Bureau 13 Hints and Walkthru
                         Written by Dan Gilbert


This walkthrough is divided into two sections. The first section contains hints for each area. The areas are not listed in the order that you should go to them. They're just all there. If you need a hint for a particular area, just search for that area. The second section is a blatant no-nonsense walkthrough with all the puzzles solved for each character in the order that you should go. I wanted to be sure to include the solves for each character since that's one of the nice things about the game... the puzzles change depending upon which characters you've chosen. Each character also has a different perspective of things they see or hear. For example, some computer parts may be easily identified by the hacker, but the thief won't have a clue what they are. If you find any errors or omissions, please e-mail me at dgpc001@cyberia.com. I hope you enjoy this and it helps! Let me know what you think. Thanks!


H - Isaac Richards, the Hacker M - Delilah Littlepanther, the Mech P - Father Jonathan Blank, the Priest T - Jimmy Suttle, the Thief V - Alexander Keltin, the Vampire W - Selma Gray, the Witch In the walk-through section, actions that can be taken are accompanied by the appropriate letters before the action, denoting which characters can accomplish the task (for example: [T] Pick the lock). If any character can accomplish the task, there is not an indication (for example: Read the book).

================== Section #1 - Hints ==================

General Guidelines ------------------ To start with, make sure you listen to the guy in the briefing room during the introduction. He tells you to make sure you don't draw attention to yourself so as not to have that attention lead back to the Bureau. This is important, especially if you want to finish the game with a high score. Leaving doors open to houses that you've broken into is a sure way of drawing attention to yourself! Smashing things is another good way. Killing people is the best way! The Bureau doesn't like that sort of behavior! :-) To get the highest score possible, close everything you open. Try to leave everything the way you found it. It's not always possible, but the more you can do it, the higher your score will be. Make sure that you click on everything, read everything you find, and make a note of it. Most of the information you come across will eventually be put to use. This isn't always the case, but... better safe than sorry, eh!?! Save your game often so you can come back to something if you get stuck (this goes without saying for most experienced adventure-gamers, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway). On the same note, PICK UP EVERYTHING YOU CAN!!! There's no weight limit for any of your characters. It seems the Bureau only hires agents with superhuman strength when it comes to carrying things! :-) Most of the puzzles have a logical solution. Notice I said "most." As with almost all adventure games, sometimes you have to just try stupid stuff! :-) Okay, here we go! NEWS VENDING MACHINE Search the vending machine. You'll find something with which to open it. Alternately, the thief is pretty good at breaking into stuff. The newspaper will tell you about recent happenings. Take note! You need to find evidence and clues. Where should you look, according to the newspaper? Check out the boxes and the signs on the wall, too. OUTSIDE POLICE STATION All the garbage is just that - garbage. The Bureau probably wouldn't want you to play garbage collector. INSIDE POLICE STATION Look at everything. The sargeant seems to be a heavy smoker, judging from the ashtray. I wonder if he's concerned about the fire hazard? Of course, there's a fire extinguisher nearby that he could use, but if it wasn't available, I guess he'd need to go elsewhere for one. By the way, I wonder if he's armed? Maybe if there was a way to get his gun...? Would you need a gun later? He won't let you in any of the other rooms, either. I'll bet there's good stuff in that evidence locker, huh? SHERIFF'S OFFICE Check out the security monitor. It shows the evidence locker. It probably wouldn't be a good idea, as far as the Bureau was concerned, to show up on a security