Day 2: 7 AM - 10 AM (Gracie)

Q: What should I do first?
Pick up the fingerprints tools on the table (1). Use Sydney to find several information. Use the "Search" tools on San Greal (1), Prince James and Vampires (1). Go out and pick up the book on the ground, just outside your room (2). There's a poem inside. Grace will leave the poem in the room. Talk with Jean, the receptionist. Now it's time to browse the village. Everything still closed except the church and Tour of Magdala. Head to Tour of Magdala. You'll see Arnold on the roof. Tell him about the tour (2).

Q: When will the tour begin?
Go to the dining room and ask Madeleine about the tour (2). She'll give you additional 1000 franc for the tour. I think she's jealous with Grace. Go up and tell Mosley that the tour will start soon. Knock on his door. Go back down and enter the dining hall. The tour begin at Poisson Tomb . Listen to the lectures  about the history of the place (4).

Q: What should I do here?
Try to talk to everybody, even though nobody will talk a lot with you. Look at Emilio. He's writing something on the ground. Write down his writings on your notebook (4). The tour will move to the second place, Blanchefort. 

Q: What can I do at Blanchefort?
Listen to the lectures on the history of the place (2). Step closer to Madeleine to overhear the conversation between her and Wilkes (2). Hmmm... Wilkes try to seduce her. Move closer to Lady Howard to eardrop the conversation on Le Serpent Rouge (2). Ask them about the topic. Ask Wilkes (2) and Madeleine (2) about it. Try to talk with everybody else on this topic. You'll get different answers. Make sure you choose Mosley as the last person to talk to. Ask him about Knight (2). Exhaust all the conversations (2). This will end the time block.

Total Points: 250 pts

Day 2: 10 AM - 12 PM (Gabriel)

Q: Where is Grace?
Grace takes the tour with Madeleine, but she left Gabriel something on the table. Pick up the note. Pick up the fingerprint tools on the desk (1)

Q: What should I do with Sydney?
You could start using it to collect information on your case. Operate Sydney. Click the option "Add Data". Scan in all the license numbers (5) and the tape (1). There should be 5 of them: Emilio, Buchelli, Lady Howard, Wilkes, and Mosley. Click the option "Open File" and link the plate numbers file to the suspects (4). Of course you don't have to link Mosley's plate number. He's not your suspect yet. Translate the tape (3) from French to English. Hmmm... Arnoud know something about the kidnapped. That's all you need to do with Sydney for now. 

Q: I want to search other's room but how?
You'll meet the maid outside the room. She's your key to other's room. You need to sneak it whenever she's inside one of the room. The good timing is when she pick up the sprinkler. First, she'll go to Emilio's room. Sneak in then quickly unlock the dump waiter (it's the small door on the wall) to your room (2). Go out and wait until she goes to Madeleine's. Sneak in and quickly go out to the patio through the glass door (4). When the maid go out, turn the door lock (2) so you'll be able to get inside later on. Go out and wait until she goes to Lady Howard's. Sneak in and go quickly to the patio (4). Turn the door lock before you go out (2). Now prepare to sneak in Buchelli's room. Sneak in after the maid move the cart and unlock the dump waiter (2). Do the same thing with Wilkes' room (2).

Q: What should I find in Emilio's room?
Go to your room and unlock the connecting door. Climb in and go straight to Emilio's room (4). Search the left bed and you'll find strange cloth under the pillow (2). You won't find anything else inside this room. 

Q: How to access Wilkes' room?
There are 2 ways to access his room. First, you could go down and ask Jean to use the kitchen because you're hungry and you need to make your own sandwiches (2). Or you could go back to the dump waiter and activate the rope to climb down to the kitchen. Open the right dump waiter. Turn the crank, climb in (2) and pull the rope to go up. Open the door to Wilkes' room -- it's the left one (4). Read the letter on the desk (1). It's from a publisher. Hmm... he's a clever man after all. Look all of his gadgets.

The Ticket Stub at Buchelli's dresser

Buchelli's fingerprints

Q: What should I find in Buchelli's room?
Go back to the laundry chute and open the other door (4). Search the dresser (2) and you'll find a ticket stub on the left piles. Pick it up (2). Notice the clothes also. Buchelli is a priest. That is strange indeed. What is he doing here? You need to take his fingerprints on his suitcase. Use your fingerprint kit on it. Rub the brush on the lock (2) You'll see a fingerprints there. Use the tape to take it. You could search the bed and everything else but you won't find anything. It's time to search the other 2 rooms. Go out through the door.

Q: What should I find in Lady Howard's room?
Search the bed. You'll find a folder underneath it (2). Pick up the paper inside (2). You need to scan this in Sydney. Remember to put it back after doing that. Enter the bathroom. Look closely at the sink. Use fingerprints kit to take Howard's fingerprints on the mirror. Brush the handle area (2). Get the Suppuration H tube near it (2).

