Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers Walkthrough Final Version
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WARNING: This walkthrough (like the others) contains spoilers. Please use at 
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don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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The game begins at St. George’s Book Store, located in the French Quarter of New 
Orleans, Louisiana. After you’ve watched the opening scenes, talk to Grace 
Nakimura; the gal sitting at the desk. Get all of your messages (the last one 
will be from Gabe’s pal, Mosely). When you’re done, pick up the tweezers and 
magnifying glass that are on the table near the bottom of your screen.

Walk over to the bookshelf and use the HAND icon on the upper left corner of the 
bookshelf to find a book by Heinz Ritter. When Gabriel has finished reading it, 
click on the opposite corner to find a book about snakes.  When he’s finished 
reading that book, open up the cash register and take the red gift certificate 
you find inside. Walk back over to the table and read the newspaper and this 
will become pretty much your daily routine throughout most of the game.

Leave the shop and let’s get familiarized with the map. To get from place to 
place, click on the corresponding icon, it’s as simple as that. There’s also a 
button to the left and right sides of the map that says ‘New Orleans Map’, you 
would have to click on this if you have to go somewhere outside the French 
Quarter. Our first stop is to Grandma Knight’s house, and to get there, click on 
the ‘New Orleans Map’ and click on the icon that looks like a portrait of 
Grandma Knight. Gabe will hop on his motorcycle and drive on over there.

After Gabe and Gran have sat down, use the QUESTION icon on Gran and ask her 
about Gabe’s parents and grandfather until she can say no more about them. After 
that, leave the dialogue tree and go up the stairs near Gabe to the attic. In 
the attic, there’s a book that’s sitting on the chair near Gabe, so pick it up 
and then go into your inventory. Use the READ icon on the sketch book and take a 
look at the pictures you see inside.

Leave the inventory and use the OPERATE icon on the clock that’s sitting 
underneath the skylight. In the close-up view, use the PUSH/PULL icon on the 
clock hands and set it so it shows 3:00 and then move the dial around the clock 
face until the icon that looks like a dragon is above the 12. Use the OPERATE 
icon on the key and a small drawer should open. Get the photo and letter that 
you find inside and go into your inventory and read the letter.
Go downstairs and speak to Gran about Heinz Ritter until she can’t tell you 
anymore. Leave the house, and on the map, click on the French Quarter icon and 
the click on the PD Badge icon to go to the New Orleans Police Station.

When you arrive at the station, use the QUESTION icon on the desk sergeant. His 
name is Frick. Ask him about Detective Mosely and then ask him about the 
photographs. Exit the dialogue tree and you’ll get the photos.

Go into your inventory and open up the manila envelope and look at the murder 
picture. You can also look at the other picture if you want, but anyway, leave 
the station and go to Jackson Square (the icon looks like a park bench). Go to 
the northwest section of the circle (one screen west, one screen north) and here 
you can see a mime who likes to follow people around whenever they walk too 
close to him.

As the saying goes; monkey see, monkey do. Walk close to the mime so that he 
starts to follow you. Head back to where you saw the motorcycle cop, but be 
careful not to let other people get too close to the mime, otherwise he’ll lose 
interest in Gabe and follow them and you’ll have to start over.

Once you finally make it over to the cop, the mime will start acting like a 
monkey and the cop will chase him off. While he is gone, use the OPERATE icon on 
the motorcycle and you’ll overhear a conversation between the dispatcher and a 
paramedic who got lost. When you’re finished, leave Jackson Square and head to 
the crime scene (click on the New Orleans map button and then on the icon that 
looks like police tape).

When you arrive, watch the sequence. You’ll get to meet a woman named Malia 
Gedde, who comes from a wealthy family. When it’s finished, look at the vévé 
marks on the ground near where the uniformed cop was standing. Do you see that 
patch of grass on the right side of your screen? They may be hard to notice, but 
there are some marks in the grass that I need you to look at. Use the magnifying 
glass on those marks once you find them. Bring out your tweezers and use them on 
what appears to be a scale that you find there.

Leave the close-up view and use the sketchbook on the vévé marks. Go over to the 
lakeshore and pick up some clay, and then leave the crime scene. Go to the 
police station. Ask Frick about Mosely and he’ll let you go on back. Use the 
OPEN icon on Mosely’s door, and inside, use the QUESTION icon on Mosely and ask 
him about the patterns, and then ask him about the other six patterns. Leave 
Mosely’s office for a moment and talk to female officer, Franks, and when the 
list of choices comes up, ask her to get a file for you.

If you want, you can go into your inventory and open up the folder to see what 
is inside. When you’re finished, put the file on Franks’ desk and go back into 
Mosely’s office. Use the QUESTION icon on him again and ask him about the 
photographs. Tell him that a cop/author photo might be nice, and Mosely will go 
and bring in Officer Franks. Watch the little sequence and when a list of 
choices comes up; say that you need to go check your hair.

Take the file off of Franks’ desk and then use it on the copier near Mosely’s 
door. After that, put the file back on Franks’ desk and go back into Mosely’s 
office. When you are able to, leave the station and go to the Dixieland Drug 
Store (the icon looks like a voodoo doll).

When you’re inside, read the sign that is sitting to the far left side of the 
counter and then use the murder photo on the man. Make a note that he says the 
phrase, ‘cabrit sans cor’. Leave the shop and go to St. George’s Book Shop (the 
icon looks like a suit of armor). When you arrive, talk to Grace and ask her to 
do some research on Malia Gedde. Leave the dialogue tree and the first day will 
come to a close.