video tape while stealing evidence. Be curious enough to search through someone else's desk. Miss Manners would have a fit, but she's not watching. What do you suppose the fuse box on the wall controls? EVIDENCE LOCKER Take everything and look at it, read it, whatever. Since you're not on the security camera, you're at liberty to snitch whatever you like without penalty (would that life were so easy!). OUTSIDE RICK'S ELECTRONICS You'd probably like to get inside, wouldn't you? Thieves and misting vampires make it easy to get into places, but the others have no such "breaking and entering" prowess. The plate glass door doesn't look like it would stand up to much, does it? INSIDE RICK'S ELECTRONICS Junk, junk everywhere! You'll find all kinds of useful things inside the store. Search everything. Take everything you can. Open things. Use things. If you're in desparate need of some easy cash, I'll bet there's a lot of cash in the register. Rick must do a pretty good business since he doesn't seem to have time to tidy up. Those cassette tapes might be interesting to listen to, as well. OUTSIDE AI CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Pretty tough security lock on the door. Seems to have good weather stripping, too. Even the vampire can't mist through the cracks! Go ahead and push on the buzzer. Talk to and look at the guard when he opens the door. He's not too bright. Maybe that could work to your advantage. Witches have a way of "divining" certain things (like security codes). Sorry. That's sort of a spoiler, but I couldn't help myself. BEHIND AI BUILDING Not much here but a big old dumpster. Check it out, though. You never know what you might come across rooting through someone's trash. Ignore the cat for now. You'll see it later. INSIDE AI CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS - SECRETARY'S DESK Lotsa stuff here! Look around. Take and read everything. If you don't, you'll be an unhappy camper later! SECURITY OFFICE Check out those videotapes! Nothing exciting for the most part, but you should probably hang onto them. TED SIMPSON'S OFFICE Nice office, eh? (It's just like mine, by the way. NOT!) Most of the stuff is pretty mundane. I wonder what that button's for? Think about where someone might hide valuable stuff (think of classic movie stuff). It seems that remote control has no battery. You'll need one and it's in the room. GYM AND MESSENGER SERVICE Nothing's outside, it seems, except for that scaffolding between the windows upstairs. INSIDE MESSENGER SERVICE Messenger-man seems to be more interested in the ponies than he does in conducting business, but he still won't let you go upstairs... unless there's some sneaky way to get by him. DELIVERY BOYS' LOCKERS There's probably a bunch of useful stuff in the lockers. They're sort of a mess behind them, though. It's kind of tough to see in the dark, isn't it? That fuse panel must be blown. INSIDE GYM Sorry guys. It's the WOMEN'S locker room. Ladies, go right in. The attendant must work two jobs, 'cause she keeps leaving. Not a high security gym, if you ask me. INSIDE WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM Guys, if you're in here and the women see you, they'll probably kick you out. There must be some way to conceal yourself, so that woman in the shower doesn't scream (it's not here, though). OUTSIDE HOSPITAL Just go inside. INSIDE HOSPITAL The guard is a tough character. Best not mess with him. Check out that crash cart, though. It's strange how dry ice doesn't vaporize when it's sitting in the open like that (that's why they call it "interactive FICTION"). I'll bet if you put that dry ice somewhere where there's water... USED RV LOT The Bureau must use some pretty good security to protect their vehicles. It seems there's no way to jimmy the lock and get in. What kind of lock is that, anyway? OUTSIDE AMERICAN TEMPORARY STORAGE Nothing here but a pretty sign. :-) INSIDE AMERICAN TEMPORARY STORAGE The kid's gonna ruin his ears. What's that music he's listening to? I'll bet you'd like to hear that band live, huh? Regardless of his musical listening habits, he seems pretty stubborn when it comes to letting federal agents in the safe. I guess you'll have to use the proper channels to gain entrance. How