Day 1: 10 AM - 12 PM

Q: What should I do first?
Browse around your room. Open the wardrobe and pick up the masking tape (2) and hanger (2). Notice the small door on the wall. It will be useful later on to access other room. Go downstairs to lobby. Ask about the mysterious guys who knocked you out last night (2). Look at the log book and notice there are several other guests in this hotel (2). Go to the phone booth. Use the business card from Prince James to call him (4). Now it's time to meet the other guests.

Q: Where are the other guests?
You'll see your long-time friend, Mosley, at the dining room. Ask him about the Treasure Hunter (4). You could meet Emilio at the lobby. Introduce yourself to him and ask about his check-in time (4). Go outside and meet Madeleine, the tour leader. Introduce yourself to this lovely lady. Exhaust all the conversations (4). You'll learn that she came from Toulouse. Hmmm.... this is interesting. Go back to the lobby and ask Jean about the tour (2). You'll meet the other guests in the village. Now it's time to go for a sightseeing. The Bookstore next door is the first place to visit.

Q: The bookstore is closed. What should I look here?
Examine the window carefully. You'll notice a book on Holy Grail. It's called "San Greal Secrets". Look at the cover (2)

Q: Where should I find extra information on the Holy Grail?
Museum is the best place to go. Talk to the curator and introduce yourself (2). Ask about the holy grail (2) and the treasure (2). Go inside the exhibition hallway. Meet Estelle and Lady Howard. They will stop their conversation as soon as you approach them. So don't do that. Instead, go hide behind the painting behind them. Eardrops their conversation on treasure (2). Hmmm.... This is interesting. Introduce yourself and exhaust conversations (4). When you go out of the museum and step into the hotel yard, the time will change. Go inside the hotel.

Note: The bike rental will open between 2 - 5 pm. 

Total Points: 40 pts

Day 1: 12 PM - 2 PM 

Q: What should I do in the hotel?
Head into the dining room. You'll hear a brief conversation between Wilkes and Madeleine (2). Talk to Wilkes (2). Climb the stair to second floor. You'll see Estelle and Lady Howard switching room with Emilio (2). This is interesting.....

Note: The event of Lady Howard and Emilio changing room is one of the most important thing in this time period. This will hold the time change if you didn't notice it. If you miss it during the first half of this period (before you go to the church), then you could find out about it by looking at the log book on the second half of the period. Of course you'll miss several points for that.

Q: Where should I go to find extra information about the Holy Grail?
The old church is the best place to go for extra information on this small village. Enter the church and meet the other guest, Buchelli (2). Introduce yourself to him (2). Ask about his check-in time (2) and treasure (2). Go to Abbey Arnold and introduce yourself (2). Exhaust conversation on church (2), Holy Grail (2), Magdeleine (2), and Templars (2). He suggests you to find Larry Chester for more detailed information on Holy Grail. Notice the pamphlet on the table. If you ask him about the English version, he'll tell you to come back tomorrow. It's time to go back to hotel.

Q: Where is Mosley?
He is inside his room. Go straight to Room 33. Knock on the door and enter. Discuss the case with him (2). During the discussion, you'll hear a strange noise outside. Stop the conversation and peep through the keyhole (5). Hmmm.... Emilio is trying to eardrop Knight's conversation. He'll put his glass on the table and enter his room. Continue your conversation. Tell Mosley about Grace (2) and Schattenjaeger (2). Go outside and pick up Emilio's glass (2). When you walk outside the hotel, the time will change.

Total Points: 77 pts

Day 1: 2 PM - 4 PM 

You'll see someone driving the bike. It's open now..... 

Q: Can I rent the bike?
Go there and talk to the person in charge (2). Too bad, all the best bikes have been booked by the tour. The only thing left is that pitiful purple bike. Hmmmm..... Mosley is in the list. Maybe we could do something about that. You need his passport and some kind of disguise to trick the man. Go back to hotel. You'll see Lady Howard and Estelle at the lobby. Ask them about the reason they change room with Emilio (2). Go up to Mosley's room. Ask him about his passport. He always bring it in his pocket.

Q: How can I get his passport?
You'll need to do a little trick for that. Get the candy (2) on the table in front of the receptionist (It's the small red box below the painting). Bring it to Mosley and see how he likes it very much. This will do the trick. Go back down and pick up the candy again. Go upstairs and put the candy on the table (2) below the street painting (it's on the left aisle if you facing his room). Go downstairs and facing the receptionist desk. Look at the panel beside it. Push the button number 33 to call him down. Quickly go upstairs and hide on the corner (don't let him see you). When he picks up the candy, snatch his passport (7) from his pants.

Q: How about the disguise?
Go inside Mosley's room while he still downstairs. Get his yellow jacket (2). Now go to the cemetery behind the church. You'll see Abbot Arnold left his sprinkle on the window. Get it (2). Now follow the small alley beside the church until you reach the end. You'll see a cat there. Try to pet it. It will run into the hole below the door on the left. Leave the scene and go back again. The cat will stand on the top of the fence. This time put the tape inside the hole (2). Use the sprinkler to make the cat run into the hole again (2). Get the fur on the tape (2). You'll have your home-made mustache. You need a glue to attach it to you. 

