Another great game from Trecision after The Ark of Time. Rewarded as the Best Adventure Game 1998 in Europe, this game has a strong tradition of 'point and click' adventure game. You play the role of Joshua Reeve, an ex-lieutenant of the military services, whose in debt to his former captains, Hugh Martens. He saved his live during the war in the past.

Nowadays Martens is Union City's mayor, but his popularity seems to be rapidly going downhill. The reason is directly connected to the attacks of a group of terrorists, who have targeted the most important industrial installations in the city, included the Genesis Cryogenic Enterprise, who is no less than Martens' electoral sponsor.

He'll have to find those damned rebels. His investigation is going to start from the apartment of a guy called Simon Ruby, a police officer infiltrated in the terrorist group who has disappeared more than 24 hours ago.

Simon Ruby

Goals : Find clues about Simon Ruby disappearance

Ruby Apartment Building

Q : How could I operate the elevator in Simon Ruby apartement building ?
A :
Open the elevator panel and get the fuse.  This fuse need something before it could works. Find a wrapper for it. exit the building and get the aluminium foil on the ground (next to the car). Wrap the fuse with it and put it back in the elevator panel. That should do the trick. Use the elevator card on the slot inside the elevator and head to Ruby's apartment.

Q : How could I get into his apartment ?
A :
He lives in the apartment number 17. Do you see that Pen Pad ? You need to forge his signature to open the door. Go back to the roof top Auto-park floor. Use the small key to open the mailbox number 17. Get the letter (you could see his signature on it). Use the elevator to go back to his apartment and use the letter on the Pen Pad. Use the magnetic pen on it. You're inside his apartment now.

Q : What should I find here ?
A :
The most important clue is the notepaper on the table. It said something about "Rotmall 17 - 11:30 pm". Hmmm... a secret meeting ??! Notice that photo on the table. Ruby with a gorgeous brunette. Take it. Who is this girl ??! Take the Subway Card in the trash can. He was using this card to travel to somewhere recently. Maybe Rotmall 17. Don't forget to take the vodka from the fridge. It might be useful later on.

Q : There is nothing in his bedroom. What should I do here ?
A :
Search carefully. If you open the wardrobe and push the clothes a little bit, you'll find a hidden safe.

Q : How could I open this safe ?
A :
The key to this safe is hidden behind the window shutter. Push the switch near the window to lower the shutter. Open the window. You'll find a tape behind it. Get the tape to reveal a small key. This key will unlock the safe. Inside the safe you'll find a revolver, a tube with strange liquid in it, and a copy of a report from Ruby to Hugh Marteen, your boss. This is really interesting.

P.S: If you look at the glass on the small table, you'll notice that it has been used recently. That Vodka has strong smell.

Q : What is this strange liquid inside the tube ?
A :
It's time to do a little test. Use the elevator to go back to the Rooftop Auto-park floor. Exit the building and go to the barrier on the far left side of the screen. Examine it. Use the tube on it. Whoooaaa the liquid melts some part of the barrier. It's a very strong acid. Get the metal bar.

Q : Where is the Rotmall 17 ?
A :
Check out the map beside the letterboxes inside the building. There is a Subway Station below this building. Take the elevator to go there. Talk with the cop. Darn, he said that there is a bomb alert so the escalator to the street is closed. Look at the map above the ticket machine (make sure you do this or you couldn't use the ticket machine). Hmmm... this subway pass the Rotmall 17. Good then.

Q : I couldn't operate this ticket machine. The slot is jammed. What should I do ?
A :
Only the slot that takes the notes that is broken. The other slot that takes coins is still working. Try to find a coin. There is a vending machine just outside Ruby's apartment. Go there by using the elevator. Use credit notes on it to get a beer can. Get the change also. Go back to Subway. Use the coin on the ticket machine. You'll receive a train card. Head to the entrance and use the card on the scanner.


Rotmall 17

Goals: Find the clue about the mysterious brunette

Q : What should I do with this bum ?
A :
Show him Ruby's photograph. Ask him about Ruby and the mysterious girl.

