The Ultimate Walkthrough by Crash


This is another big hits from Take 2 Interactive after Ripper in 1996. The story is about the murder case in the mid 40's before and after the WWII. The torso killer is lurking around the city of Cleveland, the NAZI followers are breaking loose, and you're the only person that could solve this mystery. All the puzzles range from medium hard and very difficult, but the good news is all the puzzles are very logical and blend nicely in the game. So you won't find any helpless 'click' and 'search' action. Just focus on the story, gather the clues, listen to all conversations CAREFULLY and you'll find the answer. You'll start the case with only a case file to investigate and messy office. Solve the puzzle before the killer GETS YOU !!!!

I've added special section in each part that called Author's note. This section explaining the background story of each part and the progress you've made so far.

Recent Updates : This page has become smaller so you could download the file more faster.

Special Note :
Special thanks goes to Joan Hansen for her big help on Winslow safe puzzle (CD 3), Folded Invitation puzzle (CD 4), and Pressure lever puzzle (CD 5).
Valium's information on Louie's phone number.



Main goal : Discover what has been covered by Pensky

Q : Where is the key to the locked drawer on the bookshelf ?
A : Open your desk's right drawer. Move around the notebook (click and drag your mouse), take the revolver, and move its holder. Inside the secret compartment on the holder, you'll find the small key. Use it to unlock the drawer. Inside you'll find a scrap note and a message to Dr. Strauss.

Q : Where are the runes that the letter mentions ?
A : Ooooh, this is tricky. Flip the light switch beside the door (you won't see the rune if you don't turn the light on). Look up to the lamp on the ceiling. Take the bag of runes on it.

Q : Where can I get the info about the case ?
A : Talk to Sullivan about it, he'll direct you to see Hank Finster and Detective Merylo. Finster will tell you about the Messenger and the Foreman. Notice that emblem above him : Finsterlau, this maybe important. Find out about the Foreman in Mc Ginty's bar.

Q : Who is the guy on the corner ?
A : He is Dick Winslow, an undercover FBI agent. He will tell you about the Black List, a secret list that contains the list of German people's name in US.

Q : Where can I get the Black List that Dick mentions ?
A : Sullivan have that list. Ask from him.

Q : Where can I find Prof. Strauss ?
A : You'll find his phone number on the 'Black List' from Mr. Sullivan. Learn the notes on the scrap paper from the locked drawer to crack the phone code on the Black List (the agent is not that stupid you know !!!). Here is the way to do it : add the number represents the second alphabet by 1, subtract the number represents the third alphabet by 1, then subtract the pair numbers. For example : CLV 51-22-40 (this is Strauss' number from the list) --> C = 2, L = 5+1 = 6, V = 8-1 =7, then you've to subtract the pair numbers ( 5-1 = 4, 2-2 = 0, 4-0 = 4) --> the phone number is 267-404.

Q : How can I contact Dr. Strauss ?
A : Not at this moment. After you meet Detective Merylo (you'll find a Finster stationery inside the mug shot book on the table), come back to your office and you'll find a message from Helen Strauss, his daughter. It will open another place called the Museum. End of disc one.

Author's note : The story become more challenging now. What first appear like a simple case, now becoming broad. What is the connection between the Torso Killer and this Nazi stuff ???



Main Goal : Discover who the messenger is.

Q : Who can help me to translate the parchment from the bag of runes ?
A : Ask Helen Strauss to help you, show the runes to her and after a while (after you visit the Mission later on the game) go back to her again. She'll help you partially (you have to solve the runes by yourself ....). I guess it's better than nothing.

Q : What is the meaning of the symbol on the invitation and the Finster stationery ?
A : Show them both to Helen Strauss. She'll show a book about it. From it you'll learn that Finster's family, the Finsterlau, is the Sergeant of Arms of the Knight of the Trinity.

Q : How can I solve the Stained Glass puzzle ?
A : Ask Helen about the book of flags. Inside this book look for the emblem/flag of : Notorious Tyrant and Sorcerer, Sergeant of Arms (Knight of the Trinity), Scribe (Knight of the Trinity), and Herald of the Order of the Trinity. Arrange the stained glass according these pictures, see this final picture to help you. Then click on the infra red lamp just slightly above it to read the writings on the glass. Note : you have to arrange the stained glass carefully, don't leave any gaps between the fragments or you couldn't see the writings on it. The position of the flag is not very important. The flags themselves will tell you who the Herald, Scribe, Sergeant of Arm, and the Leader are.

Q : Where can I find the info about the Foreman and the Messenger ?
A : Return to Mc Ginty's bar. This time you'll see George Hanson, the Foreman, is sitting on the north corner. He'll tell you about the Messenger, he is someone by the name of Louie. After spending your time somewhere else, go back to George and he'll tell you that he also heard about Louie often use the nickname Herald while talking on the telephone.

Q : How can I contact Louie, the Messenger ?
A : Look at the mug shot book in Detective Merylo's office. Find the name that close to Louie : Louis or Louie Fielding. Go back again to Mc Ginty's bar and go to the phone booth at the far end corner. Browse the writings carefully and you'll find the name : Lou Fielding with his phone number. That's the Messenger phone number. Note : If you're having trouble the phone number, do exactly the same way with the phone list from COI. So the number will be 267-259 not 401-259.

