Day 3: 2 AM (Gabriel)

Q: It's very early in the morning. Where should I go?
Spy on Larry Chester. Go to his house and take a peek through his office window (5). Follow him to the backyard where he does a strange activity. Hmmm.... What is he burying? Dig the ground when he left (4). You will find his manuscript. Use fingerprints kit on it (2). Why he buried his work? This is strange indeed. When Gabriel start his Harley, he sees a black sedan passing through the street. He'll miss it but you still got points for that (2)

Q: Where is the black sedan heading?
Most probably Montreaux. Right now he's your number one subject. Go there and look closely at the ground. Compare the tire track with the one you have (2). Yup, Prince James man were here earlier. Spy on Larry Chester. 

Q: Where is Mosley? His moped is not at the rental ....
Stop by at L'Homme Mort to see our friend, Mosley. Talk with him (2). He'll tell you that Gracie is a little bit mad because of his words. Enter your room and watch the cool cut scene about Grace and a vampire.

Total Points: 578 pts

Day 3: 7 AM - 10 AM (Grace)

Q: What is the answer of the next verse, Leo?
You need to get the two famous painting of Teniers and Poussin then draw a line which connects the two places described inside the painting. Look at the book that Gabriel left on the desk (2). Get the key to his Harley (2). You'll need his bike to travel around later on.

Q: Where could I find these famous paintings?
Go to the museum and look at the postcards section near the lost and found box. Pick up the three postcards from the top row or you could just use your wallet on the money bin on the top of the rack (1)(1)(1). Ask the curator about the folder also. 

Q: What should I do with this paintings?
Go back to your room and use Sydney. Add the paintings to the database (1)(1)(1). Now start to analyze Poussin's work. Choose "View Geometry" (2) then "Zoom/Clarify" (2). It will extract a hexagram shape and an unfinished word. Remember on what Emilio wrote on the ground at Poussin Tomb? Translate the unfinished word. Type "Sum" to finish the sentence (5). It will say: "Et in Arcadia ego sum". It will say "I am also (even) in Arcadia". How does he know about this thing? This is weird... First, he doesn't have fingerprints and now this strange thing also. Analyze Tenier's work also. On his second painting you'll see a strange shape. Use "View Geometry" then "Zoom/Clarify" (2). You'll see a portion of the bible about Solomon's Temple. Search Sydney database on Solomon (1).  Now you need to draw line between L'Ermitage and Poussin Tomb (5)

Q: What is the answer of the sixth verse, Virgo?
Search Sydney database on St. Vincent (1), Temple of Solomon (1),  and Temple Diagram (2). Too bad the connection to Temple Diagram page is down now, so you have to come back later on. Grace will conclude that she needs to draw a temple wall on the map. You need something to support this theory and the coordinate location of the temple itself. The most important thing: Grace needs to find the center of the circle to draw the wall.

Q: How can I find the center of the circle?
You have the coordinates so far. The only thing you need to have is the tracking device. Mosley has one and Grace has his room key. What was Mosley thinking about last night? Use the key to enter Mosley's room (2)

Q: Where does he hide his device?
It is hidden under his pile of clothes. But before you can move it you need to search thoroughly other place first. Anyway, who wants to go through Mosley's dirty laundry .... Yuck !!! Search his briefcases on the desk and on the top of his trunk. Open his wardrobe and try to search his bed. After that, you'll be able to move his clothes on the floor to get the device (4).

Q: Where is everybody else?
You'll find Lady Howard and Estelle inside the dining room. Talk with them. As usual, Jean is at the front desk. Get the binocular on Lady Howard's bike (2). Go to the Tour of Magdala and speak with Abbey Arnoud. You'll see Larry at the Blanchefort if you use the binocular on the panorama from the Top of Magdala.  

Q: Where is the center of the circle?
Read and think about the coordinates and the verses, then think on how to use the device. If you try to look at the map on Sydney, you'll see the approximate place is at the L'Ermitage. Use Gabriel's Harley to go there. Enter the area with your device ready. Think on the sign. Hermit is mentioned on the Serpent Rouge. This should be it. enter the cave and pick up the note on the wall (2): "Consult a wise man". Hmmm.... interesting. Go out and use the device on Grace. Now you need to walk around until the coordinates n the device says: 2o18'47" and 42o54'56" (2). Grace will put an X-mark on the ground. This will end the mid-time block. Use the shovel to dig it (2). After a while, Grace will stop digging. She'll continue after she's sure that this is the correct spot and of course she'll need help for that. 