do you suppose the safe-deposit boxes are opened? IN THE RV Did you find anything in the RV? It has critical information to your investigation. ____________________________________ AI MANUFACTURING PLANT - FROM THE RV RV PARKING SPOT That's all. Just a parking spot. FOREST ROAD Notice a truck goes by every now and then (Nice trees, too, if you're a nature lover). CLEARING Looks like a storm has passed through. That big branch on the ground looks pretty heavy, but I'll bet you could carry it anyway (remember that "superhuman strength" comment I made earlier!). AI MANUFACTURING PLANT Pretty nastly looking fence. I don't think I'd wanna touch it. That gate looks too tough to open, even for a thief. Those delivery trucks don't seem to have a problem, though. If you could just get into one of those trucks... AI PLANT SOUTHWEST CORNER Nice view. That scaffolding looks like it could easily hold two people. INSIDE MAIN GATE The scaffolding obviously doesn't work. Hmmpf! (You can't get in the truck again, either, so don't even try! :-) ) IN LOADING BAY Take whatever you can (as always)! What's that fuse box on the wall for? SCAFFOLDING It goes up. CORRIDOR What's behind door #1 or door #2? It seems like you don't have clearance to get inside either one. Do you feel a breeze from gaps between the door and the frame? LEVEL 4 ELECTRONIC STOCKROOM Lots of junk in bins. Is it useful? It sure is, if you're in the top secret weapons manufacturing business... otherwise, no. The keypad at the elevator seems to be jury-rigged. Code! Code! I need a code! SECURED CORRIDOR The sign says "Danger," but do you see why? Better make sure the coast is clear! SECURED LABORATORY Creepy place. Interesting book. Are the names of those people in the book important? (Duh.) LEVEL 6 GUARD POST This guard is putting down coffee like there's no tomorrow. He'll never fall asleep! Maybe he'll have to go to the bathroom soon, though. This place is the kind of place that would have secret passages all over the place. LOCKED OFFICE/PROGRAMMER'S ROOM She's dead to the world. Ted Simpson must really overwork this woman. I wonder how you can wake her up? I'll bet she's got some information that would certainly be helpful CORRIDOR TO EMP LAB The programmer probably has information about how to get into that lab. There are probably more secret passages here, too. INSIDE EMP LAB This must be the device that the programmer talked about. I guess I'd better use it somewhere to stop that virus. I wonder if this thing can be recharged? CORRIDOR TO SIMPSON'S OFFICE Another door that needs a scancard pass. Well, you should have three of them by this time. One of them ought to work. TED SIMPSON'S OFFICE This is as nice as the one at AI Corporate Headquarters! This guy must really rake in the bucks! I wonder if it's got the same gadgets in it that his other office has? MAINFRAME ANTECHAMBER Oh sure! Another voice lock! And you without a VCR. I guess you'll have to disable the electronic computer lock another way. What was it the programmer said this EMP thing does? I wonder if it will damage anything when I use it? It would be terrible if that door got screwed up. Then you'd have to find another way into the mainframe room. MAINFRAME ROOM So here's the big computer! Ted Simpson doesn't look too good, but from the looks of the monitor behind him, he got the job done. Have you even been in Virtual Reality? Have you even been in Virtual Reality when there's a killer computer virus on the loose who's not looking out for your best interests? IN VIRTUAL REALITY Man, does this virus have a sharp eye! He won't let you anywhere near that terminal! Hmmm... How can I blind this thing? _________________________ THE SUBURBS (from the RV) ELM STREET Nice family house. Does the family's name ring a bell? The Bureau probably wounldn't approve of your just breaking into people's houses if it wasn't critical to your investigation... but it is kind of fun! DOGWOOD DRIVE - EDDIE HOUSTON'S HOUSE You'll need to gain entrance, obviously, before you can get anything juicy. Hmmm... Would a thief help? A vampire? A mech? If you can't get in, don't fret. You'll find a way to get your way in, "bar"ring anything unfortunate happening. EDDIE HOUSTON'S LIVING ROOM Is