Q: What should I find in Madeleine's room?
Search the bed and you'll find a suitcase with gun inside (2). Use fingerprints kit on the gun. Brush the barrel area (2). What a babe... What is she doing with the gun? Open the dresser and pick up the map (2). You need to scan this with Sydney. Don't forget to put it back later on.

Note: You could access Madeleine's and Howard's room through the roof from Gabriel's room if you don't have time to unlock the doors.

Madeleine's Fingerprints

Arnoud's Fingerprints

Q: How about Abbey Arnoud?
That's a good question. You could sneak in his office right now. Go to the cemetery. Try to open the window and sneak in. Darn .. it's jammed. Use the Suppuration H to loosen it (2). Now try to open it again (2). Enter the window. Search his desk drawer. Use fingerprints kit on his cigarette (2). Read the European magazine (2). It is about European Union.

Q: What should I do with all of these information?
Operate Sydney and choose "Add Data" option. Scan in the map (1), the two piece of papers from Howard's room (2), and all the fingerprints (4). Now link all of them to the suspect (4). Do this either from "Open File" option or "Suspect List" option. When you done with this, return the map to Madeleine's room (1) and the papers to Howard's room (1). Go down to lobby to end up this time block. Roxanne will take you to the kitchen and have some food.

Total Points: 342 pts

Day 2: 12 PM - 2 PM (Grace) 
Chateau de Serres

Q: What should I do first?
Try to enter the wine barn and talk with everybody. Abbey Arnoud will tell you a glimpse history on Chateau de Serres and its owner, Monsieour Montreaux (2). Then head to the garden through the archway beside the main building.

Q: I hear the baby crying. Where is the baby?
Try to unlock the cellar door. Darn, it's locked. Climb the wall in front of the cellar door to the roof top (2). Use the vines to enter the top right window (4). Open the trunk at the corner of the room (2). You see a glimpse of baby's foot. Grace will make some noise and someone is coming up. 

Q: Where should I hide?
Hide inside the wardrobe (2). When Montreaux goes down, get out from it. Open the trunk and move the blanket (2). Geez, that's only a doll. 

Q: Is there anything else important here?
Open the wardrobe and use your sketchpad to draw the symbol on the robe (2). Go downstairs to the lower level through the spiral staircase.

Q: That portrait looks creepy. Something strange with eye. What should I do with it?
Move the chair and place it under the painting (2). Climb the chair. Look closely at the eye (2). It's a strange image of the Holy Grail. This might be important later on.

Q: Where can I get Montreaux fingerprints?
Open the desk drawer. Use fingerprints kit on the book (2). Brush the right part of the book. Read the book. There are strange writings inside (2).  

Q: There is a strange tiles under the spiral staircase. What is that?
If you trying to knock on the tile, you'll hear a hollow sound. You'll see a button under the desk (to the left of it). Push the button (2). This will activate the red beams. Turn each statuette to the left once. This act will form a pentagram and open the tile to show a secret staircase to the cellar (5). Climb down.

Q: I still hear the baby's crying. Where is he?

Open the only unlocked door in the cellar. Get inside (2). Darn, it's only a sound from the wine machine. There's no baby here. You'll see an old woman there. Talk with her. She'll go crazy and started to laugh. Grace will runaway scared to the courtyard (5). She'll meet Mosley there. After a brief conversation with him, the tour will continue to The Devil Spot. 

This time block will end when they discover the bodies of Prince James' man. Their neck are wide open....

Total Points: 380 pts

Day 2: 2 PM - 5 PM (Gabriel)

This time block start with a strange section. Within this section, you need to be very quick and in order to view all 4 important events out of 6 events. So try to get the highest possible points.

Q: How to get the highest possible points?
I'll explain the best scenario to get the highest possible points. First of all, turn off the cinematic camera option (this will make your movement faster). Eardrops Madeleine (2) and Lady Howard (2) in their room with the glass then quickly go down. Try to reach the phone booth as quickly as possible. In order to be able to do this, you need to avoid talking with Jean. Walk near Wilkes and turn left directly and head straight to the phone booth. Record Buchelli's conversation inside the phone booth (7). Finally before he comes out, go out to the lobby and talk with Wilkes (2). By eardropping Madeleine's room, you'll hear her secret phone call to someone. By listening to Lady Howard's conversation, you'll learn that she's actually an actress. So there is a possibility that all of her acts are just acting. Talking with Wilkes will give you some knowledge on how the victim dies. Use the tape recorder on the phone booth to record the Buchelli's conversation. You'll have to translate it in Sydney later on to understand what he said. Buchelli will come out and start talking with Wilkes. Talk with Jean at the receptionist desk. He'll tell you several interesting information on the case.