Q: What else should I do at L'Ermitage for the clue to draw the wall?
Use Tennier's painting on the big rock cave (5). Then point the cave (2) to see where St. Paul pointing to. He is pointing up to north east direction, towards Mount Cardou. So that's your clue to draw the wall. You need to draw the wall which points to the north east direction. Stop by at L'Homme Mort before you come back to the inn (if you use your binocular from the top of Blanchefort, you'll see Madeleine digging at L'Homme Mort). Talk to her (2). She'll ask you to tell Mosley to meet her later on.

Q: Where is Mosley?
Go back to the inn and head straight to the dining hall and talk to Mosley. Tell him about Madeleine. Talk with Buchelli (2). He seems doesn't care about the murders. 

Q: How could I draw the wall?
It's time to draw the wall. Go back to Sydney and mark the four points on the map to form a two-grid-wide vertical rectangle (it should point to the north east direction). Look at the image below (the black diagonal square) to see where you put the points. You have successfully draw the wall (5).

Q: What is the answer of the seventh verse, Libra?
If you read and think carefully on the verse, you'll know that the hexagram is the important shape to solve this puzzle. Search Sydney database on Hexagram (1), Soul (1), and Seal of Solomon (1). All will point to the same shape: hexagram. Now choose the "Graphics" option and use hexagram shape. Tilt and resize it so one of the hand will be at the intersection of meridian line, the sunrise line, and the Poisson/L'Ermitage line (5). This will end the time block

Total Points: 645 pts

Day 3: 10 AM - 12 PM (Gabriel)

Q: Something's wrong with Wilkes. Should I follow Jean and Roxanne inside?
Eardrop the conversation first from the door (2) then you could go inside and talk directly with them (2). When they left, follow Roxanne to the storage room. Ask her to let you go inside Wilkes room (2). Try to examine everything but you'll end up with nothing. What happened with this guy? Go downstairs and talk again with Jean.

Note: If you use the glass to eardrop at Madeleine and Buchelli's door, you'll find out that they're inside their rooms.

Q: Mosley seems mad at Gabriel. What happened with him?
Go to his room and speak about Grace (2). He just want Gabriel not messing up with her. You could go back to your room and see Grace reading the manuscript. But she doesn't want to be disturbed. So better left her alone. It's time to meet Larry Chester or should I say Larry St. Claire? At this point you could try to find Wilkes first also. The order it's not very important here. Both will trigger the change of mid-time block.

Q: What should I do with Larry?
He won't let you in until you told him about his real name. Ask about Montreaux (2), the village (2), and the throne (2). You'll learn that Prince James is one of the most important descendant in Europe. When you go out from his house, the mid-time block will change. 

Q: Where should I go now?
You could pay a visit to Lady Howard's site. Greet them and notice that Estelle always bring that plastic bottle of her. You won't be able to take a fingerprints on that bottle right now. Probably later. Grace got to know about this activity. You could wrote down their moped's number if you haven't done it before. Before you go back to the hotel, stop by at Poisson Tomb and talk with the strange guy, Emilio (2). You could wrote down his moped's number if you haven't done it before. Go back to hotel. As soon as you try to open the door, Mosley will come out with something in his hand (2). What is Mosley doing here? He will go straight to his room. Madeleine will follow afterwards. Hmmm.... They up to something here. Go inside your room. Grace is taking her shower. You don't want to disturb her. Just use Sydney to scan in Larry's fingerprints (1). Link it to his file (1)

Q: Where is Wilkes?
Drive to L'Homme Mort (nice name, huh?? The Dead Man). At the far end corner of this place (near where Mosley dug his hole earlier), you'll find a footprints on the ground. Examine it (2). You'll end up finding Wilkes' death body (5). Search his pocket to get his letter (2). Circle the big stone near him. You'll find a pool of blood. Examine it (1) and the knee mark also (1). They butchered this guy the way they did to Prince James' men. The mid-time block will change. It's time to go back to your room again and tell Grace about it. 

Note: You could speak with Jean about it, but Gabriel will think that's a bad idea after all.

Q: Another strange activities going on in this hotel. What's Madeleine doing in Mosley's room?
When you try to open your door, again you'll see Madeleine comes out from Mosley room with something in her hand (2). Follow her and you'll notice that Buchelli spies on Madeleine also from his room. Go straight to Grace and ask her about the manuscript (2)(2)(2)(2) and tell her about Wilkes. Gabriel will realize that Mosley has taken the manuscript out of her room. This will end the time block. Prince James will arrive at the village.