Q : He won't tell me anything. What should I do ?
A :
Bribe him. No.... not with the money. Bribe him with booze. Give him the beer can. Show him the photo again. This time he said something. Give him another booze (the vodka). This time he told you that the girl is the owner of the Free Climax Club, Eva Thomson.

Q : How could I get in the Free Climax Club ?
A :
The bouncer tell you that you have to become a member before he could let you in.

Q : How could I become a club member ?
A :
There is no time to apply one so why don't you try to get it from someone. The only person in this area that you could talk to is the liquor store owner. Go inside and talk with him. Notice his membership card behind the counter. He'll give his membership card if you could bring him "Chateau Lafitte '85". That's Eva's favourite rare liquor and he mentioned that he has one in his cellar. That's interesting !!

Q : Where is the entrance to his cellar ?
A :
Look in the alley beside the store. Climb the rail to get into the alley. There's a padlocked trapdoor. That's the cellar door. Use the acid to melt the padlock. Open the trapdoor and get inside.

Q : His wife is inside the cellar. How could I get pass her ?
A :
Remember, woman hates mouse and there should be lots of mouse inside the cellar somewhere. Go find one. Go back up to the alley and use the bar to open the manhole. Go down and get the dead rat. That's the only rat you could find here.

Q : What's the use of a dead rat ? It won't scared her ....
A :
  So, make it moves. The bum at the subway station has something that you need. Give him some cash and he'll sell you his skate. Use the dead rat on skate and use it to scare the wife. When she's gone, open the crate and get the "Chateau Lafitte '85". Give this to the shopkeeper and you'll received the membership card.

P.S : On the way up from the cellar you'll hear an announcement that the subway is closed for temporary because of the bombing. There goes your transportation back to town.

Now you could use the card to get inside the club and talk with Eva Thomson.

Q : What should I do now ? I couldn't go back to town .....
A :
Contact Hugh Martins by using your minicom. Report the progress. He'll send you a subway map to help you to continue your investigation. He needs a fax machine to send you the map.

Q : Where could I find a fax machine here ?
A :
There's one down in the subway station. Pick up the grafitti sign near the bum and use it to repair the ID plate of the fax machine. Tell Hugh about the ID number and he'll send you a map through this fax machine.

Q : Where is the old subway tunnel mentioned on the map ?
A :
Go to the old tunnel through the manhole in the alley. Open the grate to enter the station.


Old Subway Tunnel

Q : Where should I go ?
A :
You should go accross the railway to the other side. All the tools you needed are inside the inventory room on the right side (behind that locked door). See that chain on the ground, you'll use it to swing to the other side.

Q : How can unlocked the door to the inventory room on the right wall ?
A :
Shot the door with your gun. See that poster on the middle cabinet ? It's blocked the way. Rip it off and open the cabinet to get leads, screwdriver, and socket spanner tool. Get the old rusty key from the right cabinet also. It might be useful later on.

P.S: Notice there is a locked door here. You'll be accessing this door later on in this game.

Q : How could I use the chain to swing accross ? It's too heavy for me ....
A :
Use your screwdriver to release the 'S' letter from the ads on the wall. Combine it with the chain to create a grappling hook. Throw it to the pipe above the railway and swing accross.

Q : How could I get pass that magnetic door ?
A :
You have to demagnetized it. See that control panel to the left of the door ?! Use the spanner tool to open it. Use the lead with the contacts, pull down the lever, and finally use the leads with the magnetic door. There you go..... kabooom. You blast the door away. An interesting way to demagnetized the door. You'll be ended up in a deserted subway station.


Deserted Subway Station

Q : How could I go accross the collapsed ceiling  to the other side ?
A :
Get the pliers from the small room at the end of the platform. Go back to the collapsed area. Climb the ladder and cut the cable so the sign will fall down. Go down and cross the railway by using the fallen sign. Head into the zoo.

End of part 1
You'll arrived in a strange zoo that will turn out as the secret base