Q : What is Louie true name, the person on the telephone doesn't recognize Lou Fielding ?
A : Go to the museum. Look at the Stained Glass puzzle again and notice the writing on Herald's emblem is Fischterwald. So Lou Fielding true name is : Louis/Louie Fischterwald. Use this name when you called Lou Fielding. You'll find out about the Raven club.

Q : Where is Louie ?
A : I know, I know, you won't find him in Raven club (at least not yet !!). Try to talk through the microphone beside the door. Tell the guard that Hank finster has sent you. He'll suggest you to find Louie in the Mission. Look under the desk and get the Holy card. You'll read about Mission's address. Go there.

Q : How could I get the photo that Ernie has shown me ?
A : Try to trick Ernie by asking him to check a package inside the office. When he left, check out the black briefcase under the counter, move the right folder and you'll find an important photograph (you have to move the left folders first and free some space for the right folders to move). Notice that Louie has checked out from the Mission (from the registration book on the counter), so you could meet him at the Raven Club now.

Q : How can I make Louie to talk ?
A : Use the photo to threaten him. Show the photo first to Detective Merylo and then use the information to attack Louie at the Raven Club. Show the photo to him.

Q : How can I catch that sniper ?
A : No you couldn't. The only way is to kill that guy. There are 2 ways to do that. First, if you go to the left : shoot the pipe (above and to the left, near the leaking gas) so you could blind him for a while, then shoot the sniper.If you go to the right, pick up the bottle and throw it away to make a diversion. As soon as he comes out, shoot the man. Either way, you have to spend at least 2 bullets. Then watch the gruesome ending of day one. What a sick man this torso killer !!!

Author's note : It seems that Louie has talked too much. The Torso Killer has been watching your move closely. How can he knows that you talk with Louie ? What a shame, the only witness know about the Torso Killer has been brutally murdered.



Main goal : Try to meet Joseph

Q : What should I respond to Detective Merylo ?
A : You could choose anything. You could act as an COI agent by not telling anything to Merylo, or you could be friendly by telling him what you know. Don't worry, there's no multiple endings on this game. Browse the newspaper on the desk and read about the torso killer.

Q : What should I do in Louie's loft ?
A : Pay close attention to those writings on the wall (especially to the one above the dresser) !! They may have an important clues for you. There are 2 things that important for you right now : "The Carving" on the wooden board near the stove in the middle of the room and "The Lockbox" under the floor board near the body mark (you have to move forward one step first before you could see this mark). Click on the small brush to clear the wooden board so you can read the carving.

Q : How can I open the lockbox ?
A : This is a tricky one but quite simple. Follow this instruction and look at this picture to help you (the picture is only one move away from the final position).

Q : Where can I find info about Joseph ?
A : Look at the matches in your inventory. Hotel Cleveland is your next destination.

Q : How can I find out Joseph's room number, that front desk man doesn't want to tell it a single bit even if I try to bribe and threaten him ?
A : Try different tactic. Notice how he responds on that phone call. Phone him with the phone number on the backside of the matchbook (Click on the edge of the matchbook in your inventory). The number is GB5637 or 425637.Watch the scene.

Q : How can I get into Joseph's room ?
A : Push the food tray to the door. Get the knife under the napkin on the food tray. Click the small window above the door. You'll automatically use the knife to pry it open.

Q : Where is the key to open the wardrobe ?
A : The key is a signet ring with a symbol on it. This ring is hidden inside the lockbox from Louie's loft. Use the ring with the keyhole. Inside you'll find Raven Room invitation and bunch of letters.While you take the room key from inside the clay pot some thugs will appear. They will leave the photo inside the clay pot. Take that photo also.

Q : Who are those thugs ?
A : Ask Dick Winslow and Sullivan about the blackmailer. After you tell Sullivan about the photo from Hotel Cleveland, he'll tell you about a place called Flanagan. You'll meet Muhlhaven there after a while.You'll also been introduced with Von Hess, another important figure for this case.

Q : How can I look into Pensky's file ?
A : Dick Winslow has the Pensky's case file. In this file, you could find his address. Dick hide this file in his secret safe behind this picture beside the private room's door. Click on top left corner to open the picture.


Q : How can I open the safe ?
A : The combination is written down on his favourite picture. The football team on his cabinet (beside the globe) at the corner. The number is : 19 (right) - 6 (left) - 33 (right). Use the regular sequence for opening the wallsafe, that is turn three times to reach the first number, twice to reach the second number, and once for the third number. Click to the right side of the red arrow to move right and left side of the arrow to move left.

Inside you'll find the case file and Winslow's security pass. From the case file you'll know that Pensky has been held in a mental hospital in Sunnyvale. Pensky will ask you to find 3 mystical artifacts : The Fang of Wolves, The Wing of Raven, and The Wisdom of Dragon

Q : Where can I find The Fang of Wolves ?
A : It's hidden in a cabinet with special lock inside Louie's loft. Use the lockbox key from inside the lockbox with the cabinet keyhole. To open the cabinet you'll have to learn the symbol above the dresser. The sequence start at the 12 o'clock position.

