The Cyberspace

Goals: Find out some clues from Hugh Martens' cyber office

You start with only one item in your possession. That is a Positioner device. You could use this device to record your position so you could just go directly to the location by pushing the buttons.

The Amusement Park of Terror

Q : Where could I find coins to play the games in this park ?
A :
First, go up to the labyrinth. Find the fountain (at least it used to be one ...). Get the coin from the fountain. Go back out to the park. The slot machine is your money source.

Q : I never win playing the slot machine. Can I cheat ?
A :
Sure you could. Go to the left screen from the the slot machine. You'll see a Strength Machine. Use the mallet with the drum to hit the bell. Whoaa.... you almost knocked the bell off. Anyway, just pick up the remain of the mallet. Go back to the slot machine and use the mallet with the spider. As a result, the spider will hold one of the skull for you. In other word, you'll always win whenever you play the slot machine.

Q : I always lost in this shooting game. What should I do to defeat it ?
A :
You have to slow down the target. First, get a piece of cloth from a skeleton in the labyrinth. Then, go to the hut in the parks. Go down to the basement. You'll see a huge spider there. Use the cloth to turn on the valve. It will get rid off the spider. Get the mud from the floor. Go back to the shooting range game. Throw the mud to the target. It will slow it down. Insert the coins. Use the gun to shoot the target. Collect your remote control puppet as a prize.

Q : How could I use that cage to go to the castle in the distance ?
A :
Get inside the hut. See that button on the top of the desk. Someone should push the button while you're in the cage. Open the left drawer to take the matches. Open the right drawer and put your puppet inside. Get out from the hut. Step into the cage and use the remote control to make the puppet push the button for you. You'll end up in ....

The Castle

Q : I climb up to the tower and I find out this strange device. How to make this device works ?
A :
The answer is hidden in the Alchemist Study. Go down and enter the Alchemist Study (it's the entrance to the left of the spider). Get the shaft on the floor. Pick up a book that explains about mirror puzzle. That is your clue to make the device works. You have to fog up the mirror on the top of the fountain.

Q : How to produce a fog on this fountain ?
A :
Go to the church (that's the entrance to the right of the skull). Get the skull on the pentagram. Get the torch on the holder near the steps. Go back to the Alchemist Study. Put skull on tile under the fountain (this will stop the flow of the water to the fountain). Put the torch on the skull. Light it with the macthes (if you haven't found this matches, it's inside the left drawer in the hut at the amusement park). Then kick the skull out of the way. It will produce a fog and you'll see number 7845 on the mirror.

Q : What is the connection between 7845 and the strange device on the tower ?
A :
That's the solution of the puzzle. Go back to the tower. Insert the shaft on middle of the device. Move the shaft to 7, 8, 4, and finally 5 position (they're VII, VIII, IV, and V in Roman numbers) by right clicking on the holes. This will reveal a book. Read it and you'll realize that Hugh Martens has betrayed you. You'll be transported to ...

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Hugh Martens Cyber Office

Notes: From now you could switch back and forth from Hugh Martens office and the Amusement Park by clicking the yellow buttons of your Positioner device.

Q : How could I get pass this annoying secretary ?
A :
There's a bag of sleeping powder in the Alchemist Study. Use your positioner to go back to the Castle. Go into the Study and get the sleeping powder from the shelf. Go back to Hugh Martens office and use the sleeping powder on the chocolate. Nighty night ..... Push the button on the panel next to her to open his office. Get inside his office now.

Q : How could I get into his Private Room ? The door is locked....
A :
If you read one of the book in the Alchemist Study, you'll find out that the blood of the werewolf could corode an iron. This is what you need to get into his Private Room, the Blood of the Werewolf. When you get it, pour the blood on the door handle. It will melt it down and you could go into the private room.

The Amusement Park of Terror

Q : How could I kill the werewolf ?
A :
You need to make a silver bullet. This is said from one of the book inside the Alchemist Study also. One of the document on the table even explain on how to make a silver bullet.You could find the werewolf inside the labyrinth.

Q : How could I make a silver bullet ?
A :
First, get the gun and its bullet from the showcase inside Hugh Martens' office. Get the club on the knight statue. Go back to the amusement park. Use the club on the drum at the Strength Machine again. This time you'll knock off the bell. Get it. Find a lava pool inside the labyrinth. Here is the route if you have difficulties: down, left and follow the edge until you reach the end. That's your lava pool. Use bell on lava. Put the bullets and the coin on the bell. Use cloth to get the bell. Get your silver bullet.

Q : How could I make this gun working ?
A :
For that, you need to make a gunpowder. First collect charcoal powder, jar of sulfur, and the saltpetre. You could find charcoal powder inside the brazier in the church. Retrieve the jar of sulfur from the shelf in the Alchemist Study. Get the saltpetre from the back wall in the basement of the small hut (where you saw the huge spider early on). Mix them all together to produce a gunpowder. Put the gunpowder and the silver bullet inside the gun. Now you're ready to kill the werewolf.

Q : Where should I hold the blood ?
A :
Find the werewolf, shoot it, and hold the blood in the empty sulfur jar. Go back to the Hugh Marten's cyber office and enter his Private Room.

Private Room

Q : How could I access Hugh's computer ?
A :
This is the cleverest puzzle in this game. The keyword is Calculator. Here is the clue. Check the piece of paper on Hugh desk. Pick up the slide from the drawer. Go back to the Meeting Room. Use the slide on the projector. You'll see a picture on the wall. Use it as a mask to the LCD numbers on the wall of the Main Lobby (behind the secretary desk). You'll get this numbers: 562396. This is the number to access his computer.

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Joshua will have a final meeting with Eva and Al. He'll go to Rocas Perdida to hunt down Hugh Martens with the help of a high tech device called Parallel Cutter.

End of Part IV
Now, you're ready to go to the Prison Island.
Here you'll find all the answer of your questions.