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The complete walkthrough.

By Eddy.


Hi there, I hope you will appreciate my work.

Reah is a really nice game, full of puzzles, some are quite easy others very difficult.

I tried to put all the puzzles solves, but some of them are different from time to time, and some other are ability games. So if  I have tried to play some games 2-3 times you will find the alternative moves.

But don't worry in that case I will gave you useful hints.

Please understand that explain the way to solve puzzles, like the one in Reah is not easy, so I decided to use a lot of images.(if you find errors in the solve please e-mail me!!)

Remember to listen carefully at the sounds in the game (especially the solve sound.)

Well, let's start:


Short cut to disks:

Disk 1    Disk 2    Disk 3      

Disk 4    Disk 5    Disk 6


after the intro of disk 1:

Disk 2:


After the intro you will find your self in front of a city in the desert.

The gate door is locked and you need to solve the first puzzle.

Go around the city walls and you will find some altar, that have animals on the base and  indicates a letter.

trick1.jpg (9398 bytes)  Here is the image of both. So now go to the door and move the first 2 bars from the top in the corresponding  place, then move the bottom one slowly till the door opens.


After entering on the left side inside a manger you will find a small weight.

Going around the city you will find that the people are specking a strange language.

So now go to the fountain:

sfount.jpg (12226 bytes) you have to click on the 3 faces in this way:

1)the one near the bell that says "bing-bong"

2)if you go in the rear part, you will hear the wind blowing, so on the corresponding fountain face click until you hear the same sound.

3)then go to near the cart and move it.Return to the statue and click on the face till you hear the same sound of the cart.

Now you will understand the people language.

Go  in the small court where you can see a map on a table, click on the door below the stairs, a woman at this point will ask you to take her back a vase from the merchant house.

Go in front of the merchant house and look for the vase there,now enter the house  and near the balance

 balance .jpg (8511 bytes) in his house exchange the small weight with the lead one.

Return to the woman and give here the vase.She will let you enter in the house.

Now go in the bed room and on the right side of the bed look down and open the chest, you will find a lens.

Now look at the book in the other room.

This puzzle I hate more:

You have to find the number 44 in the outside images on the wall.

But you can not read it cause there are in a different language.

Here is the solve:

only 3 images have the number 44 inside and are:

tab1.jpg (14047 bytes)8 ,  tab2.jpg (16669 bytes) 4, tab3.jpg (16232 bytes) 32.

For doing some sort of alchemy now you will need to find the philosophy stone.

Now go outside the house and in the court, look at the map and use the lens on it ,you will now see 3 spot:

For activating the gas you have to pay attention at the the sounds that   the pipe make when you turn the tap.

pipe1.jpg (9864 bytes) the one on the left of the city entrance, for this one the right sounds are high-low-middle.

pipe2.jpg (10840 bytes)the one near the specking statue, the right sounds are low-middle-high

pipe3.jpg (11455 bytes)the one near in the street near the merchant home, the right sounds are low-high-low.

If the combination of the single pipe is right you will hear a moving gas sound.

Now go near the cart and move it, boomm....... and now you can enter the Temple.


Disk 3

The Temple.

map3.jpg (11934 bytes)

Inside in one of the 4 sides of the temple you will find a mendicant(m on the map) that asks for water.

Go to in front of the holly fountain and take the plate with the holly water , and give it to the man.

He will gave you a crutch.

Go in the center of the temple.


The Gong Puzzle.(sorry for this)

This is one of the puzzles that have more than one way for solving it, but is quite easy .

There are 4 gongs, the secret is to find the gong who makes an echo, than quickly move to an other,and look if sound waves make him move,if yes click on it , if no start again. When all the gongs makes an echo click on the glass door in the center of the temple an the door will break.

Go down and up the stairs use the crutch on the column.


The Turning wheel puzzle:

here is the right combination:

round.jpg (8516 bytes)for the 4th element (like the outside city door puzzle)move slowly the wheel until you hear the solve sound.

Now return in the upper temple and in the side where you find the mendicant, but before the stairs, turn 180 and go to the right, you will find a lift. Go to the top.

you will find a table with a book and a game , read the book.

The stone Game

the stone game.jpg (10389 bytes)

there are 4 combination in relation of  the number of stones.

For winning you have to take the last stone on the right.

But only with the 9stone and 10 stone game you can win.