Watch the opening scene and then go through your daily routine. Leave the 
bookstore and head over to the police station. Ask Frick about Mosely and then 
use the OPERATE icon on the thermostat that the maintenance worker was playing 
with when you first entered. Change the temperature so that it is at least 75 
degrees (setting it higher than that is okay too). Go into Mosely’s office and 
ask him for some coffee. While he’s gone, take the badge off of his jacket. 
Leave Mosely’s office and waltz on over to Jackson Square.
Go to the northeast corner of the Square. Leave this section and then reenter. 
Watch as the wind blows the artist’s painting away. Head over to the southwest 
corner and notice that there is a boy tap dancing for the hot dog vendor. Use 
the gift certificate on the vendor and you’ll get a Lucky Dog. Use the hot dog 
on the boy and he’ll help you out whenever you need it. Use the TALK icon on him 
and ask him if he can fit through the bars that are around the statue.

He’ll get the painting that ended up behind the bars and give it to you. Take 
the painting to the northeast corner and give it to the artist. He’ll help you 
out whenever you need it as well, so use the six patterns drawing on him and 
then use the pattern that you got from the crime scene at Lake Pontchartrain. 
Leave Jackson Square and go to the Gedde Estate (click on the New Orleans map 
button and then on the mansion icon).

When you arrive, use the OPERATE icon on the door and the butler will answer the 
door. Tell him that you would like to see Malia Gedde and that you DO have 
official business. When he asks who you are, show him Mosely’s badge and he will 
announce you. When Malia enters the room, use the QUESTION icon and pick these 
choices in order:

1) Voodoo (ask her about this twice)
2) Lake Pontchartrain
3) Flirt with her

As a result, Gabe will be kicked out of the house, so leave the estate and go to 
the Voodoo Museum (go to the French Quarter and click on the African mask icon). 
Here, you’ll get to meet Dr. John. Ask him about Voodoo, and then ask him about 
Current Voodoo until he repeats himself. Do the same for Historical Voodoo and 
Marie Laveau. Leave the shop and go to the St. Louis Cemetery #1 (Click on the 
angel statue icon).

When you get there, use the QUESTION icon on the watchman and ask him about 
Marie Laveau until he repeats himself and then ask him about Other Marked Tombs. 
Use your sketchbook on the symbols that were left on the Laveau tomb. When 
you’re finished, leave the cemetery and go to Magentia Moonbeam’s residence 
(click on the crystal ball icon).

At Magentia’s, use the QUESTION icon and ask her about these topics in order.

1) Voodoo
2) St. John’s Eve
3) Snakes
4) Grimwald

A problem that some people have with this part is that they can’t get the Snakes 
topic to come up. In this case, just ask her about Voodoo and St. John’s Eve 
until she starts repeating herself. When you ask her about Grimwald, ask her to 
show Gabe how she handles the snake and you’ll be treated with a dance from 
Magentia Moonbeam. While she’s dancing, you’ll regain control. Take the 
snakeskin that is sitting in the snake’s cage and when she’s all done dancing, 
show her the tomb message you got from the cemetery and she’ll translate it for 
you. However, she’ll get hung up on the words ‘fwet kash’. 

After that, go into your inventory and use the magnifying glass on the 
snakeskin, and you’ll discover that it doesn’t match the scale that you found at 
the lake. Leave here and go to the Dixieland Drug Store.

When you enter, an elderly lady named Madame Cazaunoux will follow you in. 
Listen as she explains to Willy that one of her neighbors’ as been torturing her 
with some weird Voodoo stuff, and when she leaves, ask Willy about animal masks 
and then about Willy Jr. He will tell you that he’ll sell the mask for no less 
than $100. Leave the shop and go back to the bookstore.

Once there, ask Grace to do some research on Madame Cazaunoux. After you leave 
the dialogue tree, the second day will end.


Watch the opening scene (notice that it appears to be the same thing every time, 
but you get to see a little bit more than the previous time). Ask Grace for all 
of your messages, and be sure to ask for Wolfgang Ritter’s phone number. Go 
through your daily routine, and if a man named Bruno walks in and asks about the 
painting, sell it to him.

Go through the curtain near Grace’s desk to enter Gabriel’s studio. Go into the 
bathroom and take the small red bottle of hair gel that’s in the cabinet. Go 
into your inventory and look at the torn page that Grace gave you. Use the 
OPERATE icon on the telephone and click the ON button. Dial 555-1280 to get 
Madame Cazaunoux’s residence. After that, dial 555-6170 to get the Cajun 
Critters Animal Clinic. When a list of choices comes up, ask if they have Madame 
Cazaunoux as a patient and when your second set of choices comes up, say ‘I’m 
worried about Castro. He’s missed three dance lessons’. After you’re finished, 
dial 49-09-324-3333 to get Schloss Ritter, Wolfgang Ritter’s residence. Listen 
to what he has to say and then leave the bookstore and go to Jackson Square.

Go to the northwest corner and talk to the artist to get your completed pattern. 
After that, walk over to the northwest corner and walk towards the 
fortuneteller, and she should start dancing. If not, talk to her and she will. 
While she is dancing, she’ll drop her veil, so pick it up. Go into your 
inventory and use the magnifying glass to inspect the veil. You’ll notice that 
there is a snake scale clinging to it, so use your tweezers on the veil to pick 
it off. Give the veil back to the fortuneteller and she’ll give you a free palm 
reading. She’ll become shocked and what she sees, and notice her voice when she 
says ‘There…are…forces’. She’ll then run off, leaving Gabe puzzled. Be sure to 
check out the new snake scale, but it won’t match the scale from the lake. Leave 
the Square and go to the bookstore.