this guy a slob or what!?! There's lots of worthless junk and garbage in this house. Take what you can. Someone might think it's useful! Remember what the RV database said about Eddie Houston? Maybe you can find some of his stuff that he uses to hunt vampires. EDDIE HOUSTON'S KITCHEN This guy has a door to his kitchen and he leaves it open! I guess that's consistent with the rest of his surroundings. Something in this place makes me think of that kid at American Temporary Storage and the music he was listening to. DOGWOOD DRIVE - DENNIS STERLING'S HOUSE Now THIS house is more like it! This guy has some class! If you got into Eddie Houston's house, you'll have no problem getting in this one. DENNIS STERLING'S LIVING ROOM Nice furniture! Is that real leather on that couch? (It's just like the one I have at home...) Is his answering on? Are there any messages? DENNIS STERLING'S BEDROOM Hey! Hey! You're getting a little personal here, aren't you? DENNIS STERLING'S GARAGE It seems the man has good taste in cars as well as furniture! He keeps his place a little neater than Eddie Houston, doesn't he?! I wonder if the inside of the cabinets are as tidy as the rest of the garage? LIBRARY PARKING LOT That car sure looks beat up. Noone in their right mind would leave anything of value in a car like that in the middle of the night, right? Have you gotten into Eddie Houston and Dean Sterling's houses yet? Why not? Doors locked? These are prying times we live in. (No, it's not a typo, but it's pretty bad, huh? :-) ) FRONT OF LIBRARY Did you only ever use the book return bins outside the library when you knew your books were overdue and you didn't feel like fessing up at the moment? No? (No Dan, just you.) Maybe someone else felt that way, too. I'll bet that book return bin opens up just like a house does. INSIDE LIBRARY Those damn computers in the libraries. The keys are always color- coded to the commands and someone always peels off the color stickers. :-) What do you need to look up in the computer? Need some specific books? It's a pretty big library. You might not find the right one just by browsing. LIBRARY BASEMENT Books, books, and more books. Unless you know exactly what you're looking for and where to look, it doesn't seem like there's much hope in finding it. FRONT OF SCHOOL Looks just like my Junior High School looked. Students use libraries a lot, don't they (theoretically). If you could get inside, you might find something to confirm this fact. Check out the windows. INSIDE LIBRARY Most of these classrooms seem to be shut and locked. The one up the hall, however, is yours for the taking! INSIDE CLASSROOM Do they still use those flip-top desks for kids? The teacher has a REAL desk and there's stuff on it, too! Maybe you can confirm that "library-student" thing. CARVER'S BAR Not much business here, is there? Maybe it's because the bartender isn't too friendly. Perhaps if you come back later, there'll be more customers. BASEMENT OF CARVER'S BAR It's a recovering alchoholic's nightmare!!! Too bad you can't take some of this stuff with you. It looks like a good place to go if you want to be alone, though. STALKER'S PARKING LOT Nice car. I wonder if there's anything in that bus? There must be lot of room in that baggage compartment in the back since the band is playing inside and all there stuff has been removed. FRONT OF STALKER'S NIGHTCLUB That ticket guy seems to be pretty adamant about making sure you've got a ticket. After all, Mike and The Nightstalkers are a pretty popular band. INSIDE STALKER'S You'd think there'd be more of a crowd, since they're so popular, huh? That guy up front seems to be enjoying the show, though. Everyone else seems to be doped up. BACKSTAGE AT STALKER'S This guy's not much of a bouncer, is he? He's mumbling crazy stuff, it sounds like. I wonder who nailed him? DRESSING ROOM AT STALKER'S It's where all the groupies want to be!!! I'll bet if they were there without the band, they want to take something for a souvenir! Cool coffin. The band's got a wierd schtick, but they've got cool props. OUTSIDE HERBALIST'S SHOP Is this one of those health food places? INSIDE HERBALIST'S SHOP There's all kinds of stuff lying around for sale. The shopkeeper seems to have no problem