Total Points: 686 pts

Day 3: 12 PM - 3 PM (Grace)

Q: What is the answer of the eight verse, Scorpio?
You'll receive a new email as soon as you operate Sydney. Read it (2). It's about The Temple of Solomon. You need this to solve the eight verse. You need to draw the points that will divide the vertical rectangle into 3 areas. The top and the bottom part have a 1/4 from the total area and the middle part will have 1/2. So plot your points at the intersection of the 3rd and 7th horizontal grid with the 4th and 6th vertical grid. Then do analyze (5). Next put another point on the middle of the top part of the rectangle (5). We called this part as Holy of Holies. Now Grace will have another new spot to visit.

Q: What is the answer of the ninth verse, Ophiuchus?
Read and think about the verse. You'll need to do an anagram analysis on the text you found on the painting: "Et in Arcadia ego sum". >From this word you could make another word: "Arcam Dei Tango Iesu" (the order is not important because it will reshuffle by itself) which means "I touch the tomb of God, Jesus" (20).

Q: What is the answer of the tenth verse, Sagitarius?
Read and think about the verse. You'll need to draw the Red Serpent on the map. Look at the map on Sydney and notice there is an ex-river at the north part of the square (near Poussin Tomb). Draw points along that river path. You are able to discover the famous Red Serpent (5).

Q: What should I do now?
Get out from the room and try to find the spots. As soon as Grace comes out from the room, she'll notice Buchelli comes out from Madeleine's room (2) holding something in his hand. Follow this guy to his room. Hmmmm... strange. Go to the dining room and overheard the conversation between Lady Howard and Estelle (2). Greet them. Time to visit the spots. 

Q: What can I find within these 3 new spots?
At the South West point, you'll find Wilkes handkerchief (2) on the rock in front a sealed cave. Use Mosley device on Grace to start tracking for the central of the location. Use the coordinate from Sydney to help you: 2o16'45" and 42o55'12". The central is next to the place where you found Wilkes' handkerchief (2). Use your shovel to move the rocks that block the cave's mouth (5). Get another strange note inside the cave (2). This is just like the note you found at L'Ermitage. At the North East spot, you'll find a highly security area. Pick up the note on the steel fence (2). Another strange note !!! Visit Holy of Holies. The entrance is from across the street from Blanchefort. Use Mosley's device on Grace to find the exact location of the central. Use the coordinates from Sydney: 2o19'39" and 42o56'06". Grace will put an X-mark when you find the place (2). Try to dig it (2). No luck!! Pick up the third note (2). While you were here, look at the Tour of Magdala at the scenery and think about it. You need to use the "Ctrl" and "Up" button to see it from the top of the rock at the central. That's the first Rook that is mentioned at the verses. The second one is The Tower of Blanchefort. What is the third one? This will end the mid-time block.

Q: Think back about Buchelli's strange act. What did he take from Madeleine's room?
If you go to the top of Blanchefort and use the binocular on the orange rock on the scenery, you'll see his moped (5). He's up with something there. This will open a new place to visit. (and if you move your binocular to the top of Tour of Magdala, you'll see Madeleine using her binocular). Go to the new orange rock spot. Go around the big orange rock. There's a strange digging mark on the ground. Dig it and you'll find Larry's manuscript (4). So this is what he took from Madeleine's room.

Q: Who else has seen this manuscript?
Use your fingerprint kit to get three fingerprints from the manuscript (2)(2)(2). I bet Buchelli, Madeleine, and Mosley's prints are there!! Go back to the village. On the way there, stop by at Estelle's site. Ask her about the treasure (2). Notice the plastic bottle she has on the ground. When you enter the village, don't forget to greet Madeleine at the Tour of Magdala. You won't get points but it's fun to watch how these two girls fighting. As soon as you enter the hotel you'll see Prince James talking with Jean (2). He'll approach Grace and ask about Gabriel. Go inside Gabriel room and use Sydney to scan in all the fingerprints (1)(1)(1). Try to match the fingerprints with the suspects (1)(1)(1). Yup, they're Mosley's, Madeleine's, and Buchelli's. Log out. This will end the time block. 

Mosley will come up and tell you to go to the dining room for a meeting.

Total Points: 781 pts

Day 3: 3 PM - 6 PM (Gabriel)

Q: What are the answers for Gabriel and Grace questions?
Here is the true story. Mosley took the script from Gabriel's room (2). Later on Madeleine snatch it from Mosley's room (2). Buchelli steal it from Madeleine's room (2) and buries it at the orange rock (2). If you answer all of these questions correctly then you'll be awarded with (10)(10) points.

