go 
outside to the balcony, just to have a look.  Back in, use the bed.  
Watch.  (By the way, you should go to your flat now and again to 
feed the dog and find out if there are any messages in the answering 


You get a message in your answering machine.  A crime has been 
committed.  Go to the car and go to the new location.  Talk to the 
guy at the desk - he will give you a disk.  Go in through the door 
to the right and examine the computer to the right - look around.  
Then click on the door to get through to the scene of the crime.  
Examine everything very carefully and talk to the photographer - 
finding the dog collar, by the door, will give you the clue to the 
password.  At the end, go out and use the computer again - you get 
some data.  Leave and you will meet Steele.  Talk to the guard once 
more, till he has nothing more to say.

Go back to the Police Station to use the main frame computer.  
Enhance the picture you got from the new disk and look closely at 
the culprit's face.  Also, you will see a food carton.  Check all 
your clues once more.  You might like to visit all the locations in 
the Police Station again.

Get back to the car and go to...

Animoid Row

Talk to the woman at the fish counter.  She directs you elsewhere.  
Talk to the lady in the Dragonfly stand.  Talk to the guy by the 
other counter.  Now go into the precint and start talking to 
everybody; begin with Bob.  I even got to do a retina scan of Bob's 

Continue walking around and talk to the lady in the Takeaway.  Then 
on to the barman at the China Bar.  Walk right and speak to the guy 
by the shop.  He will get annoyed at your questions and run away - 
you get left with two photos and a camera.  Enter the shop and shoot 
the door open.  Go down and examine the guns.  Go further in and to 
the top of the screen.  You cannot cross the green gunge.  Out.  Go 
up the ladder.  You are assaulted by Izo and he can either get away 
or be shot by Steele - you will not be able to shoot him yourself, 
no matter how much you try.

Return to the Police station.  Go to the shooting range and click on 
the box, then talk to the guy - you get a form.  If you hadn't 
managed it before, nip downstairs now to floor 1 to get a weapon 
order - the office will be empty and on the desk there is a folder 
which contains it.  Go down to the Basement and talk to the prisoner 
again.  Go to the main frame computer and process all your clues.  
Look at all the new ones.  Don't forget to scan the new photos!

OK, get into your vehicle and go to...


You might or might not meet the guy in the red coat straightaway, 
also Gaff.  Go up and to the right and talk to Chew in the ice 
room.  Leave and go left.  Before you enter Dermo Design, save your 
game.  This is very tricky.  Enter, and you will see a bomb and a 
guy chained-up; as soon as you have the chance, shoot at the chain 
close to his hands.  Put away the gun immediately and run to the 
left; as soon as you are out, click twice on the floor to the left 
to move away quickly.  If you get away without getting killed, talk 
to the dying guy.  A policeman will appear and you can leave him to 
clear up the mess.

Go up the stairs and click on everything.  You'll get a message from 
the answering machine and an envelope from the dummy on the left.  
Leave.  Enter the bombed building.  Out.

Go to the right and visit Chew once more.  Keep talking to him till 
you find out where Sebastian is.  Leave.

Now you can go to the right, into the alley that leads to the 
house.  Go in and enter Sebastian's flat.  Explore around.  When you 
get to the bathroom, go up the stairs and find the tall piece of 
furniture; smash the glass on the shelves to create a ladder.  Go 
up and get a good dusting.  Watch the scene.


The Secret Flat

When you are in charge, click on the window just up from the tied up 
guy.  He will free himself.  Search around and you will get a cheese 
and a token.  If you go out through the top door you will see where 
you are.  Heaven alone knows how you got there.  Go back in and now 
leeave through the bottom door, to the left.  Watch.  Talk to the 
guy.  Go up and you'll come to a room.  You'll find a scale in the 
bath and a badge in the drawer.  Leave the same way the guy went.
Ouside the hotel, click on the car to the right twice.

Go to Sebastian's flat and you'll find him there.  Talk to him.  Go 
back to the hotel and talk to the manager, who should be on his feet.
Next, go to...

Hysteria Hall

Fist talk to the couple on the right.  Then go into the Used Car 
shop and talk to the man in the wheelchair.  You can also get up the 
stairs, but you won't get much joy.  Leave.

Enter the Hall and go left.  If Lucy is there, speak to her - if she 
is not, go through the Hall of Mirrors (click twice on the exit to 
the right and you'll get out automatically) and come back.  She will 
be there.  Talk to her - she runs away.  Sometimes you are on her 
right, and sometimes on her left, and you cannot move to the other 
side of her for love nor money.  If you find yourself on her left, 
be ready to follow her into the Hall of Mirrors, where she'll lead 
you a merry dance.  Don't even bother to try and shoot her, just run 
after her.  The exercise will do you good.  Whatever happens, you 
won't catch her.  Get your spinner and go to...

Animoid Row

Talk to the Fish lady and you'll ask about the scale.  
Unfortunately, the guy with the snake is no longer there.  Anyway, 
talk to the Dragonfly lady and she'll give you another clue.  Move 
on to the Takeaway lady and talk to her.

OK, do whatever you think you must (always a good idea to use the 
mainframe computer and maybe visit the flat) before we head for...

Nighclub row

Enter the club to the left and talk to the bouncer.  Note the 
rotating seat to the left.  Leave and enter the club to the right.  
Talk to the guy with the red jacket and watch what happens.  When he 
runs out, equip your gun and run out after him.  Take a pot shot at 
him, but he gets away.

Enter the club to the left.  Talk to the Bouncer - you don't get 
much of an answer.  Talk to the girl on the stage till the Bouncer 
comes close.  Then run to the rotating seat and you'll go into the 
dance floor. 