giving away free samples, though. The amulet on the counter looks like it might be pretty valuable. Since the shopkeeper gave you all the other stuff for free, don't you thnk you shouldn't be too greedy? Maybe you outta leave her something?! SIXTH STREET What a mess! I guess the garbage men don't visit this part of town. Read all the posters. INSIDE GANG HIDEOUT This guy looks like a druggie. You'd better take his stash so he won't be tempted and he can recover. Isn't Sixth Street the hangout of Sawbuck (Clyde Carver)? Maybe this guy knows where he is. __________________________ THE CEMETARY (from the RV) RV PARKING SPOT That's all. THE PARK Nice and peaceful. According to the statue's plaque, Statusburg has been around for some time now! Can you identify any of these plants? OUTSIDE THE CHURCH It's supposedly a wonderful church, but it looks kind of creepy at night, doesn't it? INSIDE THE CHURCH - SANCTUARY Looks like a pretty standard church to me. The father seems to be staying up a little late, doesn't he? CHURCH KITCHEN The father must not be much of a cook. It looks like he cut himself at the kitchen counter. There's blood everywhere! CHURCH BEDROOM Simple living quarters. I don't know if I'd want that view out my back windows though... creepy! We're hunting demons, right? Symbols of holiness might be of assistance in the investigation. The floor sounds a little hollow in places. Shoddy construction? CEMETARY GATES From the looks of that tombstone, there's probably some demonic activity going on. I wonder who's in that grave? (Hey, you probably took the crucifix from the church, you might as well try grave robbing!) It's been said that a crucifix is a good thing to have at the ready when you're in creepy graveyards at night. It might scare away demons. BACK OF CEMETARY It's the back of the cemetary. OUTSIDE VERONICA COTTON'S HOUSE The door's open. She must be home. This place looks like it should be made out of gingerbread. INSIDE VERONICA COTTON'S HOUSE Wow, is this woman powerful! I'll bet, in a fair fight, she could even take out Samantha Stevens! I wonder what gives her her power? Maybe if her power source was far away, she wouldn't be so tough. THE MAUSOLEUMS The cemetary just keeps getting creepier and creepier. Isn't this the view from the church bedroom? *Shiver* That mausoleum in the back is even open! INSIDE THE MAUSOLEUM What was the grave robbing comment I made earlier? It seems someone beat you to it... and to make matters worse, the door disappeared!!! Aaaaargh! I think Stellerex is baiting you! Remember that Stellerex is the master of illusion and deception. Things aren't always as they seem. Think about the layout of the mausoleum. Is there someplace that should be accessible that isn't (other than outside)?

============================= Section #2 - The walk-through =============================

NEWS VENDING MACHINE Get the newspaper: Search the coin slot. You'll find a quarter. Put it in the machine and open it. Take a newspaper. Read it. Alternate ways of getting the newspaper. [T] Pick the lock and open it. [M] Smash the vending machine and take a paper. OUTSIDE POLICE STATION Go inside. INSIDE POLICE STATION [T] Pick the sargeant's pocket to get the gun. Take the superglue and glue the fire exinguisher door shut and then push the ashtray into the trashcan. SHERIFF'S OFFICE Open the sheriff's desk and take his keys. Open the fuse box. Take the spare fuse. Push the lever to shut off the power. [W] Cast a light spell to see better. The thief doesn't need light because he's used to working in the dark. EVIDENCE LOCKER Unlock the door with the sheriff's keys. Go in and take the camera, the police report, and the bomb fragments. Read the report and look at the fragments. OUTSIDE RICK'S ELECTRONICS To get inside: [T] Pick the lock [V] Mist in. [M] Smash the door in. (kinda fun!) Search the wall of the store. You'll find a brick. Throw it through the plate glass window. (Surprisingly enough, you don't lose points for this.) INSIDE RICK'S ELECTRONICS Take the wire cutters. Take the cassette tapes on the desk. Search the desk to find another tape. Play the tapes. Open the filing cabinet and take the customer records file. To get some money: [T] Pick the lock on the