Gold Rush!


What is the object of Gold Rush?
You  have heard  rumours of  gold in  California. When  you
receive a mysterious letter from your long lost brother Jake, you
know the rumours are true. You must get out of Brooklyn before the
gold rush starts, travel to California to search for your brother,
and find the Mother Lode.

How can I get money?
You can withdraw  all your money from the  bank, and sell your
house  to obtain enough money to buy a ticket to California.

How can I find my account number?
For maximum points, read your bank statement found by closing your
desk at your house.  Or, when  you are  in the  bank, type  "talk
boss",  then type "account number". The bank President will tell
you your account number.

What do I do at Jerrod's house?
Close the desk in the corner, and type "get bank statement". Walk
to the table, type "read album", then type "get photo".

How do I sell my house?
From anywhere in  the game you may type,  "sell house". Then walk
back  to your house. You will see a man with money in  his hand.
Walk up to the man and type, "talk man".

What do I do at the park?
Walk into the gazebo. Type "get flowers", then type "look down".
You will see a gold coin  under the cracks  in the floor.  Type,
"get coin".  You can take the flowers to your parents grave in the
graveyard, and use the coin in California.

What do I do at the graveyard?
Get some flowers from  the park and take them to the  graveyard.
Walk up to the tombstones of Marshall and Martha Wilson, standing
side by side, and type "read tombstone", then type "use flowers".

I am inside a building with many offices. What do I do?
Walk into your office on the second  floor on the right. Type
"read clippings". Walk downstairs into the office on the  left
where the man is sitting, and type "quit job".

I found a  mysterious letter from Jake at  the Post Office. What
is  the letter trying to tell me?
When  you get  the letter,  type  "look  postmark", and  "look
stamp".  You now realise the  rumours of gold in  California are
true. Open  the letter, and read the  letter. Notice  the words
that are  capitalised say,  "Great find  in the American River".
You find it  strange Jake saying  he was burying  your father
when  your father  has been  buried in  Brooklyn since  1839. You
also find it strange that  Jake intentionally cut holes  in the
letter. You  will be able to use these clues later.

More on Brooklyn

What objects do I need to have before I leave Brooklyn?
You will need the  gold coin from the gazebo, the letter  from the
Post Office, and the family photo  from your house. For the Panama
route,  you will need the mosquito net from  the hardware store.
For the Cape  Route, you will need fruit from the grocery store.

What happens after the gold rush starts?
The selling price of a house goes  down, and the price of passage
to California sky-rockets. You will only  be able to afford to
leave town  by stage after the gold rush starts.

Where can I buy tickets?
For the  Overland Route, buy your  ticket at the Stage Travel
Building, East in the livery stable. For the Panama, and Cape Horn
routes, read the poster in the warehouse at the dock, and buy your
ticket at 12 Front Street, one house to the right of Jerrod's

I know who sells boat tickets, but he won't talk to me. Why?
Before you try to buy tickets at Front Street, make sure you read
the poster in the warehouse at the dock.

What is the small valuable object I am lacking, and where is it?
You  are missing  a gold  coin. Walk  into the  gazebo in  the
park, type "look down", and "get coin".

What do I buy at the store?
If you take  the Cape Horn route, buy  fruit at the grocery store.
If you take the Panama route, buy a mosquito net at the Hardware

I wait at the ferry dock, but the ferry never comes. Why?
The ferry will not show up unless you ride the stagecoach.

Do I have to wait until the ship is ready to leave, or is there a
If you  have boarded the  ship, and have  all the objects  you
need, type "show ticket" and you will be on your way.

If the ship has already left, is there any way I can still get to
You can still catch the stagecoach after the boat leaves.

Overland Trek

What do I do when I meet the mining company at Independence?
Talk  to the  Captain, and  type "give  money". The  Captain will
give you two assignments. Every time you complete an assignment,
report back to the Captain.

I've been asked  to choose a team for  the wagon train. Which
animals  should I choose?
Choose the mature oxen. Young oxen will not  be able to survive
the heat of the desert, and Indians often attack travellers to
steal their mules.

I've been  asked to decide  when the wagon  train should head
West. How will I know when it is the right time?
Go  North, and  look at  the plains.  When you  get a  message,
"the plains are getting greener", "and the mud is beginning to

The animals and wagon  keep getting stuck in the mud. How  can I
keep them from sinking?
You left Independence too  early. Look at the plains, and leave
as soon as you get the message, "the plains are getting greener",
"and the mud is beginning to dry".

