Puzzle-solving adventure by SIERRA

A Solution

[Version 2.0]

By Lu Richardson

General tips:

In order to save time, take it as read that you must pass the cursor 
slowly over each single location you come to in order to find out 
what there is.  Search each place thoroughly, and don't be afraid to 
manipulate things - I will take this for granted and will only 
mention the vital items you must find, just to make sure you have 
them.  Examine each item as you get it.

In each place, listen to all recorded messages in answering machines 
and save them all as you go along.  

The first round consists mainly on finding all the bahos which are 
easily available (and picking up whatever else is loose) and taking
them to the altar in the Kiva.  Because each instance is practically 
identical, do as follows:  once you get each bahos, look around to 
see if there is a symbol associated with it.  Get to the Devil's 
Mouth (walking at first, using the Map afterwards) and save a 
special game (I called mine "Tries").  This is because hanging 
around the caves is most unhealthy and you can easily die just 
sorting yourself out.  Do a trial run, clicking on likely candidates 
(i.e., anything on the rocks which looks remotely like the symbol 
you are after; if you don't know the symbol, click on EVERYTHING!).  
The tell-tale green circle on the cursor will give the game away - 
you have hit the right glyph.  Reload, go to the glyph and then 
solve the puzzle (by the way, practically all puzzles, save the 
really tough ones, can be solved automatically by clicking on 
CONFIGURATION and choosing that option; I will let you know which 
ones you MUST solve and, I hope, HOW).  Once you've sorted the 
puzzle, leg it forward as fast as you can, over the bridge till you 
hit a wall, turn left, go to the blue door, turn right, click on the 
stone with the shiny glyphs and then on the skull.  If you've done 
it right, the skull will turn right around and the door will open.  
Go in, investigate the place thoroughly the first time and find the 
altar.  You must place the bahos in the hole above the correct 
symbol.  This will heal you; and, by the way, along the caves you 
will sometimes find spirals, either up above or down below the 
glyphs, which will also heal you.

OK?  OOOO-KKKK!  Here we go.


You start at the MOTEL.  Click on the guy to get talking, watch, and 
hand over the cash when you are asked to pay for your room.  Collect 
the change.   Watch some more.  You'll wind up in your room.  There 
is a dream sequence and then you get to examine the place.  Look 
into the trunk.  When you've finished, go out and visit the room 
next door, where you will pick up a crowbar.

Go to the OFFICE.  As you come in, the phone will ring.  Walk around 
the counter and answer it.  Next, listen to all the messages in the 
answering machine, read the letter on the counter, examine the 
drawers and get the solid shape.  Get the chewing gum pile in the 
ashtray (yuk!).  Look behind you and read the message for Room 6.  
Walk to the front and examine the vending machine, the pottery and 
the poster.  Finally, click on the bell on the counter to get the 
first bahos.  Before you leave, click on the TV and watch.  You find 
yourself in the canyon and get a warning about the flashing red 
light.  Use the Map to get back to the Office.  Put the chewing gum 
on the red light and watch the TV several times till you get the same 
video again.  You must use the chewing gum on each and every TV you 
find and watch all the videos till they come around again - they 
contain important clues.

Once outside, walk to the Devil's Mouth.  See above for the 
instructions on how to get the bahos to the altar - the symbol you 
are looking for is a sort of cross on a square.  If you should want 
to try your hand at solving the puzzle, remember that clicking on 
the pieces turns them around.  Drag them to the right spot.  Right, 
if you've placed the bahos, use the map to return to the Motel.  

I'm sure you can do this in just about any order, but we might as 
well be organized.  Walk to the GAS STATION.  You have to walk 
everywhere at first, but afterwards you can use the Map.  Before you 
enter the Gas Station, click on the pump, just so that you know it's 
there.  Go in and have a good look around.  Particularly, look at 
the small table and the notice above, and open the drawer to see the 

When you've done, walk to the BAKERY.  Go in, look around and find 
the puzzle.  Solve it and get the next bathos.  You know what to 
do.  Return here afterwards and go to the CAFE.  