cash register. [M] Smash the register. OUTSIDE AI CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Unless you have the witch, you'll need to go behind the building to search the dumpster for an empty box (see below). Once you have the box, press the doorbell. The guard will open the door. Show him the package. He'll tell you leave it on Mr. Simpson's desk. You can then go inside (the guard doesn't seem to care if you wander around once you're inside). [W] Cast a divination spell. The lock's code will be revealed. BEHIND AI BUILDING Open the dumpster. Ignore the cat. Search the dumpster to find the small package (empty box) addressed to Ted Simpson. Use the box to trick the stupid guard out front. INSIDE AI CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS - SECRETARY'S DESK Take the note. Read it. It mentions a keycode 2112. Open the copy machine and take and read that paper, too. SECURITY OFFICE Take the video tapes. TED SIMPSON'S OFFICE Open the smoke detector and take out the battery. Get the remote control and put the battery in it. Press the button on the desk. Open the painting. Put video tape #3 in the VCR and use the remote to start it. The safe will open. Get the tape in the safe and put it in the VCR. Use the remote again. INSIDE MESSENGER SERVICE (Go to the News Vending Machine and then the left of the screen.) [T] Sneak upstairs into the Delivery boys' locker room. Unless you have the thief, you can't go upstairs directly. You need to get there via the gym (see below). INSIDE GYM [W,M] Go into the women's locker room. [H,T,P] Go to the hospital and get the dry ice from the crash cart. Go back to the gym and wait for the gym attendant to leave the room and then throw the dry ice in the locker room to steam the place up. Go inside. [V] Wait for the gym attendant to leave, go "mist form" and go into the locker room. INSIDE WOMEN'S LOCKER ROOM Go through the window at the far end of the locker room. This will put you in the DELIVERY BOYS' LOCKER ROOM. DELIVERY BOYS' LOCKERS Open the fuse box and take out the bad fuse. Put the new one that you got in the sheriff's office in the fuse box. The lights come on. Search the locker to the right of the fusebox. You'll find J.P. Withers' delivery jacket. Search the jacket to get his van keys. Search the lockers at the right of the screen to find the gloves. Take the trashcan. AMERICAN TEMPORARY STORAGE (ATS) (Go to Rick's Electronics, then the Used RV Lot, then ATS.) Show J.P.'s van keys to the attendant. He'll get your stuff. Look in the box and take everything. [H] Build a bomb with the components by tinkering with any one of them. USED RV LOT Use the scancard to get into the RV, then get out. You'll have J.P. Withers's Battle Journal. Read it. Unless you have the vampire, go to the hospital and get the Level 4 scancard from the sheriff (it will happen automatically. You'll meet J.P., too). Go back to the RV. Use autodrive to go to the AI manufacturing plant. CLEARING IN THE WOODS Get the branch. FOREST ROAD Put the branch in the middle of the road. When the truck stops and the driver leaves to move the branch, get in the truck. LOADING BAY Open the loading bay door and go inside. Get the wood saw. Open the fuse box and turn on the power by pushing it. Go outside. SCAFFOLDING TO CORRIDOR Take the scaffolding up to the corridor with the Level 4 and Level 6 security doors. [V] Mist through the Level 4 door. All others must first go back to the hospital to visit the sheriff. He'll give you a Level 4 passcard with which you can open the Level 4 door. ELECTRONIC STOCK ROOM Push the control panel by the elevator and enter the code "2112" into the keypad. The elevator is now active. Take it down to the secured corridor. SECURED CORRIDOR Use the wire-cutters from Rick's Electronics to cut the trip wire. Open the door to the Secured Laboratory. SECURED LABORATORY Get the drone ledger. Read it. Go back to the RV. RV Enter these names into the RV database: Cotton, Houston, Sterling, Carver (Sawbuck and Carver are the same person). You'll now have a new location that you can auto-drive to (The Suburbs). Go there. LIBRARY PARKING LOT (Go left two times: Dogwood Dr., Dogwood Dr., Parking Lot) Open the back of the parked car. Get the crowbar