The right combo for the 9 is : take 1, then 3 and 3 again.

The right for the 10 stone game is: take 2 then 2 or 3 (depending on the computer move)again and 3.

You have to win 4 times, and an other element is the luck, cause in the 8 and 12 game you can not win.

After winning you will get the philosophy stone.

Now go on the right.

The Telescope.

Put the counter on this spots.telescope.jpg (9335 bytes)

If you look in the Telescope you will see the oasis.

Go to the lift, but for going down you have to reorder the balloons . Red down and Green Up.

ballons.jpg (17608 bytes)It's not difficult.


for helping you here is the solve:(starting from 1)


Go down and outside the temple.


Reinsert disk 2.

Return to the house where the wall stones are and use the small weight and the philosophy stone on the pot.

Now you have a gold weight and you can exchange it in the merchant house for water.(same place where you find the first weight beside the balance.)

Go to the City door and go outside.

Go to the left and then straight ahead.


Insert Disk 4.

The Oasis.


The houses Puzzle.

map.jpg (15111 bytes)Starting from house 1 ,(the one with the man outside)

1)set the image of the moon left sun right

2)set the image of the moon(house 2)

3)set sun left moon right(house 3)

4)set sun(house 4)


Now enter the teleporter.

Go straight on until the village .

Go right and speak with the woman .



The Box Puzzle.

Enter the door and look at the sign on the left:

sight.jpg (7979 bytes)

Now the right combo is  :

first row one the left is : r1.jpg (5359 bytes)

the second one is          :r2.jpg (5327 bytes)

the third is                     :r3.jpg (5404 bytes)

and the forth                  :r4.jpg (5396 bytes).

put 2 and 4 in the place , then move the first row up and down util 3 is in his place.

Now you will get a gold skull.

Go out and move straight on till you find some speaking stones(again!!).

Look at the symbols and listen to the words.


The Temple puzzle.

imm1.jpg (9252 bytes)imm2.jpg (9515 bytes)imm3.jpg (10224 bytes)

Go inside the Temple an go in front of the altar.

Turn 180 and put the skull on the left column.

Turn and you will see a keyboard with the symbols you find outside.

Look at my table and click on the corresponding numbers.

116.jpg (14732 bytes)

Like other puzzles this one changes from time to time, here are my winning combinations(in my games):


Enli=Wind click on 7-4-7 or 4-14-9 or ?

Enchi=Water click on 10-15 or 15-1

Noshi=Fire   click on 13-6 or 13-6

Now the right combo is  fire -wind - water.

If my combo dont works remember that this puzzle is not difficult, try only to find the combo for the fire water and wind and then put it in the right sequence.(fire-wind-water)

Then the door will crack down, and you can enter the door.



The 4 Spots puzzle.

map4.jpg (17097 bytes)

Like before this puzzle chances time to time.

Now look for the stone near  the door.

You will find other 3 stone around this location.(look map)

All 4 in the right combination will lift the stone that block the left path.

If you go in front of the blocked stone(left path),you will see the first stone needed in the combo, and so for the other one .

This was my winning combo (hope the same for you!!):

print2.jpg (9559 bytes)   print1.jpg (10783 bytes) print4.jpg (11067 bytes) print3.jpg (10199 bytes)

      1                       2                   3                     4

Remember it's a time puzzle so be quick to move from spot to spot.

Now the stone will lift, go inside and look at the machine.

Take the metal piece.

Go in the place before the underwater bridge. Turn right and go straight on, pass before spot 2 and go on you will arrive near an other machine.Here take the level, and go back to the underwater bridge.Use the piece of metal on the machine, and then the level.Turn the level (the bridge will rise)and cross the bridge.

Disk 5.

Inside the city.

Climb the stairs until the top the city, there you will find a woman that will give you a cloth.

Now go all the way down and to the most left house(the one with a wooden ladder.) climb it and speak with the man.


The Mirrors Puzzle:

This one is a very fun one!!

Take the red bottle on the shelves.

Go to the mirror on the left of the fire and move it like this:

mirror.jpg (12018 bytes)

then go on the other side of the room and move the center mirror like this:

mirror1.jpg (14313 bytes) then center the mirror in front of the fire (the one on the floor.)

now click on the tend , and the fire will burn.

Use the cloth on it.

Return to the woman, and she will give you an amulet.(look at the cloth on the wall it will come in handy later.)