Talk to the guy in the colourful clothes until he doesn't talk 
anymore.  You can move briefly to the left to see what there is and 
then return to the dance floor, i.e, when Early goes left, you can 
follow him if you like (you might enjoy the show), but then come 
back and use the rotating seat to get to the bar.  With the Bouncer 
gone, you can go up into Early's rooms.  Save before you do anything 
else because this is tricky.

Pick up a bill from the desk.  Pick up the disc to the left.  Early 
appears and talks to you.  As you as you can, equip the gun.  When 
Early has sat down, put away the gun.  After the conversation, you 
return the disk; you get a photo.  

Leave and take it to the Police Station to process it.  You get a 
picture of Lucy in the mirror.  Take the photo to the Used Car lot 
to check with the salesman.

Come back to Nighclub Row, to the club on the left and go to the 
dance floor and then left and left again, down the stairs and right 
to talk to the blonde and do a retina scan.  The next sequence is 
pretty well out of your hands - just sit back and enjoy the show.  
When you are in control, you just go up the stairs to the right; 
enter the door on the right and you will be shot at.  Follow the rep 
up the stairs and then start shooting by the windows.  You will kill 
her.  You'll next find yourself outside talking to Steel and then 
comes the nasty surprise:  you are being hunted and you no longer 
have your spinner to travel with.  Watch.


The Sewers

You will find yourself at the bottom of the stairs.  First of all, 
bear in mind the police are after you and you are going to be shot 
at all the time - either shoot back or run.  SAVE A LOT.  Ignore the 
poor creatures you will see around and about the sewers.

OK, from the bottom of the stairs, go to the left and through the 
tunnel to the room from which Steele rescued you.  Go through the 
door and you will find yourself in the sewers.  Go to the center of 
this chamber.  A lever will create a bridge which will take you to 
Izo's cache.  Look at it again and (if you got the weapons order 
form and the shipping form, and so on), you will realize that your 
boss framed you.  Go back into the sewer.  Go to your left and along 
all the way until, at the end, you can go up some stairs.  You come 
out at your block of flats.  Go into it and you'll be in the lift.  
Go to your flat and get the next shock.  

Go back down and into the sewers.  Go to where the lever was.  
Save.  Go through the openning opposite the entrance to Izo's.  
Sometimes you meet cops here, who kill you.  If you do, reload, do 
something else for a while and come back.  When the coast is clear 
(and having gone up the stairs and through the openning), go through 
to the right.  You will see a yellow vehicle.  Enter it and you will 
go down.  Talk to the tramp.  At the end, go to the left and look at 
the large chamber with the circular platform in it.

Come out and go to the right.  Save because this is very tricky.  
Equip the gun.  Click on the entrance to the right and, as soon as 
the rat appears, click on the entrance to the left to get away; but 
before going through, shoot the rat.  If the body of the rat is on 
the bridge, don't attempt to cross it because your combined weights 
will break it.  Go back to where the tramp is and then come out 
again.  The rat will have disappeared and you can now cross safely.

In the next room you will find the Siamese twins.  Keep talking to 
them till you run out of lines.  Step outside this room and come 
back in; the twins will be gone.  Go to the monitors on the right 
and click on them.  Finally, go through the door next to the one 
through which you came initially.  Go up the stairs twice.  You will 
find yourself in the Tyrrel building.  The guard is asleep, so move 
quickly to the door on the right which, amazingly, this time leads 
to some sort of boardroom.  Pick up the DNA off the table and get 
out quickly the way you came.  Give the DNA to the twins and you get 
the lowdown on Guzza. Leave through the door leading to the 
bridge/tramp and get into the lift.  Go up and fight/dodge your way 
to Nightclub Row.  Go into the building to the right and use the 

After that conversation, make your way to the chamber with the 
circular platform.  Save before you go in.  There will be a long 
conversation, at the end of which Guzza will move to the railing.  
This is your cue to start moving, the best you can, towards the exit 
- you won't be able to get through till right at the end, but then 
run!  Get to the lift and leg it to your flat (don't stop to fight, 
if you can help it, and if Clovis tries to grab you, shake him off 
and keep going).  Save before you go up the final stairs.

When you come out at the block of flats, you'll meet Gaff.  He'll 
talk to you but won't try to arrest you.  Sometimes a policeman 
appears and kills you.  If so, reload - it doesn't happen everytime.
I hope you make it safely inside.  Watch.


At the end of this scene, go to the flat in the lift - you'll notice 
there is no Maggie to wellcome you and that the phone is ringing.  Go 
and answer it.  It's Steele, and you've got a date.

Go to the lift and down, get back into the sewers.  This time, 
though, go through the openning to the left as you come to the first 
set of stairs.  You will see you can go up - equip your gun before 
you go through.  You will be met by two huge rats, so kill them.  Go 
to the left and you'll see Steele.

Next, you will see Maggie and, as you call her, Steele remarks she 
has something around her neck.  Sure enough, as the animal comes 
close it explodes.  You get pretty mad and ask for the Rasta to show 
himself.  He does.  Shoot him.

Now you advance to the ship.  As you enter, click on the contraption 
to the left to warn Steele of a booby-trap.  You walk around it.  
Then you insist that you are going in alone to deal with Clovis.  
You do so, but Clovis is dying.  Don't bother to shoot him, though 
you could.  He will croak soon enough, so let him gasp out the last 
bit of poetry.

All you have to do now is go out to join Steele and watch...

                                THE END

At least, one of the ends.  Now play the game all over again and try 
something entirely different!


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