Note: The least important events are talking with Grace. You could do it after the time block start (re-enter the room directly) or after recording Buchelli's phone call. At the first event you'll see her operating Sydney and on the other, you'll see her reading a book on the sofa. Both will not produce any points. 

Q: Who should I meet to get more information on this murder?
First, talk with Abbey Arnoud at the Tour of Magdala. He'll deny talking about the meeting with Prince James' man (2). Next, you need to visit the murder scene by yourself. It's at the Devil Armchair.

Q: What should I find here?
Look on the ground and you'll see a strange tire marks (2). Follow the track to the small alcove (2). You'll see a car there. Use the sketchpad on the tire (2). Now you got the tire marks. Go back to you bike and cross the street and enter the Devil Armchair. You'll see Mosley there (2). Examine and think on the sliced throat, the face, and his clothes. You'll get this extra points (2) when you think on the face.  Talk with him. Choose Vampire as your first answer (2).

Q: Where could I get clue for this murder?
Climb to the top of the hill. You'll see a blood stain on the ground. Examine it (5). Mosley will come over. Look closely at the strange mark near the blood stain. Use the 'Think' icon twice to figure it out (2)(2). When you walk out of the scene with Mosley, Madeleine will come with the police. Gabriel will take Mosley back to the hotel. 

Q: Should I follow Mosley?
Yeah, you could do that, but it won't give you any point. Call Prince James from the hotel (5). He'll tell you to continue investigate the child. 

Note: You could call Prince James later on (after the mid time block end) to hear an alternate answer.

Q: Where could I match this tire mark?
There are two other tire marks will match that one. You could find them at L'Ermitage and Larry's house. Go visit Larry. Knock on the door and start asking him questions on the freemasons (2)(2) and the handshake signal (4). He'll throw you out. Sneak and watch how he set up the alarm clock. When he's gone, try to see what time is the alarm been set.

Q: How can I see the time on the alarm clock?
See the small hole on the window behind the clock? Slide in your hanger through the hole to turn back the clock (7). It will said 2 AM. Darn, Gabriel will loose control of the hanger. 

Q: What should I do now?
It's time to go back to the hotel. You'll see Emilio collides with Estelle (2). Ignore Estelle for now. You'll see Emilio sitting at the lobby. Go straight to your room and talk with Grace. Ask about Holy Grail (2), Abbey Arnoud (2), Priori of Sion (2), and the treasure (4). Mosley will get up and leave the room and leave his bottle on the table.

Q: Should I take his fingerprints?
Yeah, you should. Use the fingerprints kit on the bottle (2). Gabe will put it on the table near Sydney.

Q: What else should I do?
Go downstairs and use the fingerprints tool on Wilkes glass (2).  Tell Jean to give you a wake up call at 2 AM (2). Go back to your room and add the fingerprints to Sydney (1) along with Buchelli's tape (1). Translate the tape from Italian to English (3). Link Wilkes' fingerprint to his files (1). It's time to check out Estelle and Montreaux.

Q: Where could I find Estelle?
Go to Blanchefort. You'll see Estelle passing by. Follow her and you'll arrive in her secret spot on the small forest (2). Ask her about Lady Howard (2) and the site (2). She'll get annoyed. Leave her for a time being and go back to the hotel. 

Note: If you follow her from the hotel then you'll miss this extra 2 points.

Q: The maid at Montreaux mansion won't let me in. What should I do?
You need to create a story to get in. Go back to your room and create fake ID. Choose the New York Times Reporter's ID (2). Go back to Chateau de Serres and show the maid your ID (5). Ask Montreaux about grapes, holy grail, treasure, and freemasons (2)(2)(2)(2). This will end the time block.

Note: You could also try other fake IDs, but the only ID that will let you in is the Reporter ID.

Total Points: 481 pts

Day 2: 5 PM - 10 PM (Grace)

Q: What should I do first?
Add the Emilio's note (1), Montreaux's fingerprints (1), and the robe's symbol drawing (1) to Sydney. Link the fingerprints to Montreaux's file (1) and Mosley plate number to his file (1). Analyze the symbol (2). Sydney will process it through outside resources. It will notice you with e-mail later on. Then you need to translate the note from Latin to English (2): "SUM = to be". Next, analyze the first parchment. Use "Extract Anomalies" option. Choose French language to form the words (2). Then choose "View Geometry" and save the triangle shape (2). Do the same thing with the second parchment. Choose the "View Text" option and use French language again (2). Do "View Geometry" also (4), rotate the shapes (2) and save them. 