Examine the picture of the two girls and click on the back to reveal 
the answer to a puzzle you'll meet later.  Open the menu on the 
counter and get the floppy.  Get the rose from the vase on the 
counter.  Walk around and note the candle on one of the tables.  In 
the kitchen you will find a grotesque mask and a dirty piece of 
paper on it.  As ever, make sure you search the place thoroughly.  
You will find a key by the door to the kitchen.

Let's move on to the BARBER'S.  You'll have to solve a puzzle to get 
in.  Look very carefully at all the evidence around you.  Click on 
the chair.  In order to get this bahos, click on the basin and then 
on both taps - another puzzle to solve.  When you've done, collect 
the bathos and do the necessaries.  Come back here.

Move on to the CEMETERY.  Find some stairs, go up, solve the puzzle, 
go down and enter the Mausoleum below.  Look around and read the 
message.  Now find the statue of an angel - through a broken gate - 
click on it and use the rose on the hole, then click on the statue's 
toes and solve the puzzle.  The statue's pedestal will open and you 
will get a rod and a drawing in a CD case - study it well.

Leave and go to the CHURCH.  Search the study and get the solid 
shape from one of the drawers in the desk.  Find and solve the 
puzzle and get the bahos.  Do your stuff.

Next, go to the LIBRARY.  You should get a chess piece from the 
filing cabinet (O-P).  Read all the books you can.  Note the door in 
the bookcase - this is where you'll be putting in the solid shapes
you are going to find.  You'll probably have to place in it what 
you've got so far, otherwise you'll run out of room for items.

Outside, your are bound to fall over Phil's MARKET.  As you come in, 
the phone rings.  Do something about it.  Pick up the coin by the 
soda machine - examine your money and add the coin to it.  Open the 
fridge, solve the puzzle and make with the bahos.  Return here.

Walking on, you will come to the SAFARI Savings and Loans.  Oh, no, 
there goes the phone again.  Much to do here.  Solve the puzzle of 
the torn letter in the wastepaper basket.  Examine all the paintings 
- make a note of how many animals there are in each.  While doing 
this you'll find another puzzle on the wall.  Solve it and get a 
hammer.  Go to the counter and break the grotesque piece of pottery 
to get another bathos.  You know what to do.  Coooooome back!

Let's go for the TRAILER.  Before you go up the stairs and in, click 
to the right of them.  Use the crowbar and get the key.  Once 
inside, make sure you get the square piece of card with the cutouts 
from one of the cupboards.  In another cupboard, you will find a 
piece of pottery - actually, it's a fake, but you need it.  Get the 
matchbook from behind one of the paintings.  Open the wardrobe and 
note the wasps coming out of it.

Moving along outside, we come to the MINE ENTRANCE.  Have a look 
around - can't do much just now.

The next place to visit is the SHERIFF's.  Find the puzzle and solve 
it, and get the next bathos.  Etc.

We will now go to PEARL's place (from the Cafe, head towards Storage 
and go up the stairs) - use the key from the Cafe to enter.  Have a 
look around.  Get the chess piece from the toucan's beak.  Go to the 
basement and get the walkman from the suitcase.  Then solve the 
puzzle and get the bahos.  

An aside here about PEARL's.  Inside the oven you will have found a 
very enlightening book.  A silly code of numbers is used which, 
though not important, might annoy you enough to want to know.  Here 
are the letters I have deciphered, you'll probably guess the rest:

23 = S, 25 = U, 16 = L, 15 = K, 24 = T, 5 = A, 20 = P, 9 = E, 22 = 
R, 7 = C, 19 = O, 8 = D, 12 = H, 16 = L, 13 = I, 1 = W, 18 = N.

Frankly, I couldn't be bothered to go on any further.  This told me 
what I wanted to know.

Ah, yes!  If you reckon you are running out of space for items, take 
the chess pieces to the Gas Station - just click on the drawer to 
reveal the chessboard and leave them there.

I think this about wraps up the first round.  We've found that the 
townspeople are mostly a precious bunch of crooks, blackmailers and 
murderers.  Nice town!  Also, there is a nut going around wearing 
silly masks and causing trouble.  Great!


