The Zoo

Goal: Discover the Secret Base of The Corporation 

Q : What should I do first here ?
A :
There are 3 exit in this first screen. If you go to the left, you'll see a sphinx. The bar is plain empty and the path to the left of the bar will go straight to the bookstore. Finally, to your right, you'll see a kid standing in front of a fan accross the pond. He seems like doing something. You'll find out that most of the paths have somekind of green barrier in front of them. You need to dismantle the barrier if you want to pass through. So you need to find the Control Room. First, let's play around with the sphinx.

The Sphinx

Q : What should I do with this sphinx ?
A :
If you right click on it, you'll hear a strange message: "Under the supreme eye of the father of the gods ... Sits the solar protector of all men ... To the right of he who delights in the eternal coming of his being". Nearby, there is a statue of dog (it's Anubis statue, by the way). On its based, you'll see 3 different wheels full of egyptian symbols. Hmmm.... 3 sentences from the message and 3 different wheels. That's should be something about them ...... An access code maybe, but to where ?!! Hmm... maybe to Control Room. You need an egyptian book to solve this problem. Remember, there's a bookstore at the end of the path from the bar. There should be something there.

Q : How could I get into the bookstore ?
A :
Definitely, you couldn't get in through the front door because it's barred shut. There must be another way to get in. If you examine closely at the map that Hugh gave you, you'll see a connection between the zoo and the deserted station. The other entrance should be somewhere there. Trace your back to deserted station. Remember the locked door inside the inventory room in the old subway station? It must lead to somewhere.

Q : How could I get accross the railroad again ? The chain is at the middle of the railroad.
A :
Go back up to the deserted station and hit one of the speaker on the top right corner with your bar. You'll get a magnet. Combine the magnet with the bar. Use the magnetized bar to get the hanging chain. Swing accross.

Q : How could I open the door ? The hatch is rusted ...
A :
There's a can of oil on the counter inside the bar at the zoo. Go there and pick up the can. Use the can of oil to loosen the hatch. Open the door and enter the storage room.

Q : It's too dark here. Where is the light switch ?
A :
The light bulb is broken. You have to replace it. Get the broken light bulb. Open the trapdoor and follow the tunnel until it reach the end. Use the rusty key to unlock the door at the end of the tunnel. Voila.... you're inside the bookstore. Get the working light bulb from the desk lamp. This could replace the broken light bulb at the storage room. Inside the storage room you'll find a 3-way adapter. Take it.

Q : Where is the Egyptian book ?
A :
It's on the second shelf of the leftmost bookshelf. Inside this book you'll find all the symbols and their description (if you right click on the symbols). That's the clue to solve the wheel puzzle at the sphinx. Go back to the sphinx and here is the solution: Ra on top, Kheprer on the left, and Horus on the right.

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Q :  What should I do inside this Control Room ?
A :
Activate all the buttons inside until all the lights turn to green. This will deactivate all the green barriers throughout the zoo. Now, you have the access to all the exhibits.

The Pond

Q : What should I do with kid at the pond ?
A :
Try to open the panel on the generator on the left side of the pond. Oooops ........ it's exploded and hit the kid as well. Now he's unconcious. You got to help him.

Q : How could I help him ?
A :
First, you got to make the generator works. By doing this, you'll be able to raise a bridge to cross the pond. The generator needs gas cylinder, fuel and something to ignite it. You could find the gas cylinder behind the yellow curtain inside the bar. Take the broom also from the same place, behind the yellow curtain. You might need it later. For the fuel and the other component, you should search for them in different places.

Q : Where could I find fuel ?
A :
You could find some at the exhibition of Godesses, at the left path from the bar. Push the bush on  the base of Kali statue, the Goddess of Fire. You'll see a hidden faucet there. Push it twice and you'll see fuel comes out from the faucet. Get the beer can from the bar (it's on the computer table) to hold the fuel. Fill the generator with the fuel.

Q : Where could I find the other component to ignite this generator ?
A :
It's lying inside the cave in the pre-historic section. Continue walking to the left from the exhibition of Goddesses.

The Cave

Q : How could I pass this dinosaur in the fissure ?
A :
Get the weapon on the shelf inside the Control Room. Use the weapon to shoot the dinosaur. Now, you're free to cross the bridge. Get the flare on the table. You could use this flare to ignite the generator.

Q : I push a key on the wall here, but it only reveals an empty cage. Did I do wrong ?
A :
You need a device to make that key works. The kid on the pond might have something because he's the only person here in the zoo. Go back to the pond. After you turn on the generator with the flare, cross the pond. Search the kid and you'll find a remote control. Go back to the cave and use the remote control on the key. Hmmm.... a secret elevator. Take it to go to ...


End of Part II
As you step into the smuggler base, you wonder if
you could  find Simon Ruby in the end. Well ... the answer is ....