The Smuggler Base

Goals: Meet Simon Ruby


Q :  What should I do here in the warehouse ?
A :
To begin, you need to do something with that control panel on the wall. It controls the Terrorist Hideout secret door. First you could go to the roof via the trapdoor on the ceiling. Take the elevator to go to the top of the warehouse. Push the button on the ceiling to open the trapdoor. Use the staircase to go to the roof.

Q : How could I open the maintenance room door ?
A :
Use the magnetized bar to pry open the maintenace room door.

Q : I'm trapped here on the roof. How could I open the trapdoor ?
A :
Go inside the maintenance room. Pull the lever to cut off the flow of the gas. Use the pliers to cut the pipe. Bend the pipe and put it through the window on the top of it. Go out to the roof. Detach the hose from the faucet and attach it to the bended pipe. Now, go back to the maintenance room and pull the lever again to release the gas supply. Go out and put the broken minicom on the trapdoor lock. Use the hose on the sparking minicom to cut through the trapdoor and set off the fire alarm. This will attract one of the guard from the secret door to fix the alarm. He'll accidently leaves the control panel open and drop the match on the floor.  

Q : How could I get inside the hideout ?
A :
Use the screwdriver to remove the inside cover of the control panel. Take out the neutral wire (the middle one) and attach it to the negative wire (the one on the right). Put back the cover. Get the match on the ground. Go back up to the roof. Combine the broom and the match to create a home-made torch. Use the torch with the censor on the ceiling (near the stair) to set off a fire alarm again. This act will attract the guard one more time. This time, as soon as he touch the control panel, he'll be shocked and remain unconscious. Now you could enter the hideout.

Terrorist Hideout

Q : How could I get pass the other guard inside ?
A :
Go back out and take the projector from one of the crate. Combine it with the 3-way adapter. Go back in. Plug it in the socket and turn in the projector. Watch how Joshua knock him out. Search his body to reveal a key and a laser gun.

P.S : While you're in the warehouse, don't forget to take the electronic pincers from the crate also.

Q : What should I do with this Laser Gun ?
A :
Shoot the Blue Control Panel to open it. Inside you'll find an empty slot and some buttons.

Q : How could I operate this control panel ?
A :
Take the elevator to go to a deserted room. There are 2 other doors here. Both are locked. Use the key to open a desk drawer. Take the security card inside. Use the computer to read an interesting email about Hugh Martens. This guy knows more that he told you. Examining the picture on the wall will reveal a piece of paper with strange note on it. Go back to the hideout and use the card on the panel. Click the buttons from the lightest to the darkest color or from the darkest color to the lightest. It's your choice. Here are the solutions, from top to bottom (1 - 7):

night4.jpg (10883 bytes)

night5.jpg (14333 bytes)

The code

From lightest to darkest

Q : Nothing happens. What does this control panel do ?
A :
It will disable the security system so you could enter the right door in the deserted room. Push the green panel on the wall. Hey ... it's Simon Ruby. What happens with him ? He's unconscious.

Q : What should I do with the other door in the deserted room ?
A :
Get the stethoscope and the syringe from Simon Ruby room (it's inside the left panel). Use the stethoscope on the door to overheard the conversation between Eva Thomson and one of the terrorist. Something wrong here...... You enter the door and listen to .....

End of Part III
In part IV you'll realize what's really going on here.
You'll be investigating the Cyberspace for some clues.