and the flashlight. Go back to the RV and go right to Elm Street. ELM STREET Use the crowbar to break the lock on the door. Go inside and pick up the book. Read it. Alternately, once you learn about the family and the book (from the school and library) you can [M] smash the door or [T] pick the lock to get inside. You can't do that before you learn about the book because the Bureau doesn't support illegal actions unless it helps the investigation. DOGWOOD DRIVE - EDDIE HOUSTON'S HOUSE (The first house left of the RV) Pry open the door, [T] pick the lock, [M] Smash the door, or [V] mist inside. EDDIE HOUSTON'S LIVING ROOM Get the vampire hunter's kit (green bag). Search it to find the shovel, garlic, and stake. Go into the kitchen EDDIE HOUSTON'S KITCHEN Close the door. Search the garbage to find a ticket to see Mike and the Nightstalkers. Leave the house DOGWOOD DRIVE - DENNIS STERLING'S HOUSE (the second house left of the RV) Pry open the door, [T] pick the lock, [M] smash the door, or [V] mist inside. DENNIS STERLING'S LIVING ROOM Play the answering machine (push on it). Go into the garage. DENNIS STERLING'S GARAGE Open the 2nd cabinet door. Take the book on bombs. Read it. Open the 5th cabinet. Take the radio (it seems to have no purpose other than play music). Leave FRONT OF LIBRARY (through Library parking lot) Pry open the book return, [T] pick the lock on the book return, or [M] smash the book return. Get the book on Botany. Read it. Pry open the library door, [T] pick the lock, [M] smash the door, or [V] mist inside. INSIDE LIBRARY [H] Hack the computer. Turn on the computer. Enter "demons" at the console. Go downstairs. LIBRARY BASEMENT Search the second shelf of books. You'll find that the book on demonology is checked out. FRONT OF SCHOOL Two ways to get in: Open the unlocked window Pry open the door, [T] pick the lock, [M] smash the door, or [V] mist inside. If you went through the door, go into the classroom in the back. If you went through the window, you'll already be in the classroom. INSIDE THE CLASSROOM Get the assignment list from the teacher's desk. Read it. (This is what lets you break into the Gembeck's house on Elm street if you don't have the crowbar.) Leave FRONT OF STALKER'S NIGHTCLUB (Past Carver's Bar and Stalker's parking lot) Go backstage through the door at the front right of the room. DRESSING ROOM (through backstage hallway) Search the coffin for the garlic and the note. Read the note. Leave SIXTH STREET (past the Herbalist's shop) Search the ballet poster. Open it. Go inside the gang hideout. INSIDE GANG HIDEOUT Ask the guy about the location of Sawbuck (Clyde Carver). Get the stimulants and the depressants. Leave. Go to Stalker's parking lot. STALKER'S PARKING LOT Open the bus. Search Eddie Houston to remove the drone chip. Go to Carver's Bar. CARVER'S BAR Click on Sawbuck six times until he's out of bullets. (You can attack him and kill him, too, but you lose points.) Follow him into the basement. BASEMENT OF CARVER'S BAR Search Sawbuck to remove the drone chip. Go to the Herbalist's shop. Get the healing powder, the warding charm, the sleeping drug, and the love potion. Pick up the amulet next to the cash register. When Veronica Cotton appears and asks if you want to see her, agree with her. She says she'll send Elmo. Give the amulet back to the herbalist woman. Go outside. Follow the cat, but don't get ahead of it. Let it leave the screen before you follow. It will wait. It will lead you back to the RV. AT THE RV A message will appear to tell you to follow the cat to the cemetary. Ignore it for now. Search Dennis Sterling to remove the chip. He'll tell you he rigged the RV to explode. Disable the bomb with the wire-cutters. Get in the RV and drive to the cemetary. Elmo the cat will be waiting for you. Follow him to Veronica Cotton's house. VERONICA COTTON'S HOUSE Go inside (the door's not locked). As she's speaking to you, search her to remove the drone chip. If she sends you back to the RV (magically), try again. If you still have the amulet from the herbalist, she'll keep sending you back. You have to go inside without the amulet. If you have the amulet, split up your characters and leave one at the RV. Go inside her house with the other one and you'll