Q: Where is Gabriel?
He's in the dining room. On the way there, you could pick up the glass (2) in front of Lady Howard's room, on the floor. Step into the dining room and listen to the conversation between Gabriel and Mosley (7). What a...... !!! Grace will cancel her mind to talk with Gabriel. You could find Buchelli sitting here. Talk with him then head back to the lobby. Talk with Simone at the front desk. Time to visit the museum and the church. 

Q: The museum is closed. What should I do?
Look closely at the door. There's a folder attached there. Pick it up (2). Get the fingerprints on the folder (2). Open the folder. My God, it's the famous Le Serpent Rouge. Who put it there? Go back to your room and use Sydney. Scan in the fingerprints (1). Try to match it with your files. Hmmm..... no match found. Read the verses of Le Serpent Rogue and try to solve the puzzles. Do "Analyze" on the map file. You need to draw coordinates on the map to solve it.

Q: What is the answer of the first verse, Aquarius?
Read the verse and use the "Think" option. You'll have the first clue: Path of RA. What is a path of RA? Search some information on RA in Sydney: "Path of RA" is the same as "Path of Light". Go inside the church and pick up the English pamphlet (2) on the table. Open and read the first page. Think about it. Knock on the door to Abbey's office. Ask him about Path of Light (2) and Magdalen Statues (2). From his explanation you know that you need to draw a straight line between Magdelen temple (Rennes Le Chateau) and Chateau Blanchefort. He also told her that there are 4 statues around this area. Go back to your room and operate Sydney. Analyze the map and choose "Draw Points". Click on the cross (Magdelen church) inside Rennes Le Chateau and the tower at Chateau Blanchefort (5). That's the first drawing.  

Rennes Le Chateau Spot

Chateau Blanchefort Spot

Q: What is answer of the second verse, Pisces?
By reading and thinking about the verse, Grace will draw a conclusion that she needs to find a circle based on the location of Magdelen statues. Search for Magdalen on your Sydney. Look at the second page of the pamphlet. You'll see the locations mentioned there. They are: Rennes-le-Chateau, St. Just et le Bezu, Bugarach, and Coutassa. Go back to your room and analyze the map again. This time choose "Draw Points" and placed them at the cross sign in each places. Then click on the Graphics pull-down menu and choose "Use Shape". Choose circle and place it on the map. Resize the circle until it covers the 4 points. That's the answer of the second verse (5). This will end the mid-time block.

Q: What is going on with everybody else?
If you go downstairs, you'll see Gabriel and Mosley are ready to go with Madeleine (2). You could talk with Lady Howard and Estelle inside the dining room. Emilio and Buchelli are drinking at the lobby. Watch carefully at their glass shape. As for Wilkes, I don't know where he is.

Q: What is the answer of the third verse, Aries?
  Read the verse and think again. You'll notice three uppercase words on it: Quaternity, St. Michael, and Pythagoras. Try to search information on all of them (1)(1)(1). Pythagoras said something about squaring the circle. Hmmm..... Analyze the map again. Click on the Graphics pull-down menu and use the square shape. Resize the shape until it right on the outside edge of the circle (5). You solve the third verse.

Q: What is the answer of the fourth verse, Taurus?
You need to tilt the square according to a certain angle. You could get a clue by reading the parchment summary. It's "The Blue Apple". It also said that the four angels guard it. You could find the statue of four angels at the church (just beside the entrance). When you enter the hotel lobby, you'll see Lady Howard asking everybody to play bridge (2). Grace will reject the invitation because she has lots of stuff to do. Go to the church and examine the four angels statue above Asmodeus statue next to the door closely. Form the tilted square which connected each angels (2). You got your angle now. If you think at the verse and connect it to the phrase you wrote from the parchment, you'll get a conclusion that the blue apple might means blue grape: Chateau de Serres. That's it. Go back to Sydney and analyze the map. Draw a line (use draw points and analyze) between Chateau de Serres and the cross section between the circle and Paris/Meridien line (2). Finally tilted the square so it will align with the line you draw (5)

Note: There is a strange thing also. If you try to pick up Emilio's fingerprints on his glass before you solve the fourth verse, you'll see nothing. This is strange. What kind of human being who doesn't have any fingerprints at all? You could pick up Buchelli's fingerprints if you miss the last two opportunities earlier.

Q: What is the answer of the fifth and sixth verses, Gemini and Cancer?
By thinking at the verse, you can conclude that the answer is connected with chessboard (64 boxes equally divided). Search the topic on Asmodeus (1), Duality (1) and chessboard (1), Knights, Pawn, and Rook on Sydney. Analyze the map again. This time choose "Draw Grids", "8 X 8 size (according to the chessboard)", and "Fill Shape". The square will be filled with the grids (5). This will end the time block and the day.

Total Points: 561 pts