We are now going to collect the more hidden bahos and also a few 
other items.  Again, I don't suppose it matters in which order you 
do this, but I always try to save on shoe leather, as far as 

Having placed the last bahos you got, use the Map to go to the Gas 
Station - the ghost appear again and asks you to choose a symbol.  
Pick the one in the shape of a book.  She then asks you to do her a 
favour, but you'll have to sort a few things before you can.

Go to the GAS STATION and leave the chess pieces you have in the 
drawer of the small table.  If you've watched all the videos and 
have seen Richard's car in one of them, go to where it is kept.  
Look to your left and move the lever to the right.  Turn around, 
click on the the small lever then turn the red wheel till the 
pressure is at 230.  Turn around and pull the lever again.  The car 
should be lifted and you'll be able to get a book which cointains 
the key to the donation box in the Church.

Go to the MOTEL, Room 6, and get the chess piece in the lower 
drawer of the dresser, where the wallet is.  Go to the vending 
machine in the Office, choose C2 and put the money in the slot.  You 
get some batteries.  Look at the walkman and put the batteries in.  

If you now go to the BAKERY and open the oven, you will get a nip 
from a snake, but this means that the cage in Phil's Market will be 

Proceed to the CAFE, use the matchbook on the candle and then the 
slip of dirty paper on the flame - you get a telephone number.  Ring 
it and you'll be told where the next bahos is.  

Go to your room in the Motel, open the bottom drawer of the dresser 
and you'll find the bahos (the picture above is obviously a griffin, 
though you could have fooled me!).  Answer the phone when it rings.  
This guy is beginning to get on my nerves...  

After you've taken the bahos to the altar, go to the CHURCH and 
click on the pulpit.  Watch the movie.  Open the donation box - you 
get the answer to the Library door lock.

Move on to Phil's MARKET.  Look at the bowl in the empty snake 
cage.  If you key what you see into the cash register it will open 
and you get another solid shape.

Next, go to SAFARI Savings.  Having ascertained how many animals 
there are in each picture, click on the safe on the wall, hidden by 
the framed newspaper clipping, and open it by clicking on the blue 
keys the correct number of animals which correspond to each 
footprint.  Once you get the safe open, pick up the solid shape, 
read the sheet of paper and click on the book.  You will see that 
this book contains 8 pages in all.  Go and look at the big safe.  
You should see a number, say 4 E.  Go back to the book in the small 
safe.  Use the cardboard with the cutouts on it.  The number 4 
refers to the number of the page, so turn to that page.  The 
position of the zebra picture indicates N, S, W and E.  So, click on 
it to turn it to where you thing it should be (because this is very 
imprecise, make a note of all the code numbers with the picture of 
the zebra in all four positions).  The code is read from the top and,
line by line, left to right.  Now go to the big safe and do exactly 
what the code tells you - say it was 8R, 1L and 9R:  click to the 
right of the middle knob till you reach number 8, then click to the 
left till you get to 1, and then click again to the right till you 
get to 9.  (Obviously, these numbers change each time to play.)  If 
the safe doesn't fly open, try the next code with the zebra in a 
different position.  At any rate, you will eventually get it right 
and you'll be able to get in.  Bother, we need another key.  By the 
way, while you are here, you could put the disk you got at the Cafe 
in the computer.  If you've watched the video "Spell it out", you 
will know that the login name is LYLE and the password AIVILO.  You 
get a code to decipher - don't worry, I'll do it for you.

Since you now have all the solid pieces, go to the LIBRARY and 
tackle the door in the bookcase.  Place all the solid pieces in and 
then you are left with the safety lock.  The answer was in the 
donation box at the Church.  Go inside and pick up the key off the 
floor, look around and note that someone is watching you through a 
hole in a portrait.  Someone IN the Library.

Go back to SAFARI, into the big safe.  Look at the keys.  One of 
them tells you which deposit box it's for.  Use both keys on it and 
get its contents.  Go to your room in the MOTEL and view the video.  