An early winter has set in. How do I avoid the early winter
You left Independence  too late. Look at the  plains, and leave as
soon  as you get the message "the plains are getting  greener",
"and the mud is beginning to dry".

How do I keep the thirsty animals from dragging the wagon down the
steep hill?
Type "unhitch team". The  animals will go get a drink, and  return
to the wagon train.

I've watered my team. How can I keep from tumbling down the steep
Type "lock wheels". It will keep you from sliding too fast.

How can I keep from dying of thirst and starvation?
Look inside the abandoned wagon. Type "drink water", then type
"eat meat".

The Indians keep attacking me to steal the mules. What should I
Choose the  mature oxen. Indians won't  steal an ox, and  mature
oxen are hardy enough to withstand the desert heat where young
oxen get weak and die.

Cape Horn Trek

How do I keep from being blown overboard during the storm?
Stay off  the upper deck  during the storm.  The deck is  icy, and
the  wind is fierce.

I had some  metal scraps before the storm, and  they were thrown
overboard. How
can I keep the metal scraps?
Do not get  the metal scraps until after the  luggage is thrown
overboard. Then you will be able to keep them to use later.

I am dying from starvation. Where can I find food?
For maximum points, gather all the objects  on the ship to make a
fishing pole, and  fish. You  may also  eat the   pig meat
sometimes, though  it is  usually poisonous.

What do I need to do to make a fishing pole?
A paper  clip from the  Captain's quarters, string  from your bunk-
room,  metal scraps from the floor next to the  machine, and a
shovel handle from the engine room.

Can I eat the pig without dying?
Yes. Sometimes the  pig will be poisonous, sometimes it  will be
fine. The only way to tell is by trial and error.

How can I open the coal hold door without blowing up?
Feel the door. If the door is hot, do not open it. If the door is
cold, you may safely open it.

Panama Trek

Our boat has been stopped by hostile natives. What should I do?
When  the  natives  ask  you  to  give  them  your  valuables,
type "yes", and co-operate.

How can I avoid dying from malaria?
In Brooklyn, buy a  mosquito net at Rand's Hardware store. When
you are in the boat, type  "use net". The net  will prevent the
mosquitos  from biting you and transmitting the disease they

How can I avoid being killed by the ruthless jungle ants?
Stand underneath the vine, and type "grab  vine". When the ants
pass, type "let go".

How can I avoid being killed by the snake?
There are  several paths through  this part  of  the jungle. Walk
on the paths farther North.

How can I avoid being killed by the poisonous thorny bush?
There are  several paths through  this part  of  the jungle. Walk
on the paths farther North.

How can I find the gold disk?
One screen  East from where  you encountered the  ants, take the
path farthest North through the jungle. When you get  a message
that says, "ouch", type "look down", then type "get disk".

How can I cross the river without falling into the quicksand?
The quicksand will always be there. Through trial and error you
will find a way to cross. Save your game often.

How can I avoid being eaten by the alligator?
Restore your game and try it again. The alligator will eat you
only part of the time.

Sacramento - Sutters Fort

My ship has arrived in Sacramento. Where do I catch the stage?
Directly in front  of your ship you will  see a grey building on
the corner on the right. Move  your arrow keys to see  which
little square is you.  Then walk into the grey building and type
"get on stage".

How can I pay for things at the store?
The store's inventory consists of gold pans, shovels, and
lanterns. First buy a gold pan or a  shovel. Use it at least 10
miles East  of the Fort to get enough gold to buy the other items.

What should I buy at the store?
The store's inventory consists of gold pans, shovels, and
lanterns. First buy a gold pan  or shovel. Use it  at least 10
miles  East of the fort  to get enough gold to buy the other

I know my brother  left clues for me at Sutters Fort  because of
the mysterious
letter, but where should I start?
First  of all,  talk to  everyone in   the Fort.  A friend  of
Jake's  has some interesting thing's  to tell you.  Second,
remember Jake  wrote he was  burying your  father, even  though
your  father  was  buried in  Brooklyn in  1839? The graveyard is
a good place to look for clues.

I found Wilson Marshall's grave. What are the clues on the
There are three clues  on the gravestone. Do you see the  cannon?
There will be another cannon in the  game, watch for it. Psalm 23
is  referring to a Hotel in town you should go to. To find the
third clue, type "use letter", and use your arrow keys to move
the letter until you get a message,  "hold it right there".
Unscramble the letters, and  they will show you a secret room  in
the Hotel you
need to find.

