Eco Quest 1

Note before hand

For all those mistaken people who think that Eco Quest is for the environmentally minded, then let me tell you it's not. Who the heck do you think is actually going to read the documentation that comes with the game?(More so if it was pirated.)Who bothers how to recycle? So I just assume that you've got the game, are stuck, and you need help from the grand master of such things, who is, obviously, moi. Then again, if you're a caring person who, unlike me, wants to do your part to save the earth from global warming and ultra violet rays and smog and pollutants, then go ahead. I'm not stopping you, am I?

The Walkthrough

Use hand on the oily duck. Get the soap and rag. Use the soap on the rag. Clean the duck with it. Use the beaker on the plant. Get the water bottle. Use it on the gerbil's cage. Look at the blackboard. Get the trash bag. Open the package. Use hand on paper. Use hand on can. Put the can in the recycling box. Look at the computer screen. Look at the books on the shelf 5 times. Use your hand on the keypad at the door. The code is 9731. Press E after that.
Look at the blackboard. Get the Frisbee. Open the cupboard. Take the SCUBA gear. Look at the metallic cage on the boats. Talk to the dolphin 3 times. Take a fish from the bucket near the door. Throw it to the dolphin only when it stops to pay attention. Do the whole procedure 2 times altogether. Use hand on ladder. Use hand on dolphin. Use hand on ladder. Throw the Frisbee to the dolphin. (Try to throw it only when the dolphin is further away from you.)Catch the Frisbee. (You get more points like that than if you let it fall to the ground.)Do this 4 times altogether. Use hand on gearbox.
Use the SCUBA gear on Adam. Go northwards until you are trapped by the bilge. Get the bottle near the edge of the screen. Use your trash bag on the bilge until you can go westwards. Use the SCUBA tank on Adam. From where you first start, go south, east, south, south. Use your trash bag to pick up 8 pieces of rubbish. Get the cage. Go west. Use the trash bag to pick up 10 pieces of rubbish. Use the beaker on the whale thing. Talk to Demeter. (The lobster.)Get the shell that has fallen down. Go north. Use your trash bag to pick up 8 pieces of rubbish. Get the cloth. Use the cloth on the shell. Now here comes the tricky part. Notice that all the homes are arranged to be something like a square? Let's say that the tope left one is 1, to the immediate right of it is 2, then 3, etc., etc. Let me illustrate the proprietors of the separate houses.

1 is the lion fish 4 is the fish 7 is nothing
2 is nothing 5 is the blowfish 8 is the blue thing (or manatee)
3 is the turtle 6 is the swordfish 9 is nothing

Try to enter one of the houses. Swim back to the central. Enter the easternmost building. Get the conch. Swim out and use hand on golden statue. Put the conch in the maid's hands. Get the trident. Swim back to the temple. Use the trident on the 3 eyes. Talk to the funny looking thing. (The oracle)Solve the mosaic. If you get too impatient, just click on help. I think you may get more points if you solve it without any help. The first answer is man. The second is fish and the third is love. Leave and go to the building next to the temple. After the voice talks, click the talk cursor anywhere. Okay. Let's pretend that the columns on the left are divided into 9 parts, like that.

1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

I hope this works, I haven't double checked the solution yet. Click the columns in this order. 2133564894428811944288377333888222444999111666. And if it doesn't work, tell me. Talk to the crab. Give it the shell. Exit and return to the fish apartments. Try to enter a room and when the blue thing comes out, give him the star. Push the blowfish in with your hand. Unwrap it with your hand. Use the trash bag on the plastic bag. Go to the fish's apartment. Talk to him. Put the sea urchins on the plants. Go to the swordfish. Use the shell to cut the rings loose. Get the rings. Cut them up with your shell. Go and see the turtle. Use the tweezers on the turtle 2 times. Trash both the balloons. Use the screws on the cage. Get out and go to the blue thing. Talk to him. Talk to the fisherman. Use the cage on the boat. Trash the new rubbish 2 times. Get the red thing. Go to the lionfish. Trash the bleach bottle. Use the red thing on the window. Go back to the temple. Use the trident on the eyes. Give the mask to the oracle.
Head east. Get the mirror. Trash the garbage 4 times. Look at the glowing ear. Go east. Swim up the hole at the top. Open the chest. Look at the key. Pull the stick. Pull it again. Dive in. Get the key. Chase the stupid fish until it disappears. Go east. Put the jar at the opening of the octopuses' lair. Leave the screen and come back. Get the jar. Use the mirror on the octopus. Get the cable. Go east. Get the bait. Use the trident on the cistern. Get the float. Open the panel. Get the Saw, try to get the hammer. Forget about the hammerhead. Go to the screen where the burping anemone was. Use the bait on it. Get the key. Go to the glowing ear. Use the jar on it. Go to the scary, big, dark, black tunnel. Enter it. Use the jar. Look around until you see something about a wall of stones. Keep removing the stones until you see some glint. Use hand on glint. Use oily rag on the box. Use the key in the box. Use the suit. Use the float on the cable. Attach it to the transmitter. Tie the whole thing to a drum.
Use trident on the door. Use the knife to cut your way out and promptly leave the dolphin behind. Use the trident on the door. Swim through. Swim up. Use hand on whale. Swim away. Wait till the whale's mouth is open, then click your hand on it. Saw the spear. Exit. Click on the whale's head. Pull the spear out. Use the magic potion on the hole.
Swim to the cave. Use the knife to cut the dolphin free. Now, to kill the manta ray. Get your lionfish spine ready, then notice the pattern it goes, which, you must realise, is in a circle. Wait till the ray's at the top of the loop, then click the lionfish spine on it. The end. You should end up with almost full marks, I think 717 out of 725 at least. Ciao!

Joycelyn Yik, 24/10/96