Walkthrough by Crash

This short game is about a spaceship called ISIS. You must repair it and make it fly again to the sky. To do this you must find 3 gems as its energy source. Along the game you'll be helped by a goddess whose name is Isis too. The code for movement I used are : TA ( Turn Around 180 degree ), R ( Right ), L ( Left ), and F ( Forward ). I've divided this walkthrough into 4 section :

  1. The Damaged Ship
  2. Earth Gem
  3. Fire Gem
  4. Wind Gem

The Damaged Ship

TA F : Open the mummy casket, get the pole. R R F L F L F R You've arrived in front of the eagle altar. Listen to what Isis told you. Climb the altar. Stick the pole into the hole. It'll open the top part of the pyramide. TA L F L F to the broken arches R F climb the arch R get the eagle statue.

L F to the boat. Isis will shows up and tell you about the story of the navigator of the ship. R F F F F F down the stair to the library. R F get the chess piece. TA F F L get the moon sphere from the painting ( the right moon ). L F L down the stair to the study room. On the right table there's a projector which can tell you about the captains of the ship ( that's the personal of Earth, Wind, and Fire ). On the left table there's a box contains a blue sphere. Take it. In front of you there's a round table with a manuscript on it. Take it. It shows a coordinate of the ship.

Back up to the library. Go through the door. Down to the engine room. On the left wall there's a panel with 4 buttons. Use it to know about the ship's work and a cool videoclip too. On the right wall near the energy panel ( on the back of this room ) there's a compartment. Open it. Get the oil can and wrench. Now go back up tha stair. TA F F through the door. Now take the stair down to captain's cabin. Push the blue button to open the pole. Put the blue sphere in it. Go to the far end table. Open box and get the bug statue. Now climb the stair up. L F L Now you're facing a coordinate panel. Use it. Push the blue button (2nd from the bottom left ). Push the coordinate according to the pictures from the manuscript ( don't bother about which one to push first. It's the same ). Now climb back to the deck of the ship.

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Earth Gem

Climb down the arches and go to the chessboard in front of the eagle's altar. Use the chess piece on board. It'll open the secret compartment. Voila, get the earth gem. R F F R R Now you'll see a set of gears here. Use the wrench to loosen it up. It'll open the power source. Now go back to Engine room. Operate the energy panel. Push the button. Put the earth gem in it. It'll give some power to the sunchamber door control panel on the deck.

Fire Gem

Go back to deck. Now look closely to the sunchamber door control panel below the horn just in front of you. Open it. Put the moon sphere, bug, and eagle statue in the empty slot. You should see the moon symbol light up. Push the sun button. Look how the light from the power source hit the sun symbol on the top altar. Isis will tell you to go to the altar and stand in front of the sunchamber door. Go there. It's near the Eagle's altar. When you stand in front of it, the secret compartment will be open. Get the fire gem. Go back to the engine room. Insert the fire gem in the energy panel. It'll power up the control on the bow side of the ship.

Wind Gem

Go back up to the deck. Now head to the bow side of the ship. Go to the left side of the stair. R open the door to the supply room. Get the match and the net. Now climb the stair to the bow side of the ship. F F TA pour the oil can into the oil tank. Push the button on the bottom of the tank. Lit the fuse with the match. TA operate the blue panel. Voila, that's the wind gem. Catch it with the net. Go back to engine room. Insert the final gem in it. Now back to the deck. Operate the sunchamber panel. Push the 3 buttons.

Watch the ending with an extra videoclip from Earth, Wind, and Fire.

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Copyright 1997, Crash