Where can I find the branding iron?
From the main  entrance into the fort, walk  one screen to the
East.  Walk into the Blacksmith's  shop and type  "talk man". Tell
the Blacksmith your  name is Jerrod  Wilson, you  are from
Brooklyn, New  York, and  your brother's name is Jake.

Where can I buy a mule?
Inside the  Fort at the  Gristmill. You will  see a man  leaning
on the  corral inside the Fort. Walk up to the man, and type "buy
mule", and "give gold". Take the lazy mule to the Blacksmiths,
type "heat iron", and "brand mule". Then take the mule to the
corral outside the Fort.

I've taken my mule to the corral outside the Fort. Now what?
Walk around and look at the brands. You will see another mule.
When you see the swift, high spirited mule, let go of your mule,
and type "get mule".

How do I keep my mule from running away?
Be careful  as you are  walking through trees  and bushes, and
watch where you leave your mule.


I've found the Green Pastures hotel. Why does the desk clerk say,
"I don't look like I know what I'm doing"?
You  missed a  clue in  the graveyard  at Sutters  Fort. Find
Wilson Marshall's grave in the graveyard, read the grave, and type
"use letter". You can find the letter in the Post Office in

The hotel clerk says there is no Room 12. How will I find it?
Ask the clerk to rent Room Eleven, spelling out the word eleven.
The clerk will tell you it's occupied,  but he will also ask if
you  will deliver a message to the occupant. Take  the message up
to the  man, and when he leaves,  enter Room Eleven.

I'm in Room 11,  and the occupant could return anytime. How  can I
find Room 12 in here?
Remember  the  cannon  on  the  gravestone?  Walk  up  to  the
cannon  on  the mantelpiece, and type "turn wheel of cannon".

Is there any way to enter Room 12 besides going through Room 11?
Yes. Go upstairs and  walk out the door on the right. Walk  to the
far right of the balcony, and type "climb ledge". When  you are on
the ledge, use your arrow keys to move as  close to the window as
possible. When you  see the man walk to the right, move  past the
window. When you  are in front of the  closed window, type "break
window", type "unlatch window", type "open window", and type
"climb inside".

How can I get past the open window without getting pushed off?
This part is  all timing. Put your game  in slow mode. When you
see the person walk past the window, use your arrow keys to move
across the window.

I let the bird in the window. Now what?
Look at the  capsule on the bird's leg  and type "insert photo".
The  bird will fly away, and fly back. Look at the capsule again,
and type "get aerogram".

The man came back into room 11. Now how will I get out of here?
Stand in front of  the open window, and type "climb on  ledge".
When you are on the ledge,  move close to  the open window  on
your left  with your arrow keys. When the man walks to the right,
move past the window.

Who is the stubborn friend in Jake's message?
The second  mule you traded  your mule  for  was described as  a
high spirited, stubborn mule. Take  Jake's mule out of town, and
type "follow mule". The mule will lead you to Jake's cabin.

What do I need to have before I leave room 12?
A string, a magnet, an aerogram, and a note.

Jake's Cabin

I've found the  cabin, but there is no  sign of James. Where
should  I look for him?
Start looking in the outhouse.

I'm in the outhouse. I see flies, but no sign of Jake. What should
I do?
Type "get in hole".

It's very dark down here. How can I light my way?
You can buy a lantern at the trading store at Sutters Fort.

Where can I find matches to light my lantern?
Find the matches on the table inside of Jake's cabin.

How do I open the door?
You will need the  string and magnet from room 12 in  the Green
Pastures hotel. Type "look hole", type "tie string  to magnet",
type "lower magnet", type "pull string", and type "unlock door".

I see gold exposed, but I need a pick to get it. Where can I find
a pick?
Go down  two ladders and to  your right. Type "get  pick". Use the
pick  on the gold.

Where can I go besides these two ladders?
Climb up the ladder  where you found the pick until you  see a
black rock lying over the ladder. Line your feet up with  the top
of the black rock, and walk to your left. There is a secret
passage way that will lead you to Jake.

My lantern goes out too soon. How am I supposed to see?
If you play on fast speed, the lantern will burn out faster. Play
in normal, or slow speed. You can  blow out the lantern when you
don't  need it, and also use your matches for momentary light.

I've found James. How do I find the Mother Lode?
Keep picking at the  exposed gold in the room, and you  will
uncover the Mother Lode.

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