Q: What should I do with the manuscript?
Go see Prince James at his mansion inside Rennes Le Chateau and return the manuscript (2). Ask him about Bloodline (2), the negotiation (2), and grapes (2). You will learn a lot about his family history.

Q: Who should I ask about the Sion?
Ask Arnoud at the top of Tour of Magdala (2)(2)(2)(2). You could talk with Grace inside Gabriel's room about this case but no point will be gained.

Q: How could I get Estelle's fingerprints?
Go visit her at Lady Howard spot in the forest. Talk with her. On the way back, snatch her plastic bottle from her bike. Use fingerprint kit on it (2). Go back to Gabriel's room and add (1) that to Sydney then link it to her files (1).

Note: You still be able to get her fingerprints later on if you skip this action. Grace will have that chance.

Q: What should I do with Montreaux?
Go visit our mysterious friend, Montreaux. Climb the gate (5). As soon as you enter the mansion, the butler will come out and talk to you. With Gabriel's smooth talking, you'll be able to overcome this problem. After the discussion with Montreaux, check out his garage. Open the door (2).

Q: What should I find inside his garage?
The black car that has been used to kidnap Prince James' kid. He hides it in the garage. Look at the bat on the ceiling (2). Oooppps, Montreaux's man notice your present. Run as fast as you can. This act will end the time block.

Total Points: 828 pts

Day 3: 6 PM - 9 PM (Grace)

Q: What should I do at the beginning of this time block?
Go down stair and go out. You'll see Emilio. Follow him to the cemetery (10). Watch his secret meeting with the brotherhood.

Q: Who has actually send me the famous, Le Serpent Rouge?
If you haven't pick up Estelle fingerprint, this is the right time to get it. You could get her fingerprint on her bike at the rental. Scan it to Sydney. As soon as you operate Sydney, you'll receive a new email. Read it (5). Then you could try to match the LSR fingerprint. It will match Estelle's (4). Go down and ask her about Le Serpent Rouge (2). Remember... you need to ask her about this first before asking about the egyptian artifact or you'll loose the possible 4 points. She's not the one who leave you the poem (so it got to be Emillio. He's the only person left and he doesn't have any fingerprints also). Ask Estelle about the Egyptian artifact (2) and follow Estelle to her room. Receive the picture of a strange blood tool (5)

Q: Where is Emilio?
Knock on his door and listen to his long story about the bloodline and the brotherhood (5).

Total Points: 861 pts

Q: What is the solution of the chess puzzle?
You need to move like a knight (L-shape). There is a lot of possible solution for this one. Here is one of the solutions. You could go out from 1 out of 4 possible exits (10).

Q: How can I escape the pendulum of death?
First, jump to the rotating platform. Jump to the pendulum (5). You need a good timing to do this. If you miss then you'll be death. Jump to middle pedestal from the pendulum (5). Again you need a good timing to do this move.

Q: Which items should I choose for the scale puzzle?
Here is the answer for each riddle. Eternity = The golden apple, Fertility = The golden egg, and Perfection = the number eight (10). This will open the door to the next chamber: The Hexagram.

Q: What should I do with these gloves?
Contact Grace (use right click and choose the headphone icon beside inventory) and she'll give you a little hints (2). Ask Grace to translate each writings you found. Pick up the black glove (2). Use it to get the item in the middle of the fire bowl (5). This act will rotate the hexagram chamber so you could see the other side which is dark earlier.

Q: What should I do with this mirror?
Step on each platform in front of the mirrors and see the result on the mirror. Choose the old man image (the left mirror) by moving the arrow on the pedestal to the left (5). Now go to the other side of the room and operate the yin-yang button (5). This will open up the hidden door. Gabriel will automatically enter the opening (5). You'll arrive at the famous Leap of Death puzzle (the invisible bridge).

Q: Which bridge should I choose?
Choose the invisible one on the left. Jump from one platform to another until you reach the end. Remember: always jump to the one that is not going to disappear. Hints: Go to the left, diagonal right, ahead, left, and finally diagonal right and straight to the other side (10)

Q: How can I defeat this monster?
You need to utilize both your talisman and the dagger. The talisman will give you some time to back off. Contact Grace for some clue after you use the talisman for the first time (5). Step back slowly and jump to the pedestal (5). Now you can reach its throat with your dagger. Slice his throat (25).

Total Points: 965 pts out of possible 965 pts