If you haven’t sold your painting to Bruno yet, do it now. If he doesn’t show up 
right away, wait a bit and he will. Once you’ve sold the painting, you’ll have 
$100 in your pocket. Ask Grace to do some research on the vévé pattern that you 
got back from the artist. Leave the store and go to the Dixieland Drug Store. 
When you get to the store, give the $100 to Willy and you’ll get Willy Jr. and a 
lagniappe (as Gabe says, everyone in New Orleans knows it means ‘a little 
something extra’) since your purchase was over $50.  Exit the shop and go to the 
police station.

Don’t bother asking Frick about Mosely, just head on back to his office. When 
you enter, watch the sequence and when it’s over, leave and go to St. Louis 
Cemetery #1. Go two screens to the right and watch the sequence between Malia 
and Gabe. When it’s finished, leave the cemetery and go to Tulane University 
(click on the New Orleans map button, and click on the graduate’s mortarboard 

You can finally relax, so listen to the long (and boring) lecture. When it’s 
finished, go into Professor Hartridge’s office (it’s through the door on the 
left near the stage). Use the vévé pattern on Hartridge and then show him the 
murder photo. Use the QUESTION icon on him and ask him about cabrit sans cor’ 
and black Voodoo. After you’ve got what you needed, leave the university and go 
to the St. Louis Cathedral (go into the French Quarter, and click on the icon 
that looks like the top half of a church).

Open the door on the far right to enter a closet of sorts. Inside, pick up a 
priest’s collar from the box on the left hand side of the closet and pick up the 
black robe as well. Leave the cathedral and go to Madame Cazaunoux’s residence 
(the dog icon).

While you’re standing outside, use the priest’s outfit on Gabe and then the hair 
gel. Use the OPERATE icon on the doorknocker. When she answers the door and 
you’re presented with choices, say that you are Father McLaughlin. She’ll let 
you in, and use the QUESTION icon on her and ask her about cabrit sans cor. When 
she asks you what you think it means, say ‘goat without horns’. Ask her about 
human sacrifice, real Voodoo queens, and Voodoo hounfour (temple). When you can, 
use the clay on the snake bracelet to make an impression of it. When the 
sequence is over, leave the house and go to Grandma Knight's house and ask her
about Wolfgang Ritter. After that, leave her house and go to Napoleon House
(the icon looks like a bust of Napoleon).

Once there, ask Stonewall, the bartender, about Voodoo and then ask him about 
the bar patrons twice and then about Sam and Voodoo. Afterwards, use the 
gamblin’ oil on Sam (the guy with the purple jacket). Choose the first option 
all the way and watch the sequence. After Sam beats Markus, use the clay 
impression on Sam. Leave the Napoleon House and the third day will come to a 


This day is short, so go through your daily routine and then go over to Napoleon 
House. Watch the little sequence, and Sam will give you a completed snake 
bracelet. Leave and go to the Jackson Square Overlook (the icon looks like the 
top view of a pair of binoculars).

NOTE: If you want to, go to Jackson Square first and go to the northeast corner. 
You will see Crash hanging out with a drummer. If you get too close to Crash, 
he’ll just saunter off somewhere else. I don’t believe this will affect any 
later gameplay (I got this part from the Sins of the Fathers novel by Jane 

At the Overlook, use the OPERATE icon on the far left pair of binoculars. If you 
look towards the northeast corner of the Square, you’ll see Crash talking to a 
drummer. Leave the Overlook and go to the St. Louis Cathedral.

You’ll see that Crash came here after he was finished talking to the drummer, 
and he is now hanging out in one of the church pews. Use the snake bracelet on 
him and he’ll become paranoid when he sees that you have it. He’ll tell you 
about the snake tattoo that he has on his chest. Ask him about drummers and the 
Voodoo hounfour. After you’re done asking him these, watch as he dies (but 

Look at Crash (ugly, isn’t he?) and open up his shirt. Use the sketchbook on the 
tattoo and then leave the cathedral. The fourth day will end here.


At the beginning of the day, you’ll get a package from Wolfgang Ritter. Go 
through your daily routine and go into your inventory and read both the letter 
and journal that you just got. Ask Grace to do some research on Rada drums. 
Leave the store and go to Tulane University.

Go into Hartridge’s office and you’ll find out that Hartridge is dead (Oh no, 
not another one!). Search his desk and you’ll get his notes. Leave the 
university and go to the Voodoo Museum. The first thing you’ll notice is that 
the lights are off. If you’re really thorough, you’ll notice that there is 
something green hiding above you. As soon as you’re done looking, you’ll see 
that green thing drop down on you and start to choke you. When you have control, 
use the OPERATE icon on the light switch next to the door and Gabe will turn on 
the lights, and the green thing was actually Dr. John’s snake. Dr. John will 
come in and tell Gabe that the museum was closed and they weren’t expecting any 
visitors. Leave the museum and go to the bookstore.

When you first enter, Grace will wonder what happened to Gabe and notice that he 
looks a little ‘green’. She’ll then notice something on Gabe and she’ll take it 
off and put it in the ashtray. Use the tweezers on the small green ashtray and 
you’ll find that it was a snake scale that Grace took off. Use the magnifying 
glass on the scale to find out it’s exactly like the scale you found at the 
lake! Leave the store and go to the cemetery.

