Sometime before January 29, 524 AD

Main Goals : Get the gold leaf for a 'need' in Atlantis

Q : There is a kid hiding behind the well. What should I do with him ?
A : It's time to use your shapeshifter ability. Click on the kid (everytime you do that to a person you will be able to shapeshift to that person -- I call this act as "Mark"). Find his father on the village (it's the ruin where you find the crop basket in the first chapter). Shapeshift to kid, mark and talk to him. Go back again to the kid as his father. Talk to him and learn about the shaman.

Q : Where is the gold leaf ?
A : Cross the chasm and enter the first building you arrived. The gold leaf is inside the basket on the left. Open it and get the gold leaf. Inside this building you'll see the Scribe also. Mark him then shapeshift to farm boy. Now you could ask him several questions (he won't respond to you if you shapeshift to the farmer).