White moon represents "pull out", black moon represents "push in", and the cresent represents "turn left or turn right" (it depends on the position of the cresent). The answer is : Push in, Left, Pull out, Right, Right, Push in, Left, Pull out. Inside you'll find The Fang of Wolves.

Q : How can I get into the Raven Room ?
A : From Muhlhaven in Flanagan you know that only autorized member can enter the Raven Room. You got to have your Raven Room invitation signed and sealed before you could get into the Raven Room. You have to find the Scribe for the signature and for the seal, you got to find someone that has it. Muhlhaven is the Scribe, so ask him to sign the invitation by showing it to him. From Pensky you know that Dr. Strauss has the seal. Go to the museum and ask Helen for the seal.

Q : How can I set the seal ?
A : First you have to rearrange the seal first. The seal has 2 picture that overlapping to each other. You have to rearrange the picture according the purple symbol on the document next to it. The hand of the seal contain five rings. Let's say it 1 to 5 from top to bottom, and these rings can be moved to the right (R) and to the left (L). Here is the sequence to set it : 4R 1R 5R 1R 2R 1R 3R 5L 1R 2L 3L 1L 4L. The picture should be like this.

Q : Where is The Wing of Raven ?
A : You'll find it inside the book called : "A Pictorical History" on the second row from bottom of the left bookshelf in your office. Go back to Raven Room for moving to CD 4.

Author's note : It seems that the Raven Room has lots of secret behind it. Is it truly the headquarters of this Brotherhood of Thule ?? What's the connection of Joseph Muhlhaven with the Torso Killer ??



Main Goal : Construct The Black Dahlia Case

Q : How can I get pass that bouncer who guarding the private room ?
A : Make a diversion. Take the dish on the table. Go to the food elevator at the back room. Use the dishes inside the food elevator on the left. Then move the glasses on the tray from the trolley into the elevator. You'll get pass the bouncer.

Q : It's so dark in here. Where is the light switch ?
A :Look above the table on the center of the room. Pull the switch.

Q : How can I solve this circular table puzzle ?
A : This is one of the most difficult puzzles in the game. The clues are separated in 4 things : the writings on the middle of the lid (click on the yellow button in the middle), Helen's note, the parchment, and one of the picture on the wall. First read the writings on the lid. It said "EACH GIVE TO HIM IS NOW DEVOTED". Then look for this writing in Helen's note. In front of the sentence you can see number (22). Now read the picture on the back wall that begins with "Knight of Thule Awake !!!". The first sentence said that "The old order shall be restored". Now this is the connection between those clues. Examine carefully each of the lids. You could barely see that there is another symbol carved under each of the new symbol (the old order symbol !!). Now, look at your parchment. See the line 22 and write down the symbol again 2 by 2. The left symbol in each pairs resemble the old order and the right symbol represents the new order (like the ones that're written on the lid now). Follow the order (marked by 2 green line above them in my hints picture) from left to right to open the lids. Remember, you have to check that the old symbol and the new symbol should be in the right pairs.

Q :What should I do with Mrs. Casandra Rollias ?
A : Ask her to hypnotize you. She hold lots of clues for you later on.

Q : How can I solve this dream-archway puzzle ?
A :Move around and listen to all those messages. They're the keys for this puzzle. Here are the words, look at the highlighted words for clues.

So the answer should be :

Left Right
Crown Bird
Key Moon
Serpent Shield
Star Fish
Key Serpent
Shield Comet
Sun Crown
Bird Fish

Q : How can I solve the Sun-Planet puzzle ?
A :"The truth lies with the death". All the clues are scattered along the victim of the torso killer. Ask Casandra about the planets and the symbols, she'll show you the astrology book. Look at this picture carefully, especially the name of the planets and those numbers. Ask Sullivan about Von Hess and tell him how the torso case is related with Thule organization. Talk to Detective Merylo about the torso killer evidence. Browse through it one by one and notice that the clue #18 is missing. Merylo will explain how the big boys from FBI has taken it. Ask Dick Winslow about it. He promises to return the evidence as soon as possible. Go back to Merylo later on and examine the evidence #18. Notice how in each paper (The total of 8 from first victim to the last one), there is a number revealed. These numbers are the order for the sun-planet puzzle. Go back again to Psychic parlour and link these numbers to the planet list. The answer is : 15-65-260-175-111-369-34-4 or Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and finally Earth. Look at their symbol and go back again to the dream land. Hop from one planet into another according to the order, and finally hop into the silver planet.

Q : What about this pond and the stones, do they mean anything ?
A : Try to put the stones one by one into the pond and examine carefully each videoclip. One of the clip shows the secret compartment inside Sartini's house (the first victim). Later on you should find the killer's personal belongings and put the stone that connect to it in the pond, and you'll see the killer's secret.