Return to the bottom of the city and go left until you reach the chest lift.

Enter and look down, you will see that you need a key.

So go up to the middle of the city and speak with the blond guy, he will give you a key, but the key does not work.

So return to the man where you have played with the mirrors, give the key to him and he will give you a picklock.

Use it on the lock of the chest lift, and go up.

Now turn on you right and go near the cross-bow.


The Cross-Bows puzzle.

This is one of the puzzles that changes time to time, but is really easy to solve.

So find the bow who will move the wheel.

Then go on at the cross-bow on the other side and find the one who will move the tubes, that's all.

Now go down and open the central gate and go up.



Disk 1.

The Fountain puzzle.

Use the amulet on the water.


1)Go to this fountain fpoint 1.jpg (17331 bytes) (the one with the flag on the edge.)

2) now look at this map2.jpg (10540 bytes)

1 is the upper image point .

The right combo is:

a) turn at 8 use the red bottle on the fountain and open the tab.

b) turn at 2 and do the same

c) turn  at 4 and do the same

d) turn at 7 an do it again.

For those who want to understand the way to solve  the trick is to look(after you have used the red bottle on the fountain)

at the color of the water.


The Bath Puzzle:

Now enter the bath, and go till the end. Look at the well, and then move on the right and look at the chest and inside the bath, you will see this:

macine.jpg (15605 bytes) now on the chest the sign says 22,now look at the image  and  imagine that 1=1 so 2=2 3=4 

4=8 5=16 6=32 this way every stone is the double size of the other ,now how many stones you need?

I presume stone number 2-3-5.(put the stones in the chest)

Now move the water many times. Look in the well ,you must see 2 ways on the bottom,  take the lowest one.

Inside the cave cross the bridge an go on the right, cross the fish bone bridge and look down, take the corn.

Return back and go up where the animal skull is, use the corn on it.


The Balance Puzzle

On the left there are the sun creatures, on the right the water.

Now you remember the cloth the woman gave to you?

here it is :

tessuto.jpg (17005 bytes) now the only wrong spot is the one with the fish, exchange it with the water creature on the other side.

Remember sun left ,water right.


Now you will take a boat and ready to insert :


Disk 6.

Go on the left and enter room signet with a818, go till the end turn right and look down and take the electric screw-driver.

Now go out and all the way right until you arrive in sector a, enter door c367 go till the end and turn left, go near the wall and use the screw-driver.Enter the new room and move the central metal block, under you will find a magnetic card.Use the card on the computer and dial a818.

Now go in room a818 and do the same on the computer but dial c367, you will see 3 images:

monitor1.jpg (10856 bytes) sector A     monitor2.jpg (11744 bytes) sector B     monitor3.jpg (12351 bytes)   sector C


What you need to understand is that the number of circle is the order of click number so for example to open the door of:

sector c :click 1 down - 1 right -1 up

sector b :click 1down - 1 left - 1 right

sector a : 1 right - 1 left.


The Central Room.

Go down the circle stairs.

And start playing the puzzles:

Puzzle 1

game1.jpg (9392 bytes) the only one with a matemathic solution

first round : move  3left -2right -3right -1left - 3left -2 right -3right -1right.

second round : move 1left - 2right -3right - 2right - 1left -3right -2left.

third  round :3right - 2left -2right -3left - 2 right - 2left -3left.


Puzzle 2:

game2.jpg (8156 bytes)

Really hard the third round.

All you have to do is to move the metal square from the right to the left.

Gooooood luck.


Puzzle 3.

game3.jpg (9860 bytes)

Visual puzzle, look at the central images and then click on the corresponding images on levers.


After every puzzle is solved use the aluminum bar in the spot inside the computer.

But where is the 4th bar?

Look at this:

thebar.jpg (16679 bytes) go up and look in the night goggles.

You will see a really bright light on the right side(upper left image), now go to the corresponding place,and click on the rail.(There you are!!!!!!!)

Go down the stair and put the bar in the computer .

The final Puzzle:

The computer will ask a code.

On the keyboard write S T A R T.

keyboard.jpg (8863 bytes)

And look at the hopeless ending video.


That's all folks ,hope you enjoyed the game like I do!!

If you have problems or want have a chat on the game or on what you want e-mail me(!!

SEEE YOOOUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

P:S (sorry if my English is not perfect!!)