Use the sketchbook on the new set of marks on the tomb. Go into your inventory 
and use that set of codes on the ones you had translated before to decipher part 
of the new message. Wait until the watchman leaves and then pick up the brick 
and use it on the tomb.

This puzzle is the one puzzle I keep getting emails about, so before you do 
ANYTHING, pay attention to what I say next!!!

When the interface first comes up, read the message that is showing right now. 
It should read: DJ KEEP E?ES ON GK B?T DO NOT HAR?

At the top of the window, you should see a couple buttons labeled ERASE MESSAGE 
(or something like that), NEXT MESSAGE, and EXIT.

Click on the NEXT MESSAGE button. Notice that this message reads: DJ CONCLAVE 
TONIGHT BRING FWET KASH (this is the message Magentia Moonbeam translated for 

The message I would like you to write on the tomb is DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE and 
if you were paying attention this puzzle should be easy. The missing letters are 
Y, U, and M. E?ES should be EYES, B?T should be BUT, and HAR? should be HARM. 
Let’s see if you can write DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE on the tomb now. Once you’re 
finished and Gabe hasn’t erased the message off of the tomb, leave the cemetery 
and go to Jackson Square.

Go to the northwest corner and talk to the fortuneteller. Notice her appearance 
when you talk to her, because it appears she was being possessed or something. 
She’ll warn you to stay away from Malia Gedde and then she’ll mysteriously 
disappear. Leave the Square and let’s go check on Mosely over at the police 

Like with the Crash interview, just head on back to Mosely’s office. Use the 
QUESTION icon on Mosely and ask him to reopen the case. A few people have 
emailed me about this because they couldn’t get Mosely to reopen the case, so 
pay attention to this part if you want to get through it. Ask him to reopen the 
case, and he says he won’t do it unless you can give him a reason why he should. 
For your reason, show him the reconstructed vévé pattern, then Hartridge’s 
notes, and then the 1810 newspaper clipping, and then Dr. John’s snake scales. 
Mosely will become convinced and he’ll reopen the case. Leave the police station 
and what do you know, the fifth day has already ended.


At the beginning of the day, Grace will walk in and she’ll be freaked out when 
she sees a near dead rooster on the floor surrounded by some sort of sign. 
Gabriel will come out of his studio and tell Grace to get some coffee while he 
cleans up the mess. Before she leaves, Grace will become a bit paranoid as she 
realizes that the Voodoo murderers now know where Gabe lives. Gabe will then 
reassure her that everything is okay.

After that sequence, Grace will give you the Rada drum book. Go through your 
daily routine and pick up the envelope that will eventually come through the 
mail slot. Go into your inventory and open up the envelope to find out that it 
was dropped off by Mosely. Use the tattoo tracing on Grace and when the list of 
choices comes up, say that you’re going to a costume party. When the second set 
comes up, say if you’re jealous… and when the sequence is over, go to the 

Go to the southwest corner and talk to the beignet vendor. Here are the choices 
you should choose:

1) Haven’t I seen you before?
2) Didn’t you used to be at Royal and Conti?
3) Why don’t you go back there?
4) I think you should go back to Royal and Conti.

Leave the Square and go to the police station.

This next part can be frustrating if you have a faster computer. To get through 
this next part, if you are playing the version of Gabriel Knight 1 that came 
with the Gabriel Knight Mysteries limited edition box set, then there is a turbo 
utility that you can use to slow down your computer. I wouldn’t recommend it 
though because it doesn’t really work. Go to and get CPUKiller 2.0. 
When you have it installed, run the program and move the slider so that the Slow 
Down Factor is at least 30%. Click on the Start button within the program and 
let’s continue with Gabriel Knight. Just be sure you leave CPUKiller running 

When Gabriel arrives at the station, the beignet guy you talked to at the Square 
will show up outside. Franks and Frick will leave to go buy some beignets. While 
they’re gone, high tail it into Mosely’s office by opening up the swinging door 
and then using the brass key on Mosely’s door. If Frick happens to come back 
while you’re on your way, don’t worry about it. As he is sitting at his desk, 
he’ll start to doze off, and while he’s asleep, you can try entering Mosely’s 
office then.

Once you’re in Mosely’s office, you can shut down CPUKiller for now if you have 
it. Anyway, open up the lower right brown desk drawer and use the HAND icon on 
it and Gabe will bring out a tracker and two signal devices. Leave the station 
and go back to the Square.

Go to the northeast corner and use the Rada drum book on the drummer. The 
translation for his drumming is ‘call conclave, tonight, swamp’ so be sure to 
click on those to get the points. After that, leave the Square and go to the 
Voodoo Museum.

Use a signal device on the small coffin (the sekey madoulé) near the door and 
Gabriel will slip one in. Leave the museum and go to Bayou St. John (click on 
the New Orleans map button and click on the tree icon).

This next part isn’t terribly difficult, but I guess I should explain it Use the 
tracking device (not a signal device) on Gabriel. You’ll notice a small blip on 
the tracker screen in the lower right hand corner of your screen. To figure 
where the blip will take you, if it is in the absolute north (if the blip lays 
right on the line), then go directly north. If it’s in the southwest corner, 
then go directly southwest if you can. Sometimes there might be stuff like trees 
in the way, so go as close as you can in the direction you’re supposed to and go 
to the next screen.

If you figured this part out, then you should find yourself near the entrance to 
the conclave. Before entering, use the alligator mask on Gabe, and he’ll put in 
on and then automatically enter.  When Dr. John walks up to Gabriel and asks him 
the first question, reply ‘Damballah’. When he asks who the destroyer of men is, 
say ‘Ogoun Badagris’. Sit back, relax, and watch the long sequence. The sixth 
day will end here.