Q : I couldn't find any clues inside Sartini's house. Did I do wrong ?
A :You have to watch the videoclip in the pond first. There is a photograph behind one of the blind beside the bed (the right one). You couldn't see it unless you turn off the light. The light switch is just beside the door. Pull the blind and you'll get the picture. The hidden compartment just next to that window. Click on the loose board close to the floor. Inside you'll find Pensky's letter, Sartini's notes, and some moneys.

Q : How can I open the door in Raven room ?
A : The sequence is hidden on the invitation that Merylo has given you earlier.This folded invitation puzzle (the picture is submitted by Joan Hansen) is one of the toughest puzzle in the game (it is almost impossible to solve it, so take my advice : use the cheat codes). Anyway the answer is by following this order :

Q : What now ? I couldn't find anything interesting inside the Raven Room.
A : Look at the special lock on the back wardrobe (to its right side). Somehow, this action will trigger the next scene in the sewer (Kingston). Go there and you'll meet the Torso Killer. Chase him into the sewer. Prepare for actions and LOTS of challenging puzzle in CD 5.

Author's note : Von Hess has been captured because of sneaking in the Raven Room. Why he has to sneak to get into that room ? Isn't he also a German follower ? Something is not right here ....... Who is this man with the cane ? Jim Pearson now follow the killer into his hidden chamber .....



Main Goals : Discover the mystery of the Torso Killer

Q : I'm lost, I couldn't follow him. Is there any clue ?
A : See what happens when the killer open the sewer gate. He hurts his hand. That blood track will help you to chase him. Follow this map carefully : North, East, East, East, East, North, North, North (You'll see an open gate here), North, and finally North. On the East wall you'll see lots of gauge and valve. If you examine it, you'll see a blood mark. Hmmm... this is the secret hideout entrance of the Torso Killer.

Q : How can I solve the pressure gauge puzzle ?
A : There is many way to solve it. The main goal is to keep all the pressure on the same level (it is 30). Use the valve to control the pressure level. Look at this picture to help you :

To solve it look at this clues : wheel 6 will control meter 2, wheel 5 will control meter 3 and 4 in opposites direction, wheel 8 will control 1 and 4 in opposite direction, and wheel 9 will control meter 2,3 and 4. Here is one of the solution (in 9 moves) :

  • Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30
  • Turn wheel 6 to the left until meter 2 reads 30
  • Turn wheel 9 to the right again until 4 reads 30
  • Turn wheel 6 to the left until meter 2 reads 30
  • Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30

Q : How can I open the big stone door ?
A : You need a special key to open it. It's Von Hess medallion. Ask Dick Winslow about the medallion.

Q : How can I solve this pressure lock puzzle ?
A : This is another 'super' tough puzzle. The main goal is to pull all the metal bar locks out so you can enter the door. Here is the answer : #5, #4, #2, #3, #7, #5, and #2. The door will open after that.

Q : How can I enter that stone door ?
A : You can't. Instead, just look on your top left wall and climb there. You'll see the Torso Killer opens his wardrobe in Raven Room. Hmm.... those candle stick should be the key. Go there through the world map.

Q : How can I open the wardrobe ?
A : Use that left candle stick. Match the keyhole with the form on the bottom of the candlestick by moving the candle part. Look at this picture to help you.

There are 4 parts on the candledstick. Each part will move certain identations. This part can be moved to the right and to the left (down). Here is the solution : move 4 down (left) twice and 2 right twice.

Q : What should I do with the talisman ?
A : It will let you to spy on the killer's move. Go back to the pond in your dream with the help of Mrs. Cassandra. This time there should be a new stone appear beside the pond (the 2nd from the left). Click on that new stone. The clip will tell you how to enter the secret passage way inside Raven Room.

Q : Where is the door to the secret lab in Raven Room ?
A : Go to the bookshelf to your right. Pull the right most book on the second shelf. This will lead you to the secret lab and find ......THE LAST VICTIM. Oh no !!! It can't be him. It's the Torso Killer himself (or .... he just another victim ??). Dick Winslow will show up and talk like a ##&&@@@ ..... Suddenly a cop bring a news that World War II has begun. The case is closed for a while, go to CD 6.

Author's note : Now the case is becoming more unclear. Who has murdered the Torso Killer (or .... the old man with the cane is not the Torso killer ??)?? The war has made the case remains a mystery for while. Jim Pearson has a new job in Europe now. After the war breaks, he finally found a new lead to track down the unsolved mystery of the Torso Killer. Another serial killings with same M.O. and type. What is the killer doing here in Europe ??



Main Goals : Track down the new lead in Europe (through lots of catacomb)

Q : How can I solve this planet puzzle ?
A :What you have to do is arrange all the button until all has bright color on top and dark color at the bottom. Then push the sun button at the middle. Oh well, look up this picture. This is one of the possible solution :

The clue on how to do it :

Q : How can I solve this Multiple Key puzzle ?
A : This is a simple puzzle. Just match up the keys with the keyholes. The only problem is : one key can fit into several keyholes. Look at this picture to help you. The answer is : A-3, B-6, C-4, D-1, E-8, F-5, G-7, H-2.

