Sometime before January 29, 524 AD

Main Goal : Find the last artifact

Q : Where could I find the shaman ?
A : Go around the temple to the left and find his hut. A warrior won't let you pass his post.

Q : How could I pass the warrior ?
A : Sneak to the right side and cut the balloon's rope with your knife from Shang-Ri La. The warrior will chase his balloon and ignore you. Now you could safely go to shaman hut. Ask him about the spirit and the story. You'll hear a long story of the lost totem. To access the temple that hold the totem you need his medallion.

Q : There is a hot balloon in his yard. How could I ride it ?
A : You need something to create fire so you could burn the gas. His medallion is made of flint. Find the medallion first.

Panoramic View of the temple

The key to the lost temple

Q : Where is his medallion ?
A : The farm boy should have it. Mark the shaman and go back to the farm bot at the well. Disguise as Shaman and ask him to lend you the talisman. Tell him that you need it for the ritual. With the madallion you could ride the hot air balloon now. Make note of all the drawing you see, especially the one at the top of the temple (pictures of 4 masks).

The temple's locking mechanism

Q : Where is this temple ?
A : If you take the right path from the temple where you find the Scribe, you'll arrive at a some kind of a pond. Zoom in at the symbol on the ground. Use the talisman on the symbol to drain the water. On the wall of the pond you'll see 4 groups of mask buttons. Push the button in each group according the drawing you see while you riding the shaman's hot air balloon. Look at this picture to help you.

Q : How could I pass the Wall of Fire ?
A : Remove the talisman from the symbol, it will release the water again. The water will put out the Wall of Fire. Step into the temple and touch the altar. Grab your final artifact.