be able to search her. After you remove the chip, Stellerex will appear to you and he'll be pissed. Go to the cemetary gates. CEMETARY GATES Stellerex will be there screaming threats. Ignore him. Use the camera to take a picture. Use the shovel from Eddie Houston's vampire hunter's kit to dig just behind the marked gravestone. Take a finger bone from the body in the grave. This guy was a convicted murderer. Go to the park (past the RV). PARK Search the tree. You'll recognize it as a dogwood tree if you read the Book on Botany. Use the saw from the AI Manufacturing Plant to cut of a limb, then use the saw on the limb to cut off a small disk. Go to the church and go inside. INSIDE THE CHURCH Go into the church kitchen through the door on the right. CHURCH KITCHEN Dip the finger bone into the blood on the kitchen counter. It's the priest's blood. He's a virgin. Use the finger bone on the dogwood disc to create a disc to bind a demon. It will glow with a faint blue light (from the description, not actually on the screen) if you do it properly. Go into the bedroom through the door on the right. CHURCH BEDROOM Get the crucifix off the wall. Search the floor at the foot of the bed. Open the trapdoor and take the Tome of Banishment. Read it. Leave and go back to the cemetary gates. CEMETARY GATES. Stellerex will have a different message now that you have all the powerful demon-banishing stuff. Scare him away with the crucifix. You can now go to the mausoleums on the left side of the screen. MAUSOLEUMS Open the door of the mausoleum in the back. Go inside. INSIDE THE MAUSOLEUM Relative to the screen, go down, right, right, and up. Click on the left wall of the chamber. You'll go through the wall and will automatically banish Stellerex assuming you have the prepared dogwood disc and the Tome of Banishment. He'll give you a Level 6 passcard and will send you back outside the mausoleum. Go back to the RV and drive to the AI Manufacturing Plant. Go up the scaffolding again to the corridor. CORRIDOR Use the Level 6 passcard to open the door on the right. Go in. LEVEL 6 GUARD POST Stay behind the filing cabinet until the guard has to leave for the bathroom. Put the depressants in his coffee. Leave. Come back. He'll be unconcious. Search him to get a Level 7 passcard. Open the door to the locked offic with the passcard. LOCKED OFFICE/PROGRAMMER'S ROOM Give the stimulants to the programmer. Talk to her. She'll tell you all about the virus and give you the security cipher-code to the EMP lab. You don't have to write it down. Go into the corridor on the right. CORRIDOR TO EMP LAB Open the door to the EMP lab. It should open automatically if you've listened to the programmer. IN THE EMP LAB Get the EMP device. Go back out to the corridor. CORRIDOR TO EMP LAB (again) Go through the passageway on the bottom left of the screen. You'll be in another corridor that leads to Ted Simpson's office. CORRIDOR TO SIMPSON'S OFFICE Use the Level 7 passcard to open to door. TED SIMPSON'S OFFICE Push the statue on the desk. A passageway will open behind the desk. Go into the mainframe antechamber. MAINFRAME ANTECHAMBER Use the EMP device to shut down the security locks. It will damage the door to the mainframe room, so you can't get in that way. Go back to the EMP lab and recharge the EMP device by clicking on the pedastal where you found it. Go back to the Level 6 Guard Room. LEVEL 6 GUARD ROOM (again) Search the panel at the bottom left of the screen. You'll find an access tunnel to the mainframe computer. (The program says it's locked, but it isn't anymore, assuming you used the EMP device already.) Go into the mainframe room. MAINFRAME ROOM Talk to Ted Simpson. He'll give you a code for disabling the virus. With your character who's carrying the EMP device, sit in the VR chair by clicking on it. You'll go into VR. IN VR Listen to the virus doing his scare dialog and then use the EMP device (that'll shut him up! :-) ). Push the computer panel at the left of the screen and everything will blow up. You'll go back into reality with your other character and the game is over. It's got a pretty cheesy ending. A lot of people are bitching about that. Ta-dah! You've won!

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