In Gabriel’s studio, pick up the flashlight that sits on the right side of his 
dresser. Use the OPERATE icon on the phone and call Wolfgang (his number is 49-
09-324-3333 in case you forgot). Ask him about Tetelo, ask him about the 
talisman twice, then about Tetelo’s remains, and then about the possible African 
homeland. When you’re finished, leave the studio and go through your daily 
routine. Leave the store and go to the cemetery.

Go to the Gedde crypt and use the OPERATE icon on the red button. Once inside, 
go into your inventory and bring out the flashlight. Click somewhere and Gabe 
will turn it on. Focus the flashlight towards the middle crypt drawer (it has a 
ring on it) and open it up. You’ll discover Mosely’s body! Gabriel will become 
shocked and drop his flashlight. Before he can pick it up, he’s hit on the head 
and knocked out for a few minutes.

When he comes to, he’ll get the flashlight. Open up the middle drawer again and 
get Mosely’s wallet. Go into your inventory and open it up and you’ll get 
Mosely’s credit card. Use the OPERATE icon on the red button on the right wall 
of the room to exit the crypt. Leave the cemetery and go back to the bookstore.

Go into the studio and use the OPERATE icon on the phone. Dial 585-1130 to get 
the C the World Travel Agency. When a list of choices comes up, choose the one 
that says ‘Rittersberg, Germany’. When the next set of choices comes up, say 
‘Charge it to my Americans Repressed’. Leave the shop and go to the New Orleans 
International Airport (click on the New Orleans map button and then on the plane 
icon). Gabe will automatically get his tickets and fly to Rittersberg.

You’ll soon arrive at Schloss Ritter. Once there, head upstairs and enter the 
bedroom. Look at the writing above the locked door inside the room and then head 
back downstairs. Walk into the chapel (the doorway opposite the stairs). Look at 
the panels on the walls as well as the stained glass panel, and then head back 
out into the main area.

Ask Gerde about the portal poem, the chapel panels, and the initiation ceremony. 
Head back up to the bedroom, and open up the nearby window. Use the OPERATE icon 
on the snow and Gabe will wash his hands in it. Pick up the scissors that sit on 
the dresser near the door and use them on Gabe, and he’ll cut his hair. Pick up 
the golden bowl that also sits on the dresser and then get the scroll that hangs 
on the wall just above the dresser, and then go downstairs.

Get the knife that hangs on the wall just above the lion’s head, and then pick 
up the salt shaker that sits on the floor near Gerde. Go into the chapel, and 
use the bowl on the altar. Use the salt shaker on the bowl and then use the 
knife on Gabe. Use the OPERATE icon on the altar and then use the scroll on 
Gabe. Watch the little sequence and the seventh day will end.


When Gabe awakes, pick up the key that is sitting on the table near the bed. Use 
that key on the portal door. In the library, look at the lower part of the 
center shelves in the back and then read the book you find there. When Gabe’s 
finished reading, look at the upper-right corner of the right shelves in the 
back and read the book you find there.

Look at the shelves on the left wall and read the book you find there. Do the 
same things for the upper-left corner of the left shelves in the back and the 
lower right part of the right shelves in the back. Gabe will decide to keep the 
snake book, so leave the library and head downstairs. Use the book from the 
library on Gerde and she’ll go and get a flight scheduled for Gabe. When a list 
of choices comes up, give her the credit card response. The eighth day will end 
when Gabe leaves for Africa.


When you arrive at the Wheel-Within-A-Wheel, walk Gabe down to the caves. This 
next puzzle is very tough (mainly because people don’t read carefully), so PAY 

In order to follow what I’m saying, you should make a mental map as you go 
along. Designate the room you are in as Room 6, and notice that it has a bluish 
tint on the left side to show where the entrance is. If you go up one screen, 
you’ll be in Room 7. If you go south one screen from Room 6, you’ll be in Room 
5. These caves loop (the wheel shape should have told you this), so when you go 
six screens north from Room 6, you’ll be in the last room, Room 12, before it 
loops to Room 1.

Unless you are in it right now, go back to Room 6 so that we can start solving 
this puzzle. You can go in either direction, but I chose to start going north. 
As you enter each room, you may notice tiles lying on the ground or there are 
some in the walls on the right side of your screen. Be sure to pick these up in 
EACH room you enter. There are some tiles in a couple of the rooms that are in 
the walls, but you can’t take them. Leave these alone, as you won’t need them 
anyway. In Room 9, you’ll notice a blue rod on the ground along with some tiles. 
Be sure to pick up the rod as you’ll need it later.

After you’ve gone through EACH of the rooms and picked up all of the tiles that 
you could, go back to Room 6. Go into your inventory and take a look at the 
tiles. You’ll notice that they all have varying numbers of snake patterns on 
them. For example, if you see a tile with eight snakes on them, then you would 
put that tile in the groove on the wall in Room 8. If you see a tile with ten 
snakes on them, then you’d put the tile in the groove on the wall in Room 10. 
You can always use the LOOK icon on the tiles while you’re in the inventory to 
bring up a close-up view of them. Do you get what I’ve been explaining so far?