Q : How can I solve this Gear puzzle ?
A : Another simple puzzle. Let's say that the lever is numbered 1 to 7 from left to right. This is the answer : pull down lever 1,4,6, and 7. Then keep on pushing the red button until the safe open (8 times).

Q : How can I solve this (Arrrggghh .....not again) Pressure Lever puzzle ?
A : I couldn't believe it !!! 3 pressure lever puzzle in one game. Oh well, look at this picture to solve it. The order is :

  • E - F - C - B - A - D - G - H - I - F - E (Step 1)
  • E - D - E
  • E - B - C - F - I - H - G - D - A - B - E
  • E - B - A - D - G - H - E
  • Repeat step 1
  • E - B - A - D - E
  • E - B - E

Q : How can I get out from this cellar in Austria ?
A : Go to door on the top of the stair. Look through the peephole. Hmm .... there are guards outside. Turn around and look carefully until the character said that he look something strange in the corner. Go down the stair and go to the left corner. You'll see a rope and the crank. To use the crank : pull down the right lever and pull up the left lever. After the rope has moved, then pull back the left lever to its original position (down). Now go to the back wall of this cellar (where the well is located). Climb down the bucket into the catacomb. Insert back CD 5.

Author's note : That stupid soldier has ruined the case again. Why must they take back again that Black Dahlia ? That evil gem must be destroyed once and for all. They must be going here somewhere .... Starting from this point, Jim could meet his ultimate price to pay : DEATH. So save often ....

Q : What should I do first ?
A :Go to the main hall (cave). Follow this direction (assuming you know how to use the compas on the lower right corner of the screen): N, NE, NE, N, NE, NE, NW, W, SW, W, W.

Q : How can I solve the Pillars puzzle in the Main room with many exit ways ?
A :There are 4 pillars around the altar. Each pillars resemble the Highest Order in the Brotherhood of Thule : Herald, Scribe, Sergeant of Arm, and Landulph. You need special sequence for each pillar to open the secret door.

Q : Where is the sequence for Herald ?
A :The sequence is in Herald's sarcophagus. To open it, you need to find a special artifact first. It is the key. Enter the archway where you came from. Follow this direction : E, NE, E, N (you'll arrive in front of an altar). Check out the wooden box on the right. Get the artifact. Now go on with this direction : S, W, NW, NW, W (you'll arrived at the Herald Tomb). Click on the sarchopagus lock. Use the artifact. Then click on the word to copy it to your notebook.

Q : Where is the sequence for Scribe ?
A : It's inside the Scribe's sarcophagus in Scribe's crypt. Go back again to Main Hall (SE, SE, SW, W, W). Take the second archway from the left side of the main altar. Follow this direction : SW, S, SE, SE, S, SE, S, S, SW (or you could just memorize this : take left path at the first intersection, then right at all the rest).

Q : How can I solve this Stone Pieces puzzle ?
A : Take the stone pieces from inside the stone box. Put it on the statue's laps. Then assemble the pieces into a form. Look at this picture below for the answer. Click on the word to write it down in your notebook.

Q : Where is the sequence of Sergeant of Arm ?
A : It's inside his sarcophagus in Sergeant of Arm's crypt. Follow this direction : NE, N, NW, NW, NW, NW, NW, NW, SW, SW, W, NW, W, SW (or you could just memorize this : take left path at every intersection).

Q : How can I solve this Slider puzzle (oh no ... not this one again !!!) ?
A : There's no exact way to solve it. Just remember this, you have to put every blocks inside the frame. To simplify youw quest, use the corner hole to put the small square block for a while. Put all the vertical blocks in the middle. Arrange the rest and finally take out those small square blocks again. Look at this final picture to help you (it's only one of the many possible solutions).

Q : Where is the sequence for Landulph ?
A : Again, it's inside his sarcophagus in Landulph's crypt. Follow this direction : NE, NE, NE, NW, NW, N, NW, NW, W (or just simply : take all the left path at every intersections).

Q : How to get over this Leap of Death ?
A : Let's call the stair block from left to right as 1, 2, and 3. Choose this step sequence : 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3. Take note of the ancient writings and get back again through this sequence : 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 3 (or just reverse of the climb up steps).

Q : I've got all the sequences, now what ?
A :Go back again into the Main Cave (follow this direction : SE, SE, E, NE, NE, SE, S, SE, SE, SE, E (or simply just take the left path at every intersections. I guess left is the key word in this maze !!!). Let's name the pillars surrounding the altar with Scribe, Landulp, Sergeant of Arm, and Herald (starting from top left corner and following the clock direction). Arrange all the rings from top to bottom in each pillars according of the writings you've found earlier. Look at this pictures to help you : Scribe, Sergeant of Arm, and Landulph.

Q : The Herald's sequence doesn't match. Did I do wrong ?
A : This is the trick. Remember, you write it down from a mirror. So read from right to left for Herald's sequence.

Q : What should I do inside this crypt ? There's only a statue with an empty hand here ?
A : Assembly the runes and put it in its hand.