Q: Where could I find the glue?
Get the maple syrup inside the dining room (2). It's on the serving table. Combine it with the mustache then stick it to the jacket. But you still have one more thing missing: the caps. Go back to the museum. Pick up the red cap from the missing item box (2). Now combine the cap with the jacket (5). You got your disguise now. Now go to the bike rental.  

Q: Something still missing. But what?
You need to do something with Mosley's picture on the passport. Remember, he doesn't have mustache anymore.... Snatch the marker from the receptionist desk when Jean is not there (2). Use it to draw mustache on the passport (2). Now go to the bike rental and use the disguise (10). You'll get the key.  

Q: Where should I go first?
After you return the passport, use the key to start the bike. Notice the 2 spots moving on the map. You need to follow them to open a new place. Go to Chateau de Blanchefort. Wait for a while until you see Wilkes drives his bike. Follow him with your bike. He'll stop at a place called L'ermitage (2)

Q: What is he doing here?
First of all, write down his plate number by using your notebook (2). Follow the path to the cave face. Greet him. Ask about his strange tools (2), treasure (2), and holy grail (2). Hmmm... It's a seismic tools. This man is trying to locate the treasure also. Go back to your bike. Wait for a while until you see Madeleine's van. Follow her to Coume Sourde (2)

Q: What is she doing here?
Talk with her and try to gain some information. She refuses to tell the truth. You need to find another way. Go back to Chateau de Blanchefort. Climb up the hill to your right. Go straight up the hill. Then use the binocular on the mountain. Keep on moving your binocular until you see Coume Sourde spot (the white stone). Zoom in. You'll see Madeleine moving around trying to find something. She's trying to find the treasure (5). Go back to your bike. It's time to visit the train station.

Note: While you're on the top, you could zoom in at the village also. You'll see Buchelli using his binocular to find something.

Q: The cab driver doesn't want to give any info on the stalker. What should I do?
Give him money. That should loosen his lips. Use your wallet on him (5). He tells you that the stalker is being picked up by a black car. Now go inside the train station. Ask the girl about the train schedule (4). Buchelli is lying. There's no train from Maples. Look at the board to make sure. Examine the arrival schedule (2). Buchelli is definitely lying. As soon as you start the bike, the time will change. When you go back to the map, you'll see another spot moving around. It's Lady Howard. You could follow them around. 

Total Points: 153 pts

Day 1: 4 PM - 6 PM 

Q: Where is my friend Mosley?
You could find him at L'Homme Mort. Ask him about his activities (2). He refuses to say anything. Go back out and write down his plate number (2). Head straight to Blanchefort again. You'll see two bikes here. One is Wilkes and whose the others? Climb the hill to your right and head directly to the top of it. You'll see Emilio. Greet him. Use your binocular again on the hills. Zoom in at L'Homme Mort. You'll see a quarrel between Mosley and Madeleine (5). So Mosley is trying to find the treasure also. Go down hill and head straight to the black rock spot (it's on the other side of the Blanchefort). Greet Wilkes and ask him about the black and white rock. Then go down and write down Emilio's plate number (2). It's time to go back to town. 

Q: What can I find in the village?
Go to the church and sneak in to the cemetery. Open the window to Arnold's office. Eardrops the conversation between Madeleine and Arnold (5). They know lots of stuff about this treasure. 

Q: What should I do to make the time change?
Visit Larry Chester's house (2). Ask him about Holy Grail and exhaust the conversations (10). When you go back to town, the time will change. 

Total Points: 181 pts

Day 1: 6 PM - 10 PM 

Q: I see five bikes. Which one is Buchelli's?
You could write down Lady Howard's bike plate number (2). You could do this if you follow them around earlier. Look at every single bikes there and finally, by deduction, you could write down the red bike's plate number (2). It's Buchelli's.

You'll see Grace arrive with Prince James' man. They will pay Knight to stop the investigation. They'll thank Knight for all of his trouble. But you know Knight, he'll finish on what he's already started.

Q: What should I do know?
Talk with the receptionist, Simone. Exhaust the conversation (4). Head into the dining room. You'll hear a strange conversation between Buchelli and Wilkes (2). They're up on something. You could greet Emilio at the lobby. Go outside the hotel. Prince James' man is trying to do something. Follow them to the cemetery. Hide behind the large stone slab (5). You'll see them threaten Arnold and about The Orders. Wait for a moment when they leave. Use the tape recorder (Sydney) on the opened office window to record Arnold's phone call (7).

Q: What are they planning to do?
Follow them to Larry's house (2). Hide behind the tree near the well to overhear their conversation. Watch carefully on that hand sign (5). Too bad I couldn't go inside Larry's house. The windows are locked. Go back to hotel and try to find Mosley. He's not in his room. Go back to your room. You'll find Mosley here. 

Q: What is the correct handshake sequence?
Ask about Prince James' men (2). Tell him about the secret hand signal sequence (5). If from left to right is 1 to 5, then the sequence is: 2, 5, 3, 1, 4. Exhaust conversation on Freemason (2). Gracie will ask you to have diner downstairs. This will ends Day 1.

Note: Before you go back to the hotel, you could meet Buchelli and Wilkes at the bar in Rennes Le Bains.

Total Points: 219 pts