Once you’ve placed all of the tiles where they’re supposed to go, you’ll hear 
the chime go off saying that you solved that half of the puzzle and you’ll get 
the points. Head back to Room 6 (I’m just using this as a point so you don’t get 
yourself lost) and then go three screens south to Room 3. Walk Gabe up to the 
tile on the wall and then SAVE YOUR GAME!! This next part is VERY tricky and can 
result in Gabe’s death if you’re not careful. When you’re ready, put the snake 
rod in the knothole that is in the tile and watch as several creatures come to 
life (Oooooh, crap). From the room you’re in, as soon as they start coming to 
life, start walking one screen north to Room 4. In this room, just hurry up and 
go through to the next screen, and you shouldn’t be killed.

In Room 5, the creature is in your way, so what I did was walk out, and then 
hurried up and walked back in, and the creature had its back facing me. I walked 
around it and hurried through the door. The death sound might go off, but that 
doesn’t always mean Gabe will be killed (In my case, that sound went off, but 
Gabe managed to get through the door without a scratch).

In Room 6, you’ll see three creatures blocking your only ways of escaping. 
However, do you see those thick vines overhead? Use the OPERATE icon on the 
thick vine and Gabe will grab it and swing to the next room Indiana Jones style 
(Yeehaw!). When you get to Room 7, you’ll see three more creatures blocking your 
way, and just as you thought you were screwed, Wolfgang jumps down from up above 
and holds the creatures off with a torch.

When you regain control, hurry up and use the snake rod on the knothole that’s 
just inside the doorway to the right. You’ll now find yourself within the Inner 
Wheel. Walk one screen to the east and look at the iron bars near the table. 
Look at the tabletop and then take the bars and Gabriel and Wolfgang will slide 
them into the table. Do this a second time to put the other bar into the table. 
Use the OPERATE icon on the bars to find out that you can’t lift it without a 
heart to place in the trough.

Walk back one screen to the west and use the knife on the dead creature. Doing 
this will result in Uncle Wolfgang’s death (oh no!) and Gabriel will curse 
Tetelo for what she has done. The ninth day will soon come to a tragic end.

DAY 10

This is the last day of the game, so let’s continue. When you get back to New 
Orleans, go to the bookstore to find Grace missing (this keeps getting worse and 
worse). Read the newspaper and then get the envelope sitting on the desk to find 
a letter from Malia. Mosely will come out from the studio and there will be a 
brief conversation between Gabe and Mosely.

When you’re in the studio, give Mosely his wallet and credit card back. You can 
fill him in and you can have him fill you in if you want, but otherwise, ask him 
about making a plan. Leave the store and go to the cathedral. Enter the far 
right confessional, which is located on the left wall. Inside, use the snake rod 
on the knothole (it may be a bit hard to see, but it’s near the upper right 
corner of the confessional) and when your elevator trip is over, use the snake 
rod on the bench and then use the remaining signal device on it as well.

Leave the confessional and you’ll find yourself inside the Voodoo hounfour. 
Before you start, take the time to save your game because there are some parts 
that can result in Gabe’s death if you’re not careful. Please read the rest of 
this walkthrough very carefully.

Use the OPERATE icon on the control pad near the other door and you’ll exit out 
into the main hallway. This area has some similarities with the Wheel puzzle, 
but this one isn’t quite as difficult. Go up one screen to Room 7. Use the 
OPERATE icon on the door’s control pad and go inside. Take the wolf and boar 
masks that you see and then if you notice the coat rack in the back to the left, 
use the HAND icon on it twice to take a costume for each of the masks.

Leave the room and go down three screens to Room 4. If you’re having a hard time 
trying to figure what room is which, just look at the red sign above the door. 
Just look at it and count how many things there are, and that’ll be the room 
number. Enter Room 4 and take the black notebook off of the desk. Leave Room 4 
and go up towards Room 5, but don’t enter it. Instead, there’s a hallway that 
runs off to the right. Follow it and you’ll end up in the ceremonial room.

Use the OPERATE icon on the nearest set of drums. Send the message ‘Summon 
Brother Eagle’ by clicking on Summon in the first book and clicking on Brother 
Eagle in the other one. Click on the EXIT button and Gabe will send the message. 
There is a timer now in effect for Dr. John’s arrival, so act quickly. Leave the 
room via the northeast hallway. Go to Room 2, enter it, and pick up the card 
that is hanging on the opposite wall.

Leave Room 2 and go down to Room 1. Use the keycard on the control pad to unlock 
the door. Enter it and use the HAND icon on the money three times. Head to Room 
11. Use the keycard on the control pad, enter, and then immediately leave. Go 
down to Room 8, unlock it, and enter.

Inside, you’ll discover Grace lying on a bed. Mosely should enter shortly if you 
left him the snake rod and signal device back in the confessional. If you 
didn’t, Dr. John will show up and you’re screwed. If Mosely entered, continue 
on. If not, reload your game.

Use the talisman on Grace and she will recover. Use the boar outfit on Mosely 
and then the wolf outfit on Gabriel. Dr. John will come in and you’ll be told to 
go to the ceremonial room. Watch the sequence and when you have control, use the 
talisman on Tetelo and then toss it to Mosely when you have the chance. He’ll 
run off with Grace and now it’s time for the final encounter between 
Malia/Tetelo and Gabriel Knight.

When is Tetelo is poised to slice Gabe open, use the HAND icon on the idol 
that’s underneath the tabletop and when Malia/Tetelo is hanging from the edge of 
a crevasse, you’ll be left with a choice: To betray Malia or to save her. To 
betray Malia, you can either just sit back and relax or use the knife on her. 
Betraying her will result in Gabe’s death, and the alternate ending will show 
Mosely and Grace talking, and you won’t get all of the points.