Q : How can I assembly these runes ?
A :This is the toughest puzzle in the game (if you don't know the cheat codes !!). This formation is formed according all the writings you've got during your adventure (there are 24 letters). Open your notebook to read the words. Anyway here is the answer :

Put everything in its position in the gem. Then put the gem inside its hand. The statue's eye will glow red.

Q : Where is the exit way from here ?
A :Go down to the base of the sarcophagus. On the left side, you should see a binocular on the sarcophagus wall. Beside the binocular, there is a tile. Push this tile until it looks grey, then push it again just one more time. Do exactly the same thing to the tiles on the other side of the sarcophagus (there're 2 of them). Go back to the binocular and look into it. You should see a point that glow red. This point is just on the left side from your position now. Move to the left and click on the left most small tile(in front of the sarcophagus wal). Meet Von Hess. Insert CD 7.

Author's Note : Von Hess will be killed by Dick Winslow in this sequence. Finally, Dick will show his true nature. He's the one who killed Dr. Eistanstad (the one that Jim thought was the Torso Killer. So who is the real Torso Killer ? Is it Dick ? or ......



Main Goals : Try to prevent the murder of Elizabeth Short

Q : Where can I track Dick Winslow ?
A : Try to find Matt Collins. He's the one that contact Dick for the last time. The clue to find Collins is in his trunk. Open the trunk and move the tray. Take out his letter. Read about his girlfriend's (Elizabeth Short) address. Hmmm... Los Angeles.

Q : Where is Dick's compartment ?
A : After you discover Dick's cigar on the ashtray, you know that Dick is in the train somewhere. Get up and walk to the cabin's door. Turn around and read the passenger log. Notice the name of Matt Collins at shift 2 table 4 (hmmm... strange. Isn't he already dead !! Dick must use this name). Go all the way through 3-4 cabin to the caboose. Ask the conductor about Matt Collins. He told you that 'Collins' doesn't want to be disturb.

Q : How can I see the passenger list ?
A : Trick the conductor first. Go back to the baggage room. At the middle section, turn left and raise the red suitcase. Try to pull the calling rope. Turn around and move to the door. On the right shelf, there's a string. Take it up. Go back again to the location of the red suitcase. Raise it again and then use the string to tie up the suitcase and the calling rope.Quickly turn around and run outside the baggage room (to the sleeper direction, not the caboose).When the captain pass you, quickly go to the caboose. Open the drawer. Now you could look at the list.

Note : You could take the blue print from behind the door in baggage room. It will save lots of your time for moving inside the train.

Q : Where is Dick's cabin ?
A : It's on the fourth cabin from the dining room. His room number is 7. Check out his dresser and trash bin. Oh noooo .... he puts a drug on the paper. When you wake up, Dick has changed the train in Chicago and you'll meet Alice (she's a cute girl).

Q: What should I do now ?
A : Talk to the conductor about Collins. He told you that Collins has left his baggage in the baggage cabin.

Q : Which one is Dick's ?
A : You can read it's number from a list on the right shelf, near the door to the sleeper cabin. The trunk is at the middle section, the big one.

Q : How can I open this trunk ?
A : Here is the sequence. Move the small pin (1) and (8) to holes (5) and (7). Then flip (2) over. Open the trunk, and you'll find ....... NOTHING. What's happened here ? There must be something here. Maybe, there's a secret panel here. OK try this one. Close the trunk again. Then flip back the hatch (2) and (6). Move the large pin from (7) to the hole at (6). Push up the small lid from (9) to (6). Move the small pin from (5) to hole at (9). Move the handle (10) to the holes (3) and (4). Then move the holder (11) to the hole (5) and (7). Finally move the handle from (3) and (4) to its holder again at (6). That's it. You'll find another part of the rune again.

Author's note : After this, you could go back again to the diner cabin and meet the lovely Alice. Dick has move one step ahead you. There's nothing you can do now, so talk a little bit with Alice and start the possible romance relationship. Finally, the train arrive at L.A. I hope Jim hasn't late yet....... The killer is running loose ..... The only possible lead is only Collins letter and Elizabeth's photo....... Insert CD 6.

Author's special note : Save your game here !!!

Q : Where should I begin the investigation ?
A : Call the police station. Tell Detective Maxwell to meet you at Gabe's diner (it's the building that viewable from your hotel window. Go there and tell him about Winslow and Elizabeth. He needs a hard evidence before he could help you. Hmm... that's Alice again. She's really cute .... Is it a coincidence or ....

Q : Where can I find that evidence ?
A : Start from the train station, remember Dick's package !!?? Go to outgoing window and ask about it. Ooopps, wrong window, you should ask the incoming window. Go there and ask. Man .... this guy is bugging me off. He asked for that stupid package receipt.

Q : Where can I get that receipt ?
A : Trick him. Browse the ashtray near the outgoing window. You'll find an empty box. Go to outgoing window and send the box to HERE. Use the express delivery. Go to the next window and show the receipt. Shoot ..... the package hasn't arrived yet because of the system ??!!! This is a quite funny videoclip (the best one so far). Ok, you could come back later.

