The Prison Island

Goals: Find Dr. Moreau

The Beach

Q : How could I get inside the prison ?
A :
If you go to the left path, you'll see a conduit with a pond in front of it. That is your only way to the prison. It's simple, you just have to cross the pond and open the conduit grate. The poblem is that the pond is full of PIRANHAS .....

Q : How could I go to the conduit ?
A :
First, distract the piranha. On the beach you'll see a turtle track. Right click on it to get the turtle egg. Go to your right. You'll see a snake here. Use the egg with the snake then kill it with your laser gun. Use the pincers to get the snake. Now, go back to the pond again. Shoot the padlock of the grate so it will swing open. Throw the snake into the pond and quickly go inside the conduit.

Laundry Room

Q : There's a guard outside this room. How could I bypass him ?
A :
We should do a little trick here. Move the sheet on the shelf to reveal a box of detergent. Get it. Put it inside the bucket. Use the bucket on the grate. Close the grate. Put the empty can into the washing machine. Turn it on and enjoy the show ....


Q : Where is the keys to unlock the other doors ?
A :
Remember the guard you just dumped a while ago ?! He left his keys in the keyhole. Get them. Using the keys, you'll be able to access the other rooms. There are 3 other rooms that you could access from the main hall: LA-5 Detention Area, Laboratory, and the Infirmary.

Q : How could I access the laboratory ? What's the combination for the lock ?
A :
The laboratory is the door with a lock panel beside it. Use the keys to open the door to LA-5 Detention Area (in other word: the cells). Look in the window of cell 2. Talk with Dr. Moreau. Ask him about everything including on how to open the lab's door. He won't say anything for now, so just go back out and take the MDVD camera from the desk. Use it on the panel next to the lab's door. Go back again to the cell and show him the MDVD camera. He'll told you that the combination is 446677. Use it on the panel to unlock the lab's door.

Q : How could I let Eva and Al in ?
A :
You need to shut down the electricity the front gate first so they could climb in. Use the screwdriver to open the panel under the window on the main hall (it's behind the guard desk). Joshua will talk to Al about the panel. Get the tester and the tubes from the shelf. Don't forget to take the gloves also from the chair. Use the tester on the box to detect which wire has the 10000 voltages. Use the parallel cutter to cut the wire off.

Eva and Al will climb in, but .... Hugh's man surprise them. They kill Al and capture Eva.

Infirmary Room

Q : How could I free Eva ?
A :
Use the keys to unlock the Infirmary Door (the one below the cross). Look out the window and right click on the middle window to talk with Eva. She told you that there's a guard outside her cells. You have to deal with the guard first, before you could come in.

Q : How could I deal with the guard ?
A :
Use the gloves from the lab with the cylinder behind the cage bar in the Infirmary Room. Combine the syringe with the tube. Examine the coat behind the bars to get retrieve the floss and the thermometer. Combine the syringe with the floss. Now combine the gloves with the syringe. Look at the window again and use this tools on Eva's cell window. Nice means of transportation. Eva will pick up the syringe and kill the guard.

Q : What should I do now ?
A :
Go to the main hall and use the keys to unlock the Detention Area door. Search the guard and take the laser. Open Eva's window. She'll give you a code to access the main computer.

Q : What is the solution for the final puzzle ?
A :
Remember the code on the board inside the lab ? That's your first clue. The second clue is the code to access the lab's door (446677). Notice the code on the top section of the paper that Eva gave to you. So now you know the symbol for 4, 6, and 7. Then look at the multiplication section (the last numbers). It's a number when multiplied produce itself. We know that there's only 3 number could do that: 0, 1, and 5 (0*0 = 0, 1*1 = 1, and 5*5 = 25). Now, look at the summation section. Examine carefully the last 2 columns. From that, you could have a conclusion that you could not use 0 and 1 for the right most column. The only possible number is 5. Starting from that point, you'll be able to guess the other numbers easily. Anyway, the solution is: 958320.

night10.jpg (12067 bytes)

night11.jpg (14982 bytes)

The code from Lab

Eva's Code

Now click on the keypad behind you and enter the number. Watch how the story unfold.

The End