To save Malia, use the HAND icon on her. She’ll tell you to let her go and 
she’ll fall to her death. Watch the ending sequence, and you’ll have beat 
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. I ended up getting 339 out of 342 points 
this time around, so I’ll have to figure out where the missing three points come 


Protoss – for sending me the point list for Gabriel Knight 1

For the FAQ sites that know me (and love me) – thanks for adding my guides to 
your website. It has allowed people who are tired of using other people’s guides 
(that tend to be vague sometimes) to use mine.

Jane Jensen – for coming up with such a great idea for an adventure game that 
spawned two great sequels. Her books Millennium Rising (also known as Judgment 
Day), Gabriel Knight 1, and Gabriel Knight 2 were also very good.

Sierra Studios – For publishing the Gabriel Knight series. I’m still mad that 
you won’t make a Gabriel Knight 4, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see what 
the future will bring.

To anyone else I may have forgotten about – I’m sorry that I didn’t mention you, 
but you know who you are and you’ll get as much gratitude as everyone else here.


Here's a point list provided to me by Protoss (real name unknown), so if you go through the
walkthrough and find any missing/inaccurate information, please email me so that it can be fixed:

        DAY 1

	  Read the newspaper                                              1
        Ask Grace for the messages-Granny's message                     2
        Ask Grace for the messages-Mosely's mesasge                     2
        Get the tweezers                                                1
        Get the mag glass                                               1
        Read Heinz Ritter book                                          1
        Read snake book                                                 1
        Get the gift certificate                                        1
        Granny's House:
        Ask Granny about Harrison, Margaret, Philip                     2
        Get Dad's sketchbook                                            1
        Read Dad's sketchbook in inventory                              1
        Open secret drawer                                              5
        Get Ritter Photo                                                1
        Get Ritter Letter                                               1
        Read Ritter Letter in inventory                                 1
        Ask Granny about Heinz                                          2

	  Police Station:

	  Ask Frick about Mosely                                          2
        Get photo envelope from Frick                                   1
        Open photo envelope                                             1

	  Jackson Square:

	  Attach Mime to cop                                              5
        Operate the radio while cop is gone                             2

	  Lake Ponchartrain:

	  Use mag glass on marks in glass                                 1
        Use tweezers on the scale                                       2
        Use sketchbook on the pattern                                   2
        Get clay                                                        1

	  Police Station:

   	  Ask Mosely about "other six patterns"                           1
        Franks hand Gabe the file                                       2
        Ask Mosely for "cop/author photo"                               2
        Copy file                                                       5
        Put file back in Franks inbox                                   1

	  Voodoo Shop:

	  Look at the sign                                                1
        Use murder photo on Willy                                       2

	  Book Store:

	  Ask Grace to research Malia Gedde                               2

        DAY 2
        Book Store:

	  Grace give Gabe Malia's Address                                 1
        Read newspaper                                                  1

	  Police Station:

	  Change temperature to 75 or over                                1
        Ask Mosely for coffee                                           1
        Get the badge                                                   3

	  Jackson Square:

	  Get hot dog                                                     1
        Give hot dog to boy                                             1
        Get drawing                                                     1
        Give drawing to artist                                          1
        Giving all paterns to the artist                                3

	  Gedde Mansion:

	  Get into Mansion                                                3
        Get thrown out                                                  2

	 Voodoo Museum:

	  Ask Dr. J about Modern Voodoo until Moonbeam is mentioned       2
        Ask Dr. J about Historical Voodoo until Laveau is mentioned     2
        Ask Dr. J about Laveau until he mentions the cemetery           2

	  St. Louis Cemetery:

	  Ask watchman about Laveau until he mentions other marked tombs  1
        Ask watchman about other marked tombs                           1
        Use sketchbook on the voodoo marks                              2
        Get the brick                                                   1

	  Moonbeam's House:

	  Ask about St. John's Eve                                        2
        Get Moonbeam to dance                                           1
        Get snakeskin while Moonbeam dances                             2
        Use the voodoo code on Moonbeam to get translation              3
        Magnify snake skin in inventory                                 1

	  Voodoo Shop:

	  Ask Willy about Animal Masks twice                              2

	  Book Shop:

	  Ask Grace to do research on Cazanoux                            2

        DAY 3
        Book Shop:

	  Watch cartoon                                                   1
        Get Wolfgang's phone number                                     1
        Read the newspaper                                              1
        Tulane University goes on Orleans Map                           1


	  Get hair gel                                                    1
        Call vet and get Cazanoux's address                             2
        Call Wolfgang                                                   2

	  Book Shop:

	  Sell painting for $100                                          2

	  Voodoo Shop:

	  Give Willy $100
        Gives Gabe mask                                         1
        Give Gabe Gambling Oil                                  1

	  Jackson Square:

	  Get veve from artist                                            1
        Pickup on fortune teller while she's dancing                    1
        Get veil                                                        1
        Get scale from veil                                             2
        Give veil to fortune teller                                     1
        Magnify snake scale                                             1

	  Book Shop:

	  Ask Grace to research veve pattern                              2

	  Police Station:

	  Watch Crash interview                                           2

	  St. Louis Cemetery:

	  See Malia                                                       2

	  Tulane University:

	  Watch lecture                                                   2
        Use veve on Hartridge                                           2
        Ask about Cabrit Sans Cor                                       1
        Use murder photo on Hartridge                                   2

	  St. Louis Cathedral:

	  Get priests collar                                              1
        Get priests shirt                                               1