Q : Where can I find Elizabeth Short ?
A : Visit the Boarding House. Talk to Mrs. Underhill about her. That's not a good impression about Short. Get her letter from the top drawer of her nightstand. Read a hotel ad. inside the bottom drawer of her nightstand. Hmm... maybe this place is worthy enough to check. Open her walking closet and search her overcoat. You'll see an advertisement about a movie star agent. You could check under her bed though and find nothing. Visit Biltmore hotel and show Elizabeth's photo to the bartender. She's not here yet. Maybe later .....

Q : What now ?
A : Check back the package at Train Station. Oh maaan .... ABC Moving has taken the package now. Get their phone number and get back to your hotel again. Call them and ask for their address. Go to the warehouse.

Author's Special Note : The reason for telling you to save your game earlier is to avoid this major bug in the game. Sometime the clerk won't give you the package at the Train Station. There are 2 ways to avoid it : follow exactly the step I've told you from arriving in LA until receiving the package or (maybe) use the world map in LA area instead doors to access other places.

Q : Which one is Dick's file ?
A : This is a little bit tricky. The clue is separated in 2 places. First, the list inside the drawer of the desk. It mentions about the driver who took the package, the dates, and the clients who want the package. The second clue is inside the note on the wall. It said : "Every ID start with the initial of driver, end with number of the week of the year following number of the day of the week. And before that is the name of the client and the driving zone". From the list you know that Steve Owen who took the package from the Union Station and deliver it to AKP on 1/10. From the note you know that Steve Owen always want to drive in zone I. So the package number is : SOIAKP52.

Q : I couldn't enter the movie studio, they want me to show the pass. What should I do ?
A : Don't bother for that now. You'll come to the studio later on. Just go back to Biltmore Hotel and meet Elizabeth Short (Lizzy). Ask her about Black Dahlia. Insert CD 8.

Author's note : At last you meet Elizabeth Short. She's not the kind of girl you've ever think of. What a pity, she's too young too die. Dick Winslow will trick you and make you leave her. That's a big mistake because at the following day the police have found her mutilated and killed by the Torso Killer.The killer has stiked again and the worst thing is he tricked you to do that. Now the chasing become personal ......



Main Goal : Capture the Torso Killer once and for all .....

Q : Where can I find Lizzy ?
A : Try to bribe the bartender at the Biltmore hotel. Don't bribe him too much. Insult him to make him told you about Lizzy's room number. It is room number 201.

Q : How can I get into Lizzy's room ?
A : Open the window to the balcony. Get out through it. Look at the top of Lizzy's window. Move it down a little bit. Push the wooden plank that blocked the window. Now, open the window and get in.

Q : In Collin's letter, Lizzy mention about locker key. Where can I find it ?
A : If you look at the mirror on the dresser, you'll notice a little room on the top of the door. The locker key is hidden there.

Q : What is her locker number ?
A : Again that Collin's letter will help you in this matter. Lizzy has told him about "surefire way to remember the locker number". Look at the phone booth near the locker at the Union Station. E.S. is equal to #37. The locker number is 37 (it's on the left array). Inside you'll find a receipt to Wellington Antiques.

Note : Before you go to Wellington Antiques, you could check back to your hotel room and find Detective Maxwell there. Through this scene you'll know that Lizzy has been murdered. He'll accuse you on her death. Luckily, Alice save you in the nicked time by giving a very good excuse. She even promise to give you a passcard to Movie Studio later.

Q : How can I solve this cane puzzle ?
A : From your previous experiment, you've already known who the Scribe, Herald and The Sergeant of Arm is The only one that you haven't known is Landulph. Dr. Einstentad should be the Landulph or leader. Use his rune symbol (look inside your notebook) to open the cane head. Inside you'll find a treasure map.

Q : Now what ?
A : Go back to your hotel room and find the passcard lying on your pillow. Use that card to enter the Movie Studio. Check out the big trunk on the right. From a Delivery Requisition, you'll know that Al King, the producer, has a relationship with Dick Winslow. Talk to Alice there. She'll help you one more time by setting the meeting with Al King. Go to his house now.

Q : Where is the clue for Dick Winslow ?
A : Search the trash can. You'll find a torned telegrams, gloves, important newspaper clip (it will reveal new place called Cemetary), and a stick. Rearrange them until they become 2 separate telegrams. Look at this picture below to help you.The telegram will tells you about Dick's favourite place, the Shooting Lodge.

Q : Where is this Shooting Lodge that is mentioned in the telegram ?
A : There are 3 things that will give you clues for this problem : the treasure map, Winslow's note, and the telescope chart. Here is how to solve it. Go to Cemetary first. On the wall you'll see a Saturn picture (just like the brand name of the Telescope in Al's house) with some puzzle inside. This puzzle will tells you the number 27. Then search the vase on the left corner. You'll find Winslow's clue. Again, on the Saturn's picture on the top right corner, you'll see number 165. The note tells you to multiply the number with 100. It gives you another number : 16500. Go back to Al King's house. Ask Alice on how to use the telescope. She told you to use the 2 buttons below the telescope. Now look at the map on the wall. Use your Treasure map here. Put the treasure map on the map so the half "cross" on the right corner superimpose the compass direction on bottom right corner of the big map. Now, look at the position of the binocular picture on top left corner. It should notes at the number 250. Now look up the telescope chart and look at the angle section for height 250 and distance 16500. It should point to the angle 0.5. That's all the number you'll need for the telescope. Now use the buttons below the telescope. Set it into 27 and 0.5 then use the telescope. When you match up the arrow on the axis, you'll see DICK.

