Savegame 1 : Escape With Lucy
Definition :
At the begining of chapter 5, Lucy will call Roy. Roy meets her in front of Hysteria Hall. He joins the replicants and runaway with her in a ground car.

Savegame 2 : Steele Joins Clovis

Definition :
At the begining of chapter 5, Roy will find that his dog has been killed by Steele. He meets her near the moonbus. Steele will attack him. Roy will kill her, Sadik, and finally Clovis. He'll meet Gaff when he gets out of the moonbus.

Savegame 3 : Roy Joins Clovis

Definition :
Same as no 2, but Roy doesn't kill Sadik and Clovis. Instead, he joins them as a replicant after killing Steele.

Savegame 4 : Steele As A Partner

Definition :
At the begining of chapter 5, Steele will call Roy. He'll meet her at the entrance to the moonbus. Together, they hunt down Sadik and Clovis.

Savegame 5 : Steele Is Blown Up

Definition :
Same as number 4, but Roy lets Steele trip the bomb. After killing Sadik and Clovis, Roy will meet Gaff outside the moonbus

Savegame 6 : Kill Guzza

Definition :
Roy kills Guzza at the circular platform after Clovis shout at Guzza. Lucy has already dead in chapter 4. Roy and Clovis runaway with the moonbus.

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