	  Cazanoux Residence:

	  Use priests shirt/collar on Gabe                                1
        Use hair gel on Gabe                                            1
        Get inside house                                                1
        Ask Cazanoux about Cabrit Sans Cor and translate for her        2
        Cazanoux hand Gabe the snake bracelet                           1
        Get clay mold of Bracelet                                       2

	  Granny's House:

	  Ask Granny about Wolfgang Ritter after Hienz Ritter             1

	  Napoleon House:

	  Ask bartender about Sam & Voodoo                                1
        Use Gamblin' Oil on Sam                                         1
        Sam Wins and agrees to do something                             2
        Give clay impression of bracelet to Sam                         1

        DAY 4
        Book Shop:

	  Get 1810 clipping                                               1
        Read newspaper                                                  1

	  Napoleon House:

	  Get bracelet from Sam                                           1

	  Jackson Square Overlook:

	  See Crash talk to drummer                                       3

	  St. Louis Cathedral:

	  Ask Crash about Drummer                                         2
        Ask Crash about Hounfour after Drummer                          1
        Use snake bracelet on Crash                                     1
        Get sketch of tattoo                                            2

	  Book Shop:
        Ask Grace to research Rada Drums                                2

        DAY 5
        Book Shop:

	  Get Drum book from Grace                                        1
        Get letter/journal from Grace                                   1
        Read the newspaper                                              1
        Read Wolfgang's Letter in inventory                             1
        Read Gunter's Journal in inventory                              1

	  Hartridge's Office:
        Get Hartridge's notes                                           2

	  Voodoo Museum:

	  Operate the fan switch                                          5

	  Book Shop:

	  Get the snake scale from ashtray                                1
        In inventory, Magnify the snake scale and put the two together  3

	 St. Louis Cemetery:

        Take sketch of second Voodoo code                               2
        Translate new message                                           2
        Complete correct message on the tomb wall                       5

	  Jackson Square:

	  Talk to fortune teller                                          3

	  Mosely's Office:

	  Prove a legit cult                                              2
        Prove the cult is a threat                                      2
        Give Mosely lead                                                2

        DAY 6
        Book Shop:

	  Read newspaper                                                  1
        Get Mosely's envelope                                           1
        Open the envelope                                               1
        Read the letter                                                 1
        Get Grace to put on the tattoo                                  3

	  Jackson Square:

	  Talk the vendor to returning to the police station              2

	  Police Station:

	  Use Mosely's key to get into the office                         2

	  Mosely's Office:

	  Get the tracking device                                         1

	  Jackson Square:

	  Translate drum code to get to Bayou St. John                    5

	  Voodoo Museum:

	  Put signal device in coffin                                     3

	  Bayou St. John:

	  Find the screen with entrance to ritual                         3
        Use crocodile mask on Gabe                                      2
        Answer Damballah Question correctly                             1
        Answer Ogoun question correctly                                 1

	  DAY 7

	  Get flashlight                                                  1
        Ask Wolfgang about the Africa Homeland                          3

	  Book Shop:

	  Read newspaper                                                  1
        St. Louis Cemetary:
        Press button to open tomb door                                  2

	  Gedde Tomb:

 	  Operate the flashlight in inventory                             1
        Find Mosely's body                                              2
        Get wallet                                                      2
        Open wallet in inventory                                        1


	  Get tickets to Germany                                          5

	  Great Hall:

	  Ask Gerde about PORTAL POEM                                     1
        Ask about the INITIATION CEREMONY                               1


	  Wash Hands in snow                                              1
        Get scissors                                                    1
        Cut Gabe's hair                                                 1
        Get chamber pot                                                 1
        Get scroll                                                      1

	  Great Hall:
        Get salt                                                        1
        Get dagger                                                      1


	 Completes ceremony correctly                                    5

        DAY 8

	  Get key                                                         1
        Open large door                                                 3

        Find Snake Mound Book                                           5

	  Great Hall:
        Get Gerde to buy tickets with Credit Card                       2

        DAY 9
        Snake Mound-Outer Ring:

	  Get snake rod                                                   1
        Put all 12 tiles in correct rooms                               3
        Use snake rod on tile 3                                         5
        Operate vine in room 6                                          2
        Use snake rod in secret passage                                 2

	  Snake Mound-Inner Ring:

	  Look at carvings on table                                       1
        Pickup each Iron bar                                            2
        Gabe gets the talisman                                         10

        DAY 10
        Book Shop:

	  Read newspaper                                                  1
        Get Malia's note                                                1


	  Make a plan with Mosely                                         2


	  Use snake rod on knothole                                       3
        Put snake rod under the bench                                   1
        Put signal device under bench                                   1

	  Supply Room:

	  Get BOTH disguises                                              2

	  Business Room:

	  Get Gedde tribal book                                           2

	  Ceremonial Room:

	  Play correct call Dr. John message on the drums                 5

	  Dr. John's Room:

	  Get keycard                                                     2

	  Money Room:

	  Unlock door 1                                                   1
        Get Money                                                       1

	  Body Door:

	  Unlock door 11                                                  1

	  Grace's Room:

	  Unlock door 8                                                   1
        Use talisman in Grace                                           2
        Give disguise to Mosely                                         1
        Put disguise on Gabe                                            1

	  Ceremonial Room:

	  Save Grace(use talisman on Tetelo                               3
        Throw talisman to Mosely                                        3
        Smash stone idol                                                5
        Try to save Malia                                              10

        TOTAL                                                         342

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