Q : How can I get out from this burned building ?
A : After you take out the picture on the wooden ladder, there's no way out for you. To open the secret way out, you'll have to do this quickly. Open all the jack box inside all the locker there (the sequence is not important). There are 3 locker there, but after you open all the jack box in the first 2 lockers, the third locker will have key inside. Get it.

Q : I've got the note from Alice, where could I find her ?
A : You can find her in Al King's house. You can read all the writings on the wall if you want to. The important thing is the camcoder on the table in the living room. Turn it on and watch the cruel movie on how Dick has butchered Al King.

Q : Where is Alice, I couldn't find her anywhere in the house ?
A : You have to find a secret way first. See that cuckoo clock on the wall. It's the key to the secret hiding place.

Q: How can I solve the Cuckoo puzzle ?
A : The answer is inside the movie you've seen earlier. In the begining part, notice that the clock on the background pointed at 4:55, that's the key to solve the puzzle. Turn the hand into 5 o'clock. When the dancer comes out turn it back 5 minutes to 4:55. Insert CD 1.

Author's Final Note : After this, you could see one of the best ending on computer games so far (it reminds me of the ending in Gabriel Knight 2). I don't want to spoil your fun. See and judge by yourself. Anyway, help Alice and see what happens after that. There are 3 ways to finish this game : shoot Dick, shoot the Black Dahlia, or do nothing. All lead to an interesting ending movie.



Your office On the ceiling lamp Bag of Runes
. . Parchment sheet
. Under the note inside the right desk drawer Revolver
. Inside the revolver's holder Drawer key
. Inside locked drawer on the bookshelf Scrap note
. . Message to Strauss
. Inside middle drawer Newspaper clipping
. . Nazi Propaganda
. Above the filing cabinet COI propaganda
Merylo's office Inside the mug shot book Finster's stationery
Sullivan's office Talk with him The Black List
Your office After calling Dr. Strauss Helen's message


Raven club Under the desk Holy card
The Mission Inside the briefcase, under the right folder Ernie's photo
The museum Ask Helen about the runes Helen's note
Louie's loft The sniper's death body Matches


Your office On the desk Newspaper
Louie's Loft On the floor, near the stove Small brush
. Under the center floor board Lockbox
. Inside the lockbox Lockbox key
. . Signet ring
. Inside the locked cabinet The Fang of Wolves
Hotel Cleveland On the food tray, below the napkin Knife
Joseph's room Inside the clay pot on the small table Room key and picture
. Inside the locked wardrobe Raven Room invitation
. . Letters, telegram, and CD
FBI office Dick's hidden wallsafe Winslow security pass
. . Pensky casefile
Your office Inside the book "A Pictorical History" Raven's feather


Raven Room On the dining table Dish
. On the trolley The tray of glasses
. Hidden inside the round table Dragon Wisdom Book
Office Automatically Letter from Cassandra
Psychic parlour Ask Cassandra or on the table Astrology book
Merylo's office Automatically Invitation
Sartini's house The hidden compartment Pensky's letter
. . Sartini's notes and money


Raven Room Inside the wardrobe Talisman
. On the table beside the wardrobe Left candlestick


Europe Inside one of the safe Black Dahlia


Austrian catacomb Wooden box beside altar Artifact
. Herald's sarchopagus Ancient writings


Europe - U.S. Airbase Inside Collins' trunk Letter and photo
Train to L.A. On the table Ashtray (Dick's cigar)
. Baggage left shelf String
. Baggage room (middle) Red Suitcase
Dick's compartment Trash Ruined letter
. Drawer Drugged letter
Baggage cabin Baggage room (middle) Dick's trunk


LA - Train Station Ashtray Empty Box
. Outgoing locket Receipt
Boarding House Top right drawer (Nightstand) E.S. Letter
. Bottom drawer (Nightstand) Biltmore Hotel Ad.
. Walking closet - Overcoat Movie agent ad.


Biltmore Hotel Lizzy's room, top of the door Locker key
Union Station Inside locker #37 Receipt
Wellington Antiques . Cane
Hotel room On the pillow Studio pass
Cane Inside it's head Treasure map
Al King's house Inside the trash can Torned telegrams
Cemetary Inside the vase on the left corner Winslow's clue



These are the cheat codes for all the puzzles in the game. To activate the cheat code, just type the words while in puzzle screen.



Here is the list of easter eggs that can be found inside the game :



Here is the list of the bugs that I found while playing the game, some has been repaired with the patches :

All of these bugs has been repaired by a patch from the Technical Support site at Take 2 Interactive.