Time to go to the STORAGE.  Approach the door, use the Flashback 
option to view the CD case, make a note of the arrangement of the 
symbols, put the rod in the middle of the puzzle in the door and 
change the others according to the drawing in the CD case.  This 
should open the door.  Have a look around - particularly, view 
Olivia's sketchbook to see the chessboard and where the letters and 
numbers belong.  Next, go and solve the puzzle in the big cardboard 
box and get the bathos.  You know what to do.

Now you could go to the SHERIFF's office, if you wanted.  Go through 
the wooden door, click on the right horn of the skull on the wall 
and get the key.  Out, look at the puzzle on the door of the jail 
and note the number in the centre.  Go to the desk and use the key 
on the top drawer to the right.  Read the diary and look at the 
circles on the page of the same number you've seen in the puzzle.  
This gives you the combination to use to open the jail's door.  
Inside, you get another chess piece.

We are ready to go to the GAS STATION.  Open the drawer to view the 
chessboard.  Look at each piece and put it in the correct position.  
This will open a drawer below which contains a note and a 
screwdriver.  There goes the phone again!  Answer it and then use 
the screwdriver to open the drawer under the counter which is 
stuck.  You get an empty gas can.  Go outside and fill it up by 
clicking on the pump.

Go to the MINE ENTRANCE.  Click to the left of the lift and use the 
gas can on the funnel, then throw the switch.  Go into the lift and 
look around.  Well, what do you know, another bathos.  Take it to 
the altar and come back here.  Press the lower button in the lift to 
go down.  Turn left and go through the entrance.  The idea here is 
to find an unlit torch, and it is very difficult to see it, but keep 
going till you get it.  You might go up a ladder and see a tablet 
with symbols on it, but nothing happens when you click on it.

Before we go any further, let's tie up a few loose ends.  Go to the 
Bakery and from there to the burned house, go past it away from the 
road till you see two large red boulders.  Go through these and 
advance till you come to the entrance to MAX's house.  Get the white 
stone off the ground and slide the top off to get a key.  Before you 
use the key on the entrance here, take a quick trip to the 
Warehouse, find the musical instruments, use the key on the center 
of the cymbals to open them and get the tape.  Put the tape in the 
walkman and press Play to listen to the chant.  

Right, now is the time to go to Burt's TRAILER.  Enter, use the 
match on the torch, open the wardrobe and smoke away the wasps with 
it.  Solve the puzzle and get the last bahos.  

Go to DEVIL'S MOUTH.  Since this is the last bahos you will place on 
the altar, you will see something happening.  A voice coming from 
the hole in the ground in front of the altar requests something.  
Use the walkman on the hole and watch.

OK, go to the BAKERY and get the music box which is by the 
telephone.  Go to MAX's house and use the key on the entrance.  Move 
forward to the puzzle.  The code given in the computer meant the 
date of Norah's accident, which can be obtained from the cabinet at 
the Sheriff's office.  You have to change the sticks so that they 
read 8221992 backwards.  This will allow you into Max's house.

Have a good look around.  Place the music box by the computer and a 
message will be entered.  Downstairs there is a locked door you 
cannot enter.  Go to the Cemetery and enter the Mausoleum.  By the 
door, you'll find a key.  Use this to enter the locked door of Max's 
house and get a real piece of the stone (or amulet).

Go to the Kiva - try the skull to open the door and you'll find it 
shattered.  Norah will appear and give you the code to the tablet in 
the Mines.  Go there and find the stairs which lead to the tablet.  
Key in the symbols Norah gave you and you will get across to the 
back entrance to the Kiva.  Go to the altar, click on the center 
of the floor and pour the sand onto it.  Darkcloud will appear.  
Place your fake piece of the amulet (the one you got from the 
Trailer) on the altar and, when Darkcloud leans down to talk to the 
spirit, retrieve the fake piece and place the real one you got from 
Max's house on the altar.  Don't ask me how (I think you just keep 
clicking on it), but you wind up with the amulet in your hands and 
you have to solve one last puzzle.

The idea is to direct the white line so that it hits each of the 
lozenge shapes till it reaches the last one in a sort of box.  Just 
click on the "gates" to let the white line through.  You have to be 
quick - if you fail, something nasty will happen.  If you succeed, 
use the amulet on the hole and watch the finale.



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